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Is this forum closed or changed link address? Anyone knows?

asked by dreams r. on 4/11/18

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Probably safer for anyone single that the place is gone really. Although l'm not in the USA and l think thank God, if the dating and relationship forums on LS are how it is there. Actually most of the American forums seem to have all the same stuff that l've seen.
Couldn't believe or even stomach most of those threads and the mechanical souless ideas and attitudes, dating terms and a name for every breath when they go out with somebody, or 3 at once which seems to be the norm, really, is that how it really is there, God help them. Although no point really they think all that's just normal.
And the attitudes by "everyone" about attraction and looks, were also off the reality charts, or they were obviously all the top 10% of the best looking people on the planet that just somehow wound up hanging out on LS. Desperate and dateless, dunno.
Or maybe it's just the handful of lost singles that need to resort to those places and asking people with just as badder track record for advice, l dunno.

But there was a few good people around also, and for those l won't get to chat with again that's a shame but l do also have a few good friends from there now also so at least that's something.
The moderation was insane, unbelievably one sided when it came to men and women to, guys couldn't say a thing he'd delete it but women could talk like disgusting gutter rats about men and he'd allow it.

Over all, l think it dissolving into oblivion has probably done the world one small favor anyway.

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A couple things I can think of.

1. Tony the Founder died. I heard he wasn't well:(

2. William the Moderator finally lost it. I heard he wasn't well either :p

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I think somebody called Paul was the actual owner. The moderators often complained that he'd lost interest in the site. I heard that the hosting fees hadn't been paid - therefore presumably the hosting service pulled the site.

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@chilli I was thinking the same thing as you this morning, except for the opposite reason: the way women were treated, and talked about. I'm very glad for the friends that I made there, they are really great people, but part of me wishes I'd never found LS, because of the way I felt when I was there, most of the time.

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I dont know but I hope it comes back! At least let the archives stay accessible. Member there since 2004... good memories of conversation.

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