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53 reviews
195 Broadway, Floor 25
New York, NY 10007
Tel: 800-390-9784.
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53 Reviews From Our Community

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The Knot is a great resource for wedding planning. (in 6 reviews)


You can also have start a free wedding website or get a personal url for $30. (in 5 reviews)


Everything from the articles to the message boards are phenomenal! (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

The site is great and full of good info but DO NOT order from theknotshop. I placed an order on 11/27 and over a month later have gotten 1 item from my order. I've called several times and they assure me it will ship out that day and they will over night it but it has never happened. Terrible customer service. 100% would not recommend anyone to order from them!

New Reviewer

As a vendor I would not reccomend advertising on this site. I advertised with them for several years and at one time it was worth the price of advertising. However now they are not getting my company any business. I tried to cancel my contract with them and they would not even allow me to cancel. Are you kidding me. That is the respect that I get for advertising with you all of these years. Stay Away don't waste your money.

New Reviewer

I am a wedding vendor, Dream Weddings Hawaii, and The Knot ripped me off, scammed me, and tried to lock me in illegally into a long term advertising contract.

Please read about my story here:

New Reviewer

I don't think I've ever had such trouble with a website. I chose this website to purchase items for my wedding in 2 seperate transactions. The first one was close to a year ago - the website lost my package and it took them four months to get me a refund. The most recent transaction was a few weeks before my wedding. Instead of shipping taking 3-5 business days plus another 6 in transit, as advertised, it took 11 business days just to be shipped and another 6 to be delivered. Because of this, my order arrived after my wedding and I'm not stuck with items I cannot use, including the father of the groom socks I bought for my Dad.
I gave this site 2 stars because when I finally DID get the products, they were nice. I still don't reccomend this site because if I had this happen TWICE, who knows what could happen to somebody else, and wedding-related purchases should not be so risky.

New Reviewer

Be ware to order personalized items on this website. It takes an extremely long time and your order doesn't even show up on their website for an option to cancel within 24 hrs. Then when you take the time to call them and see if they have your order then u fibd out that your order does not come in until AFTER THE event. Of course then u get a very cordial oh I'm sorry can't cancel any more! Won't be doing any business with these guys let alone trust my wedding planning to them.

New Reviewer

Jack Olaughlin's VideoVignette

As being the Mother of the Bride I wanted everything to be perfect for my daughter's very special day. It was the most unbelievable day. The only way we were able to capture those very special moments we wanted to keep and see forever was from Jack. He was so genuine and kind, I didn't even think of him as our photographer but as a friend. He made sure that everything was just perfect for him to get the pictures exactly how he wanted them. When we first met with Jack he made my daughter feel so comfortable and relaxed that even before we walked away from our appointment our minds were made up that Jack was who we were using and took care of everything right there. Jack was our first photographer we met with and he certainly was the only one we met with. The only problem I had was that once the wedding was over I really was sad that we would be in contact with Jack as much anymore as we were before the actually wedding day. He really was so nice. I know for a fact my next big affair I give, Jack will be the one and only photographer I will use.

Tip for consumers: Honestly I would not use anyone else or even contemplate any other photographer. Jack Olaughlin's Video Vingette is the ONLY way to go.

Ask Janice about TheKnot
New Reviewer

I am not a bride or a groom, I am a wedding vendor that has been forced to own a storefront that I do not want on the knot. A vendor on the knot who owns a storefront can actually pick and choose which reviews they want to show. So if they get a horrible review, they can choose purely to hide it.

I was approached to advertise on the Knot late in December 2014. Their price was $190 per month. I spend about $300 on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already which is very effective so I was very hesitant to increase my budget. I was promised by the sales rep that I could cancel at anytime. This sounded fair.

The advertisement did not work, and when it took the time to cancel my account, I could not find anywhere online to do this. More so, when I tried contacting them via email, I did not get a response. So I finally called them and told them my story. They said that by contract I was locked into an advertisement agreement for 12 months. Really?

I did not get any contract, or email. The Knot then sent me a their contract they had on file. It did not look like a contract, there was was no place for me to sign, no place where they had to sign. It was purely a receipt saying were charging your credit card $190 every month, and if you don't respond within 3 days of receiving this email, it means you agree to our terms.


The Knot justified this by saying, facebook and cell companies operate like this. No, they have terms and conditions which you have to agree by either checking off a box and then submitting an electronic signature. Just because I did not respond, does not mean I am okay with everything.

I told the Knot, if I were to lock my customers (brides), into a contract like this consumer affairs, the Better Business Bureau, would be all over me. Could you imagine if you just failed to answer an email, you would be locked in a reoccurring bill for 1 year?

This is almost as bad as a gym membership you don't want. Except getting out of those is very easy now, and there is a contract that you actually sign.

I am sure the knot works for some vendors. But I have talked to other friends of mine who are stuck as advertisers on there... They are not an honest company to vendors, or brides...

Featured Vendors - are paid positions. For all they care, a featured vendor could be a fake company that doesn't show up to weddings (they do exist in hawaii)

Reviews are filtered, by the vendors....

If you advertise long enough and get 10 or more positive reviews, which is very very easy, you get a badge that says you're a "best of the knot" vendor. Which is b.s. Any company can get 10 good reviews.

My company can be found at And I will write a full article on why the Knot is a horrible company.

New Reviewer

Was almost completed my wedding website through The and then it stops saving my updates. I then receive no response from my email through their customer service. First off... I should say it has been very difficult to navigate and building your wedding website is not user friendly...often deleting things if you are trying to add something more to the same page. And now this. I have spent hours on it and now have to go back to the beginning. I just really liked the template...

New Reviewer

Christine S., I completely agree. I haven't found to be helpful in planning or managing my wedding. Weddings are frustrating and I just needed a place to vent and GET ADVICE. I turned to the knots forum and was received by nasty, rude women who had more put downs that a middle school bully! There were a few who did try to offer advice but the board bullies attacked them too. I know the Internet opens up a whole new world of "opinions" but jeez. Needless to say, as Christine S. stated if you want REAL advice go elsewhere. The trolls on theknot will just trash talk your post trying to make you feel like an awful person because you're experience isn't theirs. I feel sorry for those women, you think they'd have something better to do like plan their own wedding rather than hound message board to make snotty comments!!

Ask rina about TheKnot
New Reviewer

Tried to write a review for a local DJ service. They removed the original review saying it did not meet their terms and conditions. Wrote 2 more for the same DJ each time giving him only 1 star and written within their rules. They were both removed. Don't trust the reviews, they remove all low rating comments.

New Reviewer

The Knot could be SO helpful but it is laid out INCREDIBLY poor. I keep trying to use their tools and stuff but it won't tell you how to start the tools. I click "Inspiration Board" it says, "This user has no saved inspiration boards" ....OK GREAT HOW DO I START ONE?? I'm extremely frustrated at the lack of foresite to have a button there to click and start one. Thats just one example. I needed to vent about this. Morons.

New Reviewer
5/28/14 is helpful but could include more areas for interaction between readers. It is very comprehensive in the topics that are available and lists tons of resources, advice, articles, etc.

New Reviewer

great for content, but the site is very cluttered and hard to navigate

New Reviewer


They sound so much like the Wedding Wire. Based on the conversations we had on the phone, i asked them if they were sister companies with Wedding Wire, they would not admit. However I did ask them and which it caught them off guard.

"why do you have the same marketing strategies as Wedding Wire?" They couldn't answer the question.

New Reviewer

The community boards are filled with self-righteous, condescending and down right mean women. The "snarky brides" as they call themselves, feed off of tearing other women down who don't abide by their "etiquette rules". Worst is that they brag about it to each other and laugh at how they can make "newbies" never return to the boards. My suggestion if you have a question you'd like a real and true answer to.... go elsewhere. These boards are are only full of snotty, arrogant and likely miserable women.

New Reviewer
1/29/14 will NOT work with you. They want you to spend thousand of dollars to list your venue on their site, yet they don't have the courtesy to do anything that you request. There is a review on for our vendor that has a reviewer that is personally attacking one of the employees. Everything in the review is false and incorrect. The knot claims that the bad reviews are what keep the brides coming back and make their site interesting! They are a bunch of scumbags!

New Reviewer

The Knot supports cyber-bullying and is even proud of it, naming one of their community boards "Snarky Brides" formerly "B*tchy Brides" which only serves as encouragement to those who engage in it. After putting up a profile in which I stupidly listed our venue, a member of the Knot community used the information to try and contact our venue and cancel the wedding, unaware that I worked there and received the call personally. Repeated phone calls to the Knot did nothing and the group of women there picked on numerous brides, myself included, all while the moderators and company did nothing. While I understand that they cannot moderate everything, the fact that they cater to it, naming the board "Snarky Brides" indicates that they are in fact proud of this and encourage it. The free tools and advice are not worth it. While you're at it, boycott their sister sites, The Nest and The Bump--also with similar issues.

Apprentice Reviewer

I always love this site for that it can always come up with lots of fantastic ideas for your wedding. My cousins wedding has went smoothly and perfectly. And I owe a large part of the decorations as well as all kinds of planning and DIY stuffs to the knot. All these goes harmoniously with the gorgeous wedding attires from persundresses. Thanks a lot to the knot. Definitely thumb-up though.

New Reviewer

OMG I'm going through my guest list and everything has been fine until now! I have a website which I do love, but this guest list is really p*$$&^g me off. I'm trying to update it, and add who has accepted or declined RSVP's and the pop-up they use to edit the info keeps reverting to an ad pop-up and there's no way to bring it back to the previous page without exiting out of their pop-up page and reopening it, which in some cases the same stupid ad comes up!!! SO FURIOUS AND ANNOYED!

Apprentice Reviewer

So, I'm getting married soon. I'm at a complete lost of what to do, where to start, what's good and what's bad. Came across the knot from pinterest and I hated the site. I mean, freaking hated it. In order to see much of anything I had to sign up. Well, what if I don't want to and I just want wedding ideas? To my chagrin, I signed up and I didn't regret it, oh my gosh they're so helpful with lists and countdowns. I signed up with my facebook and they automatically put his name in the "groom" slots. I thought that was super cute. BUT they don't have everything, just some things to get you started a lot of suggestions on where to start and a few tips here and there. They even have an app. These are all good things, but what I didn't like comes next.

Call me bridezilla but I like everything to be in one place, super organized and details just right. When I want to take a quiz on which wedding dress is right for me I want suggestions on where to look, link me to some websites. When I say my budget is $6,000 be reasonable. How can I spend $38 on the grooms tux and shoes? When I see wedding ideas, share how they did it or link me to more pictures, maybe a wedding story link not just an option to like it.

Yes, I'm being a bridezilla I think. But I don't think it's the BEST site for weddings, just a good one. I'm a firm believer that if you want the best, you go to Pinterest. Where you can get it all from one site to a million other in one board, two boards, twelve boards if you need it.

New Reviewer

iv always loved the knot because they give you great ideas for your big day. Not only do they have their own website and magezine but they also have an ap that you can get on your phone so check them out.

New Reviewer

I started with the knot right after we got engaged and have been thrilled with some things and not so happy with others. Uploading all our guest contact information was easy and all in one place. I really liked their free website and the fact that when someone RSVPd on our site, it updated their information in our contact list automatically and sent me an email saying who confirmed what. Their website was super easy to set up and all our guests have enjoyed looking at it. We have ordered a couple products from their site, one arrived no problem and the other had to be reshipped because their computer didn't take the full address I entered and I didn't catch it until the second time around, so a bit miffed there. I don't think I would order any more products from them, but the products we did order turned out perfectly and are of good quality. I think my favorite part of the whole site is their seating chart option! I just finished putting together a seating chart for 90 people in less than 2 hours, it was brilliant! Overall, I have really enjoyed working with this website for our wedding planning and have recommended it to some of my girlfriends who are soon getting married as well.

Apprentice Reviewer
7/16/13 is pretty overwhelming. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, this website makes it even more stressful because you realize all of the beautiful things that you cannot afford or have time to plan for your wedding. That said, it is a good source for all things wedding. And, I will be using their website for my wedding website, mainly because after looking at several sites, it was the prettiest, easiest, and allowed us to customize it to how we liked. For that it gets 4 stars. Thanks!

New Reviewer

I think everyone starts with The Knot. It's huge, and everywhere. It's an ok source, but definitely not the best. The Look Book is fun to flip through, but go elsewhere for vendors.

In short, use it as a resource if you like, just not your ONLY resource.

New Reviewer

The Knot is terrible and their customer service is the worst. I entered all my guests using the guest list manager on their sister site, I was informed that this list was going to be transferred to the Knot website but it never was because I had entered a couple people there already. So, all 150 guests that I entered are gone and I have to re-enter them. I am so frustrated and customer service has done nothing to resolve this. Needless to say, I refuse to buy anything from them or use their site as they are very unreliable.

Apprentice Reviewer

Mostly ads and the staff opinion on items related to Weddings. Not much that does not seem to be from paid advertisers. They also do not respond if you ask a question. I wrote in about an item two weeks ago that was in their shop and still have not heard back. Found something similar on and got it already, very happy and still no work back from this site's staff.

New Reviewer

this is the Worst site ever to order from, i ordered a pair of long stem champagne flutes personalized for my wedding it took almost a month to be delivered and when i got them they were broken and of very bad quality, and on top of that when i tried to call them back to tell them about my flutes no one is there on the weekend. i do not recommend them to anyone, they are the worst, they didn't even ship with UPS or anything they used The regular Postal service yet they charge an arm and a leg for Delivery.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 personalized items for an engagement gift, after waiting about 10 days and still not receiving any sort of confirmation email saying my order had shipped or anything, i called in to get some answers. The "supervisor" from California named May was the rudest, most unhelpful and unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. She refused to help me and said they did nothing wrong and basically that I was "$#*! out of luck." I was very excited about my purchase and after this experience I will never order from this site again and tell everyone looking for wedding stuff how terrible this company's customer service is. What a disappointment and still cant get over how disgusting May's behavior was.

New Reviewer

I ordered custom napkins and some bubbles a long time in advance so I can see how it looks and possibly order some more.
However, it has been 3 weeks now and my order is still processing. When I wrote to customer service they said that because they had a large sale they are delayed, which is just a bunch of nonsense because they went out yesterday with what they call their "biggest sale of the year" and I couldn't imagine somebody who is still delayed with their orders from the last "huge" sale they had to get themselves into another one. They are just slow and irresponsible. I order things weeks after I ordered that and they are already here a long time ago.
There are plenty of wedding websites and shops online, there is no need to use one that's not reliable enough with something as important as your wedding shopping!

New Reviewer

This is a great site to gather information from...and I was excited about the RSVP side of the site. However, I would not recommend using this site for your RSVP. The RSVP option allows quests to add themselves to your list if they are not listed. My email is attached to the site, but I have never received one email from them. They have no way to track people who have been adding their names to my RSVP and have pretty much told me they are sorry, but they don't have that information. Their costumer service has not been helpful at all and I have and am still trying to figure out why I am not getting emails. The only thing they did tell me was that it was not a problem on their end. Maybe this is because I did not buy a website from them and am using the free service. But they have lost me on this one. It's frustrating.

New Reviewer

I set up my wedding website through The Knot and the day after I sent out my wedding invitations with the wedding website details the site decides that it will not load anymore. So now my guests will be going to a blank page when trying to get onto my website. There has been zero help from "The Knot" support team to help me - I have also noticed on several online forums that other brides have had the same issues with The Knot personal wedding webpages. DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR WEBSITE!

New Reviewer

I ordered custom match boxes from them. It took nearly 4 weeks, which I had planned for, though they did not provide time frames. The match boxes were fine, But I ordered gold match boxes with wine colored ink. I got gold match boxes with white ink. I had no trouble with customized napkins I ordered through another vendor and received in less than 2 weeks. So I was a little annoyed, but, of course, no time to return. At least they were gold and the names and date was correct, so we will use them. They are attractive so nobody but us knows the ink color was not what we wanted. However, I really would not use them again as I found the lead times too long and not really reliable. Please note that I only ordered the personalized match boxes from them, so don't know how they are on other items. I did send customer service an email trying to check order status after a few weeks, but they never responded. So personally I would not use them again. The other wedding vendors I used shipped within 1-2 days and I always got responses to any emails.

New Reviewer

Great wedding site to help organize your dream wedding.

New Reviewer

I am a Professional DJ who figured the Knot would bring me more business...what a Ripoff they Promised me to try it for 3 Months then I can cancel anytime. When I tried to cancel after 3 months of not getting an Wedding Leads they said that I would have to keep it for 6 months. I was Furious and called management still insisting that I keep it for 6 months.. They said according to your contract but I said that I didn't have a contract?? They still didn't cancel my account and I will not pay them What A RIPOFF STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I enjoy reading all the articles from this site, if I will have my wedding I will certainly follow some advice from here.

New Reviewer

Great site if you're going to tie the knot. One if the better marriage sites I found.

New Reviewer

Great customer service

New Reviewer

It's interesting that all wedding dress vendors listed on the site have a 5-star rating. Users should check other review sites prior to purchasing a dress.

New Reviewer

Vendors should think twice about advertising on The Knot. It is very expensive (around 5 grand per year for good placement) and they do not appreciate your business. I have experienced many problems...over billing that took nearly a year to fix (I was refunded over $2000 in over billings). Eighteen months after this my ad was deleted from the site after winning one of The Best of The Knot Awards. I was off the site for 4 weeks while they fixed the problem...less than 3 months after this my front page placement was goofed and they have dropped me to the back pages of the site and no longer marked me as winning The Best of The Knot yet they continued to charge me for front page placement. Not worth your time or effort to advertise on this site unless you love very poor service.

New Reviewer

My son recently got engaged. His fiance was in town (from Brazil) for an extended stay through the holidays. She is set up on this site. He has so many helpful tidbits. This is so good due to the fact that it's been like forever since I've planned a wedding!

Apprentice Reviewer

They actually rated my business as the best cakes of 2010 and 2011. So for this reason i give them a perfect score :)

New Reviewer

Best wedding site. Helped me with everything to what kind of flowers, what cake. I just emailed the pictures to my wedding vendors. Also loved the community of girls. I am a knottie.

New Reviewer

This site has allowed me to plan my wedding from many miles away. There are so many resources, ideas, etc and the community allows me to bounce ideas and get recommendations from other brides. This site has been a godsend!


I think this is one of the best wedding sites out there and their magazine is also a great resource. They list tons of places to get favors, they have ideas for bridesmates dresses and so much more. The community was great as well because when you are getting married it is good to be able to talk with other newly engaged people. So, if I ever get married ... again...I will use this site. I saw a bunch of people commenting on this site so thought I would also throw in my 2 cents.

New Reviewer

The Knot is a great resource for wedding planning. The site and magazine are filled with innovative and chic ideas for all budgets and styles. My favorite aspect of is the community boards. By connecting with other brides in my area, I was able to find reputable vendors that fit my budget. I also loved the international boards. The advice and opinions I received were invaluable to the planning process.

New Reviewer

TK is a really great place to go to get answers about your wedding. I love being able to talk to other brides in my area or even internationally about wedding related topics, as well as non wedding related topics. I have learned so much about everything related weddings: etiquette, DIY ideas, music, and how much to tip vendors! It's a great resource to have.

New Reviewer

Everything from the articles to the message boards are phenomenal! I've been on the boards for over a year and keep going back to the boards for advice and support throughout my wedding planning process. Where else will 50 or more women, listen and give great feedback to you?

New Reviewer

I love it. I meet lots of great girls on the boards and have knottie get togethers! I also learn so much and get wedding inspiration! It really makes the time fly also. I have about 4 months until the wedding and the time is flying now. I will be on the knot after the wedding as well, to help other brides out!

New Reviewer

Throughout my wedding planning process, I have gone back to The Knot time and time again for help with various aspects of the ceremony, reception, transportation, and everything in between.

I have utilized the accurate, honest vendor reviews from other brides on multiple occasions on the message boards, and gotten solid advice about how to handle various situations. I can usually rely on the honest, straightforward responses of the others. Even my fiance has said "ask the girls on The Knot about {insert situation here}."

I have also utilized the customizable checklist. That has been a good reference for making my things to do list for everything wedding related. The budget tracker is also quite helpful.

My only issues with The Knot are basically that updating profiles, etc. is quite difficult. It needs to be more user friendly, because not everyone is an expert at writing internet codes, which is required. If that were made more user friendly, I think it would add a lot to the site.

New Reviewer

I love the Knot! I have used it for so many things. It has seriously been my savior while planning my wedding. I'm pretty active on the message boards, so my favorite part of TK is definitely being able to chat with other brides about wedding planning. I actually found my dress on their website when I was just browsing one day; saw it, loved it, tried it on that weekend and bought it. I bought my favors through them too! Sometimes the message boards go down, but it's not for long- that's my only complaint.

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