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Wyzant reviews

115 reviews
Categories: Education, Tutor
1714 N Damen Ave Ste 3N
Chicago, IL 60647-5578, USA
Tel: (877) 999-2681

115 Reviews From Our Community

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We vacation in New England during the summer, and I wanted to find a Spanish tutor for my kids while we were away. (in 108 reviews)


With Wyzant, when I meet students or their parents, the only topics we need to discuss are educational topics. (in 59 reviews)


(Clients have to provide billing information before seeing me.)
(in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I am greatly enjoying my tutoring success with WyzAnt ! The direct deposits are always submitted in a timely manner eliminating the need to remind clients about payments due or overdue as was my prior experience when operating without the WyzAnt affiliation.

Ask Alvah about Wyzant
New Reviewer

WyzAnt has an online marketplace for Tutors and Students that I would rate as excellent.. Customer service is very effective.. WyzAnt can improve the website by obtaining more details for Student job postings..

Ask Sharr about Wyzant
New Reviewer

I was a tutor for almost a year and, though they took so much of my rate, I was happy for the new clients. THEN they sent me an email dropping me as a tutor because they said I tried to meet someone outside of the system, which is complete BS. The only thing I can think is that it was was when I had a client be in touch three times - I told her that she needed to put her credit card on file - they seem to put the onus on the tutors to police potential customers. She eventually did, but not until after she asked me to meet her at a bookstore on a certain day. My response was that yes, I'll meet her, but you need to put your credit card info on file. Wyzant accused me of scamming them, then refused (by email - they refused to return my calls and said they would not consider looking into it further) to tell me exactly what prompted my "firing".

Bad customer service. Draconian policies, blindly carried out by people who have no idea what is going on. I hope they only treat their tutors this way and not their customers. Scratch that - I hope they do because maybe they will go out of business.

New Reviewer

As an undergrad, I tried Wyzant to get some experience and make a little extra money. I gained a couple students, and had some decent sessions, but few and far between. The worst thing about Wyzant is that they make you forfeit your privacy rights in their terms of service agreement. I was corresponding with a student who did not have payment information on file, and that was grounds to delete my account. They monitor every single message ! When a student requests a lesson, there is no guarantee the student will show up. Wyzant would be "wiser" to make student payment information mandatory and charge them for no-shows. This is not a teacher-friendly service. There are other tutoring service websites out there, so best to avoid this one.

New Reviewer

Wyzant gives the impression that they will accept a tutor on the basis on their teaching experience (I have years) their degree (I have some towards a master's degree) and testing on the subjects taught (I passed the subject tests I wanted to teach). Not True.
After I had taken the tests and given them all the personal information they asked for--including my bank account numbers--they sent a email. It stated they were sorry that they could not allow me to tutor for them.
The reason stated was because they did not like my advertisement/intro; which I could have changed. They asked for revision of this x3. I did; but they never stated why they didn't like it. Or how they would like it changed. It was 2 paragraphs. So now they have all the personal info for nothing.
They are arbitrary in their business decisions and I would not recommend anyone tutor or use their service.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother. Start your own.

Ask Sue about Wyzant
New Reviewer

Wyzant is an absolute joke. Tutors, go elsewhere where you will be respected and treated like a human being. Students, go elsewhere where you can get a reasonable lesson rate without a bloodsucking company down your throat.

The students who I found through Wyzant were shady and unreliable. I had three sessions with one of my Wyzant students. I have yet to receive payment for the third session (as of 3 weeks later) and Wyzant has been unhelpful. The payment still reads "pending" and the mother is ignoring my multiple texts, calls and messages.

I had an excellent first lesson with another one of my new students and her mother welcomed me back for further lessons. As I was leaving, she first threatened me saying that I would be fired from Wyzant for taking outside payments and then offered to pay me in cash. I declined, stating that I prefer to go through the website and she agreed that this was fine. She then left me 1 star feedback (the lowest).

I messaged her, no response. I called her and she answered, then abruptly hung up after I introduced myself and she realized who it was. Wyzant has again been unhelpful. They will only remove the negative feedback if I void the lesson and decline payment. Ridiculous policy that makes zero sense.

I WAS a valued tutor on Wyzant with multiple clients but now I refuse to give them any more of my business. Please do not support this underhanded and unreliable company.

Tip for consumers: Do not use this website.

Ask Anna about Wyzant
New Reviewer

This website is a scam. I have been a tutor for over 10 months and all of a sudden my profile is removed because of policy violation. And they won't even tell you what it is. The thing is that they take 40% of your fees first, and when you get more hours in when they are bound to change it to like 30% or 20%, they remove your profile. Absolutely scam of a business.

Ask michael about Wyzant
New Reviewer

I had been a tutor for over a year and had great experiences with 10 to 12 students. Never had a problem with any students, which many worked with me several sessions. Then, out of the blue I receive an email (just as others here have mentioned) that stated I violated a policy and my profile was being deleted. After a couple of phone calls, no one was able to tell me anything. Without any idea as to why this should happen, no one was willing to share anything with me. It was bizarre and a mystery. Steer clear of these clowns. This is not the way to run a business by biting the hand that feeds them!

Ask Brian about Wyzant
New Reviewer

Yes, WyzAnt is a scam! I am a CPA who wanted to make some extra cash on the side. They would take 40% of what they billed students and then just dropped me without any explanation? I am contacting the State for which they are chartered and hopefully have the company audited.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from WyzAnt!

Ask fran about Wyzant
New Reviewer

Wyzant has the worst customer support I have ever experienced. The only thing they care about is money, they don't care about the students or the tutors. I have had my account deleted without warning or reason and when I tried to resolve the issue, they said "We will not discuss this matter." They are poorly trained and have no intelligence in their communication. I guess if you're not bringing them money they don't want or need you in their site.

New Reviewer

I have been a tutor on WyzAnt for 3 1/2 years. I was in the lowest tier (receiving 60% of my wages) for 4 months. The first job was the hardest to get. I tried several different styles in my response. I did not reduce my rate; I do not believe it would have gotten me my first student faster. After my first good review, accepts came in faster.

WyzAnt is a great value. It provides the structure, documentation, a separate Email system (I'll get to that later), tax documentation (including mileage), and potential students, One of the mistakes I made in the beginning was to state my first and last name on some of my job replies. Because of this, a few of the "students" (their parents) "found me" and called my home directly; One stalked me. WyzAnt's strict policies protected me thereafter. Don't get me wrong. I will, after establishing a working relationship, exchange phone numbers and let some know where I live (tutor from my home), but initial meetings are normally at a public place.

I am now at the max rate. If I get a new student by word of mouth, I still use WyzAnt. I like the centralized control of my business and find it easy at tax time to do my own taxes.

Tip for consumers: You own your own business. WyzAnt enables this. They are not your "boss", they are a service provider with Terms and Conditions for use. Make your photo eye catching and friendly. Make your "title" memorable. Make your 1st paragraph description succinct and appealing to parents. State your accomplishments and credentials. Understand your customers and meet their needs.

Ask Barbara about Wyzant
New Reviewer

Wyzant has a few good tutors embedded in their huge list. Many just unemployed with no certification. they are clearly motivated by making money for they raise the fees so they can take forty percent of what teacher ultimately gets. We used them for an entire home school program day. When a tutor, the best one, said that at lunch he did some
athletic activity with my son, at my request for kids need exercise. It is regents requirement, My son sits with teachers from 9 am to 7:30 pm. He should not have some exercise? 4 people should t herefore be kicked out? Wyzant fired me from their program and all the five tutors we had for using Wyzant with us. The background checks are a joke. what do you get for a few dollars in terms of background. We just had two tutors who pledged to teach cenral subjects till the end of the year district testing BOTH WALKED OUT WITHOUT TELLING US. DROPPED OUT OF THE JOB. Can I say here who they were. Except for a few these people are desperate jobless people who
are, just like Wyzant out for their own profit and have no compunction about dropping everything without notice. Actually I feel this company should be reviewed by the BBB if they belong. We did get one maybe two dependable "professionals" the other are basically kids of all ages who come and go at will.
disgusting suck in. disgusting suck in. Dr. Carol Munschauer PHD

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware. Advertize in a Bee or use Craigs list.

How do I send a photo of a crying child.
Or shall I forward the photo of Robin Williams

Ask Carol about Wyzant
New Reviewer

I am another a victim of Wyzant's ridiculous policies. After two years and well over 150 hours of tutoring, Wyzant deleted my profile out of the blue last month, and refused to provide a reason. Not once did I ever solicit cash from a client, although now I wish I did. It doesn't really affect me as I already work full time, but its the principle of the matter that really irks me. I tried getting answers from them, but they just reply with some canned response talking about their Terms and Conditions, which I followed to the tee. Their business model is so sketchy; they prey on new tutors looking for clients, suck them in, rake in as much money as possible from early meetings, then once you are no longer making them enough money, they drop you as quick as they can. What makes this so sketchy is that they promote tutors which the least amount of hours in their search results so that they make more money per hour. Face it, the tutors with 100+ hours aren't making them as much as those who just created a profile a week ago. I would advise prospective tutors and clients to look elsewhere; dealing with their neurotic and paranoid bureaucracy is not worth the hassle.

New Reviewer

I haven't had one single request in over a year. I' m a biologist with many years experience both in the classroom and and as an aquatic ecologist and not one single contact with Wyzant. I'm not happy and wonder if it's worth it to continue waiting for something to happen.

New Reviewer

I thought I would share my experience about finding a math tutor for my 5th grade son to hopefully help parents with their own search. After asking other parents and teachers for recommendations and coming up empty-handed, I turned to the Internet and was surprised to find out that there were quite a few Websites that list tutors that provide one-on-one tutoring. I started my tutor search by using Websites such as,,,,,,, and All of these Websites seemed to operate in the same way by providing detailed information on their tutors including their hourly rate, background check information, their experience, etc. You generally type in the subject you are looking for a tutor, and you will be presented with a list of tutors. You can then contact the tutors for more information.

Overall, all of these Websites including seem to provide very capable tutors. All of the tutors were very responsive to our questions. While I did not end up selecting a tutor from (we ended up getting a recommendation from a neighbor), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend (or any of these Websites) if you are in need of a tutor.

New Reviewer

The problem with the WyzAnt system is that they screw tutors big-time. They take 40% of the pay (and over the course of hundreds of hours, that figure lowers to 20%). What this means, from a tutor's perspective, is that a WyzAnt client isn't worth as much as a normal client, one you find either through referrals or Craigslist. You either have to charge a WyzAnt client more (which I do), minimize the number of WyzAnt clients you take (which I do), and treat them differently (which I do. I give them the same tutoring experience, but am less flexible with the times and I am unwilling to travel very far to meet them). You are much better off going to Craigslist to find tutors.

New Reviewer

This tutoring site matches tutors and students. But there's no guarantee that you would get a qualified tutor because all a tutor has to do to start tutoring is to answer a few online questions related to his or her field. No degrees or certificates are required.

New Reviewer

I am a certified teacher with over ten years of experience in my subject. I signed up for WyzAnt to pick up some tutoring jobs, and am extremely disappointed. I have been on the site for two months, took all the tests, am certified to tutor in *16* aspects of the subject English, and have applied to several tutoring jobs - with NO responses. I became so frustrated with the site sending me "potential tutoring jobs," applying to them, just to hear nothing back from anyone, that I went on tonight to close my account - and there isn't a link anywhere on the site to do it! Pretty sneaky, sis. This reminds me of a similar experience I had on a suspiciously similar-looking site called Same setup, same look, exact same results, and with that one I even paid for the background check. Both sites are a total joke. I would call them scams, to be honest.

New Reviewer

WyzAnt = Great tutoring source!!!

I was very fortunate to find Pete P. in the list of tutors offered by WyzAnt and I say "fortunate" because he is a tutor who has true passion for teaching. He helped my daughter a lot to prepare her for the Algebra and Math college admission tests. His hourly rates are extremely affordable and that helped me a lot to provide several tutoring time for my daughter, otherwise I would have been able to afford just a few hours.

Pete is a retired teacher from one of the top high schools in Chicago and you can tell he does this because of his love of teaching, not for the money, but he is definitely worth 10 times what he asks for. My daughter loved having classes with him and was looking forward to the next class. Thank you WyzAnt for bringing Pete and us together!!!

New Reviewer

I am a tutor who receives over 90% of my students from WyzAnt referrals. I have been with them for about 2 years. At first it started out really slow, but once my first two parents posted their comments, business started to multiply. Now I have as many students as I want or can squeeze into my schedule. I am currently at the 75% rate, with WyzAnt keeping 25%. As a retired, older woman, it is not likely that I would be grabbed up by any employer, so I am thrilled that with WyzAnt, the students and/or their parents decide my worth. When they experience the results of my tutoring, they could care less that I am older.
I have read some questionable critical reviews of WyzAnt on here so I have to add that I have found WyzAnt to be very careful who they allow to tutor. Also, each tutor has a profile, so shoppers can decide for themselves if they want a tutor such as myself, with a PhD and 40+ years of experience, a high school honor student, or someone with some specialized experience.
I highly recommend WyzAnt for potential tutors and for those seeking tutoring.

New Reviewer

I have been very pleased with this service. I signed up on a whim, and immediately began receiving students. I was only interested in part time, so the number of students worked well for me. The more you tutor and get feed back, the more desirable you appear to prospective students. I now have almost full time status. The commission seems steep at first, but you quickly work into a more favorable rate. They have now implemented a reward system where you can earn 85% commission. I love the ease of having everything taken care of by Wyzant. It saves hours of my time. They earn their commission in my opinion. It is not, in any way, a scam.

New Reviewer

I'm a professor who looked into WyzAnt for a neighbor. The site claims to have "certified" tutors who go through a "rigorous testing process" using exams made by "professional educational services." I registered as a WyzAnt tutor (my degree is in premodern Chinese history), and in less than 2 hours I was "certified" in over 40 subjects, most of which I have almost no formal knowledge. My conclusion is this agency will certify any living organism as a professional tutor.

New Reviewer

Almost a complete waste of time. I would apply for "tutoring opportunities" by the dozen and never hear back from any of these supposed "students." Even the ones who live in the same town I live in never responded. I also tried boosting my presence on their site by answering dozens of questions about quadratic equations, calculus, compound interest, etc. Nothing helped. I figure they are either scamming us by creating fictitious "students" or non-serious students are registering with their site. The same goes for, Tutor Doctor, etc. Worthless as mammary glands of a stallion.

New Reviewer

I own my own tutoring company and also have my name listed on Wyzant's website. The bottom line is that participating on Wyzant's platform has been mostly a waste of time for me. The problems I have encountered include a 35 to 40% commission rate, very weak leads, most students without payment information on file, low standards for tutors (the prerequisite exams are open book!), and monitoring of your emails,

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE> I just wrote a review but it got deleted.

They will delete your emails, OR send them but cross out the email/web addresses/phone numbers (because you're not supposed to send that information via the Wyzant message system).... but they will do this arbitrarily. Sometimes they'll just cross out the pertinent information, sometimes they'll delete the message but still provide the name of the sender, sometimes they'll delete both the message AND the name of the sender and make it so you can't contact the person who messaged you. Also, sometimes they'll send you an email stating that someone sent you a "NOT LEGITIMATE TUTORING REQUEST." But there is no rhyme or reason as to what particular action they take.... I guess it depends on their mood and PMS cycle or something. As a result, you lose out on business (they already take 40% of what tutors earn, and then cut them off at the knees whenever a student makes the mistake of - you know - providing very normal information such as further contact information in order to meet. This also makes you (both the tutor and student) look unprofessional, so thanks for that wyzant! I would LOVE to know what two-bit slacker runs this site. It is the HEIGHT of unprofessionalism. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!

New Reviewer

Parents and students and tutors BEWARE!! WYZANT has instituted a NEW policy as of 2014 which makes it difficult for you to find a really good tutor. You'd think that part of this company's job is to find the most qualified tutor for you or your child, but that is NOT how it works anymore.

Here is how it works: When you log into the website, and enter the subject you wish to be tutored with, the 'matches' are NOT made according to the rating of the tutor or the expertise of the tutor. They are listed according to how many hours the tutor has tutored in the past few weeks. Why? Because they are creating an environment where it's not the QUALITY of the tutor that counts, but how much they are able to hustle to find business. They figure that way, they'll encourage more tutors to compete for more jobs. So actually, when you look at the 'BEST MATCH' column, you are really seeing the tutors that were able to hustle up a lot of business lately. That means there might be a great tutor that hasn't worked much in a while because she or he has been on vacation, she or he has taken some time off for an emergency, or she or he hasn't responded FAST enough. It works like a taxi service: a 'call' goes out for a tutor (driver) to a certain address (subject). The tutors SCRAMBLE to be the first to respond since the first ones that respond will usually get the job. THEN, these same tutors are placed at the top of the list.

So basically the tutors they recommend on their opening page are simply the tutors that managed to get in the most hours for the past few weeks or so, NOT how good the tutor they 'recommend' necessarily it.

And you thought they were interested in helping you with finding a good tutor? Not anymore. This is a new policy.

Here is what you can DO to get the best tutor. When you see the 'Best Match' list, change the default to "Highest Rated." That way you will know lots of former students gave the tutor really good feedback. Or if money is an issue, change the default to 'Lowest per hour' to 'Highest per Hour.' If DISTANCE is a factor, you can change the default to "CLOSEST tutor to FURTHEST tutor."

Good luck!

New Reviewer

Horrible company run by mean millenial kids with a lousy business model for anyone but THEM.

They also shut down my account out of the blue after I had achieved the higher level and been with them for a couple years, earning a higher percentage of my profit percentage level. Main problem with their site (and I tried to inform them via email and on the phone and was ignored) -- It wasn't easy to get students to follow thru and actually book the appt, it took several emails, long periods of time, and me buttering them up which was a waste of my time to do so, all part of why their business model is BAD. I was an EXCELLENT tutor, teaching high level computer design applications and professional marketing skills for a couple years, making occasional extra money but never getting that many jobs with it. Yes, they took over 35% of what I earned, and students have NO idea they are paying Wyzant so much money.

But one day, they shut down my account out of the blue, no reason, after several students (real or fake, who knows) had contacted me in that month but didn't ever get back to me to book a real lesson. There is only so much I can do to get someone to follow thru, I spent a great deal of time sending out "conversion" emails to remind student to make an appt, or book a follow-up, but most students only wanted to meet once or twice, that was it. Anyway, tried calling Wyzant and spoke to a young girl in her 20's who was a total $#*!. Called back to speak to someone else, same thing, I was treated horribly and told that I was siphoning money from their site and making money outside of their service and not going thru Wyzant--excuse me??? That wasn't true, I hadn't had a client in weeks just several email inquiries that never led to any sessions. I did have one long term client who then called me who had prepaid thru Wyzant, and I had to tell him that Wyzant cancelled my account so I couldn't tutor him, and I didn't understand why. He offered to call them, but I said, no worries I'm sure I'll get it reinstated, as it seemed they were making some UX and possibly management changed in the company at that time and I had been with them for a couple years, surely I would be a valued tutor? NOPE. Those arrogant little freaks think they know everything, and they don't. I really wish I was getting rich tutoring people or getting paid under the table but what I do for my real paycheck is not tutoring, so no, they were wrong on all accounts. I also believe they had some crazy woman call me, under the guise of tutoring, and I played along but never called her back to schedule anything.

I don't know what they think they are up to, but I was designing websites when all of them were in diapers, they think because they built a tutoring website and charge huge percentages that their company is the $#*!? Its not. These 11 millenials have proven themselves to be totally second rate, and they have horrid attitudes and no values. Please help make sure that people know not to use Wyzant ever again.

New Reviewer

I've been a tutor using this site for quite a long time. They have referred some great clients to me. They work. The problem is they take 35% commission on every session! As a tutor, getting paid $40/hr on average, I simply can't afford that. I tell all of my clients to pay me directly after a while.

Now Wyzant seems to have instituted a system where if you don't bill students for more than 2 sessions they will flag and de-activate your account. Also it is very clear that their admins spy on their tutor's activity, since you will get emails and reminders very soon after you mail students on their website.

You don't have to be psychic to see that they are getting even greedier and now want to eliminate any tutors that aren't giving them total commissions...

Watch out Wyzant, sites like and are poised to take over when you eventually alienate most of your tutor client base.

New Reviewer

they charge tutors 40% for their work, average tutor on the site charges 30, which means they make 18 and the company makes 12. The company which is a website makes 12 bucks for running a site. The site reads your emails, does not allow you to charge for travel (gas), expect the person being tutored to provide anything (supplies, material), and if you do tutoring online or edit work for a client, they will claim it does not count and fine you for it. Its completely client based and they will throw you under a buss for a dollar. Look around online other then the few fake post by the site you will see both clients and tutors who have had a terrible experience with this company. 2 of the 3 parties involved agree, this site is no good.

New Reviewer

I have been tutoring for nearly 20 years. I even worked for one of the top tutoring business for over a decade. I understand that the 40% commission seems high but it gets lower very quickly if you work hard. I thoroughly enjoy this website. It has helped me build my clientele way faster than I could on my own. Their marketing, and the marketing materials they provide are very professional. Those tutors that complain about this site are most likely not giving this business a fair shake. You can make a substantial salary utilizing WyzAnt. Thank you.

New Reviewer

While WYZANT is convenient for parents, it offers much more than it delivers at the cost of 40% of a tutor's rate. Also, most potential clients NEVER put their credit card on file, indicating they are mainly "fishing," so one spends a lot of time sharing information without ever meeting the student.
2 of my professional friends and I have had profiles on Wyzant for about a year and ONLY 15% of students actually met with us and we spent a lot of time preparing lessons for little pay.

Finally, the company clearly does NOT care about EITHER the students OR the Tutors, but especially the latter, as it is mainly concerned about dominating The WEB. Quite frankly, I have had several parents recommend I NOT use WYZANT unless I "don't value my work and time." This has led me to share our experience with WYZANT. Remember: a good tutor values his/her work so you get what you pay for!!!

New Reviewer

Tried to find an Econ Tutor in the San Diego area. I contacted 10 on the list and 4 got back to me. The company BOMBARDED me with emails they "intercepted" between me and a couple of the tutors. Never got effective responses and was thankful I found!!! I found someone to help me out before my test!

I did send a follow up email telling Wyzant I would review them and let everyone know. They continued to insinuate, email after email, that I was defrauding them. I have NO INTENTION of putting money up front prior to at least talking with someone on the phone. Thank you for wasting a day I will NEVER get back!!


New Reviewer

Wyzant is a joke. As some else mentioned, 40% commission? That's outrageous. I only signed up to try to get my name out in a new city. (I had left a thriving tutoring business that I had built entirely by word of mouth in a previous city.)

They really ought to change their business model if they want to keep tutors happy. I would pay a flat $50/month to get referrals, but that's it. I think you're better off putting up your own website and simply putting out flyers at your local library. Once you get one or two satisfied students, they tell their friends, and they will usually have siblings, too. Word of mouth advertising can spread pretty quickly, but it takes a couple of years to build up.

(Personally, I think Wyzant might boot me soon b/c I have been simply talking w/the parents on the phone and working directly with them. That's how I've always done it. I really don't care if they kick me off. Their leads haven't been all that great anyway.)

New Reviewer

I started using Wyzant two months ago as a tutor. One day I received an email from Wyzant accusing me of accepting cash payments from students, and my account was cancelled after I had built up a client base and invested a lot of time into building a profile. No justification or evidence was presented for terminating my account. I even had students ask on the Wyzant email system if they should pay me in cash / via paypal and I instructed them to pay via Wyzant. I had students ask for my email address over the Wyzant email system and I had to repeat Wyzant's policy of communicating through their system, precisely because I didn't want to violate the user agreement. My advice is that even if you make extra effort to avoid breaking the user agreement as a tutor, your account could be wrongly cancelled without notice. For this reason, I would strongly advise tutors to seek other platforms to connect them with potential students.

New Reviewer

I have been tutoring since I was 15 years old, I am 29 now. I am still aspiring to become a high school Geometry teacher but life has gotten in the way, taking time off from school and starting a family. I have had trouble finding students since I moved and got married 4 years ago. My main source of clients had been word of mouth, but being in an area where I literally know no one that is quite difficult.

I currently work through a local tutoring company that has me working with 3 students and I don't get 60% of the total (I get paid $18.00/hour). I had work previously (in 2005) with a different company and they paid me $16.00/hour while charging $52.00. And that was me driving to the students home, without compensation for commuting also.

So WyzAnt is as good as it can get and it will get better as I log in more hours... I can go up to as high as 80%, which would be great! So I cannot complain. Those who write negative reviews, are just fools thinking this site was some kind of miracle. Nothing is a for sure thing, and it requires time and a lot of work into it to find success. So if you're a prospective tutor, give it a try and good luck.

New Reviewer

If you are a tutor, RUN! 40% off a check, seriously? And they brag how tutors can make 50k.. wait is this before they rape you or after? Either way, whats there to brag about this pay?

Then they deactivate your account whenever they feel like. They'll send you students who aren't that interested in having a tutor, but they deactivate your account anyways.

This site deserves 0 stars.

New Reviewer

Great company. You can find tutoring jobs in your area from their website. I wish they would increase compensation for tutors, though. Easy payment (direct deposit to checking account). I've always been paid as promised on time for hours tutored. Easy website - very user friendly!

New Reviewer

Beware! Most of the 5-Star ratings here are made by Wyzant Staff members to push up their review! It's a rip off! Stay away from it!

New Reviewer

WyzAnt is a total rip-off! I have had a profile with them for a year and haven't received any tutoring jobs in spite of having passed 6 tests from French to English literature. I have been tutoring for 20 years in another country and when I moved back to the US, thought I might use their site. Every time you end up spending a lot of time answering potential students - I have spent more than 40 hours doing that - but the students never want to give their credit card information to WyzAnt before seeing you and you are not allowed to give them the information directly. Frankly, I don't even understand how they make ANY money with such a poorly organized system.

New Reviewer

I wouldn't have given them even one star!!! The worse tutoring site ever!!! Their Terms of Use are very confusing, not transparent at ALL. That's how they get tutors: A tutor agrees to the terms and conditions and then you're screwed after you start finding out what this is about! I gave one of the students my phone number (because of last minute cancellation reasons-I had a commute of 20 miles to get there and wanted to make sure the student would be able to contact me for any reasons) and got thrown out because the student didn't provide the credit card/payment information yet. When I asked for reasons, I got a bitter bad email back. Blood sucker!!! Don't even bother to find a tutor through them. The tutor has to raise his salary high enough, to still being able to make some money out of it. A tutor gets only 60% of the hourly rate. It progressively goes up after hundreds of hours of tutoring. I also believe that the 'students' that contacted me, were people from Wyzant. Everything looked suspicious. Stay away from them!

New Reviewer

Wyzant does all the thing that make tutoring undesirable like marketing and collection.
A little preperation and you can zero in on your student's problem and move them ahead. The goal of any good tutor should be to work yourself out of a job. That is easy with Wyzant.

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I love tutoring math! When I moved cross country and had to find all new students I signed up for WyzAnt and have loved it. The students I found were all from wonderful families who really wanted to help their kids succeed. The percentage they take is my 'cost' of advertising, cloud management of students and payment options. I just focus on the actual tutoring!

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I worked for Wyzant as a tutor for months . They were only interested in money.
Besides , Wyzant is getting extreme commission from poor tutors.
When I was helping as a tutor, they removed my account just because I was trying to help the student and gave my contact info to make the process faster.
I am also father of a 8 years old kid and
I warn you about this website. Don't use it at all.

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I worked for Wyzant as a tutor for many years and always found them to be a particularly nasty bunch who were only interested in the bottom line, i.e. money. They definitely do not care about their tutors and, as another review stated, look for any opportunity to delete your profile even after you've become a top earner with a large client base. I had over 200 hundred hours in and over 100 client reviews (4.9 out of 5) but was deleted without any explanation, obviously for no good reason....stay away from these guys, they are very bad news!

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Please do not sign up with this tutoring service.They wasted my time with hours of testing and job applications to students who very possibly do not exist.
The only student they sent me made an appointment for a lesson and then stood me up.I now believe he was working for them.

Since they took my social security and credit card numbers, I suspect their purpose is identity theft.
I suspect they will try to use my credit card and steal funds from my bank account.

The Internet is full of fraudulent scams. Please be careful.

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Wyzant is one of the hands-down nastiest websites on the web. A lot of tutors starting out think that it's a fantastic opportunity. They work long hours getting paid only 60% of what they actually make, hoping to get to 80%, fantasizing about the riches of someone withholding only 20% of your profits from you. Well, WyzAnt doesn't like their tutors to make that much. I used to work for WyzAnt (I technically still do, though the company makes me sick to my stomach and I'm quitting today), and I can tell you right now, their policy is a simple one: get as many people as 60% as possible working their butts off, and get rid of them once they hit 80%. This is something of a company policy. An unspoken rule. As soon as you hit 80%, they start watching your account, reading every email, sifting through every lesson, looking for you to violate their obscene terms of service, which, by the way, you will do. Whether you help someone write an essay (against the TOS) or express yourself in a manner WyzAnt doesn't like (against the TOS) or just rub them the wrong way (they're actually allowed to delete your account for any reason at all) they will find a reason, though sometimes they won't even bother with that, and they will close your account.

I've seen tutors who had worked up to having the highest ratings in the nations have their accounts peremptorily shut off. These people had 25+ students each, and WyzAnt just deleted them. Like that. We don't even send out warning emails. We just shut down the account, send a goodbye email, and that's it. My job was often to write those goodbye emails, and the responses we had were always shock, always horror. People spend so many months (sometimes years) building their profiles, to see them vanish suddenly without a trace.

WyzAnt further sifts through all of your correspondence. I have mentioned this before, but I want to stress it. You are never ever allowed to email with a student outside of the admittedly poorly designed WyzAnt platform. If you do, of course, that's an excuse to delete your account. But they actually have people paid full time to sit there and read through the emails that go through your WyzAnt profile. Mostly when we do that, we are looking for evidence of TOS violation so that we can have an excuse to delete the account when the tutor reaches 80%.

Don't believe me? Do a little more research, and take note next time you visit WyzAnt of their # of tutors. That number is always vacillating. We'll reach 68k and then we'll cut 3000 people across the country. Just like that.

If they don't like their profile picture, they'll delete your account. Wrote something particularly outside the box on your profile? Flagged and deleted. Getting creative is not one of WyzAnt's tenets.

We had a kid (or I suppose he was in his mid twenties or so) email the office about 2 weeks ago. He said he had been skeptical at first but had decided to trust WyzAnt and he thanked us profusely for the opportunity to seek new students and work with WyzAnt and so on. He apparently had his own tutoring business and just transferred all of his students to the company. One of my coworkers printed this email out and we passed it around the office with a sort of mild cheer. I didn't cheer, though. This was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, the kid thanking us. Today we deleted his account. He doesn't know yet, because we haven't emailed to tell him. That's my job, and I am utterly disgusted. The TOS violation our "research" department unearthed actually made me snort with laughter. A student that he brought with him, someone he's apparently known for a long time, asked for his help writing a paper. We can of course trump this up to "writing a term paper for a student" which is against the TOS. We use that one a lot actually. The fact is, he's worked 600 hours in 3 months at 80%, and that's just not profitable.

Well, if you're using WyzAnt or thinking of using it, you might want to either reconsider, or be very wary. Take advantage of them any way you can, but do not for a second think that your online profile is worth anything at all, or that it will be there any significant length of time.

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After spending hours making a profile (I have 24 yrs experience teaching & tutoring), then answering emails from prospective clients, my profile was deleted with no warning! I could never get a direct answer from the Wyzant folks as to why.

From what I've heard/researched, it was "a blessing in disguise" because I am able to freely communicate and keep 100% of my fees by using a couple other sites, as well as assist my "tutorees" in obtaining their goals...

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I am so happy I used WyzAnt. Thomas E. is my Tutor. Other tutor sites are a lot more expensive. They are the best. I will recommend them to anyone who is going back to school!! WyAnt is the best, the very best! I had brain surgery for epilepsy. The kind which took away part of the memory. Thomas E. is my Tutor. He helps me remember so much, by not only going over what the person who taught the GRE class, but going over some of the homework. It is kind of like re-training my brain. They help me a lot!

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Great website! I have almost doubled my number of tutoring clients through Wyzant. Straightforward interface for the most part. My only complaint is the draconian email system-- I often miss emails from students who try to message me from email addresses not associated with their accounts.

Wyzant is also fair with pay. After you've worked about 400 hours (1 year) Wyzant takes a smaller percentage to a point that it really isn't much more that clients I book through Craigslist-- but I get a lot more quality leads. They do a TON of google advertising and yet only take 5-20% of my student's bottom line-- depending on whether they purchased a package or not. 5%?? Not much to pay for top rate marketing. Other companies without software based solutions often take 20-80% of what students pay.

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I have been a tutor with WyzAnt for a little over 8 months. The students I have worked with have all been motivated and hard working. The organization has been responsive and once I learned the website, I found it easy to navigate. I recommend this tutoring website and feel it contributes positively to an excellent learning situation for both teachers and students.

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Q: Aww, that sucks. =[ Sometimes it sucks to have your account deactivated because of a misunderstanding. Might I recommend, however, that you post this in a review so that others can see? That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
A: Wyzant is a great business opportunity. However, what you put in is what you'll get out. Unfortunately, myaccount was deactivated because I was told I did not communicate with the potential students. Also those who wanted tutoring never applied billing information. How could I reach out if the students did not provide that information?
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