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1 review
Great site with lots of updates.
JMS Health

JMS Health

2 reviews
Nice experience Great guys made my special day 2000 more more more special. Thanks seems....
Spiceland Medicationimage coming soon

Spiceland Medication

2 reviews
Placed my order last week. It was for 2 grams just to try out. I paid using western union money transfer. Later on i...
Shoppers Drug Martimage coming soon

Shoppers Drug Mart

2 reviews
Great deals! They always have good sale items, better than most stores if you compare prices of products.
Adderall For Saleimage coming soon

Adderall For Sale

1 review
Thanks, Adderall for sale it has changed my life for the better - I take it for narcolepsy. I needed it. I was taking...


2 reviews
I have dealt with King Soopers for decades and can say that I have experienced the good, bad and indifferent over the...
LondonDrugsimage coming soon


3 reviews
I've ordered from LondonDrugs twice around the Christmas season. Although they weren't the fastest, the shipping...


3 reviews
About a year and half ago I was told buy my insurance company that they no longer carried the meds I needed in there...
Bi-Martimage coming soon


3 reviews
We had to return the same item twice the first one was a desk for art work with small drawers.It was cheaply made by...
Legalhighs1.comimage coming soon


1 review
They stole my money, and never received anything at all. They will no longer answer emails, phone calls or text...

11 reviews
Decided to write this review to counter some of the previous negativity. My experience with this company is going on...
5-orderimage coming soon


3 reviews
I received the product it is of inferior quality. The product spear fake it don't work.I try contacting them by phone...
CVS Caremarkimage coming soon

CVS Caremark

13 reviews
I sign in and it takes me to a page where no matter where I click it takes me to a page that tells me to sign in, and...


7 reviews
I actually like this site. It has so great deals on everything home and clothing. I would recommend to others.
KVK Techimage coming soon

KVK Tech

3 reviews
Pros: Easy to get in, good opportunity to put pharmaceuticals experience on your resume. Coworkers are good, they...
Express Scripts

Express Scripts

53 reviews
I would like to say thank you to the young man I spoke to this afternoon. He was able to resolve an issue that no...
Opioidsolutionshop.netimage coming soon

4 reviews
These **cking brown ni**ers need to get a job and quit ripping people off. They said they were from Montana and they...
EnvisionRxPlusimage coming soon


5 reviews
This is the only insurance I know that has to review what your doctor prescribed you in before they decide to pay. So...
Optumrximage coming soon


11 reviews
Have used for about a year now. The only problems I've had originate from my doctor's office (soon to be...
Humana Pharmacyimage coming soon

Humana Pharmacy

6 reviews
I just transferred my coverage. 50% of the orders placed go unfilled. Customer service reps are as helpful as they...

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