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Gameduell is possibly one of the worst rummy games you will come across. These guys are cheaters. When I joined this game the interface, the connectivity was pretty good. As soon as I started earning money, I realized these people are cheating. Repetitive card patterns began to appear, and the result was unacceptable. I lost around 5000 rupees. The payout system of this game is the worst. And the biggest problem is their customer service. These people never responded. I would suggest all of you withdraw your money and leave this app as soon as possible.

One of my friends introduced me to Khelplay and the experience by far is fantastic. My friend by now has won around 10000 rupees, and he got the payout in his savings account in just three days. The entire process is hassle-free. He did not have to remind them of the money continuously, that's the whole beauty of playing on Khelplay. He is not a professional player but he has got the skill, and while playing an online game, authenticity is a must. Khelplay is fantastic in terms of interface, payout, and customer service. All in all, you can rely on Khelplay no matter if you are an amateur or professional.

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I had been playing this site for several years. Lately, I've been called some pretty foul names, harassed via Gameduell email by players for a multitude of reasons. The final straw was that the players can cheat. For example, in Crazy 8's one player can play a bad card to show the player across that he has a +2, Skip, etc so that they can win. It seems extremely "fixed" lately as players with the same IP address are able to access the games simultaneously.

After 7 years, I cancelled my membership since cheating is allowed per GD customer service person. In addition, I've had enough of being verbally abused by sore losers.


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i'm starting to get a complex!! is it me?? i can only ever - maybe get thru 1 game before being disconnected. love the game if and when i can play it. what's up with this?? this never happens with other online games -- but ALWAYS with Game Duell Grand Gin Rummy!!

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After many years my player account has been stop.I do not know how to send id proof to be safe . I wanted to withdrew my many from my player account but did not receive any.This don't make my happy.

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I really love gameduell, all games are great and page designed awesome, BUT all the rest is bull big $#*! !!! I played like 200 times in few famous games and finally saw something suspicious, you don't need to be scientist to see how it's repetitive sometimes, one day all the time winning and just a day after lost all games??? How it's possible!! Than many times you see you get three, four times same card in row??? Even in national lottery its pretty impossible to get number 1,2,3,4 in a row at least few times, it's not just one situation!!! Than you check one player winning all time or pretty repetitive situations like you are winning and at the end in last game you loose all? I understand it's gambling and it can happen, but in such repetitive way, in a row wins and than in a row loose??? THIS IS BIG GREATLY MADE CHEATTTTTT!!!!

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Exactly the same experiences as you. I play a lot of Hearts games and I have NEVER seen so much BLATANT cheating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could sit here and give you AT LEAST six players who I believe are well and truly PART of the cheating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am not here to echo other complaints about payouts ..... I accept that I do not play to win money but to compete with real people and have fun. My problem is with the cheating manipulative nature of the site. I refer to the occasional time when I have made a complaint, usually about a destructive reduction in my skill level discordant with the games outcome. If you make a complaint of any kind you then find that you are dealt desperately bad hands for the next few days. This has happened to me on several occasions, enough to make me suspicious. Basically, they are taking my money and then cheating me and making a fool out of me. The most galling thing is that it is virtually impossible to prove, but only a total idiot could fail to spot the blindingly obvious. I am quitting their games but am seriously disappointed in their behaviour because the concept is good and I enjoyed it but I am not being taken for a fool any longer.

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STAY AWAY - SCAM you for your money, too many internet failures, no refunds and no gain... don't just stay away... RUN as fast as you can!

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I have never had issues with payouts, but the site is essentially designed to allow you to run up a decent balance then lose it back. If you can master every game and stop while you are ahead, you can do well, if you play one game until you are great you have to keep beating people who are marginally better each time, meaning you have less of a chance of winning unless you are improving at a faster rate than your hundreds of opponents at large. I put in $20 once, lost it all then $20 again. I have now pulled out $250 and $300 after winning in almost every game. Sad thing is, now I'm to the point where I am playing at high levels at every game and not beating many people anymore. I may have maxed out my winning potential. They have been fair at refunding as well. No real issues at all other than the ones mentioned above.

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I've been playing at Gameduell for 5 years. I have to disagree with some of the other reviewers - Gameduell DOES pay out. I have withdrawn money a few times and the payments have always been processed. The payments do take a while though, and more recently they've added extra verification checks which means you are likely to be contacted (by email) and asked to send copies of identity documents. If you don't respond to those emails your payment won't go through and I think your account can be disabled. So as long as you register with your real details, use an email account you actively check, and are prepared to verify your identity when asked, your payment WILL be processed. One time I was actually asked to take videos of myself playing the games because I had consistently high scores, to prove I was really playing and getting those scores. That was annoying, but I have seen hacked scores on there before, so I understand why they had to do it.

There are lots of fun games on Gameduell, and they're quite varied, so you should find plenty that you enjoy or are good at. Also the bonuses are good. You can win a small bonus every single day from playing a free game - anyone who's ever deposited can do this. There are also promotional periods (e.g. Christmas special, Easter special) where you can earn more bonuses. The great thing about the Gameduell bonuses un my opinion is that they don't have the complicated terms & conditions attached that you often see on gaming websites (like having to play through the bonus amount 50 or 100 times). You can't withdraw the bonus directly but as soon as you've used it to enter a game, any winnings are completely yours.

On the bad side... the game fees are in my opinion a bit high. Of the player's entry fees, about 30% is kept by Gameduell and the rest is the winnings (the exact amount changes depending on entry fee). As a poker player I think of this amount as "rake" - obviously this is how they make their money, but it's a pretty high percentage to rake from the winnings pot. It means that 2-player duels are pretty bad value. More players is better value but obviously harder to win! But you can make money from it - I've withdrawn more than I ever put in.

My other main complaint is that the site is not 100% stable and I sometimes get "aborted" games. They're not that common but it's really frustrating because it usually registers as a zero score. If it happens before the game loads then you get automatically refunded. When there are clearly game errors, I've contacted customer services and they have always refunded my entry fee. Customer services can be a bit slow though, so you often have to wait several days to get that money back.

It's not perfect but I've definitely found it to be fair and they're certainly not scammers. I've made a fair amount of money on this site and I half expected them to find an excuse to not pay me, but I've always done everything within the rules and they've always paid out.

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One day after writing this review, I filed a complaint with the BBB, and two months later they got to my case. They contacted Gameduell about it, who contacted me, and said:

"I apologize for the delay in contacting you, unfortunately we were only informed of your complaint with the BBB yesterday and could not locate any mail to ourselves regarding the matter.

When withdrawals are requested, they go through several verification procedures. On this occasion, your withdrawal was subject to a verification of identity, for which reason we contacted you from the e-mail address on 10/01/12 requesting that you complete the form that I have also attached to this e-mail and a copy of a government issued ID, e.g. drivers license.

This is common procedure on our website and aims to ensure that the person registered on a player account truly exists and is also very likely the person using the player account.

On 10/16/12, your player account was deactivated and you were contacted again as we had failed to receive these documents. If you did not receive either of these mails, it is possible that gmail automatically sent them to your Spam folder, though they will have since been deleted automatically by gmail.

Your account is still in our database and the identity verification can still be completed at which point your withdrawal can also be processed.

I apologize again for the confusion and delay.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."

After I submitted the form they sent me, my account was reactivated.

I may have jumped the gun and allowed myself to believe the worst after reading the other reviews here.

Below is my original review.


I've been a member of Gameduell for almost a year and a half and never had any trouble withdrawing money, until recently. my latest withdrawal amount was for $142. It's always taken 4 weeks maximum to receive the money I withdraw, and so seeing as the four week mark has just passed, I was feeling like I'd probably be getting the money soon. What happened instead was that today I tried to log in and they kept telling me the login info was wrong. When I tried to fill out the "forgotten your password?" form, they told me they had no record of my email address, so it would be impossible to send me my password. I know I didn't change or forget my password or email address though, the only explanation is that they're doing something wrong.
Someone else here said after they tried to withdraw 300 euros their account was deleted, and now that I've had a similar experience it's seeming more and more like their strategy might just be to make excuses to cancel your membership when they don't want to pay up. Before today that seemed unlikely, because I had withdrawn $70 all at once recently, $35 at once just after that, and before those two withdrawals there were 5 instances spread out over the year where they paid small amounts between $11 and $19 that totaled $66. Apparently their generosity does have a ceiling, though!
I can't even contact customer service to ask what's going on, because only account holders can email them, and they don't have the option of contact by phone. And I'm afraid to create a new account in order to contact them, because then they can use my multiple accounts as an excuse not to help me, claiming I'm violating their terms of use. I'm not sure they'd even answer anyway, though, because they had stopped responding to my emails in the few months before today, which I thought nothing of at the time but now am definitely suspicious about. I don't trust these people anymore.
If there was some legitimate suspicion they had about my account activity, and they weren't just playing a crooked game, you would think they would have contacted me about the problem instead of just suddenly excommunicating me.

What makes this even worse is that I considered myself to have reached a skill rating too high for it to be possible to be matched to any players who weren't too good ever to beat more than once in a great while, so my ability to earn large amounts through Gameduell was at its end. I wish they had at least paid me this last time and THEN deleted my account.
I can't give them only 1 or 2 stars, though, because like I said, they've been great until just recently.
It may be, though, that it was just coincidence that I wasn't exposed to their shady behavior until now, and they would have been screwing me over earlier if I hadn't been somehow flying under their radar. Who knows.

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lol site stole 600 bucks from me and at the year asked me to send them my social security number to pay taxes on it this company is in the business of making money and part of that business is doing anything in their power to keep money in their accounts and out of yours.

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SCAMMERS. Stay away unless you want to throw your money away, and never withdraw, they will terminate your access without warning!!

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I agree with the previous posters who have stated Gameduell will not pay out. I have made around 6 withdrawal requests in the last year, not for any large amounts as I simply don't play that well. 2 of these requests were paid - for around £30 GBP total, the other 4 are not being paid. First they asked for ID which I provided, they are now asking for me to video myself playing and send it into them so they can see how I am doing so well.

Firstly I am not doing very well and am around average statistics wise, secondly they have refused to pay out unless I send this video and it cannot be wobbly, and must fulfill all sorts of other criteria. Clearly they simply don't want to pay.

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Thieves! Me, my dad an my bf opend a site a soon as my dad wanted too cash out we all got frozen and deleted cuzz our stats looked too mutch the same! So my dad got nothing and so did we, and we did deposited on that site!

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This review might change if I never get my first withdrawal--and after reading the previous comments I've very worried...This site has HORRIBLE customer service so you are looking to get timely response to questions or issues, this isn't the place for you. When I first joined I ended up filing a complaint with the BBB because gameduell never responded to my emails and it wasn't until I filed that complaint did I recieve a response. After that I waited over a year to play on there again hoping things would change--but they haven't...I entered on of their mini-league tournaments and my second game never loaded so I received a 0 score. I sent a message into customer service asking for assistance--two days after the mini league closed (and I place second ONLY because that 0 score reduced my total points but less than 100 points of my competitor) I received a pre-written email from customer service that didn't answer me question, just told me about the technical requirements for playing games on the site which my computer already matched. So anyway, customer service is useless.

This site will convert your deposited funds into gameduell bucks which is really bizarre in addition to requiring you to wait six-weeks for your first withdrawal to be processed and four-weeks for withdrawals thereafter. That is ridiculous when every singe other skill-gaming for cash site will make you wait about up to 10-15 business days if not sooner. I've been a member there for three years now but I rarely ever played until more recently so I'm hoping I will not have any issues receiving my withdrawal, but if I do I will update this review.

The site has no jackpot progressive tournaments which means you can only play head-to-head games which isn't as exciting. Also, their skill-level system is a little off because it increases when you win games but it does not decrease when you lose. What this means is that if you get to a point where you're "fair" matched with opponents who can regularly beat your top score, you're stuck with it. This is not typical of other similar sites where your skill level will fluctuate even with loses.

Best thing about gameduell are their games--several are really fun to play like dragon click, fossil fever, jungle jewels and jungle splash. If I can get my withdrawal I will recommend the site, otherwise fun games or not it's garbage.

Edited 3/16/2012 - DID NOT GET MY WITHDRAWL - So my first withdrawal was successfully deposited in my paypal account after only two weeks. I was pleasantly surprised, and requested a second withdrawal but have since had my account blocked and I'm supposed to send them a copy of my driver's license. Basically I'm going to have to go through an extended period of back and forth with gameduell's slow and inadequate customer service department--next they might ask for a blood and urine sample. Eventually I hope I get my money but I won well over 20-times the amount of money I am withdrawing from gameduell in Las Vegas and it was way less excruciating. I wouldn't recommend this site to a shoe--unless you want to play for free or never make a withdrawal, I'd stay clear of this pile of junk.

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I echo what someone else said on this site , there are huge problems if you try and withdraw money. I actually found a game that I could regularly play and win money on however I have never actually seen that money. They owe me nearly £300 . They asked me to send copy of sensitive documents which I did and then they claimed I had created "multiple accounts" which was complete rubbish. They suspended my account and have never paid me my winnings. A complete scam.

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I'm an avid Hearts player andI love the game of Hearts at GameDuell; however, if you play for money, then the odds are really bad. For example, i had to pay a fee of 80 GD$ for a chance to win 120 GD$. That means if i play 3 games and win 2 times i break even. (80 * 3 = 240 for fees vs. 120 * 2= 240 winnings). That's horrible odds when you're playing against others with equal or better skill. I think they should set it up so that a skilled player has a reasonable chance of making money. If you're playing against someone equal or better, then the odds of you winning can't be better than 50/50. GameDuell's high fee requires you to win 2 out of 3 just to break even. Anyone that can do the math will only play at GameDuell if they enjoy losing their money or simply don't care about their money. For players that do the math and value their money - well, i don't imagine those smarter ones will play GameDuell for money very many times... unless they are compulsive gamblers.. and that's sad. What kind of people enjoy making money off of others addictive weaknesses Huh??

Personally, if i only had to win say 4 out of 7 to get ahead, then i'd being playing at GameDuell all the time. Yes. I' m that good!!!!

I have not tried to withdraw money (see other posts), 'cause they took all my money -- and yes, I did win a majority of the games i played.

It is popular, but like i said, if you can do the math, you won't be playing for money on that site.

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Complete and total rip off! I deposited money played a bit and when I figured out that not only it was impossible to win, but in fact it was designed to make you lose, I tried withdrawing the remaining amount.

They never responded to my withdraw request, when I tried to close my account and withdraw that way, they sent me an e-mail that there is something suspicious about my requests and that someone will contact me.

Some one definitely contacted me TWO MONTHS LATER. They said that unless I provide a whole bunch of sensitive information, they will not let me withdraw my money. At this point I decided to just let them choke on the $15.

Oh, and did I mention that their method for withdraw is through some half-assed service and thats the ONLY service you can use to withdraw, the minimum you can withdraw is higher than the maximum you can deposit (which means that you'll only be able to withdraw if you win)

...and the amounts are set up in a way where if you play a game thats worth let's say $0.40 - if you lose the game then you lose $0.40, but if you win the game you get $0.30..

so even if you keep wining and losing equally you're still gonna lose your money.


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This is the best Casual Games Website. They are huge in Europe, specially in Germany.

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