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Sandals4Less reviews

43 reviews
Categories: Sandals, Shoes, Shopping
12 Beech Rd
Standish, ME 04084
Tel: 207-482-3768
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43 Reviews From Our Community

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It turns out their computers had been sabotaged, which made great customer service difficult. (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I am like everyone else, ordered my birks and never receive them. I see a "Peter J" replying to some other complaints. I hope I'll get a response too. My order was placed on May 14, 2011 Order #1305428267-9922522439. So far my emails and phone calls received no response.

New Reviewer

I made an order online July 03, 2011 (1309703242-9923215870) for a pair of Birkenstock. The company charged my visa card, but I still have not received my order. I've tried calling and emailing them, but no replies what so ever. I've already filed a complain through my visa card company to get my money back.

Unfortunately my mom did the same mistake and made a purchase yesterday through them. I made her to cancel the order (1316178693-992311557). So hopefully they don't charge her credit card.

It's too sad to see how this company has become. I had a very pleasant experience purchasing Birkenstock with them few years back without any problem. I will not make any purchase from them ever again.

New Reviewer

Bought my Birkenstock sandals online at a very reasonable price. Talked with the team before ordering as I have a high arch and learned that the Arizona Sandals were best for me. Glad I asked. Delivered within less than a week as promised.

New Reviewer

Peter Jensen is a scammer. He does not ever actually send the sandals that are ordered. Do not trust him. He also owns the company "Maine Limousine Rental" and he gave himself a 5 star rating on this site.

New Reviewer

I have ordered numerous sandals from this site and have never had a problem. I have spoken with Peter and he is very helpful with any questions you may have. I know there was an issue in the past regarding family member's sabotaging their computer system out of spite. I am happy to see Peter is back up and running! I would not hesitate to order from this site.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering from this site. I ordered a pair of shoes one year ago. I never received the merchandise nor would they respond to any of my calls, e-mails, or certified letters. This is a scam people, please stay away. In order to report them I need to start with my local police, which I have started the process. Another thing they did was telling me my Birkenstock clogs would be coming "straight from Germany" Therefore, once the 60 days had past, I could no longer rebut the credit card charge. I have never done anything like this. My goal is to help others from being scammed. It's too late for me. Come on people.

New Reviewer

They had a business sabotage, but are back. I have never had a problem with them, and will keep buying.

New Reviewer

I order 2 pairs of sandals in June 2011 and have been checking with them on a regular basis to get either a refund or my shoes! I did receive an email once upon a time that I could get a refund when I was told they were special ordered from Germany. I decided to wait. I don't know if that was a mistake or not. It's now January 2012 - no response, no shoes. I expect I will never see them.

New Reviewer

I have the same problem with ordering from this site. I see a "Peter J" responding to some complaints. I hope he will look into my problem too. I placed an order on May 15, 2011 Order #1305428267-9922522439 and my credit card was charged but I never received the sandals!

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of Birkenstocks on 4/18/11. I paid an additional $20.94 to have them delivered in 3 days. It is now 5/23 and they have not been delivered. I have left 3 voice mail messages and 2 email messages on their website. I believe I have been duped. Sure wish I had known about this site prior to ordering. I now know that I will not purchase from any site I am not familiar with, without checking them out on SiteJabber first.

Stay away from

New Reviewer

Order still not sent 4 weeks later. No customer service. I have left four messages over two and half weeks with no return phone call. Buy birkenstock from another store or you will be sorry.

New Reviewer

wish I had found & read this info before ordering from this company. Ditto on the experience trying to reach someone. Left messages. sent 2 emails to the addresses they list in their receipts ( and ( came back as undeliverable.

I will follow suit & ask credit card company to stop payment.

New Reviewer

This place is terrible! I ordered shoes on 11/4, stil have not recevied them and can't get company to email or call me back.
I just filed a complaint with BBB.

New Reviewer

The Sandals 4 Less website touts itself as a customer service business (why wouldn't any on line retailer - that is your business). The fact is, sadly they are not. I placed an order for Oslo Exquiste's in early Sept. and was given a 6 week delivery time. Called back 7 weeks later and was told there were further delays. This was followed up by two phone calls a few weeks later (both unanswered) and an e-mail threatening to cancel. All my attempts to discover the status of my order were in vain. I finally filed a dispute with Visa and am waiting for the credit to my account.
I'm also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
This outfit should be out of business but somehow it manages to continue. You will receive virtually no customer support however so be forewarned. I recommend another source for your Birk's, this one is not worth the effort.

New Reviewer

My shoes were a loooong time coming but,, they did come. I sent them emails and got a response that it would take a while because they were coming from Germany. It took three months but they came today. They were the right size/color/style and...I love them!! Yes, they took a while but I do think this is a legit store. I have not seen this style here in the US so it was worth it to me.

New Reviewer

I have been buying from them for 25 years. My parents bought from them and now so do I. They have a long history of good service, and i will stick with them for the next 25 years.

New Reviewer

If you had trouble with not delivering ordered goods -- or other issues -- try contacting the Maine Attorney General Consumer Mediation Service:

Good Luck!

New Reviewer

Please do not order from this website it is a rip off.

New Reviewer

I too have been scammed by this company, when I looked up the shoes I wanted the sight said they were in stock so I ordered them, no shoes have come and they will not return phone calls nor answer emails, I was advised that the way to bust this $#*! is for everyone to file a complaint with your local police dept and have them forward the complaint to the sheriffs in Standish Maine, phone # 1-207-893-2810 and their address is 36 county way, Portland Maine, 04102, after you file your police report then forward a copy of that police report to the State Attorney Generals Office, search the internet for your state attorney general and there is a form you can fill out online to expedite your complaint. I also found another phone # for shoes4less 1-207-892-2464 and an actual address which is 12 beech rd, Standish Maine 04084-5202, but again there was no answer on this # either,EVERYONE DO NOT GIVE UP AND LET THIS JERK HAVE YOUR MONEY, FOLLOW THRU, FIRST WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD CO AND OR BANK AND THEN FILE A POLICE REPORT AND THEN REPORT TO YOUR STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, LET'S GET THIS JERK OUT OF BUSINESS AND IN JAIL!!! THE SITE FOR CALIFORNAI IS THANKS LIZ M

New Reviewer

LIke everybody else on this site, I have been ripped off by Sandals 4 Less. At a certain point this is theft. In my case, it is almost a year and no sandals, no refund despite repeated attempts to connect with them. I will pursue remedies through VISA and see if it is possible to file a criminal complaint from a distance through their local law enforcement folks. I think it is at the county level. This is just for "whatever", however. I suspect my $81 is gone and my sandals nonexistent.

New Reviewer

I've read a bunch of unfavorable reviews on this website, but I was really interested in their Birks. I called the company and left a message, including the information that I was checking with them because of their current reputation. It turns out their computers had been sabotaged, which made great customer service difficult. The telling thing for me was Peter's honesty about the shoes in which I was interested. He checked to see if they were in stock, and when they weren't directed me to ANOTHER website where he thought I might be able to get them. I'd give this site another chance -- call first, as I did.

New Reviewer

Read this first and save some time. No service + no merchandise = rotten experience. Several weeks after ordering, I tried to communicate through both e-mail and voice mail and got nothing back. Something very odd is going on here. I received an automated notification of billing immediately but was lucky that my credit card wasn't actually hit for the charge - at least not yet. Stay away from this merchant!

New Reviewer

Well, count me as another who got duped by sandals4less......ordered 03/06/10 and no sandals, no response to emails, no response to phone's been 3 weeks now. After reading all of the complaints I figure I just got took as well. Too bad I didn't check them out before I ordered. I will be contacting my credit card company immediately.

New Reviewer

I have called Sandals 4 Less 5 times and received no return call. I have also sent them 3 emails and one letter. Still I have received nothing. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!! THE COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I wish I had read previous negative reviews before my attempts to purchased last june 2009. Just as other consumers, I placed a special order, which was charged and then ignored. I did manage to talk to 'peter' about 5 months ago, but nothing followed. Finally demanding a refund, now 2010. I will file a complaint with any business bureau I can find, if no satisfaction is reached. How can they dupe so many???

New Reviewer

WARNING: this website is a scam. As can be seen by previous reviews, this company DOES NOT DELIVER. They do not respond to inquiries. They do not answer their phone; however, they seem to periodically clear the full voice mailbox so it can be refilled by irate customers. You cannot email them outside of their website. They do not respond to certified mail. Please contact the Better Business Bureau if you have been given the runaround by this company. I contacted the Standish township and found out that the person running this "company" has received NUMEROUS complaints, but they can only investigate if the local police receive the complaints from the police departments located in the cities of the people who placed orders.

New Reviewer

This website will not deliver on ordered items. they are the worst!
i am waiting over 8 months for 2 pair of sandals ordered and paid for with no reply from either telephone numbers posted.

New Reviewer

Don't be decieved by the family friendly website. They were great to work with in the beginning but stopped all communication when we needed to make an exchange. I unwisely sent the shoes back, though they never responded to phone calls or emails, and have never gotten the replacement shoes!

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of birkenstocks on July 21, 2009, they charged me for them, talked to them in September, they said anytime, but did take me a while to get ahold of them. January 5, 2010, phone messages full, emails everyday, nothing.

New Reviewer

I have had it with this scam business. Spent 109.00 on a pair of Birkenstocks and paid thru Pay Pal. I will be contacting the BBB and the state Attorney General regarding these people. No response to phone or e-mails but they certainly will take your money. They are probably in the Bahamas having a good time on the money they have scammed from people. The authorities will be notified.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of birki clogs for work 10/27 thru this website, 1 week later they charged my acct. No answer to emails or voicemails, that is if the voicemailbox is not full... are the local and/or state authorities investigating what is obviously fraud? why are they continuing to bilk people out of their we not have any recourse against a company that is breaking the law? this is an outrage. maybe we should be contacting the local D.A. about this company's fraudulent activities, then something will get done?

New Reviewer

Special order work shoes I paid for on June 21, 2009 have still not arrived as of November 19, 2009! No one answers the phone and the voicemail is always full. Email is never answered but someone must be working because my payment was processed within seconds of my purchase!


Just to support everyone else's reviews and keep this one active, I thought I'd add that the local Better Business Bureau has given this business an F, its lowest rating. I suggest anyone who has complaints file them with the BBB also, because although this is not a BBB accredited business they will still record and display the number of complaints against it. That may serve to warn off someone else in the future.

New Reviewer

I have been waiting for my shoes for over two months now, nothing... No one answers the phone, no one returns a phone call or an email message. This company sucks!!! I will never ever order anything from this company again and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and demanding something be done. I don't believe as a consumer anyone should have to put up with this mess. If they have a business license it should be revoked immediately.

New Reviewer

Placed an order 3 months ago and havent received order. This website is a scam Dont order anything from them. They will charge you and send nothing

New Reviewer

I ordered Birkenstock sandals from them in July and its been two months without any email confirmation or delivery. They charged my credit card immediately however. Their 800 number is "full" the handful of times I've tried to call them. I emailed them and have yet to hear back. I'm concerned that they are not a legitimate business.

New Reviewer

I ordered the most common birk they make on 8-21-09. I got a confirmation email on 8-22 stating that I would receive them in 4-5 working days. It has been 24 days and no shoes. Voicemail box full. I sent them an email and a copy of the shipping confirmation after 12 days, & again today with no response. They billed my credit card one day after my order was placed. I am going to contest the charges tomorrow. No wonder people go postal on slackers like these.

New Reviewer

Like most of reviewers I must complain that there is no customer service whatsoever for this business. I called several times, and could not even leave a message because the box was full. I emailed, and got no reply, and left another message today by phone. I ordered sandals that would take 6-8 weeks to receive, and it has been about 12 weeks, and summer is about over and I have no sandals. They have my money though, and the certainly took that as quickly as they could.

New Reviewer

I figured I would have to wait a few days to receive my order, 10 days was a bit long. Then when I open the box...the wrong color. The packing slip says silver, the sandals are black. As other reviews have stated, ridiculous customer service hours, no one answers the phone, and no one returns calls when a message is left. There has also been no confirmation of my sandals being returned to them (I have delivery confirmation) and after 8 days, I still have no $ or contact from the company regarding the issue. Haven't run in to customer service this bad in quite awhile, wouldn't even give it one star but they don't give me the option here :|

New Reviewer

Beth N. said she could get a hold of these people, I would like to know how she did that. I could never reach them. I've never experienced TOTAL NON-EXISTENT customer service before, but that's what you get from this company!! I had to contact my credit card company to get my money back. Yes. I special ordered sandals that were to be shipped from Germany. Yes. It takes a long time for special orders to come thru. But it has been 12 1/2 weeks and I still do not have my sandals. The order said it would take 6 to 8 weeks. I would be willing to wait longer, if I could talk to a human, who could give me an updated status. But no one ever answers the phone and no one responds to emails. They say they're only open from 9:30AM to 5PM Mon-Thu EST (nice customer friendly hours - NOT!) However, it doesn't matter what hours they SAY they're open, or what time you call, you will never be able to talk to a human being.

New Reviewer

I'm too angry with theses guys to even explain everything. let's just say they keep telling me two more weeks and it's already been almost three months and no shoes WTF?

New Reviewer

Iordered a pair of Birkenstocks on sandals4less on 3/30/09. I knew there would be a wait of 4-6 weeks but when it went past that I was concerned. It took awhile but I was able to contact them and inquire and since they were coming from Germany there was goin to be an additional wait. So I waited and when I though I didn'y want to wait any longer, I called them again. I spoke to Peter who took very good care of me! He is sending me out another pair and isn't even charging me the additional amount! They are also but they do have integrity, and will take care of their customers! Beth Noll

New Reviewer

Sandals4LessSERVICE - As of today 4/8/09, I have paid for and continue to wait for delivery of a pair of Birkenstocks orderd on 3/4/09 from this site. They do not return phone calls. Their "contact us" section of the site contains no direct email address. When you hit submit, you are given a standard -"we will answer your query as soon as possible".
This is not customer service. In fairness to them, half of my order arrived immediately. However, when one spends $179.00 to a vendor not visited before, it is critical for them to establish trust. Even if I received my product hand-delivered today, I will never buy from them again.

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Q: Please contact your local Attorney General's office ASAP and report this company! This is the only way to stop them!
A: Does anyone know how to get a hold of someone there? I have called and left messages at least 15 times !!! They were advertising Christmas sales, so they must still be open taking peoples orders. I guess they dont have a problem taking orders and your money, but do have a problem sending the shoes ordered, and answering phone messages and emails.
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