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Review of Watches-Swiss

Watches-Swiss reviews

40 reviews
Categories: Watch
48 W 48th St - ste 600
NY, NY 10036, US
Tel: 212-226-2548

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40 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer service was very professional and prompt. (in 6 reviews)


I decided to place my order through Marc @ and I was not disappointed in any way. (in 21 reviews)


This is the 2nd watch i purchased from Mark Time. (in 6 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I usually buy my watches in person on 47th street in NYC as they have in the past had the best prices and selection. Found Watches-Swiss on the internet and contacted them about a Longines Watch I was interested in. I received a prompt response with the information I requested and they had the watch at the lowest price. Had several other e-mail exchanges and they were always prompt in replying and very knowledgeable. Bought the watch and I had it 2 days later. Could not be happier. Highly recommend them. Plan on buy future timepieces from them.

Ask Bruce about Watches-Swiss
1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a Hamilton Field watch online and needed to arrange delivery to Australia. Marc contacted me personally to make the delivery arrangements and in less than two weeks I was wearing it. Beautiful watch, great price, excellent service – all round a very positive experience. Highly recommended.

Ask Andrew about Watches-Swiss
1 review
0 helpful votes

Marc is simply amazing, he put me at ease by answering all the questions I had about the shop and his business. I never bought a expensive watch online before so was hesitant, but this whole experience was great. From the get go Marc seemed very professional and was willing to go out of the way to help a customer, heck he even held a package back just so that I would get back in time to receive the package(I was travelling). I would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know and look forward to my next purchase.

Ask Masroor about Watches-Swiss
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had the pleasure in buyers my Hamilton Watch and other parts. I would give Mark an his team 10 out 10 , help , Service and delivery

I would only goto the mark's team for all Swiss Watches.

Ask Ash about Watches-Swiss
1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased a Tissot LE watch. I must say from the pre-sale service until delivery were absolutely outstanding. The watch received yesterday and it was of all premium condition. My full rating for such committed seller. Marc, you have done it! Thank you.

Ask SamsonK about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

We were very concerned about purchasing an expensive watch on line but after talking with Marc on the phone and exchanging emails, he put us at ease and we followed through with our purchase and couldn't be happier. We got an excellent price and received our Michele watch in time for Christmas. We highly recommend Marc and and would definitely purchase from this website again.

Ask Carol about Watches-Swiss
1 review
0 helpful votes

'just received the Movado Luno Sport men's watch I ordered from - within 3 business days as promised.
Marc was very very knowledgeable and helped me in choosing a birthday gift for my boyfriend.
I would recommend to my friends as I would definitely buy from them again. ---AL, Glendale, CA

Ask Adel about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

First, let me preface this review. I am not a connoisseur of fine timepieces in any way. I just wanted to purchase a very particular model for a very particular person. I spent some late evening hours referencing manufacturers, researching through quite a few web sites, and reading multiple reviews.
I decided to place my order through Marc @ and I was not disappointed in any way. Marc answered all my questions and provided outstanding customer support. My timepiece arrived within a very short time. Granted, it was neither the most exotic, most expensive, nor the most sought after, but it was exactly what I was looking for. If you are considering purchasing a timepiece, drop Marc a line and ask him. You have nothing to lose. Please remember to allow for that fleeing commodity of time (no pun intended).

Tip for consumers: Please do your research and know what you are looking for.

Ask Lance about Watches-Swiss
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Don't believe these negative reviews. They probably did not listen to how Marc does what he does for clients. He tries to get things quick but indicates that when you process an order, it may take time to get the item. He was great with me and answered all my questions and found me the exact watch we were looking for. Buy with confidence and if you have questions, then ask him before you order. Very straight shooter.

Ask Kevin about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased a Longines Master collection watch. The pre sales service , the prompt delivery and the integrity is absolutely 10/10. Rarely did I come across such overall perfect service. On top of all their price is indeed the best too!! Thank you Marc.

Ask Sam about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the 2nd watch i purchased from Mark Time. 1st was a Raymond Weil and today i received the coolest Tissot via FedEx. Dealing with Marc was a pleasure. I got a great deal. It was delivered when promised and even earlier. Definately recommend you get your watch through Mark. You wont find a better deal or customer service, anywhere!

Ask jeff about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

Mark is the owner who really cares about customer service of his company. From the very beginning of the order to the end of the transaction was very helpful, professional, and courteous. My wife was very happy to get her Rado.

Ask Vladimir about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wanted to leave a great review in a few places! Wow! What an amazing experience from start to finish! I live in the UK & ordered my watch from Marc. I had a few questions which I wanted answering & I wanted to make sure that my transaction would be safe. Marc did not disappoint! He came back to every single e-mail I sent & when my watch was shipped kept me posted every step of the way. In the end I had my watch shipped from NY to Texas where one of my friends collected it for me & brought it back to the UK. I absolutely LOVE it & could not be happier! I have been recommending & Marc to all my friends & colleagues. I have made great savings whilst getting amazing service / support! When the package arrived in Texas my colleagues said it was packaged with a lot of care & attention. For a little watch, it was well protected with bubble wrap & box in box in box! ;) Nothing was going to damage that! This watch would have been around £3,100 in the UK & I managed to get it through Marc for £1,700! What a saving! I absolutely LOVE my new watch & have had so many lovely commentsI would highly recommend using Awesome job Marc & thank you again! V :) "

Ask Vanessa about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

At first I was a bit apprehensive to order a $900 watch online from abroad as I live in the UK. After some e-mail communication with the shop owner I decided to go ahead with my purchase anyway. The only worry I had was the fact that I read a few reviews in which people complained about long shipping times and I had to have the watch within four weeks for my wive's birthday.
In under week I received the watch, brand new, genuine and in the official manufacturers box. I can't recommend this site highly enough.
Great, instant, professional communication with fast shipping times and a beautiful watch for an unbeatable price. Even including shipping costs ($62) and import tax still £150 cheaper than anywhere in the UK. Thanks a lot Marc.

Ask erwin about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

In German: Perfekte und freundliche Abwicklung, tolles Rundum-Service und verlässliche und promte Lieferung!

So soll es sein - danke!

Ask richard about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a Movado Bold from Marc. Called him twice and emailed him numerous times. He was extremely polite and professional each and every time. My watch even came with a manufacturers warranty! I would definitely order from Marc again.

Ask William about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

Marc was very professional through out the time from pre-order to I receive the watch. He answered all my questions, and fast response to my questions/follow up on lead time. The package arrived right on schedule (my son missed the delivery), and it was well packed with all protections. I highly recommend this site if you are looking to save some money on high end Swiss watches.

Ask Shoy about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been buying watches from Mark Time for over 10 years. They are absolutely wonderful on value, quality and follow through! I recommend them highly.

Ask Russell about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrific online watch seller! I've just purchased my FOURTH(4) watch from this site, and I've been completely satisfied with each purchase. Great service, bargain prices, fast shipping, and excellent selections. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a new watch. - Jason Y. from California

Ask Jason about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

Hello, I want to share my excellent experience buying a Longines watch from Firstly, I wanted this watch in less than 2 weeks. I called at least 5 other renowned watch vendors and no one except Marc gave me an assurance to get me this watch delivered in time. The watch was at my doorsteps in just about 1 week - ahead of the promised date. Secondly, buying an expensive watch online I was worried about the authenticity of the watch. When the watch arrived, I took it to the Longines Customer Service Center and they validated that the watch is "real". Marc also provided the 2-year manufacturer warranty card which most watch vendors do not. Undoubtedly, I am coming back to to buy my next watch. Thanks Marc for the excellent customer service and a great timepiece.

Ask Rohit about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

Marc was so helpful and professional with my watch order, which I received within 2 business days. I would buy from them again and would certainly recommend them to my friends and family.

Ask Adel about Watches-Swiss
1 review
6 helpful votes

I had the most disturbing experience dealing with Watches-Swiss. I was considering buying a watch from them, but THANK GOD - I looked them up online and found all these reviews. I ended up buying the watch elsewhere. But the next day I got a call from Mark himself. When I told him (very politely) that I reconsidered buying because I found negative reviews online, he called me a "stupid a$shole"! I swear! Thank you all for your reviews - you guys really saved me.
(Below is my response to Marc's comment that we posted on September 24, 2013)

Marc (in case he deletes his comment): This individual called me about 6 times, saying he needed a particular expensive watch to give to his wife on their anniversary in 3 days. The watch was out of stock at the manufacturer but he pleaded with me to find one for him. I made about 30 phone calls to various dealers trying to find the watch for him. I finally found it, called him and he asked me to get the watch. He said he would place the order on our website that evening. But he did not place the order. I really went out of my way to locate the watch he needed and to try to help him, then he did not place the order. It ended up that I had to put a $3000 watch in inventory. So, yes, I was upset. Wouldn't you be?



I am very glad we meet again. To your points:

1) I did not call you six times. I called you exactly one time to ask for a quote and you called me back some time later with the price because you couldn’t give it to me right away. I told you I’d shop around, and your wonderful “act of kindness” happened next day when you decided to follow up. Just out of curiosity, what would I talk to you about if I had called you six times? Why would I plead YOU specifically? It's a watch - if the distributor has it, then so does everybody else.

2) I was not looking for a watch for my wife. Hell, I don't even have one to start with.

3) The watch didn’t cost $3000. Not even close. And even if it did, why didn’t you ask for my credit card number during one of those “six times” that I called you before ordering it? Let me guess: because you are a very trusting person? Because that's what you've done for other people here who ordered watches through you? I don't think so.

What you've just done is called lying. But even if all of what you said were not a lie, this does not give you the right to swear and yell at people. The way you manage your inventory is your business, not your customers'. Besides, why order a watch if you don't have an order lined up for it?

I understand that you are trying to fix your reputation online. But if I were you, I would start with an apology, not with a lie. You’ve spent some time responding to people’s complaints here, but never did you actually apologize to a single person. No offense, but the way you approach this is yet another illustration of how you conduct business.

Ask John about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am very satisfied with the purchase of my Michele watch! Mark was responsive and did not hesitate to answer all of my questions with honesty, he was professional and ethical.My watch arrived in just 1wk, I expected 3wks, in original Michele package, warranty card with authenticity stamp.I would recommend this site to anyone and would definately oder from here again.

Ask Candy about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am a watch collector. One day I saw an Alpina watch watch that I liked it (I owned Alpinas before) and googled for a good price when this scam site showed up. The price looked too dayum good to be true and I was a bit alerted but eventually decided to contact them. I received an email from this guy Mark Rabinowitz (self entitled Mark Time) where he said that the watch is not is stock but they have thousands of other watches and of course, some models are not always in stock, bla bla. And if I place an order they will order from an Alpina retailer and so on. Also he didn't forget to mention that they are a trusted website doing online business since 2000, etc.

I laughed and told him that I would never ever order something that is not in stock, besides I can order from Alpina directly. And I asked him how the hell he could offer that good price over any other reseler in Europe? The guy came back insisting: " You can't order it and wait 4 weeks? Why?" I said: "I am not a waiting kind of guy" I can smell a scammer from a mile. I was sure the guy will come back and he did it, more fun comes up:

"Some things in life are worth waiting for. But if you are not willing to wait, you will not get the watch....
...Sometimes my customer will tell me it is their wife's birthday on Sat so they need the watch right away. But if you already have one, why is waiting a few weeks such a big deal? When you are nine years old, you see a new toy, you want to have it right away or you cry. But most of us get over that when we get older.


Poetry! That is a scammer when he desperate. LOL! I could not resist to tell him to take a hike. I was actually quite enjoying making fun of him in the next email, I have to post them on youtube or something, really we need a movie with this. Anyway, I ended up making a FTC complain. A few hours later I found your reviews here. Glad to see that I was right.

Man, that guy is a stupid idiot, how can he even scam people? He's a retard anyway. A joke

This below is reposted so the poeple will read the discussion we have with the scamm site owner:

You've been busted, scumbag! Those 5 stars feedbacks from below that are also coming from you are so funny and so blatantly idiotic. Too late for that, once your scam is revealed to the public the only chance is to run away!

Now let me resume what this motherf*cker does:
1. He built up a website showing some watches for sale. You know, the most sought after swiss brands, at the best prices on the internet. The funny part is that he does not have those watches! Now comes the cheesy part..
2. The victims are atracted by the very, very low price displayed on the website. The price is so low that is quite under 50% of the MSRP and, of course, an adviced buyer would immediately think is a scam (Nigerian scammers also use the same pattern) . But for the most people, this looks like a bargain. they will be caught by this and here the scam begins. He assumes poeple are greedy, and that is right, they were a victim of their greed.
3. The customer (aka victim) buys a watch and immediately the scammer tells the buyer that he must wait for 1-2 month until the watch is received from factory, etc. Unless, of course, the buyer asks the money back but 10% fees will be held from the original payment. At this moment, you should know that the scammer has no intention to send your merchandise to you, not at all. He will use your money for his own agenda.
4. After the waiting period expires, the victim contacts the scammer asking for a refund. He usually will sell another lie to the victim, trying to buy some more time (so the CC issuer or the bank will not operate a proper refund). More time means more dificutlties in taking back the money. The scammer will say that the watch is already in the customs, etc. anything he will say to you is is a LIE! Your watch was never ordered.
5. The final act. The buyer will try to contact the scammer again but he will not respond. Surprise! In many cases the buyer will start fighting the scammer, giving him a reson for not responding to "offending emails or calls". Funny, isnt it? He will tell you that you offended him, so you will not have the watch as a retaliation! Anyway, if he ever consider to give you something back (let aside the insults) then this will never be the whole amount you paid, he will keep a "charge" for "his loss" on ordering your watch, etc.

Now, the first thing to do isi to call your bank or CC issuer to block the money in due time. Then call the police and last but not least fill a complaint to FBI here:

Do not waste your time, trying to resolve it with the scammer, act now!

Ask Bango about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I choosed this webside because they have the best choices in watches and great service. I tried doing it from a different dealer before and they gave me a hard time. I think everybody should try it and be satisfied like me. Highly recomeded seler:))

Ask BERNADETA about Watches-Swiss
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's a very nice shopping. With the kind help of the store owner, I got my watch in time. So my wife could bring the shinning watch back to China! Nice watch and nice shopping experience.

Ask Jian about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I just bought two watches from The customer service is the best. Everytime when you call or email, Mark always there to answer any questions you have. I received my watches two days ago and I was very satisfied with the products. After sale, I emailed Mark and asked him some questions. He was so knowledgable and patient and wrote a long email to answer my questions. I am very happy I choosed and highly recommend this website to others. Thanks, CT customer

Ask Yan about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a watch that I found to be too heavy, so I exchanged it for a different one. The delivery was fast on both watches. Customer service was very professional and prompt. The site has a good selection of competitively priced watches. I'd do business again when I'm in the market for a good watch and a good deal.

Ask Susan about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I originally questioned the validity and ethics of this website but to my delight, Marc, the owner, was extremely professional, prompt with all of his replies, gave me a hell of a price on a $5000 swiss watch and had no issues whatsoever. Marc assured me his BBB rating and negative reviews on various websites were nothing more than his competitors trying to screw him. I didn't believe him at first, but now, with my watch in hand, I give him full points!

Ask rob about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

mixed feelings about my experience.
i placed my order and never got the item i paid for.

when I asked for refund (few weeks past advertised delivery date) they pointed to small-print in their terms of service that said they don't have to deliver anything in time and that their customer is subject to 10% penalty if the order is cancelled before 51 days after the order date, no matter what delivery time they promised.
and yes, i received a partial refund from the business (less 10%).
however, later on i was contacted by a business owner asking to remove my review that i posted on google wallet.
i pointed out that i was not a satisfied customer, because i was charged 10% of my money for nothing since they never demonstrated any steps towards actually fulfilling my order.
the owner suggested refund the balance of the money if i remove my review from google wallet.

so, since i got my money back (total amount) i changed this review to be accurate, and i gave them 2 stars, but i do not feel that i would trust this particular business again and definitely would not recommend this business to anyone.

Ask Svetlana about Watches-Swiss
1 review
2 helpful votes

Watch came in the mail broken - very unusual for company like Tissot. Luckily, the retailer’s office is located near my day job, so the next day I stopped by to return the merchandise. The owner refused to post refund and kept insisting only on an exchange for a different model (why would I do that? I love that particular model). I was forced to call my Credit Card company to get my money back. BTW, I checked this company on BBB and found out that I'm not alone. Mark Time has "F" rating:

Ask Yuri about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

I totally agree with all the negative comments others posted. I had the same horrible shopping experience with the seller. I ordered two omega watches in Oct 2011 but didn't get watches until Mar. 2012! I called the seller for refund. The guy refused to do so and behaved rudely and was even being pound of being called "unprofessional". Finally, I filed a claim to my credit card company. This type of seller shouldn't be in business anymore. I would suggest everyone not to buy anything from this seller.

Ask John about Watches-Swiss
1 review
1 helpful vote

My purchase experience was terrible. I ordered a Movado watch that should have shipped in 3 to 4 weeks. Six weeks passed and I still didn't have it. When I called to cancel my order the owner Marc actually called me a moron. This was just because I asked why I couldn't cancel on the phone vs sending an email. I could not understand why he'd be so rude. I called back to tell him that I had sent the cancellation email, and he said "Congratulations" and hung up on me. The WORST possible service I have EVER experienced and could even imagine. STAY AWAY!

Ask Aidan about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I called prior to placing my order to confirm that my watch (Tissot) would be shipped in time for Christmas. Mark confirmed, so I went ahead and placed my order. I got an email saying it would be another two weeks before the watch was shipped. The promised shipped date came and went, with no confirmation. I emailed him. I was told it would be shipped on the next Monday. Same thing - Monday came and went. I called multiple times and emailed multiple times with no reply. Finally I got an answer when I phoned him on my lunch break. I stated who I was and that I wanted to know if my watch had been shipped and if not, why not. He told me that it would be shipped "today". I told him that he had told me this several times before and would I receive tracking information. After this question, he LOST IT on me! He swore at me left and right, and ended the tirade with telling me to "stick your F*&#ing phone up your F(#*%ing a$$". Seriously. He then hung up on me. I phoned back, asking if he treated all his customers like that and to let me know what was happening with my watch. He then launched in on further insults and basically saying that I was harassing him. Umm...hello? How about do your job. He hung up on me and told me to go buy my F*@$(ing watch in a mall somewhere. Obviously after reading these posts he's preying on people and never delivering a final product. For good measure I called Amazon Payments (thankfully I went through them) to ensure they didn't allow the payment to go through and to register a complaint AND I complained to the Better Business Bureau in New York.

Ask Joanna about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have had the same experience as many here. We ordered a watch from him with a 10% deposit, and the watch never came in stock. After hassling and hassling, he told us about 6 separate occasions that the date of delivery would be pushed back a few more weeks. In the end, we cancelled and are still trying to chase up our 10% deposit. He has totally ignored our emails, but upon emailing him from a bogus account about a watch purchase, he answered within 24 hours. We have submitted a formal complaint to the FTC in the US about him and have reported the initial deposit as fraudelent activity to our financial institution so hopefully they will have more mite in getting our money back. If i ever set foot in NY, i will be personally paying him a friendly visit. Do not use this person, he is a scam.

Ask Alan about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

This website is a joke. Do not buy anything online. They have no stock and will charge you 10% when you cancel. Easy money for these guys. Rude and very untrustworthy would be a few words to describe them. I am glad I only ordered a watch for a few grand. Lost 10% but better than the whole lot. Be careful. Craig

Ask Craig about Watches-Swiss
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I ordered a watch in October 2010 and paid a deposit to Mark Time. site stated delivery 2-6 weeks. after 7 weeks sent e-mail to check on status of my order; received reply from marc rabinowitz to say delivery in mid january 2011(13 weeks after order). at the end of January,14 weeks after ordering, having received no news I sent e-mail to cancel order and ask for return of deposit. There was no reply. I have sent several e-mails but none have been acknowledged. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

Ask TERENCE about Watches-Swiss
1 review
4 helpful votes

I found this company unsuitable for internet business. From a six sigma lean sales point of view, which is pretty much the point of internet shoppers, whether known or not, their order entry and customer relations management leaves much to be desired. I felt my time wasted. I don't have much free time to waste to begin with.

I am an American international businessman constantly traveling to europe or asia. I ordered on-line from my hotel room in europe for an item with my AMEX with the shipping address the same as my home/billing address. Mark Time electronicaly accepted the order, but then sent an email the next day rejecting my credit card order but would accept a wire transfer instead because I ordered from a european IP address! I had four emails back and forth and even though the emails Marc sent were not offensive, the general sense was that operations at this company were, well...'mickey-mouse'! I found and read their policy on International orders. It said most of their international customers 'prefer' to use wire transfer...right! I suggested Mark Time/ Watch-Swiss use PayPal or another recognized verification service as a solution. During the hassle with them, I took time to find another source to order from with no problems. I also looked up their reviews and found many negative reviews!

I withdrew my order and contacted my credit card company not to accept any charge from the company Mark Time, or Watches-Swiss. I suggest you avoid this vendor and find a reputable, modern and better established source.

Ask David about Watches-Swiss
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered a watch on December 18th. They said it would ship in 3 days, with 2 day shipping, so that it would arrive December 23rd. I called on the 22nd to make sure they were still on track with my order. The person on the other line answered "Hello". It is not even a real business. It is a guy shipping stuff out of his garage. He told me they hadn't received the watch from Tissot yet, but that he was getting it the 23rd and I would have it the 24th. The 24th the watch didn't arrive. I called and this person on the other line who sounded like she was in a car driving told me that they hadn't received the watch yet. I told her to cancel the order. At first she tried to say she wouldn't cancel it. Then she rudely told me that the order was canceled. They had charged 10% to my account. She said that the charge would be taken out of my account, but they never refunded me. It is the worst online experience I've ever had. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

Ask Gus about Watches-Swiss
1 review
4 helpful votes

DON'T EVER,EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. Very,very unprofessional and rude customer service. I emailed them for inquiries before and after purchasing a watch and none of those 3 emails were answered. Even if you review their previous "customer reviews" in this internet dealer sucks. And they don' stock watches that they sell, after you purchase the item they will take perhaps up to 2 months or longer to ship your item. VERY, VERY DISSAPPOINTING AND HORRIBLE.. Then if you will ask for a refund, they will threaten you that per company policy they will take out 10% from the purchase price.

Ask cristina about Watches-Swiss

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