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    Camella Homes

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Camella Homes has a consumer rating of 1 star from 14 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Camella Homes ranks 481st among Real Estate Other sites.

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“Camella Team is a Mess!”

King M.

Shout out to South Camella Bacolod team turtle! You will never receive any notification about the status of your house, electricity, and water, etc! You have to go there every day just to check what's going on! The office team are like undergrads and don't know what to do but their accountant can accept the payment in seconds! I'm in full regret why I chose Camella. If you want challenges and nightmare to own a house, Camella will help u.

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1 review
8 helpful votes
December 24th, 2020

Shout out to South Camella Bacolod team turtle! You will never receive any notification about the status of your house, electricity, and water, etc! You have to go there every day just to check what's going on! The office team are like undergrads and don't know what to do but their accountant can accept the payment in seconds! I'm in full regret why I chose Camella. If you want challenges and nightmare to own a house, Camella will help u.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 18th, 2021

I had my house built by non- engineers! If I could send pictures you would be shocked! We have to use Carmella's contractor!
They went around the area and picked up pieces of block and squeezed them in our walls during construction. I asked them to rebuild the house and they wrote back that they fixed the problem but I can see that they covered the mistakes with concrete. I cant go there due o Covid so we are at the mercy of Carmella. We save our hard earned money to build our dream homes and this is what happens. I'm sure we will have cracking issues throughout the house and possibly collapsing. I will have a housing inspector of my own to check the structure. This many complaints and no action from anyone?

1 review
14 helpful votes
August 6th, 2020

I just had bad dealings with Camella homes please be advised never deal with this company you will lose your money

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Buying a house

1 review
3 helpful votes
April 13th, 2021

The Camellia Homes management is not truthful. They have very poor customer
Relations. We signed up our mortgage with "All Bank" on June 2019 for a fix rate of 7.8% for 5 years. We paid our mortgage before the due date regularly even during pandemic and shocked to receive a notice from "All Bank" that Camellia bought back our mortgage as an "In House" loan and for a 14.9%. Camellia and All Bank both belongs to Villar. Very manipulative. "All Bank" said Camellia failed to forward the title. It's their shortcomings, why do we have to suffer by charging us a very high interest rate. Right now, we are working on having it refinance by other bank. Hopefully we succeed with the Grace of the Lord.

1 review
6 helpful votes
February 18th, 2021

Stay away from this company! They're bunch of crooks! Think thousands of times before making any transaction with them.
Eto yung literal na bato na ipupukpok mo sa ulo mo.
Staff are incompetent and unprofessional.
Bring your business elsewhere. Search camella's reviews online for your reference.

Yup. You're welcome!

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 14th, 2021

Nothing but heartaches! I'm writing this review to help future home-owners to NOT even consider Camella as one of their choices. I did not see this website prior to buying a unit so it's too late for me but I hope the buck stops with me.

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The Islands Camella

1 review
10 helpful votes
January 28th, 2021

After buying a house, they lose interest. They react sluggishly to complaints. You have a construction site close for the whole year, because every now and then someone adds something. You work remotely overnight - you will certainly not sleep, because such a thing as silence does not exist and is not required. (the best time was when there was a total lockdown). They do nothing with dogs barking - sometimes all night long. Dog poop on your own property is normal, none of the owners clean up after their dog, Motorcycles with a loud exhalation are normal - also at night. The statutory speed of 20kmh is not respected because there are no decelerators on the road. Summing up, buy our house and then that's your concern. And many other bad things.
P. S
Very poor quality of materials, elements of the steel structure are rusted during bricklaying and no one protects the steel. (it will be utilized after a few years and will significantly weaken the building.
Finish? Home standard not for a few million but for a few pesos. But who cares, buy our house and then worry yourself

1 review
4 helpful votes
March 18th, 2021

I paid my unit fully in BDO bank and they dont have the title. They pass to me an endorsement letter and certificate of full payment. The bank said, they got guarantee letter only from Camella. After 5years, Camella haven't give my title up to this very moment and its been said that still in RTC for the re-institution. They just keep in promising and they said because of Covid, its been delayed. And until now, they never reply to my email and when I call, they always said the in-charge was not around. In addition, the house quality also was very poor. The time they turnover the unit to me, the window was not properly installed because cannot closed and lights switch was broken. They tricked me to sign first in the turnover documents and They promised that they will settle it but... they never fixed it at all. Few months after turnover, the wall of unit has many cracks and paints was torn.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 27th, 2021

Camella General Santos City, I am sending an email for an update but no one replied. Update update naman dyan!

1 review
1 helpful vote
April 15th, 2021

Sbrng bagal ng staff nila, wala silang pakialam sa customers nila. What is important is nakabayad na ung customer, and will provide a rubbish service!

5 reviews
27 helpful votes
August 14th, 2017
• Updated review

Well have been here 5 months and its nothing but hell. The gutters leak, the outside window trim is cracking and just had to remodel the upstairs bathroom because a pipe was leaking. Camella would fix it but they would replace the same crappy pipe and tile. The bathroom was bad and with the dirt here its hard to keep clean. So a week after that was done since I was using the downstairs bathroom that one started to leak too! Come on! So we will re due that also. I tried to contact the engineers but they dont respond to me anymore. Oh also the transformer blew on my street last month and camella took 4 days to fix it. They let 25 families with children in the dark for all that time never once coming to check.

The bond they charge here. Im not sure if I talked about it but I wonder how this scam is even legal, and whose house is this really. When you need to do work even changing your bathroom tile you need to give them 3000 peso, Then they take forever to give it back and they take 10% Now these fees vary the neighbor has paid 35,000 peso for various things and is still waiting for them to return but I heard some things were not done properly so he might not get the money back!. These bonds last for a certain number of days then when you want to fix something again and you will you have to give them money again and again and again. WOW what a scam.

Stay away from Camella Palawan they have another development here in Sicsican Im in Puerto Princessa. So I am only commenting on these.

If you want to buy and sell maybe its ok but I would not live in another one of their homes. Buy a lot and build your own home and not have to deal with all their rules.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Camella homes Palawan complete garbage!
March 19th, 2017
• Previous review

If your interested in buying property in the Philippines stay away from Camella homes. The quality is complete $#*!, they use the cheapest of the cheap material, thete us little to know oversight on the contractor who always skim. They do the worst work then you have to go in and fix or replace their crappy work. When you do they will hit you with a bond... a cute word to say stealing from you, you see you give them 5000 peso then they return 4500 wtf? Yes they do crap work, you go spend more money to fix it and pay them on top of that. The monthly fees are a joke, thete are stray dogs everywhere, the roads are $#*!, one broken down playground for the many kids here, this is beautiful living? This is a new development and it looks 10 years old. If you want to buy property stuck with a house and lot. But stay far away from Camella they are the worst of the worst, walls are uneven, $#*!ty paint job, bathroom tile is cracked, doors fall off, roofs leak, oh yea you only get a 1 year warranty on your roof image that, most have to sue, I'm looking into that myself they keep playing music that is part of their marketing and refuse to shut it off. I complained many times but nothing, i have yet to meet a resident that is Happy with their place unless they ha e cash to come in and completely redo it. Any questions about Camella or Palawan feel free to contact me. Thanks

1 review
15 helpful votes
May 2nd, 2019

Almost 1 year na nturn over samin yung bahay sa camella hanngang ngaun wala pa ding linya ng kuryente at tubig. Kapag ppunta kami lgi nilang sisnsbe next month, sa ktpusan hanggang inabot nlng ng 2019 wala p din. And worst pa itinayo nila ang bahay namin sa lugar na di nman yun ang lot area na pinili nmin and walang expalnation. So if you're planning to get a house never include camella in your option.

1 review
30 helpful votes
September 27th, 2018

It begins as a dream and now turning into nightmare. Kuwento ko lang pinagdadaanan namin ngaun sa Camella.

We were enticed by an agent si Ate Mel to buy a property from camella. Wala naman problema duon maayos naman si agent, nagrereply sa mga texts, maasikaso, maayos kausap in short.

After that we did contract signing the usual process and begin paying our monthly downpayment. We paid diligently on time without fail and applied for a loan as early as August 2017 ganun kami ka excited. Our account officer sorry pero magnaname drop nako so you can verify my story nabubully kasi yung iba na hindi daw totoo kuwento nila. So ituloy ko na our account officer Ms. MARY ROSE CITRON called me sa cellphone September and October 2017 asking kung naayos na loan and I said it is on process na. The bank then called me and said they will only release the loan after atleast 30% completion of the project. I visited the site wala ako nakita damo lang so I reported it to the account oficer nagulat din siya at iproritize daw nila. True enough by November 30% completed na yung bahay, ang bilis diba? Come December 2017 our loan was released we then went to star mall to sign some documents. We started paying our loan January 2018.

That was the last time we heard from our account officer or anybody from Camella Homes. Wala na kami narinig sa kanila after paying them the whole amount worth almost 8 MILLION PESOS.

So eto na yung nightmare part ng story. We visited the site March 2018, no improvement, no workers on site. So natural nagulat kami, I went to starmall to ask about the situation sabi matatapos daw nila in 2-3 months. We patiently waited until June 2018 and returned to the site, lo and behold... No improvement tengga pa din sa 30%, I went to starmall again ang sabi matatapos dw in 2-3 months... I know right parang deja vu lang diba? So kinabahan na ako at nagbasa-basa about Camella Homes, I was overwhelmed sa dami ng complaints sa kanila! I am also not an isolated case na delayed turn-over madami kami! What I learned sa mga nabasa ko e dapat meron ako proof sa mga sinasabi nila hindi pwede na verbal lang kasi babaliktarin ka nila in the end.

Come September 2018, 9 months after paying them almost 8 MILLION HARD EARNED PESOS which we will continue to pay sa bank hanggang sa 20 years nang buhay naming pamilya wala pa din improvement! Tinubuan na nang talahib yung loob ng bahay, nilumot na ang pader, kinalawang na din ang mga bakal. I went to starmall again, same story this time nga lang hindi na 2-3 months ang kuwento, 50% by end of September naman. To have evidence this time as if kailangan ko pa sa tagal ng delay ng turn-over na sobrang obvious naman na at this point diba? I emailed the account officer, MS. MARY ROSE CITRON and the engineer, MR. VIEL RIMANDO asking for an explation and timeline for construction and expected turn-over date. Hulaan nyo kung anu nangyari... No reply from both of them as in dead ma. I waited for a week after nun I emailed again and told them that I'm already contemplating to seek legal counsel if they will continue to ignore me. Ayun nagreply bigla si account officer na itatanong daw nya sa engineer kung bakit hindi ginagawa yung bahay namin this time pinasa concern ko kila Mr. VIEL RIMANDO, MR. HONEYBOY CATALAN, MS. MARY ARCILYN ELISEO. This was last week up to this day wala pa din ako nakukuha reply ni isa sa kanila so bukas pupunta nanaman uli ako sa starmall para magmakaawa sa kanila na tapusin na ang bahay namin na patuloy naming binabayaran sa bangko buwan buwan pero hindi pa namin natitirhan. Hindi man lang nila gawin kahit paunti unti meron lang kami makitang improvement kahit panu.

Pumunta uli ako sa site kanina nakakapanlumo wala pa din ni isang taong gumagawa ganun pa din mula nang iwan nila pagkatapos makuha bayad sa bangko. Kung gusto nyo nang abala at sakit sa ulo bili na sa Camella.

Q&A (8)


You may, check all your documents with Camella so you have a proof that there's an agreement and timeline for the turn over and such thing. I saw lot of complaints with Camella, lot of them are posted online but until now no action is taken for them to improve their service. What I would like to say is you may be waiting in vain.

By Mia S.

Worst customer service. Tatawagan mo landline nila busy! Pag di busy pag aantyin ka sa telepono kahit sinabi mo nang naka international call ka. Pag nag send ka ng email sa knila about sa complain mo hindi sila magrereply, pero pag nagpacompute ka ng bayarin wala pang 30 minutes my reply na kaagad. Magagling lang sila sa customer service pag pera ang pinaguusapan pero pag regarding na sa services nila na binayaran mo naman mabagal sila umaksyon. Kaya dpat sinisindak nyo yang mga taga camella na yan. Yung ibang makakasagot pa sa telepono mga wala pag alam minsan, Basta worst ang camella Lalo na sa Camella Provence Malolos Bulacan.

By Almera P.

No. It's non refundable. If you only paid the reservation fee then good for you because you can easily give it up but if you already starting to pay for the down payment, I advised you to look for someone who wants to continue your account in Camella. Because sooner or later, you will also experience the same treatment from them. Trust me! They are consistent to deliver the worst customer service.

By Mia S.

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