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Watchismo reviews

22 reviews
Categories: Clock, Shopping Sites, Watch
Danville, CA 94526
Tel: 925-575-7775

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New Reviewer

Extremely rude customer service and a ridiculous return policy. They listed a man's watch in the women's section of the site and would not accept a return on it after I received it. Avoid doing business with them.

New Reviewer

The return policy is a complete and utter joke. Prices are inflated and customer service is non-existent.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrendous return policy. Especially over the Holiday season, predatory at best. Beware of this website, avoid at all cost. The return policy fluctuates for whatever best suits the company. When contacted by email, (they don't answer phones) they did promptly reply, but regurgitated fine print saying they were not in the customer service business.

New Reviewer

don't go there, bought a welders watch, arrived not working, brought it to a repairer to get it fixed, 3 months later it is dead. I understand Watchismo is not the manufacturer, but they are doing NOTHING to resolve the issue as a dealer.

nothing but grieve here!

New Reviewer

I ran across this site while searching Google for watches. I ended up ordering 2 watches from them which were shipped almost immediately! I am very impressed with the selection here and doubly impressed by how quickly my order was shipped. Great watches as well! Highly recommend!

New Reviewer

Purchased a 666 Barcelona as a Christmas gift, one of the setting buttons was faulty, was fully reassured that it would be replaced and received the new watch within 2 weeks. Excellent and courteous service. Thank you, Watchismo!

New Reviewer

BEWARE!!! is a Horrible website. Please avoid them at all cost. I have now had to File a police report and will need to take them to civil court to be reimbursed almost $7,000.00 for a U-Boat watch that was never shipped to me! Andrew Greenblatt the owner has refused to issue me a refund after trying to add additional fee's to a purchase price agreement that was already confirmed, paid for and scheduled to ship out to me. When I declined to pay almost $600 in additional fee's for him to ship the watch and requested to Cancel the order instead. He stated that he would not refund my payment. However he now would agree to our original order price but I could not return watch under any circustance or issues that could occur with watch, Because as he stated he was now doing me a favor by honoring our ageement. That was 4 weeks ago. I have left 5 voicemails and 8 emails and have gotten the run around wile he still refuses to respond. I have spoken to his brother Mitch Greenblatt the Co-owner who comfired the purchase with by phone. But is now acting oblivious to the whole situation. I am now in the proccess of having to have to file claims and fraud charges with PayPal services and my local police department. This the worst experience I have ever had by far! Here is his office number you can call on my behave and see if you can get a response. 1(925) 385-8849.

Best of luck,

New Reviewer

I have purchased two watches from Watchismo in the past few months. Both were towards the lower price range of their selection in the $120-$160 area.
Return Policy:
I was fairly nervous about the return policy because both watches are pretty ostentatious and 'fashionable' so I had no idea if I would actually like them in person. The return policy states that if they watches are more than 20% off the normal price, sorry, no returns. Both of the watches I bought were marked at well over 20% off. One could only be ordered from Watchismo (foreign watch maker and watchismo is the only licensed dealer/importer in America) and the other was $120 less than I could find anywhere else. I was confident that if I absolutely hated the watches, I could sell both pretty easily on eBay so I pulled the trigger despite the crappy return policy.
Super reasonable shipping charges. I opted for 2-3 day shipping each time because it was only $3-5 more. Each watch arrived 2 days after I placed the order, which is impressive. Good job, Watchismo.
Each of these watches was exactly as I expected it to be based on the pictures. They make up the 'weekend' portion of my watch collection and I receive compliments on them every time I wear them out.
If you want a unique watch that will ship her fast, check out Watchismo, but be ready to seek alternate means of exchanging the watch if you get a good deal on it and you don't end up loving it.

New Reviewer

The customer service was excellent! I wanted the band on a watch swapped out, they accommodated my request and shipped instantly, never had better or faster service! Remember: people are more likely to review bad experiences so take 8 bitter people with a grain of salt, watchismo is the place to go for well priced watches with blazing fast shipping!

New Reviewer

I bought a watch from in 2011. It did not work. The owner of Watchismo told me to take it to a watch repairman and he would pay for the fix. The repair shop wasn't able to fix it. The owner then asked me to send it back and he would send another one. I sent it back but asked for a full refund instead (partly because the whole experience seemed shady to me, and partly because I wasn't so sure the watch was genuine). He refused and then I was out the cost of the repair, the cost of shipping, and all of the time and hassle. I spoke with the owner several times on the phone - he got ruder and ruder with each conversation. Eventually I had to work with my credit card company and pay pal to stop payment.

New Reviewer

I purchased a watch here last week and I have had no problems at all! I've actually had a couple questions that I asked via email and they were answered in minutes by Andrew! Shipping was next day and I got it 3 days after that. I have not experienced any return problems but, I ordered what I wanted and I did research on the product I bought, unlike most of the people that ordered something, were disappointed and returned it. If you buy online with knowing what you bought, you're dumb and deserve the hassles of online returns!! I will probably buy all my watches here, if they're in stock.

New Reviewer

I actually had a positive return experience--though I would caution everyone: DON'T try on the watch if you know you don't want it. This, as at most stores, voids much of the return policy. The guys worked with me to help me find a watch I would love after I picked one out that was too big for my taste. Positive, professional, and fair customer service.

New Reviewer

A follow up to an earlier review - I have been flabbergasted by how absolutely greedy, disrespectful and untrustworthy this vendor is. Agreeably HORRIBLE customer service and communication. The worst internet commerce experience I have ever had. After multiple email, the owner finally agreed to a refund for a misrepresented item, but then pulled a bait and switch and illegally held my refund ransom in exchange for the removal of a negative consumer review I posted to warn others. You have GOT to be kidding me. I had to get legal consult, file a complaint with the BBB and file disputes with PayPal and my credit card before I received my refund from this crooked company.AVOID this GREEDY and CROOKED COMPANY. AWFUL. This company currently has a BBB rating of "F."

New Reviewer

I bought a $500 watch for a gift and sent it back. They said no returns on sale watches but would give me a credit in this instance. I have repeatedly asked how to use the credit and they will not answer my emails. Essentially, I have a $500 loss and they have the watch I returned. Expensive lesson to learn that this company can't be trusted.

New Reviewer

This is a "Titan" of watch websites. The prices are SUPER competitive and COMPLETELY COMPARABLE to ANY brand name watch on it's home site; I was pleasantly surprised! GL

New Reviewer

Customer service is total garbage. Avoid at all cost. This company most likely fishes sales from GILT and marks it up
All products here are glamorized items svailable at J C Pennys

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. I was told an obviously mens watch was "unisex" and sold "mostly to women." Bull. When I tried to return it I was given the runaround. I am now stuck with a watch that I can't wear and kissed $80 goodbye. AVOID THIS VENDOR. Awful.

New Reviewer

Sure, they have really cool watches for great prices. I ordered a Tauchmeister 159to. Came in, looked fine but NO INSTRUCTIONS. This watch has 2 outter rings in the face for world time, some other type of times and a gmt hand but no instructions how to use these or set them Contacted the watchismo site and got fast feedback that said watch maker does no offer instructions. Well then....say that on the sales page! I now have a watch that I have no idea how to use all functions and they cannot even send me something for instructions. BAD BAD BAD

New Reviewer

Terrible! Only buy a sale watch if you do not want to return it!
Customer service is horrible -- AVOID BUYING FROM THIS VENDOR!!

New Reviewer

Been looking for a site like this since Al Gore invented the internet. Coolest watches I've ever seen, just got my third watch this Christmas - for a great price and fast as hell.

New Reviewer

Watchismo has horrible customer service, and really horrendously skewed return policies. Any of these watches can be bought through another vendor, and speaking from experience...any other vendor would be a better place to buy.

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