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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

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This company led. Lost money. Unab le to get ahold of any one. Need to get my money back. Times are tuff and taking advantage of people is not right.

1 review
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I too, was hopeful and got scammed by FLS, WholesaleMatch and Business Development Division. I hooked up with a company BCA Recovery to help me recoup the charges from my credit card company. You have up to 18 months to dispute with your credit card. The sooner the better. They charge 50% but I rather them get half my money than these culprits. So far, the charges are going back and forth because FLS and BDD are sending back reports to my credit card companies. BCA is on top of putting the accounts back on hold and reversing the charges. I am hopeful that FLS and BDD will never win. They are fighting back even thou they know what scum suckers they are. This has hurt me hard and may even devastate my situation.

My question is if there is a current investigation of these companies. Can I get added to the complaints against these companies now? So if they lose, I can seek restitution?

1 review
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Hi,bigjake here.Well,my complaint is more of a mirror of 100+others that complained about fortune learning systems.About 01/31/2011 I went on line to see if I could find something to do at home to make some income due to being unemployed.I stumbled into a site called"Job Auction and started to check.Had to pay $59.90 to get in to see what was it about,along clicking on page or 2,a page came up for"FLS" and got to reading it and end up paying $39.95 to get,and to get my tutorials to have my own business on line.After filling some information they needed,I received tutorial package for FLS in email.Thought that this was going to great.Next day I received few phone calls from Ryan said he was with FLS and started asking several questions about me,saying that it was to see if I qualify or not.Put me on hold for few and came back saying that I qualified and that I needed pay $100.00 then to get things started and for me to get more information and things I would need.As we spoke few more minutes then he said I needed to pay $39.95 to get tutorials and videos for training.About the 3rd time he called,on same day,in few minutes he introduced me Bryan.Now between Ryan&Bryan for that day and next day we talked about all this great promises and guarantees that I was going to get,also about my new company that I was going to be the sole owner. That I would get one on one coaching step by step holding my hand and promised that I will be a success and will be making money within 3-4 weeks.All these talking was with very aggressive sale pitch.The phone calls stopped for 2days,then I received a call from"FLS"named Jordyn Naona,said he was district marketing manager and welcomed me into this program.Started to tell me things what I needed to do,and how,to be able to get my IRS EIN # and to register it,and so on and more blah blah of buch of BS.But that cost me$4990.00 to get this EIN# for LLC company.after 45 minutes on phone and $4990.00 less in my savings,he told me that next day I will get 3-4 different phone calls from financial dept,tax advisers, my new coach(Lou Hentish)and a person from WholesaleMatch,to start getting things setup.The next day,only one that called me was coach just to introduce himself to me and that he was going to make sure that I would be success with no doubt.The coaching was set for one a week for 30-40 minutes.I asked myself,what in hell he was going to teach me 30-40 minutes a week and how he was going to that.To make this short,coach called me twice in two weeks and talked about much of nothing and at end just told me what I need to cover and read and watch videos.When I googled this site,at that time I didn't see anything about scam or fraud.On about the end of second and the beginning of next week(only on monday). I was sucked into and fooled into paying out$5000.00 for Iron Man Package for 60 products w/9 categories,home page ,1week consultation,the whole works.Then came building my website so I can start making money sooner $1500.00.And they called it,to invest and put it into my company that I needed to invest $7505.00.The other people I spoke with on phone;Ashley,Rebeca,Justin.The few I was suppose to have talk to,about finance,taxes,legal advisers,never called me.On monday(02/21/2011),Rebeca calls and telling me that they had started to build my wesite and it will be done in about a week,and that my coach(Lou Hentish) will cal me next day(Tues)to go over all details of what needed to done and 3-4 weeks I should be able to see money coming in.That was the last time I was able talk to anyone called"Corporate Office"for FLS.On thursday(02/24)I called to see what the hell was going on.I got surprised with the message I heard with last statement of"any questions to contact nothing there on that site but scam from what i read.Its a pity that a low down scums of a SOB's dirt bags are out there doing this kind of things to innocent people thats just trying to survive.I'm unemployed now,and all my saving is gone,and at 64 years old can't get just any old jobs..DAMN,I would love to find them,and then their parents. Has anyone ever got their money back from scam like that?If there is,how about let me know how its done.PLEASE!!

1 review
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My experiences with Fortune learning systems mirror those who have spoken before me. I was online and spent $40 for a system on how to be an auction specialist and I am phoned by FLS within 1 hour. Another phone call after my wife came home to see if I was qualified. "Full financial disclosure", which I now think was designed to figure out how much to ask from me. They did give me 3 options as my initial investment and I chose the middle level of $7505. Man I wish I had looked them up here that day before I invested. I had a liaison call nd tell me who would be calling my (for more money of course). They wanted $2200 to build my website. I went on vacation the next week and had a doctor's appointment then next week, so I asked to have my coaching calls (2 in 4 weeks) moved from Monday to another day. I have not heard from my coach since that day (2 and a half weeks now). And this week, my 3 emails to him have been bouced back, the "other" addresses go through, but there has been no answer. The site for the learning system has been down all week and the phone number is still active, but all I get is a message that I am important to them and my concerns will be cared for. The option to get an extension is no longer active and I can't even leave a message.

I've started my own research and found plenty of sites offering the same information at a MUCH LOWER cost...$200 plus $40 per month. At that rate, I could go for 182 months before I had paid the $7505 that I gave FLS. After this I intend to ask Discover to return the charge and see how that goes.

1 review
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After signing up for the auction employment agency,to help supplement my retirement income I got a call from a salesman who I at first thought was with this agency. The salesman asked me why I thought they should work with me, I

quess it a way to get you fired up, before dropping the hammer. After being told that I was the type of person they were looking for, then came the sale pitch for fortunelearning systems, I told them I had been invovled with a similar company some years before that did nothing for me, to which they replied that they were totally different and were there to help me. The next morning I sent an e-mail saying I wanted to cancel,then called and was assured I was doing the right thing by working with them. After being contacted by other members of this company and their affiliates trying to get more money, I got 6 or 7 coaching sessions,and then told by my coach whom I will say was very knowledgeable,that I could go into the builder and build my website on my own. In conclusion it cost me 4 grand I didn't have to get coach once a wekk for 6 or 7 weeks. Time for someone to put a stop to these and other predators like them who take money from honest people who are only trying to figure out how to survive in today's economy.

thank's for listening


p.s If anyone knows where to get help in these matters please let me know

1 review
3 helpful votes

Recently I join this Fortune learning system I started with confidence but as days goes by my instinct told me to look it up I was really shock & sick to my stomach
what I found out.I don't know what to do I just want my money back. I am unemployed right now that's why I am looking for something that I can do at home since I can' go back to my old job due to my illness I am not mentally disable but with physical limitations. I am not from U.S. I just want to know how to proceed with my complaints so I can get my money back.

1 review
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To Whom it may concer n,

I have recently been ripped off by the shady practices of Ivy Capital/Fortune Learning System(FLS). It began with an email to do data entry for E-bay listing merchandise to be sold. That same day I was calles by FLS and told that was ok but I could do better and would be contacted by someone who would see if I qualified to start a small business and succeed in my attempt to earn some money to supplement my disability income. I was told I did, and they made a special deal for me and only charge me $4060.00 as opposed to the full price, because they wanted to help me since I could not afford to pay the full price. I was then returned to Nick Coombs who would be my "personal coach" to help me through the classes. This was sold to me as a school type class to learn how to earn back the money I had "invested" in my future. Now they say since it was an "investment", and I have no recourse to recieve a refund. They say I signed a contract I cannot get my money back. I have always understood that a contract must be fulfilled by both parties to be binding. They do not seem to understand this. When I was "QUALIFIED" they should not have as I could not pay the full price to start with. They have chosen to charge whatever you can afford then bait and switch the whole shooting match. I asked Nick speciffically if the $4060.00 was all I had to pay? I was told that was it. Then I was told by the Business Developmen Division that I needed another $2450.00. I told Jerry Jubicki that I did not have it and he said they could take $1000.00 down and loan me the rest,but I only had that call to decide. It seemed they do this often and the people can pay it off early with "NO PROBLEM". Sounds to me like I will be making money any day now. It was not until I found the complaints page I discovered that I need not pay for that or the FLS web-hosting($35.95/month) or the Wholesale Match (which they want $999.00 for lifetime connection or $399.00 for now and I can pay the $999.00 later) is also part and parcel of Ivy Capital/Fortune Learning System. So for 4060.00 it has cost me 5095.95 and no coach. Therefore I have spoken to FLS and they refused to refund my money. They told me, for the first time, that I had had three (3) days to cancel, but they took three (3) weeks to put the screws to me, and gave me a number to their lawyer to give to my lawyer like this is done all the time. I asked to whom I would be speaking and he said"Your lawyer will know what to do." Does this sound like a scam to you or what? Looking back I should have just hung-up on the first call. At least when he cut the cost "so I could afford" to help myself make money. I do not consider myself greedy ,but when someone "trys to be helpfull" one thinks maybe this is good since it is E-Bay, what could go wrong? Wrong question. I should have asked "Who most benifits from this?" . So here I am asking for 1) my money back and 2) justice for all this has happened to. Please, help me.

Yours in good faith,

1 review
4 helpful votes

As i have a growing family and a husband who works away a lot i was searching the net for ways of earning income at home as this would make the pressure of family life easier.A few days later I recieved a phone call from Fortune Learning Systems who convinced me they were the answer to my problems, and it wouldnt cost me a penny. They told me i was just the sort of person they were looking for-teachable and motivated.Only after i had agreed to the coaching programme they sent me an invoice for $4730! I had my first coaching session with my personal coach who explained how to sell on ebay.I told him i had used ebay frequently but he told me he could show me how to use it more effectively.Then i got a phone call from my business advisor who explained i would have to set up the business legally using their plan. This would cost me $3785. I told him i had already made my one off payment but was told that was just for the coaching this was to register the company.I was made to feel i would be trading illegaly if i didnt so i agreed.My coaching sessions continued but didnt seem to progress very far. The website templates never materialised, nor did the online seminars or the marketing strategies, and their website is a waste of time. All ive been told is basic information i could have got for free and i havent gained any of the tools needed to set up and run an e-business. This company is a scam and a complete rip off.Dont use them.

1 review
5 helpful votes

After surgery, for an injury that may well prevent me from finishing an honest construction career of over twenty years. I began searching for a profession to bring me to retirement age. I invested $97.00 for a membership to an internet Data Entry Institute. I was and am desperate to keep a roof over my head. Within a week, I was contacted by phone. They called themselves, Fortune Learning Systems. I mentioned that I had previously purchased the for mentioned material. They told me that what I had purchased was Small Time. They proceeded to introduce what they "MAY" be able to offer me "IF I QUALIFY." They started with the Questions type sales pitch. They where highly motivated and quick talking.
They talked about guidelines and principals for starting a successful internet business, which would take less time than the average work week. They stressed the importance of leverage capital and how they would teach me to use other peoples money with "no out of pocket expense."
At this point they asked me about my current debit and how I felt about being able to pay it ALL OFF in a reasonably SHORT length of time. Of course, any normal, hard working person would answer as I did: YES. At the time I had very little credit card debit, so they asked about car payments, etc., etc. I made it clear that in my current financial situation, I did not have the option to over use the credit I had. This is the point where they told me that this program is what I was looking for. Next came questions about myself; Was I motivated and an action taker. They continued to ask me about myself to, as they called it, see if I qualified for the program, tools and the guidance they would offer to me.
After an hour of this motivational speaking and questioning, I was told that I was a prime candidate. I was asked to hold tight while he consulted with the Senior consultant. They would call back shortly.
And they did call back, Very Shortly! I was told that I was the type of person they were looking for and had what it would take to make it. They believed I was very teachable and that I would be worth their investment.
At this point they had me very motivated. I was then told that there would be a ONE TIME investment. BUT for this small investment they would SET UP THE BUSINESSES FOR ME, HELP ME BUILD MULTIPLE WEBSITES AND PROVIDE THE NECESSARY TRAINING AND COACHING I would need to make it work in a short time. The investment I would have to make was $2930.00. It's funny that this amount was all I could afford to charge. I asked why they were willing to do all they mentioned for me, for that amount. I knew that setting up a limited liability company in my state was $500.00 each. They were going to help me set up multiple companies? Great! They stressed the importance of doing it officially and by their proven methods. By following their instructions they would get me corporate credit, better wholesale rates and higher ratings among the search engines on the web. They were willing to do this for my SUCCESS STORY.
The next day I looked up Fortune Learning Systems n the Better Business Bureau site. They had only one complaint in the last three year period, OK, not bad, I thought.
A couple days later I was contacted be my personal coach. More motivational talk and where to start reading on the member's website. Not a lot of informative information was given. As I read the material I was told to, I noticed it wasn't very different from common sense info.
Four days later I was contacted by another adviser going by the title of certified business specialist. After stressing the importance of having a couple of LLCs or Corporations, for reasons of liability protection, business credit ratings and pay dex scores he proceeded to tell my that it would coast near $8000.00! Oh Boy, Not Good! I told him that I made it VERY CLEAR to the others that the one time investment I already made was ALL I COULD AFFORD! Then he talked about just starting One LLC in my state for $1000.00. I was then told to call my credit card company to get an extension of credit. I told him I would have to get back to him.
The next day I found the name IVY Capital and looked it up to find they had 117 complaints on the Better Business Bureau, along with these and more from other scam sites!
I called them and requested a refund, because they gave me false info about what they were going to do for me. I was called a few days later by a somewhat unpleasant woman from the resolutions department. She told me that the investment to start the LLCs was not necessary. The opposite of what I was told by the others, before her. She gave me the red tape speech and called my a thief for disputing the charge. She said I could sell on EBAY? $2930.00 to sell $#*! on EBAY? I have given them a chance to refund my money. They continue to try to direct me to different people who have nothing but more sales pitches. I will now start contacting departments, agencies and web boards along with informative news agencies. It is my goal to prevent other honest people, in this desperate economy, from being taken advantage of by these people of low morals!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have been mislead or scammed by these people and are looking for Justice. There is power in Numbers!

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How can I cancel my contract with this company?? It has been over the 6 month period and I have not made a penny.

By Jerry A.
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