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999inks.co.uk has a consumer rating of 1.73 stars from 11 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. 999inks.co.uk also ranks 63rd among Printer Ink sites. The most common issues with 999inks.co.uk are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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  • I say if you want ink cartridges go elsewhere this company is not quality just some back street operation.
  • So from my own experience, please stay well away from them, rubbish products, dreadful customer service.
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Top Positive Review

“Very Affordable Ink Supplier.”

Neil G.

Got replacement cartridges for my Dell photo printer, 2 for 1 at £16. Dell version would have cost £25 for one. Very good value for money. Quick delivery, I recommend them.

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Top Critical Review


cody m.

I bought ink cartridges to print my daughters school work through this pandemic when recieved there was no ink inside at all DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I cannot get through on the phone they haven't replied to my emails and go from first place in online chat to 6th!! Still not resolved

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1 review
0 helpful votes
May 22nd, 2020
I bought ink cartridges to print my daughters school work through this pandemic when recieved there was no ink inside at all DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I cannot get through on the phone they haven't replied to my emails and go from first place in online chat to 6th!! Still not resolved
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 13th, 2020
Terrible company - DO NOT USE THEM!!

I ordered three ink cartridges and paid for next day delivery. They didn't dispatch my order until the following week, and when it arrived THERE WERE NO INK CARTRIDGES!

I have emailed numerous times and been completely ignored. I have had no refund, either for the missing cartridges or for the additional postage fee I paid for the next day delivery.

As far as I can see, this has to be a scam company. I have since raised a complaint with Trading Standards.

Do not waste your money. Go elsewhere!!
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 10th, 2019
Cartridges were supplied faulty - with the chip missing. This caused the cartridge to jam in the print head and damage it when removed. The company did not call back as promised. When I called them (beware, it is a chargable 0845 number) they refused any liability, despite having photos of the faulty cartridge.

Office address appears to be a room above a pub.

Avoid at all costs!
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 17th, 2019
If I could, i would glad to give a o star. If anybody want to buy ink cartridge from this company, Please don't. I bought an original multi pack ink cartridge which cost £48.98 from them last week, and got my order last Friday afternoon, i put the cartridge in the printer and didn't use until this Monday when I am back to the office. After printing less than 10 page( two of them are testing sheet because the printing quality was so bad you could make out what was on the paper I had to do a test), the link level have dropped significantly. The pink colour dropped less than 25%, the black, blue and yellow colour dropped around half. So I emailed them on Tuesday with the pics, but I didn't get any response except a request No. I then live chatted with one of the advisor on Wednesday, she/ he tried fobbing me off, and suggested me to contact my printer company, I refused as far as I concerned, it is not printer company fault. Then she/he started to blame me contact them too late, shouldn't wait for the ink cartridge dropped so low, ie: below 75%, therefore they couldn't do anything except made a note and would offer me some discount next time when I make a purchase. Which made me language, what made them think I would make another purchase from them ever again after this time? And how fast they expected me to react since I contacted them in third day after I received the products. Then she/he maybe want to get rid of me so told me the manager would contact me as soon as possible, so I waited till today still no answer, I emailed them again, I am still waiting. So from my own experience, please stay well away from them, rubbish products, dreadful customer service.
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 15th, 2018
I have used 999 inks several times and have been happy with the service and had no reason to expect things to be different this time, how wrong was i?

Normally I am in front with ink but I had left it late and needed ink urgently so used 999inks express delivery. The ink arrived but there was cartridges missing and the ones that were in the package were all different brands. These brands were different to what normally come and looked very low quality but i needed to use them. I put them in the printer and they seemed really loose and the printer kept saying the ink had run out, i looked at the boxes more closely and could see they had sent the wrong cartridges. I went to remove them and noticed that ink had leaked everywhere damaging the printer and the cabinet that the printer sits on.

I was not happy bit assumed the 999 inks would resolve and it didn't need to be a big issue. I called on and they were closed so i emailed them, 4 days later I had not heard from them so i called again. A lady who answered said they had sent all the cartridges i had ordered and that the cartridges they sent were correct and then accused me of lying, which i did not take too kindly too. She said she would not issue a refund or send me the correct ink so i asked to speak to a manager. The manager was in a meeting and i was told he wold call me at 5pm, i checked what time they closed and was told 6pm. 5:40 and no manager had called me so i called back. I got the same lady who said they were busy and that i had to email her evidence, i took pictures of the inky mess and the wrong cartridges and emailed them to her while she was on the phone. She agreed i had the wrong ones but said they would not refund me until they received all the cartridges back including the ones they never sent, how an i send something back i have not received?. I said i wanted to speak to a manager and she said he would call me back it was almost 6pm so i said i wanted to stay on the phone and wait and at 6pm she hung up and went home.
I then sent an email explaining why i wasn't happy with my order and also the lack of customer service, that was 3 days ago and I have heard nothing.

BUYER BEWARE - They are good if you don't ever need to complain or have an issue, if you are not happy with order they don't want to know
1 review
2 helpful votes
April 19th, 2018
Avoid at all costs, never sent goods or refunded money, did not respond to emails, credit card company took this up as a fraudulent transaction
6 reviews
6 helpful votes
March 3rd, 2017
We ordered two sets of Canon Replacement Ink Cartridges as advertised in their website. However on delivery all was compatible ink cartridges. Even the invoice manifest that accompanied the delivery stated Canon Replacement Ink Cartridges ordered and immediately below that, under Picking list, it states Inkjet compatible ink!

Initially we thought it was a mistake at their warehouse, so we immediately emailed 999inks. No reply so we used their chat option and was told Canon replacements does not mean genuine Canon items! We disagree, as Canon replacements means replacing with Canon items, if not, they should have said Canon compatible replacement inks.

Finally they agreed to accept the items back but then insisted as they have sent us the correct items as ordered, they will not pay for the return postage. We disagree because what was delivered are not what we ordered as stated in their website. Furthermore, as we have already paid £55.49 in good faith for items that we do not want in the first place, we cannot again pay for postage to return the items because how can we be sure after they have received the items back that they decide not to refund us anything at all?

999inks insisted they will only refund on receipt of the items back and will not forward me the prepaid postage labels for me to return the wrong items.

We therefore had no choice but to escalate through Ppal.

All we wanted was a straight forward honest transaction and our first encounter with this cowboy outfit will definitely be our last.

Tip for consumers: At your own risk! I won't

12 reviews
7 helpful votes
October 27th, 2016
Got replacement cartridges for my Dell photo printer, 2 for 1 at £16. Dell version would have cost £25 for one. Very good value for money. Quick delivery, I recommend them.
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 7th, 2018
This has got to be one of THE worst companies I've ever dealt with! They have NO idea about customer service and despite their website claims to be able to deliver emergency inks on time (the whole point of me ordering from this company in the first place), this clearly isn't the case!

I'm a new customer of theirs and I have a Canon Pixma Pro-10S printer that I use for my business. This printer uses 10 ink cartridges which can be very expensive and it goes through a lot of ink.
Anyway, I needed a full set of inks very quickly so I put an "emergency" order in with them thinking that my ink would arrive in the next day or two.

The ink did indeed arrive a few days later (hardly a speedy service though) but I though what the heck - they are reasonably priced so I can put up with that. I opened my order and only 3/4's of it was there - there was still another package waiting to be delivered containing my remaining ink order. 2 days AFTER I received my initial order, my remaining ink still didn't arrive so I chased this up with customer support and thankfully it arrived the next day (so that's about 4 days in total now it's taken to get my 1st complete order to me which is acceptable if you're expecting those time scales but not if you need them urgently).

Although my 1st order didn't go as well as planned, I though I'd give them a chance and place a 2nd order with them as they surely must have all the ink in stock now as they're advertising it as a complete set on their website still. The 2nd order arrived about 2 days later and to my shock, once again only 3/4's of my order was there!

I again took to their online chat option from their website only to be in a queue for about 15 minutes and then someone joined the chat and promptly cut me off after they read my complaint that I wasn't happy about this happening a 2nd time.

So, I then sent them an email explaining my situation. a day later I got an automated reply saying someone would get back to me. They never did, it just got totally ignored! So, 2 days AFTER my initial email to them I try to get in touch via their online chat option again and finally get through to someone and have to go through this whole rigmarole of explaining this a third time and telling them how poor it is that I'm being treated like this (this was on 03/12/18). The person I spoke to informed me the ink would be delivered by the 05/12/18. Guess what? It didn't arrive!

So now today (07/12/18) I've had to contact them a 3rd time about this and explain the entire situation to them AGAIN! (do these people not keep records of customer conversations????).

I've been told my missing ink will be here tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. I wouldn't mind but they didn't even offer a decent apology, just the standard "sorry for the inconvenience" line, no please accept a discount on your next order or anything. Really poor service!

As a brand new customer, I would have thought they would be jumping through hoops trying to impress me and win future business (and believe me, I use a LOT of ink) as first impressions count as they say and they certainly have in my case!

I certainly WON'T be using this company ever again as clearly they don't hold the inks they advertise in stock and I'd advise anyone wanting "emergency inks on time" to go elsewhere as this company simply does not care about its customers. You can not advertise ink on your website as in stock knowing that it's NOT in stock - If I'd have known I'd have to wait an extra 5 days for my order to be completed, I would have gone elsewhere.

The saying goes that it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and only minutes to destroy it - Well they're certainly on the right track! >:(
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 5th, 2009
999inks has a wide selection of ink cartridges at great prices. They are always prompt when communicating and I will continue to use them. They also post out orders very quickly.
4 reviews
6 helpful votes
November 30th, 2010
They sent me the wrong cartridges the cartridges for my printer have an elactronic chip in 999Ink gave some rubish excuse about the warehouse foreman could not get it wrong! Yes they have kept my money so they desrve a good slating on the review site! I say if you want ink cartridges go elsewhere this company is not quality just some back street operation.

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Scam. Total scam. Stay well clear of them. Don't waste your money!

By Fiona G.

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