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Categories: Kids Clothes, Swap, Toys
3 Timber Court
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Tel: 630-296-0146

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New Reviewer

My daughter told me about your website. The clothes are in excellent shape, each piece was individually wrapped, and received order very fast. Such cute clothes for Granny to without putting a crimp in my SSI. Keep uip the good work and I will tell my friends about you.

Tip for consumers: get a cup of coffee, sit down and relax so many cute things

Ask Lynnrae about
New Reviewer

WOW, Your site's the best ! I was browsing around the web to find a place to buy my grand daughter clothing that wouldn't break the bank lol and whoa and behold Look what I found! what a great idea. I live in Maine and my grand daughter lives in Kentucky and it's nice to send her a box from me here and there. You know when she least expects it. I love surprising her and with your wonderful site I can get her tons of stuff and send her a bigger box. Thanks

New Reviewer

My first and evidently my LAST order with Ordered 4 pairs of jeans for my toddler....received email saying that they were DELIVERED, but that was a week ago and still have yet to see any jeans. Scam!

Tip for consumers: I contacted customer service and they issued me a refund right away. I'm happy with how they handled this after all.

Ask Tricia about
New Reviewer

Love the site for shopping. Havnt done the swap part. But i bout items, for 26 bucks, with free shipping. I havnt seen the items is a week in a half!!! Everyone else says speedy delivery.... Not me! I email them 2 days ago, havnt heard a thing! I have been telling everyone how awesome it is, but not anymore....
And i can't figure out how to track packages or orders!
I ordered clothes for my 8 month old for a wedding that is tomorrow! Im screwed!

Ask Jessica about
New Reviewer

I am so glad that I stumbled upon this site. I found tons of great clothes for my granddaughter. Much of it was brand new! The prices are great. I love all the outfits!
I would love it if they would offer more opportunities for free shipping, though ;0

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Very pleasant online shopping experience quick and easy with fast shipping.

New Reviewer
9/15/14 is Perfect!!! I hope everyone tries I have had the best experience with great prices, high quality, punctual free shipping, extremely easy selling, and I love the saved searches that sen me emails with items that become available to match! I was looking for unique items and if you don't find them just save your search and if they get not in stock they email you!!!!! I would never have attempted to sell anything except made it so easy I thought OK why not. Then all my items sold and I got money from things I never intended to use again (ie maternity clothes). I cannot express how much I love this site! It is my new favorite site for kids clothes, books, videos, toys, etc."

Ask Jessica about
New Reviewer

I am so glad I found this site because I work with kids and need a lot of materials. The toys are clean, arrive quickly, and most hardly look used at all. I do not have the money to spend on these types of materials new, so this is better than a garage sale! I can check by age, gender, type of toy, or other characteristics without having to paw through junk I don't want. I will probably not swap toys because I use them all the time, but I do like browsing the site and making inexpensive purchases.

New Reviewer

This site falsely advertises prices. Items in cart will change price when you go to check out.

I spent 2 weeks adding stuff to a cart on this site. Occasionally there would be items that were bought by other people and it would tell me in my cart they were no longer available. (I understand this completely, no complaint.)
My complaint is that one of the items I put into my cart was priced at $3. It remained in my cart still stating it was $3 for a week. When I had finially found enough stuff to qualify for free shipping I proceeded to check out. When I did so the price of my $3 item changed to $14. I was confused. I went back to my cart and it was still showing the item at $3. I emailed the company asking them to fix the pricing error. They told me there was no error, and that the item was supposed to be $14.

After I posted this review (originally with 1star) I was contacted a member of the Swap staff via message through this site. She offered to send me the shirt to make up for my confusion. She also said the pricing error is because people can swap clothes and change prices without it changing in your cart. I advise that if you shop on this site you check out immediately to avoid prices changing on you.

Tip for consumers: Warning!!! Prices change from cart to check out. Advertised pricing is not guarenteed.

Ask Deeny about
New Reviewer

The clothes are just darling and in great shape.
The cost was better than expected. My
Grandaghter just loves them. I did all her
Preschool clothes shopping on
Thank you!

New Reviewer

This was my first time shopping at this site and I have to say I was really happy overall. When I received my box I was surprised to see everything was individually packaged. My daughter (who is 1) was super excited to see her first pair of cute PINK winter booties and had me put them on her right away. She also wanted her super cute and super clean warm fuzzy winter coat on as well. I was also super happy with the nursing tops I got. They were also super soft and clean smelling! I also bought a pair of delicious booties for winter...they are perfect...I just have to lose a little in the calf area to be able to wear jeans with them cause they fit me perfectly lol...that is not this sites fault though...just my calves lol. I hope you try this website, the prices are reasonable and the clothes come in perfect condition=)

New Reviewer

They have nice stuff. I have added them to my list of online stores.
I usually buy from since they sell used clothes and new clothes too but I was happy to find recently too! Now I have 2 favs!!!!

New Reviewer

I love this site. I have only place one order from them and plan on placing more. I was able to get my son (who was 3 at the time) his entire wardrobe for under 70 dollars. Most of the items were sets, which really gave me my money's worth. I ended up with all of the popular clothing brands and received them in such a great amount of time. They were all individually wrapped and if I wasn't paying attention, would have thought that I had ordered them new. I have yet to sell, but am waiting on my bag at the moment, so I will update on that. This is the only site I go to for my children's clothing now.

New Reviewer

I just recently purchased a few items for my 3 year old Granddaughter for her birthday with I chose some gently used pink snow boots and a new pink snow bib and jacket set. When I first place my order I received an email 24 hours later stating there would be a delay in my shipment. I was little concerned because I wanted to make sure that I received them before my flight to visit my granddaughter. The customer service rep reassured that I would receive them in time. Once I received the items I was overjoyed at how nice they were. The snow suit still had tags and the snow boots even though they were used they did not look like at all. I am extremely pleased with my order and would definitely order from them again.

Decatur, Ga

New Reviewer

I sent them a lot of maternity clothes(used like new), kid clothes,and toys. I have to say that most of them are nearly in excellent condition and ok brand like GAP baby-kid. My daughter wore them just a few times some of them never worn but no tag. I stuff them in one box .. weight over 70 lbs and guess what.. ?? most of them .. 3/4 of my items were lost.
They listed some of my stuff at the beginning and I was told that .. there will be more lists on the web site... but it never. I tried to contact them few time asking about the rest of my stuff. Finally, the third time they replied me ..and said they would locate them and in the next day .. I got another email .. said.. they lost them but they would give me $50 instead for lost items. OMG!! that's box was super big.. it was over 70 lbs. all of them are in the same box.. how could that be..that you lost some and can list some?? I was so very disappointed with this website. No more business with them. Never and ever again.

New Reviewer

I have two little girls now and I quickly found that it was going to be a little bit more expensive buying clothes for them both. I did a Google search for "inexpensive childrens clothes". was the first site I saw. The rest is history. I love that I can choose the condition of clothes I would like to purchase. I can buy "brand new with tags" or "like new". I love the value. I can get lots of stuff for a great price. I love the user-friendly purchasing system and the inexpensive shipping. I'm pleased with the quality of clothes I received. should be a parents dream!

New Reviewer
5/26/14 has incredible value! Absolutely wonderful product, better than described. Very Fast Shipping. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them! If you have any doubt whatsoever…. DON'T. You will love the smooth transaction… honestly."
Sande of Bailey, CO in May 2014

New Reviewer

Delivery was fast, packaging was very nice, clothing looked new, etc.
This is a great site!

New Reviewer

I ordered a beautiful Minnie Mouse toddler robe and it was perfect, also very hard to find, it came super fast and was very reasonably priced for the quality of the robe. I love this site.

New Reviewer

I love this site, my first order was impressive the shirts came individually wrap, and they appeared to be new if they weren't they were close to it. I have already bought more stuff, and I find myself on the site at least once a day.

New Reviewer

I love! I am so satisfied with my first order I went back and placed another order. Everything showed up clean, smelled great, and looked as good or better than expected. I love that it's not just expensive name brand clothes like other consignment sites, they really have something for everyone. I have checked out all of the online consignment shops I can find and is by far the best executed. They have the largest selection with great pictures and great prices! Highly recommend!

New Reviewer

this is the best online consignment site I have found to date - I love that the pricing is a real discount - many sites still as 17-20 for a used sweater, for example - I don't care if it's designer or not, my idea of buying used is to get a great deal - and on I do - every piece of clothing I have ordered has arrived clean, well packaged, and in excellent condition. I have only returned based on size (different brands run small and large), never on quality - and returns are a breeze! quick, easy, no hassle and refunds appear exactly when the site says they will. I shop here a lot - well worth it - especially with free shipping! kids grow so quickly and tho of course I do buy my son new clothes, I love picking up those cute outfits you can't find anymore and getting more bang for my buck - I have a number of items I would never have paid full price for, but it sure looks like I did! For the first time, I am going send MY clothes in to sell - until then I cannot give feedback on the selling or swapping end..YET:) Happy shopping!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with . I placed an order and received excellent customer service and prompt delivery . Each item was individually packaged and the were in excellent condition . The photos were well taken, showing the exact condition of the items. Thank you again. Sue B. Addison, IL

New Reviewer

I loved the idea of a website like this, my kids grown out of clothes so fast it's too crazy buying everything new. I ordered nearly $200 worth of clothing and toys from the website. I went to check out and 6 items in my cart was bought out from under me. It was okay though because I was still happy, until now.
The day after purchase I received an email saying one or more of my items was now unavailable and a refund would be given. I was disappointed about that. Again on the second day after purchase (and after receiving an email saying my order has been shipped) I received yet another email saying a shirt/short combo was now unavailable and I would be given a refund.
My problem is this, I understand that this is a used clothing website and that people can buy clothes in your cart until you pay for them but why AFTER paying are the items I ordered still being bought and refunds given? I have yet to receive any refunds.
It seems like a good idea in theory but realistically, the warehouse/website doesn't seem to be updated enough to prevent "unavailable items" from making it worth buying on the site. I can probably expect half my order to actually arrive at this rate.

New Reviewer

Awesome prices great quality and accurate descriptions of items. Shipping is fast and customer service is amazing. Love shopping at

New Reviewer

So far, all items I have ordered have arrived very quickly and exactly as described. Could not be happier...

New Reviewer

I have purchased several collector items from I've been very pleased with my items, which were very reasonably priced, the shipping time and the shipping price seems really fair. I look forward to future purchases!

New Reviewer

The clothes I ordered arrived promptly and neatly packaged. I am very satisfied with and will buy from them again.

New Reviewer

I have bought items from twice now. I've been very pleased with my items, which were very reasonably priced, the shipping time and the shipping price seems really fair. The first order I got free shipping. My second order was a huge, 13 lb box and shipping was only $1.99!

New Reviewer

I was delighted to find the old version of the game "Perfection" on I had checked on other sites and some were selling the game for $50 +. I paid $8 for a brand new game - pieces were still attached to plastic holder - and shipping was free. The game was shipped and received very quickly. I was very pleased with the whole experience.

New Reviewer

I love Fast shipping. Good Customer Service. New Products Everyday. Everything that I need for son's toys are available there. I'm addicted to :)

New Reviewer

The store has SUPER QUICK shipping. The product was wrapped inside the box with a thank you. Very good customer service. I appreciated that. Product was received as described. Will do business again!

New Reviewer

My order got here really fast, in great packaging and with such a friendly note! I am very impressed with My DVD was in excellent shape, I highly recommend ordering from them :)
FH from Alabama

New Reviewer

I was told about this site from a friend and I am grateful. I have ordered twice in less than 3 weeks and cannot believe the service. I receive the merchandise faster than any other mail order company and everything is wrapped individually and packed securely. Price are very reasonable and have had nothing but a fantastic experience.

New Reviewer

They have GREAT customer service, an item I purchased was not in the condition described when they went to ship, refunded me (+) and shipped a similar item at no charge!!!!

New Reviewer

New Reviewer

I have used this site since the closing of the original site and I love it. Great site to buy and sell on. I have not had any problems and would recommend to everyone

New Reviewer

I have now tried the valet service several times and I have to say I'm impressed! I've traded gently used clothing that my kids have outgrown for clothes they actually needed. Everything was in great condition and it was so easy. I keep getting money in my account from clothing that keeps selling little by little. I'm looking forward to packing up another box of clothing that's been outgrown so I can get my kids some nice clothes that fit them!

New Reviewer

i have never used Swaps Media Service as mentioned in earlier reviews. But I do use their new Swap Valet and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is so easy! I've listed on Ebay for years and the most time consuming thing about ebay is the photos and shipping. I have shipped several HUGE boxes in to Swap and they do all the work. I've been selling and love trading my daughters outgrown clothes for what she can wear now and new toys!! Their costumer serv has always gotten right back to me :) and my husband loves that i'm FINALLY clearing all these boxes out of the garage

New Reviewer

I absolutely love I've only made purchases so my review is based on that. I find it to be much better than any other online consignment shop. Their prices are usually very, very reasonable and they offer free shipping. Their customer service is excellent! I had a small problem with the sizing of a baby outfit that I purchased and they took care of it immediately. The shipping is fast and comes nicely packaged.

New Reviewer

SwapValet - just not what I came to for at all.

Swap had an awesome system of "i want this book/dvd/game. Oh hey, do you not want it anymore?! How about I trade you this?" - I came to the site exactly for that reason. I was tired of finding sites where I had to accumulate points to get one book that I wanted.

As many others have explained, SwapValet is just a mini version of Ebay. I also had trouble getting customer service with my SwapMedia account (out of the blue, my credit card was no good) - they wouldn't get back to me on trying to update my account so I could resume trading. Then it made sense - they didn't care. It says on their site they removed SwapMedia because it was making no money...

"The reason for terminating the service is that the Media service is not sustainable as a business. It simply costs more to keep running than it brings in revenue. The fairly long history of the Media service has proven that users are not willing to pay enough for the service to make it sustainable. And because the Media service is a commercial service, not a public service or a volunteer operated service, it just cannot go on like that."

I never got an email where there were options being discussed of how to work the system to make it more profitable for them. This was something I DEFINITELY would have given some input on, what I am willing or not willing to do to stay with the site. Also, they deleted all of my information from my original Swap account when they closed Swap Media (really dumb. No "valet" convenience there!!). I miss swap media :( it was perfect. I'm just sad so many people are missing out on the awesomeness that it was.

If you are looking for a mini-ebay - go try it out. But if you were looking for somewhere to swap your books, etc. I do not recommend.

New Reviewer

I truly mourned the death of swaptree/ At it's heyday it was nothing short of phenomenal!! I loved it!! This new incarnation with the Valet Service is a joke. It's a consignment shop. The positive side is that it is a shop with an online presence (not a new thing). But the difference between it and your local consignment shop is that you have to pay shipping to get stuff to them, you can't disagree with them, if they don't like what you send you have to pay to get it back, you have to pay to have the things you buy shipped to you. You have to pay to have them store your stuff that doesn't sell or pay to get it back. Just like a consignment shop only less convenient and more expensive.

New Reviewer

I had been on the site since it was originally called swaptree. It only swapped media, (DVD's, Music, books, games) it WAS perfect. Every person I swapped with was good. I, myself had 100% saticfaction as well as most of the people on there. There was a few(not many though) that had very low scores but like ebay you can see them before you accepted the trade. there was also a place for you to explain why your item was listed as it was such as... new, like new, good, acceptable... So you new what you were getting if you took a chance on swapping something "new" with something "acceptable" it was your choice, I did often and when I received the "acceptable" item it was as stated and I was pleased.

The set up they had was what it is meant for a real barter system, then they brought the market in, which was like a door to fraud and misuse lots of scammers. I personal only swapped through the market once and it turned out great. But I joined for the media and that is where I stayed.

they shut it down and let the Swap valet take everything over.
BUT before they shut it down, about 8 months before, any and all information that you had on the site, you had to update. Not a problem, right? wrong! they would not allow you to update anything, they continuously requested it but wouldn't accept it. but then if you were offered a swap you could not accept it nor could you initiate one.
Then their customer service FORGET IT, there is none. If the people who were the customer service agents on the media forum that still run the Valet forum, I wouldn't trust them with my dogs fleas let alone anything else in my house I would be willing to swap.

Like most things they took a working model of something that was WORKING and decided to break it.
I would never refer anyone to Swap Valet, I did already refer many people to swap media when it was running and I also know they all left as well.

I sent no less then 30 email to the customer service not once did I receive a response other than the automatic computer response saying that they received my email.

New Reviewer

Before inflicting the worst possible experience on their customers, this used to be an excellent site to trade media. Everything went off the cliff following the introduction of the Swap Market, which then was replaced by Swap Valet. I tried out Valet service, which aspires to be like a recycling-focused Ebay, and my item was not accepted. That didn't really do anyone any good. The customer service here has been abysmal since both the failed introduction of Swap Market and the takeover from the Finland team. Recommend you stay far away..

New Reviewer

Before this site was bought by someone who wanted to turn it into a mini-ebay it used to be excellent. When it was just trading books/video games/dvds/cds it was nothing short of amazing! They even had a guarantee for deadbeat traders with a credit card charge system to make sure the swap went through. Then they added crap - trading tons of junk, people trying to swap high dollar items for their worn out stuffed animals. It was horrible. The quality of trades plummeted and numerous traders never sent items. Sometime during this they quietly dropped the trade guarantee so you were left with no recourse if a trader did not send their item. Now traders will complain and leave negative feedback instead of communicating. Customer service could care less if you're alive. Stay away!!!!!

New Reviewer
11/14/12 is a website based on a point scale. 10 points is equal to 1.00 . You put a dollar amount on an item and fellow swappers will make you offers in the form of points . You then use your points to buy other items on the site that fellow swappers are offering. You can also have something like a wish list and people who may have something your looking for will contact you to offer you a swap if you have something that they would like and you can do the same. This is a site where money does not come into play it really is an interesting concept and is a great way to recycle items in a throw away world.

New Reviewer

Great swap site!!! Actually I use the "Media" website ( because it's for swapping books, music, movies and games. This website enables me to swap books, music cd's, dvd's and video games with others from all over the country. facilitates the swaps: 1) I add to my list "Items I Am Willing to Trade" (there is a database of items that rivals Amazon), 2) I add any items I WANT on "List of Wants," and 3) The system matches items to everyone's wants and trades, usually as 3-way swaps.
This site is awesome and I have saved tons of money by swapping books instead of paying for them. You have the option to print out a generated label from, which adds to the balance, and each month on the 23rd they charge it to your credit card or account (about $3.21 per book, because of delivery confirmation); OR you can opt to use your own postage. I use my own because makes it much cheaper to send and Delivery Conf is much less.
The only downside to this website is that some people decide not to use Delivery Confirmation, which is supposed to be a requirement, and then the package cannot be tracked. My packages always arrive, but someone should really monitor the users who don't provide Delivery Conf, because they try to get around the system by being lazy.

New Reviewer

Before the addition of Swap Market (where you can trade anything), this site was phenomenal. Items had to be in good condition, frequently came with a good description, and trades had to be approved by all parties. I made well over 500 trades and was only burned twice, both times prior to the advent of SafeSwap (if a book doesn't arrive the trader is charged the cost of sending you a new book from Amazon). Sending and item automatically removed it from your Have List and receiving an item automatically removed it from your Want List.

The addition of the Swap Market messed everything up for those of us only wishing to trade media (books, cds, dvds and video games). The new system does not have the same streamlined style of trade, it does not automatically manage your Have and Want Lists, it does not protect you from slimy traders (no more SafeSwap).

You CAN avoid the Swap Market and stay with Swap Media BUT unless you were an existing member who was really paying attention you probably don't know this and if you are a new member you probably don't even know there is a separate site for media trades only. (Typing in your url bar takes you straight to the Market; you have to know to type to get to the original site). Thus, there are hardly any traders left to trade with on the media site. I've been a member for over 3 years and had a trade every couple of days, since the addition of the market I've had maybe 1 trade.

I'm looking for a better trade site, one that is as solid as used to be. I would suggest you keep looking too.

New Reviewer
12/12/11 has done a lot of fine tuning over the last year or so and I have participated in multiple trades all with good results. In fact swap now gauarantees each trade. The USPS picks up packages at my home so I don't even have to go to the post office (anyone can arrange this that has home postal delivery)...I totally reccoment this site, why buy when you can swap...

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