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SatelliteDirect reviews

20 reviews
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20 Reviews for SatelliteDirect

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New Reviewer

This is the crapiest service I ever got suckered into. Most of the channels don't work and even the "report this channel as broken" button evidently doesn't work either. When you send in a complaint, you get the same lame ass response about clearing the cache and getting the latest player. Even after having done all that, still nothing works. And now my internet protector keeps blocking malicious malware on about half the channels I check. Someone needs to take this website down.

New Reviewer

A complete waste of money. I paid a "lifetime subscription", only to be told that I have to pay them a new subscription fee to get password etc to ge the program to start. I too have not changed computers, and refuse to pay for something I believe I have already paid for. If it was possible I would not even give them one star!!!!!!!!

A complete scam is the only way to describe this company

New Reviewer

Add me to the list of people who bought a "lifetime" license two years ago only to find that a year later, they discontinued the service, offered no refund and suggested I buy their new product billed quarterly. After threatening to report them to IC3 for their fraud, they "graciously" gave me support for one more year. Now they've cancelled support again. A reputable company would've grandfathered in the people who bought the lifetime license or at least refunded some portion of their money. At $19.95 for three months, the picture quality and reception quality of their product isn't worth the money. THEY SUCK!!!

New Reviewer

I have to agree with most of the posts on here. I too bought the lifetime subscription a couple of years ago. I have not changed my computer, or reinstalled the software, yet my authentication code cannot be recognised. To be fair to SD this has happened a few times before, and they simply sent me a reset code. This time however they chose not to, unless I pay again. Poor service, possibly a scam and no I would not recommend it to anyone.

New Reviewer

If new to Satellite Direct and want to find a real product review that's unbiased or want to compare SD to other top TV software out there, just Google... top 10 internet tv software packages... Also note, never think these products/services offer premium paid Satellite or Cable TV channels. Sure... some of the channels on these networks can be found over the web for free for viewers to watch but advertisements, reviews and products/services that use the term 'Satellite' in the brand name and/or content can be confusing. Not all Internet TV software or Satellite TV software are SCAMS. I use some of these products/services and believe me when I say that I found the ones that are good enough to keep.

New Reviewer

This is a real site but is nothing like advertised. Don't waste your money. there is no lifetime. All you will get is about a year of problems dealing with them (BY EMAIL ONLY) which should say something about their customer support. Then they will continue from there to milk you for more money to solve any problems for you. This is my own first hand experience, sincerely

New Reviewer

It's a bait and switch! Years ago I signed up for lifetime guaranteed price, but if your LAPTOP DIES they will not give you a new registration code, and they send this:

The support for this product was provided to you for 1 Year. For resetting of the account or new installation on any device would require you to purchase a support pack.

Please try our new Premium version which costs $19.95 Every 3 Months (90 Days). This is for limited period only

VERY dishonest company, they change the rules as they go along. Beware!

New Reviewer

I subscribed to this site because I moved to Guatemala to retire and climb some volcanoes but I wanted to continue to get my sports channels. Satellite Direct has been a joke from the word go.

They claim to have 24/7 customer support but honestly there is no one working on the weekend. When I text to customer support "prompt response" means 2-3 days. I tried to get one game up until halftime then gave up. 3 days later they claimed they had the game started 10 minutes after kickoff. A bald faced lie.

Just now the signal on the ProBowl stopped and I reported it. I've tried resetting it, tried every NBC channel, reported it, I promise you it will be Wednesday before they respond with "what are you talking about, we fixed that right away".

Don't bother with Satellite Direct. It blows.

New Reviewer

Guys, all those types of services NEVER work properly and the ones that did have been shut down by the US Government. The way around all this is to get a VPN so you can change your IP address to a different country. Here's why: the NFL Game Pass is FREE in the Netherlands, Argentina and New Zealand right now. Don't ask me why, but it is. Thus, change your IP address to any of the above countries (Argentina works great right now) and when you go to the NFL Game Pass site, you'll see a big green button that says "watch now". One click and you're IN! If you don't have a VPN, check out this article:

New Reviewer

SCAM! We cancelled our cable to save money but wanted to be able to watch NFL & NHL games. We only watch part of 1 game using the service because it kept freezing up & was terrible quality. We haven't been able to log in since.
I've requested a refund - has anyone had luck getting one yet?

New Reviewer

Total scam. I hate this site.

New Reviewer

I bought a lifetime subscription to this product knowing that the image quality may be poor, un-reliable and possibly available for free somewhere else. Even at that, the subscription was fair, for a lifetime of access to obscure content. This week they cancelled all previously paid customers and declared that from now on they charge twice what netflix charges
Since they screwed me, assume that they will screw you too.

New Reviewer

A pure scam. Low-res content that is freely available put together for a price.

New Reviewer


Expert Reviewer

Spamvertised, Scam Stooge Download Site:

- Has a Phishing, Scam reputation on WOT, McAfee and Norton.
- Too good to be true! Their service is "freely available".
- Requires you to download and install software which will track Everything you do on your computer and report it back to the "" website which is the true website.
- Unethical advertisement: deception. They say Free but its a paid program.
- Their site states: does not host any videos or TV streams on our website. We provide an easier access to these streams which are "otherwise freely available" on the net.
- Annoying and Suspicious!

Caution is advised, User beware...


This site is a SCAM!


if you are searching for satellite tv or free tv or wanting somehow to watch tv on your pc for free then you may have come across one of these many sites claiming to deliver all of these amazing channels for one single low price of 49 dollars or something like that. Becareful. Do some research. Sure if you are interested in some obscure channel watching indian soccer then maybe you will get some value out of it. if you are looking for mainstream US channels then you may want to stick with other options like hulu.

New Reviewer

I was surfing the web trying to find a site that could tell me the best type of satellite TV to have installed, one that would give me the best choice of live Premiership and other European football. I came across one called which is quite good and told me all I needed to know. I was reading through the Satellite Television and Live Internet TV links page, where I read "Satellite Direct - Finally a quality live satellite TV for PC service.- Click Here". So I did. I imagined that there was bound to be plenty of quality football stations on a site like this so I decided to pay the "ONLY $49.95 ONE-TIME FEE". What I got for my money was the most abysmal collection of rubbish that ever travelled through the airwaves. It seems that they have scraped together all of the worst TV programmes in the world and squirted them through a tube into your computer. Then, to add insult to injury, they have blocked all the 'best' of the worst stations and invite you to cough up again! with their 'SatelliteDirect Advanced Service' for another $4 or so they let you have a 'trial' so you can see what life could really be like in television hell. I dread to think of how much the third, 'one-off payment' would be. It's probably a similar path to enlightenment that the Scientologists offer. Anyway, I feel ashamed that I could let myself be mugged so easily, and I would hate it to happen to anyone else so please don't give these people your hard earned money.

There! I feel better now.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

terrible!!!! couldnt try it first, should have known right there, could only get 3 stations, of the over 150 I tried, to work. Those 3 were nothing I would watch, monterey aquarium???, live tiger cam???? COME ON!!! Asked for my money back. "How can we help you with your issues?" Give me my money back!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! Oh yeah. the site I found this crap on was a review site that rated this site #1. I tried to write a review on their site to save people some time and money. They won't post my review!!!! funny.

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