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Review of GemsNY

GemsNY reviews

55 reviews
Categories: Diamond, Engagement Rings, Gems
20 W 47th St, Ste 606
New York, NY 10036, United States of America
Tel: (888) 436-7692

55 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I live in New Zealand and contacted GemsNY via email about making a custom three stone engagement ring to pick up when visiting New York. Vishal and I emailed back and forth over a period of about 6 weeks tweaking the design before I finally settled on the make up of it. He was very accommodating and answered lots of questions along the way which was definitely appreciated. The final act was selecting the centre stone (emerald) when I was in New York. Again, Vishal was great to deal with this time in person answering questions etc and I eventually settled on the stone. The final product looks awesome and I'm very happy with it.

The reason I've given a four star review is the valuation - I paid US $3,850 for the custom platinum and diamond setting and US $3,092 for the centre emerald, so US $6,942 total with three GIA (trustworthy) certificates. I have since had the ring valued after arriving home for insurance purposes by a GIA registered valuer and they valued the centre emerald at only US $1,800 which is quite a lot less than I paid which is disappointing. It's significantly less than the UGL (not trustworthy) certificate that came with it estimating a retail value for the emerald alone at US $6,500 although I knew to take that value with a grain of salt. Fortunately, the two side diamonds were valued much higher than what I paid for them so overall the total ring was about the right price. The ring has been valued at US $7,476 compared with GemsNY valuation of it at $16,500 which I knew would have been over-inflated I just didn't realise by how much!

Anyway, all in all I'm extremely happy with the ring I designed and bought with Vishal's help and would shop here again. I got value for money but not to the extent the GemsNY or UGL valuations would suggest.

Ask David about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was shopping for a very special birthday gift for my wife and happened to stumble across their website. Of course, there were hesitations with spending money with a business I wasn't familiar with sight unseen. After reading dozens of reviews from different sources I decided to go with them.

After surfing their site I had an idea of what I wanted. A natural unenhanced sapphire c0cktail ring. I noticed that it had an approximate wait time of 12 days listed and didn't have this amount of time. Like most men, I was scrambling for a last minute gift. I decided to call the store direct and Vishal answered the phone. He was very pleasant and walked me through the process answering my many questions professionally. I believe he nailed exactly what I was looking for and emailed me a few options high to low of my taste. After selecting all of it, I explained that I needed this setting cast, set, and back to me in Florida by Friday from noon on Monday. Although he explained that this would be pressed, he said they would make every attempt to get it to me and he was sure, barring no hiccups, that I would have it in time for our weekend houseboat trip over Memorial Day. MAN DID THEY COME THROUGH!!! This gift knocked the socks off of my wife, and their service and expediency knocked mine off. GREAT JOB!

Ask James about GemsNY
1 review
1 helpful vote

I recently purchased a custom birth stone ring from Gemsny for my wife. I live in Nevada and Gemsny is in New York. I was a little nervous, but I wanted to give my wife a very special ring. After looking on their site and working with Vishal, I ordered a ring. I got to choose the stones except the garnet, Vishal picked out this stone, nice job. I choose the setting with my wife's approval of course. We got to see what the ring will look like before placing the order. When we received the ring, my wife absolutely loves it. She even made the comment "it's nicer than I had expected". When it is time again to buy that special piece, rings, earrings, pendent, ect..., I will definitely shop Gemsny. I found this place online because I could not find what my wife wanted locally in Las Vegas Nv. Thank very much Gemsny.

Ask david about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

GemsNY has excellent gems and outstanding craftmenship in designer jewelry.

Ask Melton about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was absolutely blown away with the impeccable service provided by GemsNY - after initially dealing with the vendors in the Diamond District stores, I was turned to GemsNy as a last hope ... and I couldn't be happier with my finding. Their gems are quality, and prices are amazing. Above all, GemsNy will have my business exclusively due to the excellent customer service and straight forward policies. I highly recommend them!

Thanks so much for a great shopping experience, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase! LR

Ask L about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

Worked with Vishal on a custom ring. He talked with me by phone and email to help me decide on the design and provided me with very quick quotes based on different options. The process was quick and painless, and the final ring is absolutely gorgeous, exactly what I pictured!! I would not hesitate to order from GemsNY again.

Ask Rachel about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

My wife had looked for a specific ring that she wanted for Christmas and had found it at GemsNY online. She asked me to take a look at it and see if I liked it too. I did like it and agreed that I would buy it, but it was no longer available the next day. She was very disappointed so I called GemsNY and they agreed to create the ring that she wanted at the very same price that it had been online. The person I spoke to was very understanding and wonderful to work with.

He gave me an approximate date when he thought it would ship. We received the ring several days before that date and my wife loved it. Great quality with supporting documentation.

All in all, this is a great company to work with. Thanks for everything.

Ask William about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is the first time that I buy a jewel online, and it was an awesome experience. I got an excellent gem at a fair price. The service was amazing and the product great. Everything, from the order to the delivery was handled to perfection. I would recommend GemsNY to my family and friends.

Ask Danny about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

My bracelet arrived yesterday and it is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. A little nerve-wracking to order from just a picture but the finished product is so gorgeous. We're impressed at how the whole process proceeded. Thinking of asking for another piece of jewelry. Thanks so much!

Ask Ruthie about GemsNY
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

The prices, selection and certification are unmatched. My wife loves her GIA certified ruby pendant. I would recommend gemsny to everyone!

Ask Sophia about GemsNY
1 review
0 helpful votes

Extremely impressed with the quality and service from this site. I compared it to my own personal jeweler as well as other private jewelers and GemsNY was by far the best option. The gemologists here also took a lot of time to talk to me over the phone (I live on the west coast) and made sure I picked the right stone. I will always come hear for my jewelry purchases!

Ask Shawn about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

Awesome. Just received our fourth it from Gemsny. They have been great. Wife's engagement ring has the most beautiful sapphire I've ever seen. Two wedding bands. And now a matching pendant with another stunning sapphire.

Great jewels, selection and service.

Ask Thomas about GemsNY
1 review
6 helpful votes

Bought a beautiful 8x6 blue sapphire, love it. Diamonds in the princess diana style are stunning. Cant find ANY AAAA grade intense color blue sapphires anywhere in Denver, i had never seen one in person best I could find was AA rating which are pretty but the brillance in this level makes you never want to take your eyes off it. Placed order, spoke to them about stones i was looking at and were helpful. Order came perfectly. Honestly a stone with AA quality and 1/3 carat diamonds would have cost me twice as much so this was a great deal + no one even when i go to Jareds where i buy most of my jewerly has seen this stone quality. Will use again.

Ask Susanne about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

GemsNY is the only company I know which has such a large selection of GIA certified rubies. I was looking to purchase a 2ct untreated ruby . I looked EVERYWHERE within 50miles of my house and was able to find only 1 jeweler who had 1 ruby which was untreated. He asked over $35,000 for the ruby and didn’t have any certifications on it. He said he could get the GIA done in about 4-5 weeks if I put down a 50% deposit on the ruby. I didn’t feel comfortable putting down $17,500 and having to wait a month. So I started my search online and found GemsNY had a huge selection of GIA certified rubies. Also not only the selection but the prices were unbelievably less. I ordered the ruby with one of their settings and received the ring in about 1.5weeks complete. I cannot believe the difference in price and quality of the ruby. I just had to go back to the jeweler to make sure. I saw both the rubies next to each other and actually they both looked similar. However, I paid $14,500 for my ruby compared to $35,000 the jeweler was charging without GIA cert. Also it helped that GemsNY ruby already had a GIA cert with the stone so I didn’t need to wait.

Ask Tammy about GemsNY
1 review
1 helpful vote

Comparison Shopping option is incredible
Called customer service few weeks ago to inquire about the six alexandrites that I was considering. The staff was very knowledgeable and help me narrow it down to two items. I couldn’t make up my mind so they offered to send me both stones for comparison. It helped that they only charge 50% of the total amount of the stones. After seeing both stones in person I could see why I couldn’t make up my mind over the phone. I liked the size of one of them better than the other and chose that one. Returned both the stones to them as I decided to give them a try for the custom ring I was looking to make. Received the ring 2.5weeks later which is far better than my local jeweler who quoted me 4-6 weeks time. The quality on the ring is great, the diamonds are extremely sparkly and the metal is very shiny. Great company overall.

Ask Mike about GemsNY
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have purchased three times already with GemsNY. I made my second purchase using installment plan and just finished paying off for it yesterday. I have to tell you that besides their ridiculously low prices this is something which easily breaks them apart from their competition. I didn’t need to give any personal information such as social security number or copy of dirver license to qualify for the plan. Also the plan is very simple to use. My ring was for $2250 and I had to pay initially 50% down payment so $1125. The rest of the $1125 they broke it up into three equal installments which were due every two months with no interest charged. I received an email notification ten days and one day before of the due date of each installment. My card was charged automatically on the specified date and I received a confirmation the same day. The only thing they can improve on this plan is that they only offer it for items over $750. That is fine for some major purchase but the smaller items I am not able to use it.

Ask James about GemsNY
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have done a lot of retail shopping before purchasing from GemsNY. I can tell you no other retailer even comes close in terms of value. I was nervous about buying online, but the earrings far exceeded my expectations. The earrings I purchased was appraised by GemsNY for 12,500 but after getting it independently appraised, it appraised for over $17,000! Superb value.

Mary, Sterling CT

Ask Mary about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

My fiancee created a custom sapphire engagement ring at Gemsny. I was nervous about it when he gave it to me initially even though it looked beautiful (because it was purchased online), so we took it for an independent appraisal. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

The quality of the sapphire is top notch. It's almost the color of Tanzanite but she verified that it is indeed a sapphire. The clarity is flawless and the cut is excellent as they claimed in their appraisal. The one notch star reduction is due to their claim about the quality of the diamonds surrounding the sapphire which they rated as VS2 color F, but were rated by her as SI2 color H. I know there can be some variation between appraiser opinions, but I tend to agree with her considering I can see a little black spot in each of the diamonds with my bare eyes if I look closely, and I saw the inclusions with the eye piece as well.

I wasn't too concerned with this since the diamonds were just accents to the main feature which was this gorgeous sapphire. The diamond ratings did affect the value from their estimated retail value, but it still appraised way above what we paid at GemsNY. We really did receive a good value for our money and plan to look at wedding bands there as well... just maybe not with diamonds.

Ask Kae about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

My god daughter turned 18 years old on June 12th. I'd been looking for an emerald ring for her birthday for about half a year, since 18 is the transition year from "girl" to "young woman". Everything I looked at in Toronto that I liked was far beyond what I could afford to buy and it was all retail.

I was extremely hesitant to order from Gemsny even after researching the company on the internet. I live in Toronto, but wholesale met my requirements and pocketbook. I paid with PayPal, so I felt a certain security because if it was a fake, PayPal would get my money back for me (as PayPal has done this for me before with unscrupulous merchants).

I spoke with Vishnu on several occasions before I chose the emerald. He was knowledgeable and very helpful in choosing the emerald to place in the setting I had chosen. My goddaughter loves the ring. It was the best deal I could find and this 5-star rating is genuine, from a satisfied and grateful customer.

Ask Anita about GemsNY
1 review
1 helpful vote

Highly satisfactory transaction in all respects. After searching for a man's gold Alexandrite ring, I found gemsny to have the best selection of stones and settings at a sensible price. Vishnu is knowledgeable and politely provided helpful ideas for the optimum combination. The weight of the ring is just right, the service was efficient, and the ring looks great.

Ask Richard about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have not made a purchase yet. I can say that the response back to my questions regarding rubies I looked at was timely, detailed, and very helpful. I found their policies laid out very clearly on their website. The selection of rubies, sapphires and emeralds along with ring and pendant settings is awesome. Now, if I could only make up mind, I would definitely buy from Gemsny.

Ask Jeanne about GemsNY
1 review
3 helpful votes

Honest and helpful...

I ordered an engagement ring from GEMSNY, they have been very easy to work with and it appears that they truly care about making you happy. My one cavat to anyone reading this post is remember that no one is going to sell you a new Mercedes Benz for the price of a used Chevrolet so you probably shouldn't expect to receive a $30,000 retail priced ring for $3,000 from GEMSNY. The ring that we received was platinum with a GIA report on the center gem. We decided to send it back and up-grade the stone to an even higher grade level and we paid to send the ring back at our cost "which wasn't an issue at all for us". She's looking forward to getting her ring back with the stone that she wants.

Ask M about GemsNY
1 review
3 helpful votes

Thanks to GemsNY, what I thought would be a very stressful process became easy, educational, and very interesting. The only thing I knew when I walked into their offices was that I wanted to give my fiance the engagement ring she deserves, but I had no clue how to pick a stone. They walked me through the process and asked me lots of questions, taking the time to help figure out what would be perfect for us. And they didn't try to upsell me or take advantage of my ignorance (and I really didn't know much to be honest), instead they guided me toward getting the most value for my money by explaining every detail of a diamond's characteristics. Buying a diamond takes trust and that is what GemsNY successfully built with me. The three times I met with them they spent as much time as I needed and never pressured me to make a decision and even encouraged me to test the market. I am thankful because my fiance loves the diamond and setting I ended up purchasing - and I felt great because I knew exactly what I was putting on her finger. Also, I've read some reviews here that think they are too good to be true - rest assure they are for real, and they are good people that conduct themselves openly and honestly. I wouldn't go anywhere else and when and if my friends and family need advice on where to go, I would not hesitate putting my own name on the line by introducing them to Vishnu and Vishal at GemsNY.

Ask Errol about GemsNY
1 review
3 helpful votes

My husband has very specific tastes in gemstones. Luckily for ME, GemsNY happened to have that stone. I loved being able to pick the stone and then the band for a one of a kind ring for my husband for Christmas. I cannot wait to see my husband's face. This has by far been the best experience for me with the purchasing of a ring.

You never know what you're going to get on an internet site, but there were no worries with GemsNY! From the get-go, Vishal was extremely helpful and responded in a very short amount of time to every one of my questions. I cannot sing either Vishal's or GemsNY's praises enough. The ring was received in a short amount of time, along with certification papers and an appraisal.

You can bet that once I've presented my husband with his ring, I'll be taking him to GemsNY's site and showing and/or hinting him how wonderful GemsNY is!!!

Seriously, 5 stars....that's not enough. GemsNY is a 10 star experience for me!


Birmingham, AL

Ask Lisa about GemsNY
1 review
2 helpful votes

Gemsny gave me the stone and ring of my dreams! We looked all over the city for someone who not only carried rubies, but who was well versed on them and could answer our questions. We found a number of people who sold them, but no one gave us the confidence that they knew what they were talking about. Moreover, other dealers could not give us certifying information on the rubies they sold, which I found strange; how was I to verify I was really buying a ruby and how was I to know what kind of treatment it had gone through?

In our quest for an engagement ring, we found diamonds are far more popular. All of the dealers we went to knew diamonds very well, but they couldn't talk rubies with the same confidence.

We found Gemsny online and decided to visit them. Glad we did, because they were exactly what we were looking for. They were knowledgeable about many gemstones, and definitely knew rubies. They also did custom design work, so we could do everything in their shop! They were professional, friendly, and willing to work with me. I always knew I wanted a ruby on a vintage setting, but I wasn't sure what design I wanted for my setting. After I had picked my stone, they gathered as much information from me to make sure they designed the right setting.

The final product was the ring of my dreams. I couldn't be happier. I've had my ring for 3 months and I still find myself marveling over it. The stone has so much depth and the setting has so much character. My ring is very special, I LOVE it.

If you ever thought about custom designing your ring, getting a gemstone (even a diamond) I HIGHLY recommend Gemsny... they are professionals concerned with quality and precision -- and how could I forget? GREAT prices!

Ask Tita about GemsNY

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