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Art, Literature, Photography
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West Hollywood, California, USA
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1 review
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I entered a bid for two adopts under a 72 hour bid. Both were at the start of 400 points. I bid 400 points on one and 600 on the other. When the three days were up they told me I won both of the adopts. I sent in the points as promised (1000 points = $10)

About 7 to 8 hours later I drew and upload the first one I bought. Created them in my description. Along with stating my usual drawing estimated time. About 2 to 3 hours later. I get a message from the person that I had bought the adopt from stating "Please do not trace my work."

I replied that I drew it using the "Grid Drawing Method" and that the work wasn't "Traced." I even double checked my "Transactions page" to make sure that I had sent the points for both adopts. Which it said I sent 400 and 600 points to the user. Thinking that maybe they were accusing me of "Tracing" the work because I had maybe forgotten to pay for it.

They apologized but it still doesn't take away the fact that by accusing me of tracing the work. The person was basically accusing me of stealing something that I had rightfully paid for. Why would I pay ten dollars worth in points just to trace work that makes no sense to me. I would have been more understanding had the person at least explained in full detailed why they didn't want there work traced.

Results were highly informative they did not.

Stay away from this website these people think they can say whatever they want because there behind a computer screen. I even reported the person after providing my explanation and the staff did nothing about it.

Example of grid drawing method:

Tip for consumers: These people on DA think they can say whatever they want. As I'm mentioned before. Stay away.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

One of my daily attendance sites. Its really great expecially if you`re creating something yourself - you can find lots of inspiration there.

3 reviews
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I like the service - you can see just amazing things at times (together with some childish pictures lol). Just try it and I bet you won`t be disappointed!

18 reviews
21 helpful votes

I got 2 negative criticism on my artwork. It would be okay, if they were right, and came from people who are better than me. I would thank them, and try to improve.
However, these came from people who draw like 5 year olds and consider selfies as art. I sent them comments on their ''artwork'' too, pointing out what they did wrong and what should be improved, added. I did this in a normal manner, not like a jerk.
They got so mad and sent me hate comments even on facebook. Lol.
If you can't handle criticism, why do you criticize others in the first place?
Or at least criticize people who are below/on your level..

I like that there are plenty of groups. I even found people who do blood paintings.

The search feature could be improved.

Admins don't do their job at all.

People steal other's pictures.
They make other DA accounts with your drawings or use them on facebook as their own. You can put DA watermark on the pictures when you upload them but it's not very visible.
I would suggest to edit your pics and put your facebook link on them before uploading them to DA. Less people will steal them.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

This resource is my inspiration sometimes. I`m amazed of what people are able to create - its filled with great content... But beware of the adult arts if you have children next to you

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

The site still has lot of good content, however you need to search for it to avoid problems. in general - now the resource is way worse than it was couple years ago ;(

1 review
1 helpful vote

i don't think this site shoud stay very poor and u should know better if u harass or, report me if i join again i will get the cops on you.


4 reviews
0 helpful votes

It has gone worse than it was couple years ago. Great artists still can be found though the site is being filled with some stupid pictures and @not safe content. Be careful

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Members midnight-designed said to all deviantart pretty look girls u must use other girl photo u must not be pretty u r using other girls photos not ur photo u must also be ugly like me

1 review
5 helpful votes

Do NOT order art from this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a canvas art piece, which would have been delivered to within 10 days but they put the wrong address. Although the address was the same as billing, which is the button I selected "Same as Billing" the payment went through just fine, but my art didn't. I was patient about it and waited like 3 weeks for it to be sent back to them and for them to contact me, or resend it but there was no activity period. They just didn't do anything after that. So I started filling out tickets which is apparently the only was to contact them, but never got a response. By this time, it had been over a month of no activity. My problem wasn't the wait time, I order stuff from China all the time and wait a month. My problem was that they just didn't do anything at all when the art wasn't delivered. Didn't email me, didn't call, didn't send me a message on their website, NOTHING. So I contacted the artist which was the only contact information I could find, but the artist isn't in charge of that. So finally I had to go through the Better Business Bureau to which I finally got a response that they had tried to get the shipping address multiple times. $#*!ing LIERS!!!! Had they contacted me, I wouldn't have had to do all that extra!!!! What is the point of having a "Same as Billing" button if you don't use it?????? They billed my card just fine, why couldn't they send me the art through the SAME ADDRESS. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN. The artist was great though... Hopefully she finds a better way to share her art.


1 review
5 helpful votes

I have had different accounts on DeviantArt.The first few years were fine until it started degrading into fetish drawings,Sonic recolours and MLP rip offs. Admins do not do their jobs in practicing quality control. I have had to report several pieces due to sexual nudity that should have seen set to private. The forums are filled with nothing but whiny teenagers. I closed my last account permanently after trying to spark a revolution for the true artists,which basically led to being told to stay off the Internet.

There are also art thieves galore.

Tip for consumers: If you're an artist,don't.
If you're a parent,don't.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I found the site through friends 4-5 years ago and it was great. Until last year when they started to dramatically change things. The staff has gotten either lazier, stupider or maybe they do the same thing on their hidden accounts (who knows really) But harassment, trolls, theft and all the other bull crap on there has escalated and you can report all you want but they just tell you to block when about 2 years ago they would take action on these things. I have been harassed for over a YEAR, on and off and even on another site. They never done anything but two years ago they did something about a user going around my blocks and bans just to try and harass me.

40 reviews
85 helpful votes

I've been on and browsing dA since around 2006. It's not the same site.
Unless you do fanart or fetish art you'll get buried. There's not quality control, so you can open MS Paint, draw a smiley and potentially get more exposure than someone who actually worked on their art.
There's still some great artists, but it's too easy to get lost in utter $#*!e.

Suffers from a lot immature drama, people who don't want any artistic critism, and tons of lolcows and white knighting.

Tip for consumers: Find a better site.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I made an account with deviantart a month ago and to this day it refuses to let me in. Ive tried this on other computers, on different search engines, and the website will never let me log in OR create a new account. Other people i've talked to have had the same problem and apparently the "help desk" has no idea what to do either. Sticking to Tumblr and other websites for people to see my art. It would be horrible if i had a lot of art posted to deviantart BEFORE this all happened just to lose it all. thank god.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site harbors cyberbullies that go after artists with no good reason but to troll and just to shut the artist up to submission (Shutting down their account). Most of the artists I've met in the past created either Anthropomorphic Caricatures and my little pony. I was one of those that were bullied. The way they shut me up was threatening me with hacking of my accounts (inside and out of Deviantart), accusing me of being a pedophile for creating My Little Pony 3D art, and threatened me to have me arrested and registered as a sex offender. This is not excusable. I was being abused by cyberbullies and the Moderators and Administrators of Deviantart turned the other way and did nothing. AVOID JOINING THIS WEBSITE!

Tip for consumers: If you really want to join this website, join at your own risk. Avoid the trolls and cyberbullies as best as you can, but if you are being abused both overtly and/or unjustified, report it and keep reporting it until Administrators and Moderators take note on who the real criminals are. And if they don't listen, then you have found the real criminals.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Great place to meet new people and find awesome artists

1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm user for a year, and DeviantArt is fun, but there are some things I got for you:

1: Beware of 'PornLinks', By that I mean, I met about 4 accounts who had month from creating and were created by people from Pakistan and were used to put links to porn sites in comments on other accounts..

2: ShareZone: You can go 'Jail' for unknown reason, and some people can be a bit rude.

3: Art that you prefer to not see.. I mean when I've been on really good My Little Pony art, In 'More From DeviantArt" I saw Fat shaking asses.. without age restriction.. I'm 16, and I don't want to see that, and that Pony art didn't had any relatives with it.. There's ART, Not PORN...

4: I met Trolls.. Like always..

5 To don't get misunderstood, Think twice before you comment..

Tip for consumers: To don't get misunderstood, Think twice before you comment..

1 review
4 helpful votes

alert On 2/18/2015 10:08 PM, a transaction in the amount of $4.95 was approved at: WWW.DEVIANTART.COM, CA

1 review
0 helpful votes

I give it 5 stars because the site actually achieve its purpose. Which is to create a sense of community for artists and viewers. Some people might judge it badly because of the content other users upload, but as any site with social interactions you need to be prepared for any sort of material or commentary (it's not the site's fault), in my case I only focus on what I like (professional fan art from my favourite fandoms and good designs) instead of bashing on the awful submissions, (like kid's drawings on paint, weird fetishes, extremely mature content, etc.). The site even attracts extremely talented people which build contemporary content for our tv shows and videogames. And some contests running in the site involve pretty big companies searching for talent for designing their content.
I also like reviewing my favourite images every time I can, either to admire others work or to learn from it.
I'm telling you this from my experience form the last 5 years, and the sense of excitement for watching other's reaction to my content never gets old, specailly from the art groups I belong.

Tip for consumers: If you want to view proffesional art about your fandom or what you love, this is the right place, just search for the most recognized groups on the topic (They usually compile the best content in one place).

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I wouldn't recommend this site for some viewers or to those who love to write, do photography, or any art hobby. My parents have a concern for those who are on that site like there could be sexual predators or pedophiles that could be posing as a girl, or guy. It depends. You have to be careful on this site I had trouble with cyber bullies. and it can be difficult referring to some safety concerns.

4 reviews
9 helpful votes

You have to pick through the dung pile to find the diamond ring with this site. Art is subjective and all but sometimes it goes without saying that some people just don't have talent. Most of the people on here are younger than 13 (and say they're older) and offended or put off by anything that isn't completely positive about their work. Anyone older than that is usually an elitist, cyber bully, or fan girl who draws bubbly looking anime guys making out.

Its rare that you'll find something you'll enjoy since now you have to pay for pretty much anything useful pertaining to the search engine on the site. Prepare to be harassed by children and ADULTS begging you to write or draw you something for FREE because a couple bucks is too much for your hard efforts. Also, expect for people to steal your art.

There are some good people on this site and excellent art, you just need a ton of patience.

8 reviews
22 helpful votes

I had trouble with cyberbullies on this site, you see it is worse then facebook. If I were you it is a bit of concern to my parents that people on there are sick and twisted even if there is great art. You see you never know if there are petifiles on there. And people make up rumors, and other nasty things becareful and chose your friends wisely or only friend those you know.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm now going on four years as a proud deviant. I've earned a lot of friends here, and for the most part, people are nice. A lot of amazing art on here, and many many people with potential that I just love encouraging. <3

The deviantART staff are very busy, so be patient when submitting a question. I have seen them handle many "trolls" effectively. If some kid decides it'll be cool to steal art, everyone is on your side and they get banned almost immediately. In all honesty, these trolls are freaking hilarious, but if you have better things to do, just ignore them.

People will kindly give you critiques. On occassion you'll find an a--hole who has to argue with everybody; just ignore them and know you're the better person. You'll find trolls everywhere, not just dA.

I love the community and there are so many ways to ge discovered!

7 reviews
15 helpful votes

I love this site. So many talented people with awesome ideas. Every time I visit their site I see so many new things and learn so much and have met some really cool new friends who share similar interests. .

1 review
8 helpful votes

I just hate it.
The people on there are rude.
Please, if you go on it be careful.
I don't want anyone feeling worthless.

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They not care cyberbully

By Simon M. on 9/13/16
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