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1 review
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As people stated.... they make you think they have the item in stock, says it will ship out in a couple of days.... They make you call them to confirm the order so they can try to sell you other items.... then they do not ship the item.... I guess because you didn't buy anything else that they could make money on....

1 review
1 helpful vote

These guys are professional scam artists. I placed an order in Sept for a $335 Canon Powershot. A week after expected delivery, I called them to check on tracking. They said it hadn't been shipped yet. I cancelled the order. They billed my card and never sent the camera.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and the company responded to them saying my refund would be processed in 10 days. It's almost January and no refund. I have made a complaint to the NY Attorney General's office and they are investigating.

They continually put me in a phone loop that disconnected after 20 minutes whenever I tried to phone Primotronix. They never responded to any emails. These guys are CROOKS!

1 review
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This company stole $849 from me. I ordered a camera from them and was told that it had arrived. After several days I contacted them and was told that it was held up in customs and I would receive a full refund. After ten days I sent a complaint to the Attorney General. They are NOT a company but a front for a deceptive sales practices. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!! I tried to call them again and was told that the company was no longer in business and they had bought the domain. Sounded like the same man I talked with the four previous times.

1 review
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11/07 The 800# for Primotronix is no longer working, when I called the new number listed on the www site I was informed that they had just purchased the www site and that I needed to contact my credit card company for a refund!!

09/11 Ordered a camera from Primotronix.
09/16 the charge hit my credit card
09/18 I was informed that the camera was shipped the previous day
09/23 they could not provide a tracking #
09/24 Steve told me that it was shipped from overseas and they could not provide a FedEx tracking # until it lands in the US sometime next week.
09/30 Steve told me that it should be arriving next week
10/07 Reggie informs me that their distributor was unable to ship it, and they would refund my $$ within 7 days
10/17 refund still has not arrived, Jeffrey informs me that it takes 7-10 dyas for the refund to process
10/23 Refund still has not arrived, Jeffrey informs me that they processed the refund on 10/18 (11 days AFTER I was told I would have my $$ back in 7 days)
Jeffrey also informed me that they didn't refund my money for eleven days after the order was canceled because the credit card companies allow them to wait 30 days.

DO NOT give these liars your money or credit card information!

1 review
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Primotronix has low prices, but don't order from them if you don't want to lose your money and get nothing in return. They informed me that an item would be shipped in the next 24-72 hours, then for 7 weeks I did not receive it, nor did I receive any shipping or tracking information. I made many calls and received many conflicting explanations from them. Finally after that time had expired they informed me that their overseas partner had shipped the item incorrectly, and they agreed to issue me a full refund on September 9. Over two weeks later, I had received no refund, and was compelled to follow up with the Better Business Bureau. They promised to issue a refund within 2 weeks, but did not do so. I called them and filed a *second* complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they promised for a third time to issue a refund. It is now November 3 and they still have not issued a refund, holding my $800 hostage for over 3 months - it is increasingly evident that I will not recover my money unless I take them to court.

Primotronix provides support by phone, not by email or chat, their support hours are extremely limited (11am-5pm, Mon-Thu), and on one occasion I was on hold for over an hour. They were closed two of four Thursdays in September, further limiting their hours. They made me promises several times about providing shipping information by email and then never did. For about 3 weeks they claimed everything was proceeding normally. After that, they gave me contradictory messages about what was going on, ranging from a backorder (which they later denied) to a direct shipment from Japan (which I never authorized - I requested 7-10 day domestic shipping during checkout). After 5 weeks, they gave me a delivery date of September 5th, but the item never arrived.

They are extremely sensitive about negative reviews, once becoming angry with me about this one, and tried to bribe me with a 3-year warranty to change it. Later on, upon issuing me a refund, they said they would "make sure I was not charged a restocking fee" and that my refund would be "processed quickly" if I posted a "favorable review." I stick to my guns, and sure enough, months later, I have no refund. This is blackmail! This sinister manipulation of their online reputation makes me wonder how many other negative reviews they've made disappear.

Primotronix goes far beyond mere incompetence: they are untrustworthy, deeply immoral and manipulative, and quite possibly criminal. Forget you ever saw them.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Canceled order after problems with company shipping promptly. One problem - it is 3 weeks later and my credit card account has still not been re-credited for the charge. This company is a sham and stay away at all costs. Horrible people.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If you ordered from primotronix I would advise cancelling the order. If they already have "processed" the order then don't bother waiting for your package it probably won't come or will have the wrong stuff. File for fraudulent charges with your card company. That is what I did and I have my money back and I'm much happier for it. From what I've read and seen no one has gotten what they ordered from here."Customer service" will keep you on hold until you give up.

1 review
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Awful experience!
After ordering I got a call from a very rude person trying to sell me an upgraded batter for much more than I could buy them elsewhere and used strong are sales tactics, even being argumentative. Order hadn't shipped after 12 days, but I was charged right away. Tried to contact CS, but nobody answers the phone. Tried an email, no luck there either. I called my bank to reverse the charges.

Yucky company

1 review
2 helpful votes

"I made the mistake of ordering a camera. They never completed the sale or did anything. They appear to have went on vacation, and upon return still did nothing. I called several times. I was always put on hold, and no one ever answered. I tried calling sales, who did a quick dump to customer service, who of course never answered. I have closed my credit card account, to block them. I would avoid at all cost.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Definite bait and switch! Item I ordered stated in stock. Received completely different item. They did pay for the return. BUT have yet to receive a refund!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Stay away at all costs! This company uses the bait and switch con to lure in customers and upsell them with cheap, overpriced, generic merchandise. If you order with them, you have to cancel as soon as possible and NEVER say you changed your mind because of an online review. They will likely lose their temper and hang up immediately, never to be heared from again. They flag your phone number so your call won't go through and sometimes just pick up the phone and blatantly drop it back down to avoid unhappy customers. Their merchandise, if they do end up sending your order, will almost certainly be refurbished, and then they can get a cash in with your restocking fee. It makes me sick how these businesses can thrive in deception and dishonesty. Never order with Primotronix unless you want to be haggled and upsold by a group if rowdy sleaze bags that will not hesitate to lie to get their way. I have even heard of them threatening customers into making 5 star reviews for "discounts." Stay as far away as you can. This company should be shut down and destroyed for what they did and continue to do to their customers. THEY LIE ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE IN STOCK AND MAKE FAKE SALE DATES (to try and justify the low prices). STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

WARNING, BUYER BEWARE!!! I normally research a company BEFORE I place an order, however today, after my Sony DSC-HX200 was removed from my Amazon cart due to non-availability, I felt a sense of urgency to order the camera from the lowest advertised online retailer. SHAME ON ME!!! After reading all of the negative reviews I Immediately sent them an email requesting that my order be cancelled. I received a phone call from them asking why I wanted to cancel my order. I was honest and told them it was because of the CRAPPY REVIEWS. I was threatened with a 15% restocking fee, which I told them would be disputed. I received another call offering to reduce my total order by $50. I said NO!! After restating to the rep my reason for cancelling, he told me that "I was confused and asked that I call back when I had a reason for cancelling and hung up on me while I was still talking. I then sent them another (not so nice) email. Within about 30 minutes I checked my credit card online activity. I noticed that they credited the full amount of the charge. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK THE TIME TO POSTED THEIR REVIEWS!!! I CAN VALIDATE THAT THIS COMPANY IS BAAAD TO THE BONE.

1 review
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I had to get my money back through the credit card company and had to change my card number! And I am not the only one who had to do that. Their strong suit is fraudulent, deceptive practices and theft. They specialize in bad customer service, hang-ups, upselling, and lying to you! They fraudulently use deceptive practices by saying and listing it is a Sony battery you are buying and send you a cheap knockoff! Go to Better Business Bureau and check out their "F" rating for both sites. Also, don't just look at the good reviews customers left. Look at the bad reviews on several other review sites too.

I ordered the Sony HDR-CX580V Camcorder for $555.00 and decided to also buy an extra Sony BP-FV50 Long life battery for $40.00, which they offered a free battery charger with the purchase. After the purchase, there was no update for two weeks. So I called them and it turns out they do not send their products until you call them and have them try to upsell you on your purchase. After I repeatedly refused and told him to send my items, he said some rude stuff to me and hung up. That is when I should have cancelled everything.

Almost a month later, I finally get my camcorder and they gave me their expensive $129.00 NON-SONY BRAND BP-FV100 battery! This battery is a crappy generic of a generic! I called them so I could cancel my battery order and return their wrong battery they sent me, and they didn't want it back! After getting customer service on the phone, which is a task in itself, the guy tells me I can't cancel the battery order because that it was a package deal and I said "No, I ordered it separately! Cancel my order for the battery, and tell me how to send back your wrong battery you sent me." He then changes his story and says "you got the upgrade on the battery because on our website it says you order a battery and you get a free upgrade on it." That is a lie. If that was true, then why the triple upgrade instead of just up to the BP-FV70 ($69.00) battery? So I told him "when I ordered the battery, it stated I would get an "external charger for free!" which I never got! Then he starts talking angry with me and then HANGS UP ON ME! Repeated attempts to talk to them went unanswered.

So, they stole from me the external charger, did not give me the right battery and refuse to give me what I ordered! Lies tally: lies about Sony brand, package deal lie, and upgrade lie. Theft tally: my Sony brand originally ordered battery, my external charger, and $40.00 cost of the battery. STAY AWAY from PRIMOTRONIX and BESTPRICEPHOTO!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Took 10 days to get but i finally got my canon t3i today and loving it

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ended up making a mistake and calling them and ended up making one my largest retail mistakes of my life. Granted in the grand scheme it wasn't a ton of money but I probably got talked into spending $300 more than if I would have just stuck with who I usually buy my electronics from.

Basically my mistake was I wasn't sitting at a desk truly doing the math of what the seller's "package deal" was promising when I was on the phone with them but when I got the equipment and did the breakdown ugghhh(not by the Invoice, it had no breakdown they just stuck a a single price for all the equipment...didn't break down of any pieces/per price). So I got stuck with a set of lens filters that I could buy elsewhere for $11 they charged $69. And then they OUT RIGHT LIED about the battery life of the OEM provided battery so I got an extra battery that I believe they charged me $125 for probably worth $20. Then they had a "warranty" special: Which turned out to be untrue also. And the list continues...After receiving everything I almost returned it all to notice the have a 20% restocking fee. Well That pretty much negates me worrying about how much extra I paid. So at the end of the day I chocked it up as a learning need one of those every once in a while.

I don't know how they are with just ordering off their website, but I recommend if you feel you need to call just go else where. (I was wondering why they had 2 exact products that were $150 differently priced)

5 reviews
10 helpful votes

I always wanted to access a website that sells a very huge variety of tech gadgets. These included computers, projectors, and laptops, GPS, home theater system and all other tech-y items we are always reading about online.
I am thrilled to have found about this very good company named as Primotronix. At first I was hesitant to visit its website but then I gave it a go. I was amazed at the diversity of the goods that they have now. The low prices are also worth looking at. I am always saving a lot of money every time I visit this site they have.

2 reviews
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Upsell scam. They sell an extended life battery for 100 bucks, but deliver a cheap battery worth practically nothing. Never did invoice the battery. Do not do business with these scam artists. Fraudulent business. See other reviews.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I wouldn't even give them a half a star!!! I ordered a camera, the Fuji Fine Pix hs30 from Primotronix, which is who I originally ordered this product through, on May 11, 2013. I tried contacting them several times via phone. After waiting on hold for several minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes, and being transferred several times I was told many stories, my product was shipped and I will receive it, I was given many different dates of when I would receive my product. I paid for the 3-5 day shipping, they told me they would refund the amount I paid for that and I never received that refund. After about two weeks of calling I finally got a hold of someone and was told that the product was actually never shipped and is on back order. They gave me the option of waiting for the product or getting a refund. I asked for the refund as I was being lied to for 2 weeks. They told me it takes 7-10 days to get the refund. I asked for an email verification stating that I will get a refund and I never received it. I then called the AJRICHIES number from my account statement which is who took the money from my card and they told me that they saw that there was a refund issued and that I will receive my refund no later than June 7, 2013. On June 10, 2013 I called Primotronix several times and when I finally got through to someone I was told that they would transfer me and I was hung up on. I called the AJRICHIES company and they told me the money would be refunded but could not give me a date. I told them they were the ones who originally gave me a refund date and asked why they could not give me a date now. They said I had to contact Primotronix. I told them I was trying all day and I was hung up on several times and was unable to talk with anyone. They told me they would call them. When the representative got back on the phone with me he said the company can take 10-14 business days to refund the money and that my cancellation date was May 29, 2013 so I needed to wait another week. I cancelled my purchase days before May 29, 2013 but have no way to prove it as I never received a confirmation email stating that I cancelled my purchase. After some research online I found that several people have had the same experience as me. I eventually called my card company and claimed fraud on this company in order to get my money back. Now my card company is going after both of these companies and I no longer have to worry about spending all my time and minutes trying to get a hold of someone.

3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Use this company at your own risk. You are now being warned.

Feb 24th-
I purchased a Canon 7D $869 with free shipping of 7-9 business days on the website on the night of February 24th. I received a confirmation email of my order the same evening an hour later.

Feb 25th-
The next day, Monday the 25th I called a "Customer service rep" to verify my order and shipping address. Rep was terrible rude and very curt when I asked questions regarding the product. He was very short with his answers and gave the impression that only unless I asked the most direct and specific of questions would I get a correct and honest answer. I was told that the order would take 24-72 hours to process.

Wednesday Feb 27th-
I called on back on Wednesday because my credit card was still not billed and spoke to the same rep. Once again the rep seemed quite put off that I dare call back and ask why my credit card was still not billed since 72 hours had passed ( 25,26, 27). With a huge attitude and a lot of sighs the rep said that "processing time started from the moment the order was confirmed.. and for me it was when I called in on the 25th.."therefore your oder will ship on Thursday or Friday at the latest." I then asked the rep if the camera was in fact in stock as the website stated. He said that yes... in fact the camera was "in stock" and my "card will be processed with in 24-72 hours" . the whole time he seemed to be trying to rush me off the phone as quickly as he could.

Friday March 1-
I call them back on Friday (today) March 1st at 1:00 EST because my credit card still has not been billed therefore the camera still has not been shipped. Somehow without even asking any question about my order.. and a 25min wait.. i get the same rep for the 3rd time.. all without knowing who the caller was. that was quite shocking. I could see if they pulled my information up and then transferred me to the same sells rep.. but that never happened. Quite strange.. like the whole site has 1 rep even working for them.

I told him that I was concerned that my card still had not been billed and in fact he himself told me on Wednesday that it would be billed to my card and shipped by yesterday (Thursday the 28th).. and I also spoke to him on Monday the 25th and he also said the order would be processed within 24-72 hours. The rep says that he never spoke to me on Monday.. there was no record of me calling on Monday to verify the order and in fact the 24-72 hours processing time started not on Monday the 25th when I called but from Wednesday (when I called my second time).. there fore my order would ship on Monday. I asked him why is there a new 24-72 from wednesday the 27 when I called on Monday the 25th. I asked him..."why does the processing time keep moving around?" He said " it didnt move.. Our records show you called on Wednesday the 27.. so it will process on Monday March 4th.. then be delivered 7-9 business days.
He said " i"ll Just cancel your order if you dont like it...Sir" I then asked to be transferred to a manager or a supervisor.

After a 20 min hold.. another person came on.

This new "customer service rep" says that there was only a record of me calling in on the 26th Tuesday( in fact i called on the 25th and not the 26th and the other rep said I called in on the 28th) I called him out on this gross discrepancy.. and stated what I did.. what the rep said and now what he is saying did not match.. and then asked him why is this? He said " Sir.. what do you want me to do about it? We would love to bill your card.. but we cant bill your card until the item ships" I said.." i want you to process the order within your 24-27 hours timeframe and deliver the item as your website states. I would like my card to be billed today and ship today.. your website says that the camera is in stock? Is it in stock or is that another lie?" He said.. it is in stock..IN CHINA" I said "In China".. your based in the US and in stock means in your company not in stock in the company that you are buying it from.. this is ridiculous. He then said " Sir.. you are getting free shipping.. if you wanted it faster you can pay for it" I then said " free shipping is fine and understandable.. 7-9 days... but that doesn't and shouldn't include your processing my card plus in addition to that actual shipping time. He says" when we get it then we will ship it to you in 7-9 business days.. If you want it faster you can pay for the shipping. So I reply.. when will you get it? he said "probably on Monday or early next week.. then 7-9 business days to arrive to you."

So in short.. I ordered on the 24th..confirmed on the 25th.. and now he says I should get the camera when it arrives to them and then shipping will be 7-9 business days. If they get is on March 5th( next monday) and the shipping takes 7-9 business days.. I wouldn't get the camera until March 15th or 20th. The he said " If you don't like it.. You could pay for express shipping..."

I said "cancel my order.. how can i even trust you or your company if your stories keep changing.. and your customer service is rude and terrible and obviously cant do the job in the time stated on your website. "

This was the worst online shopping experience I have experienced.

I canceled my order as a result of the misleading information regarding of the meaning of "In stock" and lack of timely processing of an order claimed to be in stock.

Dont be drawn in by the low prices.. you will pay the price in other ways!!

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