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New Reviewer

Yes, you have to pay more than the teaser rate. Once you do, you are looked after until everything is completely satisfactory. I am not a shill for this site, but can assure you of their authenticity.

New Reviewer

I was directed to this site because it claimed to be able to open a particular type of file (diagcab) for free. It wasn't free and it did not do as it described. I asked for a refund and they offered to give me a free support session. It is a scam and rip-off. Stay away! I am going to use my paypal account to try to get a refund.

New Reviewer

They got $48.00 dollars in front to let me know that it will be about an additional $289.00 dollars for the repair and 1 year service included what a ripoff

New Reviewer

Referred to this from the CRA site - trustworthy site! The new site looks as if it belong to MicroSoft! A big SCAM!!

New Reviewer

I wish I would have visited this site before downloading their software. You must talk to a rep before installing the software. Using remote access, she went to various areas of my mostly-new laptop (August 2013) and noted all the errors, etc. This went on for at least ten minutes. She then said, instead of paying $350 or more at a Staples or a Best Buy, they can refer me to one of their tech people to do a "tune-up." I didn't buy it. Beware. Stay away.

New Reviewer

Dum me I didn't just buy one of there programs, because of a special they were running, wow what a mistake, & help a couple relatives. Down loaded ran then went to see if it had taken care of problems at first things seemed fine, when suddenly the screen went white, couldn't connect to internet or do anything but look at things already on computer, Uninstalled it still no connections. Shut it down until daughter could look at it which took several days, only to find my AVG had been deactivated ,of which part was still not working until I went to AVG and reinstalled and run it to clear out the junk these people caused now unable to get ahold of them to get my money back & from the looks of the other complaints that may be a cold day in hell.

New Reviewer

i have attepmted to register and it brought me to the 'buy product" site. so i bought the product after buying it and receiveing order confirmation i have yet received the activation key to actually use the product.. it tells you to register but when you try it directs you bac to the "buy product" page. i have sent numerous emails and only response is for me to send them my email address which im already using to communicate . will attempt to get refund. would not suggest to anyone!!!!!

New Reviewer

My Windows Vista was always coming up with an "Error 42" message...After Googling for help, "Regservo" came up to solve the problem...Well, it was NO HELP at all...Still got the message on every reboot...So I immediately sent several emails to "Regservo" asking for a refund and after many months I'm still waiting...What a SCAM!!! PLEASE, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!

New Reviewer

Did not fix any thing still having the same errors - i went with Norton Utilities 16 use 30day to test when u are happy with it u can buy it.

New Reviewer

A complete rip-off.Downloaded and found at Windows update,but Reg does not fix anything.Under warranty info,it states they do not warranty anything.

New Reviewer

Bought this software because it claims to be able to open .aspx files quickly - no way. After purchasing and installing the software files still wouldn't open. E-mailed the vendor and was advised to open with wordpad - just gibberish. Follow up e-mail has gotten no response in over two weeks.
This is junk - save your money.

New Reviewer

I was routed to Regservo while searching for a specific PC solution to a Windows Media Player/ CODEC issue. I ran their scan which listed 2,847 "errors" on a clean, relatively trouble-free and stable Windows 7 system. Very strange and a bit dubious... I have three other licensed (paid-for) scan-and-fix utilities: Advanced System Optimizer, PC Tools & Tune-Up utilities. Each tend to have their own individual features or methods that just a bit more useful or desirable than the others and often, one will catch an issue that the other might miss. The common thread is that the three utilities tend to resolve and mostly "agree" with each other on almost everything insofar as what they find and fix.

When I compare their findings with Regservo, they indicate clean results with maybe 2 or 3 unresolved fixes against the almost 3,000 that Regservo claims exist. I've reviewed several of the "supposed" problems that Regservo found and many are not problems at all. For example: the other utilities are "smart enough" to recognize which drives (USB/ CD drive/ Thumb, etc.) are removable. When scanning for "missing links" the other utilities intelligently realize that a link reference pointing to the CD drive is not "broken" -- it's a reminder of where to look or what CD to ASK FOR if the system needs to re-install software or drivers. Regservo wants to WIPE OUT that record in some of the registry keys where it is SUPPOSED TO REMAIN and where that data has a specific purpose and legitimate reason for existing there.

Let's face it... If THREE reputable, time-proven "fix-it" utilities say that a system is relatively clean and trouble-free (which it actually IS) and one other not-so-well-known and unproven program SCREAMS that the world is ending, everything is BROKEN and everything and it's brother need the "fixing" that you can only get by PAYING FOR a supposedly-free product, well... who are YOU going to believe?
I DON'T TRUST IT and as a knowledgeable I.T. profession for over 30, I absolutely know that at least SOME of the things that it wants to “fix” are NOT BROKEN but sure the heck WILL BE if I were to allow this program to go mess in places and with things that should NOT be touched. THUMBS DOWN. Bad idea. Likely BAD PRODUCT and it certainly seems to be the consensus of this and other review sites concerning Regservo.

New Reviewer

Have been in contact with them over 15 times via e-mail for a refund and they keep sending notifications of a "open ticket" and will return or get in touch with me within 24 hours. Well over 300 hours have gone by and they have not cotacted or refunded my money. I had to turn them in to the BBB, file a complaint with my bank and with a scam website. Still waiting for results. I hope this puts them out of business because this is not an "American" company nor do they act like one. Frauds.

New Reviewer

all was well they stated free all of the way though D/L and scan then after all of the work you did to get there product in your system useing the word free they will NOT let you finish untill you give them money ( no one owes me any tthing for free BUT if I tell someone what I am giveing them for free (Exsample a ride across town )
I do not tell them at the end of the ride PAY ME , add this to the list for when they get sued

New Reviewer

I'd say BEWARE! After reading the promises made regarding fixing Internet Explorer error I paid for download. No, it did not resolve the problem. I HAVE NOW CONTACTED THEM VIA EMAIL THREE TIMES IN THE PAST 5 DAYS TO HAVE THEM ADVISE......NO RETURN CONTACT.


New Reviewer

Company finally made a refund on 9-17-10, exactly 14 days from requested date. Because of the slow customer service, I would be very careful doing business with this site/company.

New Reviewer

My computer was running so slow, but I just didn't ahve the money to get a new one. I did some searcing for a "computer fix" and RegSERVO was one of the results. They allow you to scan your computer for free and in my cacse I saw that I had 272 issues that needed to be resolved. I then purchased the RegSEVO software and it totally fixed my comuter by way of cleaning the regsirty. Now my computer runs like new and it cost a fraction of what I would have paid for a new one. This software works great! I highly recommend it!!

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