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DailyMail UK has a consumer rating of 2.85 stars from 13 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. DailyMail UK ranks 94th among News Other sites.

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Top Positive Review

“Good News, Toxic Comment Sections”

John S.

4 stars because the actual "news" aspect of the site is overall pretty good but it's unfortunate that the comments section on each article is full of radical right-wing trolls that vigorously upvote and promote COVID misinformation comments.

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Top Critical Review

“Content held hostage for the ransom of disabling AdBlocker.”

Radius A.

Any site holding content hostage for the ransom of disabling an adblocker triggers an immediate middle finger and closing of the tab. I can find news elsewhere without advertisements and tracked cookies watching my every move and infecting my computer. Find another way to make money without pelting your readers with distractions.

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2 reviews
1 helpful vote
December 30th, 2021

4 stars because the actual "news" aspect of the site is overall pretty good but it's unfortunate that the comments section on each article is full of radical right-wing trolls that vigorously upvote and promote COVID misinformation comments.

11 reviews
30 helpful votes
December 5th, 2018


Full of 5h1t. Bans you if you call it out on it's 5h1t.
P1sses on good news,
Glorifies bad news/stupidness
Encourages bad behaviour, then gets "outraged" when the behaviour happens
BQM (bl00dy questionnable moderation. Panders to whingers. Altho, currently the DM does not shadow-censor)

(Internet posting tip: always check your comment is publically visible when you log out of the account)

Can you say 'clickbait'?

2 stars is generous

Also known as the Daily Fail, Daily Heil (it's well known they were Nazi sympathisers), Daily Wail and Daily Hate.

So why go there? "All that is needed for the Daily Mail to flourish, is for good people to say nothing".

A right wing paper that looks like a left wing paper.

The purpose of this tabloid seems to be to remove hope from people, so they don't get ideas about doing anything pro-active (or appreciating what's good).

Do not expect free speech.

It seems to be about instilling fear and doubt.

2 steps:
1) reel you in with some bait. The bait can either be something you WANT to hear, or something you totally disagree with (ie, you need to respond & comment)
2) once you are reeled in, feed you a constant stream of negative, so you give up any hope of trying to be a pro active positive member of society.

The only thing worth reading on this site is the comments section. Don't take the articles themselves TOO seriously (if you actually read the articles themselves, and don't go straight to the comments).

All article comments are moderated, even the ones that say they aren't moderated. Just in case you say something against the DM's agenda. There is very little point trying to comment on a moderated article if you don't say either "disgusted" or "lovely". "I don't want to live in this country anymore" comes up quite a bit. A few people get news coverage by doing something stupid, and someone doesn't want to live in the country any more. That's quite a strange comment really. There are plenty of countries you wouldn't want to live in. This, really isn't one of them. Heck knows what would happen if they lived in a country where a lot of the country didn't want to live there any more. "I fear for the future" is also usually a home run.

Some articles comments are moderated to wind the readers up. Ie, there will be a story where the obvious reaction is "idiot", but the moderators have allowed the "poor dear" comments. You can tell when then want to wind up the readership, they'll have lots of articles that are 'moderated' comments only. Occasionally they'll have a non-moderated comments article, but if the comments on that article don't go the way they want, they'll change it to moderated. They've done this on more than one occasion.

On an "un-moderated" article, if your comment doesn't appear, I would recommend putting in some random full stops into a word. For instance, "guns" might become "g.uns".

Now I can't prove this, but I have a feeling that if you use a flagged word (eg, kardashian), it notches your 'alert' level up by one. So if you use a questionable word (muslim, liberal, etc ad infinitum) I'd recommend putting in some extra characters (kardashian might become k ar d.ash ian)

Seriously, commenting on the DM site is a 'guilty pleasure'. Only go on the page if you is 'well up for a rucus'. Trolling a moderated comments section may get your comment printed. Trolling is NOT bullying. Bullying is bullying. Trolling is posting a (mostly harmless) comment to get a reaction/wind people up.

I suspect a LOT of original material gets moderated or removed from the site. Mail online WILL remove comments that get reported by "Offended People". So the mail plays to the lowest common demoninator. But to be honest, the 'news'paper is AIMED at the lowest common denominator. This moderation plays into the hands of the "I'm offended and will complain and they'll listen to me". 1984 in full force. If you call someone a nice name, you're fine. If you call someone a nasty name, it can be reported. Tbh they probably want to create their own news again, if you express yourself, then are 'moderated', you are more likely to 'express yourself' in real life, and make a story.

There's so much skewed up with this paper, it would need a list. The site mis labels bullying as trolling. Ironically enough, the daily mail at around 6 million circulation is probably the countries biggest troll. Most articles are not for information, but to get a reaction. Half of it seems to be for the "did you read the mail this morning? What a load of..." conversations.

If you think for yourself and disagree with what they say, your comment will probably be removed or not printed. If you are a sheep and the most you can contribute is "disagraceful/despair", you're in there.

The mail appears to attempt to generate it's own news. EG, It will run ENDLESS hate stories on a certain group (benefit cheats, muslims, immigrants), and then when an event actually happens against this group (eg a real verbal/physical attack), it will gleefully publish shock at the terrible things being done to that group. When a story is printed of eg, something bad happening to one of those groups, the comments are generally moderated to show peoples faux 'disgust' at what happened, while the rest of the mails readership knows full well that that group of people is relentlessly attacked in the Mails other stories. When reporting murdered females, it often finds a pic of the women in swimwear or chest pics.

The journalists are all right wing types who wish it was 1950, smoke a pipe, listen to mozart, and have blind faith that all authority is right. Maybe that's what right-wing means. "All laws are right". A lot of the readership is female, so there's a generous proportion of feminist man haters who left their self criticism at the door before wondering why they weren't handed life on a plate.

This paper really is thought control. It wants to tell you what to think. And then when someones thoughts cause them to carry out a "newsworthy story" (usually some form of violence against someone else), it will jump on it, and publish it, and sell newspapers.

DM slogan - "You'll think what we want you to think, and if you think for yourself, we don't like your type round here".

Generally if something is good, the dm will ridicule it. If someone has done something stupid, and been told on it, the dm will slate the person who told them off. The dm tries to perpetuate ignorance and stupidity. I suppose ignorance and stupidity creates events that can be reported as 'news'. Keeps the mail in its "job". Plus, the more stupid the Plebs are, the more of a pleb the government can be and still be in control.

One of the DM's agenda's is to get you to spend money, so a lot of the articles are designed as adverts to sell you products. This includes selling you a lifestyle, articles about ex-Z listers and what they are wearing. It tells you you have to spend money to attain 'happiness'. One form of 'happiness', is the right hand column of stories on the site, where it would have you believe Z-listers are permanently on holiday.

Curiously the dm and bbc news sites could be equal and opposite. The DM is a right wing site that looks like a left wing site. EG, It's a "the law is right" site, that feels like a pub. The bbc news site is a left wing site that looks like a right wing site. EG, it's a "love everyone" site, that is wearing a pristine suit and tie. A lot of this approach is probably due to who funds them, or who guarantee's their funding.

The mail likes:
The royals
The police
The tories

The mail doesn't like
The speaker of the house
Jeremy clarkson

Apparently the mail has a new editor. The previous one was quite right wing, the newer one is more left wing. So expect a different bias in articles.

As for the adverts that I've occasionally seen litter the page, I can't really comment because I use an adblocker. The only other issue is that the page is quite long, which means it can take a few seconds to load. DM, you could have half the number of c**p stories on your page, and it would load twice as fast (adblock just registered 145 blocked items. Really?). It really can get horrifically slow sometimes.

Often you want to go straight to the comments. The articles that have comments enabled (most... tbh) give you a comment link from the headline, but the DM has decided that you want to see any inline video's in each article, so a video window pops up, which just slows everything down a little bit more.

Since changing from a hard disk drive to an SSD, the page loading time has marginally improved. The Mail's website is still slow as s##t though.

It's quite an easy to navigate site, apart from the pauses in loading. There are sites such as the telegraph and the independent, but these aren't quite as accessible. The mail also lets you vote comments up or down without registering, so comments appear to garner far more reaction.

7 reviews
5 helpful votes
March 21st, 2018

If you would like to see what the rest of the world is saying about us, this is usually one of my favorite places to start.

11 reviews
31 helpful votes
September 16th, 2015

While just a typical news site in most respects, there are frequent news stories that contain nudity or near-nudity and I would not label this site as child safe for kids under 18. This site is definitely geared towards an adult viewer base.

4 reviews
14 helpful votes
July 6th, 2020

Any site holding content hostage for the ransom of disabling an adblocker triggers an immediate middle finger and closing of the tab. I can find news elsewhere without advertisements and tracked cookies watching my every move and infecting my computer.

Find another way to make money without pelting your readers with distractions.

Tip for consumers:
Find another place to read.

Products used:

6 reviews
7 helpful votes
May 7th, 2015

Well, I suppose some stories can be considered actual journalism, but I use this site - and I think most would say the same - for entertainment. It has some of the weirdest stories from around the world. I think my morning radio shows pulls from this site. Pretty funny and sometimes disturbing stuff.

18 reviews
14 helpful votes
November 25th, 2011

Great site for keeping up with an admittedly slanted view of the news in the UK and abroad.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 30th, 2021

This "newspaper" has been spreading lies and conspiracy theories all over their online version since the pandemic began. They are a dangerous organization and people will die because of the lies about vaccines and masks. James Gordon is the worst "journalist" on this site...

46 reviews
26 helpful votes
June 30th, 2021

Just be aware that anything you read on the DailyMail is censored. Even comments that are 100% verifiable and accurate are removed if they don't meet their agenda of misinformation and scare tactics. Steer clear and get your news elsewhere

Tip for consumers:
My tips? Don't! They are a waste of time and effort. Controlled by the government, they feed you whatever the government wants.

3 reviews
13 helpful votes
October 16th, 2019

This website is $#*!ing radical! I can't believe that such triggered people exist! Usually, it's labeled as right-wing, but I've seen articles and comments from both sides, right and left, going HAM about something. Usually, the idiotic comments get upvoted, while the rational comments get downvoted to hell! So much hate from both sides, I don't even know if it's supposed to be right-wing or left-wing anymore. Full of radical, angry, bitter, judgmental people.

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