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Wayfair reviews

55 reviews
Categories: Furniture, Home, Home & Garden
177 Huntington Avenue, Suite 6000
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 1-877-929-3247
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55 Reviews for

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New Reviewer

I was desperate to get a specific toy for grandson that my wife had promised him. The only way to get it was online. I tried all kinds of stores and sites but they either could not guarantee that I would have it by my grandson’s next visit or they wanted to charge me $180.00 for expedited delivery. I called Wayfair even though I had never bought from them and didn’t know what they could do. I spoke with a gentleman named Dino. Dino could not have possibly been more friendly or helpful. He placed my order, guaranteed it would be here by the day I needed it and didn’t even charge me for shipping. He made my month. I will be back to buy many things in the future from Wayfair. They know how to treat customers to make them frequent customers.

Tip for consumers: Ask for Dino!!

Ask Guy about Wayfair
New Reviewer

I ordered $1650.00 of furniture and items from Wayfair March 2014. I had saved for years to make this purchase (I didnt know of Wayfair when saving). I am recovering from a life threatening illness and needed to move to a place to accominate my recovery so decided to order main items from wayfair. MISTAKE! I ended up with a sofa I cant sit on comfortably, a rug for a table and chair I didn't receive and an imitated palm tree. I was suppose to have the money put back into my debit account and I'm still waiting. That amount was $1225.25! I was so sick and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Here I am sick, in a place I have no where to sit or sleep. I had to get medical treatment!! I am now much better but still STIFFED for $1225.25. I bought thrift store items and trying! Does anyone have any ideas to share with me? Please don't order from Wayfair

Tip for consumers: Wayfair is a scam !Dont get involved with these people..they will take your money and not return it or order. I am exploringva civil andvcriminal lawsuit against Wayfair..

Ask Sharon about Wayfair
New Reviewer

I ordered a vanity from Wayfair. Three times and two months later, all three vanities came cracked. The only solution on the first two occasions was to wait three weeks more for the subsequent vanity to arrive. Wayfair blamed the packing, the shipping, the handlers, the box, etc. This is, I believe, the worst company I have ever dealt with. Lesson learned? If you want a vanity, go to a local place to have something made. They obviously cannot deliver on their promises.

New Reviewer

I will never recommend anyone to use this site. I have been waiting on a refund from them for about 12 days now when it was promised to be back on my card 3-5 business days. I am getting the complete run around every time I talk to them. Not only will I never purchase anything from them again no one I know will. I seriously have called them at least 5 times and still have yet to get an upfront TRUTHFUL answer. If only I would have read the reviews about this site before I gave them $250.00 of my hard earned money. Another case of big businesses not giving a crap about their customers!!!

New Reviewer

Company over promises and under delivers.
Ordered a cabinet, they said it would be delivered in 7 turn into 14 and 14 turned in 21... and even a few days later than that. If I canceled order, they were going to charge me about 150 for shipping charges. I would not recommend them, find another supplier.

New Reviewer

Don't use this company

several years ago I used Wayfair and had an ok experience so when I was looking for a couple of nice, white dressers, I thought, why not. Good price. But...One of the two had damage to the top and most of the glue packets had broken in the package and were all over parts of the unit. OK, that's fixable right? I contacted them and they emailed they were shipping me a new dresser (another 2 boxes and hours of labor). I called and they agreed to stop the shipping. Then it arrived, I called again to have it picked up and no followup. Third phone call they gave me an RA number and said UPS will pick it up.
Very bad service, broken promises, fair product. Go elsewhere!

New Reviewer

At first, I was thinking 1 star... but just got off the phone with customer service and she just made up for all the miscommunication that was regarding my order. She fixed it in a timely manner and I am very impressed by her communication skills and kindness. I almost turned Wayfair into WARfair but now I am very pleased with the outcome and my replacement for my item will be delivered in 2 days :)

New Reviewer

My experience with Wayfair was HORRIBLE. I recently tried to order a garden stool as my first purchase with the company and they sent the stool in the wrong color twice, and the third time they sent a completely different stool altogether. After way too much time on the phone with customer service they finally figured out that the company was no longer making the stool in the color I had ordered, but they still didn't take the color off of their website. I now have 3 stools that are NOT the one I ordered stacked in my garage taking up space because they will not make arrangements to pick them up! Do not order from this company!!! When you call to complain they will tell you that they have very high customer ratings, but as many other customers have noted, they refuse to post any reviews that are not positive.

New Reviewer

Well I just received my pantry and It was damaged in a number of spots. the worst part about it was that it was damaged and they tried to repair it with wood putty and glue. They filled the dents with wood putty,and a whole corner was broken off and they glued it back together and sent it to me like that instead of replacing the broken parts. I will never buy from them again.

New Reviewer

A simple piece of advice - Do not use Wayfare unless you enjoy sitting in the house waiting forlornly for an order that isn't going to arrive.

If you're lucky you might get a half-baked apology and a refund but what you won't get is your order.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.

New Reviewer

Don't order anything time sensitive from this company!

I ordered a bedframe on june 12 as i had family visiting starting the 27th. They said delivery would be the 25th.

On the 25th it didn't show up so i called. They apologized and said it would be there by friday the 27th. Here i am on the 30th and still no frame.

I called a second time and now they say it won't be here until the 7th. My family has since come and gone.

i will never order from the again online

New Reviewer

Love this website and have had a positive experience with them overall. Agree that their shipping is slow, so be prepared for that. Also, another reviewer here said that Wayfair refuses to publish negative reviews of their items!! This sucks!! I bought 4 pieces of furniture- 3 were awesome and one was not good. I left reviews for all 4 pieces and they published all of them except my negative review!! Very dishonest. So buyer beware- can't count on those reviews.

New Reviewer

I had a very good experience with wayfair. I ordered a delta chair and table for my son which got damaged while assembling .I was very disappointed with the quality so i mailed the customer service who responded promptly.
Without any questions or hesitance they arranged for not only a table top but a complete set of table and chairs to be delivered in no time.
I am extremely impressed by this prompt service and will surely recommend wayfair products to everyone.

New Reviewer

In my opinion: Here's the scoop - if you order from this company be prepared to be miss lead. Not a truthful company. They will hold you order in their warehouses until you call looking for your stuff. Then they will take their time getting it to you. Then they will not ship part of your order. Make sure you count your boxes. They love to leave your order by the road, even in the rain. Great prices, horrible service and that is if you get your order within say 3 months!! Saw the CEO speak at the IRCE in Chicago 2014 and he knows there are complaints but thinks that's no big deal! He justified it by saying that the customers keep buying even when they are upset with the company. Well I will not ever buy from this company again. They suck!

New Reviewer

I wish I could give 0 starts. I ordered two items from this website. First time customer. One of the items arrived one week later which is not bad but the other item was missing even if my credit card was charged for both items! I called and they said they would send the other item right away and that i would get it in few days. Few days later i did not receive the item and called them back. They finally said that the item was in back order and that i would receive it 2 months later. I placed my order on June 9 and I was only going to receive the item on August 18. What a joke! I asked them to cancel the item and refund the money they charged for the item they did not send. They said they would do that but i waited for an email cancelation and refund and did not receive it. I asked the representative why i did not receive the email cancelation and he said i would still receive it in the next 24/48 hours. I got upset and said that i did not understand this policy and the representative hung up on my face and never apologized for the mistake. I buy things online a lot and i would never recommend this website. I am hoping to receive the money back for the item they never sent or even had on stock!

New Reviewer

I have spend quite a bit with Wayfair and their customer Service Dept has been very cooperative. The main complaint I have is that I wrote a very truthful review about some uncomfortable furniture and Wayfair refused to post it. The items are still showing up with a 5 star rating but only the good reviews are showing up. That is not fair to others who are considering buying the same items. Wayfair should publish all reviews, not just the favorable ones. What good are reviews if the company refuses to publish all of them?

New Reviewer

I'm redoing my dining room and purchased a table with chairs along with some artwork/decorations for the room. I was really surprised when all my items arrived early and everything was exactly what I ordered. My dining room is look great and I will be using wayfair again when I tackle the living room.

New Reviewer

We ordered a futon cover and a chair cover. Both items were ordered in the same order. Both items had identical color names. When items were received, they did not match. They are 2 different shades of khaki. Contacted Wayfair. They say since they sent out the correct item numbers, it is not their problem. They will allow us to return the items, so long as WE pay the return postage. Unacceptable. Will not purchase from them again. Would not recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

I really bad experience I bought a 600.00 bike paid next day service as was in the add it did not arrive and when I call it was in back order so I was really upset and cancel the order.
then I bought thru ebay another bike from them and it was order next day the shipping was more than the item but since I live in Puerto Rico it was ok but again promise for a date and I am still waiting
this company is not reliable they offer but don't delivery
I will never buy from then again even with a better price
sometimes cheap is more expensive not a reliable company

New Reviewer

Looked @ a console table on the site. Knew I wanted to put some AD/VD equipment on the lower shelf,but not sure if could support the weight. Called C.S. and asked if they knew. Nice lady said she didn't know but would check with mfg. 5 or so minutes on hold,she got the answer. Placed order arrived a day or 2 passed expected delivery date. Seriously, this is so not an issue. But there was an essential part missing as per diagram, for assembly. BF was assembling,as that's what good BF's do. Called Sunday(yes C.S. is there in Sunday), had the missed part FedEx'd in my hand on Tuesday.
Very happy camper here. :)

New Reviewer

I ordered a gaming chair to be shipped to Canada (I reside in the US) as a gift. The process was easy and it arrived in a decent amount of time for having to cross the border and go through customs. My recipient was really happy with what I chose and said it worked great. I'd definitely do business with them again.

New Reviewer

I would give 0 stars if i could. Douche-bags. Ordered a watch on may 1st and according to these idiots and the order they were gonna ship it may 6th arrival may 9th or before. Faaaaaaaaalse advertising. I called on may 8th to check on the order and guess what the shipping date changed and nobody cared to notify me about it. They get away with anything these days. I canceled before anything could go wrong they probably don't even have half the items. EXPECT DELIVERY FROM THIS WEBSITE 20 DAYS TO NEVEEEEEER. Wayfair i wish you nothing but lawsuits and hope you close down.

New Reviewer

I placed an order and they shipped out the wrong order. They were going to ask me to pay for shipping. Finally, a manager made the exception to have them pay for return shipping. The item was returned and was told my account would be credited within 3-5 days. It's been 10 days now and no credit. I called this evening and was told that I would have the credit within 3-5 days. If they do actually follow through it could be up to 1/2 a month just to get a credit refund for a mistake they made.

New Reviewer

They took good money for a tub two months ago but didn't deliver. Every few weeks since then we get this automated email stating it's on back order. When we phone they say 'it's in the warehouse' and ' about to be shipped'. Then we get another automated email stating it's on back order. We live in California and wonder whether Wayfair don't want spend on shipping.

New Reviewer

I wish I had seen this review site before I ordered from Wayfair. What a frustrating experience!! The people I talked to when I ordered were very kind and helpful and that's where the good part ended. I ordered a bird cage and was told over and over that it would be shipped within a few days and I would be notified by email. I was notified, however, the date of shipping kept getting set further and further out. 20 days later, I called to find out where the cage was and was told that I would receive an email or phone call by next week sometime as to when I would receive it. I waited a few days longer and still no call or email from the shipper. I called again and demanded to know who the shipper was and that I would call them myself. After some hesitation, I was told who it was but she didn't have the phone number. I found the shipper about 20 miles from where I live and gave them a call. They had received the cage in their warehouse and had it scheduled for delivery next Monday. I thought about it for a few minutes and called back to see if we could pick it up. They were very professional and helpful and said we could come and pick it up. When I got home, I found an email from Wayfair saying the cage was scheduled to be delivered that same day between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. This was already about 11:30.

Going back, after I ordered the first cage, I called again to order 3 more cages. I was told they were in stock and was given a date of April 28 for delivery. Then a few days later, I received an email saying that all three cages were out of stock and I would have to wait until July. I had had enough by then, so I cancelled the orders and went elsewhere. I'll have all three cages by the end of next week!!! Bad experience, I'll never shop there again!!

New Reviewer

Fantastic home goods site for one-stop shopping. Made a recent renovation real easy for me to get every little (and big!) thing I needed. Great prices and love the rewards dollars. Customer service was amazing when an item arrived damaged.

New Reviewer

I ordered a grill insert (Legacy Firemagic Charcoal at $40.43)) for my outdoor kitchen. The price was way below retail (probably a loss leader or bait and switch. After numerous emails, here was my answer " I am sorry for the confusion. You will be receiving the grill and grates and they are expected to ship with FedEx on or before 3/3 making your delivery estimate on or before 3/6. Your replacement sole is expected to ship today with UPS and arrive to you on or before 2/27. You will receive emails when the items ship with tracking information so you can monitor their progress on their way to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for shopping with Wayfair. Regards,Kristofer C."
Then this response: " There is an issue with your order and I am trying to get it worked out so it can ship. If you are unable to wait we certainly understand. You will hear from me tomorrow with more details. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for shipping with Wayfair. Sincerely, Tiffany F.".
Response again to my question: "No update to shipping information since March 3. Then expected arrival was March 6. This is March 10. Is the item STILL at the warehouse as the details say." Ans: "There is an issue with your order and I am trying to get it worked out so it can ship. If you are unable to wait we certainly understand. You will hear from me tomorrow with more details.".
Finally: "I am very sorry the issue could not be resolved and the order had to be canceled. We are no longer carrying Fire Magic products otherwise, I would be happy to honor the price. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. "
So, for over 2 weeks of "my order is at the warehouse, shopping soon, to order cancelled; BUYER BEWARE. Action on this order was a FRAUD! Not a mistake, an out and out FRAUD.

New Reviewer

I ordered a bar from them and it took 2 months to get here and then when the delivery person dropped it off the top was damaged. He wouldn't take it back and they did send a replacement 5 weeks later. When we opened the main part of the box the handles were bent over and there were scratches. I was back and forth with them so many times and the handles never came. So... I would not recommend them because they do not do what they promised.

New Reviewer

ordered audio cabinet on 2/28/14. supposed to be delivered "on or before 3/21" in new york state. tracking showed it in california, maryland , arkansas, and now back in california. numerous calls to VICKI got absolutely nowhere and they have no idea where it is or when it will show up. they suck.

New Reviewer

Another example of exeptional customer service! I did recieve few pieces damaged due to shipping from US to Canada, BUT EVERY time the issue was resolved immediately and successfully leaving me a happy customer.

Their section is to die for! And even with shipping and border fees still cheaper to buy from than any less original furniture in Canada. Despite few shipping hiccups I had with my orders I still go back and would highly recommend!

New Reviewer

I am so pleased with my new club chair! It looks great, is comfortable enough, and my experience with delivery went like clock work. I am very happy w/my first experience ordering over the internet and will order again soon.

New Reviewer

I would like to share my awful experience with wayfair. I ordered a bedspread which I received the wrong size and looked nothing like the picture. The bag that the bedspread came in was also completely torn up. I tried getting a full refund for this terrible item I received and they charged me $25 for shipping (I paid $70 for the bedspread) and can only receive $45 back?! Never ever make the mistake of ordering from wayfair. They don't care about their customers.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with I did not have to wait so long for my items to be shipped and it came in perfect condition. I would order from them again.

New Reviewer

I usually go to Wayfair first because I have had such good service from them. Granted, I have never had to deal with returning items, so I do not know about that; but the reason that I have not dealt with returns is because I have been so satisfied. I have purchased no less than 20 times from them after stumbling on them by accident. Most of the items I have purchased have been from the daily sales or from clearance. I always check with other sites to see if I can get the item cheaper. If I can find it at Overstock, Target, Wal-Mart or where ever cheaper: I go to the cheapest place (but not to any Chinese outlets other than Light in the Box). 9 times out of 10, it is less expensive at Wayfair. The most expensive item I purchased was a $400 sofa. The least expensive was a 20-dollar pot hanger. Everything I purchased was value/price/quality appropriate. I highly recommend them after comparing their prices to other places. I am not sure why I have had such good luck while other have not. Sometimes I get items within 2 days! They have a broad selection, in almost every price and quality point. I love this company.

New Reviewer

I viewed a beautiful dining room table set on their site with 1 table and 6 chairs. Just before shipping, I learned that it's the table only. There was no place to order the chairs only! Why is it listed as a set if it's the table only?! Luckily, I was able to cancel before shipment. Look at the BBB website. They are HORRIBLE!

New Reviewer

I am in the middle of the worst online purchase experience I've had I my life. I'm remodeling my house and ordered a $2,000 bathtub through them that was supposed to be delivered weeks ago. It is late and delaying the entire project.

Now here's the problem. For the last few weeks, I have called/emailed Wayfair five times. Each time, they say that it is in the warehouse and will ship in "1-2 days"... then nothing happens. They are unresponsive, and nobody is accountable.

I know that delays happen... but in this case, they are so disorganized and careless that I don't know if they are lying about it being in their warehouse or don't have a basic logistics system in place.

I have talked to a couple people tell me about their horror stories now, and my contractor swears he will never use them again.


New Reviewer

I have ordered an assortment of household items from Wayfair. A corner shelf, CD racks, cat house & a bookcase. The only problem was the bookcase - it is sent directly from the manufacturer. They sent the wrong piece. But Wayfair took care of it. They sent a replacement. The company didn't want the other piece back since the shipping would not have been worth it.

New Reviewer

I wanted to share my recent experience very bad with, trying to get a full refund for an item which came damaged. It was a bookcase and it was heavy. They said they were keeping the return shipping fee! I went back and forth with them on email, probably about 10+ times. I also had to pay $10 for UPS to pick it up here. Needless to say I couldn't get it to a UPS pick up location because it was too heavy. I'm rather frustrated with them. You can be sure I will never, ever order anything from them again. Penny-wise/Pound-foolish!

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! I ordered a crib from Wayfair in late November/early December. I received a call from their delivery company a few weeks later and agreed on a delivery date. I took off work that day and waited at home. They missed their scheduled morning delivery and called to say they were going to come in the afternoon. NO SHOW. Then the next day they called to say that they needed to reschedule. Long story short, they rescheduled with us no less than 6..7 times!!!! Sometime they would call to cancel and sometimes they wouldn't even call at all. I took off work for 4 days because of this. After the 4th cancellation, they called to tell us that they don't know where my crib is, that they could not locate it in the warehouse. So my question were they going to deliver it the first 3 times???!!! My husband called Wayfair on numerous occasions to complain and they kept saying it's the delivery company's fault. They didn't try to help us get in contact with them and never got us a satisfactory resolution. After about 3 weeks of this back and forth nonsense, I finally called to cancel the order. I spoke to someone name Kara who cancelled the order for me and appeared really concerned. She gave me her direct line and told me to call her with any other problems. Three days later while at work, my husband called to say that the delivery company was at our door. RIDICULOUS!!!! I called the delivery company and they had no idea that we had already cancelled the order 3 days ago!!! On top of that, we were refunded nearly $200 less than what we were charged for. So I called Kara twice, left messages, and it's now over a week later and I still a haven't heard back from her. This whole experience has put so much unnecessary stress on me and ruined the excitement of receiving my baby's crib. I ended up ordering the same crib at Babies R Us for cheaper and their delivery process was painless. I will NEVER order from Wayfair ever again. They don't even deserve 1 star!

New Reviewer

They are BEYOND SLOW with shipping. I'm so aggravated. They told me my order would reach here on or before 12/31. And I contacted the chat service, they are now telling me that it has yet to ship. I ordered this product almost two weeks ago! So ridiculous. They're now telling me that my product may only be received after Thurs! DON'T BOTHER PURCHASING PRODUCTS HERE.

New Reviewer

Ordered a bedside table, didn't arrive by delivery date. Called the following day, a friday, to be told it hadn't been collected from the warehouse yet. Said i weren 't happy & wanted a refund.
3/4 months later i have neither a bedside table, or a refund.
When i rang about the refund a month ago i was told it had been processed & i should call my bank if i hadn't received it. My bank told me they'd never heard of the process the company had explained to me.

New Reviewer

I have had such great experiences ordering from this website. Great prices and excellent customer service. I now shop there often and highly recommend them!!

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 counter stools from wayfair and they were a good value and delivered on time. Now when I opened the boxes the smell of mildew or mold was overbearing. I wiped them with vinegar as suggested and put them out on the patio for 4 days (live in Las Vegas where it is dry) They still smelled. Called Wayfair and the customer service rep Mike could not be nicer. He was so accommodating and set up a dellivery for 4 more chairs immediately. I would recommend this company to anyone and will definitely do business with them again

New Reviewer

At this point I only go to their 'sale' tab at the top. Their stock on the entire site can make your head spin. So so so much that they offer. As far as the sale section: Find lots of repetition of items over time, but worth finding the jewels here. As an example: Bought an amazing , high-quality medicine cabinet for a great price (paid $280/retail $950). Free shipping and that sucker was heavy. I prefer this site to OneKingsLane even though OKL's format is so much prettier. I think of Wayfair as that ugly guy (the site truly looks like it was developed in the 70s or by the same people who brought us who surprises you with a fabulous personality.....

New Reviewer

Excellent seller. Very good prices and great customer service. We bought a wine cooler from them and, after 3 months, it stopped working. The manufacturer wanted us to send it back to them at our expense. We called Wayfair and they immediately offered to send us a new wine cooler. Full replacement at no cost to us. I was amazed at how easy it was to get this resolved.

New Reviewer

I ordered three tables, one couch and one chair in July. The tables arrived in a couple of weeks but they weren't really table tops that go on them. They were tables that I had to screw wall hangings on. Not what I expected.

The couch took another month to arrive which was disappointing but it was what I was told so I understood. But the chair was missing. They looked for it in warehouses for 24 hours and could never find it. So they are shipping a new one which is supposed to arrive in October! My compensation? 10% off my NEXT purchase. Like that would ever happen.

The couch is great. It wasn't so attractive a price that it was worth the terrible customer service and horrible four months it going to take to get the room complete. Bottom line: don't but from Wayfair.

New Reviewer

I purchased 2 rugs from Wayfair for $134 including "free" shipping. The rugs were advertised as having "jute backing" which actually means "no backing at all". The cost was about double what rugs of comparable quality (but with REAL backing) would have cost but I liked the pattern so I took a chance, thinking I'd return them (at my cost) if I didn't like them. When the rugs arrived and slid all over my hardwood floors, it was return time. So, here's where Wayfair gets you: They not only charged me for return shipping (which I'm not upset about); they also charged me for their original "free" shipping, making the cost of returning the rugs $70--more than half the purchase price!!!

Wayfair's "customer service" people took a "this is our policy...too bad/so sad" approach when I contacted them, sending me noithing more than pre-fab, scripted responses.

I know I'm spoiled by Amazon. They understand, as an online retailer, that returns are part of the cost of doing business and they'r fair about them. Wayfair doesn't get this. Yes, sometimes online retailers are going to lose money on a given transaction. But. they'll keep customers coming back if they understand they're in the business of selling products sight unseen so returns are going to happen. If Wayfair wants customers to "take a chance" on liking their products once they arrive, that's not going to happen if they penalize buyers with a 50% "thanks for gambling--but you LOSE" return policy. They need to change or go OUT OF BUSINESS!

If you want to gamble, go to Vegas and take your chances. But DON'T play "Wayfair Roulette" with your hard-earned money!

UPDATE: 8/16/13: this is an update on my ongoing communication with Wayfair since I posted the review above. Now, after 4 rounds of e-mail exchanges with Wayfair, their "Service Squad" representative has now "realized" there has been an "error in the system" in calculating my return shipping cost. The actual return shipping cost is $14.08--not $70 (not sure how this happened since that's a pretty big discrepancy...and I wonder how many other errors in the system have gone uncontested). Had this been the case originally, I wouldn't have had to spend my time posting about Wayfair--return shipping costs of $14.08 is certainly reasonable. This is a good outcome; but, to anyone who uses the Wayfair return system, you may have to check for "errors in the system" and then keep arguing with the Wayfair "Service Squad" before the error is fixed.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with Wayfair. Fast shipping, reasonable shipping costs if not free shipping. I had to return a defected/damaged item. They just sent me a whole new set instead!! I had coupon codes for a couple of transactions and then they stopped giving those. Now I see discounts for a friend if you refer a friend. I like the coupon codes much better. I am waiting for another 10% off code to splurge again.

New Reviewer

Good experience buying some Samsonite carryons. Didn't see the pieces in person so took a bit of a risk. Got a garment bag and a small rolling bag. Had to exchange the rolling bag, but didn't have a problem. Would use Wayfair again.

New Reviewer

They refused to cancel an order 5 days before it was scheduled to ship. They claim it has either "already shipped" or is "custom made." Since this is a mass-produced comforter, it's clearly not "custom made." It's ridiculous that, first it would take a full 7 days to ship; and, second, that they would not cancel well in advance of shipment.

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