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ImageShack has a consumer rating of 1.56 stars from 18 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. ImageShack ranks 41st among Photo Sharing sites.

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Top Positive Review

“Probably the best way to quickly upload and share a...”

sky k.

Probably the best way to quickly upload and share a photo or two. No sign ups are required and they support free hot-linking.

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Top Critical Review

“Unauthorized use of Image Shack to take control of my photographs”

john l.

I never signed up for image shack but for some reason the company has incorported dozens of my photographs in their system. Now I can not access these photographs which are precious and about 23 year old and older. I need image shack to release these family photos and remove image shack from my systrem.

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 11th, 2022

I had many images stored in this site, i was a registered member, they couldn't keep them, they just deleted them without even warning me. Don't upload your images here if you want to stored permanently...

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 21st, 2020

I never signed up for image shack but for some reason the company has incorported dozens of my photographs in their system. Now I can not access these photographs which are precious and about 23 year old and older. I need image shack to release these family photos and remove image shack from my systrem.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 19th, 2020

I bought premium, so i could see my images which didnt happen. Customer servie doesn't exist, and honestly im worried that they will take my money anywa, wheter or noth i cancelled my substriction so i have to blok them by my czard provider.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 18th, 2021

Just a simple photo hosting resource, however their customer support is the thing they should work on, everything else is allright

2 reviews
4 helpful votes
July 5th, 2018

I sent their support team a simple question in May. Despite several follow-up attempts and creating a whole new ticket to explain one-sided conversation I've been having, I still have had no contact from them beyond the autoresponder email that assures me a member of their support team is reviewing my ticket.

1 review
10 helpful votes
February 14th, 2018

I'm on a paid premium subscription just so I could retrieve my pictures but I've tried for weeks to get in touch with someone and No one answers!

Shame on you Imageshack, Shame ON YOU!

5 reviews
32 helpful votes
July 6th, 2016

I've used ImageShack as a paying member for years, but images keep disappearing. Sometimes they can retrieve them, sometimes they can't, which really isn't good enough. I used to have their uploader on my website for my members to use, but now they have deleted all free images and every, single one of their images have now gone, leaving ugly pages with missing images, giving my website an unprofessional look. I need a reliable image host but this one doesn't appear to fit the bill.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes
May 8th, 2016

ImageShack is terrible, don't trust them. I used their free service and they changed it without telling me. They deleted all of my 214 pictures and starting charging me even though I emailed them requesting that they close my account. They don't have a phone number and they never return emails. I had to have my credit card company block them from future charges. ImageShack is a scam. Do NOT trust them because they'll rip you off too. Shutterfly and Google photos are free and very good, use them instead.

1 review
6 helpful votes
January 7th, 2018

I've had an account on imageshack for AT LEAST 6 years now. I remember they changed some policies in 2015 where they said anything you uploaded here will be deleted UNLESS you are premium. That was the moment of my defeat. I didn't take it seriously, I mean how can they delete all my images, right?

I was wrong, my images are there, but they are just white blank frames, nothing else. First uploading was free, then they implemented a trial account and after that they started charing 1$/month. Now it's 3$ and I've sent them 7 e-mails for support. I will pay them, If that's what they want, to get back my FRIGGIN MEMORIES. I don't have my old hard drive from 6 years ago, they won't even respond and tell me to at least f$%k off.

If you are in any doubt of whether to go with them: DON'T. I am not lying right now. I am currently on a crusade to bring those $#*!s down. This used to be a great, professional and reliable website. Now, it's just an empty void waiting to be filled with suckers like me who will fall for them.

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 8th, 2017

They promised to recover my items with premium membership 5 months ago. Time to report their lying asses. Oh they dont respond to any customer emails

4 reviews
10 helpful votes
February 12th, 2015

I signed up in 2014 to try Imageshack and recieved one free mont of trial.

The photo-hosting aspect of their service is excellent so when the trial month ended I was quoted $12 for the next year for their Premium service.

Fast forward to January 2015 when I was supposed to renew: I was going to renew about a week early because my credit card info had changed. When I went on the Imageshack website to access my account information, the drop-down menu that usually has the renewal section was not available. I searched and searched with no success. Instead there is a big drop-down cover over my locked account saying that I can renew my Premium account for $36+ for the next year; that's triple my charges for last year! Will next year be $50?

Phone number for customer service? No such thing. I even searched Hoover's business listings, found a phone number for their offices in Los Gatos, California, and called in to find a voicemail-only answer, with no identification that it was truly Imageshack that I had reached. Bogus...

I have emailed their support desk and received only auto-replies that said that my inquiry has been received and that it may take awhile for a personal reply if they are busy. 10 days now and no information. Bogus.

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 21st, 2016

They need a 100 negative stars I have paid ImageShack to restore my photos they took offline to make me pay. I paid and have sent e-mail after email asking the to restore my photos. They are a rip-off steal your treasured photos of loved ones no longer here and won't restore them.

19 reviews
112 helpful votes
July 1st, 2011

I have so many peeves with the 'new' ImageShack. Recently, they've been trying to get people to sign up with their website by making things inconvenient for users unless they're logged in.

Except their log in system is cruddy. It has me log in every single time I visit the site, which wouldn't be a problem, EXCEPT they claim you don't need to log in every visit. There's a "Remember me?" tick box, but it just does not work. Pointless option for a non-existent function they claim to have.

They used to give you the URL to the direct image upon upload, but now you have to be logged in to get it. Except... there are 2 ways around it: 1) Upload multiple images at one time, and it won't ask you to log in, 2) Copy their HTML/Forum codes, remove the coding part, which leaves you with just the link to the image. Nice fail, ImageShack. So, I still don't bother to sign in. And even when I do feel like signing in, I'm reminded of how useless their "Remember me? (NOT)" tick mark is.

Also, their album display is so inconvenient, they could learn something from PhotoBucket. Their search engine is unreliable. Their mass upload function sometimes doesn't work. It'll say it's successfully uploaded, but it'll fail to upload a file or two, so you have to go fishing through to see which files they were, cause it doesn't tell you what failed. I don't know about you, but I don't call that successful!

Oh, one thing they've improved on: They now keep the original name of the file you uploaded. Before they used to convert it into random jibberish so there wouldn't be duplicates (since something like happy. Png would be pretty common, they'd turn it into h8430p47py. Png).

I have stopped using ImageShack on a regular basis. The only time I still use ImageShack is if I feel like uploading something relatively unimportant (perhaps to show someone once, and then never care to see it again).

1 review
5 helpful votes
October 24th, 2016

If you need a image hosting site go to photobucket. Imageshack is not worth the time or effort

1 review
4 helpful votes
August 30th, 2016

I am a loyal paying subscriber to ImageShack. A few months ago I received a message from them that my credit card details were no longer valid. Having received a new card from the bank the expiry date had changed so I duly made the necessary changes and received (automated) confirmation that the changes had been accepted. This was further confirmed with them debiting my credit card for their services. Unfortunately my subscription status has continued to indicate "EXPIRED" and as such I am unable to upload. I have e-mailed their Customer Service four times and also left a voicemail on their phone. 2 weeks on and still no contact from them. My account remains "cancelled". I guess they just don't care and it looks like I'll have to get my credit card provider to block them and I will have to go to one of their competitors. Naturally I shall not be happy about the photos I will lose.

5 reviews
12 helpful votes
February 24th, 2014

I had been an ImageShack user for over 5 years and it was great. No fees, lots of space for uploads, no maximum bandwidth limitations, and I routinely used it in hosting pictures and artwork used in websites I constructed. Then 2 months ago they converted to a "for pay" service. This ended my relationship with ImageShack.

With all the tools that users, not ImageShack employees, built to interface with their service, you would think that good will of its users would have been worth something. Instead they decided to rob their devoted following for as much cash as they could get. With the large number of alternatives out there, this strategy will ultimately relegate them to the same fate as AOL. I would suggest that all the disappointed ImageShack user try postimage.org for their photo hosting needs.

1 review
4 helpful votes
March 2nd, 2014

I have been using it on a fairly small scale for a couple of years, just a few hundred photos. But a number of my photos have disappeared from the site over the last few months, I have tried repeatedly to get on touch but get no response from them, even though I am a paying subscriber.

58 reviews
299 helpful votes
April 13th, 2010

Probably the best way to quickly upload and share a photo or two. No sign ups are required and they support free hot-linking.

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