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Review of Cash4Laptops

Cash4Laptops reviews

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Got a quote for a iPad for over $100 once they received it they priced it for $24. Tried to talk to someone but never got an answer. Then they took the $24 back from my PayPal account. They stole my perfectly good iPad.

Ask Jess about Cash4Laptops
1 review
0 helpful votes

I hate this company. They lied lied lied.
Quote: $237
My email after inspection $ 37

Umm. Thats absurdly low. Well I asked why so low. They said we checked gazelle and they can offer $110. I say please wait until I authorize decision

They basically said okay you have a week.
I cal back 3 days later and ask my ipad be sent back. Woman was so hostile and threatened to hang up because I spoke over her.

I hope they all get rat poison in their food and their eyeballs get infected with cyphilitic maggots these scum of the earth.

Ask Adam about Cash4Laptops
1 review
0 helpful votes

After getting a quote for $197, I sent my iPhone 5 (in perfect condition) to this company. They "inspected it" and told me it's only worth $31! Now, there's no way to get it back! I've spent over an hour on hold with no results!

Ask Joshua about Cash4Laptops
1 review
0 helpful votes

VERY unhappy and have nothing to show but $7 when they promised me $50. I would have given the phone to my son!! A joke because they promise money you never get; they promise you will get your money in a day or two after they receive your phone and it took a full two weeks. I called everyday, never reached anyone and was disconnected each time due to "heavy call volume" Yeah Now I see why!!!! Don't use them. PERIOD!

Ask Leslie about Cash4Laptops
1 review
0 helpful votes

Man I wish I had read these reviews first. I was offered 279.00 for a new unlock IPHONE 5. They sent me 46.00. I am unable to get through. They do not answer text or emails.

Ask Robert about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

Well, unfortunately, these people have figured out a better way to rip you off.
They don't let you talk to anyone!

Online, they quoted me $329 for a lightly used iPad Air 128GB. After I (oh so foolishly) sent it off to them, I received word from their support email acct (they apparently don't read the many replies I sent) that they were going to be depositing $29(!) Into my Paypal acct.
I've called at least six times and everytime its the same: within a few minutes I get Someone who asks me for my transaction number and name. When I say I wanted to talk about my iPad Air, they forward me to the right department for that (since the person answering the phone cant help me out apparently). Whether Im nice or not (and Ive been both) Im put on hold and at the 10 minute mark they tell me to call back another time and end the call. Every time.

Last time, I asked to speak to a supervisor. absolutely sir she says and puts me on hold again.

AAARRRRGGGHH!! Three hundred dollars! I am going thermonuclear on these people.
Any suggestions for how to get around this ridiculous phone hassle, I appreciate.

Ask Richard about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

quoted me $153.00 for a Samsung galaxy note 2 with no scratches or anything they send me an email saying they owe me $24.00 I called complained saying I didn't want this offer and to send my device back I was then told that c.s.r. wouldn't be able to assit me I would have to deal with purchasing today is 12/30/2014 the first call I placed to them was on 12/23/14 and I have called 2-4 times a day and yet haven't got to talk to purchasing no one can seem to help with this issue how can this company still be running stealing peoples property and nothing is being done I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and I called a lawyer whom I have a meeting with tomarrow I refuse to let them steal from me...STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM COMPANYTHEY CHEAT STEAL AND GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND THATS ALL

Ask RANDY about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

These people are CRIMINALS! Do not send them your phones or laptops. I had a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 and they offered me $373. When they received my phone, they said they'd pay me $56. I did some research and found out that this company does this scam all of the time. I called the company, and luckily they matched the Gazelle price of $190. They bait you by offering more than any of their competitors and then offer to pay a fraction of the original offer after you mail your device to them. It's time to sue this group and put them out of business.

Ask Jared about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

100% agree with everyone here. Offered $220 and given $17. Starting a class action lawsuit and social media campaign. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Ask Brian about Cash4Laptops
1 review
0 helpful votes

CROOKS - offered me $163 for my iPhone 4S and then sent me $11. Tried to reach them repeatedly, waited on the phone, left message but could never get through again. STAY AWAY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY - THEY'RE CHEATS!!!

Ask Davod about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

Complete fraud! You have 3 days to request your device to be returned, yet they are not open on the weekends (clearly stated on their website) and the weekend is included in the 3 days. So if you get the email on a Friday after 4:00 pm, you are SOL. How is this company still in business? Where exactly did their "certified technicians" get their certification from?

Ask Randy about Cash4Laptops
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bait & Switch offered 80, decided on $15 then failed to send check.

Ask Bill about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

Quoted over over $150 for an iPhone 5, and got $15. I am embarrassed I didn't do ANY research before mailing in the phone. I emailed about the $15, and they emailed me back saying I could call customer service. I don't intend to be on hold for close to an hour, to have them offer me $20 more similar to other posts I have seen here. I am cutting my losses, and getting the word out about this company.

Definitely a bait and switch scam regarding how much thy initially say they will pay, compared to what they give.

Shame on you Cash4Laptops.

Ask Keith about Cash4Laptops
1 review
3 helpful votes

Exact same problem as A.C. I sent in a very well preserved 64gb iPhone 5. There was some wear around the edges but otherwise great condition. Their site said $307. I sent it off and received an email that they had gotten it and were looking it over. Never another word until $24 showed up in my paypal. After many calls and waiting on hold, they said they sent me an email on the 27th with my quote that I could have rejected then. I scoured my email and no such communication exists. I can't prove that I didn't get it, but I did not. They gave me another $51 but told me my phone had already been taken apart. I'm going to file with the DC Attorney General for fraud. Anyone have any other ideas?

Ask Terry about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

The price quoted was not anywhere close to what they gave me. Contacting them via phone took several attempts and over 40 minutes on hold and my last voicemail was not responded to. They kept changing the reason for the difference in price when I told them that what they were saying was not accurate. They stated DVD drive not working and I know that it was. Finally they said the market fluctuates and the price could change 90% in one day. Very dishonest in my opinion.

Ask Syed about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have to agree that this is a scam site, and I, too, wish that I had read these reviews before I made this mistake. I received a quote of $128 for my iPhone 4s that was in perfect used condition. I received no notice of their review of the phone, just an email from Paypal informing me that I received $10. I eventually got through to their customer service and, after much discussion, was given an additional $30. The guy on the phone claimed this was their "break-even" point and that there was a problem with my phones volume, some scratchy sounds, and some scratches on the case. That was simply untrue. He even backed down a bit on the descriptions of what was supposedly wrong with the phone. It is apparent that this company pulls in customers by setting quotes that are higher than other companies and then lies. They should be investigated and shut down.

Ask A about Cash4Laptops
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

This company is not a respectable company... They con people with fake offers and once they get your device they don't honor the price they quoted. I was told I would get $283 for a iphone 5C that was in excellent condition less than a year old . I received an email that $32 was deposited into my pay pal account.... Unacceptable. I called and after waiting 45 minutes on hold I spoke to someone and after being told a bunch of non-sense I was then offered a $100.... Still unacceptable.... I requested that they return my device and I would return the $32. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. I advised them I would not close out my complaint
Until I received my original device back in the same condition I sent it in. I would not recommend that anyone...... Unless you are hard up for pennies to sell to them. You will not get what you will be expecting.

Ask Pam about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

Here is a copy of the complaint I filed with PayPal:

A couple weeks ago, I sent an old iPhone to Cash4laptops, a company that pays cash for used electronic equipment. I told them I wanted payment by check and not PayPal. They said they would call me after examining the phone to let me know what they were willing to pay. I have caller ID and voicemail so I know they never attempted to call. I sent an e-mail asking them how much they were willing to pay; they refused to reply. I DID NOT authorize them or anyone else to deposit money into my PayPal account. The amount they deposited ($11.00) was not acceptable to me. I asked them to send my phone back; so far, I have heard nothing. This company's tactics are unethical at best. They're a company that PayPal would do well to avoid. Please send the $11.00 back to them and let them know that I DID NOT authorize their payment.. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Cash4laptops is unethical, perhaps even fraudulent. I've sold used electronics in the past to several different companies and they've all been upfront about the price they were willing to pay. They've all asked for my acceptance of their offers and agreed to send the items back if their offers were rejected. Cash4laptops is a company you would do well to avoid.

Ask Donald about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

I wish I read these reviews before deciding to use Cash4Laptops. I decided to use them over other sites because the estimated return was more. I was selling an iPhone 4 and a 4S (broken screen). I was estimated at around 180 for both and sent in my phones. I received a call saying they had my devices and were ready to credit my Paypal account by the next day. Stupid me, I didn't ask how much. I figured they would stay true to their estimate as the descriptions of my phones were true and when I had used Gazelle in the past had no problems and received the exact amount they had estimated. The next day I was credited $30 FOR BOTH PHONES. I called back figuring there was a mistake and was dished a load of BS about the quality of the phone with the cracked screen and that the other had no resale value and was essentially a "paper weight".

Ask Nikki about Cash4Laptops
1 review
4 helpful votes

Scam city! They guoted me $230 for a brand new I phone 5 that I had for 2 months. Got the call today and it was $70. It was a brand new phone people! The only reason I was selling it was that I had it ATT and moved and had no reception so I switched to Verizon and they required a new phone purchased from them. Hmmm...yet another scam? DO NOT use Cash4laptops!

Ask kathy about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible! I sent in my phone on friday and yet no has contacted me back i haven't spoken to any representatives! Ive left many voicemails and and emails. They stole my phone. I am going to press charges and perform and lawsuit. Never would I think i would have to involve my lawyer into this.

Ask janice about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

As I now read through some of the reviews for this company, I can say this is a scamming website. Cash4Laptops quoted me $116 for a cracked screen Iphone 4 - 16 GB. I went with this company as they were a bit higher the the other company I have used before USell. (, which is better and paid me the exact amount they quoted for another phone). The representative from Cash4Laptops calls and tell me I have a cracked screen, which I told him I already stated when they quoted the price. He said their was minor scratches on my phone and now my phone is worth $30. I balked at him and then he went to ask a manager and now are willing to give me $50 as time has passed and their are scratches. I have had that phone in a case the entire time I had the phone so their are no scratches. is now offering $73, but by the time they return my phone and I ship to it will probably go down to $50. Very dissatisfied with this company. It seems they use the same old ploy of minor scratches on the phone to lower the price. Will NEVER use them again.

Ask Ron about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

I sent in an iphone 4 and 4s. I was quoted about $170 for the 4s and $120 for the 4.. figure that those were reasonable amounts. I shipped both phones. Was told that the 4s was NEVER recieved?! And that the 4 had scratches which brought the value to $20..Currently waiting for a phone call back and I will be following up. FYI both phones were sent in the same box....BEWARE OF THIS SITE....

Ask kawthar about Cash4Laptops
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible Experience. I Went to their Santa Clara shop to sell my hp laptop. Previously I talked to them on the phone n guy agreed to give $100. When I went there after driving for an hour. He refused to give any quote n asked us for price we want and when we gave price he started asking his junior how much money he has n how much they should pay n to our surprise he said $2. Errrr He was mocking all way around. Such unprofessional stupid jerk he was. I mean if you don't agree on the price we asked for , then refuse clearly.whats point of joking around like an idiot. I don't know why they hire such unprofessional manner less people there. I will never have any future transaction with CASH4LAPTOP n I strongly advice everyone to STAY AWAY THESE LOSERS.

Ask Jay about Cash4Laptops
1 review
4 helpful votes

with such terrible reviews, cash4laptops opened up under the new name laptoptraderexpress,com, in an office just down the block. Also operates under The problem with this company is that they falsely inflate the price that they will pay, and then pay you much less than promised, once in their possession. If you refuse the lowball offer, they charge you excessive return costs, in order to motivate you to sell for the lowball price - its a scam and they are very good at it.

Ask john about Cash4Laptops

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on 6/14/15
A: You have to call them and or email them demanding your item back. You can also file a complaint with the BBB. Hope that helps!
on 6/15/15
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