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Review of Digestaqure

Digestaqure reviews

24 reviews
Categories: Health, Supplements
2805 E. Oakland Park Blvd., #419
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306
Tel: 1-888-671-2873

24 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
2 helpful votes

this product has saved my life, i was a real answer to my prayers i suffered with ulcerative colitis for several years, and after taking it for 8 months i got completely healed, now i can work out eat whatever i want and live a normal life, i wish everyone could get a hold of this miracle product !

Ask Flavianny about Digestaqure
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is by far the best product! Totally exceeeded my expectations. Not too sure what we would've done without it.

Ask Krissie about Digestaqure
1 review
2 helpful votes

After being on the product for 4 months my symptoms I have struggle with for 6 years are gone. Everyone I have spoken to has been supportive, knowledgeable and eager to tailor my routine.

Ask Tresia about Digestaqure
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been using Digestaqure since Dec 1, 2014. I was diagnosed with Lupus about 16 years prior to that but had not experienced a flare up until late 2014. While researching the medication that the rheumatologist prescribed, I saw an ad for Digestaqure. I ordered it an took it as directed. I was on a maintenance dose now but ran out for a couple of weeks. It was obvious I still need it. I ordered and now I am bumping up to the 8 pills a day again for a few weeks at least. I have not had an ANA test done yet but plan to before the end of the year. Even if the blood test still is positive, I will continue taking Digestaqure because it relieves my symptoms. Digestaqure has been a tremendous blessing to my health and life. My main suggestion is to read the information that they send with the order and follow the instructions.

Ask Patrice about Digestaqure
1 review
7 helpful votes

Updates: It's now been a little over two months: the skin irritations I'd been suffering from for 2 years are completely gone. I had rashes on my scalp, neck, in my ears, on my right shoulder, arm, torso, groin, and on one leg. Scars are disappearing too. Since I didn't seem to have much improvement with the R.A. symptoms (described in my original post), and I read that for certain conditions, the recommended dose would be higher than 8 capsules/day, I decided to increase to 9/day a week ago. The first two days, as happened when I was increasing the dose initially, I had a toxin release (die-off) and a noticeable increase in joint swelling and pain. I realized that I hadn't had that level of pain recently, which proves to me that this product is working as advertised. The last three days, I've had relatively mild symptoms--a definite improvement since before I started this treatment. A Pristine Nutriceuticals rep called yesterday to ask about my progress. I told him what was happening, he said to increase by one capsule every 2-1/2 weeks until I am at 12/day. I fully intend to do just that. I recommend increasing the dose on Fridays (or a day or two before your "weekend") so that toxin effects will be concentrated on non-working days. Also strongly recommend supplementing with vitamins C, D3, & E, antioxidants grapeseed extract & N-acetyl cysteine, drinking water with fresh lemon juice & green tea, especially during die-offs to help rid the body of toxins. Clearly, patience is necessary. If it isn't working for you, look into doing some cleansing (especially heavy metal, parasitic) to help eliminate toxins which might be interfering with the body's healing process. Some of these may be contributing to your symptoms as well.

My husband continues to be symptom free!

My original post:
I began suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis with skin irritations about 2 years ago. Nothing I took or did helped very much. I am permanently scarred from the skin rashes. When I ordered the Immune-X for my husband, I decided to go on it myself. It's been a month, I had a huge rash on my leg which is now a fraction of its original size, has scarred over, and the itching is almost negligible. For this alone I am INFINITELY GRATEFUL!! I also suffer from plantar fasciitis in both feet, which has markedly improved as well! While I haven't experience much relief yet from the R.A., flare-ups do seem to be slightly milder and shorter in duration... after only one month, I'm thrilled!

To the person asking if Immune-X works for IBS, I can say definitively, YES. A few years ago, my husband used it for his IBS with complete success, but stopped taking it after a few months. It came back this May, so in June we ordered another bottle and again, he experienced almost immediate relief--from EXCRUCIATING pain to ZERO pain in days, and he hasn't had a flare-up since!

Ask Anne about Digestaqure
1 review
1 helpful vote


can i use digestaqure for my IBS??

Ask sophie about Digestaqure
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

it is truly amazing what has happened to while taking this product. autoimmune disease is warded off by the restoration of the immune system. the support staf is extremely nice and helpful, and will be sure to give you any extra attention needed to get over a "healing road block". Thank you to everyone at this company

Ask Christy about Digestaqure
1 review
8 helpful votes

There are so many Dr's in this world who just care about money and not actually helping someone. I am SOOOO Grateful for coming across Dr Drucker. He has been a Lifesaver for me and many others. If I could Shout it from the Roof Tops I would. His Autoimmune X is a Gods Sent. Yes it is pricy, BUT when you go to a Dr and get tests and put through the ringer and still no results of getting better, all they do is keep giving you more and more Drugs until you die. Look at ALL of the Money or Drugs and Visits and Tests and More Tests you are being put through. Have ya watched the Commercials on TV and actually listened to all of the side effects. My own mother Got Diabetes from Medications and also a Friend of mine did also, They put her on Metformin, She had a Heart attack from the drugs she was put on. Thank God she has 9 lives and is still with us. I took her to get rid of the Diabetes and she has Nothing at all anymore. All Dis-eases they tell you that are incurable in My Opinion Are very Curable. People just need to get knowledge about their Body's and Immune systems. Without it you leave your life into someone else's hands that could care less about you and just want to collect money to go on their Vacations, The Drug company's send them on for Incentives.
You take your car to someone to fix it ONLY because you know nothing about it, How many times have you walked out of there with a Big bill. It is because they Know you know nothing about your car so they can say whatever they want and charge you whatever they want, and all it is was you had no Knowledge of what is going on. I used to work for a dealership and used to see it happen all of the time. I used to feel so bad for some older folks who were tight on money yet knew no other way to get their cars fixed. You Need KNOWLEDGE in everything you do and Mostly for you to stay healthy...
Inflammation is your Biggest Problem and it is all caused by what we eat and stress and Toxins. But the body wants to heal it's self, You Just have to give it the Nutrients for the Body and immune system to have something to stand on so It can Gain Ground and get better. No Matter what Dis-EASE they may say you have.
So many people I see write such negative things about Dr Drucker and his products BUT all it is, Is that they have NO Knowledge of how the Body works, He DOES !!
They just think they do. They are going by OLD Tales of how the Dr's have taught them. But where is the TRUE healing they teach. Dr Drucker Teaches TRUE Healing, REAL True Healing. For that I am so Grateful. It is Only the Disbelievers who have a closed Mind to something that can be so easy, yet they fight it because that is how they have been Brainwashed to think. When you open your Mind you will be amazed at how easy it is to get rid of the Health issues you maybe suffering from. People this is No Old school anymore This is Top Notch 20th Century knowledge of the NOW. People are wising up and knowing they can be healed without drugs and Mortgaging the house for it all.
Healing does not happen over night, Just like getting to the point you are at now took a while of eating wrong or being around certain toxins like Bug poisons, Cleaners, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, There are many things you have been subjected to throughout life. BUT the Body still loves you and wants you healed. If you just feed it what it needs. My Mom is Diabetes FREE, My Own Dr had MS and doesn't have it anymore. Gosh I could actually write a book on all of the Good things that come from giving your body what it needs vs/ Drugs. The Body is NEVER Lacking in drugs and they are NOT a way to heal a broken down body. But Nutrients the body is LACKING are.
If you have not tried the Autoimmune X yet, You should.... Your Body will thank you. BUT Remember, Healing does not happen over night, You MUST Give it time. Not stress out and watch the clock wondering when is it going to happen. It heals when the Toxins are gone and your Body is free to feel the energy and vitality it is supposed to. To help it along you should eat Grass fed Beef and Organic Chicken if you eat meat and always eat Organic Veggies. ALWAYS !! And STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR and Gluten in all honesty. Gluten is extremely Bad for your Gut and Immune system. Take a Good probiotic everyday.
Everyone is so worried about money and how much things cost, Just put it into your budget and stop worrying. Remember Worry does not add one more minute to your life, It ONLY takes away from it. Once you start eating right and Take the Autoimmune X for a few months, You WILL Feel the difference in energy and Vitality ONLY if you give it a chance to work.
I see people writing that say Hoshimotos is an Immune system turning on itself. That is true, BUT it is only because of the toxins the body has had to deal with for so many years which in turn causes Inflammation in the Body, Heal what is going on in the body and the rest of the body is healed from all sorts of health problems.
Like Cancer is very Curable but that is a whole another Book for me if I write that on here and this is pretty long as it is already.
Feed your Body what it needs and no matter WHAT Immune Issue the Dr's have told you, You may have, The Body WILL Heal.
Sorry Dr. Drucker for this being so Long. But I feel People need to open up and Relax and stop criticizing everything without really knowing the Real truth.
Thank you Dr Drucker for just being YOU and Helping so many. You are such a Blessing to so many who truly want to be healed and who have been looking for answers. YOU FOUND IT and I am so Grateful I found YOU.
Thank you a Thousand times over..

Ask Linda about Digestaqure
1 review
62 helpful votes

What is the different between digestacure and digestaqure? In 2010 I used 4 bottles and it was in the purple bottles I notice white bottles now please explain this to me.

Ask Zelma about Digestaqure
1 review
13 helpful votes

I am writing this review for my grandfather. He had many problems with his skin, mainly psoriasis and very irritated skin. He would always scratch and complain. I was researching on the internet and came across digestacure. I decided to have him give it a try, and wow was it the best thing I could have done for him. They told us he would need to take the digestaqure for 6 to 12 months to actually get rid of the symptoms. But after only 4 and a half months, my grandfather saw MAJOR differences. The discoloration went away. The itching and burning feeling subsided, and his skin began to appear healthy! I could not believe it. He has now been on digestaqure for a little over a year and has done absolutely great. It has made him seem even healthier over all! I would personally recommend digestaqure to any of my friends or family and anyone that specifically has psoriasis!

Ask Mike about Digestaqure
1 review
13 helpful votes

This product has helped my Grandma to beat her Lupus. She was really struggling with the battle to the point where she couldn't move, when she started taking Digestaqure everything went a full 180. She started having more energy and walking around and before you know it she was winning the battle against her Lupus. This product helped my family it can surely help someone else's family.

Ask Brad about Digestaqure
1 review
21 helpful votes

I had hashimotos for years. Suffered endlessly with fatigue syndrome, eating disorder, mood swings you name it I had it. A friend of mine suggested to try Dogestaqure Autoimmune X and it saved my life!!!!! After 6 months of use I was able to say 98% of all symptoms subsided and I have continue to take the product reaching about a year now!
I would personally recommend this product to family members, so I would definitely recommend it to you.
The quality of the product it amazing and the support system the provide gives a feeling like your really not alone

Could not be happier with my results from this product - more people need to try it and more people need to actually stick with it!

Ask Casey about Digestaqure
3 reviews
38 helpful votes

The product Digestcure Autoimmune X is by far the top product of it's kind I have seen. What many people do not understand, is that this product will strengthen your immune system, in turn warding off many diseases. Since the day I began taking Digestacure, i have felt better with more energy and less aches or pains. You must listen to their directions and contact their support team.

Ask Nancy about Digestaqure
1 review
13 helpful votes

I started using Digestacure at the insistence of a friend. After many years of being an ICU RN and standing 12-14 hours a day my body developed arthritis. Arthritis bad enough that it hurt to stand and started taking 30-40 minutes of stretching each morning in bed so my numb legs would not cause me to fall. I started taking the product and noticed a slight improvement after 5 months. Eventually I thought "maybe this won't help". But a colleague reminded me that my career was 30 plus years and I did not get the arthritis until after 30 years of standing for long hours. I decided to continue and boy am I glad I did. By about my 8 month using the product I noticed that I could stand in the morning without stretching and that my legs and knees did not hurt at all. The real clincher for me was reading the Inventor's book and adapting his dietary suggestions, nutrition habits and life modifications. I truly feel that this made all the difference and can not miss a day of Digestacure without feeling a twinge of the old pain returning. The key to success is to keep taking the product to achieve your optimum success and do not deviate. Autoimmune type diseases do not show up over night and require a concentrated focus on the recovery and potentially eliminated miserable side effects. So I will continue to take Digestacure daily.

Ask Patty about Digestaqure
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have seen this product work miracles in peoples life's, Digestaqure is the solution to a happier healthier future. I'v seen all the positive affects it has brought to my loved ones and I don't know why anyone else wouldn't want to experience the same thing.

Ask Seth about Digestaqure
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have noticed the same as another reviewer who gave 5 stars, where many of these reviewers have not even tried the product due to expense.The product is truly amazing!It takes times to heal and you must do what they tell you to - many people can not even follow simple directions! I had terrible GERD and Acid Reflux that I could never get under control. Constant heart burn, many foods would make my stomach upset and react terribly! The heart burn was absolutely TERRIBLE! I was referred to Digestaqure from a friend who was able to almost completely eliminate her Lyme Disease, I figured why not give it a chance. It took me personally 5 months to get my GERD under control! I could not believe it! I was astonished that the continuous heart burn completely subsided. I still take the product and I am currently in the "Maintenance" phase. People think there is something that will work over night for these major diseases, but it takes time. You must be patient , around the 8 month mark I was completely free from the nasty affects of GERD and Acid Reflux and I could not be more thankful to Digestaqure

Tip for consumers: Do not rush! It takes time! Make sure to call the support number, they make it so easy to stay on track

Ask Matt about Digestaqure
1 review
18 helpful votes

There are a lot of negative reviews and even reviews from people who didn't even try it complaining about the price or the company. I have been taking autoimmune X for three months. I had Barrett's asophagus, lymphocytic colitis, dry eye and lichens sclerosis. The reflux is completely healed along with the lymphocytic colitis. My eyes are a lot better not sure if it's related but they were painful for a very long time and have been feeling so much better. Not sure about the lichens sclerosis yet. Hopefully in the next couple of months it will be better also. And I read the review about the person who had their product shipped too quickly, they actually did ship mine out the same day and I got it the next day. I think this product is awesome and you shouldn't listen to people who just like to complain, or maybe what they had can't be cured by this product.

Ask Robin about Digestaqure
1 review
17 helpful votes

I had Barrett's esophagus. HAD.... Between acid blocker and digestacure I am now healed.
No BS !! Yes this product is expensive but one bottle lasts a long time. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from reflux.

Ask Carrie about Digestaqure
1 review
14 helpful votes

I am taking Digestacure for tenitis and it seemed to be working until they sweetened the product with honey and stevia. Does anyone have any unsweetened Digestacure they want to sell? . Please contact me @ Thanks

Ask j about Digestaqure
1 review
13 helpful votes

this product helped my aunt with diverticulitis, my cousin of crohns, they are now 100% symptom free. I have been on the product for my acid reflux for about a month and a half and I already feel a heck of a lot better...

Ask Lauren about Digestaqure
3 reviews
47 helpful votes

While I disagree that products like this are always a scam, I do feel like they really don't care who heals and who doesn't. I have tried many products that were not mainstream and they worked well, so I was not afraid to try this. They used to have a guarantee listed on their web site, which has since been pulled. They did say that they would refund the money if you were on it a certain length of time. I took it daily for over five months. I got sicker and sicker. My kidneys shut down and I bloated like crazy. I asked for a refund and they didn't even have the decency to respond when I wrote the first time. The second time they made some nasty comment and included the words from their 'new' site and didn't even sign it or make a pretense of caring if you heal or not. They tell you to contact them about any issues as you progress, but they really don't want that. They're not nearly as nice when you call and the guy who called me back, called again the next day and wasn't even aware he had called me. It's certainly not from caring that they sell this product. Oh, they have great reviews and videos of people who have been miraculously cured, and I don't doubt some of them are true, but most people don't experience NEAR that much relief. I spent mega bucks, and it did nothing! So yeah, I'd say steer clear of this product and keep the bucks for something that would really work! And I don't agree with the comment about checking with your doctor. I've found more quack doctors that all think alike and don't even use common sense. So no, I won't trust my health to a doctor necessarily either. I might use them for life-threatening issues, but you're better off informing yourself as to what works. I recently had some reflexology for stomach issues and especially sciatic pain that was severe. Now that really works! Amazing least for me.

Digestaqure may not be an entirely bad product, but don't let anyone kid you about them caring and they will NOT under any circumstances refund your money. So be prepared to scatter it to the'll never end up back in your pocket!

Ask Sue about Digestaqure
1 review
34 helpful votes

I had at least 8 auto immune conditions and I did the Digestaqure gut cleanse
and it worked. It's a great product if you are looking for something outside of the box. My carpal tunnel, allergies, high blood pressure, and many others ARE GONE.

Ask Kathy about Digestaqure
1 review
31 helpful votes

ordered 3 bottles at 427 .00 on line, saw these pages and called to cancel first thing next morning. Was very nice and said they would cancel. sent email that said they canceled at 8:11. They sent another email that said they shipped at 8:45. Does any co ship that fast? I don't think so. Made the mistake of using debit card which was suppose to be a credit card also but it wasn't. or at least the bank could not stop the payment. I am going to the Fed trade commission as soon as they open.

Ask shirley about Digestaqure
1 review
45 helpful votes

They have a money back quarantee that if you take as directed for the minimum amount of days according to your condition and are not satisfied with your level of progress you get your initial investment back. I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00, had no improvement and they told me to get more and continue taking the product. I bought another 3 bottles at the same price.No improvement after 7 months on it.They gave me 90 days and after that I was supposed to receive my money back. I called them and they gave me a hard time. Would not give my money back!!!

Ask lorraine about Digestaqure

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