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1 they could care less about their users
2 it just doesn't work
& three it's just toxic in general!

1 review
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It's pretty sad when the dA staff only care about the Eclipse and their users on their when I first got my account on dA when I was 13 years old the staff was more serious about cyberbullies,trolls,art theifs/tracers,ect banning them ASAP but now that's the NEW Eclipse is in the picture the staff picture up us users and dumps us in the trash like we're nothing this site is toxic one of my friends we're banned for a troll that sent in a FAKE report that they no proof and she got banned because they can't handle of the proof held against her when today she finally got banned because of their age!

I've had to deal with two users one is named Arty harassered me and his partner in crime Spy made call posts then Spy made another 3rd account named Max to witch hunt us down I've tried to ban these two with proof but staff did nothing about them the staff is always on the trolls side and NEVER on the good user side and makes the good user who's reporting the misbehaving user look really bad (I wish I could swear rn while writing this but I will not!)!

This site contains: Cyberbullies,Trolls,Art Theifs/tracers,Porngraphic,Stalkers,Scammers,Hackers,ect everyday when I'm on my account everytime turn around if it's a new user toxic causing trouble if you tried telling the dA team they won't take your side even if you have proof their just ban you and have the misbehaving user get away with their crimes YOU DA STAFF NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR RULES LIKE IT OR NOT!


I'll give your site 0 reviews it should be shut down FOREVER and never be put up again until staff know how to do their job correctly or get new workers and fire current workers who are just LAZY and do nothing!

The site also accuse users who did nothing wrong and ban them when they didn't break any rules!Don't use DeviantArt it's called: deviantARToxic!

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back in 1 decade plus 1 year ago, I joined Deviantart cuz likely I can't quite find the fanarts of my favorite characters where even when I was somewhat more immature back then, Deviantart was undoubtly better site than what is today. and here's the reasons why Deviantart was going downhill(for me):

people neglecting me and my project to the point no one support my mega-crossover project even anywhere on the internet

I got cyberbullied by people like (most of) HTFSocial regs as well Gtjerwp/BasedAnon49(these are just some of his socks), ericgl1996(for myself preferring Orange Island season of Pokemon anime over current one) and so on. even when I block one of them(specifically Gtjerwp), he asked me to unblock himself in his youtube comment on my Hitler video that I made over TVtropes rejecting my mega-crossover magnum opus from their site, and I fell to him there, and then there's worst days ever in internet(or at least here in deviantart) for me. worse the Deviantart staff's incompetence makes me abstains from reporting even this.

Premium membership become core membership that costs more and has less features(this makes me allowing this expire for better or worse)

Deviantart forum are the most toxic place in Deviantart where in Deviantart forum alone, general board are worst of the worst.

people I simply never known before spammed me Llama badge

old things I like are used to be popular in the past. but I now see that people only interested in the newest and most popular stuff

Deviantart may got Heterophobia that's comparable to Tumblr, and don't get started on Islamophobia(Deviantart's collective political views are influenced by it's parent company, Wix)

1 review
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Not a real art site since it was purchased and changed ownership. A lot of pedophilia, fetishism, and perverts and cell phone shots of cam girls T&A. If you don't believe me, just look at their front page or in the search engine or the other previews about this site from other members at the bottom of the page. And forget about reporting this stuff to DA staff, you will be the one to get in trouble..

The major famous artists that used to use this platform moved on to places like Artstation. Real artists are no longer celebrated. This company only follows the money now. I wouldn't want to associate my art with this place. Not too mention the virus and spam for sex messages you receive in your inbox daily...Now with eclipse rolling out, they're trying to be like station's jealous little sister by mimicking them, but DA's quality of art will never amount to Artstation. Eclipse is basically shiny pretty bows and gift wrapping to a pile of perverted poo.

1 review
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I was deceived by DeviantArt after I bought a large, 30x40 inch printed image (Rainbow Metatron's Cube), worth about 63 Euro, made by Lillyas ( prints).
I received an incomplete image, cropped on the sides, without any value.
Both the author, Lily Andrea Seidel and the seller, DeviantArt, consider it a mistake, and refuse to replace the broken, already paid product.
It is clear that both DeviantArt and Lily Andrea Seidel cheated me and took my 63 euros abusively.

Tip for consumers: Beware of scams

2 reviews
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It used to be much better at one time than it is now. While some good art can still be found there, it takes more and more effort to find it. The main problems now are that they do little to nothing about SPAM messages, chain-letter type messages and other garbage like that which merely misuse the comment-feature. But the overall atmosphere of the site has declined as well. Only positive and/or popular comments and opinion are allowed; any form of constructive criticism or, for that matter, any dissenting opinion of any kind, is not tolerated and even censored in some cases. It is highly ironic that a website ostensibly for creators to display their work should have evolved into an environment that is so averse to the expression of different opinions. PC Groupthink is increasingly the mindset there.

11 reviews
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This site is full of cyberbullies and grammar and name correcting jerks. This can lead to mental illness or suicide attempt. Do NOT go to Deviantart.

1 review
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The staff will do absolutely nothing about bullying. In fact, the bullies there are actually greatly respected and playing the victim card earns them much more respect and results in you being attacked. I've reported a false call out journal made against me and even a popular bully who blasted my name in the suggestions forum when I wanted to remain anonymous for that reason and they administrators said that they don't care. Do not join this site. It's nothing more than a bullying site that hosts art. Do not give them any business whatsoever.

1 review
28 helpful votes

I Posted an Anti-LGBT Journal Entry Discussion

The homosexuals and baby little kids reported me for ONE SINGLE POST.

And next thing I know... the Feminist, SjW, Liberal " DeviantArt Staff" bans me!

Who are you to "indefinitely ban" my DeviantArt account!? My account has been banned for "Hate Speech". I do not want to be the person to remind you that "Hate Speech" is "Free Speech". It is under "The First Amendment of the United States Constitution". You are breaking the LAW of the United States by shutting my mouth! You don't have the right to shut down my account due to any kind of speech!

There was people bullying me and harrasing me in that account, just because they felt offended by my one single post ... yet; I bearly did anything wrong and I got BANNED. Please explain to me how that is possible.

There was an immense amount of spammers who went to my page to solely bully me; and I was the one who got BANNED!

Please change that unbelievable and unfair "faculty rule" of; (not allowing a certain type of speech).
If people do not like what I had to say: they do not have to repot me or blame me of being on the wrong. I did not cause a "real violation" or "a real threat". What the actual stupidity is this??!

I did not harrass anyone, I did not spam whatsoever on anybody's page like how they did to me. I was simply trying to change people's viewpoint through facts, and they all completely misinterpreted what I was trying to express.
And the "LIBERAL DeviantArt Account FAQ"

Being against any act or having a differing opinion is NOT HATE.

I'm so sorry.. but claiming that; insulting anyone for anything is "hate" then you are hugging a whole new ballgame here. You are being unfair. Let people do what they please to do. If people blocking each other is not enough, then I do not know what to tell you. The people who reported me could have just blocked me and everything would have been fine. They could have MOVED ONE. Like how reasonable people do.

I do not understand why you have to go to the extreme, by banning people's accounts for the most insignificant of situations.

Just look at YouTube; they don't block people for expressing their stupid insignificant opinions and for insults. Everything is fine in YouTube. That's why YouTube is so successful!

If people disagree, let them. But don't shut anybody's mouth just because you don't think the same. "Hate Speech" falls under "Free Speech".. whether you like it or not DEVIANTART.

I thought this website was for expression. If you're not gonna allow all forms of expression... they why is it an art site?

I'm starting to think that DeviantArt is RUN by Feminists and SJWs and LGBTQs rstuvwxyz .. and Liberals.. and those weirdos that always say "Trump is not my president" when he literally is.

I give up on DeviantArt at this point.
DeviantArt literally turned into a website for babies in diapers! You can't say a single offensive joke because;

BAM! Your account is banned!

I miss the older DeviantArt.. the 2009 DeviantArt! where you could say , do and be free as a bird!

100% the people who Run DeviantArt are either all LGBTs or fat Feminists sitting behind a computer BANNING whoever they wish to ban.

DeviantArt is definitely the new Tumblr.
The site is truly run by SJWs and Political Correctness.

Oh you said what about the issue with Transgenders?

Oh you said you disagree with the LGBT Community?

Oh you posted a funny meme that 4 people found offensive?

It's not worth it.. Take all your art out.. And run while you still can! :(

20 reviews
109 helpful votes

What's this? The art is nothing but just a disgrace to art it contains fetishes like vore,inflation,diapers,etc. It also has cyberbullies,crazy fangirls/fanboys,terrible ships,stolen art,fanbases,etc.

2 reviews
34 helpful votes

For what exactly this site has 3 stars?! It doesn't deserve even one star and I'm going to explain you why! When justice group members steals art, are harassing and bullying, even defaming other people then it's so okay and acceptable, but when the same things does someone, who isn't justice group member, it's not okay, it's bad etc. Unfathomable hypocrisy rules there. Not to mention that people won't notice your art, you'll be invisible. Why?! Because the only thing people notice there is something like drama and gossip. Only decent community there is writers. Fanart community is the worst and the most toxic community I've seen. And you got it right! You'll be visible only if you'll participate in drama, of course if you will participate in "right" side. But seriously! I suggest you to stay away from this site! Only few nice people are left in this site. Majority are fakes, who will smile in your face and will be nice as long as you are useful to them, but once your usefulness will end they will stab you in back and throw you out of their friend's list. Be careful with who you are friends there, because most of them will stand with you in dark days only if it will be beneficial for them, other than that they will abandon you and will take bully's side. Admins doesn't do anything to stop bullying, they don't even check if report is legitimate. They simply ban people, specifically those, who didn't do anything wrong, while bullies aren't banned. Bullying on this site is gone so far that bullies are using other sites to defame other people. And shame on you Wix for acquiring this bully paradise, which should've been left to rot until it stops existing!

12 reviews
25 helpful votes

DeviantArt is full of wonderful art (like the picture listed), and stories. There are alot of groups you can join and alot of chats you can talk on. You can sell art and join competitions when they are on.

Aside from this... If you fall down the rabbit hole then you will get lost in the dirty, messed up side of this website. Not to say that other websites don't have a dark side, Deviantart's dark side is way more toxic than the normal.

2 reviews
25 helpful votes

This useless, worthless startup company got acquired by, and I'd bet that Wix is embarrassed to have ever bought this festering hive of hatred and trolls. DeviantArt's staff members do NOTHING to deal with hateful, anti-gay blog posts, and it seems like this "art" website is more of a mish-mash of gossip blogs, whose useless trolly authors like to trash people and DOX people with their full names and addresses.

I am filing a GDPR complaint against DeviantArt and its parent company. I highly recommend that NO ONE uses DeviantArt. Let's starve them of business, and make Wix regret ever acquiring these pigs.

1 review
25 helpful votes

Thecsite is full of tryhard annoying trolls, spammers and pedophiles.
There are also too mich stalkers and bullies and it's impossible to report sonce the "help desk" update.

3 reviews
43 helpful votes

I shouldn't log in to see porn scattered throughout the front page. I shouldn't see admins (ESPECIALLY REALITYSQUARED!) $#*!talking the websites' own members.
There's a lot of diversity on the website and a lack of community because of it. Kids join the site and lie about their age (they need to make it harder for children to join the site).
Staff does nothing about trolls, although staff like thesquidarrives hired recently has gotten better at getting to reports faster.
If someone is a known troll you can't report them, only block, which sucks because they'll move on to harassing someone else.
Stamps need to be $#*!ing banned. They cause nothing but drama and fights. This is a site for art, not political/religious debate.
CORE is overpriced now. If you want it at all I suggest only buying it when they have the winter sale where you buy three get three free or something like that.
The website needs to close. It's old and has so many dead accounts it's not even funny.

1 review
36 helpful votes

Don't let the good reviews about this site fool you. It's not what it once was. Few years ago it was a good art site, now it has become a playground for upcoming criminals, who hides behind all excuses you can think of. These people from justice groups somewhere have got the idea that it's okay to harass other people with journals, where justice groups writes lies about them and doesn't provide opinions of all involved sides, just the opinion, which is beneficial for justice groups. What makes it more sad is that these justice group members are children, who has no idea how law works so if you don't want your child to become the next criminal, who successfully destroys innocent people's reputation and does other bad things, then please watch what your children are doing on the internet. All big bad things always starts with small bad things. Staff is the worst, because they don't do anything to stop these cyberbullies known as justice groups, which is why on this site you can try criminal's life without consequences. These justice groups are also hypocrites, they think they can judge and criticize everyone, and force you to accept a critique from certain user, while they won't wish to hear anything about critiques, which are for them and will refuse to accept them. In short, avoid this site at all costs, because there's a very high chance you will meet bullies on this site, which will bully you so far that you might even lose your self respect, especially that can happen if you don't join justice group drama and don't support justice group opinion. They think it's great to be a copy of someone else and pretend that you always are happy sunshine. Well, it's not good at all. This is how you can lose yourself so, please, don't go there! You will save yourself from many unnecessary troubles, issues, dramas and other negativity, if you will avoid this bully nest.

Tip for consumers: There isn't real friendship on this site. It's all about show and pretending.

1 review
30 helpful votes

So sad to see the site move away from real art into a porn platform. They will not be seeing some of the best art out there because of this garbage posted.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I could compare this platform to Imgur, another media sharing site, but tailored to artists. For some reason, it's way easier to spot the more questionable content than art with more effort put into them (this includes the art piece itself, as well as the content in the description). I could describe it as "freer" than other artists platforms, as there are LOTS of ways to communicate with everyone. About a couple years ago (I'm sure it was way longer before) I noticed they started to mimic Facebook status sharing, which I thought was a little strange. Even the polls thing is kind of an excessive feature to have. I understand it's all meant for more community involvement, which has happened, but there's also the responsibility of the website host as well as the artists to maintain and encourage composure throughout the community. There is a LOT of blaming and blame mongering (as you can see here). There will ALWAYS be people we like and dislike. Your success (whether it's your favorite count, watch count, etc.) on this website WILL NOT fall at your feet. This is a website where you must involve yourself in what the website has to offer and supporting other artists will help the site immensely, believe it or not.

Ultimately, this website is like the gateway to the art you really want to do. If you feel you already have your skills honed, I do suggest tumblr, Artstation, or Pixiv (japanese based), even Facebook. DeviantArt can help increase your fanbase if you understand its quirks.

Tip for consumers: I am an artist on DA, with few watchers and favorites =] I use the website to analyze responses on my artwork as well as see what the community is up to.

Obviously, ignore the more questionable content/users you might see. Report the things that obviously violate DA terms.

5 reviews
57 helpful votes

DeviantArt has removed around 500 deviations a year for copyright infringement and other violations and has suspended/banned around 100 users a year. The site is full of fetishes (including vore, having their feet tickled, people in bondage, etc.), pornography (including child porn and exaggerated private parts), MLP shindig (for those unfamiliar, this is short for My Little Pony), and cyberbullies. Art theft has been rampant.

If you're an independent (or a professional) artist/graphic designer, DeviantArt doesn't want you. The DeviantArt staff and its volunteers (most of which who live outside of the states that a true online art community doesn't make) are complete nerfherders as they got more problems than the former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and the Trump administration and has been treating everyone like crap as they don't do their jobs right. There are alternatives to DeviantArt if you do not want to become a victim of having your stuff removed/relocated, or becoming a victim of having your DeviantArt account being suspended or permanently banned. Everyone knows that I have life as many content creators post their art and graphic designs on the internet as they need to stop saying I don't have life as they are liars and nerfherders who think they don't have jobs outside of the internet.

Plus all this "Don't thank me for the favs" and "Don't thank me for the llamas"? Wow. They are often offended and they are nothing but anti-social cyrils like Neku Sakuraba (from the video games The World Ends With You and KH3D: Dream Drop Distance). The DeviantArt staff and its volunteers are corrupt as the Bahamian nerfherder (as of 2015) is in charge of the "help desk". The admins really need to man up or end up getting arrested/incarcerated for months for corruption.

I'm not sure what shindig they use to abuse their powers with, but I'm pretty sure they'll have to pay for the damage they've already done. Use alternatives to DeviantArt as we hope someday that the staff gets arrested for corruption and the site be permanently closed by the FBI and the Interpol!

Tip for consumers: Use DeviantArt alternatives such as Blogger, WordPress, Behance, ArtStation, Instagram, Pixiv, and Ello. Don't use DeviantArt for it. Just save your stuff before deactivating your DeviantArt account.

1 review
42 helpful votes

No recognition for your work, and people here are blind and won't listen to you if another user is trying to take you down.
It looks like a friendly website at first but trust me, this site is corrupted and filled with people who are just abusers of the rules or worst.
Don't waste your time.

2 reviews
52 helpful votes

Really! Ignore this site's existence, because it's not worth it to have an account there.It's full with ungrateful, narcissistic, lying, hypocritical and self righteous bullies, who will hate and bully anyone, who doesn't share their opinion about anything, especially this happens in fan art community. Justice groups claims that they are there to serve justice, but actually they are spitting in face to real cyber bullying investigators with all kinds of excuses, which are actually meant for excusing their own crimes, their stupidity and pathetic justice show, which is so unconvincing that it's surprising it has followers at all. Whenever these justice people have issues or their account got hacked, others are supposed to believe them, despite justice people don't have proof, just their words, but when others, who aren't in justice groups, claims the same, these justice groups demands proof and if you can't prove then they call you a liar. Worst part is that whenever there is a public conflict those people from justice groups are stalking and harassing anyone, who left a neutral comment in public conflict, trying to convince them that only one side is bad, despite that it's obvious both sides has faults in this public conflict. If you will join there as a new artist then don't expect you will be noticed, because the only way how people will notice you and your art is if you are going to join drama and help justice groups spread their junk. Other than that you will be invisible, because these justice groups are a part of the reason why everyone I know, who was willing to help you to get recognition on this site without asking in return something for that, is gone. Ungratefulness is another reason. I was among these people, who dedicated their free time to help other artists to get recognition on this site. Wasn't expecting rewards for that, but I didn't expected such ungratefulness either. Now these people, who I tried to help to get recognition on this site, are telling other people garbage and other lies about me like I don't have a life, that's why I spend time on the internet. The worst isn't these lies, the worst is that so many people are believing such nonsense, which ungrateful people tells about me. My experience with this site is so negative that I won't pity it's useless admins, if their site will be closed for good. And if it is in someone's power to close this site then please do it, that will be a great favor to community. Speaking of admins. They are such idiots that they can't tell the difference between opinion, abuse, lies and libel. The only time when they notice abuse is the time when curse words are used, but it will be a wonder if those morons will ever realize that lying and libel in public is also abuse and a serious crime. Core members, who bully people, won't be banned, because they get protection from useless admins-morons! There rules pay to be protected policy. If you won't pay for core membership then you won't get admin protection, which is why this site sucks, because it doesn't care about people, it cares only about money. At some points it feels like racketeering is happening there. Some people are nice there, but it's not worth it to dedicate your time and attention just to find these nice people, because, before you will find these nice people, you, most likely, will meet a lot of ungrateful jerks, who will hurt you so much that you might regret for the rest of your life you have set your foot there and were nice, and helped those people, who didn't deserved your help. If you wish to post your art on the internet then find another site or open your own website and avoid dA for your own good! I doubt changes in the staff will make dA better, which is why I think the only option what to do with dA is to close it! I don't even care how it will be closed, if it will be closed someday!

Honestly I'm surprised dA has 3 star rating, because it doesn't deserve even one star!

1 review
32 helpful votes

Just take my word for it avoid this site at all costs it will damage you within the first few weeks of being a member nothing but a cesspool of cyber criminals stupid people bad art bizarre and awful fetish work art thieves bullies / Trolls spam bots creeps and registered sex offenders. I'm not kidding about any of this and yet if you report any of these problems to the admins they will flat out ban you and take away your account the only way to never get banned on DA is to keep paying for the core membership gimmick which I advise you to not do as it serves no benefit to yourself .

you might get your work shown on the front page but thats about it starving artists don't get the luxury of getting there work noticed on this site unless you result in posting and spamming your art religiously every day or every night either way your art is not going to get noticed any time soon and if it does get noticed expect no feedback or criticism of the sort.

Instead you will find the common tons of random favorites and watches for no rhyme or reason and pointless llama badges and half of the people who watch you only watch you to get page views they don't give a crap about your art in fact I think only a handful of my DA watchers who watched me actually uploaded art the others just $#*! post and steal art work and memes from google images and call it day.

Joining the art groups used to be a option to get noticed but now your work either gets turned down because of other DA users posting there crappy ms paint doodles everywhere including your inbox or the art groups have just been abandoned completely or reject you for being a casual artist

forget DA and open up your own site if you can or post your work on Instagram instead anything is better than deviant art.

1 review
24 helpful votes

This is the worst website I've been on in my entire life. On this site you can get banned even if you haven't done anything wrong, because it turns out you have gotten an IP address, which before you got it was used to do bad stuff on deviantART and staff won't care that you couldn't know for what that IP address was used there before, staff also doesn't care about fact that dynamic IP addresses do change their owners after some time. Seriously! How am I and others are supposed to know for what this IP address, which each of us have, was used before on deviantART? Sounds like staff wants people to ask if this IP adress they got has a clean or dirty history on dA, before they create an account on deviantART. This isn't the only thing staff doesn't care about! This staff also isn't listening in suggestions! They play like they care about the community, but in the end they still apply changes to this website, which majority didn't wanted! In fact the only thing in which staff is listening is money! As long as they get it, they won't care about the community! Everyone, who ever has said that people, who pay for core membership can do whatever they want, which also includes bullying others, isn't exaggerating. It's true. Pay for core membership and dA staff won't care that you have violated rules on this site! Be careful who you insult on this site, even if you have an excuse to do it, because if you will insult a paying customer or someone, who has connections with dA staff, then it's you who will be banned or suspended, not that paying customer or that someone who has connections with dA staff, even if he should've been banned or suspended, not you!

In short if you aren't a rich jerk with a sad life then this isn't a site for you, because that's who are the majority on this site, especially in fanart. Fanartists are the worst community on deviantART, but others aren't much better. You shouldn't waste your time on this site helping other people, because most of them are so ungrateful that they'll treat you like you would be less than a human only because they discovered that you can't do always things for them, whenever they demand!

This site is a place where children shouldn't be and although I know parents are very busy I still would ask them to watch sometimes what their children are doing on this site, because writing journals about someone in the name of justice is harassment too or very close to harassment, depends from the content! In short writing a public journal about how bad are other people when they create many accounts to harass others and basing all that on screenshots only or on known IP address, who's owner is unknown is a first step how to commit a crime, especially if your child has mentioned full person's first and last name. If that happens and accused person is innocent then parents should begin to pray the God that accused person can't afford lawyer or won't sue your child in court for distributing false information about a person in public, because then it's you parents who will pay the price for your child's actions, not the child, if child, according to your country's laws isn't in the age in which your child has to answer for his own crimes not parents.

Tip for consumers: Find better site than this! You'll be only a winner if you won't make an account in this bully paradise!

11 reviews
52 helpful votes

deviantArt is not a good site as it once was. It has sadly become a place where bullies lurk and people will rapidly start flame wars with one another. While I do have some good friend there, sadly, the site has devolved from an art site to another hive of scum and villainy. And the worst part is while the site does have guidelines, more often than not, the bullies and haters abuse the report system and make false child porn claims just to get a certain user's account suspended or even terminated. The abuse is rare, but it does happen, and the worst part is the dA staff does not do anything to stop the abuse. In fact, they act immediately when they get the report instead of taking the time to actually look over the claim to see if it's even legit. If you are a fanartist, stay away from deviantArt. It has become a place where the bullies reign and the staff has no clue how to properly enforce the policy.

Tip for consumers: -Don't. The staff is terrible and does not review every report they get to see if it is legit or a false report that is abusing the system. Also, they are unreliable and let such haters get away with such behavior by saying the report was justified.

1 review
23 helpful votes

I joined in 2005, long before the mess, and the site was there as art website. I really learned a lot as an artist and befriended other artists back in the day who used different media. It really did have artists from different backgrounds get to know one another.

It has changed over the years and people usually complain about change and that's normal. I never complained because it didn't affect me that profoundly.

Everything started going downhill a couple of year ago. The changes that were made had a negative impact on the website. Firing staff, changing the premiums to this ridiculous "core membership" and a CEO who's arrogant, selfish, and incredibly reckless. Less staff means less disciplinary actions.

I remember being a forum regular and back in the day you had decent threads with discussions. Now you have whiney teenage tryhards trying to troll as intensely as possible.

The website lost its appeal. It's a shame. The people who are complaining about the bullying and trolling aren't exaggerating. Seriously, we keep having trolls spam child porn and racist threads on the forums and it's taken mods way too long to shut them down.

Only way to save the website is either have a massive shift in management or sell it. I hate to see it go but it is what it is.

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