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North York, ON, CA
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1 review
0 helpful votes

Stay away. There are so many complaints about this site, it isn't funny. Search under complaints and you'll see a ton!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Oh my! I can't believe that I won the LCD Tv!!! This is really awesome!! I love dealfun!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Stop!!!! not give $ to this site. Pretty much everything they claim on the site is incorrect. Give you money to a charity or the homeless, because any funds you spend here is like throwing it away or worse supporting a very bogus company. This is not what doing business in America was intended to be!

1 review
1 helpful vote

It is a complete SCAM I had something spirited away when it looked like I might win so I sent off an email only to get reimbursed (does anybody want my bids)? STAY CLEAR!!! I find it disappointing this was advertised on FACEBOOK shame on you!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a VERY VERY bad website and just try to take your money away!! Don't sign up and spend your money and time for nothing!!! please pass this message around your family and friends!!

5 reviews
12 helpful votes

STAY AWAY unless you like pain and suffering. Took months to get products won from auctions and when they arrived many were damaged or poor quality. They did offer and live up to a satisfaction guarantee and refunded all my money spent on bids and items won and not received. Thus the one Star to be fair.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

THIS SITES IS THE WORST. I have bid on a few things and so far have received only one item of the three i have won. The item is a wallet and they sent the wrong one and wrong color. I emailed them and no response going on 7 days. There is no customer support that is claimed to be great. I think the workers are writing theses reviews. Now after watching the site for days now they are not offering anything worth bidding on. I mean come on, the first page and there is 12 head bands 5 bid cards 2 makeup and a FLASH LIGHT. I think I have been scammed DON'T USE THIS SITE

1 review
1 helpful vote

Purchased an r.c. helicopter in early November as a Christmas gift for my son. The money was taken from my bank account immediately, and I've not received it yet (2.1.12). The first time I inquired, I received an apologetic email claiming that they'd 're-shipped' the item, and that I should expect it in two weeks. The next time I inquired, my account was listed as 'closed', and the item 'shipped'. I would LOVE to file a class action suit against these 'fly-by-night' scambags.

1 review
1 helpful vote

like all the others in this review section, I have paid for ( not won ) so called goods in mid December 2011 still nothing, complian send emails I would have more joy pissing in the wind. as we can all see there is no responce from deal fun on any complaints stated here that shows how much they give a dam about, if they where a good up front company they would be explaining themselves to the people being ripped of, and stop hidding behind the 24/7 bull$#*! that treats us with contempt.

1 review
1 helpful vote

In November I bid for a helicopter and a wine saver. They have yet to arrive. I have emailed support and I received a response of "your items have been shipped on 12/27." I have not received these items still! This site is crap!

10 reviews
11 helpful votes

Waste of money. Scam. Whoever put that the won an ipod shuffle is lying because their ipod shuffles are not Ipods. if you read the item description (way down at the bottom) it states it is not an Apple product but holds more songs than the similar product by Apple. Looks JUST like one, tho. It's all cheap crap from China and no real person has any chance at winning a big ticket item (such as an HDTV) for $58 as you may see advertised. There are employees of the site driving up the bids and they are also the ones that "win" those huge items for that price. To make ppl think they've got a chance of getting one at that price when they look at recently completed auctions so they'll bid on the next one, run out of bids, and buy more bids. It's ridiculous. As someone once said "there is a special place in hell for these people" who come up with these scams. Oh yeah, and they take forever to ship your item, if you even are lucky enuf to receive it at all.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought two items on 11-28-11; site represented that I would receive the items within 15 business days; 'support' has no phone number and is by email only; support's emails have been lame. it is now 1-1-12 and I am still waiting on the items I bought.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Oh yes I would like to give a review on this site. I spent $120 on bids I bid for about 2 hours ended almost all my bids and won a android for $85.00. And so the story begins. I ask for a tracking number for the android and they sent me one. A bogus one that went nowhere. I began emailing them to find out why I could not see where my android was at and they said their tracking system was messed up that I should receive it in 14 to 21 days. 21 days went by and I sent another e-mail they replied the next day that it was setting up the post office waiting for me to pick up. I went to my local post office and they said they have no such package for me and asked me if I have a tracking number. I gave them the tracking number that was first given to me they said that was not one of their tracking numbers. Says that I've tried to contact deal fun back and I have got no reply back from them and all I think this company is a ripoff a scam and surely should be looked into by whoever controls the Internet I guess it's buyer beware of their so I'm just telling you don't waste your money on the site it is not legit at all.

1 review
1 helpful vote


Why are you telling people to get Christmas gifts for their loved ones when they won't arrive in time? Nothing that I won in November has arrived yet, so how are items won now going to arrive in time? Don't bother telling me to contact customer service, I've already done that. Besides I won't get a response BEFORE Christmas.

1 review
1 helpful vote

You purchace bidding vouchers for hot items then bid on items hopefully being the high bidder (of coarse at a lower than retail cost) but you will never win these items that brought you to the web page.
Instead you spend hours just trying to figure out how to recooperate the hundreds of dollars spent on bid vouchers.
Worst web scam ever!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had a GREAT time on DealFun. I have won an a few small items (Angry birds sling shot, car mp3 player, ipod travel charger kit) and a beautiful Samsung 32" LCD TV. I got all of these items for a total of $11. (I won the TV for $9.71) and I used no more then 100 bids for all these items.

I saved a ton of money and for those that state it's a scam it's because they don't understand it's unique type of auction style.

The other great thing about dealfun is their dealwheel, where you can get a chance to win an item instantly or get a few free bids (that last only 24Hrs).

Who knows maybe you might win something with some free bids.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ok, So I won a bluray player for $16.22, but that was after spending around $70 in bids. You can win bid vouchers with your bids, but they expire in 10 days , so are pointless. Most of the prizes are cheap junk, with the exception of a couple of items, which means to win anything decent, you are likely to have a lot of competition. More or less not worth your time or money.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Ohhh geeze where to start.

Okay, so like any penny auction site, common sense and a little intelligence is required. If you think you're going to spend 45 dollars on the smallest bid package and win an $800 Ipad, you have another thing coming. Everyone and there cousin would be doing it.

This site is okay at best. I would say apx. 70% of the cheaper items is just Japanese garbage. Stuff most people wouldn't buy at a dollar store. They don't show you that when you sign up, they show you a FULL page of items that I've NEVER seen on the site. Never, period. In fact, they have a group of "mock" auctions that don't even exist. So in other words, the sign up page looks like you're buying a Lamborghini, but really you end up getting a Hyundai. They sell 6 or 7 items that are worth anything. But there "dealfun price" is MUCH more than you could buy it retail, so if you do end up hitting buy now, you're just getting ripped off.


The PS3 they auction everyday, the "dealfun price" is $349.00. I could go to Future Shop and buy the same system for $249.00 with a game.

Customer Service is great. If you do end up getting in touch with them, and I'm willing to bet you will, they will do almost anything to help you out. That I can't knock so to speak. Now one thing that's incorrect, is that their average response time is 15 minutes. I've waited hours before, not every time, but it's happened. But, once they finally get in touch with you, they'll do anything for you. I'm sure it's because of the thousands of dollars they're making.

Now I'll get to shipping. Shipping is the worst part of this site. It takes weeks, if not months for items to get to your door. It took almost 2 months for a BluRay player I won to get to my door. I've had over a dozen items damaged, and a few not work at all. Which reminds me NEVER buy ANY watches from there site. I have over 20 of them, all garbage. The straps break easily, they have a cheap feel to them, just throwing that out there.

All in all. Great customer service, bad ending prices and free shipping. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't. There are SEVERAL other penny auction sites that are much better.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Oh dear, another penny auction site which combines the addictiveness of a fruit machine and fun of the auction, but where you don't really get a good deal.
This is more like a fairground attraction. Probably legal, but don't expect to get a good deal. A great way to spend money if you have lots spare, but a terrible way to spend money if you don't have much!

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Dealfun is absolutely dreadful. I have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing bids on this site, and have not won any auctions at all (with the exception of the first "gimme" auction they set up when you first join; you get 10 bids). I follow their advice, use my bids wisely, do what I see other people doing, yet still haven't won a thing.

The site warns you not to bother going up against what they call "prestige bidders" (are these straw bidders or people with issues?) I assure you that anything worth winning will be won by one of these people.

It's much like a bait and switch they are happy to show you the iPad they sold for $42.00 (did the site go down or something?), and the PS3 that sold for $12.00, but don't ever bother to hope that you will win an item at these prices.

While some say to wait until just a couple of people are bidding, then swoop in and start bidding at the close, I offer this: if someone has spent hours trying to win an item it's not right to jump in right at the end. I've never done it to other people, and don't appreciate it when someone does it to me. It's really annoying when an auction is prolonged unnecessarily by someone who bounces in and starts bidding like a fool; it's an invitation for more people to come in and prolong the auction indefinitely. That is exactly what happens at Dealfun. Auctions take far too long to finish, meanwhile the site is raking in more and more money.

It seems to me that a handfull of fools has come in to Dealfun and taken over; their prices are inflated for a penny auction and there are a few screen names that you will see winning the best items consistently. I have a feeling that they buy from Dealfun and sell on EBay.

Dealfun also touts that they will apply your bids (not bonus bids, but purchased bids) to the cost of an item. When I started to lose money on the site, I decided that I may as well take advantage of this, and started to order items in hopes of selling some elsewhere to at least break even (cover the loss I incurred buying bids). To date I have not received anything that I have paid for. Customer service won't talk, and the items are in what seems to be a perpetual "processing" status.

Dealfun is NOT the place to go!

1 review
2 helpful votes

when the auction is ending and someone bids over you, it should reset back to 15 secs. often it's reset back to 16 secs or 17 secs. do you know how much longer they can prolong the bid by increasing it a second longer? tricky huh? when i tried the live chat, asking the question to the guy over the other end, he took off without answering the question. he didnt even dare to intro himself on the chat.

how much cheaper? here's why they outsmart us. not cheap considering an ipad auction can go up to $200 = 20,000 bids.
that's 20,000 bids x $0.50 from customers pockets.
that's $10,000 out of our pocket to get an ipad. not done yet..
that's what we have already paid them via our bids. plus the winner will fork out $200 to claim it!
GRAND TOTAL: $10,200 for an ipad that's lowest at its class!

1 review
1 helpful vote

It is a really good deal and it is fun... I've turned my insomnia into profit and got most of my jeweleries for pennies... also lots of small gifts for upcoming Christmas for my nieces...My initial goal was to win a Amazon Kindle Wireless and I have to admit I've lost more than 150 bids with no success, but DEALFUN allowed me to use the lost bids and pay the difference to the real price so I bought the Kindle for just 50$...a win-win situation... Looking back and summarize I bought products of 579.85$ for just 150.89$...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I won the Acer Aspire 10'1 netbook for $4.93. Four Dollars and ninty-three cent, I couldnt believe my luck when I won. Took awhile for it to arrive. But, when I got it, I was truly pleased. It was brand new and in the orignal box w/warranty. I also bidded on a few other things. I didnt win them, but I was able to purchase them for less with the bids I had used. One item has arrived and I'm waiting for the second item to arrive. So, I would give Dealfun a thumbs up.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've done a lot of searching about this site trying to see if I was scammed. I signed up with them and won a couple cheap auctions...ear phones and then an mp3 player. They have yet to arrive, but I am able to see they are at least on their way. I tried my luck at a big auction after watching for some time and was thrilled when I won an iPad for $264.91. I used about 25 bids to win. (don't just bid, watch and learn first). I won the iPad on August 8th and waited and waited for it to be sent and felt nothing was happening. The customer service really is as good as advertised and the only thing from me feeling like I was totally scammed. Yesterday my iPad arrived (Aug 30). It was brand new and I couldn't be happier. I wish shipping was a bit faster for the small items and wish I had waited until it was August free shipping to bid on them, and learn! It's not a scam, but be patient and watch and learn before you just start wasting bids!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I won the Kindle for 19.99, but I spent around 150 bids on it. One bid is 0.6. I have to admit I am lucky for this. However, I think only a small portion of people can win large prize, but we can always get small prizes with fewer bids. If you believe you have luck, and you have plenty of bids, you can try the large prize, otherwise, you should not. Always bid when the counter goes near 1, which is a wiser choice I think.

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