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8417 Oswego RD, #116
Baldwinsville, NY 13027, USA
Tel: 315-256-0850

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I was an author at gay for more than five years but for personal reasons I sent a politely worded email on 4/10/18 asking how I can remove my profile and stories.

I attempted to log in some time later to discover I'd been banned from accessing the site. I have received no emails in response to my request and I am assuming that my details have now been removed but I don't know this for certain.

I always assumed that complaints about the attitude of the site management were a nonsense, made by disgruntled users. Given my own experience, this is sadly not the case.

There are some very nice people on the site and I shall miss them but I recommend you stay away from the site entirely if this is the way they treat their members.

EB Wilson

Response from Cia N., Gay Authors Representative
To clear up this matter, please refer to this support request posted just last night requesting the removal and our quick response.

Myr - replied
8 hours ago

When an author, especially one with a lot of work on GA removes their stories, it causes a site disruption and a lot of support requests reporting missing stories. Therefore, the system was updated to require that the story details remain in the system even upon unpublishing.

per section 6: ... " Note: Gay Authors reserves the right to maintain the story details in the system with a notification that the story has been removed including the author's reason. This is to reduce site disruption because of a removed story. "

All of your personal data has been scrubbed from your profile and your account disabled.

Sorry to see you go,


Site Admin

Not rated yet

EBWilson created support request
11 hours ago
Dear Sir or Madam,


I wish to cancel my free membership of and delete my profile and all my stories. I believe that I have taken action today to delete my stories off the site but I cannot find any information or instructions on how to delete my account, my profile and my stories in their entirety. I wish to do this for personal reasons. Please advise the process. I have enjoyed being on GayAuthors but regrettably I have to cease activity on your excellent site.

Kind regards,

Edward Wilson
1 review
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I discovered Gayauthors in 2012 and I fell in love with the site right away. Most of the stories are of high quality and it's very easy to search for stories in the story section, that has been improved since I joined GA. Besides the stories there is a great community with blogs, gallery where members post pictures and a forum with games and humor etc. I have made lots of friends all over the World and every time I log in it feels like coming home. If one wants to contact a member of the staff it is very easy to find in the help section.

1 review
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6/3/17 is a site that has two purposes. The first is as a story site for gay and gay-related stories. The second is a gay and gay-related community.

The commercial side is purely in the first part, the story site, but even there, the goal is to have the majority of stories free to all readers. There is a limited set of stories that are only available to paying members, but that's largely presented as an alternative to asking for donations to keep the site running. By paying a small monthly subscription, members can read an expanded set of stories, including a number that were previously free but have now been published commercially.

While there have been a handful of problems with the subscription process after a software update, it generally runs smoothly. I suspect many members purchase a membership more as a way to keep the site running than to access the Premium group of stories. The Premium group of stories are the way the site thanks those members for their help.

The quality of stories ranges from fair to excellent, as you would expect from a free site with user-submitted stories. The site tries to maintain a minimum set of quality, so while there are certainly stories that would never make it commercially, they are all readable. They also impose a small set of content restrictions, though for most stories those constraints don't apply.

The community part of the site is active and vibrant. As can be expected with any sort of diverse online community, there are the occasional cases of friction between members. The moderation team appears to do a good job of keeping that friction to a minimum.

As the site acknowledges that ad revenue is a significant revenue stream, the moderation team is vigilant with ensuring that the site content submitted by the users meets the guidelines specified by their advertisement supplier, Google AdSense. If there's a downside, it would be that they can be overly cautious with what they allow, but since the site is run by volunteers, that's not an unreasonable attitude to take. However, as they also allow members as young as 13 to join the community, they are also very protective of member privacy and do their best to ensure that all content is acceptable to viewed by minors.

Overall, for what the site is -- an online community of diverse individuals, and a collection of largely free stories -- it does an excellent job.

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My initial interest in Gayauthors when I found it several years ago was just to read the stories. As I came to find out it became much more. There are an eclectic group of people there from all over the world and a dynamic forum to interact with them. I feel that I have real friends there. There are a number of writers here who craft work of surprising depth and duality. Unlike some other sites, you will find new content being posted all through the day. It is certainly well worth visiting again and again.

1 review
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Not a bad place to find gay stories. The site has a broad mix of content with tons of stories. Like any free site, not every story is award-winning material, but there's a fair amount of readable stuff, and some is surprisingly good. Some of it's pretty compelling reading. It's just a question of what you're looking for. It's nice to see it's not all porn, even if some stories skate the edge.

Yeah, there's stuff that will make you cringe, but it's free content. Move on to the next story. Check the forums for recommendations.

I've been a member for about five years and enjoy the online community. The active population fluctuates periodically, but the forums can be a lively distraction. I haunted the place for several months anonymously before I ever chimed in anywhere. Most people just read the stories.

The management appears a touch heavy-handed at times, but it's always one-sided information because they never give details about moderation issues to the rest of us. In my experience, creative types can be awfully sensitive (not just authors) and I wouldn't want to have to keep this many members in line when they try to game the system.

The negatives aside, I think the site is more than worth taking a peek at.

6 reviews
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I joined Gay Authors about a year ago and never posted anything until a few days ago. I posted several stories, one of which was cleared by their moderator Cia. I had some very friendly messages back and forth with this person.
Within several hours after the story was cleared for viewing, I received notification that I was restricted pending investigation that I had violated one of their rules - something to do with double membership. I was not provide with any information nor was I allowed to respond. I was cut off completely which I thought rude and very unprofessional.
Within two hours I received two emails addressed to people I'd never heard of, banning me for life from their site. In essence I was tried and convicted without being permitted any input. It gets better.
After some investigating the computer I was working, I discovered that the names of the two individuals and their email address were lodged in the internal contact list of of this computer of which I was unaware.
They indicated that they would monitor my IP address to ensure that I never contacted them again.
Had they contacted me I would have explained that I am living in a furnished apartment of someone who passed away about a year and a half ago and I have been using the computer that was put at my disposal and obviously belonged to this deceased person..
I had to laugh at the Nazi-like message someone at Gay Authors by the name of Steve, Site Admin. Site Moderation left for me.
One of the last sentences from his triad reads as follows: "...and we will be monitoring your IP address to ensure you don't join again."
I can only gather that they had stored information from the past of the person who owned the computer I was working on and based on that and that alone - here again without the courtesy of communicating with me - made the decision to ban me forever.
All I could think of was this guy Steve drooling into his keyboard that 'he got his man.'
And his final words were even more pathetic.
"We do wish you success on the other sites that you have found on the internet, but, due to your own actions, ours won't be one of them.
Please do not contact us again."
I'd love to ask him why I or any sane person would want to contact Gay Authors after being treated like a criminal.

Tip for consumers: So, any author considering this site should beware of Mr. Nasty.
I've already published 12 books and only went there to share some of my successes. I should probably thank Herr Steve for saving me from wasting my time with them.
The photo I loaded is only partial of their logo.

1 review
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SIte owner is a dominating jerk, the site isn't so much moderated as policed, users are treated badly by mods. User community is tight-knit and pretty much has to stay in line - the attitude is if you don't like it, leave. Some good authors there, some pretty bad authors there. A new story system has pretty much wrecked the user experience wrt how readable some of the stories are.
Pretty clear that while the site started with good intentions, the moderation is so bad that user churn is pretty high. It's pretty clear the site owner just wants to prep it and sell it off, he's obviously angling for more ad revenue and page views over his "stated mission" to make a great place to host his favorite authors. Sad to see.

8 reviews
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GA is a unique community of gay writers and readers that range in ages from their teens to their 90s. It is the home to a number of very popular authors. As an author, I've never had reason to complain about the site management as long as I worked with them and didn't behave like a jackass.

1 review
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I posted my stories on the site and when ever a issue came up, they refused to work with you. Instead they treat you like a two year old kid and make you feel stupid and it was your fault. When you speak out, they kick you off the site. They do not want no one pointing out to them the things going wrong. They do not treat you with respect like they should.

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