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1 review
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I recently bought a shirt on Ebay from China. It was the wrong colour and the buttons were back to front so I had to send it back. I got a refund for the shirt but had to pay $22 return postage. I put a factual review online and Ebay advised they would only refund the postage if I changed the review as they did not like it (that is blackmail isn't it?). When I went to change my review so they would refund me I was advised it was too late to change the review because the time frame had expired. I am not happy as it cost me $22 for nothing on Ebay. I would suggest people think carefully before buying things on Ebay as customer service is poor.
It would appear to Ebay that negative reviews are not acceptable regardless of the facts !!! Thanks Ian

1 review
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They refuse to take down a listing that has copied my listing pictures image for image and my description. They encourage chinsese seller to copy other people's hard work. Their listing team is incompetent and a nightmare to work with. If you are a seller looking to sell items on eBay, BE AWARE, DO NOT USE EBAY, USE AMAZON INSTEAD.

4 reviews
9 helpful votes

Avid buyer since 2001, the level of customer service and support raises constantly. Thank you ebay for protecting consumers from dishonest sellers.

6 reviews
12 helpful votes

For example if you search for a "10w Led light bulb" you will find listings for as low as $1.00 but when you check the details the 10w Led bulb costs $4.25!

1 review
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I've been buying online for years with Amazon and I never had any problems. All purchases from Amazon or other sellers went very well. For the first time I bought on eBay and I was the victim of fraud from one of their sellers. I bought a Christmas present that was supposed to be delivered before 19 December and the seller took hte money but just didn't ship it. When I contacted the seller, they replied in writing that they would not be delivering before Christmas and they did not indicate a date for delivery.

Of course, I didn't need to receive a Christmas present after Christmas. Furthermore, with all the time I lost with this vendor, it was too late for me to order from someone else. Because of the seller's lies, I now had to pay much more to buy the item from a shop. This therefore resulted in a clear direct financial damage for me.

I wrote to eBay to report that their seller had misrepresented facts at the time of the purchase and that I wanted to be compensated for the damage I suffered because of this. eBay refused any type of compensation and replied as follows:

"We do not offer any monetary compensation"

What is worse, when I pointed out that I only bought from that seller because they were on eBay, they replied:

"we are not responsible for what the seller has put in his listing as we are not the one's selling the item. eBay is only the advertising site and we do not hold liability for what it is that the seller has put on their listing. If you want you can refer to our user agreement which you have agreed upon and acknowledged to have understood upon deciding to use our platform."

So, if you're used to good ecommerce sites such as Amazon, please don't make the same mistake I did. eBay does not offer the same service quality and does not guarantee you in any way. If one of their sellers is a thief, it's your problem, basically. I found this experience quite shocking.

4 reviews
13 helpful votes

Handy little thing for only $31.50 from Ebay. Stops my dogs barking by emitting a ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear. I asked my vet was it a safe product and it was. And has a life time warranty. Fabulous product.

1 review
1 helpful vote

There are two simple words to describe ebay now rip off
They charge you a fee for selling a item and a fee on the shipping cost, that means whatever you charge for shipping you have to pay for what ever they take out
I recently sold two items to the value of around $200, one was a heavy item so had a high shipping cost, after taking out ebays sale fee, shipping fee and of course paypal fee I was left with around $110, how can they get away with it?
Ebay has become a company of pure greed, I am done with them, I hope a honest reasonable company takes over them soon

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Ebay used to give the small buyers ebay bucks. Now only huge purchases pay out the eBay bucks.
Once again corporate Ebay $#*!s over the little guy.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Dear ebay, I sold an item on ebay recently and as a trader of 17 years had a terrible experience. Let's begin at the start. My first, and only mistake was entering in the incorrect tracking number, allowing the buyer to pretend to filed a no-delivery dispute. I told ebay that I needed to contact Australia post and file a investigation to get the tracking number and this would take a couple of days. The buyer of my product had a very shady feedback (more than 20% negative) while mine remains 100% positive feedback.

I told ebay I needed only 1-2 days to fix the tracking details, and the item had actually been delivered and the buyer was lying. The buyer made a false claim/statement firstly for 'none- delivery', then change their story to "an empty box" arrived. I told ebay to consider this buyers history and that they may be running a scam on ebay, but surprisingly nothing was done about this. But wait, it only gets worse. Ebay then sided with the buyer in the dispute process and refunded them within 24 hours when I disputed the claim saying I had the correct tracking and prove the item was delivered. When I asked "how I can I upload my proof" that the item was actually delivered, ebay ignored this and closed the case.

The item was subsequently delivered to the buyer and I had to refund them $60, while they received the game, lied to myself and ebay. They have since hidden their poor feedback history of previous complains and rip-offs.

Ebay - you could have spent 3 minutes looking at their trader history to see there was more to this case than usual and it may have require some investigation. You also could have allowed me just the 1 day required to update the tracking number showing delivery. A fact when paired with their statements in the dispute process, proved them to be making contradictory statements about firstly it not arriving, and then it being apparently empty.

- Why was I not supported as a seller on ebay to upload my evidence? Why was this ignored and not allowed?

- Why am I $60 out of pocket and why do I have liaring negative feedback on my profile, when I did everything by the book?

I am disgusted with ebays process and the lack of investigation. I have been a trader on ebay for 17 years with over 380 confirmed trades, 100% feedback, but this meant nothing and was not taken into consideration.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Ebay has sold out to China sites, a lot of sellers are now listed one Ebay saying they are based in Australia when thewy are drop shipping, china is useing Australia and the USA as a dumping ground for substandard products at infalted pricing and Ebay dose nothing as they are racking in the money, used to support the buyer now it is the seller. Ebay should have a form of Escrow where they hold all monies until product is as listed and recived, over 90% comming out off china is total garbage and consumers are being ripped of big time both by these sites and Ebay. China should be band from listing anything untill they comply to excepted standards, They get your money and send you rubbish you have to send it back to get a refund. If it dose not comply then the seller should be held accountable for miss leading advertising or just out right lieing .

1 review
1 helpful vote

i received dvd unleashing mr. darcy face on $#*!
but the movie on disc was fixing pete i still like to have dvd unleashing mr, darcy. i returned that disc but have heard nothing

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used eBay during the past 10 years or so. I'm very careful when purchasing goods and check the history of sellers in advance. My purchasing of goods has been very much a positive experience. Occasionally I sell goods on eBay but find that selling fees are rather high when fees for eBay and PayPal are deducted. Recently I discovered eBay is now charging an additional fee on genuine postage costs which is most unreasonable and actually quite appalling. That means if a seller is required to post a heavy package with unavoidable $20 postal charges they are charged an additional fee of around $2:00 by eBay. It's similar to paying a tax on a tax which is double-dipping and totally unfair. eBay is definitely losing some of its integrity.



4 reviews
16 helpful votes

You cannot get ripped of as a seller on ebay.
Its impossible.
You can buy something and say anything you want to ebay and no matter what they will always take your side. Thats it.
Why do ebay require sellers to even put a description in? It just gets ignored.

5 reviews
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I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my order from this linen company in less than 2 days. Remarkable as nothing gets to Darwin in this time. The doona cover was exceptional quality and very true to colour and details supplied on line. I would definately shop here again.

12 reviews
29 helpful votes

Hi guys,
I will write a good review soon but unfortunately the ones that really stay with you are the ones that you can't believe how bad the product is.
Purchased a 10.1 inch tablet from this company only to watch catch up tv here in Australia and realised I couldn't download seven plus. Wrote them a note to ask why. Unfortunately this is the problem with an asian company - they don't understand our english. They feel that if they keep calling us friend and dear we will feel better. Not true .
I was send an email asking me to explain what it meant and I knew then that I had problems. It was a very cheap tablet but it was expensive when it doesn't do what you thought it would do. I then proceeded to install my games and play them - I did realise that the screen was quite faded (but I didn;t mind) as I knew I didn't pay much for it. Then the volume issue came up - I could not increase the volume in any way. It was very quiet. I thought I had done my homework but obviously not. But then beware it froze on me (2nd day of operation) - I couldn't get it to come back on. My brother played with it and got it to work. I decided there and then that it was not worth the hazzle of having this tablet so I immediately contacted the seller and was asked if they could fix from the internet - I, by this time had lost faith in the tablet and said that I would prefer a complete refund. He then went to explain to me that it would be better to send it direct to China and not their distributor in Sydney. I was okay with this as I knew they were paying costs - I was then informed by our local post office that I could not send this back to china as it was a tablet and had a lithium battery. I wrote back to the seller and he first asked me to bring it to another post office (which of course I ignored). I then was able to send it back to the NSW office and received my money back. All I am saying is the truth hurts. You get what you pay for. Their recommendations and I did read all their requirements on the tablet and it sounded just as good as a samsung tablet but much cheaper.
\The tablet was a New 10.1" inch Quad-Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC 16GB Bluetooth WIFI. I have learned my lesson.

1 review
0 helpful votes

HI Guys,

if EBAY buyer from Australia with EBAY ID aldabet1 buys something from you be careful.
His name Adnan Al Dabet from Sydney

He recently bought some stuff from us but upon receiving claimed what all inside were stolen although everything were sealed. We have been running business for 3 year - never had such cases.

So please be aware.


7 reviews
7 helpful votes

I have found some great deals on the Australian Ebay site, but also spotted some fakes being sold by sellers with high positive ratings. If the price looks too good, exercise some caution.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Very happy with my purchase, and the price too!

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Just wanted to comment on the ipad app for ebay, My elderly mother has just started listing products on ebay and has found it easy to do. The main website is a bit complicated for her but the app is much better. So if you are not that computer savvy and have been put off using ebay before try the app.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Easy to use site but the fees are just way too high. If they reduced fees a lot I would use these guys every day!

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love eBay with all the wonderful things for sale. It has a huge range of items to choose from, is easy to buy and sell from. Feedback is given by both buyers and sellers so it gives an excellent chance to see what it is like to deal with people.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

The Australian Ebay site is fantastic. I have had some interesting experiences on it - people not paying and having to relist items - but only once. I have sold over 50 items on there with no problems. Ebay seems to try and help the seller be a better seller - not too many other businesses do that!

54 reviews
144 helpful votes

Everyone knows about ebay , even if they have never touched a computer in their life ,
eveyr1 says everything is a bargin there .... not true MOST of the stuff is a bargin but there are things you can buy from a shop for $5 and on there will be $10-$15 . its always good to look for what you want on ebay then go to your local shops have a look around if u can't find it cheaper the i would go ahead and buy it from ebay , i am an ebay holic , i sell loads of stuff on ebay and the money i make usually goes to my shopping habbit on there 2 lol

4 reviews
38 helpful votes

Ebay has pretty much outlived its usefulness IMO. There are now far too many Chinese sellers invading incorrect categories with counterfeits & fakes, making it increasingly more difficult to find genuine items at reasonable prices.

Even worse, it has become a scammers paradise with dodgy listings, hijacked accounts, refusal of sellers to accept safe payment methods, and probably the greatest annoyance of all - non-paying bidders!

The sell-through rate is now so poor that listing costs & FVFs are taking a larger proportion of profits than ever before, so eBay becomes rich at the expense of its casual sellers, who are making less profit than ever before.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Everything I've ever bought from ebay is great! They have basically everything on there, and it's just too convinient! :) LOVE IT!

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Because E bay buy these sites out EG Gum-tree. They do not like any competition. Ebay USED to be good however they have got really greedy and they only support the seller and not the consumer these days, Ebay and PayPal along with Gumtree all one or are tied up with each other More fees bigger profits for them.

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