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Zulily reviews

783 reviews
Categories: Baby, Daily Deals, Kids
2200 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
Tel: (877) 779-5615 or (888) 826-6564

783 Reviews for

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It was received into the post office from UPS on 6-18-11.


Invited friends and family in order to get store credit.


My grand-daughter will probably not fit in the shoes by the time they come.

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New Reviewer

I am very familiar with Zulily and find it unfortunate that so many shoppers had a less than wonderful experience with the website, but after reading several reviews I was compelled to write my own. Zulily is a wonderful site that sells great merchandise at a sharply discounted rate. I believe that there are purchasers who bought garments or other merchandise that was damaged. This, however, is not the fault of Zulily. They are not the manufacturer. They buy product from vendors and have faith that their vendors will provide them with a good product. I also read that the delivery time is incredibly long and Zulily oversells items that aren't in stock. The reason the delivery time is long is because Zulily must first wait for their vendors to ship them the merchandise then they ship from their facility. Zulily has a tight schedule and they expect every vendor to adhere to it, but that doesn't always happen. They also DO NOT oversell items. They sell the exact amount of items a vendor tells them is available. Again, Zulily is trusting the vendors they are working with. No business is perfect but Zulily is a great e-commerce site that gets quality products to consumers at an unbeatable price.

New Reviewer

The shipping seems to take an unusually long amount of time and two of the four pieces I ordered were terrible quality. After the first washing of one shirt, every single button ripped off. Another shirt had several large tears in the sleeve right out of the package. Boo. If you are going to sell clothes at least make sure they are well made and high quality. I will never order here again.

New Reviewer

I wasn't sure when I could see the reviews of customers before ordering...
I JUST GET MY STUFF .Everything is Ok .All items in the one shipping and cloths look great.I had to wait over two weeks but I expected that.

New Reviewer

What a horrible business model. I'll admit, I fell for one of their facebook ads, and I got a great deal on a couple of jackets, my first experience was ok. My second experience made me realize that I fell for their silly scheme. They make you think you're getting something special and uncommon, BAIT. They make you sign up prior to viewing their inventory, GOTCHA. Then, they make you pay for clothing they don't even have in stock, then, order it on your behalf, hoping and praying someone doesn't make a mistake, and then, you wait and wait and wait and wait. It could take several weeks to realize something is wrong, meanwhile, they have your money. Oh, what a scam!, and all the others are far superior. Zulily doesn't accept returns, they inundated you with email blasts, and they make you wait for an entiriy for your purchase. This seems like an archaic way to do business these days.

New Reviewer

This is the worst on line experience I ever had. It will be my last time. Never, ever will I order from them ever again. What a waste of my time. I guess the time I get the product, I be too old to wear them. Good grief. Should have check out the review before I order it.

New Reviewer

Update- Oct 8th I recieved the rest of my order- 5 weeks and 1 day later... I only had to complain once ;-)--- The worst quality yet... I wish I had the two or three week shipping they advertise, but it has been 4 weeks and my items still haven't even SHIPPED! I ordered some sweater dresses for my daughter which she will probably outgrow before they arrive. I also ordered a dress for myself, which arrived after 15 days but was 2 sizes smaller than the size chart which I carefully checked before ordering. I also received the shirt I ordered but it is cheap & small & SEE-THROUGH! It was not see through on the picture! These items are non-returnable for a reason... everyone would return them. The quality is poor when you actually receive them & the size is simply not correct, even though they list a size chart next to each item. I just received the brand name shirt I ordered for my son (I went to the local department store and tried on shirts with him to ensure the proper size first) and it was sooooo long it looked like a dress (my son is skinny and almost 6 feet tall so usually kids shirts are too short). He was laughing so hard he was crying 'cause it looked so WRONG. If you are looking for trinkets, this site might work but don't be in a hurry- 2 months is evidently a reasonable time frame for them.

New Reviewer

Terrible service. I personally think they are a scam.

After ordering 5 items, 2 of which were incomplete and one was missing, and after waiting for the completion of the order which never arrived for another two weeks, I returned the package to the company after getting in touch and explaining what the problem was.
After another 3 weeks they said they never received my package with the returns and refused to refund my money.

I had to contact Royal Mail with my postage information and receipt and they have told me that is very unusual and unlikely that would happen. They have covered some of the cost although I do firmly believe, just like Royal Mail that Zulily have just taken advantage of the situation.
Just do not use them. They are terrible.

New Reviewer

I wish I would've read these reviews before ordering. Zulily shipped my order, supposedly thru UPS. I waited a week after being unable to track the # on UPS website. I then called Zulily customer service. I was given a $10 credit along with a refund of my money because they said it was shipped from their facility but lost in transit?!?? Bad first time user experience.

New Reviewer

Do not buy clothing at this site. I ordered 3 Life is Good shirts. 2 were seconds. Like, shirts with arms for one size and body for another size. I think this is just a way to get rid of stuff that wouldn't otherwise sell in a million years. No wonder they won't take anything back! Other non-clothing items were purchased for Christmas gifts. Now I'm afraid to give them.

New Reviewer

I had earlier complained about Zulily not having uniform sizing for children's clothes and that they do not accept exchanges. But, what they did do is credit my account $12.99 and told me to donate the sweatsuit to charity. So I have to revised my review that I would prefer an exchange, but appreciate the credit.

New Reviewer

There is extremely poor customer service. When I called to find out what happened to my order a month after it was made, they told me that each item had been shipped out separately. The first item's estimated arrival date was already two weeks past and all they could tell me was I needed to check my local post office.
Furthermore, to tell me this they put me on hold for 5 minutes. The representative told me straight out that they only have access to what I see under my own account. There was no one available to explain their shipping procedures and the second time I called I was hung up on. I thought it was a disconnection, but when I tried to call again they were "busy". I regret making a purchase on this site and I would like to close my account.

New Reviewer

The sizes are WAY OFF. I opened my package and was shocked. I'd say the clothing items I ordered were at least 4 or 5 sizes too small and way too long. Shipping took over a month and prices were too expensive for what I paid. I can't review the items on the site to warn other consumers. Buyers beware, you won't be happy with what you get.

New Reviewer

Terribly disappointed in the quality of the toddler superhero batman and robin costumes I ordered, very cheaply made, took forever for them to arrive almost 3 weeks and the superman/batman cape I ordered after 3 weeks of waiting they cancelled the order said they could not complete my order, gave me a 10 dollar credit which I will never lose because I believer the quality and customer service are unsatisfactory.

New Reviewer

I ordered a jacket from them and got charged twice for it . When I called them about it they said they had sent the first charge back to my bank , but my bank never received it. And worst of all I never received the jacket , Purolator tracking says the item doesn't exists

New Reviewer

Finally had it with Zulily as a customer. The items I have received are either paper thin clothing for children that looks nothing like the picture, or the sizes are just completely off. A 2T fits more like a 12 month or smaller, et cetera. I contact customer service and they say they will add a credit to my account within 48 hours and 4 days later no credit. Now they have just started ignoring all my emails all together as if that is the best solution.

New Reviewer

Absolute, complete, and utter garbage. The pictures DO NOT display the actual merchandise which are cheap imitations of what they display. Horrible quality and false advertising is all represents. NO REFUNDS unless you complain till your blue in the face.

New Reviewer

I have ordered several times from zulily. I have had a pleasant experience each time. Their kids clothes are so cheap I often buy for my daughter. I do have some complaints about shipping speed, if you need it asap I wouldnt count on it. However I called with my concerns about how long my order took (about 2 weeks) to their customer service phone number, where talking to a live person is possible! And they refunded me the entire cost of my shipping with no complaints.

New Reviewer

The worst online ordering experience ever! Ordered a pair of shoes the first tome which went great. 2nd order was a new bed for my daughter. Half of the shipment arrived on time. The other half was lost in ups outer space for several weeks and finally after dozens of calls on my part the second half finally arrived. The problem is the second half did not match the 1st half. As of today I have half a bed in white wood and the other in expresso. Zulilly representatives are some of the nicest most empathetic customer reps I've ever spoke to. Thing is nothing ever gets done. It is all talk. For 3 weeks I've been told, there would be a correct shipment in the next 7 days or a refund. Today, months after ordering and weeks after receiving the wrong box 2 of 2, all they can tell me is sorry we are waiting to hear from the vendor/shipper. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

Zulilly takes experience to really get a deal. There are so many things to do in order to make sure you are actually getting a deal and buying something of decent quality. Comments from other reviewers are helpful if you want to shop this site. I am sorely disappointed with the merchandise. I looked at all the pics and read the description. It was not the advertised material! The item is okay but I would not have bought it at an off the rack store and I definitely would not have paid what I paid. You can't take the website description

New Reviewer

I've order 3 or 4 different times n each time the shipping was fast one to two weeks maybe a little more but I mean it explains it on their website why I takes a while to get ur item!!! People wit negative comments about the shipping to need to do better I've said I ordered 3-4 times all my items have always been good material looks exactly like the picture how this last order I ordered a size 7 in women's n they sent me an 8 I emailed them n since they don't do returns they are giving me BACK my money PLUS!!! $10 of store credit!!! N they are letting me keep the boots! They said I could donate them give em away or dispose of them how I saw was best!!! They will continue tiger orders from me awesome customer service!!!

New Reviewer

I have read all of these reviews and would like to address certain issues.. 1) complaining about how long it takes for your items to get to your house: when you read "how I works" on their website, it clearly states that they do not have a warehouse. They are ordering from companies who then ship to zulily. Of course it is going to take time. 2) for those of you who are receiving items that are poor quality or do not fit well, it is in your best interest to not be impulsive about purchases. I have filtered through many many pages before I found something I liked, read the size chart, and zoomed in all angles of the picture to see exactly what it looks like. I have purchased two dresses, and three shirts, and am satisfied with every one of my purchases. I would recommend this site to anyone. You just have to understand, and have time for scrutinizing shopping.

New Reviewer

I wish I would have looked at this site before I placed my order. The shoes I ordered came within a few days, but they smelled of gasoline and were at least one size too small. The dress I ordered came a month after the shoes. It is not the style or color I ordered but the size is correct. It is of poor quality and has strings hanging from it. I'll keep it to wear around the house. I am waiting to hear back from Zulily with info about returning the shoes but according to this site, it looks like I'm going to have a battle on my hands. This will be the first and last time I ever order from Zulily again.

New Reviewer

I would not order from this site again. Ordered an outfit and top and bottom did not match. They refunded one item and gave me a store credit for the other. The outfit is useless. Very disappointed with my first experience. Would not buy from again. The quality was not there also.

New Reviewer

Ordered 4 items. Received 1st one (pair of womens boots) 3 weeks later. Color is suppose to be black. They were so faded that they looked grey in color in many spots. These are not wearable even under slacks. They look like an old pair of boots that were left out in the sun. I still have not received the other items and am very leery of what condition these will be in. I will not be ordering from Zulily ever again! Obviously good quality items and customer statisfaction is not a priority. Now I know what the real reason behind "no returns" is about!

New Reviewer

I just want to look and see what is there but you can't unless you sign up. Then you get bombarded with emails. Terrible.

New Reviewer

My family loves Zulily. Yes, it can take awhile for orders to arrive, but they're pretty candid about that - they don't warehouse the items they sell, so they have to get them from the vendor before they ship them to you. We've gotten a couple of not-so-quality items (a couple of clothing pieces that we *never* would have purchased had we seen them in-person first), but we've also gotten some great deals on some high-quality merchandise. Were huge fans of The Honest Company and Moleskine, both of which recently had GREAT sales through Zulily. And we've had nothing but great experiences with Customer Service the couple of times we've had issues.

New Reviewer

I'm trying to stop the emails from this company...unsubscribe...and you can't... i have sent emails asking them to take me off their list of emails and no responce...

Anyone have any ideas how to block them???? i must get 5 or 5 emails a day!

New Reviewer

I ordered something from this last year and it was the worst.BEWARE.The merchandise takes soooo long to get I assume they are placing orders from China.

New Reviewer

Do not order from this website. I have been waiting almost 1 month for my items to be shipped. And after multiple emails they have not bothered to respond to my inquiries.

New Reviewer

I just ordered an Ergo baby carrier for $54! I verified with Ergo's customer service and they said Zulily was an authorized dealer and that the Ergos on sale were authentic. AWESOME. I got a Petunia Picklebottom Ergo in the Heavenly Holland print which retails for $140! Holy cow thank you Zulily! I will be back, and I don't care if it takes a month to get to me, for that price! You guys rock!

New Reviewer

There are a lot of really cute items on the site. The quality varies depending on the brand, but most of the brands I have tried have been good or average. A few were low quality. There's a few that have very nice quality clothes, but the quality is not what I would have considered high end. The quality seems comparable to items I've bought at Kohl's, Macy's, T.J.Maxx or Marshall's, but usually not as good as a high-quality store like Gymboree. I've googled some of the brands and most don't usually sell for much more than the prices on Zulily. For some of the toys, the prices were better on Zulily than elsewhere, but I've gotten a couple of damaged toys. Their customer service has been good to me. They actually refunded me the price of all of the damaged items I've received. I would never recommend buying a gift from this site because it does take a while for shipping and when you order something, there's no guarantee you'll get it. I've ordered a few items that got "canceled". They say that they bulk order the merchandise from vendors and sometimes the vendors don't send enough items to fill all of the orders. I don't understand how a company that seems to be doing well and is well-known can't contact a vendor who frequently sells items on their site and request more of an item so they aren't disappointing customers. Many of the brands I googled don't seem to be sold at many places, so I would think they make a lot of money off of Zulily and should want to meet their customer's demands. Usually the prices aren't really a steal; clearance prices elsewhere are usually more of a deal. It's a fun site to shop because of the way they display the clothing and many of the items are cute and unique. If you order from the site, buy for yourself or your own children and just keep in mind that you'll almost definitely wait almost a month or more to receive the item and there's a real possibility your item(s) will be canceled. Also remember when shopping that they put a hold on your credit card for about three days and then take it off. A month or so later when they item actually ships, the amount is then charged. It is hard to keep tract of and I can see how it can lead to trouble. Overall, I've bought a lot of clothing, toys and maternity/baby items from Zulily that I loved and I do really like the site. It's just a site that you have judge in its own category instead of like a regular store.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for 2 items on 9/02. I received one item today and according to the tracker I'm scheduled to get the other on Monday. So far I'm pleased with this site. Ill continue to rate my experiences.

New Reviewer

It's true that some items take a while to receive. It's also true that some of the sizes are off. That being said, I have bought many beautiful clothes, jackets, and shoes which you could never find in a regular store for excellent prices. Many of these designers or their plants are located in other countries, which is why the sizes can be off and the delivery long. I've encountered both problems. When my daughter's Christmas dress was lost in the mail, zulily actually sent me another one and told me that if the first one arrived I could keep it. I had both dresses in time for Christmas. When my favorite brand in India had sizing issues they offered to credit my account for the clothes if I returned them. I loved the clothes, so I decided to contact the brand directly and they offered to send me all new clothes in larger sizes at no cost PLUS I could keep the small ones. Zulily may have some drawbacks, but their selection can't be beat and they have always treated me like a valued customer, as have the brands they work with. In my opinion, worth the wait.

New Reviewer

I know, and I agree ~ I would be really careful about what you order, even if it's a brand name. Check as another suggested to see how that style really stacks up in how it looks or feels from customers on *that* site or another unbiased site to get a feel for the product. Be careful of sizing although my shoes I have gotten are great so far, just do the buyer beware check on things first.

That said, I may have been lucky so far, knock on wood. I know it takes forever, but you can check on when your order is shipping/has shipped on their website under your account. Everyone commented on my new $20 shoes liking them. I also ordered a maxi skirt and that was nice looking too, and about the same price. I put together a whole outfit on there from shirt to shoes and had good luck. I just reordered again and if my satisfaction goes down I will update on here. I think it's some parts luck, some parts research, and some parts patience that makes an order you will be satisfied with. Good luck!

New Reviewer

Disappointed. I used to use Totsy until they got rid of it so I switched to Zulily. They have ADORABLE stuff on there but shipping is almost $6. They don't seem to have any free shipping deals either. Also, I ordered a coat a MONTH ago & I JUST got an e-mail saying its been shipped. I was planning on getting my daughters Christmas dress from here, but the way its looking I would have to order it now to even get it in time. Its really not worth it.

New Reviewer

I agree with the other reviewers. About half of the stuff I have bought I have kept. You really have to research the items before buying. Check prices on Amazon. Sometimes they are higher than amazon. No name brands can sometimes be good but sometimes they are poor quality. Especially if the prices are really low, they could be poor quality. And they do charge shipping... And they do take 2 weeks to ship. And there are no returns. So I only buy things I am not concerned about fit. But. I have been taken before: bought some cool shirts that came back huge... Had to try to alter them. Lately I have not found much worth buying with them. Usually these are Marshalls items that a brand is trying to get rid of. But sometimes you can find something special that's worth buying.

New Reviewer

I put my order for shoes and a baby toy in on August 20 and my order arrived on September 4. So, very happy with the timing. The shoes were "Mine" brand for children and all three of the sneakers were exactly the right size. A couple of them had small marks or color bleeding on the white but I paid $9 for them and especially for a discounted item and the fact that they'll look much worse in a months time wear and tear, I don't mind. The baby toy was in the box and there wasn't anything wrong with it. Overall, happy with my purchase but boy was I worried it wasn't gonna turn out well.They also never sent me any junk mail!

New Reviewer

Terrible, terrible, terrible!!! I always get emails from the company, and I always delete them. A banner came across on fb and it said, $7.99 for little girl moccassins so I decided to check it out. The picture was so adorable I ordered my daughter two pairs. I also saw a pre school rocks dress that was adorable as well. My daughter wears a toddler size 9 in shoes, so of course that's what I ordered. The moccassins came in the mail and were huge. They were so big that my son who wears a toddler 11 1/2 could fit them. No sense in sending them back so I told my daughter she could use them for slippers. The dress however, has still yet to come in. It has been over a month, and the website still says in transit to zulily. I ordered it for her to wear the first day of school which is Wed., and the customer service rep said it wouldn't be in so I canceled. I had no idea they wait to order from a company. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE MERCHANDISE ON HAND.... JUST A WARNING!!!! They post it on their website, wait for everyone to order, place the order, wait for it to come to their facility and then ship. Horrible way of doing business!!!

New Reviewer

Their website and merchandise look very nice, but like a lot of reviewers, I'm frustrated. I ordered four summer dresses on August 6 and they still have not arrived. It's almost Fall! Further, they have no return policy and the reviews I'm reading say the quality of the clothing is poor. Now I'm expecting shabby dresses that don't fit and I'm stuck with them. I won't order from Zulily again and cannot recommend them.

New Reviewer

They suck. I ordered a few things from them a couple years ago and remember waiting about a month for my items to arrive. Fast forward to last month august 2013 i placed and order for a watch great steal so i figured it would be worth the wait. Zulily took the money out of my account to only return the money a few days later!!! I called once i realized what happened and was assured everything was fine it was routine. Now we're in september and still no watch. The response i was told on yet another phone call was that the money was not available....a lie. Needless to say that was my last try with them. Very disappointing

New Reviewer

I have placed many orders with zulily and found all of the products to be of
excellent quality. The site is friendly to move around in and so many choices.
Shipping has been excellent with some arriving within the week.

New Reviewer

My attention was caught by the website's nice pictures of the dresses. So I ordered 3 dresses for myself. After 2-3 weeks of waiting for the items, it finally arrived. What a big disappointment! The craftsmanship/quality of the dresses were so bad that it look like it was sewn by an amateur. Dangling threads all over the dress, the color of the thread does not match the color of the fabric, overlapping sewing stitches, etc. What a waste of money. That would be my first and last order.

New Reviewer

Nice items featured but customer service sucks....

Slow delivery (has been much longer than the 10days/2 weeks stated)

Read their returns policy carefully before ordering! - returns at own cost, many items are excluded from returns if packaging has been opened e.g. swimwear, hoisery(contravenes web trading standards where there is a 7 day right to cancel?)
I found that sizing of some items is way off, hence being sold at such great prices, but this is not a bargain if you have to pay £4 for delivery and pay again to return it.

New Reviewer

I have placed many orders with Zulilly. At one point I changed the credit card number and on the next order I forgot to change the card number. I immediatly went back in to change the number. When the first part of the order was shipped it was charged to the original card so I call to make sure the remainder of the order would be credited to the second card. It was never done. When I called to complain they told me thay could not credit one card and debit the second. I have been in business for 40 years and I do this all the time for my customers. I wrote a letter, personal hand written, to the CEO of the company and heard nothing back. The customer service for this company is the worst. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WIH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN !!!!!

New Reviewer

ordered jacket weeks ago its still in CA wth and to top it off checked the website to c if i got a deal n nope jacket sold on site for $29.99 reg price is $20. the shipping should b free since u have to wait over a month for things

New Reviewer

Cheap junk, horribly missized shoes, slow shipping, no return policy, out of stock notification weeks after order - AVOID THIS WEBSITE

New Reviewer

Have had mixed results but recently their sizes in kids shoes are severely mia marked. 4 pairs of boots came and they were 1-2 inches shorter than the normal std size.

I sent a photo and they refused to help me unless I added a ruler to photo and resent.

All you moms out there can appreciate the challenge of finding a ruler and taking scientifically accurate photos with two little ones underfoot.

Forget it. The savings drain away when u end up throwing out half of what u receive and the other half comes too late to be useful.

Go to gilt instead.

New Reviewer

They misrepresent their merchandise. They will not accept returns and they will not credit your account for damaged or misrepresented items. I ordered a bikini. It turned out to be a thong. I do not feel comfortable wearing a thong. They did not say it was a thong and the picture did not show the backside. They did nothing regarding my complaint and basically said tough luck. I will never spend money here again.

New Reviewer

My co-worker raved about this website, so I decided to check it out. I ordered a ONE SIZE FITS ALL sweater with jewelry embellishment. The order was placed in late July and received it about 10 days later. The quality of the sweater was worse than Walmart and the jewelry embellishment could have been from the Dollar Store! I could not believe I paid $25 for this crap! The kicker is that it's not one size fits all, I barely fit in it!!! Stay away from this site!

New Reviewer

Dissapointing.Most of the times sizes are wrongly or not specified.A long wait for your items to be shipped to you . Then if the items are not up to the mark or not the right size , no free returns are provided so before buying add up the shipping to the product cost ! i did try this site lot of times and was very flattered by the prices and brands but they are struggling to meet customer expectations .

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