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Yext reviews

31 reviews
1 Madison Ave, 5th Fl
New York, NY 10010, USA
Tel: 1-888-444-2988

31 Reviews From Our Community

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They manage business listings on all the major business listing forums in the US. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Total waste of time and money. Take 10 minutes and do what they offer for yourself.

New Reviewer

Yext is a waste of money, & time. They don't help when you have a problem. & 90% of the websites they put you on, nobody has even heard of, & the popular ones, you can easily manage yourself. If you have your credit card information on file, they try to automatically renew your subscription without prior consent. I had to block them from my email list, because of their constant harassment to renew a service that they never performed in the first place. Is there a zero stars option?

New Reviewer

Horrible Company claims to give you free advertise but only to mislead you into a paid package. Very Deceiving. What a loser company!!!!

New Reviewer

We actually have not contracted with Yext, but I have looked into them because we constantly get emails stating that our business listing is incorrect on many sites. This was a red flag, because I go to the sites and find that everything is fine. I was also concerned that the Yext staff evidently can't do math. On their top package, the weekly rate comes out to less yearly than what they charge for a year of that plan. When their site shows us "everywhere" we are listed, "incorrectly, not at all, or are missing information on", they also show us as not having a Facebook page. They really need to do their homework before they just keep trying to scam people like this. We have a Facebook page, and our listings are correct on almost every SEO related site.

New Reviewer

I am still trying to find out why I went with this company. It is almost impossible to get any assistance from them. I am looking for a way to contact someone for a problem I am experiencing. Not a good way to spend your advertising money.

Tip for consumers: Save your money.

Ask Jim about Yext
New Reviewer

Yext is such a rip off. Several weeks after paying them they dtill had not update the search engine sites. I have been going to each one myself and updating them. I don't know why YEXT isn't shut down for not following though.

Tip for consumers: Do not sing up. go to each search engine and update your own information;

Ask randy about Yext
New Reviewer

As quoted by a 'Yext Rep', in a previous response in one of the reviews below here on SJ "... as the business owner is always free to go to each local search site and make updates directly."
This is Not True as with every website that is involved with Yext to correct your business listing, you are directed to a Yext signup that costs a bit of much. For those sites there is no way to update your information directly without going through a Yext fee. This is a bit disconcerting as you have to pay to update your business to correct your current information, which to me is a bit of a ransom. As well this misleads the public looking for correct information on businesses.

New Reviewer

Yext is the Best!! My business has really improved since i signed up with yext. Thank you Keep adding new sites i love it. Gary & Laurie

New Reviewer

Dear Sirs,

Even though YEXT has had my correct information for over a year they have failed to deliver the correct information to any site.
I understand if I agree to their Strong-Arm tactic of the upsale for "enhanced" listings they will charge me in perpetuity hundreds of dollars a year, however since I just which to correct the miss-information and not purchase the "enhanced" listing PLEASE correct the listing for the below company.

Superior Service of Broken Arrow Inc.
836 N 1st Street
Broken Arrow OK 74012

HVAC Contractor

New Reviewer

I found because my business info was incorrectly listed on In order to fix it I was directed to Yext. Total scam!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

ANSWER YOUR PHONE LIKE AN ADULT --- writes Yext Sales Agent xxxxxxxxx - I cannot believe that they actually let an agent like this handle potential customers, needless to say I'll stay with my current web provider - at least they know what customer satisfaction is about. Read the reviews ---- Yext needs to rethink their salespeopleship training program - in the words of Zig Z -- selling is something you do for someone - not to someone. I ask that if anyone at Yext would like to chat about this agent, please feel free to contact me.

New Reviewer

One of the most illegitimate business models I've ever come across. Yext owns directory listing sites, like MapQuest, and will populate your business listing and information. To include accurate information, you'll have to pay $500/year subscription fee. Customer service is nonexistent but their sales team will stalk and spam you to no end.

New Reviewer

I too tried to fix incorrect info on my business with no luck. I called YEXT. They said sorry we can't help you without lots of money. I asked them how they do not consider this extortion. They demand money not to harm my business. Why is this not illegal?

New Reviewer

Completely agree with every negative comment. They are making it impossible to update YOUR OWN BUSINESSES info!

Yext; you can go ahead and Private Message me too. I would love an explanation!

New Reviewer

I signed up with Yext. Yes they took my money and I have very nice listings across their platforms. I have no traffic from the listings but very nice listings. Thanks so much to the reviews above I took off the auto-renew feature. They told me bad things would happen. What can happen, no calls, visits or leads from these useless directories, how can it be worse? They have 8 months to make the phone ring!

New Reviewer

I do find it frustrating that one has to pay to correct wrong information however that is not my criticism of YEXT. I do Search Engine Optimization and a client wanted to sign up, so I signed the client up and also signed myself up. The control panel is good and the service does correct incorrect information. This is my problem: the service did not generate any additional traffic to the client's website or my website and it did not improve either sites' ranking in Google. So I paid to correct some listings and to be put on directories that I was not on but it generated no traffic to either webiste and had no impact upon my ranking in Google Local. (Most of the higher value directories in YEXT you can sign up with directly once, and not have to pay the annual fee.) I knew all these little know sites would not generate traffic but I did expect to see an improvement in Google rankings, did not happen.

I also think it is a fallacy that a business is going to constantly be changing their contact info. How often does a business change it's phone number or address? Rarely. But Yext is an annual fee.

New Reviewer

Does anyone know how does Yext verify the Merchant address and Phone #? Let us assume that I am a business ABC with XXXXX98 phone number however just to take advantage of/ruin reputation of other business I list my business as XYZ (more popular one). Does Yext verify this data and if yes, how long does this take? Have you come across any clarification by Yext on this?

New Reviewer

Yext is a scam. They have an incorrect phone number for my company. I try to go directly to the pages to update them myself, but it redirects me to Yext since they are creating these pages with the incorrect data. These aren't even known pages that people use. I just want the phone number fixed, but I'm not paying hundreds of dollars to scammers.

New Reviewer

Our small business is also being held hostage by Yext! We signed up a year ago and they updated all of the info. The problem is when you decide to no longer use the service. Now all of my info is completely inaccurate and I am unable to fix by going directly to sies because it can only be done if you are a subscriber to Yext. Complete scam and will be hiring and attorney to file suit! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS!

New Reviewer

Yext, is nothing but extortionist company, by purposely listing your infomation wrong and holding your correct information hostage till you pay them. It reminds me of the oldtimes with the mob.

New Reviewer

Total scam. They essentially hold your business information's accuracy as hostage, then copy and paste the same response to every comment listed on this page. Go ahead, read the rest of these obviously outraged people rant about how yext and company extort them in order to update a business address, etc. If you're reading this, you might have the smarts to avoid submitting your business information to yext. Good luck!

New Reviewer

I wholeheartedly AGREE with all of the negative comments...what a bunch of garbage that we MUST pay to make sure the information is ACCURATE.... where the hell is the soap box....
1, They force YOU to pay a weekly fee for each site THEY will correct. Many sites you can correct yourself for free. Or pose as someone notifying them the information is incorrect, and it will get fixed eventually anyway. For free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So because I posted a complaint, my business line is ringing off the hook from YEXT trying to sale the services. NO CSR rep. Josh, you are still very rude, like the last person and are still spamming the incorrect information to sites. I have been to several sites that take me directly back to YEXT a paid site that will supposedly "correct your data" for a small FORTUNE.... What a joke! Do not use these guys!>
2. I agree with one of the posters in that they own subsidiaries that link your incorrect data across multiple sites.... boy what a scam that is.
3. These people are rude when you call them to correct information, that as a business owner you should be able to do FOR FREE. It is your information, you have every right to have it corrected FOR FREE.
4. We all should be very careful when big DATA SEO's tell us we need to pay them a monthly fee to watch the "chickens" when they are the fox.

So because I posted a complaint, my business line is ringing off the hook from YEXT trying to sale the services. NO CSR rep. Josh, you are still very rude, like the last person and are still spamming the incorrect information to sites. I have been to several sites that take me directly back to YEXT a paid site that will supposedly "correct your data" for a small FORTUNE.... What a joke! Do not use these guys!>

New Reviewer

I have done some pretty extensive research on the company Not only do they charge to remove wrong phone numbers and address listing for business, I believe they may be directly responsible for corrupting that info from the start.
Yahoo and Yext seem to have so type of relationship that allows them to continue this practice. Bing and Google do not let them claim business profiles.
I also know that Yext is in some way connected to other companies like and has a large amount of advertizing sites like,, and a good number of others.
They are very rude when they call you at all times of the day. I would also be very careful entering your info on some of these free listing sites. They will just corrupt the information any way and then call you and try and charge you for removing it. This company is a scam, beware!!!!!!

New Reviewer

We signed up for a year's worth of service and couldn't really tell what they were doing or had done so we did not agree to sign up for another year as they are quite expensive. It appears to me that they may have corrected some internet issues in the year that we had their service as now it appears that they undid any corrections they made when we were using their service. I would say that is pretty unethical

New Reviewer

I found yext online and had a great experience. They manage business listings on all the major business listing forums in the US. I got a package that put my company visible display up on over 200 business listing sites. The best part is that if I need to update info I simply change it with yext and it changes across all my listings. Pretty cool service and affordable also.

New Reviewer

Yext latches on to you when you are looking up a google site and then they try to have you subscribe to a crapload of SEO stuff and even phone you and try and pitch themselves when you never wanted to contact them to begin with!

New Reviewer

It is so funny that the try to put the screws to business owners by selling companies something which you can do yourself. They even attempt to say that the business owner has enter there information in correctly! I just told the person that I spoke to that she does not know what she say! I even told her that I enter the information on my own and I entered the information the way I wanted it to be!
I also told her that I have enter everything concerning my business for FREE so how the hell can you try to sell businesses something that they can do for FREE!
The best part is that I even told her not to ever call me and that her company does nothing but scam people. When she attempted to speak again she got a disconnection by me banging the phone down as I hung up! This company is such a waste! PEOPLE DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE FOOLS!

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated orTheir sales team has no idea what they are talking about… They start their poor 1990 sales pitch about local directory submissions that you can actually do for free if you take the time to do it.

They try to tell you how your website is not showing up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing when it really does. Like they know exactly what your target audience, keywords, and goals are for your internet marketing campaign. The guy “Josh” even gave me a keyword suggestion that was searched 0 times according to Google’s Keyword Tool. Thanks Josh for the great advice, you just told me how to make my company fail.

They get an attitude with you over the phone when you ask them a question because they do not know how to answer it. Then they try to call you over and over again until you have no choice but to call authorities to get them to remove your number. have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

The other reviews here must be from people completely ignorant to how search engines work. Yext's product is unique in that it allows a company to fix all of the incorrect information floating around the internet, enhances the listings, and ensures that the bad information does not return. They didn't cause any of these problems, they developed a software to fix these things. All businesses charge money for use of their product and that's what Yext provides. Their service has been excellent!

New Reviewer

I hate that their partner sites force you to pay them to fix incorrectly displayed data. I can't believe that is legal.

New Reviewer

This company, YEXT Inc., forces a business to pay for a year of service to remove incorrect information from all their partnered sites. - That's EXTORTION, pure and simple, because the links to fix it go to them, instead of the actual site the incorrect info shows on. - And YEXT doesn't give you control to change the info unless you pay them - They have three links on their partnered sites, for creating, changing, and claiming a website listing. - If you don't PAY for a years worth of their "service" you are NOT allowed to change or remove any of the incorrect info. - I never put anything on any of the sites they partner with, but my incorrect business phone number showed, and I can't remove it, and YEXT says they can't either, unless I buy an account, instead of just asking their "partner site" to remove it free - Their partner, YellowMoxie . com doesn't want to remove it either, when I asked them.  I have an abuse complaint pending, with their ISP providers. ... I'll next go to the FCC, ... The BBB . org site rates YEXT "C minus"... Not surprising.! ... :-) ... This is a BAD company, and very unethical... So, it seems, YellowMoxie . com is too ... Stay away...! ... Maybe ALL the YEXT partnered sites are as bad too, if they let this happen.

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