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62 reviews
2601 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA
Tel: +1.4156399034
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Customer service is a problem if you rely upon their online support center. (in 7 reviews)


I have had a site for some time, but find it impossible today to reach customer service. (in 12 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I have tried a few other website creator, and WIX is by far the most practical, resourceful, and yet affordable one I have tried. It was recommended by a book publishing designer, friend of mine, and besides being able to fully create my website in one day, I also received a, effective customer support assistance when I needed. The technical support representative quickly accessed my computer, identified the issue, and the problem was immediately fixed. I was speechless to see my problem solved in less than 5 minutes. I am giving 5 Star for my overall current experience 10/12/15

Ask Sucatta about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

Well for starters customer service is a joke you have to write your complaint and wait for someone to answer on the help page. and nothing changes to add to the web page unless people vote on it. WTF really. your supposed to be helping me make money not lose money! I cant change shipping charges on each individual item!. I cant give shipping discounts if a person buys more than one item from me and I was told to create a coupon for that. then they could use it for buying just one EZ salsa and I would lose money. this is not E commerce friendly. it is great for everything else. looking forward to taking my business somewhere else

Ask brenda about Wix
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

WIX promised a refund for a charge that was not authorized and has been giving me the run around for the past 7 weeks even though I presented absolute proof that the charge was unauthorized and not refunded.

Ask SCOTT about Wix
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

After trying Simple Site which is magic but to simple, stole my money with no support etc, I am now at a stage where I do not know what to do. Private companies took my money and run, so at the moment I just use Wix for a free ride to have some type of referral address on the web. Going to try Webstart and see after all the bad reviews if any good. Will also just try a free ride until I am happy.

Tip for consumers: I built my site with ease. Just find that inserting a code like Payfast (South Africa) it was found and then wanted to edit and it just disappeared. Another bug for me is that the tick (Show on all pages) comes on automatically when just touching it. Painful after publishing your site and then need to go back as you have double text elsewhere and now need to find it. I also do not like the fact that I can only upload a Youtube clip and not my own clip from my PC

Ask Sepungu about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why oh why does Wix offer simple explanations that do not work for normal fixes? Now that I have bought the service and transferred my own site name, I am really questioning the move!!! I try to delete a page and it tells me to go to something that doesn't do what it is supposed to. I try to link my only two pages and that seems to be cray-cray!

Ask Abilene about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

It's complicated where it can easily be simplified. It has the most useless tools and doesn't have any actually needed options. It's a bad save engine as well due to the fact I made a whole front page and it deleted by itself. Disappointed.

Ask Nopera about Wix
1 review
1 helpful vote

The bottom line is that I've used Wix, and so have my friends. It's JUST NOT A GOOD PLATFORM.

If you want the real deal on why, it's best summed up here

Nice try, but doesn't make the cut.

Ask Das about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

I understand that you can't please everyone or make everyone happy...but there are just way to many NEGATIVE REVIEWS to even think of signing up or simply being comfortable in moving forward.

Ask bobby about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am a sole proprietor and every penny counts as I start up my business and budget for diapers. I feel completely robbed by WIX. I have worked very hard to follow their suggestions so my page can be found in a search to no avail. I have a pay account so I am not a free loader. I can do any combination of searches to find myself and even on page 20 of google I am nowhere to be found. I really hope someone looks into this to determine if they are in violation of any advertising laws. I am so devastated after spending countless hours trying to create my page and then find it online. I have researched and tweaked and tinkered but WIX does not deliver! My peers who used other methods of creating pages such as square space show up on the first page of a google search and they did not pay any additional money to google for this. There does not seem to be any customer service at Wix and they have made it very hard to rate them or find out about them since apparently they didn't use WIX alone to create their advertising propaganda.

Ask Straight about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

FREE? No way!
Wix doesn't even show up with Google search.

Ask Dalia about Wix
10 reviews
3 helpful votes

Having your own website to advertise your Business, Goods and Services is the way to go. Almost everyone has their own website. It's the way to advertise, it's actually the way to go.

A few years ago I was about to pay for a ten weeks course in Web page designing, it never happened until about three months ago I saw an advertisement on a particular website inviting people to join the website designing boot camp. This boot camps goal is to help people to set up their own personal website in two days. The cost is $10,000 (ten thousand Jamaican dollars) and you are to take your credit card with you to pay an additional US$60 for the Url so that is pretty much JA$16,000 (sixteen thousand Jamaican dollars).

I mentioned it to someone and they told me not to pay any money to set up a website because I can find a site on the internet that can offer me the service for free. I decided to search for myself and gave up until I stumbled on I decided to try it myself, by the way, I am not very technologically savvy. I do pretty good on Microsoft office applications but I know little or nothing about web page designing. Anyway, I decided to go on the website and try my hand at it. To my great surprise, and happiness I was actually able to set up a website on my own. I actually started it today on, I am not finished yet, I have saved it to continue because of time constraint. That is the reason I have decided to do this review. I have gained satisfaction and I want others to benefit too.

You do not have to have a knowledge of programming, HTML or javascript, It is a simple step by step process. Your can create your web page of your design with animation and all of this is for free. The only thing you need is a domain name. Isn't that great!

Well, I know it has helped me because now I can create a web page and this I did for free and I also have the knowledge on hand to share. So if you ever think about building your own web page why not try you will be glad you do.

Tip for consumers: Great Service, try it, you will be glad you do.

Ask Morine about Wix
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

I just read Wix ad about written in html and Google indexes these sites better, could not be more from the truth. I used Microsoft front page 16 years ago, then Dreamweaver and RapidWeaver. All of these template companies are trying to capitalize on people thinking they will have a cheap site. The real bottom line is that the average person would have to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours learning real organic SEO. But WIX and companies like them want you to buy their templates and after you realize no one is going to see your website let alone be built to engage users and attract more inquiries. Then comes the search engine optimization fees and they go on and on. After you quit paying them, your site will drop whatever search results you may have. I have rebuilt sites from WIX and others alike. WordPress built correctly all along utilizing proper plug-in and loads and loads of hours learning SEO, which is constantly changing, leaves you trying to be a webmaster and now cannot work your own business. The sites I rebuilt of WIX had dropped dramatically in ranking from my first build many years back. I explained to the person building the WIX site where to place basic SEO and after checking later when his site went from page one to non-existent, I saw no titles, descriptions keywords Meta or anything. Google has made it more difficult for home website creators to build a professional site that works. You get what you pay for and on the SEO side you just lose a lot of money every month. WordPress is tops for SEO and mobile friendly websites. But it does not just happen. WordPress is difficult to work with and takes a lot of maintenance. If you just want to build a personal website that does not need to generate business or income, then WIX is a possibility. Also, I came across a WIX ad on Facebook bragging how great their sites were and search engine friendly. I ran basic Google guideline tests and the site speed was below 50 on mobile and had little to no SEO built in or optimized with tags etc. I hate to see the average consumer be misled and have an effect on their time and business. At least a warning before believing a company ad give people an option.

Ask Don about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was reading all these poor reviews so I decided to call the Wix Customer Service to find out for myself. I was informed that I had to wait 4 minutes so i hung up after about 2. In about 3 minutes I received a call from a Wix Representative asking if I needed any help. I explained my reason for the call and he asked I was having problems with my site. We talked for a short while and so far i am very satisfied with their service.

As for building my website, I was encountering some problems but I quickly realized it was my fault because I had not taken advantage of the tutorials. After I read up on the information i am very happy with my site. I have added some animations, etc.

Ask Insights about Wix
1 review
1 helpful vote


I´ve been create an website on in 2013, made payment, but my website never has been online, also i´ve tried to cotact them they never replayed. Now í´ve seen n my bank account they has charging bill over thereof reveniew domain, servisce they never provide, i´m tring to remove my account, found so difficoult!!

Ask Aline about Wix
1 review
3 helpful votes

Jesse Lee
June 16, 2015 at 7:44 pm

Worst company for excuses! They closed my accounts without even bothering to call and attempt in getting my new card information. Managers and supervisors are Fuking rude! They said they sent me countless emails, and it’s very true. However it’s never just important emails, it’s countless spam emails that have nothing to do with your account, and after serveral a week, you just stop looking at your emails involving them period. I spammed there emails, of course I didn’t want them, so not knowing that the important ones went with them. Who fault is that? Mine or there’s?

They demand respect however have no respect for you, did I link my email address with them for the purpose of being spammed? Did they ask me for permission to send me crap Countless times a week? No! Yet when I loose my wallet n forget to link up new card, they are still expecting me to check email. What a joke!

Now they use the excuse that they don’t have enough people, or have way to many clients that they can’t afford to call each one to maintain a relationship with them, when in fact they are the ones Fuking up to start with. Don’t demand respect from your clients when you can’t afford to give them any at all, we shouldn’t have to click on spam button, when you should have enough respect not to send us endless irritating emails to a business email. We have other clients we need to focus on, and sifting through your $#*! isn’t on our list of things to do.

Another excuse used is that we have an option to filter what they send us, we don’t work for you, yet they make us do so! How is that respect? We shouldn’t have to worry about you taking advantage of our kindness in such away. A-Holes!

For three months my account has been down, you would think I would have gotten a call? Nope! Well sir we don’t offer those service, however threatening you is one they offer! Or telling you well you have other options, n can go elsewhere! I think we should! I think you should tell all your long term clients who have kept you in business to go somewhere else! Four Fuking years of business with them, and I’m not owed an once of respect.

I fact the manager was rude, demanding, sarcastic, would not stop interrupting, and kept trying to lead the conversation to what he wanted it to be. Him and his fake apologies, meanwhile being no better then his other employees.

If we aren’t worth the time to get a call to let us know there is something wrong with our accounts, then we all should be telling to kiss our asses!

Ask Jesse about Wix
1 review
2 helpful votes

While I am happy with the way my site looks, the continuous problems with the mobile version of the site and the buggy newsletter sign up feature have made creating my site using a costly mistake. The biggest issue is that my site does not load on Safari on mobile devices, specifically iPhones. Multiple customers tell me they can't load our site and every time they are trying to load it on their phone. My first trouble ticket was submitted on March 5, 2015 and as of May 13, 2015 the issue has still not been fixed. All of the service reps have acted like this is a problem specific to my site and even my mobile service provider, but it definitely is not. I have spent several hours on the phone with with no results. I even spent an hour on the phone with AT&T because tried to blame the issue on them even though customers with Sprint and Verizon were experiencing the same issues. After the last call to, they escalated my ticket to a "Development Team". It has been 3 weeks and I have still not received a response other than they don't know when it will be fixed and they can't give me any expectation at all when they might have a better answer.
The thing that really concerns me is that I found a thread on the support pages that makes clear from other users that this particular problem has existed since at least September of 2014.
Check out here if you would like....
Either has no intention of resolving this issue or they cannot resolve it. Neither of those options are acceptable if you have any potential customers that own an iPhone.
It appears that I am forced to recreate my site elsewhere, which is a tremendous waste of time that I do not have.
Please do yourself a favor and find another place to create your site. While the charges to use their tools and hosting are generally reasonable, you probably won't be compensated for the time it will take to recreate your site somewhere else when the very basic functionality of your site cannot be provided as promised.

Ask A about Wix
1 review
6 helpful votes

3 months ago wix took a renewal payment from my credit card. I did not give authorisation for this. I requested a refund from them. 3 months ago they disconnected my website and have still not given a refund. I recommend anyone looking for a provider to steer clear of wix. Absolute rip off merchants!!!!!

Ask louise about Wix
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased a site off wix, it advertises £7 per month so put details in and they took £111 out of my account, now find they have billed me a further £26, if I try to access my account on wix it says whoops you don't have one yet so I cannot do anything. They say go to support that sends you to the pGe to buy the services, i have tried several e mails to try to resolve and get the same advice even though I have told them it's not working, they now have 5 working days to sort or I report them to the relevant Authorities, in May opinion a rip off just avoid,

Ask Tim about Wix
1 review
1 helpful vote

​Well, Wix doesn't have a courtesy to inform its customers about the fact that their information regarding premium offers are highly deceiving and faulty, for instance, that the so called free vouchers, as just one of the examples, will not at all be free for most users at all, the users are not informed about that IN ADVANCE! That was a final drop for me, I'm going to end my relationship WITH WIX, for I have been charged by Facebook DUE TO NOT BEING INFORMED ABOUT THAT. That's just one of the examples of how Wix lures its customers into buying by hiding the facts or in other words lying to their customers. I find such practices absolutely unacceptable so that was final drop for me and I'm looking forward to switching to some other platform, but it cost me dearly, so beware, Wix will rip you off.

Ask Mateja about Wix
15 reviews
27 helpful votes

Don't get me wrong, I like Wix, and it was a good place to create a website for my school project. I only have two problems with it: I couldn't figure out how to put it under a different URL, and I think it does cost money for certain things, so not free as advertised. Although my experience was average, please try it because people have different opinions. : )

Ask Ella about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

Can't even do something simple, like get a photo onto your blogs correctly. Very frustrating. If your blog is important to you, you will be frustrated.

Ask J about Wix
1 review
0 helpful votes

Intuitive and customizable. I created a few websites with Wix without technical knowledge and they looked exactly like I wanted.

Ask Paloma about Wix
1 review
12 helpful votes

There's no doubt you can build a great looking website using Wix in a relatively short period of time....but you can't test the essential features like member login until it's published on a live domain ...then the Wix business model starts to bite...for example if you want to send a 'thank you' email to people who become members of your site you get hit by a subscription model that's a TOTAL RIP-OFF - £57 A MONTH IF YOU WANT TO SEND OUT MORE THAN 20're only allowed 3 for free....and despite what they say sending yourself a test email DOES count against it's incredibly misleading saying the service is 'free'....trying to rip people off on such a basic feature is a ridiculous business model and ensures that no one with any sense will ever use the product again. It's a shame...great website builder wrecked by greed...

Tip for consumers: Only use it if you don't need anything beyond basic...all the apps that do anything useful have a premium price tag....

Ask star about Wix
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I really don't know how in the world there's a good review for Wix, they are Just about the Worst Company Ever.

Costumer Service is a Joke, there's none, since it never work. They don't care, and they probably pay a lot of money to have good reviews.

As soon I can, I take my website out of the junk. Enough is enough.

I tried, I tried and I tried, I contact them, I ask them to phone me, they just don't care, they continuously sending me the same stupid answer refuse to call me.

It should Ring the Bell when a company don't have a Phone Number for you to Call, That says a lot, we just ignored, and as result, I'm paying the price because os so much Fake Review. Well, it can't be true if there's any good review about this company, they are Just Bad and don't care!

Ask Carlos about Wix
1 review
6 helpful votes

since i have switched to wix there hasnt been a day where everything runs as it shold.

Ask MAS about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

Last year, I purchased a website from for a project involving a motel that I was working for. After I left the property the owner said that he wouldn't need the website anymore and went behind my back to get a copy of the completed site from WIX.COM. When I reported the copyright infringement to WIX.COM, they absolutely ignore it. Beware of how WIX.COM operates and be informed that these guys do not accept SSL certificates.

Ask Paulo about Wix
1 review
7 helpful votes

Editor never EVER finishes loading, no matter what I do, what browser I use or what computer I use. Unfortunately this lump of $#*!e is what I got dumped with to make a films blog for one of my units in Sixth Form and I'm going to have to submit an unfinished unit because of this. Utterly $#*!ing useless.

Ask Aaron about Wix
1 review
11 helpful votes

I, too, have a problem with WIX. The bait and switch stuff is true, yes. But, also, something else...


This is a bad red flag for ANY company. "We cannot remove your credit card information". Whatever. All you have to do on Amazon is click DELETE MY PAYMENT INFO and it's gone in a flash.

I had to cancel my premium subscription (which I did to begin with), then I had to delete my site (which I did to begin with--and they HIDE the DELETE SITE BUTTON, lol)... HOWEVER, they don't tell you that you have to delete your site from TWO DIFFERENT PLACES ON WIX in order to delete AKA "destroy" your account.



One star. I wish I could give it zero.

Ask Edward about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

As an update to my previous post on I would like to add the following in all due fairness:

I have not experienced any noticeable site -based upload or updating delays. such problems might occur to users that have slightly incompatible browsers. I recommend using Mozilla's Foxfire and all works well.

Certain personal website additions are actually easy, provided that you know where to look and access the features. Figuring this out comes with more sit use, familiarity and experimentation.

Customer service is a problem if you rely upon their online support center. Call 1 . 800. 6000 . 949 and bypass the foolishness and waste of your time. You can schedule them to call you, but that could take a while.

Most frustrating is the long time between getting the Microsoft Bing controlled search engines (Bing, Google, MSN, etc.) to recognize and actively list your website. This can take several weeks to a month, yet you pay for the lost time. This may not be the fault of, but no party should get paid for services not provided.

Now that my website is up, running, with the hits coming in and the traffic building I am generally pleased and my familiarity and mastery of the sitebuilder growing successfully. Just a learning curve issue.

Updating, enhancing or altering your site can be done on a very frequent basis without restriction.

I actually like this sitebuilder more and more once you know how to manipulate it. (Wish the mobile site viewer worked and views exactly like the regular desktop version. And, that the app worked with iPads and Mac iOS (8 or any other version).

Ask Francis about Wix
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Probably best website creating software available. Still have something to improve.

Ask Jari about Wix
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wix is decent, but the "pop up errors" KILL ME. I used Wix for about 6 months, and three times an error message popped up not allowing me to save my changes. The last straw came when I just updated all the pricing and descriptions on my services page... I got hit with the error message of death and all my changes were lost! There was no customer support or phone numbers I could get through to. I was only able to find support boards with people complaining about the same thing. It was a nightmare!! I own a mom and pop auto repair shop and really don't have time for "errors" like this that waste 2 hours of my time. I switched to SetMySite 3 months ago and I'm pretty happy so far. Their websites are reliable and easy to edit yourself, plus I can always just email or call my account manager to make the website changes for me. It's a nice deal.

As for Wix, I'm done with them. Losing my work three times is three times too many :/

Tip for consumers: Save your work every two minutes to avoid "saving errors of death!"

Ask Manny about Wix
7 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have been using wix for a couple of years by now.
They have been improving their options.
Price wise... well... there are better prices around. They should consider competition.
But overall, I'd say a good catch and choice.

Ask Janeth about Wix
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Good website builder

Ask Markku about Wix
1 review
10 helpful votes

​Wix consultants always blame their users for the slow loading sites. I have modified my wix sites many times to improve the loading speed according to information provided by Wix (consultants). But the changes did not help. Wix consultants make their users waste time and efforts giving users useless advice to conceal their own faults, knowing that the slow loading actually comes from their heavy engine, not from the contents of sites in most cases. Otherwise they are foolish. I have tested, with, one premium wix site with only one blank homepage, one text word "test" and a domain bought from WX. The test results show 5 seconds in USA and 13 to 30 seconds in Russia.

Wix shoud not make a fool of their users any more. Wix, blame yourself and improve the loading speed by yourself!

Ask KS about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

it jams your internet and continuously crashes everything with it.

Tip for consumers: use it only if you have a lot of storage space and really really fast internet service

Ask eilish about Wix
1 review
12 helpful votes

I payed to upgrade my site so that the wix ad doesn't show. Right after I gave all my credit card details my computer rebooted by itself and I have not been able to access WIX eversince. I logged out and cant get back in. All of a sudden my email address is considered to not be registered with them so I cant even email a complaint. At the time that I PAID I was a LOGGED IN user with my name showing in the top right. I logged out and cant get back in and HAVE NO RECOURSE.

Tip for consumers: FORGET WIX

Ask Tersia about Wix
1 review
13 helpful votes

Do not use wix!!! I am a blogger and this site is absolutely useless!
They do not cater for blogs like they claim
I have wasted my time and money on this site and could not be any more angry,
They do not have an RSS feed which is essential for blogs!
Any bloggers or any one that needs to involve social Media go elsewhere!!
They are behind on the times and useless.
And do not help

Ask Amanda about Wix
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have had a site for some time, but find it impossible today to reach customer service. They "validated" my phone number but then they asked me to put in the time I want to speak to customer service and it's impossible to do that online now. So I asked to reverify the phone number, which now doesn't work. Amazing they can spend what they do to attract customers but they can't spend the time and effort necessary to try to keep us.

Ask V about Wix
1 review
10 helpful votes


I can not believe that no email address come with the highest payed package. I I can't believe that that was not made aware to me before I signed up and payed. I have 10 people working for me so that meant that it would have costed over £1000 just for email addresses.

This management decision made by WIX will be there down fall.


Ask s about Wix
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

Its better to be ripped off by a friend, because you may find him someday, but when its an internet based rip off like the so called free website builder called, what are you going to do? bust a caps lock on them?..I prepared a free website from asked for 24.95 $ for domain name transportation cost and I paid for it. But then I couldn’t use the domain name.couldn't view the site. workers further gave me reasons that I should also buy a Premium package to use my domain name which I already paid 14.95 $ at first. They made me pay 24.95 $ and they wont pay it back after asking as the site states that i am liable to a refund in the first 14days. First they fool you by saying that their service is free but then force you to buy a Premium package. The explanations are inadequate and the postpurchase service is very awful. and the guys will be dancing in church on sunday.

Ask tiobong about Wix
1 review
3 helpful votes




Ask Angelica about Wix
1 review
9 helpful votes

They're in Israel for one. What recourse do you have if you're not satisfied? Does one buy a ticket to Israel? LOL. They know you won't! This is the BIGGEST reason I should have learned by now NOT to deal with NON United States companies.
Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Once they have your money, you're just a number. Until that point they will tell you everything you want to hear in order to hook you. Typical. The product is NOT what they said it was.
STEER clear of Wix!

Ask Fred about Wix
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

Written in HTML 5 meaning google indexes these sites better. This is the bottom line.

Ask Justin about Wix
9 reviews
17 helpful votes

I was looking for a simple, easy to use site just to set up a quick example for a presentation; I decided to give wix a try after seeing countless commercials, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I quickly and easily set up what I needed to for free. I don't know if I'd necessarily choose this site to create an actual site for my business, but it worked for exactly what I needed it for.

Ask James about Wix
1 review
8 helpful votes

I prepared a free website from I already bought the domain name from another website and then I wanted to transfer the name to asked for 14.95 $ for domain name transportation cost and I paid for it. But then I couldn’t use the domain name. workers give the reason that I should also buy a Premium package to use my domain name which I already paid 14.95 $ at first. They made me pay 14.95 $ and they don’t pay it back even if I asked. First they fool you by saying that their service is free but then force you to buy a Premium package. The explanations are inadequate and the postpurchase service is very awful.

Ask HATICE about Wix
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

no help, no customer support no format on the page. Horrible site not user friendly rip off does not come up under your domain it is under their domain. With there little ugly logo.

Ask Holly about Wix
1 review
6 helpful votes

Hey guys,
I think you should all be aware of a huge problem WIX has - the website can not be viewed well on safari as well as on other browsers. This is a problem Wix says they "work hard" to solve - but it has been more than 4 month since. They refuse to refund paying costumers, even though the website is worthless like this. Also, they hide this problem and delete comments and posts from their forum and their Facebook page.

Ask Maya about Wix
1 review
2 helpful votes

Having major issues for months now and here is how they answer us on their support blogs:

Ask John about Wix
1 review
8 helpful votes

Wost site builder EVER!PERIOD!!!Just see their forums or search on google and see for yourself what is going on with their broken editor!!!

Ask iris about Wix
1 review
6 helpful votes

Terrible experience - designer's are promoted by WIX but when they take your money they claim no responsibility. Would never use them again. Beware of paying using PayPal - called "a service" you can not recover. I had to consult an attorney. Takes a long time for the plane to circle but at some point collections will catch up with designer.

Ask Brad about Wix

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A: You need to contact Wix support. I had a same problem with Facebook button, though, and it turned out that Facebook launched a new app for the button without any notification by Wix or Fb and the old one just stopped working as a result, so I had to manually put in the new one and remove the old one. Things like that are really annoying.
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