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33 reviews
2601 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA

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I have had a site for some time, but find it impossible today to reach customer service. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Wix is decent, but the "pop up errors" KILL ME. I used Wix for about 6 months, and three times an error message popped up not allowing me to save my changes. The last straw came when I just updated all the pricing and descriptions on my services page... I got hit with the error message of death and all my changes were lost! There was no customer support or phone numbers I could get through to. I was only able to find support boards with people complaining about the same thing. It was a nightmare!! I own a mom and pop auto repair shop and really don't have time for "errors" like this that waste 2 hours of my time. I switched to SetMySite 3 months ago and I'm pretty happy so far. Their websites are reliable and easy to edit yourself, plus I can always just email or call my account manager to make the website changes for me. It's a nice deal.

As for Wix, I'm done with them. Losing my work three times is three times too many :/

Tip for consumers: Save your work every two minutes to avoid "saving errors of death!"

Ask Manny about Wix
New Reviewer

I have been using wix for a couple of years by now.
They have been improving their options.
Price wise... well... there are better prices around. They should consider competition.
But overall, I'd say a good catch and choice.

New Reviewer

Good website builder

New Reviewer

​Wix consultants always blame their users for the slow loading sites. I have modified my wix sites many times to improve the loading speed according to information provided by Wix (consultants). But the changes did not help. Wix consultants make their users waste time and efforts giving users useless advice to conceal their own faults, knowing that the slow loading actually comes from their heavy engine, not from the contents of sites in most cases. Otherwise they are foolish. I have tested, with, one premium wix site with only one blank homepage, one text word "test" and a domain bought from WX. The test results show 5 seconds in USA and 13 to 30 seconds in Russia.

Wix shoud not make a fool of their users any more. Wix, blame yourself and improve the loading speed by yourself!

New Reviewer

it jams your internet and continuously crashes everything with it.

Tip for consumers: use it only if you have a lot of storage space and really really fast internet service

Ask eilish about Wix
New Reviewer

I payed to upgrade my site so that the wix ad doesn't show. Right after I gave all my credit card details my computer rebooted by itself and I have not been able to access WIX eversince. I logged out and cant get back in. All of a sudden my email address is considered to not be registered with them so I cant even email a complaint. At the time that I PAID I was a LOGGED IN user with my name showing in the top right. I logged out and cant get back in and HAVE NO RECOURSE.

Tip for consumers: FORGET WIX

Ask Tersia about Wix
New Reviewer

Do not use wix!!! I am a blogger and this site is absolutely useless!
They do not cater for blogs like they claim
I have wasted my time and money on this site and could not be any more angry,
They do not have an RSS feed which is essential for blogs!
Any bloggers or any one that needs to involve social Media go elsewhere!!
They are behind on the times and useless.
And do not help

New Reviewer

I have had a site for some time, but find it impossible today to reach customer service. They "validated" my phone number but then they asked me to put in the time I want to speak to customer service and it's impossible to do that online now. So I asked to reverify the phone number, which now doesn't work. Amazing they can spend what they do to attract customers but they can't spend the time and effort necessary to try to keep us.

New Reviewer


I can not believe that no email address come with the highest payed package. I I can't believe that that was not made aware to me before I signed up and payed. I have 10 people working for me so that meant that it would have costed over £1000 just for email addresses.

This management decision made by WIX will be there down fall.


New Reviewer

Its better to be ripped off by a friend, because you may find him someday, but when its an internet based rip off like the so called free website builder called, what are you going to do? bust a caps lock on them?..I prepared a free website from asked for 24.95 $ for domain name transportation cost and I paid for it. But then I couldn’t use the domain name.couldn't view the site. workers further gave me reasons that I should also buy a Premium package to use my domain name which I already paid 14.95 $ at first. They made me pay 24.95 $ and they wont pay it back after asking as the site states that i am liable to a refund in the first 14days. First they fool you by saying that their service is free but then force you to buy a Premium package. The explanations are inadequate and the postpurchase service is very awful. and the guys will be dancing in church on sunday.

New Reviewer




New Reviewer

They're in Israel for one. What recourse do you have if you're not satisfied? Does one buy a ticket to Israel? LOL. They know you won't! This is the BIGGEST reason I should have learned by now NOT to deal with NON United States companies.
Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Once they have your money, you're just a number. Until that point they will tell you everything you want to hear in order to hook you. Typical. The product is NOT what they said it was.
STEER clear of Wix!

New Reviewer

Written in HTML 5 meaning google indexes these sites better. This is the bottom line.

Apprentice Reviewer

I was looking for a simple, easy to use site just to set up a quick example for a presentation; I decided to give wix a try after seeing countless commercials, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I quickly and easily set up what I needed to for free. I don't know if I'd necessarily choose this site to create an actual site for my business, but it worked for exactly what I needed it for.

New Reviewer

I prepared a free website from I already bought the domain name from another website and then I wanted to transfer the name to asked for 14.95 $ for domain name transportation cost and I paid for it. But then I couldn’t use the domain name. workers give the reason that I should also buy a Premium package to use my domain name which I already paid 14.95 $ at first. They made me pay 14.95 $ and they don’t pay it back even if I asked. First they fool you by saying that their service is free but then force you to buy a Premium package. The explanations are inadequate and the postpurchase service is very awful.

New Reviewer

no help, no customer support no format on the page. Horrible site not user friendly rip off does not come up under your domain it is under their domain. With there little ugly logo.

New Reviewer

Hey guys,
I think you should all be aware of a huge problem WIX has - the website can not be viewed well on safari as well as on other browsers. This is a problem Wix says they "work hard" to solve - but it has been more than 4 month since. They refuse to refund paying costumers, even though the website is worthless like this. Also, they hide this problem and delete comments and posts from their forum and their Facebook page.

New Reviewer

Having major issues for months now and here is how they answer us on their support blogs:

New Reviewer

Wost site builder EVER!PERIOD!!!Just see their forums or search on google and see for yourself what is going on with their broken editor!!!

New Reviewer

Terrible experience - designer's are promoted by WIX but when they take your money they claim no responsibility. Would never use them again. Beware of paying using PayPal - called "a service" you can not recover. I had to consult an attorney. Takes a long time for the plane to circle but at some point collections will catch up with designer.

New Reviewer

I created a website with Wix and they use to process CC transactions and I never got any of my CC payments and they are idiots and don't have any idea at all at how to run a website company

New Reviewer

total rip off site again. If its too good to be true it is. They let you build and make you mess up so you need a designer and scam you that way. After I did days on the site then they messed it up so I had to get a designer to pay for and did not even get a phone number to call STAY AWAY another f. scam company on the web. Huge mess.

New Reviewer

I have spent 2 days trying to get CS to tell me WHY my website that I created is not online and they say it is. Scam - if you want it online you have to keep paying to get exposure otherwise its just on your computer screen. Their ads are so overwhelming... I am so angry I spent 2 weeks creating a web template which is great but its all mine now. CS says read this and read that and nothing in instructions works right. I cancelled the fee I paid Don't waste your money ... please - look elsewhere!

Apprentice Reviewer

I've been with, paid member even, for four years now. And I've really hated every year of it. The reason why I hate it, their customer service SUCKS, especially for paid members. They think their HELP boards can solve everything, when they solve nothing, and they are, overall, rude. This will be the last year that I use them (it is on auto renew and I missed the cutoff). They don't have the option of having a NON-FLASH site for iDevil users to default to since iDevil users can't see flash programs/pages ( is FLASH). Also, their mobile site, which come free with membership, yeah, they don't work. Tried for tech support assistance, they were VERY rude and belittling. I programmed for years, did web design for years, was raised doing flash even, and it wasn't something that even I could resolve, and obviously they couldn't either.

Overall, for the bandwidth and storage space, and the idiot proof templates for those that don't code, the $135 and change a year isn't a bad price. BUT for the lack of customer service, and with a coding background, I could get godaddy for $45 a year and have iDevil applications be able to see my site.

New Reviewer

Be careful with this website. If you buy a domain and build a website with them you will receive an automatic subscription. This is not stated in clear writing. Even though you will own the domain for one year this is AUTOMATICALLY renewed. I bought it on a special offer around Christmas so the price was fairly OK.

However, I was renewed at full price. I wasn't expecting to be automatically renewed after one year and to be renewed at full price was not a pleasant surprise. Be very careful with Wix. Read the small print and make sure to cancel your subscription before your year is up.

New Reviewer

Not bad when your setting your site up but after that it's cost after cost. To run your own paypal shop it's around £15.00 a month which is a joke. Also the blogging pages connected to your website are done on a different server and not your website, you then have to add the link in to you website for people to see.

New Reviewer

AC jeans are seriously cute. True-They are shorts. True-They are high riders. VERY TRUE- They are AWESOME!! If you want a pair of jean shorts, go check them out RIGHT NOW!!

New Reviewer

This guy isn't real. He think he owns a country in a game called littebigplanet. His name is alexgangsta4 or alex white. For the record, this isnt against wix but a sub account in wix called

Veteran Reviewer

Ever wanted to make your own site, without the programming knowledge - yes and with FLASH? And completely FREE? Well go on to this site, and you can. I know there is plenty of sites offering free website builders and templates similar but this one offers FLASH on addition to all the templates and you can add your own videos and images and stuff as well. I havent personally used them but ive bookmarked them for my future use most def cuz i would love to make my own site FREE which looks really cool. Theyve got like scores of sites made using their service so you can see how good they really are.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a website when I can across who offered FREE websites. I was interested, prepared a three page website. Then they offered to upgrade it. Thats when I was not only charged, but they kept their advertising on the site and then deleted the pages I needed. This is a "BAIT & SWITCH" company to stay away from. You can look at what they did to my site at I am going to have to replace the whole thing. When you speak to them, thy don't answer you but instead avoid your question. They suck!

New Reviewer

This is a total rip off. They will say anything to get your money.Internet theft ring.


This is a pretty cool website, where you can create your own web page(s) with flash animation all for free (option to upgrade) and all you need is a domain name. You don't have to know html or java script and it's a simple step by step process that takes only a few minutes to create a web page of your design.
Great alternative to a blog.


Absolutely GREAT place to build a FLASH-based web site...FREE. Drag 'N Drop technology makes getting up to speed a snap. You're even provided with a "Wix" URL as your domain (FREE), and you can certainly buy your own and migrate it over.

Company Promo-Data:
"A small but growing start-up, we love it when you use Wix to make your own fabulous websites and other Flash creations. And it's thanks to the support and feedback from users like you that Wix continues to evolve! Check out our blog to keep track of our latest news & features. Or get back to playing on".

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