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Richard R.
2 reviews
“Good service”

Can't say that this shipping company is bad, or recommend not to use their services. Yes, one time I had an issue with my package. They messed mine with someone else's but it took just a day to solve this misunderstanding. Usually, they make delivery on scheduled time and you can set the priority hours. I would say that this is pretty much an option if you need shipping service for a reasonable price.

Gallon H.
2 reviews
“Best as usual”

Recently sent a package to Brazil through FedEx, got a great deal due to some promotion, the package was delivered in stated time and in the best condition, was a gift to my niece. She loved it. Thank you FedEx

Lin F.
1 review
“horrible service, dishonest driver, useless customer service”

I had a package which supposed to be delivered on Tuesday 10/2. FedEx emails said the delivery would be between 10am-4pm. It did not come within the window. Later the day, the update posted by FedEx said that the delivery failed because on one at home to sign the document, even though we did not hear anyone knock our door or ring the bell. Ok, FedEx said it would try the next day, between 10am-4pm. Again, no one came within the window. Then the driver came after we went out for dinner. So, the delivery was not successful. On Thursday, again, FedEx did not come within the 10am-4pm window as they said. To ensure that we could get the package, I told the security person of the apartment to pay special attention to FedEx delivery, and we did not use our home phone just in case FedEx might call us, FedEx customer service even promised me that they had given the driver my cell phone so that the driver could call me just in case. I thought we would be able to get the delivery this time for sure. We waited till 8pm. No one came. And, the tracking update changed, saying that the delivery failed because no one at home to sign! It was totally a lie!!! I called customer service. They apologized again, and suggested me to pick up from their delivery site. I agreed even though it was so annoying because I needed my stuff desperately. FedEx promised me the package would be on the site before 7pm Friday. I waited, and waited, but did not get noticing phone call from FedEx. I then called FedEx, and was told that it would take 20-48 hours to deliver to their site from the time I told them I agreed to pick it up. Thus, I would only be able to get it on Saturday. I was very mad, but had no choice. However, on Saturday (today), I kept tracking my package. FedEx web site always said the package was not ready to be picked up, but also said it would be delivered on Saturday to the location. It came to 7:30pm, the information was still the same. I decided to call again. Then, I WAS TOLD THAT IT COULD NOT BE DELIVERED TODAY. IT CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED ON MONDAY. THE REASON I WAS GIVEN WAS THAT SATURDAY WAS NOT BUSINESS DAY! But, it was FedEx's website that said the package would be delivered on Saturday to the designated location. So, either the FedEx website was lying or the representative was lying! FedEx does not know if they work on Saturday or not?! I asked for an explanation, but the representative only repeated that it could be delivered on Monday, and no explanation. It is really a horrible experience with FedEx. Not only they can not deliver the service they promised, but kept fooling consumers. They are lack of any sincerity, lack of professional attitude. The driver they employed was not an honest person. The company does not respect their customers at all. I just have no word for FedEx. I will never use FedEx again.

Luke L.
2 reviews
“Good services”

It was a good experience with them good customer service. Thanks FedEx for delivering my item on time

John S.
1 review
“Lazy and can't use their brains whatsoever”

Ordered a package from Zumiez and I've been tracking the order and it supposedly arrived yesterday but I didn't hear any buzz or call from anyone so the driver left a note (keep in mind I live on the 9th floor in an apartment building) so the driver tried again today and still no buzz or call. Clearly the driver is just lazy and doesn't want to buzz or try to get into the building to hand me the package and the final attempt is tomorrow. I swear to God this company needs to hire smarter drivers or just close already cause seems like your service is just down right trash now

Lesley B.
1 review
“Avoid this losers”

This is the worst company ever , my delivery took 3 days extra to arrive !! Wasted my two days in the house waiting for it ! My husband wasted his day too waiting !! Called them so many times not apologetic!
They don't seem to use their common sense!! And leave packages with neighbors available... like other couriers out there !! Just avoid using them .... The call centres staff are a joke too !! Puts you on hold just to come up with a lie!! Pity

Bibi B.
1 review
“Very Disappointed and Worse service ever!”

There delivery staff don't respect their schedule and are useless by making up excuses.
I had a delivery by 10:30am and the person left a note at the door at 08:30am without ringing or knocking at the door while everyone was home.

Chris C.
1 review
“This company is a joke”

I would give them negative stars if I could! When paid to deliver a package by a specific date they simply don't care. I had a package that should have been delivered on August 27th they never attempted delivery it wa me a paid overnight package shipped on Saturday should have been at my home Monday. Even after several calls they had no idea where my package was it wasn't scanned until 11:30pm they delivered the day after. I than had to pay to have it overnighted to my daughter since it arrived late. FedEx refuses to refund me for having to ship the package they failed to deliver when they were paid to deliver for.

John S.
1 review
“Utter failure”

It was supposed to be a 1-2 day express home delivery.I got a notice by mail the second day it would show up at 6 PM. It never did and I waited frustratingly 40 minutes only to call their customer service and find out they close at 6 PM.. Finally I get a number with takes me to their robot customer service. Which after 15 minutes of hassle tells me the package is on route for delivery. So I continue waiting. Of course no one shows up.By the third day I get a new notice that it will be delivered by 11 AM. Home from work, waiting in the kitchen, in good hearing distance from the front door. Together even with my doberman(guarddog) who - if I against all odds would've missed it - would bark and run to the door at any sounds. After waiting 2 hours I head back to work only to find the delivery man has left a notice claiming to have called - this obviously ain't so. By the fourth and fifth day I get two more notices by mail that it will be delivered by 6 PM. No one shows up. Both me, my dog and my two flatmates have been home.After writing to their customer service I've gotten to know it is apparently impossible for them to make a phone call before delivery or give any more precise delivery time than between 9 AM to 6 PM. As a normal, working man I have NO possibility to wait around for 9 hours on a week-day to wait for a delivery-man that might not even ring the doorbell.The only feasible way for them to deliver is if I write a note on the door. The package is private in nature and I do not wish to have it waiting in the open to be opened or stolen. I chose express 1-2 days international home delivery and paid extra for it. I needed it for a special occasion, thought that perhaps I could still have a use for it after it arrived late - but not on the eight day and it is still not delivered properly I have e-mailed them that they might as well return it. A waste of 20 pounds, 6 hours of waiting and e-mailing and I've got nothing.Use anything but FedEX.

April G.
1 review
“Garbage service!”

I was supposed to have a package delivered today, so my husband and I put our ENTIRE day on hold to wait around for FedEx. 1:18pm comes and I hear the driver slam his door and speed off. He tagged my gate and drove off claiming that no one was home, and the gate was "locked". The gate was wide open, and there's no place for a lock. I was sitting in front of my front door, which is a sliding glass Door, and you can see inside the house from the front gate. Driver didn't even ATTEMPT to get anyone's attention. He snuck up, tagged the gate, and drove off. Worthless drivers!!! I called customer service THREE TIMES. All reps (SUPERVISOR INCLUDED) were dismissive, and didn't seem to care at ALL that the driver was too lazy to do his job, and can't seemed to be bothered to check his messages to come back and attempt to redeliver. No one can be bothered to get ahold of this driver to let him know to bring this package back. You mean to tell me that these drivers can't have company phones because they are to dangerous, but sending messages for them to check when they're "stopped" is perfectly safe!! Why do these drivers not have CB radios?! Why do these drivers not have a means of instant communication with their command posts?! Now I have to sit in waiting for a SECOND DAY, to see if this driver is going to actually attempt to deliver again, or if I'm going to have to count my change out to drive an hour and a half out of MY way to go get something that was sent for my daughter because CLEARLY the drivers are too incompetent to know how to open a gate. I am absolutely DISGUSTED with the lack of resolution and willingness to help I received today, and I will NEVER send another package via FedEx as long as I live. I can't believe this company has no resolve to even attempt to make this right, nor willingness to try and reprimand their drivers for the speed with which they travel through residential areas where the speed is marked as 25, and they are clearly traveling much faster than that. My husband and I even tried to catch up with him, and couldn't. What an absolutely DISGRACEFUL company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara J.
6 reviews
“Drivers know how to drive safety!”

The delivery drivers know how to drive with safety! They know how to follow road laws and take the roads safely!

1 review
“fedex account Reps Houston Texas are the worst!”

Fedex account representatives for businesses in the Houston Tx are the worst. They are do not respond back to calls in a timely manner. If you can avoid this company for business purposes please do so.

Ron W.
1 review
“FedEx is Incompetence defined”

Drivers have no idea how to locate a rural address, even when you provide written driving directions and your phone number. My package has shown on vehicle for delivery the last 4 days. Stunning incompetence.

Rob L.
5 reviews
“Solid service, unless you are out of Country”

I just wanted people to know once you leave the US, the service does drop a bit. I have been using FEDEX for a long time and they are the best at what they do, just be concerned if you are out of country and need something quickly.

Emmie M.
12 reviews
“Delivery truck people can't read.”

Everytime something is ordered via FedEx the delivery truck people ALWAYS deliver packages to the wrong address. The delivery truck people are stupid to say the less and puting it nicely, we live next door to an small airport with different zip codes and different numbers for street addresses don't know why we have different zips but still you would think these delivery people can see this but still deliver to the wrong address. The airport people never tell us that we have packages over there and hoard pks.

Tip for consumers: A tip would be, if placing an order online check to see who will be dropping package off, any company other than FedEx. I know I will from now on.

Sam D.
15 reviews
“I had to wait for long”

I am not satisfied, cause I had to wait for long. Moreover, I had to pay a lot of money to get things I ordered.

Vladimir B.
1 review
“FedFx the most horrible company.”

You can tell the quality of a company by how well they handle mistakes in the case of FedEx, there is more mishandling.
Some time after ordering a package worth $2,000 with instructions for signed delivery only, I received a notification that it was delivered and signed for by me. While customer support explained they dont require IDs and the signature may not necessarily match mine NO ONE was at home that the delivery was made. All my demands to see the signature were ignored.
Although I immediately filed a complaint, I received no updates on the investigation. Now, three weeks later, I was told too much time has passed. Then, a representative read aloud the delivery notes, which stated a bald black man signed for this package Needless to say, I am a Caucasian Russian with curly hair. They keep repeating they trust their deliveryperson, though. I wouldnt.
Given their complete lack of regard for customers and inability to admit mistakes, I would discourage anyone from using this companys services.

Suzanne G.
2 reviews
“Horrible service”

Will never use again. Said my package was on truck will be delivered by end of day. This was a Friday to its going to be delivered Saturday to email you wont receive to Tuesday. No explanation No nothing. Called couldnt tell me where package was. Never AGAIN

Glenn G.
2 reviews
“Terrible company to use”

Total lack of customer service, constant misdeliveries or lost deliveries and a system that is so inept it should be shut down. There is absolutely nothing good to say about this so-called delivery service. I always ask everything I buy online NOT to use this company but the usual reply is to pay for a signature service (which again is useless) or this is the only shipper they use. With all the terrible reviews this company garners it's amazing it is still in business.

I am not a complainer and have 100's of reviews at Amazon and eBay with over 98% all positive but I just cannot take the poor service FedEx believes it can get away with. I have used them for over 10 years or more and back in the day they were actually a great company but the last 3 plus years they have sunken to the bottom of the barrel.I had to stop purchasing from a couple of companies I love because they will only use FedEx and I am sure it is because of the low rates they must offer. (PLEASE CHEWY.COM change your delivery service, I miss purchasing from you.)

I believe in paying more for better service and also believe you get what you pay for. So FedEx must have gotten so bad they offer extremely low rates for companies to use them as their exclusive delivery service. But this will catch up to them and the companies that continue to offer this as their only shipping option.

I would have never thought to say this but the service at our governments' postal service has been outstanding. UPS has also been easy to use as well but in my opinion not as good as USPS.

I would be embarrassed to say I work for FedEx. The whole system needs to be overhauled including getting rid of the current management who feel treating the customers as inconveniences rather than their lifeblood.

Frank F.
8 reviews

Citibank was sending me new credit cards after we were hacked. I had to pay some bills, and was told by Citibank that the cards would arrive Saturday. I tracked the package, and indeed online info said it would arrive before 12PM Saturday 7/14. Online info said it left the Fedex facility at 9AM Saturday. I waited from 10 AM until after 1PM, checking the outside of the residence and checking online regularly. About just after 1PM, the online info changed - it said the package was not deliverable. I called by phone and put the tracking number into the phone, and the phone info said there was an attempt at delivery at 11:45 AM and there was no one home. BULL____ !! We were home the whole time. NO ONE RANG OUR DOORBELL, AND THERE WAS NO ATTEMPT AT DELIVERY! I called and spoke to someone to complain (Isabel at the Customer Advocate Team), and she said she would get right back to me within 10 minutes. 30 minutes later, I called to speak with Isabel, and I was told she was helping ANOTHER CUSTOMER! She was supposed to be working on my problem - she was supposed to find out if the Elmsford office could send the driver back out. Instead I spoke to someone else who told me I had to go pick up the package myself. He also told me that when he called the Elmsford office, the driver said she was new and could not find the address. REALLY?!? I HAD to have that package Saturday. When I picked up the package myself, I found out the driver's name was Megan. I was also told that if a driver can not find the address, they are supposed to call the office to get help finding the address. Megan LIED about attempt at delivery, then LIED about not knowing the address - changed her story completely! I got the name of the manager, who I was told was not in the office - Emilio Difelice. While I was taking the information, the clerk at the office was laughing! No apology! No remorse that they inconvenienced the customer! NOTHING - JUST LAUGHTER! I am lodging complaints at BBB and Site Jabber! I am calling the credit card bank to let them know what happened, and I will never accept delivery of ANY items by Fedex. Your company is manned by incompetent, lying, selfish and self-centered employees who lie about there activities, and treat customers like CRAP! There reason for the outrage at a seemingly minor issue, is that this is not the first time Fedex has done this with a Saturday delivery - they do it EVERY TIME for Saturday deliveries.
Today, it was imperative that I receive that package on Saturday. This is a disgrace.

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