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34 reviews
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34 Reviews for USPassportNow

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New Reviewer

Absolutely unprofessional and unscrupulous business. I am writing the State Department to complain about its authorization of this site. This company hides the fact that you are not paying for your passport but for their service, which you don't need. If they posted the fact that you still have to pay for your passport after you pay them in as large a print type as they do their affiliation with the U.S. State Department, they would go out of business.

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New Reviewer

Do not use! Scam, Scam, Scam! Change your credit card information after you use them. They are likely to still your credit. The took me for about $150. They take your credit card information before they even talk to you. I needed to travel in 1 month and thought that I needed an expedited service after either losing, or having my passport stolen. Their check list is not clear. I attempted to go to the post office to have the Acceptance Agent signed. The post office warned me against them. Their service is only if you need your passport within 2 weeks. The post office can do the exact same thing for 1/3 of the price. Check your local area and find one that will take your on a walk in. I took everything to the Post Office and I was in and out of the building in 10 minutes flat and I will get my passport within 7 days. I did not need a letter showing travel in the next two weeks.

The post office said that they can only process when 2 weeks approach, so they hold it and run it through the system at that time. They do nothing but 1) give you grieve, say you cannot get your money back. I am going to see if I can cancel it on my visa.

New Reviewer

This company is a scam!!!! They take advantage of people who don't know much about the process of getting a passport. I have now paid over $400 for a $170 passport and the service is terrible! Please do not use this company!!! You'll regret it if you did.

New Reviewer

Thinking that this was the site one would use to get a passport, I filled in the required information, including a credit card number. Moments after completing the transaction I was back on the Google search site and realized that this wasn't a government site, and that they charged a premium over the standard passport fees. I phoned them immediately to cancel my order. They agreed to cancel the order, but they insisted that I owed them $50.00 anyway - for what, I don't know. Stay away - FAR AWAY - from these greedy bums.

New Reviewer

Do not use this service. They are truly the worse passport company. I doubt they will even be in existence shortly down the road. Don't make my mistake - do your homework and search for a more professional company.

New Reviewer

they rip of my money when I click ok it was too late I sent them an email to refund my money no response but my bank is working with me to get my money back .but I doubt I get my money back this is scam I will never trust this site again.

New Reviewer

I also got lead to this page by accident trying to find out what renewing my passport would cost. You never get to any prices until after you hit the button to accept the agreement. i was charged $129.00 for nothing. I complained to my credit card and they could not "after investigating" retrieve my money. Apparently after you hit the ok button it's all over for you. Even though I never used the service past the initial web aplication. I still was finacially responsible for them being "available" to help me.

New Reviewer

This company is deliberately misleading about how much the whole process will cost. When I contacted the company directly they refused to answer my requests that my case be reviewed.

New Reviewer

worst service ever! this company is a scam!!!!! avoid at all costs!

New Reviewer

This site is a SCAM ......Do not use them for a fast passport....I went to the courthouse and post office and recieved it just as fast....they dont refund all your money when you cancel in less than 24hrs and after 24 hrs they dont refund any of your money....they trick you into thinking your getting it faster through them, when they actually end up charging you double the cost as the post office and it takes more steps and actually takes longer........Their customer service is RUDE!!!! They probably make more money by tricking people and those that cancel.......than they do for those that actually end up getting their passports through them............STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PASS IT ON!!!!

New Reviewer

Tried to cancel within 15-hours after purchase and they charged me $100 for canceling. You also have to cancel within business hours. Spend over 20 minutes waiting for someone to take my call while I was on hold. If you go with this company you better make sure you go all the way or you will get ripped off.

New Reviewer

I do not recommend this company I thought I was on the US Postal service site. I filled out the application and hit "send" before I realized that this was a site to expedite the passport. I immediately called and canceled my order. Instead of receiving the $129 credit on my credit card, I received $79. The representative would not let me speak to a manager. She said it was a fee. So, for a 10 minute mistake, I paid $50.

New Reviewer

I went on this site to get an expedited passport and like another person said previous to my posting, it is very misleading. It makes you believe that you are going to pay so much and then after you accept the terms and conditions they start hitting you with additional charges that were never expressed prior. I cancelled my request less than 5 minutes after accepting the terms and conditions and they are holding on to $100.00 for a non refundable fee. They charge your credit card instantly and then after you cancel they do not refund the remainder of the amount (everything but the non refundable fee) until 30 days later. After 16 days I am still waiting for $229.00 to be refunded to my card and the response I recieved from them was we still have 14 days prior to issuing a refund. USPASSPORTNOW and EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THAT ORGANIZATION CAN GO TO HELL!!!!!!

New Reviewer

AVOID! I found the site to be very misleading. It comes across as a government website and it was not until I paid the money that I realized that it was a third party processor. When I asked for my money back, the 2 agents I spoke with were rude and condescending to me. I wish I had read these reviews before I paid my money...

New Reviewer

Total Scam. They don't tell you they are going to charge you a $50 processing fee no matter what. You don't find out about that until you place the order. And even though they say they are officially authorized, they are simply just a scam site. Stay away. You get just as fast as service as mailing in your application yourself or going to the post office.

New Reviewer

Just got off the phone with the most aggressive and rude agent. They took my 130.00 even though I had no immediate travel plans . This is my first time getting a passport, it's my fault I trusted this was legit and I didn't realize it's not even a government site:( They knowingly sold me something I didn't need or use. When the post office told me to dispute them I called and they told me it was like buying a plane ticket, just because I didn't use it (still not sure what I didn't use) doesn't mean you get your money back, then she refused to tell me who else I could talk to or a supervisor telling me I had no business knowing that! SCAM SCAM SCAM

New Reviewer

As so many other reviewers have stated, this place is a SCAM!!!!! They charged my credit card $130 ($50 of which was for expedited service) but I never received the passport. And although every time I email them to inquire, I get an instant response that their customer service dept will contact me within 48 hours but they NEVER get back to me. RUN AWAY from this place!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible, horrible scam!! My daughter thought she was taking care of herself and ordering her passport for an upcoming cruise - NO where is it clearly stated exactly what you are paying for (which is basically NOTHING). When I called to find out exactly what this service entailed, I was told," The $50 fee was to 'reserve a space with the state department for your expedited passport" Funny, isn't that what the $60 you pay directly to the state department is for!?!? Live and learn I suppose - but in my mind - THIEVES - plan and simple.

New Reviewer

BE CAREFUL !!! This is a big scam. They will keep your money without notice and not contact you about it. I inquired to their service by filling out their registration page. The next day, I cancelled my request as it is just as easy to go to your US Passport office in your area on obtain a passport IMMEDIATELY for only any extra $60. When I received my credit card statement, sure enough, I was charged anyway. I called to get the charges reversed and was told that I did not properly cancel. I even shared the email I sent them canceling the request within 18 hours ! It is trickery. Be very careful with this service and please know that you can go directly to your US Passport office in your city and get the same results, the same day, WAY CHEAPER !!!

New Reviewer

My experience was really my fault. As I should have known better. I figured it wouldn't pay until AFTER the 3rd step completed, so I submitted my payment information on step 2. My fault, since I normally NEVER do that knowing dam well it will take my money out.
Customer service wasn't bad, the guy seemed really bored....he probably was, but he gave me back my small amount of money.
You don't really know it until after you have already paid (since they hide this on there site for you to hunt down, until after you have already paid), but here's how the fee's stack up (for the card).
They make it look like this:
$30 for the card (holy crap that's cheap!)
$50 to expidite (ok, that makes sense, they're rushing it)
then you put in your card info, $80 total (I should've looked up how much it normally costs)
BAM! They now have $80 bucks
ONTO STEP 3!!!!!
"Oh hai thurr! Remember those fee's we mentioned?!?! Yeah, that has nothing to do with the card....$50 of that is non refundable and the $30 will take 90 days to get back into your account if you decide to cancel!"
"And if you want a passport card you have to fill out these document, then mail them using fedex to your governments address with the money for the passport card so they can mail it back to you"
So here is what's pay them for their website and phone call to cancel. YOU still have to print out and fill in the documents ( allows that for free)
YOU still have to mail it in (the cost of a stamp)
YOU still have to do all the dam work!
So what are you paying $80 for? For documents and instructions, that's what. THAT'S IT!
Shame on me for falling for these chode licking asshats scheme.
What's the lesson for today? IF you need it expidited, call and setup an appointment with a passport agent of some kind in your area to do it....not the internet.
Side rant: You'd think a state ID would be proof enough, has more information than a dam passport anyways. (derp, they're easy to fake...herp derp, like passports aren't)
End Conclusion: This site sucks, this governement sucks! Fawk all of you!

New Reviewer

We will not be using their services in the future and will be recommending to our family and friends the same. On Aug. 7th, 2012, late in the evening, my husband and I realized that I needed to renew my passport before an international flight just days later. We googled passport expediters and came upon their website. Not having done this before, the site appeared to be an official U.S. government site. We quickly filled out the expediting request and submitted it, hoping that there would be enough time to process the passport renewal. As we did some further research in our frantic state, we realized that is not part of the U.S. State Department and quickly tried to cancel the request. Unfortunately, this all took place late in the evening and the offices were closed. I called at exactly 9am on Aug. 8, 2012 when the offices opened and cancelled the request. I was informed that the $100 processing was non-refundable. We really don't think it is fair for them to charge $100 for a 5 minute phone call with a customer who mistakenly requested their services and cancelled them at the first possible moment, before the staff could have possibly even begun to spend time or resources on the request. I think this is a a very poor business practice and have requested a refund.

In addition, the company failed to process the refund of $229 for the passport that was not expedited (because we had cancelled the request), even though I called the very next morning and was given a cancellation confirmation number of 3609647. I spoke with someone when the credit card statement came and they assured me that it will be refunded within the next 24-48 hours. But now they've added another hassle to this experience.

This business is apparently disinterested in earning money in a fair an honest way.

New Reviewer

I called them after not being able to locate my passport for an upcoming trip. Less then 24 hours later, I found my passport (of course).
They penalized over $125.!!!! Terrible customer srv

New Reviewer

We contacted to get an expedited passport for my son.  His passport needed to be expedited because he was on a college graduation cruise in late June/early July and by the time he returned from that trip we had very little time to process his passport paperwork which was needed for an August 4th trip.

My son call once and I called twice to speak to "our" adviser to go thru the checklist and make sure we had all items and paperwork in order and completed correctly. 

We were told to take our August trip itinerary and forms and take them to the US Post Office because only the post office could legally seal the documents.  We had to wait 2 weeks for a post office appointment.

Once at the post office the postal officer told us that she could not process these documents because our August trip itinerary needed to be dated two weeks from the date of our visit to the post office.  So we would have had to wait another two weeks for an appointment and falsify our travel itineray dates for August.  We then just completed the necessary documents at the Post Office and the USPS processed our expedited passport and mailed that day.

When I called to ask for a refund and explain that we been give the wrong information and instructions after calling 3 times to make sure all was correct.  They told me they would not be able to process a refund.  They said we should have gone home and made another appointment with the post office and falsify our trip itinerary to state we were leaving exactly 2 weeks after our USPS appointment in order to have the documents officially sealed.  Net:  Our appointment at the USPS was on 7/2.  Our August Trip itinerary needed to state we were leaving on 7/16 in order for the USPS to officially seal these documents on 7/2.  Our itinerary was dated 8/4, the actual date of our trip.  We had no time to wait for two more weeks nor did we want to falsify our itinerary.

We called several times for two refunds since did nothing for us.  No matter where you pound out on their recording we got to the same person.  Who would not help us nor let us speak to a supervisor. 

06/20/12    06/20/12    USPASSPORTNOW.COM 800-881-2464 FL     $64.00
06/20/12    06/20/12    USPASSPORTNOW.COM 800-881-2464 FL     $50.00

These people are not legit and should be put out of business.  They are thieves!!!!!!!
Taking payment for services provided.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE charged me 130$ only ended up getting $79 Back! Still dont have a passport!

New Reviewer

Rush service was paid for in Sept. of 2011. It is now June 2012 and can't get an answer from anyone or reapply as the Goverment does not allow it. This is so frustrating and we are loosing more money to try to get it straightened out!

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. Never give them business. You still do all the work you would do going to the post office (because you literally have to still go to the post office and do the work), and then you have to do a ridiculous amount of additional work. You can't get a refund. Passports don't even ship faster most of the time. Site is basically a scam that takes your money and then tells you how to get a passport at the post office and ship it to them with some additional time-consuming steps. AVOID!

New Reviewer

so i was drunk trying to order a passport for the first time in my life at 3am, yah i know, in hindsight wasn't the best idea. so i just googled "passport" or whatever and i honestly thought i was using a government website. nope, it was this leeching turd. the site looks government-esque, and the prices they charge for their "services" are similar to what you'd pay for a passport. i believe that's part of the charm; if they charged you like $35 bucks you'd know right away something was up. reality hit me when they said i'd have to pay another 170 to the government on top of the 170 they were taking from me, yikes! i knew i was had. I knew i'd be charged something too, so i called to cancel, i just didn't expect it to be $50 bucks, and for them to hold on to the rest for 10 to 21 days. anyway, $50 lesson learned.

New Reviewer

They will not be any faster than your local post office and will not let you cancel. All they do is order FedEx for you. This site is a complete ripoff. STAY AWAY! If you try and cancel they will not issue you a refund. I even disputed the charge on my credit card and they fought back hard and I lost!

New Reviewer

I was the maid of honor for my sisters wedding. I went to the airport with my passport in hand only to be rejected at the gate as my passport was expired. I had no clue what to do and I was totally freaked out. I found this company online and from the start they set me straight by ensuring me that I could still make my sisters wedding. I was directed to there website, where I completed their step my step instructions. They gave me a person to talk me all the way through it. I dropped all my stuff off with them at their office that day and within 24 hours I had my passport back in hand. If it wasn't for this service I would have never made my sisters wedding. Passport Now thank you, thank you thank you.... I will be telling everyone to use you. -Brenda

New Reviewer

They are terrible. You can't get anyone on the phone and when you do they are not helpful. They won't let you cancel without a 50 charge and they take 14 days to refund you for the portion that they said they will refund you for... PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM - JERKS!!!!!!

New Reviewer

They said if I cancel within 24 hours they would refund me my money but when I called, they said they needed to keep $50.00 for processing fee when I called after the first 5 minutes and then they didn't even give me a refund at all so I lost $130.00!!! This is a horrible website. I ended up doing the passport at the post-office and got my passport for my daughter in less than a week anyways!

New Reviewer
2/23/11 charges you extra to get an expedited passport, but they definitely deliver. I shipped out the forms on Monday and I had my passport by Friday. The assistant that was assigned to me was very nice and was always available to answer my questions. If you can deal with the cost, I recommend using this website.

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