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Review of Watchismo

Watchismo reviews

48 reviews
Categories: Clock, Shopping, Watch
Danville, CA 94526, USA
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48 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer service appears to be terrible, wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering. (in 18 reviews)


This, as at most stores, voids much of the return policy. (in 7 reviews)


I have purchased two watches from Watchismo in the past few months. (in 18 reviews)

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3 reviews
3 helpful votes

i spent quite a bit to purchase a nixon ceramic watch...$1200. when i received the watch everything looked pristine new until i tried the watch on.

the band was clearly too small, about an inch (3-4 links) smaller than a band comes with a brand new watch. further, there was only 1 extra link...even if that was added the watch would be tight around my 7" wrist. all new watches come with a band that can handle at least a 7 3/4" wrist, with 1-2 extra links on top of that.

while the watch had no wear on it and was in otherwise new condition, there were no plastic stickers on the crystal or the back of the watch, as is the case with every new watch i've ever purchased, and i've bought about 20 brand new high end watches in my life. there was also no plastic around the clasp on the bracelet, which new watches always have as well.

the small size of the bracelet and missing plastic lead me to believe the watch was sold once, sized, and returned. at this point i was still willing to keep the watch, and within an hour of receiving it at the post office went to my watchmaker to have the overly small band removed so i could put on a larger leather band at my expense.

my master watchmaker notified me the bracelet screw-in pins were frozen and could not be unscrewed to remove the bracelet without either stripping them or risking damage to the watch case. rather than risk damaging the watch, and with it unwearable because of the bracelet, as well as the frozen screws, i emailed watchismo within 4 hours of receiving this watch at the post office and notified them of the problems.

one highly disturbing thing was their website stated that 'sale' watches could only be returned for store credit. this was unacceptable since my 'sale' watch cost $1200 on sale. further, it was defective in several ways and there was no way i would now be forced to spend $1200 with this company because they had sent me a defective watch which i didn't wear, and notified them about within 4 hours of receipt.

in my request for return i stated i would require a refund or would file a dispute with my bank and get my money back.

their customer service response was that they would discuss the refund vs. store credit once they inspect the watch.

of course this is unacceptable, but i will amend the stars on this review depending on how they live up to a refund. finding out after the fact that 'sale' watches are given store credit even when fully defective upon receipt was a shocker and unacceptable. any store that tries this, even if it makes an exception in the end, is showing bad business practices.

because of this coercion even when receiving fully defective merchandise, i can only give them 2 stars now. if a full refund is made without me having to file a bank dispute, i will bump it to 3 stars...but still find it unworthy to try to put one over on customers.

i am not even addressing the fact that this first purchase, especially with it being a high end purchase over $1000...that i received clearly defective and likely returned merchandise. i will NOT hold that against the store since the gist of my review is their living up to a proper refund policy. but i note that this purchase involved a defective expensive piece, as context.

i'm guessing watchismo will read this and my note to them is to please live up to normal customer service standards and refund defective not hide behind a coercive trick policy made to force more purchases at your website because someone had the misfortune of being sent defective merchandise by you. i will hope for the best, and state that so far all correspondence has been quick, professional and courteous, and shipping and purchase of the watch went quickly and well. i simply hope the refund/customer service will too...which i will update in this review.

Ask Michael about Watchismo
1 review
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Ask Duc about Watchismo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I received my watch in Australia 4 days after ordering. I paid for the UPS tracking and it was fantastic.
I had a question about the order and Monica return emailed me within a couple of hours.
The watch itself is flawless. Looks amazing, paid a fantastic price, everything works as expected.
I'll definitely be buying from Watchismo again.

Ask Tim about Watchismo
1 review
0 helpful votes

I received the Vestal DEV008 De Novo All Gunmetal watch as expected. Beautiful watch and no problem with the clasp. Came with plastic protective film on the face of the watch. Only thing was the battery was dead. I love the watch so much that it really wasn't a big deal. I also read a review where someone indicated their watch battery was dead also so it was not a huge surprise. Would order again through this company.

Ask Janet about Watchismo
1 review
1 helpful vote

The box shipping was safe, in good condition.
But before wearing the watch for the first time I would like setting the right local time and I couldn't move "manually" the positions of the minute and the hour hands : they didn't move at all.
I had contacted Watchismo for asking a running another one and had returned the watch.
Finally, after a PayPal claim because of no more feedback, they had processed for a reship of a running one and since they were aware, very reagent and compliant.

Tip for consumers: Buyers, my advice is to order within PayPal.

Ask Eddy about Watchismo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I put 1 star because i can not put 0. It pass 1 month since the day that i put my order and payed. Since then i never receive my watch that i payed, not even a singe email, from several that i send to the company.

Ask Stelios about Watchismo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Very disappointed. I ordered two watches from this company and they came very quickly. I opened one and there was a crystal missing from around the watch face. My return was approved and I sent it back ($20 CAD shipping) I paid extra shipping to gaurentee it would arrive with enough time to recieve an other one before Christmas. After two- three weeks of not hearing anything back I emailed, with no response for two days. I found a contact number and called. Monica, a customer service representative for the company was very helpful. She apologized because it should of been shipped out immediately upon arrival and it wasn't. So she upgraded to expedited shipping and had it sent out immediately, making me feel confident it would arrive for Christmas. Well, it's not here. And the tracking shows it probably won't be. So my mother won't have a present under the tree this Christmas (I ordered this watch mid November). Thanks watchismo. Greatly appreciated.

Ask Tiffany about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

i have bough a few watches from this place, the first broke and they made it very difficult to send back and of course i paid the postage, the second watch lasted a few months and when i ordered a replacement which i paid postage again it broke a week later, when i tried to send it back they then told me they would take no responsibility and i needed to go back to the supplier, , like i was going to get a replacement for a watch that had broken twice and was clearly rubbish. then i tried to send another watch back and once we went back and forth for a month or two trying to get all sorts of codes the warranty had run out and of course nothing was done to help. bad luck. stay away at all costs
stay away! for the money you save, surely not worth the pain and lack of accountability.

Ask frank about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased a gift for my husband. The watch face looked much bigger on the website and you couldn't see the time at night - how ironic since it was called the Observatory watch. My husband tried it on and didn't like the size nor the fact that he couldn't see time at night. I followed all the "rules" on the return policy, placed it in original shipping container and put plastic back on face. I even paid additional insurance for the delivery. The company never confirmed receipt and after more than a week and a half I had to send multiple emails to find out when I would see my refund. After multiple emails to the company, I'm told that they did not accept my return because the back was scratched - funny it wasn't scratched when I mailed it AND you begin to question their process if they have to wait for the customer to send multiple emails before they will respond and come back with, "Nope, you are not getting your money back" and they don't even say where the original watch is at - are they keeping it, sending it back?? My husband didn't wear the watch. Don't buy from this company - the watch wasn't cheap! They are a scam!!! I want a refund to purchase a gift for my anniversary!

Ask Melody about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

I recently purchased a Tendence watch for my husband from your site as an anniversary gift. The site claimed the watchband was leather. The band is silicone or rubber. I'd think about returning it, but after reading reviews of customers trying to return items, I think it would be easier to just keep it. The return policy states that I have to have all items that were in the original box. I don't have the plastic protectors, so I'm sure that would be a big deal. I think that's ridiculous!!! I took them off because it was a gift. Nobody keeps every little thing that was in the box. Who ever heard of requiring all of those when returning an item? I also sent an e-mail a week ago about the wrong band, and have not received any response. I'm really disappointed that my gift wasn't right. Won't bother trying to return it at this point. I probably wouldn't even be able to. Never planning to shop on their site again.

Tip for consumers: After writing this review, I wss contacted by the company. They offered to let me return the watch and credited my account.

Ask Shellie about Watchismo
1 review
2 helpful votes

Watch came very quickly. No hassle transaction from Watchismo. Will buy from them again.

Ask Emmet about Watchismo
1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought two watches from them. Most recently about a month ago, it has a long visible scratch. Another watch I bought a few years ago also scratched. I just don't understand, does a scrstch on their watches is also their trademark ???? NOT again I will buy watches from them. Good luck with your dishonest business practise!!!!

Ask Jeff about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased this watch for fathers day$200 came with a scracth after literally receiving it in the mail 2 days later we immediately returned it because we are unable to tell time. we never wore it we just tried it on and they claimed that it was worn and the band is ruined... How is it possible that we only tried it on !!!!! Please save your money and give your business to someone else!!!!!

Ask katia about Watchismo
1 review
2 helpful votes

I still have not received my order, you have shipped my item to the wrong address, according to my instructions the item was to be shipped to my, not to ups 5 towns over and 45 minutes away. I paid the 3/5 days shipping to have it here on time to give as a gift it's been 11 days.

Ask J about Watchismo
1 review
3 helpful votes

Just received my watch from Watchismo. I opted for the 10-14 working day delivery option and received it 5 days after it was shipped, a whole week earlier than expected and this was to the UK. The limited tracking was also more than adequate, with updates at every stage of the delivery process
I found the customer service to be excellent, all emails were replied to the same day.
Great product at a very good price, I couldn't be happier with my purchase

Ask Geoff about Watchismo
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I was about to place an order for several watches for a total of $2000 but after trawling through the net for Watchismo's reputation thought it wise to not proceed.

Seems like Watchismo is nothing but scammers & charlatans intent on defrauding innocent customers.

Furthermore, I have advised a colleague of mine to give this site a flick for its unethical, unprofessional verging on criminal behaviour & activities. He too was going to purchase a total of $1500.

Ciao Watchismo. Just lost two very valuable customers. Wishing you a most unsuccessful corporate existence.

Ask aha about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes

After ordering a watch it was stuck in transit for a few days and i found a few negative reviews and got worried but i have to say it was totally the opposite. Great watch and very quick replys to emails from monica. The customer service i found was great. Thanks very much

Ask laura about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes



I do apologize you stated in your previous email "I can confirm it was tossed but I can show u the cardboard box". There is nothing further we can do unless you can retrieve the packing slip that was included in your package.

Watchismo Customer Support


Ask brian about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

First off let me say the ONLY reason I even gave them a rating of 1 was because I had to choose a number. Otherwise it would have been a -10. These people are crooks! Let my purchase be a warning. I never got my order nor did anyone ever bother returning my 10 thousand emails. Good luck EVER getting someone on the phone. I will give them this. They were very speedy in charging my credit card. The only positive thing I can say about the entire experience is thank god I used a credit card that has fraud protection. Because that's exactly what they are...frauds. Save yourself the time and stress not to mention the money. I would rather jump off the roof of my house than deal with this "company" ever again. I use the word company loosely. I think this company consists of two people,FYI. CROOKS!!!
Run like hell.

Ask Amanda about Watchismo
1 review
5 helpful votes

Checked out site, liked the many options and price variances. Bought two watches one on the higher price point and one under $500.00. Had great experience with customer service and delivery's. watch's are better than expected very happy with purchases. Take it from a true watch enthusiast this site is great.

Ask Mike about Watchismo
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I purchased a number of watches and all of the transactions went well. It wasn't until I had a problem with a watch that Watchismo showed itself to be unethical. The band on a $400 watch purchased for my wife came off. I returned it at my expense for their repair and again the band fell off. Rayher than giving me a refund I received an unwanted credit in their store. Had I returned the watch simply because I didn't like it I would understand the credit but to not only requre me to purchase another watchfrom them is truly a coercive sales practice. Be vwery vwery careful.

Ask Daniel about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was a little apprehensive about initially buying off this website due to the negative reviews but my experience was completely opposite. I bought a Mr. Jones watch from them got a confirmation email and a shipping info email in a 24 hr period. I received it in a box wrapped in bubble. The watch was exactly what i ordered.

Ask Marcos about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

I received a watch from Wachismo that was much larger than appeared in the photos. It didn't fit well so I emailed for the return code. All I received was an email from a 'Monica' asking why I wanted to return the watch, then no information or answer on the mysterious "RMA' code required to return the item. Customer service appears to be terrible, wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering.
* Update: received return info and am sending out this evening, stay tuned for rest of the experience, so far, so good...

** Update: Monica called me personally to address my concerns, which was quite a nice touch. I sent the watch back at my expense and was immediately notified upon its arrival. I was issued a gift certificate for merchandise and I ordered a more desirable watch from Watchismo. I could not be more satisfied and impressed with Monica and the service at Watchismo!!

Ask Larry about Watchismo
1 review
11 helpful votes

I ordered and paid for a watch on 18 August 2014. As per tracking number the item was posted on 22 August from USA and arrived in Australia (on a manifest list) on 27 August 2014. Australia Post say that item only appeared on list and wasn't in the delivery. As at today, 02 October 2014 I have not received my watch. I have lodged a dispute with Paypal that the seller will not even respond to. Seller has responded to emails claiming that delivery is 60 days. Australia Post state that more believable delivery from US should be under two weeks. I am still waiting for my watch. At the moment I would steer well clear of this site. I am happy to amend my review should I receive my watch but I am not counting on it!

Ask Brendan about Watchismo
1 review
13 helpful votes

Stay away from this site. I used a coupon on this site for a watch. Once the sale was final I received an email saying that the order was cancelled because the coupon was not supposed to work for the watch that I ordered. Customer service did not have any interest in honoring the order or accommodating me in any way. As a watch collector I will never buy from this website horrible customer service.

Ask Ian about Watchismo
1 review
5 helpful votes

Amazing Customer service and beautiful Watches. Ordered my partner a watch for his birthday.. Although a little nervous about buying such an expensive item online, they answered any questions i amy have had and upon ordering it was shipped within a matter of hours. It arrived on the exact estimated date of arrival packaged so beautifully. I can't wait to give it to my Partner !!

Ask Ally about Watchismo
1 review
8 helpful votes


Ask s about Watchismo
1 review
12 helpful votes

Extremely rude customer service and a ridiculous return policy. They listed a man's watch in the women's section of the site and would not accept a return on it after I received it. Avoid doing business with them.

Ask rich about Watchismo
1 review
10 helpful votes

The return policy is a complete and utter joke. Prices are inflated and customer service is non-existent.

Ask Alex about Watchismo
1 review
13 helpful votes

Absolutely horrendous return policy. Especially over the Holiday season, predatory at best. Beware of this website, avoid at all cost. The return policy fluctuates for whatever best suits the company. When contacted by email, (they don't answer phones) they did promptly reply, but regurgitated fine print saying they were not in the customer service business.

Ask Mark about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

don't go there, bought a welders watch, arrived not working, brought it to a repairer to get it fixed, 3 months later it is dead. I understand Watchismo is not the manufacturer, but they are doing NOTHING to resolve the issue as a dealer.

nothing but grieve here!

Ask Gerald about Watchismo
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ran across this site while searching Google for watches. I ended up ordering 2 watches from them which were shipped almost immediately! I am very impressed with the selection here and doubly impressed by how quickly my order was shipped. Great watches as well! Highly recommend!

Ask Deanna about Watchismo
1 review
5 helpful votes

Purchased a 666 Barcelona as a Christmas gift, one of the setting buttons was faulty, was fully reassured that it would be replaced and received the new watch within 2 weeks. Excellent and courteous service. Thank you, Watchismo!

Ask Pam about Watchismo
1 review
14 helpful votes

BEWARE!!! is a Horrible website. Please avoid them at all cost. I have now had to File a police report and will need to take them to civil court to be reimbursed almost $7,000.00 for a U-Boat watch that was never shipped to me! Andrew Greenblatt the owner has refused to issue me a refund after trying to add additional fee's to a purchase price agreement that was already confirmed, paid for and scheduled to ship out to me. When I declined to pay almost $600 in additional fee's for him to ship the watch and requested to Cancel the order instead. He stated that he would not refund my payment. However he now would agree to our original order price but I could not return watch under any circustance or issues that could occur with watch, Because as he stated he was now doing me a favor by honoring our ageement. That was 4 weeks ago. I have left 5 voicemails and 8 emails and have gotten the run around wile he still refuses to respond. I have spoken to his brother Mitch Greenblatt the Co-owner who comfired the purchase with by phone. But is now acting oblivious to the whole situation. I am now in the proccess of having to have to file claims and fraud charges with PayPal services and my local police department. This the worst experience I have ever had by far! Here is his office number you can call on my behave and see if you can get a response. 1(925) 385-8849.

Best of luck,

Ask BJ about Watchismo
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have purchased two watches from Watchismo in the past few months. Both were towards the lower price range of their selection in the $120-$160 area.
Return Policy:
I was fairly nervous about the return policy because both watches are pretty ostentatious and 'fashionable' so I had no idea if I would actually like them in person. The return policy states that if they watches are more than 20% off the normal price, sorry, no returns. Both of the watches I bought were marked at well over 20% off. One could only be ordered from Watchismo (foreign watch maker and watchismo is the only licensed dealer/importer in America) and the other was $120 less than I could find anywhere else. I was confident that if I absolutely hated the watches, I could sell both pretty easily on eBay so I pulled the trigger despite the crappy return policy.
Super reasonable shipping charges. I opted for 2-3 day shipping each time because it was only $3-5 more. Each watch arrived 2 days after I placed the order, which is impressive. Good job, Watchismo.
Each of these watches was exactly as I expected it to be based on the pictures. They make up the 'weekend' portion of my watch collection and I receive compliments on them every time I wear them out.
If you want a unique watch that will ship her fast, check out Watchismo, but be ready to seek alternate means of exchanging the watch if you get a good deal on it and you don't end up loving it.

Ask Garrett about Watchismo
1 review
6 helpful votes

The customer service was excellent! I wanted the band on a watch swapped out, they accommodated my request and shipped instantly, never had better or faster service! Remember: people are more likely to review bad experiences so take 8 bitter people with a grain of salt, watchismo is the place to go for well priced watches with blazing fast shipping!

Ask Ruben about Watchismo
4 reviews
21 helpful votes

I bought a watch from in 2011. It did not work. The owner of Watchismo told me to take it to a watch repairman and he would pay for the fix. The repair shop wasn't able to fix it. The owner then asked me to send it back and he would send another one. I sent it back but asked for a full refund instead (partly because the whole experience seemed shady to me, and partly because I wasn't so sure the watch was genuine). He refused and then I was out the cost of the repair, the cost of shipping, and all of the time and hassle. I spoke with the owner several times on the phone - he got ruder and ruder with each conversation. Eventually I had to work with my credit card company and pay pal to stop payment.

Ask Chuck about Watchismo
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased a watch here last week and I have had no problems at all! I've actually had a couple questions that I asked via email and they were answered in minutes by Andrew! Shipping was next day and I got it 3 days after that. I have not experienced any return problems but, I ordered what I wanted and I did research on the product I bought, unlike most of the people that ordered something, were disappointed and returned it. If you buy online with knowing what you bought, you're dumb and deserve the hassles of online returns!! I will probably buy all my watches here, if they're in stock.

Ask mike about Watchismo
1 review
7 helpful votes

I actually had a positive return experience--though I would caution everyone: DON'T try on the watch if you know you don't want it. This, as at most stores, voids much of the return policy. The guys worked with me to help me find a watch I would love after I picked one out that was too big for my taste. Positive, professional, and fair customer service.

Ask tim about Watchismo
1 review
18 helpful votes

A follow up to an earlier review - I have been flabbergasted by how absolutely greedy, disrespectful and untrustworthy this vendor is. Agreeably HORRIBLE customer service and communication. The worst internet commerce experience I have ever had. After multiple email, the owner finally agreed to a refund for a misrepresented item, but then pulled a bait and switch and illegally held my refund ransom in exchange for the removal of a negative consumer review I posted to warn others. You have GOT to be kidding me. I had to get legal consult, file a complaint with the BBB and file disputes with PayPal and my credit card before I received my refund from this crooked company.AVOID this GREEDY and CROOKED COMPANY. AWFUL. This company currently has a BBB rating of "F."

Ask H about Watchismo
1 review
9 helpful votes

I bought a $500 watch for a gift and sent it back. They said no returns on sale watches but would give me a credit in this instance. I have repeatedly asked how to use the credit and they will not answer my emails. Essentially, I have a $500 loss and they have the watch I returned. Expensive lesson to learn that this company can't be trusted.

Ask beth about Watchismo
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

This is a "Titan" of watch websites. The prices are SUPER competitive and COMPLETELY COMPARABLE to ANY brand name watch on it's home site; I was pleasantly surprised! GL

Ask Get about Watchismo
1 review
10 helpful votes

Customer service is total garbage. Avoid at all cost. This company most likely fishes sales from GILT and marks it up
All products here are glamorized items svailable at J C Pennys

Ask Kurt about Watchismo
1 review
9 helpful votes

Horrible customer service. I was told an obviously mens watch was "unisex" and sold "mostly to women." Bull. When I tried to return it I was given the runaround. I am now stuck with a watch that I can't wear and kissed $80 goodbye. AVOID THIS VENDOR. Awful.

Ask Cali about Watchismo
1 review
10 helpful votes

Sure, they have really cool watches for great prices. I ordered a Tauchmeister 159to. Came in, looked fine but NO INSTRUCTIONS. This watch has 2 outter rings in the face for world time, some other type of times and a gmt hand but no instructions how to use these or set them Contacted the watchismo site and got fast feedback that said watch maker does no offer instructions. Well then....say that on the sales page! I now have a watch that I have no idea how to use all functions and they cannot even send me something for instructions. BAD BAD BAD

Ask Bonnie about Watchismo
1 review
10 helpful votes

Terrible! Only buy a sale watch if you do not want to return it!
Customer service is horrible -- AVOID BUYING FROM THIS VENDOR!!

Ask Ruth about Watchismo
1 review
8 helpful votes

Been looking for a site like this since Al Gore invented the internet. Coolest watches I've ever seen, just got my third watch this Christmas - for a great price and fast as hell.

Ask C about Watchismo
1 review
14 helpful votes

Watchismo has horrible customer service, and really horrendously skewed return policies. Any of these watches can be bought through another vendor, and speaking from experience...any other vendor would be a better place to buy.

Ask thomas about Watchismo

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You can shop with 100% confidence at! If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us directly at
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