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The email I received after I replied to a post on Craigslist seemed suspicious so I did some research. This is the email I was sent:
"Hello Someone just bought this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from. I just got 4 of these from here and I resold them for some extra money. The trick is to watch for bidding to slow down and then jump in. That's what I do and I win all the time.
All the best

Sent from my iPhone"

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Same as everyone who reviewed here: that Katy.....
Before I decided to join, I paused and searched online, and found a lot of users had encountered the same scenario. Glad that I searched first and thanks to SITEJABBER!

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Same thing with Katy. Email was Katy Taylor <>

Hello Someone just purched this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from.
I just got 4 of these from here and I resold them for some extra money.
The trick is to watch for bidding to slow down and then jump in. That's what I do and I win all the time.

All the best

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Got duped by this Scam while searching for a Washer Dryer set on Craigslist. Upon inquiry, this is what I received from Katy Taylor (

"Hey Someone just bought this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from.
I just got 4 of these from here and I resold them for some extra money.
The trick is to watch for bidding to slow down and then jump in. That's what I do and I win all the time.

All the best

Upon "signing up," my credit card was charged $49.00 for bids. I never approved a purchase, but was charged after entering credit card information which was led to make the customer believe it was for a "on-file" purpose.

Here is my question: Has anyone attempted to dispute this charge with their credit card company? I think I am going to attempt that. Just curious if anyone else had and what the results were?

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SCAM SITE! BEWARE! craigslist had a grill for sale. i emailed the seller. she (katie) said that it was sold, but that she had bought a few of them on bidcactus and she buys stuff on there all the time and sells stuff and makes a profit all the time. i trused that and checked into the site. just signing up, i didn't realize i was buying bid packages or something of that nature. low and behold, i have a $79 credit card bill for nothing. bidcactus has a phone number, but try calling ---- surprise surpries! disconnected! i went back to the craigslist person. told her what happened, and told her/him i would be filing a law suit against them unless they could prove they were legit. never heard from her/him.
LETS ALL complain to craigslist. CLASS ACTION SUIT - ANYBODY A LAWYER? I like to see the owners of that company do some time!!!!

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I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in myself for not reviewing this site. I had the exact same experience with a seller of a MACBOOK Pro on Craigslist... when I "emailed them" to inquire about the laptop, they wrote back telling me they had sold it to someone already (even though their ad stated "if this ad is still up, it's still available"... This is what they said in their email response to me.

" Hello Someone just bought this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from. I just bought 3 of these from and I resold them for some extra money. The trick is to watch for bidding to slow down and then jump in. That's what I do and I win most of the time."

Well, I went to the website which REDIRECTED ME to, I bought 79$ worth of bids.... and jumped in and started to observe what was going on. I also CALLED BIDCACTUS since I was confused about a couple of things (most importantly I wanted to know at what value had I purchased each bid?) I started noticing the exact things that have already been mentioned! Same bidders winning...AND the winning bidders would bid on other products at the beginning of the bid with 60 minutes left?? How stupid is that! That raised a red flag. I then bid in succession against other bidders back-to-back-to-back-to-back and it seems as there are several with automated bidding going on. Now I know I've been scammed. I am SO LIVID right now! I went on this site to look for a laptop for my son's birthday at a decent price. I spent part of his birthday gift money (79$) and feel completely "taken".

Here's the good news. I am not going to let anyone false advertise and do something that is seemingly scandalous, considering the number of people who have posted similar experiences. I am going to contact an attorney who handles internet scams with and since I have the person's email address (and it's attached to an IP address) I will pursue finding who's behind that IP address.... and go from there.

THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM and I urge anyone even considering doing this to not "play" this "game". And, by the way - for those of you who claim this is like gambling? not. I am a gambler who knows what she's getting into - when I win, I WIN. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS that people haven't received their items. I welcome anyone who wants to join me in a major complaint to the FCC for false advertising.

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I felt ripped off and cheated by They put fake ads on craigslist to trick you to go to their site. After spending thousands on their site, all items I won such as iPad, iPhone, etc. I never received them.

I called Customer Support and emailed them many times and all they said was sorry for the delay but they don't know when they will ship the won items out. After so many times, they still don't know. Major Scam.

I will report them to BBB, the media, Washington DC, General Attorney and Craigslist.

Please stay away from this website and spread the words so less people get scammed. As you read online, thousands of people are scammed by

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That's for real a scam. I was looking for an iphone 4 on craigslist then I found that good deal. The guy had 2 iphones for a great price, phones look like new on the pictures. I emailed him and asked where they are in Queens, NY and if they still have those phones. Couple of minutes later I got an email saying that someone just bought them... but they can tell me where I can get one and how to win the bidding on I wanted to test them and I replayed to their email by asking them if that someone had bought the two refrigerators and why aomeone needs two refrigerators for. Remember the announce was about iphone4. I never got an answer after that. That automated email system sends only one email to the same email address. If you email them back, no response. Tried to email them from an other email account with a message that has nothing to do with a purchase and surprise, I got for answer the same email I received earlier about someone just bought them from me...blah blah

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I tried to buy a refrigerator from Craigslist, the seller emailed me and said it has been sold, but that I could buy a similar item for cheaper at bidcactus. I'm so glad i reviewed the rating and wasn"t scamed. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!!!!

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answered craigslist ad, they told me it was sold and referred me to bidcactus, which looked super shady so i looked it up and am glad i did.

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We were looking for Washer/Dryer on local Craigslist and this too-good-to-be-true listing showed up. Brand new looking, front loading, stainless steel silver.
Lister said he was moving to IN (from Florida) and the new place came with washer and dryer.
My husband E-mailed and got some reply back that someone had already bought them, and that he got them from for cheap and re-sold them for extra money.
It sounded fishy - why give up your way of earning money? I see that I'm not the only one experiencing this. This is just a big scam, folks!

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Same response as quoted by many..."Hi Someone just bought this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from. I just got 4 of these from here..."

Stay away, very far away...

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DON'T BE SCAMMED!!! Thank you for all of these reviews...

I tried to buy a Blackberry Q10 from Craiglist, the seller answered me FROM A DIFFERENT email address: "Hey A guy just purched this from me, but I can tell you where I got it from. I just got 4 of these from here and I resold them for some extra money...", and told me a trick to win the auction. When I replied to the person just to say thanks, I received a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)", so I resent the thanks message to the original email address I reached them the first time. The seller responded me with exactly the same text from a THIRD DIFFERENT email address. That is what made me dig in Internet about this scam site.

While I was investigating, I start registering at They asked me for my preferred way of payment in order to complete the 3 steps to registration, and fortunately I chose Paypal, that disclosed me the hidden transaction for US$75 plus shipping and handling charges.


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Answered an advertisement in our local Craigslist. Finally got a reply via email that their email address was no longer in service, try this other email address (fishy??). So I sent the email inquiry to the other email address and got a reply that the item was sold already but that I should go to to buy iPad Minis because that is where they got their items. Claimed they bought them on and then re-sold them on Craigslist.

First, why would anyone who is selling on Craigslist tell potential buyers that they should go to a website to buy product at a lower price and make money like they do?? Smells like scam!

Second, the web address retailcactus re-directs you to website. Why not just put in the actual web address? Smells like scam! Probably the characters '' have been prohibited by Craigslist.

Third, come here and read the reviews and know there is a scam going on

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this is complete bull$#*! look at this the bidding history shows one of there bots bid over 1000 times when it's $0.75 q bid this guy must be crazy dont waste your money after some time I noticed the same people were almost bidding and always winning although they make it really easy to win bid packages which you have to pay like $5 for a $0.2 bid package you won wasted $5 on this $#*! and it's been a week since the retarded coupon I won wasn't shown up...

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Bidcatus uses fake Craigslist ads to lure happened to me, and several others that I saw on Google. I tried to buy a refrigerator from Craigslist, the seller emailed me and said it has been sold, but that I could buy a similar item for cheaper at bidcactus. I wne to the bidcactus site, and tried to register... but they asked me for a credit card in order to complete the 3 steps to registration. I inadvertently gave out my credit card info, HUGE MISTAKE, bec bidcactus charged me $79 as soon as I finished registering! I did not even know that I purchased anything! I right away felt and knew that this was a scam! I googled bidcactus and confirmed my hunch. This place is EVIL, stay away from it.

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Since I used this site back in October of 1012, I still have not received my knives. I have talked to Nick, Kip and some bit-- that claimed she owns the company. Today I got fed up and told them to just keep my money. How could you go to work and scam people day after day and really, I mean really do you feel good about yourself. I won some gift cards being a newby, and they arrived months later. The cards and knives were for Christmas presents, never to be seen before that date. I am a cancer patient and this seemed to be a good way to get my gifts, as I do not drive. SCAM...SCAM...SCAM....and yes I do recognize the same bidders winning more than they should, and spending WAY more than they should. If I would have done my due diligence, I would not be in this situation. Hopefully this will help some of you that read this to...STAY AWAY!!!!

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This website and the people from it are inspired by Bernard maddooof.I am so lucky and happy that I did my research before signing up . My friends stay away s a sheme

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A def 3 if you have the balls to bid over what an item is worth if you dont do not use this site you will lose your loot

1 review
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It is surely a fake since I saw two fake users (system users) bidding $100 AMEX gift card with more than 500 bids @ 75 cents per bid. I will even name the users vitar and rollthedice. I think after reading this post they will remove this two users and use brand new names because it won't take long for the users to figure out that they are bidding against fake users.

1 review
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I should have read reviews about this site before buying any bids , but now I want to make sure to warn anybody who even thinks of participating in those "penny auctions".
For the record, I have a very high speed internet with Fios, have had the service for more than 2 years , never had any problems with it "freezing:" on me.
I went and bid on an iphone 5 on Saturday February 16th, 2013. I waited for the last 10 seconds to start bidding. I sat there for 3 hours bidding, NOT using the autobidder, so I was in control of the bid, not some stupid autobidder.
Throughout the whole bid , the screen would freeze on let's say 10 seconds, then the next thing u know, it's 3 seconds. I was determined on getting that phone simce I had already put in around $300, out of the bloom, while the bid was on 28 seconds, in a fraction of a second, it said"going" then "gone".
I contacted customer service, she said :"nop, I checked it and the bid went down all the way to 0 seconds." and then she said: "you must a have had a frozen screen". Listen to that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a fast internet, a 3 months old Acer laptop, and according to her, my screen must have frozen (which was happening frequently during the bid, around 40 times)
Another thing to mention, the bidder who won the bid had put in what was worth $500!!!!!!!! plus the item's cost which was around $24 PLUS shipping and handling, I mean seriously is it worth it????????????
I watched bidder on other items, and here's the suspicious part: A BIDDER PLACED 1200 BIDS ON AN ITEM(every bid is 0.75 cents) TO GET AN IPAD 2 VALUED @ $399.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I mean he's either a very low IQ person, or there's some foul play right there, dahhhhhhhhh!
Anyways, it's a shame companies like BidCactus are licensed, and operating protected by law. Those bluffers are making tons of money out of people, totally protected by law, and in aword, SCREWING people UP!
If you are not totally convinced, be my guest and try it!

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This company is a scam.

Simply put $99 bid pack buys you 270 bids. That is 2.7 bids for $1 or 37cents a bid. Items such as a $100 amex card on bid cactus goes for $20 (100 one cent bids * 20 = 2000 bids. 2000 bids * .37 cents a bid is = $740). So in effect all the bidders combined are paying 7.5 times the price of the item being bid on!

To add to this they will charge you shipping for the product. The shipping is usually 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase (I suspect that they use the cash flow to buy the product at market rate and send it to you). In my case they are 4 weeks past the shipping date and I still dont have my gift cards! Stay away from this company. You never know if there are robot bidders jacking up the price

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My website has been infected with a virus of some kind that inserted a link from one of my words on my home page, that advertises bidcactus.

People don't hijack other people's sites to do this for fun. Bidcactus, be ashamed - your role in this scam is damaging our freedom of the web. Please bugger off.

For the readers of this review, please don't reinforce that crap!

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I have a proof that bidcactus is a scam. I noticed that mostly items such as Pizza Hut $10 card has an automated user setup with recurring bid counter. I placed about 40 bids on a $10 card that still had few hours to end. Can you imagine someone that will put 50+ bids counter in advance on a $10 card that is still to end in few hours. This practice was same for the other gift cards as well. Atleast one user is a system user in most of their auctions and you can literally never beat it because your bids are numbered. Good question is that why I used so many bids on one item and the answer is that I got those bids for free and wanted to test the bidcactus reality. I can swear that it is a SCAM, SCAM and only SCAM.

1 review
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The whole deal with this site is a total rip off. It should be shut down!
Too many people bidding on almost nothing with just about no chance of winning anything.

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