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Review of InboxDollars

InboxDollars reviews

195 reviews
Categories: Work At Home
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195 Reviews From Our Community

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I've been filling out surveys on and off for a few months and had a couple of payouts that were a bit above the minimum. (in 93 reviews)


So, i started just like everyone else wanting to earn a little extra money. (in 63 reviews)


You qualify for near to nothing after much wasted time. (in 104 reviews)

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5 reviews
1 helpful vote

It is legit way to make money: but only a few cents per email and tons of ads and pop ups come along with it. Not great if you actually want to make some kind of income.

Ask Raya about InboxDollars
1 review
0 helpful votes

I started with inbox dollar in summer of 2015 and I actually cashed in three payments totaling a little over $100. I currently have over $240 in my account ready to be redeemed.
I will admit that it is frustrating after you spend sometimes as much as five to ten minutes qualifying for a survey, only to be told you are not qualified for the survey. However, if you are patient enough, you will find some that work-out for you.
Good luck.

Ask Bryon about InboxDollars
1 review
6 helpful votes

Why is billys spin a win only 1 sweeps and 5 sweeps or loss??? you guys need to fix that because it seems rigged!

Ask Ted about InboxDollars
1 review
9 helpful votes

In the beginning, you earn $5 bonus for signing up and completing your core survey info (age, location, etc). However, any time after that, I never knew if I qualified for a survey! I would click on the ones picked for me, do the pre-survey, and almost 97% of the time, it said I wasn't qualified. Such a frustrating, hair pulling experience. You also need to make $30 to do your first withdrawal, and I've been wasting over a week trying to get there and I only have $14.50 made. I sue the search engine, I play the games, I take as many surveys as I actually can, I watch the videos, and yet somehow I'm moving like a slug

Ask Riley about InboxDollars
1 review
7 helpful votes

Inbox Dollars is paid by the Advertisers, but it does not ensure the Advertisers actually pay it's contractors (aka survey takers). When I contacted customer service, I was informed they have no way of knowing if your information is destroyed when you are not paid for the survey, even when it completes. Now they have closed my account for complaining about their bad business practices! STAY FAR AWAY!

Ask Lindsay about InboxDollars
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been a part of this site for about a month - maybe longer - and have earned close to $20. You have to get at least $30 to request a payment.
I don't qualify for most surveys, so I do most of the offers. (They don't seem to get new offers so I'm stuck with having done the ones I've already done)
Also, most offers require you to spend money to make a portion of it back.
And, half of the sign ups I do, I don't get credited. I do use real & accurate info to sign up for offers.
I guess this is more for entertainment. I'm a stay at home mom, and I get bored when the baby sleeps so I use this site to preoccupy myself.

Ask Donna about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been doing this for quite a while for a few cents occasionally, but tried to earn in earnest the past few months. You do not get paid for every survey you do. Once did 5 surveys in a day got 2. The ones that say will pay in 3 weeks, yeah, was getting paid by the end of 24 hours. Now nothing. Still do say Peanut cuz they pay right away, but actually getting paid for every survey, NO.

Ask carolyn about InboxDollars
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very poor performance for making money in Online by Inbox Doller.

See the msg bellow.

Unfortunately we have limited earning opportunities available for your country.
Due to the limited opportunities, we will not be able to send you PaidEmails®.

Important Information about earning with Search.
The system has detected that an ad blocker is enabled.
To be eligible for any crediting to occur on qualified searches, disable the ad blocker and reload the page.

I am from India.
If anyone can solve this problem please call me my number 9066971488

Ask Jagannath about InboxDollars
1 review
4 helpful votes

Inboxdollars is a nice site for earning a small amount daily.. just for surfing their website for offers and searches and such.. But for the last few days,(think right from 13th June) I have been blocked.. Getting an Error Code 16.. Tried to access from many devices but to no avail..

Ask Pratist about InboxDollars
1 review
5 helpful votes

They suck ur blood and give u cents bearly i dont like it its disgusting. Dont use this to make money thdy make u fool

Ask Deep about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

why blocked my inboxdoller id

Ask Pooja about InboxDollars
1 review
5 helpful votes

I've only been a member for a week at first it was going good and I made it up to $11.00 but then all of a sudden for the past two days I haven't been qualified for any surveys. It was fun and I enjoyed it at first but all the ? You have to answer just to get qualified and you just get turned down a few times is okay but over and over again for two days straight is frustrating and you can't cash or till you hit $30.00 the way Its going for me I won't be able to cash out till next year oh and also some of the surveys would knock me out in the middle of the survey and it didn't tell me why and I didn't get credited for it. I'm going to keep trying for another week or until I hit $30.00

Ask Reesa about InboxDollars
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been in inbox dollar for 6 days. So far it takes time but you will have it. Just do surveys and stuffs. Im planning to request payment coz i have 33$ well i just want to ask if whats the best day to request payment?

Ask Leah about InboxDollars
1 review
8 helpful votes

you go through hell for a penny to a dime ... then when u do a big one, make purchase or have your credit run they have every excuse to not pay you! grrrr

Tip for consumers: StayAway

Ask Angie about InboxDollars
1 review
4 helpful votes

Its funny how you are treated once you do a review. The spin & wins miraculously only stops on '2 points' or "no win" every time! No more 25 cents. I have yet to receive two 50 cent credits. Its says 'to be credited within 2-3 weeks, as well as within a couple of hours. I guess by the end of 2-3 weeks, you are supposed to have forgotten about it. Makes you go....hmmmmmm

Ask Nissi about InboxDollars
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have tried indollar box 7 years ago. Stayed with them for one whole cuz back then ppl was giving them great reviews. Anyway, once I have received surveys from them I'll do it and get rejected... Over and over again I would get rejected and I sent them a letter about my fustration cuz of it. People, do not trust them because you will waste your time and mind over this messed up company.

Ask Jenise about InboxDollars
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been taking surveys with InBox Dollars since January of this year (2016). I am not employed at the moment and am a student online. I cash out at $30.00 and just received my fourth payout this week. Sure it takes awhile to build up, but I have gotten payed as promised every time. I appreciate the extra cash even if it takes a bit to earn. Great fun and time waster for earning money.

Ask Amy about InboxDollars
1 review
5 helpful votes

i cashed out for 98 bucks for the prepaid visa card. Now it sent my confirmation e-mail "link" and when i clicked it, i was blocked and it said it was PHISHING. I called the c.s. # and she's just running me around making me more confused and said it was my computer. I do my banking and shop at Walmart w/my computer so now what?

Ask Tommy about InboxDollars
2 reviews
31 helpful votes

I love this site for many reasons--but the main was is that even if you totally ignore surveys and offers, you can make a fair amount each week.

Want the WinIt code each day? There are Facebook groups to help with that. Max out the daily and weekly earnings from their search function. Use their coupons. Confirm those emails. Now, you can even install apps to make money.

It adds up more quickly than you think. And I periodically check the surveys, too, but that's extra. I spend a max of 30 minutes on the site throughout the day.

Use your brain, don't expect something for nothing, and you'll have some nice pocket change.

Do it safely, too.

I've made money on this site--but I took precautions at the start. I created an email adddress JUST to use for this site. As it was a Google address, I used that address to get a Google Voice number, and used that number whenever a phone number needed to be entered.

As a result, I avoided all phone and email spam entering my main account.

The precautions I took are ones you can take as well. And then take advantage of the fact that you CAN earn money from this site.

Ask Kathleen about InboxDollars
1 review
8 helpful votes

They owe me $30 and have for almost a year. They are just a big scam.

Ask Jeri about InboxDollars
6 reviews
27 helpful votes

They start you off with easy paying surveys, etc... Then after you get around the 12-15 dollar mark, everything slows down. You qualify for near to nothing after much wasted time. I've talked to customer service about the payouts and surveys, but to no avail. I'm looking for better payouts/ websites and I suggest you do the same.

Tip for consumers: Run

Ask Janna about InboxDollars
1 review
20 helpful votes

They allow the survey company's they represent to RIP US OFF. PEANUT LABS IS THE WORST SCAMMERS. You complete a survey FULLY and HONESTLY. THEN they don't pay. Interesting that it is always the higher paying surveys they rip,you off of. INBOX DOLLARS is very well aware that PEANUT LABS consistently does this but they DO NOT CARE.

Ask Jessica about InboxDollars
1 review
7 helpful votes

Requested payment in Feburary. Still have not received it. Came to site to see my money is still in the IBDollar account. Now the IBDollar redirects me to the home page when I click on Request Payment

UPDATE: This has been resolved. There is a little-known codicil that you have to "stay active" after you request your hard earned money before they will send it. I think it is 16 days. So unless you plan on doing inboxdollars in perpetuity, you are going to leave money on the table. Seems scammy to me, but what the hell do I know.

Ask Mister about InboxDollars
2 reviews
25 helpful votes

This is one of the cheapest paying sites of them all. You can waste hours trying to qualify for a survey and sometimes when you qualify you will spend another 15 minutes doing the survey and then it will say "bummer your not a match or the survey has reached it's target number of participants. Now keep in mind you just spent 10 minutes trying to qualify for a survey! Then there are the times you do qualify and complete the whole survey and won't get credited. When that happens, customer service or non-service is what I call it, will often ask you for a screen shot, the topic, the survey number. Basically putting you as a liar instead of a valued member. So! I already wasted 20 minutes of my time, now I'm supposed to waste another 15 minutes on top of that for a lousy F'n 25 cents just to prove that I actually did complete the survey. Really???? Yeah, I had nothing better to do today but waste hours of my time qualifying for a 25 cent survey and then just decided I was going to not finish it!!! Get real, run from this site as fast as you joined. I was a member for almost 2 years and and had to fight for every penny earned. 75 cents and hour average sucks. There are so many other sites I have now been a member of that I can make over $100 a week for an hour or so a day. I have tested/reviewed over 70 products last year alone and made an extra $1170.00 just off that, plus you get to keep the product. That will not happen here. It took my son all summer break ( 2 Months) from school to finally cash out $34. All summer, every day, several hours an evening. His first day though one of the sites I recommended he made $9 in 40 minutes and after $10 you can cash out to paypal instantly. No waiting around for a week to get a check. Lets not forget that when you do reach the $30 threshold to get paid they charge you $3 for processing fee. Yeah, that's right! You could spend 5 hours trying to make 3 bucks on this site!!! Now they do put it back in your account, my guess it's in the hopes you will continue to waste countless hours a week making a meager $10, it can be done. You could make $15 a week, but you better be prepared to work at it 10 hours a day 7 days a week. I logged my time for my highest paid week and I spent 4 1/2 hours a day for 7 days and made $29 Now divide that by 31.5 hours spent. It averages about 92 cents an hour. Need I say more. The other site they run (send earning) is even worse. Do the math people. The first year with them I did make about $328. But I also run my own business out of my house and can spend 15 hours a day doing surveys, while still making an extremely good living. I'm often asked by my friends, why do I even bother doing online surveys? When I tell them it's the extra money I use to buy all of us the beer when we go out, they no longer question it! Just remember, you will not get rich doing this, but with the right survey companies, you can make some pretty decent side money. Last year alone I made $5844.20 from just 4 good/honest paying survey sites. So it can give you extra income. Just not this site, too much time involved to make a buck! Try it for yourself, they will pay you. They are definitely not a scam, just just pay crappy for your time!!!

Ask Steven about InboxDollars
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've had a few $30 payouts over the past year or so. It took many hours to get these payouts. Sometimes I spent time on surveys and was not credited; it is a frustrating hassle to try to follow-up and get credit, so I pretty much stopped doing surveys and mostly do emails and searches. It will probably take me 6 months to get the next $30.

Ask J about InboxDollars

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