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41 reviews
726 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles,, CA 90038, US
Tel: 866 931-8297

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1 review
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This stuff is crap. None of it is the real product, just fake rip-off. I ordered 10 samples and threw them away. 3 were supposed to be patchouli, they smelled like very heavy sandalwood. I swear one sample smelled like animal urine. Cheap imitations.

1 review
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I ordered close to $100 worth of samples and was shocked to get the highly diluted samples ( watered down) and they don't let me submit the review for my orders.

J S.
1 review
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So I ordered a few samples from this company earlier in the week and I smelled them all. Some I could already tell I wouldn't like. I separated the ones that I liked and I've been wearing one each day to see how I actually like it to determine which ones I wanted to purchase a bottle of as the bottles are expensive. Creed Aventus was one of the samples I ordered and Creed was the only name I recognized. A few months ago I ordered samples from Amazon and I thought I ordered a different Creed cologne but it was the same as the one I got from LuckyScent. When I realized I had ordered the same one I sprayed one on each wrist....they smelled different. The one from Amazon came in the little booklet with information about the cologne...looked legit. The one from LuckyScent did not but they both were in the same type of spray sample tube with the name on it....but they didn't smell the same. how do I know I'm getting the real thing? If I buy a cologne because I liked the sample I'm not sure if the actual bottle will smell like the sample that I like.

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
Thanks for your comment, I can verify our products and samples are authentic, and purchased from either the brand directly or the approved distributer. As for Creed, two things: our samples are ordered and restocked on a weekly basis, so we can't speak to the origin or freshness of the sample you purchased on Amazon. Also, Creed is notorious for having A) counterfeit products and B) batch inconsistencies with Aventus. (There is plenty of knowledge on both these topics online you can learn about. Let me know if you have any other questions, and always know you can email us direct for any concerns, or product recommendations. -FW
8 reviews
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Recently I got a sample from Lucky Scent that I may send back directly to perfumer. I am suspicious that it was watered down. I don't like all the samples I choose but that isn't there fault. I like the website, that there is a review system. Unfortunately although they have quick shipping, they don't have immediate posting of reviews. I wrote a review and maybe because it was two stars it didn't get posted. I have been buying from them for around 10 years. Some of the samples lately are quite expensive and I should be able to leave an honest review. I don't recall them ever having a store wide sale. Or a coupon code. Or in-scentives of any kind like a free sample draw. I would probably jump ship and order elsewhere because there is a lack of generosity in their business model. Something personal is missing. I hope it isn't the perfume. Will update after I've investigated.

Addendum, since I posted this I found the five star review for the perfume oil I left a review for that they didn't post GONE!! One of the reasons I even trusted and bought this rare perfume oil at almost 60 dollars for a tiny sample was that 5 star review. I studied it and took stock in it and now within 24 hours that I've written to them about the review I left not being posted, that 5 star review is not there. I never thought to take a screen shot or copy and paste it. Really disappointed with Lucky Scent. Maybe they aren't quite as honest as I have thought for the last decade(:

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
Thank you for your review and insight. We do offer promotions from time to time - free shipping offers every month, to more limited sitewide specials (usually a couple times a year) and selected specials as well. In fact we update our Specials page regularly:

If you were unhappy with your perfume sample purchase, you can always email us (or call!) and give us an idea on what kind of fragrance you are seeking and we're happy to help guide you. I'm not sure what happened to your review but if you want me to look into it further I'll need you to contact us with more details.

Thank you.
1 review
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Do NOT shop with this company. I purchased a perfume from them which ended up being fake. Called the company right away and the rep on the line told me they cannot guarantee authenticity on their items. I was sent a return label and sent the package back the next day. Over a week, and still no refund. Customer support is also not eager to solve the issue.
I have read many reviews about this company and wish I listened to the reviews. This company is a fraud!

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
Hi Olga,
I'd like to comment by stating that we do not sell "fake perfume" nor is our company a "Fraud". If there is any dispute or issue you have you can direct it towards me, especially if there is any question as to authenticity. We are the authorized retailer for EVERY brand we sell.
1 review
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I bought a sample of I Don't Know What after seeing a rave in a national magazine. I'm glad that the sample is tiny and will be discarding it. Last summer, our dog was sprayed by a skunk and the odor of this sample is a lot like what he smelled like. I sprayed just a little on my arm and had to wash it off immediately. Maybe the sample was rancid, but it has put me off from ordering any perfume online in the future.

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
I'm sorry you did not enjoy the sample. We sell hundreds of perfumes, all different styles and scents. We are always happy to help make a recommendations, via email or just give us a call! We make our samples by hand, from the product we purchase direct from the perfumer and/or distributer, so that customers have the ability to try as many samples as they wish. We want you to purchase a full bottle knowing you'll love your next perfume!
1 review
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Purchased a bottle of this perfume from lucky scent after I saw raves about it in a people mAgazine. $100+ for a small vial with a rollerball on top of oil. I only had it for a little over a month and went to use it and realized it was dumping on my wrist and that the rollerball was gone. I contacted luckyscent about it and they said they would contact Loree rodkin and see what they would do about it. I didn't purchase it from Rodkin...I purchased it form Luckyscent. But i waited and heard NOTHING. So I contacted Loree Rodkin who immediatly replaced my bottle with a new bottle of perfume. When it came I notice this bottle of oil was twice as dark as the stuff I got from luckyscent and smelled different and lasted 3 times as long as the stuff from luckyscent. I am guessing that what I got from luckyscent was either fake or had been watered down somehow(could explain why rollerball was loose and fell out) but customer service sucks and I would never buy another thing from them. i sent a photo to Loree Rodkin also...I hope they pull their product from them. Beware if you purchase anything from them!!

1 review
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Wow, the negative reviews here are utterly ridiculous! Really? Blaming the company when USPS loses your package or when you don't like the scent of the samples you ordered? I've made several orders from Lucky Scent over the past few years, and I couldn't be more pleased. They always ship same or next business day, the products are perfect, and they have excellent customer service. Of course the samples are decanted- it specifically says so on their website! Many of these niche perfumes are made in small batches, and they don't produce commercial samples to give out to customers. Yes, I haven't always liked the samples I ordered, but that's why you spend a few bucks and get samples. Sheesh, these aren't Calvin Klein or Britney Spears perfumes. Anyway, one of my packages was lost in the mail- clearly USPS's fault, by the way, as Lucky Scent always ships with a tracking number- and Lucky Scent customer service immediately replaced the package for me. I've ordered a couple full-size bottles from them as well. They are one of the best niche perfume retailers in the US, if not the best.

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
Thank you for taking the time to write your review, and for your continued loyalty!
1 review
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BUYERS BEWARE... i wanted to try a lot of various scents so i purchased about 30 samples and they all are rancid.. several of them almost made me vomit.. waste of money. read the reviews and ordered them anyway.. omg all the Tom Ford stink..not a one smelled decent.. Beware. dont waste your money..

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
I'd like to comment by stating that we don't sell rancid perfumes, in fact we make all of our samples from the product we purchase (direct from the perfume house and/or distributer). It's unfortunate you didn't like any of the Tom Ford fragrances, as his collection is always popular and he has created some beautiful perfumes.

If you're after a perfume and need any advice or suggestions we're always here to help, just call or email.

Thank you.
1 review
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I normally order my scents from a place here in Georgia. But decided to go with LuckyScent, since they had somewhat of a larger selection. However, big mistake! it seems as though the bigger you are the quality of service has a way of diminishing. Not in all places, but in my case I was Unlucky, when I didn't receive my shipment.

I called and spoke with someone over the phone who stated that," It was lost in shipping." You all know that go to when your product hasn't actually been shipped at all. But anyway she tells me that she can have another shipment sent to me. Really???? I mean I want to wait another 2 weeks to receive a product, that I can most definitely order from somewhere else and get it in less than a week with no problems. Not to mention she didn't even offer any concessions for the inconvenience.

Well, I wanted to be fair with my review, although I should probably, wait until my money is refunded because there is no telling how long it will take. Man!! I really, liked the companies layout, but I can't deal with bad customer service.

Tip for consumers: Keep checking with the company to make sure that the product has actually been shipped.

1 review
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Never order from this company!!! I ordered 2 samples and was sent - 2 tiny glass bottles -NOT FROM THE PERFUME COMPANY. Luckyscent poured some rancid scent into the bottles and stuck their computer printed label. I only spent $18.00 , but I hate the fact I was ripped off. BEWARE - You may not get what you pay for!

Response from franco w., LuckyScent Representative
I'd like to comment by stating that we don't sell rancid perfumes, in fact we make all of our samples from the product we purchase (direct from the perfume house and/or distributer). We offer our perfume sampling program as a service to customers that enjoy the idea of sampling a small amount of fragrance before committing to a full bottle. This is our way for you to try as many different styles of scents with the ultimate goal of helping you find your next great perfume that you'll love.

If you're after a perfume and need any advice or suggestions we're always here to help, just call or email.

Thank you.
1 review
2 helpful votes

prices are list prices. no discounts what's so ever, except their monthly specials. they are also very stingy on the samples. I ordered several very expensive fragrances and the site showed that I would get 6+ samples. I requested 7 samples, and they sent 6. what's the big deal to add an extra sample that I wanted? also, their samples are ultra small, and it's not a spray sample.

Nancy O.
2 reviews
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I could spend all day going down the list of samples and trying to decide which ones I want to purchase on There are so many choices to choose from. To help you narrow down the search they have a list of the top sellers. I personally love candles and have ordered a couple on this site that are now my favorites of all candles I've ever bought. "The Pink Room. UK" and "Solange" smell absolutely amazing. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to experiment a little bit with fragrances and find what they like best without having to spend a fortune to do so.

Daniel H.
18 reviews
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Frank Y.
6 reviews
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I was on the search for a Holy Grail fragrance that I would want to wear all the time, but now that I have done a lot of research, I think I'm more interested in finding a few different scents to wear at different times of the year. What smells good in the heat of summer here isn't necessarily something I would want to wear when the weather gets cooler. I've only ordered samples from Lucky Scent so far, but I've been pretty happy. I tried Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto. I really liked that one. This time around I ordered samples of Jubilation XXV by Amouage, 1270 and Terre de Sarment both by Frapin, Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules, A la Figue! by Satellite, Musc Maori, L'eau de Circe, and Psychotrope all by Parfumerie Generale. The last three are wild cards, I'm not sure if I will like them at all, but it's fun to sniff something new. Loving this site! I'll be ordering my first full size bottle soon!

Adam C.
5 reviews
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Luckyscent has a large selection of perfumes, some that are difficult to find elsewhere, and many users write nice, detailed reviews of the perfumes, which is very helpful. Also, they sell samples of most of the perfumes they offer. The samples cost $3-$4 a vial, depending on the price of the perfume.

Mary U.
14 reviews
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Lucky Scent is a fantastic website. It's especially helpful for someone buying hard to find perfumes online. The descriptions are scrumptious, it's almost like buying wine. The Top Picks page is a nice place to start in general. Most of the perfumes have reviews which is also very helpful and gives a more practical depiction of the scent. If you fear commitment to a bottle, you can just order samples. I know the types of scent I like and have had very good luck choosing perfumes based on the descriptions and reviews. They also send free samples with orders. It's awesome.

Bob Q.
11 reviews
1 helpful vote

If you love great smelling perfumes, cologne for your man, or you like to burn oil and candles in your home, then this is the website for you. is amazing and has something for everyone. The best part of this website is that you don't have to spend a fortune on a scent and then get it to only find out that you don't like it or it doesn't work with your body chemistry. You can order samples of all the perfumes and fragrance oils for around four dollars each.

Jeff R.
12 reviews
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What a great site! I bought several samples, and thank goodness they were offered. this first round I did not like even one of the scents, but I only spent $12 and am happy it was not more! With the next round of samples, I did find a few scents that I liked and I will keep going back. I do have a few signature scents (if you have more than one is it a signature?) but I do love to try new things, so this site is perfect. Great selection, things I haven't even seen in a store, and samples!

Alex R.
10 reviews
1 helpful vote

I was referred to the LuckyScent site by a friend. I liked it from the very beginning. So first time I went on the site and browsed around I quickly noticed an awesome deal regarding free samples with a purchase of a certain amount. I decided to purchase several candles. I easily found candles I loved. Their candles are excellent quality and quite unique as well. They have all sorts of character inspired candles - such as Benjamin Franklin or Napoleon. I found that the candles I purchased were slow burning which sort of made the price seem less expensive - considering the quality of them. I enjoyed receiving my free samples as well.

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