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I'm curious what must be SO lacking in one's life to think they're the Great and Powerful Oz just because they're a volunteer mod on a 2nd rate forum?

asked by Cheryl L. on 12/18/17

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Art had a life. He has his own business, a wife, and a child that he loves to spend time with, from what I recall. He was mostly decent.

I would never want to be a moderator, so I didn't envy them the job. One definitely took things too far, and was too harsh/rude/assumptions he made were insane at times. He was the only one to be rude to me, that I know of.

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What's lacking is a life.

Have you ever noticed how he goes on and on telling you how wonderful he is and mentioning all that he's accomplished? If he's so great then why the need for the constant ego stroke?

He only had people "like" what he was saying because they tried to kiss up. It wasn't because he was nice or funny. He was mostly a little prick.

Well he ruined it now. If it comes back up I suggest he change his name from carhill to downhill since that seems more fitting.

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Hey guys, Skywriter here. I miss posting songs, darn it! LOL Seriously, miss some of the posters. I had been hanging around that site since 2006, and wish we could create a hangout for all of us to meet up and chat about mutual interest or just whatever. I never had a problem with the moderator, and I'm glad I have found some of you guys. I'm hoping we will all cross internet paths in the future.

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I got some strange PMs (accompanying infractions) from William/Carhill. He took issue with my line of work, and described me contemptuously (in one PM) as a "wordsmith". In another PM he wrote "I don't care what happens to people like you." The creepy thing was that I felt like he probably did care... ie badly wanted something unpleasant to befall me.

My impression of him was definitely that he saw himself as an expert of all trades... and felt threatened by any posters who might actually work in any of the areas he regarded as his realm.

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You answered you own question... people on large social media sites receive these type of volunteer jobs such as an internet moderator because they themselves have no life. In 9 nine years there I think I may have had 2800 or so posts. I've seen people who have been a member for a month have as many posts. No one on social media ever wants to admit their lives are mundane... so they post pictures ad memes trying to prove to themselves that this whole wonderful world of internet is made for their adulation. A couple of PM's from all day long posters telling you how smart you are is pretty much all it takes to strive to be a Mod on Loveshack. And then it will surely go to one's head. Especially if in real life they have really poor social skills and low self esteem.it's a new lease on life to be a Mod...

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