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1 review
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I got to this site via a price comparison site. Cash 4 phones gave the highest quote so I chose them.
They were very quick in sending me the return envelop and sending me an email saying they have received my phone and that I should get my money in 10 working days. That was Nov 22nd and I never received my money.
The site doesn't work anymore and they never replied to my emails. The phone number is a recorded message asking me to leave my name and phone number.
They offered 118 pounds for my iphone 4 but never paid me. Total scam!!

1 review
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Sent my Blackberry Bold to them in October, promised it was worth £100, then received a letter back saying it was only worth £39.00 as it was damaged, bearing in mind this was a brand new phone.
Can't get hold of them on the phone, never been paid.

1 review
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Should be Zero stars!!! Another disappointed consumer from cash4phones. I sent them messages and letters and they have promised £93 to be paid 3 times now and not paid me my money. The last time they said I would have the money by 12th Dec but nothing arrived. What crooks!!!
I have contacted watchdog and the consumer group and will keep hassling the company until they hopefully get fed up with me!!

1 review
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I sent some phones at beginning of November. I have not received payment and now unable to contact their website. May have closed down. Can someone help? Beware!

1 review
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Gutted was offered 248 for my iphone 5 needed the money to give to my kids for Christmas as I am a single mum they have ruined my Christmas don't no wot I'm going to do now they are scum

1 review
1 helpful vote

I came across this company from a comparison website. Cash4phones were offering the highest value for my I Phone 4. The company were very quick in sending me the returns envelope. Posted the phone recorded delivery 21.11.13.
I logged in to check my status, they finally acknowledged receipt of the phone 2nd December whereby the phone had 'passed its quality control.' Please allow 10 working days for payment.

Ten working days passed no payment, no response to my emails and no answer on their telephone 0845 4601064.

Their website no longer works, they have changed their trading name to Yemonia Ltd 10th December. Trading address

Companies house previous address C4P Holdings Ltd UNIT 15 GATEWAY MEWS

Please report these fraudsters to Action Fraud 03001232040 and Citizens advice consumer service 0845 4040506. They have been ripping people off for years changing company name and directors regulary. Its about time they were stopped from trading at all. The more complaints action fraud and citizens advise receive the more they will have to investigate. Please report.

1 review
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No payment recieved, company has moved from thier office, never been conned before, company dont pick up thier phone, dont reply to my emails, im really depressed and feel vulnerable.Been over a month and i see the owner is closing his company. Dont even feel angry no more, just feel depressed knowing i only sold my phone because i needed the money to buy some gift for my kids, now having to take a loan with quickquid and yet dont no how im going to pay it back

1 review
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Quoted me £178 for an Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, sent the phone off in the pack they provided...four weeks later i still have no phone returned, no money for the phone and NOT A SINGLE REPLY from the many emails i have sent them and even sent them a recorded letter as advised by Trading Standards. They never answer their phone numbers, the owners are Cypriot theives who keep changint their name currently they are called C4P Holdingd Ltd and if you check them out they have REQUESTED TO CLOSE THE BUSINESS so dont send them anything!!!!!!

1 review
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So angry at this company - they offered me £188 for my Samsung galaxy s3, I sent it to them in perfect condition on September 10th 2013. They emailed me after a couple of days saying due to excessive wear & tear have revised my offer to £78. I rang them to complain, apparently there was a mix up and they came back and offered me £150 which I accepted. On 26th September they emailed me confirming payment to my bank account which would take 3 - 5 working days. It is now 28th October and I have still NOT received my payment. I have contacted them by phone and email to keep getting told they have had technical problems and payment will be in my bank in 7 days. I fear I will never receive this payment, times are hard I don't have a lot and this would have really helped towards xmas pressies for my kids :( NEVER use Cash 4 Phones - they are scammers and need reporting...

1 review
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I was lured in by the highest quote for my Samsung Ace.

Never had any suspicions since I previously used Mazuma (or whatever you call it) and it was quick and painless. Sent my phone, got the check within a few days

This time it was a whole different story.

I am so angry with them that I decided to write this review (and I dont usually do it)
I always had a screen protector and a cover case on my Ace, and believe me it was in a PERFECT condition when I sent it to this scam of a company.
I accepted £44 quote and decided to recycle it because I couldnt be bothered selling it online. The envelope came in a couple of days, I carefully packaged it in a bubble wrap and sent it over.
Two days later I checked the status in my account only to find out that my phone had alleged excessive scratching on the screen(!!!) and the quote was lowered down to £18, also if I didnt accept it I would have to pay the release/postage fee of c.a. £9.
I got really angry, believe me it is not about money because at the end of the day £44 is not really the end of the world. I just realised the scam behind this operation!
I wrote an angry message to them and got a reply back that they will re-assess the phone.
3 or 4 days later I checked the account again and the quote came up to £28.

And this is what they do they rely on the fact that most of people will not be bothered paying the release fee (which in many cases is a large chunk of the phone value) or argue with them over a few quid and will agree to the revised fee which is usually ridiculous.
Started reading on them online and found that many customers (with more expensive phones) actually went and asked for their phone back and received their phones damaged or in a very poor condition. Either way you lose with them.

My problems didnt end there. It took countless messages (and I think about 3-4 weeks) before I finally received my check.


It is unthinkable that they manage to operate this way nowadays.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Cash 4 Phones

5 minutes ago
Awful service I feel totally robbed
I sent my phone to this company in good faith I was asked if the handset was working or broken mine was in full working order they offered £128 this was the highest price i found online so I decided to send it. One week later I received a email stating due to excessive wear and tear they would now pay £38 .
As a matter of principal I decided to pay the high postage charge to get my phone back after making this payment my phone never arrived I have contacted them many times to try to resolve this but the last contact I received was a email confirming my tracking number (this tracking number was fake ) over a month down the line they haven't returned my handset and to add insult to injury the have also charged me postage .
I have made many attempts to resolve the situation spending hours on hold and sending emails but they are simply refusing to reply I have no idea if I will ever get my handset back or the postage fee awful!!

1 review
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I sent my phone in pristine condition, I even bubble wrapped it as they sent an unprotected envelope. The first offer on the website was £202. They sent me an email to say when they had received my phone and it was in poor condition and they will only pay me £70.70. I was fuming. This website has no phone number to call them so i can only air my frustration via email. They then come back with the phone is not that damaged we will pay you £150. I declined both offers and am now taking legal action. This site are robbing people blind and seem to be getting away with it.

1 review
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Like many other reviewers have stated, I was one of those attracted to Cash4phones because they offered the best price for my phone compared to all other buyers. Long Story Short, they fooled me, bombarded me with emails to send my phone to them ASAP and once they got my phone the responses got very slow. They stated that due to 'wear and tear' my phone was now worth less than half of what was originally offered (from £60 to £24). I rejected the offer, and asked for my phone to be returned. They told me to pay £8.95 (an exorbitant amount for postage), I obliged but sill they did not return my phone. Their phones are programmed to go straight to voicemessage, they never answer. They also allow you contact via their official page only once, after that you are asked to enter a Barcode which automatically generates a message to say they already have an enquiry for your account and are still working on things. Eventually after making it clear that I will take the matter to court and report to the police, someone from Cash4phones rang me and tried to persuade me to sell my phone, they offered a better price but I had had enough, I just wanted my phone back. I was at the verge of making a court claim when my phone was eventually returned after so much pain, hassle, sweat, and weeks! I have lost £8.95 as well! Please do not even think of doing business with these people, they are a big SCAM! You will be lucky to get any money or even your phone.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have now been waiting 6 weeks for my cheque, only £14.00, not the original offer due to "wear and tear" by the way. This company ignore my emails and don't call me back. They have basically stolen my phone. Choose a different company would be my advice.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I received an e-mail from them on 26/07/13 saying payment has been made and will be in my account within 3 - 5 working days. As I hadn't received the money I called them on 0845 460 4064 (number not even on website) on 09/08/13 and was told payment would be sent and I will receive it in 48 hours. The person I spoke to sounded like a robot and wouldnt answer my questions properly; he simply repeated what he had already said with attitude. It is now 13/08/13 and still no money. I have been trying to call all day, waiting in long queues with an annoying message replaying over and over again. I finally got through and the person hung-up while I was still explaining the reason for my call. I am now going to get advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau as something is definitely not right here. My guess is these positive reviews are fake as I have read other ones like mine on Trustpilot and then these have been taken off after reported as being false.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They did not allow me to reject their ridiculously low offer although I was still within the offer period. They then dismantled my phone.

Nothing but thieves.

Please please please stay clear of this company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

same as above sent a phone htc disire hd perfect condition worth 65 pounds got the ups it has failed through were/tear abs rubish said it was worth 20 pounds or 9 pounds to return 3 weeks passed no cheque big scam

1 review
1 helpful vote

sent in a blacberry bold coz they had 5 stars was offered £67.20 then was told they will only pay £26.47 and after 14 days i still havent seen a penny and they wont reply atall/ is this a way of legally ripping of inocent people coz i think it is

1 review
1 helpful vote

do not use them they are scam artists and should be held accountable for the fraudulent way of their operations!!!!! fraud step number 1 they tell you its as easy as one two three . step 2 they give you a price for your phone if its working and a lower price if its not. step three they receive your phone after sending you the flimsiest little bag for free posting you mobile to them, then write you an email explaining theyve received your phone but are now offering you a revised price (65% lower) becouse it has failed the testing. and if you do not accept this new offer than you will have to pay almost £10 to receive your phone for the delivery. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST AND> REPORT TO TRADING STANDARDS AND WATCHDOG!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Just don't even bother using this website. They are the worst company around, goddamn awful through and through. STAY AWAY! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Disgusting! After receiving my phone, they should have made payment 3 to 5 days after. They state that in "busy" times it may take up to 10 days. Mine has now been 11 days but by all accounts from reviews around the net, I could be waiting months.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Cash 4 Phones have terrible customer service and I would not recommend them to anyone. They claim to offer the best prices for used phones, but they find faults where there are none and even though they claim you can dispute their judgements, their second opinions don't alter. I sent them a BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 which was two months old, working perfectly and without a scratch on it, yet they claimed it had mild to medium cosmetic damage; lowering their offer from £135 to £105 with no other explanation.

When I tried to contact them to dispute their valuation nobody would answer the phone, even though I tried more than once an hour during the course of an entire working day. Coincidentally, their telephone number has now been removed from their site, and has been replaced with an e-mail address.

Although they suggest payment will take 3-10 working days, I have been waiting 15, and when I asked them about the delay they said there had been 'some technical difficulties' and did not even offer an apology.

All in all they have had my phone and money for nearly a month.

If you want slow payments and terrible service by all means use Cash 4 Phones.

If you want the correct valuation for your phone, use someone else.

*** I only used Cash 4 Phones because I used a comparison site which said they were the best and they had 5/5 stars. After I started having problems I searched for other reviews and found mostly negative comments. Please don't make the same mistake as me. ***

1 review
1 helpful vote

Offered £150 for iPhone 4 in perfect condition! Literally not a scratch on it. I have photos of the phone from every angle on the day it was posted. Wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, inside a jiffy envelope, inside the original box ( it could not move and was extremely well padded)

They are now telling me the screen has excessive scratching and are offering me ... £32. Absolute joke! I am 100% sure the phone was not scratched.

So now I take £32 or PAY THEM £9 to return my phone which having had dealings with them now I do not trust to return my phone in a sellable condition.

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Liars and will rip you off!

Do not sell your phone to cash4phones!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible service. Offered the going rate for my phone e.g. a similar price to lots of other websites. On receipt of my phone however, they reduced the price by over 80%. If I didn't accept this new offer, I could pay for the privilege of having it returned to me (a charge they do not readily advertise before you send your phone to them). I complained of course and they revised the lower offer... though I considered this was still too low. I had five days in which to consider this offer, within this period I rejected the offer and emailed requesting my phone be returned to me. Unfortunately Cash 4 Phones had already processed the payment assuming I would accept their revised offer. I now have no phone, an unacceptable amount of cash and no response whatsoever from Cash 4 Phones after my multiple attempts to complain about their service.

Avoid Cash 4 Phones ( at all costs.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They offered a good but not excessive price of £145.20 for my immaculate iphone4 16GB.
When they received it they reported that it had excessive cosmetic wear and tear and therefore make a revised offer of £58.08. I ask for a explanation by email but got no reply so decided to pay the £8.95 to have my phone returned. 2 days later I received a call from the company on a saturday morning to say that they would now offer the full price. I ask for an explanation of why they had changed their mind but did not receive a reply. It then took nearly 2 weeks to receive my money and this despite a letter of complaint.

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