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Airliners.net has a consumer rating of 2.33 stars from 25 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Airliners.net ranks 158th among Forum sites.

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Top Positive Review

“Best Aviation Forums”

Mark B.

If you're an aviation geek, this site has it all from civil, military, space, and photography. WIth multiple forums in one, it can be a bit of a navigation challenge but you'll certainly find no shortage of information.

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Top Critical Review

“Good photo resource but forums a disgrace”

Steve C.

Great photos and need feeds. That's it though. Forum should be a fun thing to participate in given the common interests in aviation. However, forum has been taken over by trolls and my posts have been removed without notice. Not a conducive culture for discussion. Moderators appear to have certain political views which they freely use to remove views they don't agree with. Simply a joke. I rarely bother to visit this site anymore sadly. It was essential reading at one time for me. No more!

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6 reviews
10 helpful votes
March 12th, 2018

If you're an aviation geek, this site has it all from civil, military, space, and photography. WIth multiple forums in one, it can be a bit of a navigation challenge but you'll certainly find no shortage of information.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes
December 22nd, 2012

Every type of aircraft pic. Every possible angle of every plane on Earth!
Detailed Trip Reports in the forum for airline obsessed enthusiasts. Handy question and answers on technical aspects of aircraft and airline operations. Inside perspectives on the aviation industry.
Easy to navigate. Very addictive

3 reviews
7 helpful votes
April 9th, 2018

Every type of aircraft pic. Every possible angle of every plane on Earth!
Huge archive of airplane pictures...

6 reviews
9 helpful votes
September 29th, 2020

This website is a place where you can look up aeroplane information, however the forum portion is poorly managed. Moderation is apparently unfair, and overly strict. There are also users who enjoy harrassing others, so be warned!

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 21st, 2021

Great photos and need feeds. That's it though. Forum should be a fun thing to participate in given the common interests in aviation. However, forum has been taken over by trolls and my posts have been removed without notice. Not a conducive culture for discussion. Moderators appear to have certain political views which they freely use to remove views they don't agree with. Simply a joke. I rarely bother to visit this site anymore sadly. It was essential reading at one time for me. No more!

1 review
4 helpful votes
August 21st, 2020

Airliners.net was a fantastic website once upon a time. It was a place where avgeeks could meet, discuss aviation and debate. Unfortunately, some years ago the ownership changed and with it most of the good things went away. Now the forum is very US-centric, extremely left-wing and moderators seem to enjoy shutting down threads without warning or good enough reason. Censorship has gotten out of control over there and I am not talking about non-aviation things. You will post a thread and a few hours later it would be gone without any notice or explanation. I also noticed that discussion on the forum isn't as busy as it used to be. Unfortunately this website is as good as done.

1 review
0 helpful votes
November 25th, 2021

In the forum many users are full of negativity and give their opinions accordingly. I left the forum because of that. It seems to be more important to have a "discussion" with different opinions than valuing current developments and talking about future developments professionally.

9 reviews
12 helpful votes
July 4th, 2013

This is very interesting and important site. You can get pictures of planes and each angle of aircraft of every type from the site. You can have knowledge about Mechanics
Of plane and any technical question related to it. You will see the rules, regulations and operation being performed on plane or aircraft on this site.

1 review
2 helpful votes
February 2nd, 2020

Agree with a recent review by J. S. The moderators show extreme prejudice and are unable to moderate fairly and impartially. Any chance at trying to resolve an issue with a moderator is a joke. If your looking for a web based chat forum, this is not it. The only thing left that is any decent on airliners are the photos. As for the forums, don't waste your time. If I was able to give less than 1 star I would.

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 29th, 2020

I have been viewing airliners.net since 1999 when I was still a kid. The last time I thought the site was really good was around 2004. I don't spend much time on the site anymore because I think it looks too cluttered the quality of the pictures and the variety have pictures have diminished, and the search function is just downright terrible. These days if I make a search for an specific aircraft, from a specific time, at a specific airport I just get no hits when I was mysteriously getting many hits for the same searches during the early years of the site.

It's still a great site but only a shell of what it once was. I never waste my time on the forums so I can't comment on that.

1 review
3 helpful votes
February 1st, 2016

Looking up pictures is all I do on Airliners.net. In that regard it's a fantastic website, but I would suggest staying off the forums. The forums are run by little kids it seems and the arguments always degrade into childish insults. And the children that post and run the forums fall into these categories.

-How great is Michael O' Leary
-The ME3 are gods and not to be questioned
-I should have to pay nothing when booking a flight and still receive first class service
-Flight attendants should suck up to me and accept my flirtatious advances
-Airbus vs. Boeing arguments

The forums aren't worth paying for.

1 review
2 helpful votes
April 10th, 2019

The photos are great and if you have a question regarding aviation most of the time you get someone knowledgeable answering.

That's where it ends. If you want to discuss something, you better agree 100% with the almighty moderators or they will either delete your post and/or give you a warning. Discussion is one-sided and civil discourse/opinions are not welcome here.

FlyerTalk is much better in that regard.

1 review
2 helpful votes
February 16th, 2020

The moderators are extremely anti USA. If I make any comment about this my post or threads will get deleted. I called someone an idiot ( I know shouldn't have done it) and got the famous "board warning " while other members use profanity. I also think that the moderators wouldn't no a prop if they walked into one. If you like aircraft, stay away. If you want to bash good people, then it's a place for you.

1 review
2 helpful votes
October 1st, 2017

You will find interesting pictures, especially from older posters (slide scans), and pilots or flight attendants. It gets hairy when it comes to the forum, where people decide to blame anything from the weather to the telephone on the French, the Americans, or even Asians (i. E. racist.) People are weird online, but it is sad to see that the moderators do not bother intervening. So do visit, but don't bother joining.It's wacky out there. Stay sane,

1 review
0 helpful votes
January 4th, 2020

Used to be a reasonably good source of photos, but since the site face-lift a few years ago employed a new search engine it has gone downhill badly. Ever heard of the expression "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Clearly the crew at Airliner.net haven't. Previous incarnation worked well, new search engine is unwieldy and often throws up very wayward results.

The Forums though are biggest problem. The moderators have not got a shred of an idea about management or customer service. If you read their forum rules, the terms and conditions they impose breach consumer law in many countries. When I entered a dispute with the moderators, they banned me without any right of appeal for simply standing up for my legal rights. Yet by the same token, one of their moderators was permitted to slander me and I was denied any recourse. In fact when I demanded an retraction and an apology from the moderator concerned, that was what prompted them to ban me.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes
August 2nd, 2018

Below average. Mainly for junk user forums with SJW moderators and bad search functionality. It was just redone last year from the very dated site.

Regarding UI/UX the site has really taken a dump. While it looks a lot better than the old site, the functionality of searching for photos is unusable. The old site it was simple, even if it was dated.

The forums, well it's been comical. For years it was plagued by (likely) paid trolls and spammers. I noticed quite a few that are very pro-United Airlines (formally Continental) and would flag a post for anything critical. Moderators would plot against users as well.

Then when they redid the site last year the funniest thing happened - they deregulated the forum signups (which had been capped as they "claimed" there were too many members and were working through it) and then anyone could sign up even after they were banned. The forums got feisty again, and the bullying real posters got fed up and left because of the UI changes and the trolls dissipated literally running off scared. New subscribers who knew what they are talking about ran off the trolls or they stopped posting as much. Either that or the moderators had less control to plot against users because of new management.

These days the forums are still junk and full of fake news but it's fun to read occasionally.

9 reviews
40 helpful votes
November 11th, 2007

Hardcore aviation dorks only - there are people who love commercial airplanes. I think they're rather boring, but if you're into airplanes this is the site for you. Huge archive of airplane pictures.

1 review
3 helpful votes
December 22nd, 2019

I am a member of FlyerTalk, and while different discussions can get heated at times, we all share a passion, travel & aviation, and if everyone is treated fairly, everything goes well. Airlines.Net is the "4chan" of aviation. A lawless, disgusting piece of work. The moderators think they are Gods while encouraging racism, discrimination, and delete factual topics that go against their opinion. Photos are fantastic but the forums are run by third graders, for third graders.

1 review
4 helpful votes
July 10th, 2019

Every thread is controlled by unofficial site moderator sanctioned curators. The only option is to fall in line with their views. If you oppose, you will be fixed or banished. This practice by site mods enables a handful to bully everyone else. Not a place to exchange ideas and learn new things.

1 review
7 helpful votes
November 10th, 2013

You can read posts for free and form your own opinion. Don't pay to join the site. Your opinion has no value. There are too many arbitrary and capricious mods on this forum. Mods are highly biased and delete posts to drive any discussion in particular direction. Some members are above forum rules.

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 11th, 2019

Forums are potentially the worse on the Internet. Absolutely awful moderating, tragic discussions and the fact they allow bullying is simply ridiculous. Aviation is meant to be a welcoming environment and this forum / website is far from it. Disgusting to say the least the way they handle things.

1 review
1 helpful vote
March 7th, 2019

The photos are great to look at and there's good information to be had.

The forums are another story. They've long been dominated by pro- Continental Airlines posters and moderators and any sort of criticism of CO in particular will be met with deleted posts or warnings by some mods such as atcundevil who is a CO fan who will accuse you of breaking rules, even if your posts do not break any posted rules. That is abuse of power and limiting freedom of speech. Your posts will be flagged for any criticism of Continental Airlines and I have no doubt there are paid employees there to help shape a narrative and curtail any sort of dissenting opinions that don't frame the narrative they want.

1 review
8 helpful votes
September 1st, 2017

Several years ago this site used to be the top thing for posting your aviation photos. Unfortunately after some ownership changes and bad management it has become an utter mess. The site is very difficult to use and not user friendly at all, and the forums are nowhere near as active or good in content as they used to be. I Wouldn't recommend this site to anybody.

1 review
4 helpful votes
June 17th, 2017

This site was amazing back in 1999-the early 2000's. Ever since they sold the company, the ads and the overall layout have made this site a total pain to use. The search function is a total nuisance. I don't even think the new search feature pulls up the rights hits. I used to visit this site and relive some memories from years gone by but it has become such a pain to use that I actually stopped visiting the site.

Sometime you just have to leave a good thing alone.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes
August 12th, 2017

I recall back in the mid-2000s when I would search endlessly for photos of airliners and how almost any type was accepted, size big or small, exposure satisfactory to fantastic. But now it's almost impossible to submit any photo to the site. The rules are ridiculous and beyond any reason. It also doesn't make sense. They allow photographs that clearly have been heavily manipulated to be submitted but not those in which little to no editing was done. I understand that a photo has to meet a certain criteria such as I mentioned above and that quality is important. However in Airliners.net's case, there isn't any sense. I can confirm that argument with some professionals who have uploaded photos in the past to them but cannot do so anymore due to there ludicrous rules. Not to mention the search engine has gotten to be too complicated to use.

Q&A (1)


While not exactly a scam. I would warn against paying money (required to actively participate) to join the Forums. The terms and conditions give dictatorial authority to the moderators with little or no rights of recourse to paying members. Indeed the Ts & Cs would I suspect, fall foul of Fair Trading legislation in most developed countries

By Aidan H.

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