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Uber reviews

20 reviews
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
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Ask STEVE about Uber
New Reviewer

I've used Uber a lot in California. However I used it at JFK airport in NYC. to Wayne NJ. It was very early in the AM, so no traffic.The ride was no more than 40 minutes and I was charged $269. which is unheard of..People in NYC need to know NOT to use Uber..

Ask Jodie about Uber
New Reviewer

Great service. e driver was friendly and picked me up within 5 minutes of sending the request. App is easy to load. I was hesitant at first but was impressed with the service so far. Use code hsu2r and we both get a free ride.

New Reviewer

Please do not get suckered in to working with this unscrupulous company.
I'll be quitting the moment I get a promising job interview.
The Uber company is completely unethical towards it's drivers. When I started
2.5 months ago, I was all gung-ho but also paid very close attention
to payment amounts from each ride trip - gas/mileage + hours worked - the 20%
Uber cut. It only took one week to realize that I would have to really be
aware of demographics, time of day or night, population density, where
the out of control drinking was most concentrated, what areas attracted
the most police, speed limits, pavement conditions, areas to avoid due
to distance travelled just to pick up the rider...well you
see where I am going with this. Efficiency had to be top of the list!
For two months I was able to just break a little above even IF I drove for 10
Hour shifts on Thursdays thru to Saturdays into the wee hours of Sunday.
Oh sure " You can set your own hours", not really folks because the brunt
of your business will be on Friday, Saturday slowing to a trickle on Sundays
after the brunch bunch is done drinking their Mimosas!
Last night I thought of a new slogan for Uber:
"Don't drive drunk, ride drunk with Uber." !!! That is what you will be
doing, is driving drunk people especially from about 11:30 on into the night.
I won't drive much past midnight anymore, due to vomiting dunk obnoxious
binge drinkers. It is an ugly experience. Trust me on this. One male
passenger had to be literally carried by his two buddies down a flight
of stairs, he was out cold from extreme drinking. He was military and was
in good physical condition but couldn't stay conscious. Yep that might of
been a good time for me to refuse the ride. But noooo I stupidly let
that crew into my SUV. :( fortunately no one threw up in my vehicle ...
Almost though, it was close! Nice, real pleasant, NOT!
Are you getting the reality of what can happen if you drive too late
Into the night? Your precious vehicle could very easily get vomited on,
maybe even some will get on you as well!
When I started Uber had a promotion giving the riders an automatic
25% off their ride fee, corporate made up the difference to the driver.
That made it feasible, if you were really efficient, it was possible to
actually make a bit of profit. As of the beginning or August 2014, Uber changes the rider
Deduction to 20% for the summer, BUT does not make up the difference
to the driver. That means a total of a 40% reduction of rider payments for
the driver. 20/80 initial split for driver/Uber, then another bit of 20%!!!!
Now I made $4.00 to $6.00 dollars barely in the last 36 hours,
Thurs, Fri and Saturday.
That includes $140 in gas, not to mention mileage, oil change and DIY car washes.
Windex and paper towels.
Under the present 40% deduction , 20% of which was arbitrarily
forced upon the drivers and not covered by corporate, you might
as well shoot yourself in the foot. It would produce the same effect
except you would stay home and not be bending over while getting
nailed in the rear by the mean and cruel greed machine that has been
revealed. Plus your car won't get tortured by running for hours at a time.
This is my last weekend with these bastards. Amen!

New Reviewer

Uber is a rip off. Don't get in the car. Driver will complain about their broke life and charge you three times the correct amount.

New Reviewer

Uber is an illegal operation. Uber disobeys governmental laws, rules and regulations and soon will be shut down by FBI and Homeland Security.

New Reviewer

These people don't even check to see who's credit card people are using. I was shocked to find additional charges on my card that I hadn't made. You can't get in touch with anyone other than through e-mail and they take forever to respond. They only communicate via e-mail because they don't want someone yelling at them over the phone for their fraudulent activities. I will never ever ever use their services and I don't think any one else should either. UBER get a phone so people can communicate with you.

New Reviewer

Uber drivers are a really mixed bag. Some are good an others don't know where they are going. They should get better training.

New Reviewer

I Took a ride. Now I drive. Love it. My riders love the app too uberX is awesome very cheap rate and WAY better than cabs . Drivers are always close, super friendly, and really prompt. Service is affordable, as well. Couldn't be happier with uberX, and they really fun . HERE IS A $25 CREDIT CODE : z5ju9h
Enter this code z5ju9h In the payment section before you request your FIRST ride and. you will receive a $25 credit towards that ride .. The credit is valid on first ride so use it for a long ride to get the best value. Great community. Never take a taxi again...
so its time to enjoy the rides with amazing uberX

New Reviewer

never seen a small company give itself so may positive reviews on yelp. they do not even try to make them look real

New Reviewer

How dare you use the word taxi you are not a taxi service and never will be .black cabs are the best in the world and you want to come in and try to ruin an iconic London trade . There is no way a self respecting London cabbie will ever sign up to your company .

New Reviewer

Uber sucks this company is poor management.Don't work with Uber and ride with it.This company practicing racism.RATING ZERO

New Reviewer

tried Uber X as a Driver in Atlanta. Big major mistake. Passengers were verbally abusive. Pick up location was always wrong. When and after the passenger gives you direction to where they were going they turn around and complain to Uber and they get a great discount at my expense. A 25 buck fare can easily be lowered to 16 bucks and there is nothing you can do. Anything worst would be working for free. Never again. Live and learn.

New Reviewer

uber sucks. I used them twice and I was obercharged both times. It was a big headache to get refund. A couple of my friend used uber too-they had the same problem like me. Both time my drivers didn't know where they were going too. One of them at least was nice, but the other was rude and even cursed me. Uber offers $10-$20 free ride in the beginning. That's the way they get people. There is nothing free in life. One or another way YOU will pay for it. I'll never use uber again.

New Reviewer

It sure can be a great experience for riders, but not so for drivers. Uber advertises $18-35 an hour while driving for Uber, but it's not true at all. I drove for 6 hours last night and I made like $90, and I was busy. See, while one can get a lot of riders, many just want to hop a few blocks away, which is not worth it for the driver at all. The fare will be just about $3.20 or so, or $5.50? Taking into account that maybe I drove more than a few blocks to pick up that rider just to take him/her 5 blocks away? Minimum flat fee should be at least $6 to make it worth picking them up. I actually have a rider whose fee was $3.20. But the driver has no way to know in advance these things, otherwise I won't pick up that person. Let's do the math, last night I made 90 - %20 to uber = 72, now 72 - 17gas = 55. Now 55 - 10 a day for car lease = 45 Now $45/ 6 hours shift = $7.5 which is less than minimum wage. Sure there are nights or days when you get a bit more, but that still be around $12/hour, other days average pay might be $15/hour or so, but no where near $35 an hour. In addition, if my car goes over the mileage limit from the lease I will pay 15 cents a mile and driving for Uber my car WILL go over the limit. Uber, should increase the prices to make it worth for the drivers, and riders before you complain the driver this and that and before you give such a low ratings, think about the privilege you have by using Uber, and how this ride might be at the drivers expense.

New Reviewer

I have used it several times-maybe 6-7 and I found it to be easy and painless. I like the idea that I know what I am paying before they arrive, thus its my choice to use or not. No messin around with driving all over the place. I have seen coupons and promo codes too that take off 10-20% quite frequently. anyway, there ya go!

New Reviewer

For a service that asks for your credit card number right off the bat - they should really provide a support phone number. I trust you with my credit card information and all you give us is a general support email? I don't want to write you an email that gets responded to in a week when it comes to my money. People will be upset by this no matter what.

On another note, I see a lot of bad reviews on your company masked by fake good reviews on Yelp. Way to go, Uber.

New Reviewer

great service, but hiring drivers who do not know their way around a town and only rely on GPS is unrealistic. Sometimes they just have to know intersections and how to get places without punching it into a GPS.

New Reviewer

Uber has several problems that make it a poor experience for consumers IMHO based on my own experiences:

1) Their drivers are not well-trained or carefully selected. As a result, some drivers don't know where they are going and are just bad drivers who would never be hired by a taxi company (which in my book is pretty bad). So your trip could take twice as long as it should, which means if you're late it's very hard to depend on Uber.

2) It costs a lot. Some fares depending on how slow your driver is could be twice as much as normal cab. They also use "surge pricing" which can increase the price of your fare.

3) Uber customer service has a bad attitude. Sort of like "you're wrong, this is why we're right". I'm not saying their customer service is worse than cab companies, but I am saying my experience with Uber customer service was poor.

So in summation, Uber is a good idea, poorly executed. I'd try one of the other cab hailing apps in your city (Flywheel, Instacab, etc.) because you're likely to save money and have a better driver.

New Reviewer

Uber is kind of like magic. You punch a few buttons on the app on your phone, and you watch as a black car appears out of nowhere at your doorstep. It's so much better than calling a taxi it's ridiculous. It does come at a price though--the black car service I've found to be about 20-25% more than a taxi, and the Uber taxi service was maybe 10-15% more. But honestly, it's kind of worth it. It's so painless...if only every service was like this.

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