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Venus reviews

77 reviews
Categories: Bikini, Shopping, Swimwear
11711 Marco Beach Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Tel: 1-888-782-2224
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77 Reviews for

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New Reviewer

I had the same experience as many on here with a return. My total order was close to $200 but from all that I only had to return one item. A $22 top. I shipped it back thinking it was $6.95 for the return shipping. Come to find out that's just for the convience of using their preprinted label. They still charged me $12.95 return shipping on top of that! So my total refund was $2! I could have used the top for a dust rag for $2! I will NEVER buy from this company again.

Ask Candy about Venus
New Reviewer

dishonest, they charged us 6.95 for a label, a sticker for God's sake, thought it was 6.95 for return ground shipping to return wrong size clothing. Turns out they charged us another 13.00 for the shipping. So our refund on a 22.00 top was 2.05. ABSOLUTE DISHONEST SCUM. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Tip for consumers: Amazon is more on clothing but worth it, no tricks w/ Prime, just 2 day shipping and no questions asked returns - with free return shipping. We learned our lesson.

Ask David about Venus
New Reviewer

I ordered from Venus to give it a try despite all the bad reviews about shipping, sizes, quality, and malfunction. I ordered 4 different style tops which totaled to $112.00. I received free shipping/ standard for an order over $100. I ordered on Monday and recieved the package (in NY) this morning (Friday). I was expecting something would be wrong with at least one item or alllll of them since almost every review on this site and one other made it sound like that...NOTHING was wrong with any item. I got what I paid for--pretty good quality for what I think is a cheaper price, I got all the correct items, the colors were correct, the sizes were "true to size" (I'm a medium with 36" bust, 28" waist), and strings were not coming apart, etc. etc. I love each top, I tried them on and they looked better in person! I definitely will continue to be a Venus customer. I absolutely love the cut out mesh detail top, so sexy!

Ask N about Venus
New Reviewer

I have a good figure, a size 0 or 2. I purchased an extra small. What I got was a formless sack. There was no tailoring to the waist. It looked terrible, it was not only way too large, but it actually made me, a skinny person, look fat! They must be cheating and pinning the clothes on the website models. The website depiction is very inaccurate.
What really is irritating is that I had to pay $7.95 for them to ship it to me and $6.95 for me to ship it back to them. Overall I wasted almost $15 to try on a dress that didn't even fit.

Tip for consumers: The styles are not really accurately portrayed. Order a size or two down.
These dresses must be pinned on the models because they do not have tailoring to them.

Ask Pixie about Venus
New Reviewer

I ordered a blouse for my mother, for her birthday. It's been 2 months, and the package still hasn't arrive. I will be filing a Charge back from my credit card company!!! Worst online retailer I've ever encountered. Do yourself a favor, and avoid doing business with this company

New Reviewer

I am a total Venus girl!! Absolutely love their clothes and I got a lot of my friends hooked on Venus. Anytime there is an event that I am going to, gotta get something new from them. Plus their stuff is different and awesome!!!

Love you Venus.

Tracey Marshall, Detroit, MI

New Reviewer

I have to agree with some of the other reviews. I like and I was hesitant because of all the negative reviews even though the clothes were so cute. I'm already picky
anyway, but I had to try to see how it was for me as well. I have been ordering from Venus since April 2013 and out of the 20 orders since then, I have had to exchange 7 items for a smaller size and I've asked for a refund twice because the clothing looked absolutely awful on me.

Like I said before, I'm picky when it comes to clothes but when I found Venus I fell in
love with the clothes because there were so many I actually liked and wanted. I have to
agree that a lot of the clothes are thin, to the point where you have to wear a tank or
something underneath it. I think a lot of the clothes are a little expensive period, and I really think they should be cheaper. I hate some of the advertisements of 'up to 25%, 50%, 75% off' when most of the items are on the lower percentage of range.

When I shop now, I always try go to the clearance or sale section and I'm always looking for a discount code. When they have the $25 gift card with a $50 purchase, I always get that. Always.

I'm not the biggest fan of the new credit card rewards. I don't have one myself, and I'm not
tempted to apply either. This may just be me, but a $15 birthday gift certificate during your birthday month is NOT enough. They offer $25 gift certificates every so often and they're saying that for credit card holders, they're only gonna give $15? Even if you aren't a credit card holder, you still get a $25 gift card with a $50 purchase for you birthday month if you purchase within within a certain amount of time. Again, these clothes aren't cheap and I think it should be a bigger reward than what everyone else could get if they search for a coupon somewhere on the internet or if they received one in an email. Now, the $15 off for your birthday month may be offset by the $5 reward you get for every $100 that is spent, but even that could be bumped to $10. They could at least give back 10%. But again, that's just me.

I live in Ohio and normally received my package exactly one week later if I don't choose
faster shipping.

Overall, I still love the clothes from Venus and I will continue to buy from Venus until I find
something better for a lower price. Like any other clothing store, sometimes it's a hit and
sometimes it's a miss.

New Reviewer

After shopping this catalog for my very picky teenage daughter :) she found two. The only she liked the most had BLEACH stains on it. They were going to be for our family vacation. So sent it back, during vacation. Long story short. a credit slip for $9.10 not even a REFUND. It was $29 dress nothing fancy, when I called the customer service department, she stated that was because the $12.95 shipping n handling plus the $6.95 return label (which I was aware of). So I asked her why would I pay shipping and handling? She started to read from her 'cheat sheets' just ridiculous to be honest. I PERSONALLY WOULDN'T BUY FROM HERE AGAIN. I LOVE THE CONVENIENCE OF ONLINE SHOPPING BUT BEING SCREWED WITH. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

New Reviewer

All around horrible. The price for most of the clothes are way over the quality of the product. When sites especially clothing stores advertise free exchanges I will order several items expecting some of them to be returned / exchanged for more. I did this twice with two separate orders around $300 and frankly I ended up returning more then half of the items each time.

After returning one defective item they actually sent me another with the same defects (or even the exact same item)... They completely botched my second exchange request. I'm so frustrated I dont even know if its worth my time to contact them or eat the money.

New Reviewer

I ordered from this website and absolutely loooove their clothes!!! I was a little bit skeptical after reading the reviews & decided to give them a try anyways. I'm glad that I did. I recommend this site to anyone and will be ordering from them again.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress for my relative in the USA, I am in the UK.
Well the first issue, their site has a field to select if the billing address is different, this I did as it was a birthday gift purchase.

Only after check out did the address come up as the same as the delivery address (the USA address)

I immediately contacted them and was assured that this would be dealt with after chatting with an online agent named Fendi. And I requested an email confirmation that this was being done.

The following day I checked and it was the same - nothing was changed and no email confirmation received. I went into the change information area and changed this, thinking it would reflect immediately, this dd not happen.

I sent them an email complaint relating that the Billing Address is a London address and the Delivery address is a USA address.

This is the response I received:

''Good Morning,
Thank you for your recent email. We apologize for any inconvenience. At this time, the order has not shipped. All International shipping information must be entered by a supervisor and not the chat representative. This information would have been hand written and submitted to a supervisor to complete the International shipping information. I am happy to take the information once again and resubmit to the appropriate supervisor.''

I emailed again stating that I do not require International Shipping and a gain repeated the issue, I have not received a response.

I then went to chat with their online advisors where I repeated my issue again, and how irate I was and disappointed as this was my first time experience with this company.

Lani - the advisor then stated that for international orders and shipping, I again told her it is not an international shipping it is being delivered to a USA address.

She then said to me that - and this is where I think this company is not secure and can be replicating customers credit/bank card details - she says to me
I must provide her with the billing address again AND, provide her with the name of my bank, the address of my bankers, their telephone number and some other bank related number and they then have to call the bank and then call the deliver address to make verifications? They cannot authorise any payment until they make all those checks.

While talking to her I checked my bank account online and therein my pending transactions is VENUS.COM.

REALLY....this is the first time in my online shopping that some one has requested all of this information.

So if you needed all that info and you can't request funds until, why is there a payment request pending in my account and why is the billing address on their systems still the same as the delivery address????????????????

I told her that is was sounding fraudulent and dodgy and I would like to cancel, she got very defensive and then stated I need your billing details again to clear it up and your bankers information otherwise can I go ahead and cancel and disconnect this call.

I said to her please cancel my order. Guess what my order is still NOT CANCELLED.

I've sent them an email to this effect that they are basically doing fraud.
Still waiting on a response.

When did this happen: 16th into 17th JULY 2014

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress. It looks nothing like the picture and it's made out of very cheap material. I am so disappointed I will never order from them again

New Reviewer

I placed my 1st order today. I'm worried about the clothing reading what I've read. I usually order from Victoria Secrets and love their clothes. Anyway, I placed my order w Venus and accidentally ordered 2 of the same shirts so I decided to chat in and my Rep" Dee Rose" was a horrible chatter. She was ignoring me wouldn't let me know she was looking into or please hold. I had to say are you still with me or are you looking into this? She just replied your total is 202.00. Nothing else. I asked will I get a new email with the changes she ignored me Again! So I called while she just left me sitting on chat. I asked, who is your supervisor? She says, call 800 there are several supervisors on the floor. Remind you, I had her Supervisor Kelly on by the time her reply came through. Her supervisor was watching the chat! Wonderful supervisor, she was not happy with Dee Rose unprofessionalism!!!! No complaints about clothing or now.

New Reviewer

I ordered a bathing suit on 5/18 and it was back ordered until 5/30. On 5/30 I received an email that it was back ordered until today 6/27. I called and it has now been back ordered till 7/25. I just spoke with customer service and there is no guarantee it will even ship then. What is wrong with this MAJOR corporation. I will NEVER make a purchase and and I'm returning everything else I received. Colors are off and it's all cheaply made!

New Reviewer

Ever since I ordered at VENUS I always get compliments and the sizing is great! I'm in between sizing so I was a little nervous about the fit but looking at what style or material it's made out of really helped in my decision. Their clothes, swimsuits, & shoes are beautiful! Customer for life!

New Reviewer

I ordered from Venus for the first time. Horrible experience.
Poor quality of garments and poor workmanship.
On top of that they want a restocking fee.
Never again!!!

New Reviewer

Ordering clothing from Venus requires you to analyze how the item is made, the fabric type, scrutinizing the image for possible pinning, etc. Maybe then you will pick something that will fit you. I bought a shirt that had beading in the front which was at the shoulder on the model but on me was two inches lower than the shoulder. If you don't mind risking paying shipping for both ways (you have to pay the shipping from them to if your order goes below 100 dollars if the shipping was free after returning items), then buy all means, give them a try. If you enjoy gambling then you will enjoy shopping with Venus.

New Reviewer

Very bad, Venus put one picture in the web and after they send a product that is not the same, not really close to one they offer. The worst: you have to pay the return eventhought it is not your mistake

New Reviewer

I've ordered from many times..I DO know that their tops do run a bit larger than expected so even with a 34C bust I always order the Extra small..I've lost weight recently (22 lbs) and there is a top I am DYING for on their site right now..Its orange and has embellished beading on it..It looks tight on the model but perfectly fitting on her so don't know if I should go with a small or extra small.. I've never purchased pants, dresses as I'm only 5.2 so definitely would be too long for me and would have no idea as far as which size to order really..I LOVE their clothing and don't see problems with the quality..I know most are made of rayon/poly blend..I DO feel that the site should offer promo codes or codes to use as most online clothing sites do

New Reviewer

I read this review after I paid $470 dollars. I felt so nervous, when the box got here I opened tried everything on and I am in love with the cloths, the fit, everything was perfect. I kept in mind as I ordered that the models have big boobs and I am rocking c cup but not so D. The cloths are a great fit and I am very pleased and will continue to shop with Venus. I am glad I ordered the cloths and use gut instinct before you read all negative reviews Love them.......

New Reviewer

My biggest complaint is if you return something they will RIP you off big time. I ordered 5 items. I got free shipping and a 15% discount. I retuned everything but one top that was $34. - 15% = $28.90. On the returns they charged me $7.95 shipping - $6.95 for the return label then took back the discount of 15%. I thought I was paying $28.9o for the top but it ended up being $48.90. I turned them in to my credit card company to be investigated.

New Reviewer

Awful customer service. The representatives online are so unhelpful and rude it's ridiculous. Their clothes never look the same in person either. They are definitely using tricks like pinning to make them look good in the catalogs.

New Reviewer

They get a 1 star rating on their deceitful collection of Canadian duties and taxes alone. They don't have authorization to collect those on behalf of CBSA, so I'm wondering where that money is going. They don't tell you they want you to pay that until AFTER you put the charges through and go about your merry way. Then a day later or so, you get an email insisting you pay these charges, "after which time your item will be placed in transit"
Upon calling to cancel my order (because I am not paying these fees to anyone but the CSBA through Canada Post), I was informed that my order had already been shipped out, even though their email said that wouldn't happen until I paid those charges for Canadian duty and tax to them. The customer service rep said it would just go through USPS (which is should be anyway) and that once I receive it I can just refuse it and they'll send it back to them. He could not explain to me why it had been shipped out, yet the email said it would not be until those fees were paid to them. Nor did he sound surprised at the content or sentiment of my call...

Sneaky. Really dishonest company. I will never buy from them again, based on their deceitfulness alone.

New Reviewer

I paid extra to have my package shipped sooner and did not receive it until a week later, which completely defeated the purpose of paying extra. Customer service reps are very rude and could care less about quality service. The clothes are not true to size, its pretty much a toss up. I would not recommend this site.

New Reviewer

I read the complaints and then ordered three skirts just to see what I'd wind up with. Two arrived so far and they are adorable. I will order from the site again. You get what you pay for. These skirts may last one or two seasons and I will gave to hand wash them. One medium is a little large and the other medium is perfect. But the prices are as cheap as Walmart and much much cuter. My advice is order a couple if things, expect the fabric to be thin, expect to hand wash them, and enjoy them while they last.

New Reviewer

Seller illegally charges tax on shipping and doesn't refund the entire taxed amount. Customer service could care less. AVOID this merchant.

New Reviewer

I bought a bathing suit bottom for my upcoming vacation and not only did it ship quickly; I didn't do any express shipping and receiving my item in 3 days but the price was great, too. The item fits exactly how it is suppose to and not made of cheap material.

I was very happy with my experience with this site and plan on shopping with them again.

New Reviewer

I ordered two dresses and I gotta say I will never order from here again. The material is VERY CHEAP! Does not look like the picture at all... & I wonder what the L size looks like when the S fits like an XL..

New Reviewer

Is very very bad , I order 4 dresses about a month ago , and 1 of then dint fit , the price was 29$ and they only refunded me 7$ lol they charge 12,95$ shipping and $7 for return level I don't know why they charge u for that cause I sent it back I pay for shipping ,

New Reviewer

March 15, 2014. Re Venus Experience.

Buying: Firstly I live in Calgary, Canada so it costs a lot ! more to ship to me. So on top of the shipping charge (unless you get free) can range from $20 - $40 duties and taxes depending on how much you spend CAD which somehow always works out to so much more even when the dollar is equal at times. But in the long run it's actually cheaper than say buying a really good pair of slacks from a boutique for $200. Ouch. Yes I work in a professional environment.

At First: I've never returned anything due to hassle. Example is I was able to wear something maybe once or twice and wash per instructions and somehow never looks the same again and never fits again. I figured must be the Canadian water.

Next: The material I felt is actually better than Victoria's Secret. You cannot see what bra you're wearing through the material. So that's a definite pro. However that's just a me buying thing because I don't go for the dangerous dresses. Usually just simple tops, swimsuits etc.

My thoughts to this day: Sorry to say. I finally had to return things because they were so completely not the picture and fit was not fitting. This is my almost third year from buying from them now. I know I'm not going to look like the skinny pin model but OMG ! Ouch.

Customer Service: The online chat was not good. They don't have time. Given I type 120 words per minute they did not have the patience for me to put a sentence together. Possibly under staffed I am assuming. Or I just felt like this person thinks I'm an idiot when I'm just a paying customer.

Orders to date: Still awaiting swimsuits I ordered. I guess I'll let you know how that goes. Already backordered on a few items.

To summarize it's good and its not good. Some things I love somethings I dislike.

New Reviewer

I saw a tank top in their recent booklette for 24$ and I had just seen the EXACT same one in the sears book for $49 - same model and everything, same necklace and background etc when I ordered it it was totally different and not like the picture at all. I agree that they take pictures from other stores and change up the color or something and try to sell their own crap, it was definately NOT the item in the picture.

New Reviewer

I ordered a maxi dress from them and just a fair warning there pictures are sometimes totally different then the actual item. There was an extra piece of material covering the bust area that is NOT in the picture online. It's like they edit the models clothes to look a lot better then the real thing. So it's your choice if you want to chance it. I'm very disappointed.

New Reviewer

I ordered the lace jumpsuit last week and received it last night. I was so excited because I've had my eye on that jumpsuit for months now. When I opened it up, I was so disappointed. The material was so thin, that there were actually strings of it unraveling at the end of the hem. When I tried to unzip the jumpsuit, it felt like I was going to rip the zipper right out of the thing! So I was very gentle, but the zipper itself felt cheap because it didn't unzip smoothly...lots of "stop/starts". I put it on and the fit was horrible. I'd expected it to be long, because the inseam measurement was in the online description, but I didn't expect the crotch to be so low. It also has these huge pockets that are NOT VISIBLE in the picture online. They stick out, throwing off the entire look. It looks like a clown suit. I'm a pretty reasonable person, and even considered just taking it to the tailor to remove the pockets and hem them up a bit. But when I spend over $50 on a jumpsuit or dress, I expect the quality to be average, not poor. I'm sending this back. I'm sure Venus has some nice items, but I'm not willing to give them another shot because their prices are not good enough for a second chance. Maybe if they took the $$ they spend on sending me a catalog every week and spent it on better material, they wouldn't have so many negative reviews.

New Reviewer

I've ordered several times in the past few years all different things, and I've never been disappointed and the shipping is super fast. I also think the quality matches the price:)

New Reviewer

The material is a little cheap. The type of clothes you could find at a walmart truthfully. I love it and I only buy when the clothes go on sale, or with any promotion. Its funny people always expect the best type of material, but they should know that the best and "cheap" do not always combine. ;)

New Reviewer

I love this site, I'm shocked at the negative reviews as well...I've ordered sweaters, dresses, tops and swimwear (hello boobs!) and have loved everything. One sweater didn't hang on me like it did in the picture, but hey, she's a super-short, super skinny model. They have lots of cute styles and I love the variety. As long as you actually zoom in on the picture, you can tell the type of material you are getting. The only other bad thing is I always forget about the duties and taxes to Canada are extra...but even with this extra cost, there's no way I'd be able to buy the 3 dresses and 2 sweaters I did for $200 total!! Love Venus!

New Reviewer

The designs are very nice, however, the cheapest material. I sent every thing back in less than 1 hour. I originally paid an extra 5.95 for 2 day shipping from Jacksonville, FL to Marathon, FL and didn't receive my order until 5 days later. When I returned the clothes, My refund was short my $4.82. The tax was originally 11.32 and the refunded tax was $10.50. $5.00 shipping was charged to me to return the items even though I used the enclosed shipping label that stated, if I used, I'd be charged 6.95 (which was charged). I called customer service and never got a clear explanation of the screwed up charges/refund. I definitely won't order from Venus again

New Reviewer

I've shopped from Venus 3 times over the past 2 years, and have come to the conclusion that it's a complete hit or miss. Each time I shopped I had bought 4 pieces. The first time, I kept them all, the second I kept 2 an sent 2 back, 3rd time, nothing working out. Anything from sizing and that the product was not exactly as flattering as it appeared on the model, or even the material was a huge no go. The worst thing from it all, is being from Canada, to ship anything back, costs me over $20, and then if I go under the $100 free delivery, I have to pay that, which kills it all.

Although it's been a year since I have actually shopped from there, I can't help but to still browse at many of their pretty and unique pieces. Perhaps if they had free shipping on like a $50 purchase, or slightly better pricing, I would definitely be giving them an other go, but atm, I am still quite iffy.

New Reviewer

I'm shocked at all the bad reviews as well! Trust me there are ALOT of satisfied Venus customers. We all know though that when we are satisfied....we don't post about it BUT when we are not...we wish to tell the world! I ordered FOR THE FIRST time 2 weeks ago. 2 bathing suits, a cover up and a dress. Well it all arrived about 5 days later and was EXACTLY what I was hoping for! One bathing suit bottom is snug and with the would look "better" a tad larger, so I called customer service (who was VERY nice and helpful) and they instructed me to use the enclosed shipping label and off we go! One person said their bath suits are not lined....not was lined and shaped and flattering! Anyway, if you are leary...just buy a few items to see. They give 90 days to return for a refund or credit....YOU CHOOSE! I am satisfied and WILL buy from Venus again and OFTEN!

New Reviewer

I have ordered 2 tops on this site came in a few weeks exactly as show in the pic, I know some people may have bad experiences when they order but if it only happened the first time don't go crazy about it it happens to everyone.

New Reviewer

I ordered a swim suit for a trip to Costa Rica 3 weeks ahead of the trip. One week later I got a message saying I'm on backorder with NO Details. The next week they said my order shipped but gave NO tracking number. I leave tonight and found out it won't be here for another couple weeks. What? Backorder, no tracking, and they send it by mule??? NEVER AGAIN!!!!

New Reviewer

I have been purchasing from Venus for several years because they send me a paper catalog and now I order online instead of calling them. Out of a hundred orders I have placed, only once was a mistake ever made in processing a return. They are much faster at returns processing than most companies. Occasionally an item runs out and you have to wait two months or more for an item but not often. Usually things are in stock or ready in a few weeks. That's normal for the clothing industry. I always send back a few things that don't fit, and keep what's fabulous. Their dresses are a bargain and their swimsuits are the best fitting and best quality I've ever seen from any US company. I will continue to buy my dresses and swimsuits and some sweaters and fabulous shoes from Venus. If I don't like it, I just send it back. I never have any problems. I can always get a live person on the phone to help me quickly. I love this company and I never get as many compliments as when I'm wearing one of their items.

New Reviewer

ordered a jump suit, the crotch sat an inch above my knee, a complete joke and it was made out of the cheapest lining material possible. A waste of money. Stay clear of them!!!

New Reviewer

While offers a great selection clothing and swimwear, I am NEVER buying anything from them again because the level of customer service they provide is completely and totally unacceptable for both online chat and phone contact.

Clearly, management has not kept up with customer expectations for online chat with retail sites, because agents are unable to customize their interactions unless really pressed to do so. And I get that everyone isn't Zappos, but companies should at least be aware of the standards set in their own market spaces and do the best they can to implement "modern" service solutions that try to meet them in some discernable way. Oh, and by the way, one of the chat agents also "hung up" on me when I asked for specific

Calling the toll free number is not much better. Agents still utilize the old-school "it's policy" explanations that certainly don't represent customer service as we know it from virtually every one of's competitors. In addition, when clarification was provided to me about something I questioned because I saw that it was done incorrectly, the explanation I got was about how busy they were, and that they did what they did because they don't have time to be more thorough. Clearly, none of this is acceptable on any level.

And by the way, in addition to paying for shipping on orders under $100 (unless you're lucky enough to find a coupon code), if you have to return or exchange anything, you are going to have to pay for shipping again to send the item(s) back. Also not in line with many in the same market space.

I didn't want to have to be a formal detractor, but after having 2 extremely negative experiences, here I am.....beware!

New Reviewer

I thought they had the cutest clothes for the price but it was some of the cheapest material I've ever seen; I ordered a yellow romper and it was so thin I had to send it back and then charge me 14.00 to return to items in the same package they lost my business. I washed one of the items in Woolite and it tore up, I was so disappointed in the fabric, the items are so cute in the magazine but crap when you get it in the mail. It may work for some people it just depends on what you want to look like,but I don't like looking cheap.

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE! Ladies, I have had my eyes on this website for quite a while now and, I finally gave in. After sitting on a cart with over $800 worth of clothes, I read reviews from Sitejabber and re-thought my order. I ordered $200 worth of clothes (mostly for work) with a promo code I found online, which saved me $50. For what that's worth, 7 days later, my package was delivered on time and I began to try on my outfits. What a nightmare!!! Some fit OKAY and others were just plain HUGE and WIDE. The romper can fit a Jolly Green Giant and the dresses were extremely WIDE. I figured I would get them tailored but WHY spend the extra money when your already spending a wad of cash on something that should decently fit. For the record, I am a size 0-2 and these clothes run BIG. Do not go by their size chart if you are thin/small/petite. If you are, go with items that run XS if you want them to fit.

The quality of most articles were poor and very few were acceptable. I sent back many of my items and believe me, I thought of exchanging. After sitting and thinking, I've decided to go with a FULL refund. I would NOT recommend this site to any of my friends. Take a good look at the pictures.. Some of the back of the dress designs don't even match up evenly with the design itself (which led me to refund vs. exchange). The designer(s) should be ashamed of themselves. At least line up the damn material to make it look half way decent for people who are trying to save a penny by not going to Macy's and other high end stores. This is the same issue with Victoria Secret. If your looking to buy from this site, purchase a SMALL amount items and STICK TO GOING TO MARSHALLS, TJ MAXX, AND BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY.

As for online stores, Amazon will be my number one site since we can read reviews about items people have purchased. I also noticed, the website did not allow reviews, which should've raised a flag for me. Reviews are important and many (especially clothes) websites should have them so that we know whether or not the item fits too big or too little. For instance, JUSTFAB has an excellent customer review measure.

For this, I rather withstand the headache of standing online. At least I know the items I'm going to buy are worth purchasing. I am so disappointed with this website. SO DISAPPOINTED! :(

Back to my online clothing store website search for people my size.. Seems like the world is embracing only the larger sizes now. :(

New Reviewer

No more puchase from Venus. 7 business days shipping cost me $8. That's is ridiculous. Also when I call to track my order the customer service is not helpul and very cranky.

New Reviewer

I was thinking of ordering from Venus as a first time customer. However, being a frequent online shopper, I like to google reviews on certain websites before placing an order. After running into this website and reading ALL the horrible reviews, FORGET ABOUT IT. I instantly cancelled my order (even though the dress was absolutely gorgeous and on sale). Venus should really take their customers into consideration and change their ways. Otherwise, they will lose more future customers. What a shame. Thank you for all the reviews! You guys saved me the time and headache!

New Reviewer

Bought about 30 outfits and over 25 of them are excellent! The lace jumpsuits are gorgeous and a must have!

New Reviewer

Expedited shipping ($28) is a joke.. Especially to Canada I've been waiting a week already and canada post expects another 5 days. As well, an extra $50 for duties and tax, these clothes are not made in the US if that is what your thinking..after reading all the reviews I'm concerned about what I'm going to get when it finally arrives. Won't order again.. I get things from China faster and cheaper.

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