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3 reviews
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EXAMPLE; If surfing new websites is your passion, then User testing is a heaven for you. Youll have to browse different websites for 10-20 minutes giving your views. Youll have to test the site on the basis of friendliness, load time, ease of navigation etc.

A tester is paid $10 for every such review which is a very good amount. However, youll need to be really creative for joining User testing.



1. They have written several reviews on each review site
''20 reviews''.

2. Most all bad key issues will be redirected to compensate
for those software issues.

3. Good user testers add some negativity within there reviews
then compensating for them like, issues or bugs have been
updated and corrected, thanks to great customer support
bring these issues to tech support.

4. User Testers will have lots of over the top ''23 helpful votes''

5. You Do Not See This With Real Reviewers!!,
Just See For Yourself, It's Not Hard to See The Reality....

20 reviews

23 helpful votes

Helped me with college essays!

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Im a current premium user, and Im very disappointed with Grammarly.

My primary computer is a Mac, where I use MS-Word, Slack (web), WhatsApp (web), and Google Docs. *NONE* of them are supported by Grammarly! The suggested alternative on their website is using the Grammarlys Editor. Seriously???

I cant ask for a refund because the trial period is expired. However, I wont renew my license.

So, dont make the same mistake I did by just assuming that Grammarly will support all major applications and Operating Systems. If you want to use it, dig a little bit more about the Cons before you decide if its the right tool for you.

Good luck!

Tip for consumers: Dig a little bit more about the “Cons” before you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

1 review
3 helpful votes

yeah take me off ur dang mailing list and fix ur web page. asked a "free" question now the spam doesn't stop and the links to manage my preference don't work. when I log into the site it takes me to pay to subscribe only. crap. i wouldn't pay for this is I was paid to.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Don't waste your time or money with this product. I needed to have it cancelled and a refund because I won't be able to use it and they can't understand that. They have my money and who cares.

1 review
6 helpful votes

if I could give it zero stars, I would. don't listen to their bogus reviews on their site. I tried it and it's mediocre at best. they're customer service is the worst I ever had to deal with and when they said they cancelled my subscription, they actually didn't and kept charging me. I had to get it resolved with my bank! STAY FAR FAR AWAY from this company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

First of all, as someone who speak English as a second language my grammar is pretty terrible, so Grammarly has helped me catch plenty of mistakes.

But it is still a piece of $#*! program from a piece of $#*! company. Sure, you can use it for free, but a little blue number on the corner keep on reminding you how many 'advance mistake' you made to try and bait you into its paid subscription service, and you can't cancel it out within Grammarly. No biggie if you don't care, but if you are a perfectionist it'll quickly make you want to tear your hair out.

But what made me furious to the point I give it one star (and I'd go lower if this site allows me to) is this program can't even keep consistency within itself. I tested this by intentionally written 'I'm not make of glass' in one sentence which I know it's wrong grammar, so Grammarly suggested me to change it into 'I'm not made of glass'... and then it PICK UP ITS OWN CORRECTION AS ADVANCE ERROR!

So the company intentionally programmed its grammar correction program to give you wrong correction just to bait you for subscription fee.

That's why my score for Grammarly is: 2 flame middle finger $#*! YOU out of 5 stars

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Great service! I use it regularly writing my essays and it really helps to catch mistakes and typos. Thanks!

1 review
6 helpful votes

Watch out!!!! This is one of those companies that auto-renews at a much higher rate and it appears you can't get out of if unless you cancel before the renewal date. I hate this type of slimy business move

20 reviews
23 helpful votes

I use the free version of grammarly (while I'd love more capability that the paid one gives, I just don't want to spend the money) and I use it primarily for finding simple grammar/spelling mistakes in essays for college/applications/school assignments. It's helped me fix lots of little problems that would have counted off a few points in school, so I could even say it's helped my grades. I installed the web app of it also (on my MacBook) and I haven't experienced any problems. I noticed that some other reviewers complained of hidden fees in the "free" version, but I've never experienced that. I've been using it for a bit longer than a year. Overall, I've recommended it to people already and I plan to continue recommending it unless something comes up. So far, this app has proven very helpful for me.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Their customer service is prompt and helpful.

However I often have to send them error corrections for things that are not errors. We're talking basic punctuation type things, not contextual or stylistic. Their response is usually "it can't pick up everything." (Paraphrase) the other day it told me that a comma was used incorrectly after a dialogue tag. It read the sentence incorrectly because the dialogue ended with a question mark and closed quotation marks. Grammarly's basic coding should recognize that as one sentence, not two.

I also can't tell it to ignore things like names, or add to a white-list dictionary.

For the most part I LIKE using Grammarly, it has certainly helped keep my grammar and syntax consistent, but I'm glad I got a 50% discount for the first year. I don't think I'm going to renew for the full $140 for a YEAR, but I'm only six months in to my subscription, so if improvements are made I might reconsider it. However a few other applications have been recommended to me, such at ProWritingAid, so I will check them out before I make a decision.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I wrote about my first impression of the new neighbourhood that we moved into when I was four years old. Grammarly claimed that there was significant plagiarism. I was disturbed, annoyed and concerned. How can I express myself without plagiarism and who will see this and think that I'm a copycat? I told a friend about this bizarre experience and he said that they were trying to scare me into paying them money.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I was on a private browsing but that shouldn't effect it. I downloaded it 3 days ago, thought it sounded brilliant... I finally turned it off when I noticed another spelling error get published. The extension was there and it never ever worked, not even once! I saw a little icon over my text posts but usually the websites have a spellcheck and with grammarly, it disabled the sites spell check so I had to rely on their app which never worked! Absolutely nothing! ... Sorry but I'm not gonna go through a series of emails to figure out the error, hope it gets worked out because its sounds like a great app.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I kinda liked Grammarly, but thought I needed to be good at grammar to evaluate whether some of their suggestions were valid or not. Some were great. Some were not valid, Some were optional, just a matter of preference, tho sometimes a good suggestion. But way, way back in time, they used to have a monthly fee version and an outright purchase, desktop version. I purchased the desktop version (with the usual EULA saying like all EULA's you are not an actual owner of the software, you can use it as long as we let you [we support it or whatever], not modify, Just like buying windows ME, XP, 2000, 7, or 8. No monthly fee and it was installed on your computer.) I used Grammarly a lot at first, but tapered off because it could be a hassle to review all their superfulous suggestions. Then one time they indicated I needed to update the software. I did not see any notice that the update changed from the purchase version to the monthly fee version. They had totally discontinued the purchase version, and started charging me monthly fees. I had a heck of a time cancelling and getting a refund. The people I talked to didn't even appear to know about the version I had bought. I wanted the old version back, but it no longer existed.
I thought Grammarly improved my writing, but at a cost of a lot of time and effort to review and approve or disapprove all their suggestions. that was one of the reasons I quit using it regularly. Especially since I thought a lot of the suggestions were optional. e.g. they might suggest I change regularly in the preceding sentence to commonly, faithfully, frequently, repeatedly, routinely, usually, customarily.... Hey good to consider, but it was a nuisance all those instances many, many times in each thing I wrote. Yet if I were writing something very important, it found errors I really wanted to correct and it made proofing easier and perhaps my writing a little more precise. The monthly fee was not worth it for the amount I used it.

1 review
12 helpful votes

Someone created a Grammarly account using my email address without my permission, because Grammarly does NO verification. I complained, was told they can't delete accounts - and that I had to reset the password and delete it myself. Which I did.

Less than a month later, the same identity thief creates the account again, and Grammarly's useless tech support tells me that they're very sorry, and that I can just reset the password and delete the account...

Avoid at all costs.

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I used to like Grammarly's facebook posts, but I have recently had to block them from my newsfeed due to my experience of their browser extension while visiting the Russian Federation this summer. When in Russia, the app extension supposedly for "proofreading" prevents posts containing a list of keywords from being published to Facebook. This indicates to me that Grammarly is complicit with political censorship in a number of countries, and that their app meets the definition of malware. There are posts everywhere soliciting people to install this extension. Trust me, you do not want to go through the headache of being forced to remove words and names of politicians from your posts and finally giving up and using a device without this app extension installed in order to finish your post. Grammarly does not support the concept of political freedom, and it is only a matter of time until this type of censorship is widespread using these types of apps in North America too.

1 review
10 helpful votes

THIS IS BULL. I'm beginning to doubt if this is even anything more than an autocorrect. Other than that, it constantly tries to 'fix' or 'suggest' changes that completely disregard the meaning of the sentence. I'm an amateur writer, so the sentence saying "she showed much promise." is clear and correct. Then why does Grammarly suggest it be either "she showed many promises." or to just get rid of the sentence? I keep trying to go by formats it shows and it makes no difference. In all honesty, I'm beginning to think that once you pass a certain amount of words, it either can't keep up and gives delayed readings OR IT'S A MONEY GRABBER! Saying you have errors when you don't, all so you can buy a plan. Whatever it is, F*%*&!# FIX IT!

1 review
5 helpful votes

I opened an account with Grammarly a couple of years ago but found it didn't really suit my somewhat specialised purposes (though I think it's good for most users) and I stopped using it. My subscription renewed automatically last week so I contacted them to say I hadn't intended it to renew and hadn't been using the service for a long time. They had no legal obligation to refund my subscription as the automatic renewal is made clear in their T&Cs but they immediately refunded the money to my paypal account. So overall I was very impressed by their customer service and integrity.

7 reviews
18 helpful votes

a great place to strengthen the paper but some suggestions are definitely wrong

1 review
15 helpful votes

Malware in a broad sense of the word. Make promises they cannot deliver. Claim it is free when it actually charge you a fee. It does not work and you cannot uninstall. You know the words, a malware

1 review
12 helpful votes

A Grammarly review said my document had 30-some plagiarisms. The 'plagiarisms' turned out to be common single statements of up to ten words that couldn't possibly by copyrighted.
It also 'suggested' using 'says' in the following statement: "I heard a soft, kind, but powerful voice say, "Dont worry. . . . "

1 review
10 helpful votes

FinallyI have gotten tired and very upset at grammarly trying to take my writing from me. I also object to the software interrupting me during my comments on social network. Finally, I uninstalled the software. BUT IT DIDN'T GO AWAY. I have rebooted through a restart. When that didn't get rid of it, I turned the system off. Which by the way I had to unplug the system from the system. THE D**N SOFTWARE DIDN'T DISAPPEAR!!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Grammarly works. I have seen the reviews on this site, in my opinion it's right 97% of the time. It has the occasional error but it's easy to spot if your proficient in English.

2 reviews
18 helpful votes

I have used grammarly all along in my writing career, and I find it useful to some extent. Its suggestions sometimes do not make sense, and this requires the writer to be personally proficient in English grammar and syntax. However, I would recommend it to students and new writers, but remember you cannot rely on its suggestions 100%.

61 reviews
357 helpful votes

Grammarly has let me down enough times. Cost me some good grades. Use with caution

1 review
10 helpful votes

How do I recover a document that is locked then erased by Grammarly? I like the program until it has turned my life into a living hell because I thought the the program completed the scan. I got error message and saved it to find out later that the data is gone. I cannot recover it through any means. I thought I could just correct it later when it had an error message but no,its gone 0 data. The grammarly site says you can look at your work but I can only see what I have loaded into not what it has already scanned and or eliminated by the program. . The program has created credibility problems with plagiarism. It does not cover enough data. . If you were fortunate enough to save any work before the scan is run then you still have to re-accomplish all the work This time everything was gone and I had nothing but my notes to fall back on.Three weeks I worked on that data and Grammraly erased it all.

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