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116 reviews
1011 W. Fifth Street, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703, USA
Tel: +1.3036809280
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116 Reviews From Our Community

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One of which is that it forces you as an owner to log into the dashboard which is a change that Flipkey made. (in 81 reviews)


Vrbo customer service is a complete disaster and a horrible experience every time. (in 14 reviews)


WAIPOULI RESORT UNIT G306- Our family had an incredible vacation thanks to Yvonne, the owner of this unit. (in 16 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I am an owner who has been with VRBO for years and only recently have had many problems since they have made so many changes to their website. I cannot even get on the site anymore to manage my listing since there is a "security validation" for which I followed their instructions and it did not work. I cannot get through to customer service so I am locked out of my own site and unable to manage it. I will not be renewing my ad on this site as it has become completely difficult to use and customer service is NIL. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

Tip for consumers: Go elsewhere to list your vacation rental property.

Ask CAROL about VRBO
New Reviewer

I am not a happy customers anymore have been on vrbo since 2009 and have not any of my customers been able to do a booking for the last 3 month I am not getting anywhere and am put on hold for 20 or better minuts then they had phone nr with our missing area code so far have lost thousand of dollars in 2014 most of time we are book by chrismas don't know have tried to look up other places but all are own by home away does any one know where I can advertise Regards Jette clark

New Reviewer

!! ZERO Stars!! VRBO penalizes owners for choosing NOT to exposed their guests credit cards to VRBO hacking risk, NOT to let VRBO control our bookings, and NOT to allow VRBO to float our guests money for 7 days to generate interest for VRBO before we receive it. As a property owner with VRBO for the past 4 years we purchased a platinum membership and believed their loyalty and seniority sales speak. Even though our property maintains stellar ratings from the guests, VRBO pushed the property feature way down in their ratings because we would not enable their service "upsells" and expose our guests to undesirable consequences. signed VRBO HOSTAGE NO MORE.

New Reviewer

Have tried to contact VRBO home owners to book a rental, no response.
Very frustrating, and no prompting from VRBO to provide customer service.
I would drop homes that can not respond in a timely manner.

New Reviewer

I just recently stay at a great house in Costa Rica (#380060) Liberia...It was one of the best homes we have rented for the hoildays. The home itself is great high on the mountain,pool (Maintained) staff in hand and all our needs met.
The experience was probably one of the best ever,especially working directly with the owners themself. South America is worth the trip. Thankyou AK

New Reviewer

Is the worst costumer service.
The worst customer service I've ever met, besides being abusive, and bring us back some money. We booked on their website and it turns out to get to the apartment was not anything posted on the web. To reclaim from the first day, we were assured that we could leave the apartment and claim our credit card the refund of money because the apartment was not published and the owner never wanted to go through the same.
After 4 months, we have no podium recover our money and credit card compliant we still pay the same.
I do not recommend booking anything in this VRBO, if they have any problems I will never be solved.

Ask Monica about VRBO
New Reviewer

I stayed at a VRBO property for 3 weeks recently and had a number of problems with the property (apartment).

At their request I submitted an honest, but negative review two weeks ago which met their guidelines and VRBO has not posted it claiming it did not meet their guidelines.

Only positive reviews for this property were posted for the property.

I called VRBO and was told that my review was still under review and may be posted.

Tip for consumers: Be a very skeptical consumer and request a very recent photograph of the room in the rental apartment. Avoid full advanced payment for an extended stay until arrival. Write a candid review of the property and hope it meets the review guidelines so that other travelers will not fine out after the owner has their money that the apartment does not correspond to the photographs and meet expectations.

Ask John about VRBO
New Reviewer

WAIPOULI RESORT UNIT G306- Our family had an incredible vacation thanks to Yvonne, the owner of this unit. We have stayed at this resort before and chose this unit because Yvonne took the extra time to make us feel welcome. This condo had everything...comfort, view, surroundings; it even included fins, snorkels, masks, boogie boards, mats. coolers, chairs and even an umbrella. We swam with turtles, enjoyed the seals, ate and drank until we popped. We are planning a trip back next year. There is nothing negative I can say about this trip. Thank you Yvonne and Mickey for allowing us to share your home.

Tip for consumers: This is by far, the best unit at Waipouli Resort to rent. Worth every penny.

Ask Norma about VRBO
New Reviewer

My family rented VRBO 240500 in Stowe Vermont. We were asked to provide a separate check for the (very large) security deposit of $750. Prior to our arrival I wrote the owner and asked if we could bring our dog.

She replied IF I was willing to pay for additional cleaning costs. However, I was able to find another place for my dog while we were traveling and did not bring it.

The homeowner met us at the house and took us around for about 30 minutes, telling us to take off our shoes, how to open and close the windows and window coverings, how to work the tv, etc.

She could clearly see we did not have a dog with us, did not ask to see a dog, did not ask about a dog, and was there when the rest of the group finished emptying the car.

When it came time to get my security deposit back, she had cashed and KEPT the check, saying she was keeping it because we brought a dog.

The terms of the contract say that after the property is found to be in good condition, the deposit would be returned. I have contact the owner, as well as VRBO, but the owner refuses to return the deposit. Further, she has not even documented what her "additional expenses" were, but simply kept the entire amount.

VRBO does not stand behind the contracts, and the owner certainly did not comply with hers.

In addition, the property was noisy with 3 different construction projects going on around it, starting at 7AM 6 days a week.

New Reviewer

My wife and I rented a magnificent house this past June and July at a property called Arnauton, located in Beraut, the Gers, France. The website is It needs to be seen to be believed: 8 bedrooms, 6 beth rooms, a large swimming pool, a large playroom, protected outdoor eating areas, beautifully landscaped, wonderfully managed, and more. This home was lovingly and impeccably restored by the owners, Tony and Barbara Mackintosh. It is located in an area of southwest France known as the Gers but better known to most people as Gascony, where the Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan roamed.

Ask Andrew about VRBO
New Reviewer

I've been a vrbo customer for 6 years and was happy with them until the last couple of year, especially since they started this new "response rating". Right now, because I didn't know exactly how it works because it was never explained properly, my rating is 66%, although I respond immediately. I've been told by a customer rep that this will be on my vrbo site at the end of the month for potential customers to see, which looks as though it takes me two days to respond. I've been reading some other complaints on this site, and like me, a lot of you don't realize you can access your potential customer's email and phone number, but have to know how to do it. You have to go into your vrbo dashboard to retrieve it. Once you click on "phone number", you get credit for the response. I just learned this. Anotherwards, vrbo makes you "jump through hoops" to communicate with a potential customer that saw your ad that YOU PAID FOR. What concerns me is vrbo is going to try to "control" our business to the point where we won't have access to our customers' email addresses or phone numbers. Once that happens, I'm done with the company.

It's too bad that a company that started out as such a wonderful company has been ruined by fixing things that are not broken. I predict that eventually another company will eventually realize how to do it right, and vrbo will no longer be a monopoly.

New Reviewer
10/10/14 listing #379041. Non-potable water, Boulder, Colorado

Renter Beware!

In July 2014 my brother rented this house for a family reunion with my sister and me, and our three spouses, for three days. The renovated house is beautiful, as is the setting, and looks just like the photos posted on VRBO. The description on is "Spectacular Mountain Style Home Just Minutes from Downtown Boulder!".

But -- before we rented, we didn't think to ask about whether or not we could drink the water. We flew in from Washington, Texas and California, arrived at the house and found that there was a sign posted over the kitchen sink (and in the renters' notebook), warning us not to drink the water, that it wasn't safe. As of that weren't bad enough, we then discovered that in the showers in both bathrooms, there was very low water pressure, just a tiny trickle of water to take a bath or shower.

Apparently, the house water is supplied by a well which is contaminated, and the pump on the well is underpowered.

You know, we weren't going to a Third World Country, we were flying into Boulder, and we didn't think to ask if we could drink the water. It didn't even enter our minds to ask about this ahead of time. Who knew? Fortunately, none of us is immunosuppressed, and fortunately, none of us got sick.

But it was a bummer. We didn't want to make a fuss because we wanted to enjoy our time together, without a lot of negativity, so we just put up with it -- where else would we have gone? We'd already flown into Boulder and previously paid our rental money (plus a cleaning fee and security deposit). But all of us were disappointed at best, and very, very angry at worst.

This information about the non-potable water should have been disclosed so that we could have had a choice about whether or not to stay there. I'm sure that the house is not up to county health standards, and that renting a house with non-potable water violates health codes.

The owner charged top dollar, plus a hefty cleaning fee, all for a house where we couldn't drink the water and had to bathe in a drizzle of water.

I want other people to know about the water situation at this house -- I don't want them to be surprised and disappointed the way we were. I cannot recommend this house to anyone else.

New Reviewer

I booked and paid a deposit on VRBO 596105 in Florida. I requested contact information and some more pictures of the unit. To date I have not heard back from them. I contacted VRBO for help. NOTHING!!! a lot of automatic generic replies making lots of promises but nothing when I asked for help. This was and is the first and last time I will use them for my winter vacation plans.


Ask Terry about VRBO
New Reviewer

I am a traveler. Rented condo through VRBO site. Suffered a bait and switch scam by properity owner. Tried to post a review was ejected because I "didn't stay at the unit listed because the owner switched me to different unit". DA! Asked what unit I stayed at and VRBO said there was no listing for it. Trying to file a formal complaint with VRBO but guess what, it requires a listing number of the unit I stayed at. It seem the properity owner rents several similar condos under one listing.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it! If you do, buy the insurance protection and get a written contract from properity owner.

Ask Ray about VRBO
New Reviewer

They are so bad that they keep raising there prices and make it harder for owner to list! They give great discounts to business to list with them! They need to name this VRBrealtor?? come on guys this is terrible.

Tip for consumers: Pick

Ask theresa about VRBO
New Reviewer

VRBO has become an unfriendly site to both owners and renters. It now lowers the viewing ranking for properties that don’t use VRBO for renters’ payments and reservations. I have an arrangement with a rental/property manager that requires renters' payments go through that company. I have found my renters are happy to (1) make payments to an established company that is local to their rental and (2) have a local company they can turn to if problems arise. The service I provide to renters is superior to what they would get if I routed payments through VRBO, yet VRBO bumps me down the viewing list because I choose to provide better service to renters. If VRBO wants to make money from online payments by renters, it should just say so and charge owners who don’t choose the VRBO payments a premium. But discriminating against my property for the renter-friendly choice I make is ridiculous and an anti-competitive business tactic. LG

Ask Norm about VRBO
New Reviewer

Vrbo use to be a great site, but with all of the changes they've made it now is the top worst! One of which is that it forces you as an owner to log into the dashboard which is a change that Flipkey made. Makes me think VRbo is getting ready to buy Flipkey and changing things now with how they are run is just the beginning. I have about twenty two properties currently on VRBO and homeaway. It's a necessary evil till something better comes along!

Ask Patty about VRBO
New Reviewer

VRBO are useless when it comes to helping travelers get a refund of charges paid. We booked a condo through VRBO - it was not a cheap condo - and two weeks after we confirmed the booking and paid over $3100 deposit the owner turned around and cancelled the booking on us. They told us we would get a "full refund" but they did not process it.

we called VRBO to ask for help in getting our money back and they basically told us we were on our own and all they could do was "send them an email asking them to refund the money".

Eventually, we got a portion of the deposit back, but we are still waiting on over $500 which were the "fees" paid (I thought the owner paid the fees, not the traveler, but it seems that the owner is able to charge the fees to the traveler).

In any case, we are still waiting on the fee portion to be refunded. I have initiated complaints with VRBO and have started a chargeback on my credit card. The next step is to file a theft report with the police in the city in which the condo is located.

I would not rely on VRBO to be of any help if you have a dispute with the owners of a property. Just be warned that you are on your own. I would NEVER pay for anything like this through paypal. ALWAYS use a credit card so you have a modicom of protection.

Ask None about VRBO
New Reviewer

I have listings on for 11 years, and it has become the worst run business I have ever worked with. They are constantly changing the requirements of the owners and adding so much clutter to what used to be a user-friendly site, and now they have gone too far: Not only can I not send pictures to those who inquire, they have a bot that spots when I try to give my PERSONAL email SO I CAN SEND PICTURES!! They will not respond to any of my complaints! They want me to pay for all my pictures, but that would make me have to raise my rates. HORRIBLE COMPANY! I am praying for another company(THEYARE ALSO HOMEAWAY.COM) to come to our aid.

New Reviewer

I am a property owner and have listed my property with VRBO for one year and just renewed for another year. The inquiries and rentals have been very satisfactory. I am a good communicator and get all the information requested by potential renters to them within a few hours. We have a good rental agreement explaining terms of the contract clearly. All of our reviews have been 4 & 5 stars. We just got our first bad review from a traveler who is unhappy that we held $90.00 from his $200.00 security deposit for not complying with the terms of the agreement regarding cleaning up after his two dogs and having a 5th person in the cabin and not paying for them. Other cleaning issues were noted and he did not lock the cabin when he left. He made several false statements, which I backed up with written proof to VRBO as being false. He used language that was offensive and called us names. I studied VRBO's guidelines and this review clearly violates at least 3 of them. However, VRBO is not willing to remove the review and claims there are no violations. It's frustrating that as owners who pay for the service, we are considered guilty until proven innocent and then we are not allowed to prove our innocence.

Tip for consumers: If you see one bad review among many other excellent reviews, you can pretty much figure that the renter was at fault. Always read the owner's response as well as the other reviews. When people get charged for being caught violating the rental agreement they signed and they thought they would get away with it, they tend to lash out with a bad review.

Ask Karen about VRBO
New Reviewer

We stayed in an outstanding townhouse at Seagull Inn & Condominiums in Wells, Maine. We spent 2 weeks there and we loved it. We met the owner, Bob, who was truly concerned about our stay! We really loved it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to spend time near the beaches in southern Maine. We rented unit #60 which is very well appointed. Thanks to the owners for making our vacation such an enjoyable one!

Ask Paul about VRBO
New Reviewer

VRBO is terrible for owners. Rising prices and forcing owners to use services we don't want or need will also translate to dissatisfied renters. They are currently the big fish in the pond, but disruptive technology will soon knock down their door. I am looking for alternative sites, as are many other owners. I am starting with VRBO Sucks!!

Tip for consumers: If you are a Vacation Property owner. Don't upgrade your VRBO listing - start using alternatives instead. Its time to send VRBO a message.

Ask Chris about VRBO
New Reviewer

Review of property rental as VRBO selects only the positive reviews
Rehoboth Beach VRBO 66056, North Shore Seaglass rental property
This home was advertised as 6 bedrooms, it's not... it is 5 bedrooms with a converted walk in closet which the owner considered a bedroom. The home has not been well maintained. Many things were broken when we arrived - Outside shower, refrigerator, outdoor cushions in very poor condtion ripped/ torn/ stained. Pool table with cigarette burns and ripped felt. Back porch with upturned wooden boards - dangerous. Owner, Joan W was very rude and difficult to deal with. We still have not received our $1400 deposit back. I plan on taking her to small claims court.

Tip for consumers:

Ask Jean about VRBO
New Reviewer

I have had two properties listed with VRBO for over 12 years. What with mergers and policy changes it now requires me to visit my listing 12 times a year to update the calendar that is not maditory to use. Also and guest who waited two years to post a review of one our properties believing some black marks in the the Knotty Pine varnish were mold by the shower. Nope Knotty pine turns black when exposed to any water spray. Never the less I contacted them and they would not remove it. However, their policy has not changed. A review must be posted within 12 months of a guests stay. that one was two years. When I asked why the policy change requiring 12 months the response was, "We found that postings after 12 months were malicious complaints Dah. So why when I bring this one to their attention wouldn't they want to correct or bring it in compliance with their new updated policy? I have heard they are desperate for negative complaints to counter the owner embellished anonymous postings. When I started they were the only game in town. Not true anymore. If at my renewal times that review is still posted I will not renew with them. I check my location Birch Bay Vacation rentals and 5 sites came up before VRBO on a goggle search..

New Reviewer

The ruthless owner asks for a damage deposit, doesn't return it in a timely manner and then back charges you for using PayPal which was one of his options to pay. No where does he state that you will be charged. You can imagine my shock when I FINALLY got my damage deposit back, minus PayPal charges that PayPall charged him. I asked for proof of his disclosure, but of course none has been forthcoming and I don't expect it. He has not been cooperative and does not care about customer service or good public relations. While I know that this says VRBO, but HomeAway and VRBO are one in the same. I want to get the word out to everyone who might be thinking of renting from this gentleman, not to do it.

New Reviewer

I am an owner of 2 vacation homes that i have had listed on vrbo for years. They have become "big brother'" in collecting your info and email correspondence. They no longer let the owner or inquirer see each others email. consequently i recommend that the owner and or inquirer call each other to get your respective email address and communicate directly
My inquirers also tell me that they get unsolicited follow up emails from vrbo. Vrbo has been successful thanks to all the home owners that paid to list their homes but their success has gone from a tool to connect 2 interested parties to wanting to OWN us.
We need new vacation rental sites to eliminate Vrbo's dominance.....i can't wait for other sites to take their market share. Please use other sites!!!

New Reviewer

Space was very clean and well-organized but VERY small. Headroom was lacking...a real problem for males standing at toilet. Also, we could occasionally smell propane when bedroom window over bed was open. It was difficult to have true privacy, due to owners" home right next door, close to deck. Driving past Mystery Spot attraction, on same road, can be challenging. Considering owner rents out much larger ( with full kitchen and table), bottom space for $125, Love Shack was not worth $110.

New Reviewer

I have now visited several available properties online, emailed the "owner", only to find that the fantastic offers are NOT available despite what the calendars said, the owners are real estate managers, and they have many less attractive offers to peddle. Can you say bait and switch? I am very frustrated by this service. I do not trust VRBO.

New Reviewer

Vacation rental by owner? BS!!!
Owners have to pay a lot for the listing of their house!

The name is a scam!

At the end renter have to pay for it.

New Reviewer

Tried to rent #494714 in Waikiki and was pushed to pay money via email to hold the suite and when I asked (Bill Leeds) a phoney name, to give info to legitimize his suite and himself he quickly said it had been rented and that was it. The calendar never filled up for those dates.
He said he was living in Portland and representing a Japanese lady who couldn't speak English yet she apparently had been sending me emails asking for money????
This suite is a scam!

New Reviewer

I was inquiring about property #3799990 on VRBO. com I was suspicious when owner wanted money wired directly into a bank account. This home no longer appears on site. Please beware. Not all are bad but just follow your gut!

New Reviewer

I am a owner of property in Florida listed on They have become controlling of your listing and communications. They now "hide" email addesses of the potential renters so you are FORCED to communicate through their "dashboard". I have recently found out that the these potential renters are not receiving my responding emails. Spoke to some idiot at vrbo and told me I would hear from someone in 1-3 days....really???? You are keeping me from renting my unit and you can't speak to me? I received an email a day later saying that that there was no problem with the emails and it probably was going into the spam box which was a total lie. OWNERS BEWARE!! If I can find a better site I will change in a New York Minute.

New Reviewer

We used VRBO as vacation renters for a few years prior to setting up our own VRBO. It's been almost a month since we listed and have had a good experience with booking clients and they have all be great people! We hope the experience continues this way. I was between giving them 3 or 4 stars and that was because of their software/website. It could be easier to use and it takes a few HOURS to update your changes so that is weird in this age of instant changes elsewhere on the web. Also, not easy to find a way to get your questions answered. If they could just fix those things, they would be a 4-5 star operation (so far) in my book!

New Reviewer

"The site is getting overrun by scammers" - this was the response we received from a VRBO " customer service" reprsentative in response to our complaint over
our firm was being besieged by callers seeking to rent VRBO scam listings that posted our private client line.

After talking to VRBO they supposedly removed the scam listings but he calls started up again and one party even accused us of being in in the scam.

We called again and asked to speak with the legal department - attorney to attorney professional courtey - apparently is not part of their skill set - we were told they could only be contacted through a generic email address !

And after 72 hours no response ! Consistent with their interminable hold times on the phone.

Our heart goes out to the scam victims, and so while VRBO brags about 1 million listings our question - how many are scams ?

We are contemplating further action against VRBO due to business disruption - in the meantime consumers should exercise extreme caution and NEVER wire money for a rental especially via Western Union or similar services .

New Reviewer

I am a vacation rental property owner, and have listed on VRBO since 2010. our rentals are of a seasonal nature, typically 4-6 per year. Recently we found VRBO had removed calendar access from our site and put this message up "The property's calendar has not been updated in over 2 months. You can contact the owner for availability or look for properties with confirmed availability"
Our calendar is always up to date, but only updated when we add rentals.
After many calls and emails requesting VRBO to leave the features we have paid them for, alone...there response is that this is "policy" and I am the only customer that seems to have a problem with it.
For sure VRBO does not recognise the lister, who pays the fee, is there customer, and the renter is the lister's.
I would never recomend anyone to list on VRBO, nor will I pay any more fees to an outfit who's policy is to piss off there customer!

New Reviewer

I own two vacation rental properties in Maine, and I have used VRBO for a number of years -- But not anymore. It used to work just fine, and the site I paid them for worked easily. Then recently I noticed that no inquiries were coming in and no reservations were being made. So I checked my site, and there was no calendar on my site showing potential renters when the property was available to rent! WTF!!

When I tried to edit my site I found that they had changed everything in a way that made it almost impossible to make simple changes. VRBO's customer service tried to make it seem like it was my fault for not going in weekly to "update the calendar". I don't need to update a calendar if there are no new reservations to put in! Duh!

So after years of being rather satisfied, I am now very dissatisfied. VRBO has caused me to lose potential customers, and lose money -- Not exactly what I thought I was paying for.

Their prices have gone up and up over the years. Usually when you pay more, you are supposed to get more. But with VRBO you pay more to get less.

I am switching to another rental website service as soon as possible.

Anybody have any suggestions about a better rental website service?

I am wondering about

New Reviewer

I am a property manager on vrbo with over 20 paid listings. Vrbo customer service is a complete disaster and a horrible experience every time. Cancelation protect is also a disaster and false sense of security. My guest has been on the phone all day to learn that now the owner has to call and request a refund- I just gave her the money back because if the time and efforts that have been wasted. It would be cheaper just to refund even though CP got paid...... Can't wait until another website comes along to remove the monopoly homeaway has. Homeaway.... You suck... That is all...

New Reviewer

I am posting this review because VRBO will not post it. I am hopeful that this review will help others avoid renting this condo. VRBO # #308387 - "Luxurious Ocean Front Condo" Panama City Beach FL at Tropic Winds Condo #1409.

My VRBO review:

I took my mother to Panama City Beach for the week of March 22 2014. I rented this place based on reviews and photos. When we arrived the place was very dirty and smelled of body odor. From pubic hair on the master bed pillows, to filthy carpet and living room upholstery, to dirty hand towels and mold growing in tub and on shower liner. It was not at all what I paid for and not at all what I expected. If I could post photos I would.

I stayed an hour and told Susie I was renting another unit which I did. So not only did I lose the money for the stay in this filthy place (she did not refund it and placed it right back on the rental market for the same week) but I had to pay for another place as well. I think it is terrible to misrepresent as she did. The photos are so old that they do not even represent this place as it really is. The master bedroom photo shows it all made up nicely and when we get there not only did the master have a body odor smell, there was a thin blue bedspread and two dirty pillow cased pillows and that was it. Nothing nice like in the photo. So save your money and go elsewhere. This place is a dump. Nasty. I did not even want to touch anything in it.

BTW I am an owner of another beach condo and would never subject anyone to a place in this condition. I keep mine immaculate and that is what I was expecting. Too bad there are people out there who take advantage of the situation as this is a trust situation. I trusted her word and should not have. I just hope this review can not be deleted by the owner as it is unfair for her to collect money for false advertising. Kim from Texas

New Reviewer

We own and take care of many properties, and the worst part of the experience has become VRBO. They have taken a monopoly on our funds. Our rates are good enough that we stay 100% booked and we give the extra customer service, but to charge more for extra pictures and a higher ranking and credit card fees is insane. The last straw was (after we paid our renewal) notifying us if we did not book online our rankings would drop. Every one of our properties has 5-star bookings and not one bad review - how can you drop me by 50% if I do not offer online bookings? We have never had one single complaint and our guests always come back. When I called customer service, I kept explaining that it was unfair to drop us by 50% in rankings because they want to gouge us $1800 a year in credit card fees for one unit. The goofball kept saying, "I don't know how you are getting $1800? It only costs $3 for a $100 rental fee." I was like - "Who rents a beach condo for $100 a week?" I made her do the math, which came out to $1800 per year. They are becoming billionaires on our profits, and while some people might think we can afford it, after VRBO, lodging tax, liability, dues, insurance, etc., we are going broke keeping rates affordable for people to vacation. Also - just a tip to anyone who has properties on VRBO - when a guest sends you an inquiry, go on the site and get their personal e-mail and notify them you will be contacting them outside of VRBO so that contracts will go through - or whatever. It is not these people's business. All of our guests come back over and over. They tell you it is to protect the guest, but that is a lie. It is for marketing to hound these people and know what they are looking for. They want to act like a property management company to get whatever fees out of you they can, use the guest's private information for marketing, but they take no responsibility for your unit - they are a means to advertise - an advertising company - and they are getting too big for their britches. There are some new companies popping up, and with offer good rates, so we do not need to bow down to these people and pay our profits to get higher on the list. They need us more than we need them - trust me - if they start getting hit with people dropping them - they will go back to doing business the way they should. Not forwarding the customer's e-mail, yet forwarding all of their other personal information is not to protect anyone - it is to keep control of your unit - take the extra minute - go online - and get the e-mail off of the website or request it from the customer. If you do your customers right, they will be back and send people. We have been doing this for two years and are 100% booked - I do not even think we need these people anymore. So aggravating. One of these days someone is going to class-action sue them.

And to the person who said VRBO is great, and these must be fake reviews from competitors - all I can do is tell you how ridiculous that sounds. It seems you are the one working for VRBO.

New Reviewer

We list 2 properties on VRBO. As any owner knows, listing placement is of great importance. We have two identical units and the listings are basically identical. One has excellent placement (as it should because that is what we pay for), the other (which is up for renewal strangely enough) slipped to the bottom. We can get no advice on what happen or how to fix it except to upgrade ANOTHER $250.00. Excuse me, but I agree, it is a scam the way they are treating the owners. It there was another good spot to list, they absolutely would not have my business!

New Reviewer

Rented a place, providing all credit card info. 3 days later, I find out that they rented the place to someone else. The management company that the owners hired ( admitted that they keep rentals listed as available even though the units are not available...with the intent of you booking a similar property that is a LOT more expensive. They provide no information about cancellations, stating on the website that their policy is available when you book. It IS NOT available when you book. You have to book and pay and then it still isn't available. Then when you cancel, they tell you that their policy is not to allow you to cancel. WTF?? I had to cancel the charge thru my credit card company. Do not use VRBO. Do not use Complete scams.

New Reviewer

Beware of the Carefree insurance offered on this site. It is a complete SCAM. After I was confirmed into a condo for a month this fall, I got a message from VRBO saying they had cancelled all bookings by that lessor. When I asked how to get my insurance refund, tyhis is what I got---

Thank you for contacting the Trust and Security department of VRBO®, HomeAway®, and VacationRentals™.

"In this situation the only advice that we can give when it comes to trying to recoup your funds that were lost are to either continue reaching out the owner and get it from him or if you are unable to do that then contact your credit card directly and dispute this specific transaction.
"In regards to the insurance that you purchased it would not come into play currently becuase this owner is under investigation with us and a decision has not been made on the property owner and the insurance only coveres a fraud that is declared by us.
"Also even if it did cover it, one of the steps in using it is to go back to your credit card company and have them try to get it back first because they have a lot more clout when it comes to their ability to get funds that were lost.
I hope this adds some clarity to this difficult situation."

So, the coverage provided by your credit card company is better than anything VRBO offers. And a fraud is only a fraud when VRBO says it's a fraud. And they only pay off if they feel like it.

New Reviewer

VRBO uses the possibility that the rental may not meet your expectations to sell you another flavor of trip insurance (as you're paying).. Doesn't say much for the company. I sometime use the site, but only as a last resort.

New Reviewer

As a property owner I have tried to find an effective way to get my property in front of shoppers. Many sites take your money up front and then never do anything to promote the rental. That has resulted in no traffic to the page or inquires. NONE.
I have been using VRBO for 3 months, have 195 hits on my property with to date 9 inquires. I don't pay until someone rents.
That's about 1000% better than what anyone else has to offered.
So all you who are trashing this site, please tell me what site is better. No site with multiple advertisers is going to be perfect; so who do you know is better? I will use them too.

New Reviewer

Fees 60 Percent - Wow

I have used VBRO a number of times before, but this time it just seems like I paid so much more for my "additional" fees. I paid almost 60 percent in fees, and I didn't even opt for the insurance! I just don't understand how a condo I selected for $135 a night ended up costing me $214.87 a night. Is this a standard practice on VBRO?

New Reviewer

I have used this rental web site numerous times. In March we stayed at property #493215 in Redmond Oregon. I sent a complaint about this rental. Made 2 phone calls. If the rental is not as bad...your complaint means nothing. The owner of the property is not held accountable for misrepresenting it. The owner was to contact me but they have not and probably never will. I just don't want anyone else to be mislead.

New Reviewer

PROPERTY OWNERS STAY AWAY! Renters too, for that matter. As a property owner with rentals this place has become FASCIST! They now control every aspect of communication and payment. You no longer have direct access to your customers. As a vacation rental business owner, I build long term relationships and that is no longer possible on this site. Each year they find a way to charge more and more while providing less and less. VRBO is building a marketing empire at owner/renter expense. Look out! I will not renew! Every negative post you read written from the owner perspective here is true. If it's positive, it's likely a shill. Do not support this site.

New Reviewer

I wrote a negative review on property VRBO Listing #350639 (Florida), it was an awful experience to say the least. I wrote about all the issues that needed addressed with the place we stayed. The owner was supposed to refund part of my money due to all the issues but it never happened. VRBO called me to see if I would remove the negative feedback and write something nice if they reimbursed the money that the owners were supposed to give back. I told them that the review was accurate and I would not remove it in exchange for some money back. My review was never placed on the site, only good reviews were placed. I emailed and asked why it was not placed and never received a response.

New Reviewer

We are a vacation property owner and were initially happy with the service. However, like other owners have posted, they have given a very bad reputation to service sites once you become a consistent customer of their service... by finding ways to increase the annual rate by 10-20%.

The alternative to maintain a "flat rate" year over year is to pay for additional photos and/or increase your level of posting (Silver, Gold, Platium, etc) - all of which mean you are still paying more! Bear in mind we have increased our annual spend from $400 to $700 over the last 4 years - while our traffic and rental quantity have remained the same.

airbnb is quickly gaining ground and next year I expect to be able to switch and not lose ground on marketing visibility... unless VRBO comes to their senses like NetFlix did and consider what their product really is... the owners who post.

VRBO - notice served...

New Reviewer

If I could give this company no stars I would. We are property owners with a property listed with them via a management. We have a pool which it clearly states is un heated. We had a couple turn up in April and demand that the management company contact us and ask us to turn the pool heat on. We politely told them that we did not have a heater to turn on. They insisted the management company call us again and again over the next few days. In the end the management company representative who lives 5 doors down from us very kindly allowed them to use her pool. Two months later they leave an extremely defamatory review on Vrbo saying how unreasonable we had been to deal with and how unhappy they were our pool was not heated. Hello? Could you not read the description of the property? vrbo is not interested only stating they don't care what anyone posts good or bad and as long as someone can prove they stayed there then they can say anything they like. What an eye opener and what a waste of time (and money!) for owners and renters alike. Its a lose lose situation. While I totally appreciate from a renters point of view that they are allowing bogus fake 5* reviews it is equally frustrating as an owner that they are allowing inaccurate reviews. Most of these people are just after a reduction in their rent.

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