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New Reviewer

I really don't need to state much here expect for try Googling Tophatter and read ALL the reviews from people who have experienced their fair share of Tophatter. Then go to and read those reviews. I was a seller on Tophatter for 7 months yes it starts out nice until they decide if you are worth getting scheduled into their auctions or not. Their fees are high and their customer service his horrible. This is by FAR the WORST site for trying to grow your online business. Do NOT get taken into their scams. I did not catch it at first but when I saw all the FAKE items from aliexpress constantly appearing in every auction day and night I began to check out this company. I have been selling on eBay for about 10 years and my items are true to the description. I don't buy FAKE items and try to pass them off as real. Tophatter does NOT care about the sellers, As long as the money is coming in they do NOTHING. Once I questioned what was going on my ability to sell during the day was KILLED. I was limited to 11pm listing until 7am nothing more. My standards and items are not worthy of being on Tophatter and I emailed over 4,000 buyers and let them know I will be moving my items over to a new live auction site. I have investigated this site and look forward to growing my business. Save yourself the effort and READ the reviews from MANY people FIRST. Everyone cannot be telling a lie!
This company WILL go down because they do not know the meaning of HUMAN customer service. Each and every person that works there is full of CRAP. Never get a straight answer. I will make sure I spread the word around about Tophatter. Do NOT sell on their site. Do NOT buy on their site.

New Reviewer

This is what staff/owner of thinks about their bad reviews:

Regardless, Tophatter is primarily mobile, and the app store reviews are more important than google search results (except when it comes to attracting new sellers).

"don't you agree that companies should not be able to control the public opinions expressed about them?"

Tophatter should practice what they preach. TH is quick to delete opinions expressed here.

This is the one place that we can control the editorial content, and we will continue to delete posts that unfairly or inaccurately disparage Tophatter, or anyone else for that matter.

My review:
I suffered for these people first as a buyer and at first things were ok, I did get robbed a couple of times, and then I decided to sell there maybe I could make a difference and help this company,because they were new. Big mistake! I had over 2500 great sales and just a small handful of neutral, which they (th) count as a negative.But of course they do not tell the customers leaving feeback that. They (Charles) gave my private seller information out to a customer, and the customer forwarded it to me so I would know. I had other sellers buying my things just to leave me bad feedback and it worked too, even though the staff knew what was happening they didnt care they said they would not count it bad against me but they did.I have been double charged quite a few times,never repayed.Also I was charged for refunded orders where I had to pay them (th) their money even though the sale never went through because the buyer cancelled:And lost products when the site made me give a refunds for no reason and the items were never sent back to me. They make you do it: and most of the customers know that and get all the freebies they can, they know all they have to do is complain and they will get it for free It was in the sellers forum where the buyers could also go in and read up on the new ways to get free things.I was treated horribly by them and when charles came in he really messed things up for me;If you talk too much in the forums you get deleted and then usually blocked.I am totally honest this is all real and is only the tip of the iceburg because there is not enough room here for me to tell it all. I cannot believe all the money I lost, and how many times I stuck up for this company only to be treated like I was nothing when my stars went down due to 2 other sellers taking me down.THESE GUYS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!They should be sued.I have paperwork that says this site owes me around 10,000 dollars in illegal transactions.No Lies, they other x-sellers here know this is all true. This site is seriously vicious and I have never seen such greed, It is disgusting.

New Reviewer

I have read all the negative reviews, and I feel like, from a buyer's perspective, they are very unfair. I have bought several items from the site and I have only had good experiences. This site is like any other in the respect that you have to make a reasonable decision as a consumer. Read the product description. No one lies or makes false claims, they tell you if you are buying 'costume jewelry' or the real deal. Of course you won't get a diamond ring set in white gold for $2. You may however get cubic zirconia set in a white gold filled setting for $2. You can also look at the seller's independent site and find a retail price for what you are bidding on. The price may be much cheaper than what the current bid is for that item, and if that is the case, simply stop bidding and buy it outright. Overall, the site is fun, and you can get good deals if you READ and make smart bids.

New Reviewer

This is a horrible place to buy or sell. Tophatter is greedy and mean and takes the nickel however they can get it. I once thought Etsy and Ebay had flaws.... I will never think that again! Stay away! I can't stress that enough. The staff sells knock off drop shipped never as described stuff and leeches the blood in fees out of sellers with great stuff.

New Reviewer

My favorite site.... the best. I am a buyer and have had nothing but the best... so far, only been on the coach sites... I am an avid buyer of coach, and got great deals on this sight... just recently purchased from others, items have not came in yet... so, due time will tell... otherwise.... I have had sellers send me unbelievable thank you items that I would have paid more for than the coach I had bought....

New Reviewer

I have sold on Ebay for 20 years and TopHatter for 3 Months. I am Handicap. So it keeps me a little busy. Well Tophatter people are so rude and money grubbing.. I would never sell there again. It was horrible.. So rude...I could go on and on But Everyone has said it all. They are Not nice people. They do not care about anyone.
BEWARE...Buyer and seller...

New Reviewer

So I can't speak from a sellers point, but as a buyer I'm happy. I've gotten a necklace for $2 and an iPod shuffle for $20 from Tophatter sellers, and both are exactly as described. The problem with Tophatter (as with ANY site like it) you're going to have some fake items. Swarovski crystals? Highly unlikely on there, but you see people selling things with that description. However, I've seen the same type of false descriptions on Ebay as well. With any site, you just have to be smart about it. Do your research as well; I did see a ring go for $45 one time, and found it on Amazon for $5. Just be smart and this site can be awesome.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I'm a seller on Tophatter. It seems there are plenty of pissed off customers because they got an item from a crappy seller. It's unfortunate that this happens because I am an excellent business woman and these dishonest scammers ruin the namesake for the rest of us who do a good job!

New Reviewer

You can get Really good deals on things if the timing is righ, but research the lots before they come up for bid. A lot of the jewelry they sell is found for a fraction of the price on Amazon.
For example: there is a pea$#*! necklace I keep seeing come up for auction, with $5 shipping and bids start at $1. If you even bid on it, you have already spent $3 more than what it costs on
My advice is to do your research and bid with caution.

New Reviewer

I, too, have rec'd items that were not what the listing described. I have had most luck dealing directly with the buyer on getting refunds. However, their tech people are rude and patronizing. Make a particular complaint and they respond without addressing it. Or contact them for more than one issue and you have to keep asking to get all the answers. That's where patronizing comes into play. Their website has many tech issues especially with the app. I don't use that but see complaints during auctions. I have one favorite seller that sells vintage and "real" items so I go back. But just for those items. Especially glad that Paypal is a payment option because now I don't really trust their system.

New Reviewer

Can you see me rolling my eyes right now??
Done with top hatter as a seller because they are constantly changing their rules,policies,etc. I'm pretty sure they steal other sellers ideas for use of their own sales. Their chit is all from AliExpress mostly. Have you ever noticed how many "staff" selling their items. Let's see there's Posh,Emma ,James Waddington...they are all staff. They also continue to have sellers sell counterfeit makeup from AliExpress. Mac,Urban Decay,and all the other makeup com. do NOT sell wholesale period.

New Reviewer

bought a necklace for $7.00 from Stephanie Melski (seller). never received, never responded to my emails. Paypal refunded the amount. Sure the stuff is pretty and reasonable in cost, but I never got the merchandise. Never again.

New Reviewer

Do not waste your money! Everything is fake even if it claims to be 100% authentic. Terrible customer service. I can't believe they are allowed to promote fake items and allow buyers to spend their hard earned money on the counterfeit items. Contacted top hatter in regards to the authenticity of the products to have the sellers removed from the site so they don't trick any other unsuspecting buyers and top hatter did not care that the sellers were lieing and stealing people's money. They advised me to open a case or contact the seller. Ridiculous ! I don't even want the hassle of sending the product back an risk not getting my money back I have no trust in the business's anymore top hatter. Please everyone stay away do not trust your card #s to this company do not buy anything ! No matter how good of a deal it seems's fake!

New Reviewer

I can't say how many things I've found in this website being "sold" that are complete rip off. I found a necklace up for bidding that's worth $6 including free shipping on a website similar to eBay. That was bid up to $45 and the description claimed "Swarovski crystals." First thing I noticed from the picture was, "you have to be shetting me if you think that's genuine Swarovski. The mark isn't even there." Save yourself from being scammed and ripped off and Stay away from this website. If you want to sell or buy things, you're better off selling on eBay or other websites, just not this one.

New Reviewer

I have sold on Top Hatter since Sept. 2012 on a part time basis. I work a full time job also. I have sold 878 items all with positive feedback I am currently and have been ever since they started the rating system a 5 star seller. I have received a total of 6 neutral feedbacks since starting. 1) Sold a sterling silver ring w/simulated diamond $12.00 - customer wrote it looked fake - I contacted the buyer and offered a full refund - no response from the buyer - sold identical ring later in auction for $90.00 buyer loved it. #2) customer bought ring with echeck for $8.00, echeck bounced, was instructed by TH to wait and see if it went through a 2nd time before cancelling the sell, it bounced a 2nd time. Was instructed by TH to mark the item paid to get it off the books and then I could relist. TH pressured this buyer to leave feedback, the so called buyer left a neutral feedback since we had not really had a transaction other than her bounced checks and holding up my inventory for over 5 weeks. A neutral counts as a negative so I had a star taken away from me for this transaction. Contacted TH they refuse to remove. #3) I sold a purse for $12, customer left neutral feedback with no explanation - I contacted customer offered full refund if they were uphappy with the item (I personally thought it was ugly but I did not bid on it) no response from buyer. #4) sold a ring to a buyer that indicated it was a size 9, my invoice from my buyer reflects that the item is a size 9. Customer received ring stated that it was too small and no way was a size nine. I responded that they may have made an error I could refund or see what I had for exchange. This was on the 31st of December. I did space the customer out due to being very busy during that time and did not respond again to her until the 3rd when I saw that she left neutral feedback. We are now working an exchange. Now with the #3, and #4 neutral coming so close to each other TH has stated that I had a high number of complaints about my products and that I would now be limited to the number of items I can sell (which so far has been none) I was also in the middle of a fight with TH because they were offering a $10 credit to new customers but they were making me honor the credit. In other words I did not get the money for credit until after I had shipped the item. I was not the one that offered the credit so at no time should it have been taken away from my funds. Because of being vocal about that they used the two neutrals as an excuse to quit listing my items. I recently posted this infomation in the community forum and have since been banished for unwarranty TH Bashing (Are you Kidding me!) here is what I wrote:

"Just in case some of you are unaware TOP HATTER is one of the most unethical companies I have ever dealt with! They completely rob their sellers, they threaten them with extortion every time they feel you are not in compliance with their ways. I have sold on this site for over a year now. I have been treated completely unfair by staff with several incidents. The latest being that they gave a shipping credit to some of my buyers but the problem was first it was shipments to Canada which I charge $10 it cost $6.71 for a 3 ounce package, include the package and label and ink cost I dont feel that $10 is excessive at all, but anyway TH credits these buyers then tells me that when I process their shipment then I will receive a $10 credit towards my seller fees. Well last time I looked I am 51 years old, old enough to make my own decisions about how I want to handle my money! They already completely rob us as sellers in fees. But now since I got verbal about the $10 expense because I had three shipments to Canada all of the sudden I get three neutral feedbacks and guess what now im being told since i have such a high ration of negative feedback that I need to re-evauluate my products and selling habits, but lets not mention that I've gone over a year with nothing but positive feedback and a lot are repeat customers. I encourage each of you to google TH complaints and you will see the real TH picture then. I knew these guys were underhanded and greedy but I have made so many wonderful friends in customers and other sellers I hated to leave. but now not much of a choice. I would recommend that you pack up now and find another site to sell because you eventually will be dealt the same blow. It is very sad, but you will never get assistance from these folks because they just flat dont care. they want your money and if you have sold here anytime at all you know that they get it! all your doing by staying here is keeping the greedy mongers in business. I wish you all luck."

"The Community Managers in this community have deemed your behavior inconsistent with Get Satisfaction's Community Guidelines and have suspended your participation privileges because of Abuse. They have also included this message: "Unwarranted TH bashing. If you would like to engage in a private discussion with the company regarding your participation status, please contact them at You can continue to participate in other Get Satisfaction communities."
Just another example of how they control you. They treat their sellers like they are toddlers. They allow you no means to fight back or tell your side of a story. You threaten them because of using unethical business practices and your banned.
As a buyer or seller on this site you are doing nothing but making money for these morons. They are greedy, have no business morals, or life morals and are only out for the almighty dollar. I would stay very far away from this site in either capacity to say the least as a buyer your gonna get screwed buying merchandise that is not what it claims to be, as a seller they will suck you dry until they are through with you then salaveeeeeee......

New Reviewer

If your a seller stay away from this site. Their feedback system is flawed. There actually people on there that use it to blackmail you in refunding their money even tho they received their items. I sold many things and a lot of buyers do not leave feedback. The fees are outrageous as many others have stated. Then when I sold about 10 items. 2 of the items were damaged during shipping and I refunded and resent the items to the customers. They left negative feedback and since no other buyers had left feedback they closed my account. Thats a great way to run an auction site. It will be amazing when they shut down and/or get shut down for fraud or illegal actions with this new system they are trying to implement

New Reviewer

Come to this site if you want to get ripped off, buyer and seller alike. If you want exorbitant fees and absolutely no customer service, come to this site. This site encouraged dropshipping with staff actually telling us what to sell and now discourages it There are so many fake products here its unreal, the quality items do not sell, instead only low quality ones do making for angry buyers and bad feedback. the system is completely flawed. they tell buyers to commit fraud by charging back via creditcard or bank, something that is only for if your card is stolen, not remorse. they talk about how they use paypal because its so safe but come the end of jan they are going to be the MOR and have access to your bank account, i cant see many people sticking around for this company to go bankrupt a third time (reference; blippy, heartsy)

New Reviewer

Tophatter once was a fun site. They have people promoting them saying that you can get a Coach bag for $1. Not true! I have been a buyer and a seller with them off and on for a few years. This time, I walked away and won't be back. You can wait all day for your item to get scheduled as a seller, then it can go up and the buyer can actually cancel the item immediately! It used to be an awesome moneymaker and I could use it as sole income. With all of the fees and the functionality of the site, they continued to "fix" what was never broken until they've come up with an outrageous method to create money but it's not off of the buyers. It's off the sellers. It's like a fast-paced consignment shop and whoever said that you could find this stuff on eBay at a much cheaper price, is TOTALLY correct. The expensive rings that you just paid $46 for are less than $5 IF that. The reason quality of merchandise went down and shipping rates went up is merely because sellers are trying to adjust the cost of their products to attempt to continue to sell and actually MAKE a dollar or two after paying fees. You can easily pay $75 in fees in a couple of days and maybe walk away with $30 profit. IF THAT. It used to never be like that... Also, based on the track record of the backers of this company and the fact that they had other sites fail and go bankrupt is petrifying that they are going to use MOR. Sellers will have like "bank accounts" where they can withdraw the money they have made but that's after they make you refund people or pay your fees. So, if the site ever goes POOOOOF, any money you have left in your account will go with it. That's why I finally decided to stay away. Sellers are addicted to fast cash just as much as buyers are addicted to shopping at a fast pace. I've been on both sides. Their motto used to be, " A bid is a binding contract," and the company backed their sellers. Now that they have taken that away, it doesn't matter. The customer is always right whether or not they are a fraudulent buyer or not. When you leave, TH encourages everyone you ever sold to to open a chargeback case against you. Even Paypal is aware of TH because of all of the issues they have seen come to them. It's a complete joke to Paypal... and supposedly this Charles guy used to work at Paypal? I think he surely must've been a coffee getter and copy maker because the guy is a complete idiot. Find other auction venues. Many of us have. It's not worth the stress to earn nickels and dimes.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

this is really very bad site mostly for sellers.there is no protaction for sellers,and sellers can't relay on this site for their resource of income,they can kick off any seller without any reasons.I hate TH.

New Reviewer

Purchased 3 items the first night. I believe two to be Very Bradley knockoffs but have no way to prove so I just won't order again. The third item was of such low quality that I contacted the seller to tell her how misleading her ad was. she said she was refunding my money. I paid $19 she refunded $5 and not to my credit card but as a credit on Tophatter. RIP OFF!

New Reviewer

All I can say it this is a joke stay away from this so called company. They told me to lie to my bank and tell them I never received my product want proof here it is the email that was sent to me from one of their employees.
NOV 29, 2013 | 12:47PM PST
Charles A replied:


To clarify, the outcome of this case is no way based on biased dealings. The seller is no way affiliated with Tophatter in anyway other than the fact that they have an extensive selling history.

You may still open a dispute for this purchase on PayPal if you paid with your account.

This page explains how to open a dispute on PayPal:

If you paid with your credit card, please call the number on the back of the card and ask the issuing bank to do a chargeback because you did not receive the item.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,
Charles A
Enough said I have others that say I even got a product that was not as described by the seller

New Reviewer

I have purchased three items on this site. 2 were knock offs and the third item didn't work once I got it. The seller wanted me to pay to return it and wouldn't refund me. Tophatter has done nothing to help and does nothing to protect people from fake products. Be very careful when buying what you think are brands like MAC, Urban decay, thebalm, etc.

New Reviewer

As a statistician, I examined the timing carefully after not being successful. These women selll their own products during the best times and place others as filler. The rules are impossible, the fees outrageous. A partner sold a bracelet for $34, I listed the same item and picture 4 times to get $1-, based on when THEY decide to sell your item. No one answers the phone and when I complained, I was told I must pay ALL my fees to them to continue to sell.

All this in 4 days time!

These are the most conniving, scamming greedy $#*!es I've ever run across- they should be ashamed and wont see a dime from me!

New Reviewer

Had a shady seller and they did nothing to help. The seller was selling used make up that was listed as new and didnt even send the items I bought! (I was to get full size and they were travel size. I was to get lipliners and lipsticks and nail polish . I really got 80's blue eye shadows and purple mascara! Not only used but total crap and for the wrong part of face.

Then I opened a case and they settled on my side but the seller said I had to pay shippong back to her fir her sending not only the wrong items but used ones at that. I said it was unfair but agreed until I saw the seller had tripled the shipping price in the first place. Anyway I sent the items back and didnt get a conformation (why pay more to ship crap back to a shady seller?) and they wouldnt do anything because no conformation number.

I filed a complaint with paypal who fixed it and gave me a refund but the site that had a horrible seller wouldnt do anything? Bad. Then it got worse the seller was harrassing me via messages and email stating she didnt think I really sent the items back and that she was filed a police report on me. I know now she is totally crazy and asked tophatter to block her from sending me messages. They said they could not and could do nothing else to get this to stop. I have to now change my email, paypal account info to get this crazy lady to stop. Thanks tophatter for doing nothing.

New Reviewer

I had been a long time bidder on TH and just recently decided to try selling. Not only are their seller fees beyond just ridiculous(including shipping fees..?????!!) but I can hardly ever get my items into an auction. To schedule an item, you post your item, verify what category it falls under, then choose what auction(s) you want to auction your item ( I'm guessing which ever auction room is available first?) then you can verify the "latest" you want your item listed(ex 4 hours,5 hours etc.). So after I specified the above, I scheduled two different items ( no later than 4 and 16 hours from now) after 36 hours, both items became "unscheduled" meaning they never got scheduled and I never got an explanation! This has happened to me more times than items that actually got scheduled!!! WTF?? And now, they're trying to change their whole system to MOR?? When they have larger and more urgent issues to fix than to start worrying g about adding things!!
But after reading All of the recent feedback and postings from other sellers on here, I'm just glad I never really got too deep with this b hole for a company.
Tophatter: -1 avid bidder and seller
You guys keep doing what you're doing.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS SITE!! you will get nothing but overpriced junk and the tophatter so called "customer service" department is a joke! first of all, you can't contact them via phone, it's strictly email so when you have a problem, good luck getting it resolved. I received an item from a seller that WAS NOT what I ordered and tried to get a refund. I had to pay to send the item back, tophatter then ironically deleted my account telling me that I was misusing it! "no explanation!" so now i'm out the $40.00 for the piece of junk, the piece of junk itself, and the $15.00 that it cost for me to send back the item!! go figure!!

New Reviewer

Many people are leaving poor reviews. They don't understand or are mad for some stupid reason.
Tophatter is a great site and does limit new sellers to reduce the risk of people selling items and not shipping them to the customers. Look for people with positive feedback before you bid.

Overall its a great site with many excellent sellers. Most importantly its fun to bid on items, maybe even addictive.

New Reviewer

its a scam, it took me a total of 6 bad sellers before I realized that TH admin does little to keep them off... I had absolute proof that paypal had to force a refund from a seller who did not send an item and tophatter kicked her off until she presented a FAKE paypal receipt that lacked transaction numbers saying SHE, not paypal, refunded my money... They allowed her back on and ignored me when I asked why they accepted a FAKE paypal receipt she made up with no transaction ID over the one I had from paypal with a transaction ID they could verify. This gave me the impression that was the reason I ended up with 6 bad sellers on the site. hmmm... I wonder if the "JEN" person below singing their praise is the same "Jen" who is the tophatter cheerleader who had earned special favor from the tophatter website for attempting to hide the ugly truth of the site's practices? Do yourself a favor, stay away from this site... Further incident of their unethical practices? THere was another auction website that started to steal away TH customers. Somehow, a alternate spelling of this website address took a person directly to tophatter. The website was under a proxy but curiously it was set up with the same type of provider as tophatter (forgive me I cannot remember the exact term for this)... of course TH denied but when the similarities were pointed out on the TH forum, mysteriously and suddenly the mispelled website got changed to link back to the original website instead of TH.... coincidence or just another example of TH's 'methods'.... then, of course, there was tophatters attempt to have direct access to everyone's paypal account in the threat they put forth "Do it or you can't sell here".... Now, given these tactics and methods... do you really want to TRUST TH with any access to your money?

New Reviewer

Absolute scam through and through. They will tell you something retails for $400 when it is more like $20..

New Reviewer

One star is far too many for this sham of a company!! Last week, they made it mandatory for sellers to grant third party access to our Paypal and bank accounts. Did I mention that the people running this company have run TWO other similar companies to the ground, filing bankruptcy and leaving sellers high and dry with the money they owed them!?!
They since have rescinded but now want to automatically take fees out of our earnings and HOLD our payments (for whatever reason I still don't know)...basically shoving Paypal out of the way, which means we won't have Paypal security.

Aside from that, when they first let sellers know that we must grant third party access to Paypal and bank accounts, many seasoned and well known sellers questioned their decision and got their accounts suspended. No explanation or reason, just suspended. Even after sending numerous emails we got no response. It only leaves me to believe that they are trying to replace hardworking, trustworthy, intelligent sellers with brainless idiots. The same idiots who sell cheap, fake jewelry from China to people who don't know any better and end up buying a $3.00 ring for $60. Of course, this makes Tophatter a ton of money because their fees are SO high, but they don't care about integrity or good business ethics. They just care about how to squeeze every last penny out of both sellers and buyers.

They have treated sellers who have been there from the beginning like crap. They have been rude, extremely unprofessional and untrustworthy. They speak half truths about new rules and guidelines. They scream from the rooftops about how they're trying to make Tophatter a safe site to buy and sell on, when really, they're the biggest scam artists around. They support sellers who make them the most money, even if they're selling "brand new notebooks" which end up being refurbished pieces of crap... or "sterling silver" rings which end up being $3.00 rings from China that turn your finger green. TH doesn't care. They have no integrity or loyalty to their hardworking, trustworthy and HONEST sellers who have been there from the beginning. They ban anyone who has half a brain to question the bad decisions they make...

Stay far away from this company!! Especially if you're a seller. TH is run by a handful of arrogant idiots who will do anything for a buck, even if it means stealing it from under your nose while smiling at you and telling you that they're doing it for your own good.

New Reviewer

I love the site...Great place to chat with buyers and sellers around the world. The site is only a year old so they still have kinks to work out...but I will keep TopHatter in my favorites.

New Reviewer

let me just say this I used to be a seller on this site...It was great in the begining. here are a list of pro's and cons...take your pic if you will visit this site
good deals sometimes only on handmade items

Sellers'- high fees 5.00 pay in per item plus 5% per cost for your item sells
To many rules and restrictrions on selling




New Reviewer
4/6/12 is a daily auction website for handmade items such as jewelries, home, bath & beauty, supplies, etc. I found a couple of good deal in there. The only down side is unlike eBay, you need to be there to bid when the auction starts and you have to rsvp to the auction before you can bid. But the start bids are very low and the final price too so it is really worth it to check. Starting from April 4, this site's new account registration is by invitation / referral only.

For sellers, they do charge 10% of the sales as fee. This is higher than other handmade craft selling sites like ArtFire or Etsy.

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