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Review of InboxDollars

InboxDollars reviews

219 reviews
Categories: Work At Home
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219 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

swagbucks is better

Ask Calin about InboxDollars
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was within $0.50 of cashing out and they immediately deleted my account for no reason.

Ask Tory about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

About the only good thing I can say about them is, when I signed up I got a $5 bonus. After several months building up enough to get a payment, this past Friday, I have enough, and today they close my account. Don't waste your time.

Ask Sandra about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

Inbox dollars sucks!!!! Don't waste your time with it. It's like watching wet paint dry. Money comes in pennies by pennies and never seems to add up. Every offer is just trying to steal your information. There isn't a single offer for cash that doesn't ask for your address. The surveys are complete bull$#*! because all it says (no matter what you put for answers) is sorry you didn't qualify. Out of all the surveys I tried, it hasn't let me complete a single one. It's such a scam. And Billy's Spin Wheel is always 1 sweep. I spun the wheel 50 times and not once did I get anything else. Just get a job at McDonald's and you'll make 100x more. This is the worst thing I've ever done. Such a total and compete waste of time. Terrible!!!!!!!

Ask Inbox about InboxDollars
1 review
3 helpful votes

I waste a lot of time starting on surveys that say I am a good match until I am halfway there to get told unfortunately not a good match. However, I have finally made it to 30.00 to cash out which is a delayed process. 2 weeks waiting. You have to keep the account active in order to receive what you have already earned. Customer Service through chat is good but you may want to write down your survey number before starting just in case you run into some problems. Rejected a lot but there are some potential ones. The spin the wheel for cash is bogus! You will be lucky to get a survey cash bonus but NEVER have I won and cash towards my dollar amount. The wheel will stop on cash and start back just to get you on no win, one token or cash token under .25 which is rare.
Good luck with it. My account will stay open because in only my spare and boring days will I take advantage of the extra income.

Ask Sheila about InboxDollars
1 review
0 helpful votes

I honestly answer the questions! I take my time and give honest tboughtful answers. I do get rejected but I also get accepted.

Ask E about InboxDollars
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made a account through the offer section on inbox dollars for Fingerhut which if approved wit credit I would receive 7.00 I have yet to get it.

Ask April about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

in box dollars stopped working altogether. surveys arent right for me. guess they want people with degrees. they should have surveys for anyone.

Ask kimberly about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've had InboxDollars for a little over a month now and I'm on it literally all day cause I'm home with nothing to do and no job while my boyfriend is visiting his hometown. Most of the Surveys say that the survey is "not right for me" and I don't get any money for them. In order for me to get up to enough money to cash out I'm gonna have to do a lot videos and searches cause that's the only thing that seems to work on it. Most of these I've seen the minimum is $20 then you have the occasional that you can cash out at $15 all depends on what kinda offers/surveys they have. This app your lucky if you can get uup to $10My email gets flooded with junk mail from them. They only have 3 ways to cash out on top of that (eCard, Prepaid Visa, check). I mean come on really? How about adding a little more choices at least? Every single one of these apps/sites I've seen at least have PayPal.

Ask Heather about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wouldn't recommend this site. You waste your time on surveys and your lucky if you get the .25. Your email is flooded with junk. half the time you even get booted off of surveys. crappy site

Ask NathanSilvia about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

I joined 10months back I use to get lots of surveys I was actually able to complete they released tv sooner later where you were actually able to earn some money but they limited it and forced more restrictions on making money. Now I can't waste the time doing tv and also cant waste the time doing surveys.

I don't recommend unless if you want to waste time

Ask steve about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

spend hours doing there offers an you are lucky to get credit for 1/4 of them, your email gets flooded with junk mail, not worth your time

Ask Edward about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had been with them for years. My husbvhusbvand and I both had ACCTS. Well then we had to share a tablet and its against their policy and they decided to forfeit paying us $60 . it took over six months to earn that. I am so mad!!! They could have canceled the acct at any other time but waited until I cashed out for as check. Said my check would be processed then forfeited my hard earned money. I imp!ore everyone to boycott them or at least write them a bad reviuew oioir email please!

Ask Shannon about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ok this site does not only have their surveys on there. They have surveys from other sites too. Some of the sites have a make your own survey feature. Which means that ANYBODY could be viewing your information after you send it in. Not all of the people who make these sites are market researchers and social scientists. Hell no!! Some of them could be criminals, serial killers, rapists. Who knows? The reason why I'm telling you this is because I wish that someone had told me. I wish that looked up these websites at least to see if they were actually reputable. Don't be as stupid as I was. I urge you to take my word for it and not use this survey website. Also you'll get a ton of phone calls that you do not want. So it would be an awful decision and I can't believe I did any of their damn surveys!! The customer service is crappy and they seem like they don't even want to deal with their customers. They just put any stupid company that wants to be put on their website on there because they get money from them. At the expense of their users. They don't care about their customers. They only care about the money. Please do not use this website. I don't even know why it even exists. I wish that it had never made it. I hope it goes out of business and that all of those people rot in hell for putting stuff from other websites on there that are not really in their user's best interest. I'd give this site a zero if I could.

Ask Kathy about InboxDollars
6 reviews
8 helpful votes

This site I would consider one of my top five. It consistently has surveys of all kinds. It does take longer to get to the amount where you can get a payout but once you day it does come in pretty quick. I have been using this site on a off for a couple of years I have received some payouts just not as often as others. On top of surveys they have videos, shopping, referrals and search engine that you also get points on.

Ask Kimberly about InboxDollars
7 reviews
15 helpful votes

Takes time but it pays, thank God for these people. Every little can help.

Ask ashly about InboxDollars
1 review
4 helpful votes

I use to get at least 2 paid emails everyday and now I haven't received one in over 2 weeks, no emails from them at all. Needless to say I am stuck at $2.00 from cashing out...figures.

Ask Wayne about InboxDollars
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have made about 200 dollars in a year. It takes a while but so worth it!

Ask linda about InboxDollars
1 review
4 helpful votes

He recibido mi cheque por $9.40 y al no poder cobrarlo en mi país, me comunique con soporte Inboxdollars y lo hicieron efcetivo de inmediato vía Paypal. Lo recomiendo y seguiré trabajndo con ellos por bastante tiempo..
I received my check for $ 9.40 and not being able to cash in my country, communicate with me and support InboxDollars made via Paypal immediately. I recommend it and I will continue work with them for quite some time ..
Mérida, Venezuela

Ask JEYVE about InboxDollars
1 review
10 helpful votes

Do I need to cash out when I reach $30 or can I accumilate the money and cash out whenever I want?

Ask Brenda about InboxDollars
1 review
5 helpful votes

So I have made a total of $8.67 and while I will admit I wasn't on it everyday I made some effort. unfortunately the sites it takes you to sell your phone number to every telemarketer than will pay for it I have had more scam calls in the three weeks I have been on then I have in my whole life. its definitely isn't worth it to me for the piddly money you get. if you want to try I suggest not giving out your phone number. ( let the buyer beware)

Ask john about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hope could add more offers with better paid offers

Ask NATHALIA about InboxDollars
1 review
7 helpful votes

So I don't really do this for an income but just to make a few extra dollars($27). Now I don't get on the site every day because it isn't worth all that. Every once in a while I'll get on and try to get a survey. I'm lucky if I can get one and it's usually for some ridiculously low amount of change. Usually just end up spending 20-30 minutes trying to qualify for a survey. So there is that. Now about the other I applied and got approved for fingerhut and never received my payout. Hah then they tell me they can't give me the payout because I waited too long. So basically I'm screwed because they never sent it and I didn't pay attention. It's a pretty smart way of not paying out money. Needless to say, I'll just keep doing the emails and leave it at that. Maybe I'll get a check in a year, maybe not.

Ask Shai about InboxDollars
5 reviews
10 helpful votes

It is legit way to make money: but only a few cents per email and tons of ads and pop ups come along with it. Not great if you actually want to make some kind of income.

Ask Raya about InboxDollars
1 review
12 helpful votes

I started with inbox dollar in summer of 2015 and I actually cashed in three payments totaling a little over $100. I currently have over $240 in my account ready to be redeemed.
I will admit that it is frustrating after you spend sometimes as much as five to ten minutes qualifying for a survey, only to be told you are not qualified for the survey. However, if you are patient enough, you will find some that work-out for you.
Good luck.

Ask Bryon about InboxDollars
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