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1 review
3 helpful votes

No recognition for your work, and people here are blind and won't listen to you if another user is trying to take you down.
It looks like a friendly website at first but trust me, this site is corrupted and filled with people who are just abusers of the rules or worst.
Don't waste your time.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Really! Ignore this site's existence, because it's not worth it to have an account there.It's full with ungrateful, narcissistic, lying, hypocritical and self righteous bullies, who will hate and bully anyone, who doesn't share their opinion about anything, especially this happens in fan art community. Justice groups claims that they are there to serve justice, but actually they are spitting in face to real cyber bullying investigators with all kinds of excuses, which are actually meant for excusing their own crimes, their stupidity and pathetic justice show, which is so unconvincing that it's surprising it has followers at all. Whenever these justice people have issues or their account got hacked, others are supposed to believe them, despite justice people don't have proof, just their words, but when others, who aren't in justice groups, claims the same, these justice groups demands proof and if you can't prove then they call you a liar. Worst part is that whenever there is a public conflict those people from justice groups are stalking and harassing anyone, who left a neutral comment in public conflict, trying to convince them that only one side is bad, despite that it's obvious both sides has faults in this public conflict. If you will join there as a new artist then don't expect you will be noticed, because the only way how people will notice you and your art is if you are going to join drama and help justice groups spread their junk. Other than that you will be invisible, because these justice groups are a part of the reason why everyone I know, who was willing to help you to get recognition on this site without asking in return something for that, is gone. Ungratefulness is another reason. I was among these people, who dedicated their free time to help other artists to get recognition on this site. Wasn't expecting rewards for that, but I didn't expected such ungratefulness either. Now these people, who I tried to help to get recognition on this site, are telling other people garbage and other lies about me like I don't have a life, that's why I spend time on the internet. The worst isn't these lies, the worst is that so many people are believing such nonsense, which ungrateful people tells about me. My experience with this site is so negative that I won't pity it's useless admins, if their site will be closed for good. And if it is in someone's power to close this site then please do it, that will be a great favor to community. Speaking of admins. They are such idiots that they can't tell the difference between opinion, abuse, lies and libel. The only time when they notice abuse is the time when curse words are used, but it will be a wonder if those morons will ever realize that lying and libel in public is also abuse and a serious crime. Core members, who bully people, won't be banned, because they get protection from useless admins-morons! There rules pay to be protected policy. If you won't pay for core membership then you won't get admin protection, which is why this site sucks, because it doesn't care about people, it cares only about money. At some points it feels like racketeering is happening there. Some people are nice there, but it's not worth it to dedicate your time and attention just to find these nice people, because, before you will find these nice people, you, most likely, will meet a lot of ungrateful jerks, who will hurt you so much that you might regret for the rest of your life you have set your foot there and were nice, and helped those people, who didn't deserved your help. If you wish to post your art on the internet then find another site or open your own website and avoid dA for your own good! I doubt changes in the staff will make dA better, which is why I think the only option what to do with dA is to close it! I don't even care how it will be closed, if it will be closed someday!

Honestly I'm surprised dA has 3 star rating, because it doesn't deserve even one star!

1 review
10 helpful votes

Just take my word for it avoid this site at all costs it will damage you within the first few weeks of being a member nothing but a cesspool of cyber criminals stupid people bad art bizarre and awful fetish work art thieves bullies / Trolls spam bots creeps and registered sex offenders. I'm not kidding about any of this and yet if you report any of these problems to the admins they will flat out ban you and take away your account the only way to never get banned on DA is to keep paying for the core membership gimmick which I advise you to not do as it serves no benefit to yourself .

you might get your work shown on the front page but thats about it starving artists don't get the luxury of getting there work noticed on this site unless you result in posting and spamming your art religiously every day or every night either way your art is not going to get noticed any time soon and if it does get noticed expect no feedback or criticism of the sort.

Instead you will find the common tons of random favorites and watches for no rhyme or reason and pointless llama badges and half of the people who watch you only watch you to get page views they don't give a crap about your art in fact I think only a handful of my DA watchers who watched me actually uploaded art the others just $#*! post and steal art work and memes from google images and call it day.

Joining the art groups used to be a option to get noticed but now your work either gets turned down because of other DA users posting there crappy ms paint doodles everywhere including your inbox or the art groups have just been abandoned completely or reject you for being a casual artist

forget DA and open up your own site if you can or post your work on Instagram instead anything is better than deviant art.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This is the worst website I've been on in my entire life. On this site you can get banned even if you haven't done anything wrong, because it turns out you have gotten an IP address, which before you got it was used to do bad stuff on deviantART and staff won't care that you couldn't know for what that IP address was used there before, staff also doesn't care about fact that dynamic IP addresses do change their owners after some time. Seriously! How am I and others are supposed to know for what this IP address, which each of us have, was used before on deviantART? Sounds like staff wants people to ask if this IP adress they got has a clean or dirty history on dA, before they create an account on deviantART. This isn't the only thing staff doesn't care about! This staff also isn't listening in suggestions! They play like they care about the community, but in the end they still apply changes to this website, which majority didn't wanted! In fact the only thing in which staff is listening is money! As long as they get it, they won't care about the community! Everyone, who ever has said that people, who pay for core membership can do whatever they want, which also includes bullying others, isn't exaggerating. It's true. Pay for core membership and dA staff won't care that you have violated rules on this site! Be careful who you insult on this site, even if you have an excuse to do it, because if you will insult a paying customer or someone, who has connections with dA staff, then it's you who will be banned or suspended, not that paying customer or that someone who has connections with dA staff, even if he should've been banned or suspended, not you!

In short if you aren't a rich jerk with a sad life then this isn't a site for you, because that's who are the majority on this site, especially in fanart. Fanartists are the worst community on deviantART, but others aren't much better. You shouldn't waste your time on this site helping other people, because most of them are so ungrateful that they'll treat you like you would be less than a human only because they discovered that you can't do always things for them, whenever they demand!

This site is a place where children shouldn't be and although I know parents are very busy I still would ask them to watch sometimes what their children are doing on this site, because writing journals about someone in the name of justice is harassment too or very close to harassment, depends from the content! In short writing a public journal about how bad are other people when they create many accounts to harass others and basing all that on screenshots only or on known IP address, who's owner is unknown is a first step how to commit a crime, especially if your child has mentioned full person's first and last name. If that happens and accused person is innocent then parents should begin to pray the God that accused person can't afford lawyer or won't sue your child in court for distributing false information about a person in public, because then it's you parents who will pay the price for your child's actions, not the child, if child, according to your country's laws isn't in the age in which your child has to answer for his own crimes not parents.

Tip for consumers: Find better site than this! You'll be only a winner if you won't make an account in this bully paradise!

5 reviews
6 helpful votes

deviantArt is not a good site as it once was. It has sadly become a place where bullies lurk and people will rapidly start flame wars with one another. While I do have some good friend there, sadly, the site has devolved from an art site to another hive of scum and villainy. And the worst part is while the site does have guidelines, more often than not, the bullies and haters abuse the report system and make false child porn claims just to get a certain user's account suspended or even terminated. The abuse is rare, but it does happen, and the worst part is the dA staff does not do anything to stop the abuse. In fact, they act immediately when they get the report instead of taking the time to actually look over the claim to see if it's even legit. If you are a fanartist, stay away from deviantArt. It has become a place where the bullies reign and the staff has no clue how to properly enforce the policy.

Tip for consumers: -Don't. The staff is terrible and does not review every report they get to see if it is legit or a false report that is abusing the system. Also, they are unreliable and let such haters get away with such behavior by saying the report was justified.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined in 2005, long before the mess, and the site was there as art website. I really learned a lot as an artist and befriended other artists back in the day who used different media. It really did have artists from different backgrounds get to know one another.

It has changed over the years and people usually complain about change and that's normal. I never complained because it didn't affect me that profoundly.

Everything started going downhill a couple of year ago. The changes that were made had a negative impact on the website. Firing staff, changing the premiums to this ridiculous "core membership" and a CEO who's arrogant, selfish, and incredibly reckless. Less staff means less disciplinary actions.

I remember being a forum regular and back in the day you had decent threads with discussions. Now you have whiney teenage tryhards trying to troll as intensely as possible.

The website lost its appeal. It's a shame. The people who are complaining about the bullying and trolling aren't exaggerating. Seriously, we keep having trolls spam child porn and racist threads on the forums and it's taken mods way too long to shut them down.

Only way to save the website is either have a massive shift in management or sell it. I hate to see it go but it is what it is.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is horrible! Instead of punishing bullies and trolls they punish people, who are angered by trolls and bullies! It seems to me all these statements you can buy core membership on deviantART and do whatever you want are truthful, because while your bully is without core membership you can hold a small hope that bully will get punishment, sometimes such wonder happens, but if your bully is with core membership, then don't hold any hopes, because dA staff won't punish someone, who buys their lousy core membership!

Want to get new friends? Then go outside and meet people in your real life. That's how you can get new friends. On deviantART most people aren't your friends, because if today they are your friends, then next day they can become your enemies just because someone with more credible reputation than yours said convincing lies about you. Excuse me what? Credible reputation is all what people need to believe someone on dA?! What kind of evidence is credible reputation in 21st century, when civilization has better stuff than that to prove something?! We're not living in those times where people had to rely on someone's credible reputation, because in that time people got nothing else to prove anything, but it seems to me this site still lives there! Seriously! Don't bother with this site! Awful is understatement of the year to what lurks inside this site! It's not an art site anymore! Art is just front facade to lure you inside in this bully lair. What you will see and learn on this site is an art how to bully other people! Find better place! This place can only make you regret you ever set your foot in it!

1 review
4 helpful votes

People cheat in the contest hosted on the website. I saw one person who won second place in a video game character contest. They traced an official artwork of Adult Link. From Nintendo's Zelda franchise. The artwork media was traditional. They used a yellow piece of paper. Didn't even color anything except for the eyes. No background was added to the work. As well as no unusual markings or rips in the clothing or sword. This person wins "Second Place" for something they traced. I zoomed in on the work. Looked it over several times from top to bottom. Not a single mistake in the line work. Again beware people will do anything to win a contest on the site.

1 review
8 helpful votes

There is a lot of problems like extreme Cyber bulling on the community. I reported it in multiple times and nothing is done. All they want to do is sit back get their pockets full of money and let this kids friendly community turn to waste. So if your child decides to sign up or look through this website, don't allow them.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Is this really supposed to be a site for "artists"?
All i can see on the front page is kid paintings made in MS Paint. That's art?
Really? And these beauties get hundreds of views, likes, etc.
I was browsing for realistic art, and found quite a few...but they had almost 0 views, comments, no likes, favorites or anything.

How is it that a drawing, that someone spent hours of work on to make it so very detailed that it looks almost real, is not appreciated....
but a sketch of a talking anime pony is viewed as the greatest masterpiece of all time? LMAO.

Oh...and talking about "art"...a lot of poeple upoad selfies here, and pictures of their $#*!, vagina. Some photoshops it, so it must be art! (wow! amazing!)
Next time I get a $#*! pick on a dating site, I will be happy to receive such a "piece of art". LOL.

Tip for consumers: - Good site if you are a My Little Pony fan
- If you are a weebo
- If you want to see $#*!s and pussies
- If you can't draw

1 review
8 helpful votes

While you're only uploading your art there everything will be fine, but if you are looking to meet people and to gain new friends then look elsewhere and forget about this place, because such thing as friendship doesn't exist there. When it comes to friendship you can only see hypocrisy, pretending show in public. People will feed you lies right in your face and ears, but just even try to be in bad mood like a normal human being is, their understanding will end and you'll be made as a criminal only because of that. Whole meaning of friendship is crippled there. They think someone is good friend only because he bought you something expensive, forgetting that this act of kindness doesn't give him automatically good friend's title, because there are also such thing as intentions. Administration? This site has it? Doesn't look like that! Admins are total hypocrites too. While on some sites you can see that admins don't care who started public fight, everything about it is deleted and accounts suspended. On deviantART that doesn't happen. If you don't have core membership and you have public argument with someone who has it then prepare that everything you've said about that core membership owner will be deleted and your account suspended or even deactivated while everything core membership owner has said about you will stay where it was and core membership owner's account won't be suspended, not to mention deactivated. In short this is one of the worst places you can find on the internet. My advice is stay away from this site, because most people there are cheaper than their clothes! They'll even sell their own mother or support liars, just to get popularity! Besides deviantART is a paradise for bullies with core membership and fake people. Honest people has nothing to do there, because fake people will eat them with lies about them, twisting everything so that it looks like honest people are bad guys and fake people are heroes. Some people there say they are in their thirties, but acts dumber than 12 years old kids, the same people also are bullies and liars with hypocrisy and arrogance flavor. Be careful to whom you trust there, because some people later twists everything you say and make up rumors about you, because they have nothing better and useful to do in their lives.

4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Chic site. I spread all my work there. And even watch the work of other guys whose work is rarely seen.

1 review
7 helpful votes

The idea is good, users are the problem. There's no friendship, no willingness to help eachother, no real love for art. All I see is people licking eachother's asses just to earn a feature, a prize, some points. They just want to make money, asking others to pay for their work and expecting people to draw for them for free. Everyone is always ready to grab some money, but when you ask for an advice, for a favour, for some kindness, there's no living soul in sight.
To make matters worse, once I made a thread on the forum, asking people to sign some petitions against animal cruelty and... guess what? They flagged it. They insulted me, said that "this place should not allow vegans"(which I'm not...) and called a moderator who instantly closed and flagged my thread. I asked for explanations and all he said was "you broke the rules".
Everyone claims to be open minded, to welcome diversity and news, everyone sides with gay, trans, black people...
None of that is real.
What a fake fake fake, ridiculous surface.
(What could be) a beautiful community, polluted and rotten by leeches and vultures and clowns.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I entered a bid for two adopts under a 72 hour bid. Both were at the start of 400 points. I bid 400 points on one and 600 on the other. When the three days were up they told me I won both of the adopts. I sent in the points as promised (1000 points = $10)

About 7 to 8 hours later I drew and upload the first one I bought. Created them in my description. Along with stating my usual drawing estimated time. About 2 to 3 hours later. I get a message from the person that I had bought the adopt from stating "Please do not trace my work."

I replied that I drew it using the "Grid Drawing Method" and that the work wasn't "Traced." I even double checked my "Transactions page" to make sure that I had sent the points for both adopts. Which it said I sent 400 and 600 points to the user. Thinking that maybe they were accusing me of "Tracing" the work because I had maybe forgotten to pay for it.

They apologized but it still doesn't take away the fact that by accusing me of tracing the work. The person was basically accusing me of stealing something that I had rightfully paid for. Why would I pay ten dollars worth in points just to trace work that makes no sense to me. I would have been more understanding had the person at least explained in full detailed why they didn't want there work traced.

Results were highly informative they did not.

Stay away from this website these people think they can say whatever they want because there behind a computer screen. I even reported the person after providing my explanation and the staff did nothing about it.

Example of grid drawing method:

Tip for consumers: These people on DA think they can say whatever they want. As I'm mentioned before. Stay away.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

One of my daily attendance sites. Its really great expecially if you`re creating something yourself - you can find lots of inspiration there.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I like the service - you can see just amazing things at times (together with some childish pictures lol). Just try it and I bet you won`t be disappointed!

24 reviews
69 helpful votes

I got 2 negative criticism on my artwork. It would be okay, if they were right, and came from people who are better than me. I would thank them, and try to improve.
However, these came from people who draw like 5 year olds and consider selfies as art. I sent them comments on their ''artwork'' too, pointing out what they did wrong and what should be improved, added. I did this in a normal manner, not like a jerk.
They got so mad and sent me hate comments even on facebook. Lol.
If you can't handle criticism, why do you criticize others in the first place?
Or at least criticize people who are below/on your level..

I like that there are plenty of groups. I even found people who do blood paintings.

The search feature could be improved.

Admins don't do their job at all.

People steal other's pictures.
They make other DA accounts with your drawings or use them on facebook as their own. You can put DA watermark on the pictures when you upload them but it's not very visible.
I would suggest to edit your pics and put your facebook link on them before uploading them to DA. Less people will steal them.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

This resource is my inspiration sometimes. I`m amazed of what people are able to create - its filled with great content... But beware of the adult arts if you have children next to you

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

The site still has lot of good content, however you need to search for it to avoid problems. in general - now the resource is way worse than it was couple years ago ;(

1 review
2 helpful votes

i don't think this site shoud stay very poor and u should know better if u harass or, report me if i join again i will get the cops on you.


4 reviews
0 helpful votes

It has gone worse than it was couple years ago. Great artists still can be found though the site is being filled with some stupid pictures and @not safe content. Be careful

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Members midnight-designed said to all deviantart pretty look girls u must use other girl photo u must not be pretty u r using other girls photos not ur photo u must also be ugly like me

1 review
7 helpful votes

Do NOT order art from this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a canvas art piece, which would have been delivered to within 10 days but they put the wrong address. Although the address was the same as billing, which is the button I selected "Same as Billing" the payment went through just fine, but my art didn't. I was patient about it and waited like 3 weeks for it to be sent back to them and for them to contact me, or resend it but there was no activity period. They just didn't do anything after that. So I started filling out tickets which is apparently the only was to contact them, but never got a response. By this time, it had been over a month of no activity. My problem wasn't the wait time, I order stuff from China all the time and wait a month. My problem was that they just didn't do anything at all when the art wasn't delivered. Didn't email me, didn't call, didn't send me a message on their website, NOTHING. So I contacted the artist which was the only contact information I could find, but the artist isn't in charge of that. So finally I had to go through the Better Business Bureau to which I finally got a response that they had tried to get the shipping address multiple times. $#*!ing LIERS!!!! Had they contacted me, I wouldn't have had to do all that extra!!!! What is the point of having a "Same as Billing" button if you don't use it?????? They billed my card just fine, why couldn't they send me the art through the SAME ADDRESS. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN. The artist was great though... Hopefully she finds a better way to share her art.


1 review
7 helpful votes

I have had different accounts on DeviantArt.The first few years were fine until it started degrading into fetish drawings,Sonic recolours and MLP rip offs. Admins do not do their jobs in practicing quality control. I have had to report several pieces due to sexual nudity that should have seen set to private. The forums are filled with nothing but whiny teenagers. I closed my last account permanently after trying to spark a revolution for the true artists,which basically led to being told to stay off the Internet.

There are also art thieves galore.

Tip for consumers: If you're an artist,don't.
If you're a parent,don't.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I found the site through friends 4-5 years ago and it was great. Until last year when they started to dramatically change things. The staff has gotten either lazier, stupider or maybe they do the same thing on their hidden accounts (who knows really) But harassment, trolls, theft and all the other bull crap on there has escalated and you can report all you want but they just tell you to block when about 2 years ago they would take action on these things. I have been harassed for over a YEAR, on and off and even on another site. They never done anything but two years ago they did something about a user going around my blocks and bans just to try and harass me.


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