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Review of Reelzhot
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Why on earth would you give a credit card number and not expect to be charged? (in 9 reviews)

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1 review
5 helpful votes

Immediately after subscribing to I tried cancelling the subscription. Now I can't even get in touch with them to do so where it states in the fine print that cancellations can only be done over the phone and that they're available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Who are these people and why are they getting away with ripping people off!?

Ask Jeremy about Reelzhot
1 review
8 helpful votes

i have been charged on my visa ... what is happening? i never applied for your service

Ask Rosemarie about Reelzhot
1 review
7 helpful votes

They take money of the account, without my permisson!

Ask margrit about Reelzhot
1 review
9 helpful votes

i dont know what its happening but i just see that i pay 49,95 usd but i dont know why you take that money on my account.I want these money back!!!

Ask Dijana about Reelzhot
1 review
9 helpful votes

I would like to cancel my account because I did not sign up for it and I am seeing deductions coming out of my account. Please refund my money as soon as possible. If you check your records you will see that I do not use your site.

Ask ASHOOK about Reelzhot
1 review
0 helpful votes

You are a wonderful man I'm very glad to meet your aquaintence on this day as well as others. Rock on daddy dude says thy mate of me.tree deecee power on ho moma and bye love Wendy god, and or Wendy dawn cha$#*! gordy

Ask wendy about Reelzhot
1 review
16 helpful votes

I have just noticed a withdrawal from my account from you after signing up for a Free Account to stream tv. I've been scammed like many others posting here! How do we get our money back?

Ask Amanda about Reelzhot
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been charged since May 2015 $49.95 onto a British credit card so have also been charged a non-sterling transaction fee. I never signed up for this website, never received a single email about a trial or a subscription, have never used the website to download, stream or view anything! TOTAL SCAM & definitely illegal.
Customer service diabolical, when I phoned they offered to 'Cancel my account' (which i never opened) and when I demanded to speak to management I was told they only work from 2am and that they would call me. No phone call, no response to emails, nothing!

Ask Lauren about Reelzhot
1 review
3 helpful votes

I received a charge on my credit card from I had never heard of this website. I went to the site and found the phone number. When I called them, they kept asking for my name, zip code and credit card number. I gave them the last 4 of my credit card number and my name. They could not find my account (BECAUSE I NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM) as I kept explaining to them. After being conveniently "disconnected" twice, the third guy was just as much help (-_-). They kept saying that they would not be able to assist me without my credit card number and zip code. So I just hung up. I had to call my bank and have them blocked. After reading the reviews I am glad I did that before I got a 60 dollar charge.

Ask Mallory about Reelzhot
3 reviews
19 helpful votes

My latest bank statement shows money has been withdrawn for services that I never have agreed to purchase - I only activated a lifetime membership in case it would be interesting to use any of these in the future.This was done through a website that popped up and offered a lifetime membership that is garanteed at no charge (for 0 $) and has a status of VIP.
How can I get my money back that is being withdrawn from my account?Terminating my account and CC is not an option.
Please help
Thank You

Ask Tom about Reelzhot
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I never signed onto this service but somehow they got hold of my debit card number and at first took $1.37US and them came back for $67 aprrox two times. I onlt keep a few dollars in that account to keep it active. But I don't know whether it was REALLY this service or someone hijacking it to scam ppl.
Two months later I had another hit on my debit card for $1,57 then two hits for $79,95 which was declined.. This time it was from had Www at the front and Mediaeel.Com.. I goggled it and got a website which I will write out explanation rather than the website as it stands because you go directly to their site and they are trying to configure your PC. The responsible party for this scam is.nginx spacbar on spacebar Debian!..
This site needs to be investigated because they are stealing money over the internet.

Tip for consumers: DON"T

Ask Lynn about Reelzhot
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have checked out my credit card statement and have found transactions from you over the last year of $66/mo .... I did not sign on for this.

How do I get this credited back?

Very dissapointed Customer!

Tip for consumers: Read the fine print.

Ask Donato about Reelzhot
1 review
6 helpful votes

I signed up for a free trial while I was on another website, and the ad popped up. The email they sent confirmed no cost, but the small print at the bottom (which I never saw at the time) says they will bill $50/month after the 5 days. Who would pay that anyway to stream movies or play games?
A right rip off.

Ask Mike about Reelzhot
1 review
3 helpful votes

you open up an email and get something else you are required to sign up for. Never even knew what this was until i got billed for it....

Ask ds about Reelzhot
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have never signed up with this company at all, yet going through my bank statements I have found 3 charges from them. Two of the charges have occured in the last week & a half for $66.45.
I will be going through the rest of my statements more thorough to see if there has been any other withdrawals from my account & I will be wanting every penny repaid. I am on an Invalid Pension & cannot afford to support myself let alone criminals.
How they got my card details is beyond me. Rest assured I will be taking this matter further so that no other person has to suffer at the hands of these scumbags. It will become a police matter now.

Tip for consumers: The rating on this "Rip Off " company should have had some legal following it by now. I am a lucky one that got my money back through my bank. Yet there are people out there that won't be so lucky..
So if you are like me & have never signed up for Anything, Then check with your bank to see if you to can recover some funds,,

Ask Melanie about Reelzhot
1 review
2 helpful votes

i have no idea how they got on my computer, all I did was click on a news reel on ninemsn and it popped up,i closed it straight away , but it now pops up every three minuets with out fail and slows down my computer insisting I sign up... I rang the number no answer, I am about to email them and just ask politely how to get their $#*!ing annoying bombardment stuipid thing off my freaking computer
like I said I was on a ninemsn site

Ask Doc about Reelzhot
1 review
5 helpful votes

Tried to take money from my credit card but it never got it !! Keep clear of this lot.
I emailed them to ask why it tried for money when it says its only for id to have the 5 day trial.I sent the email on 6th feb but no reply but today i said i would tell trading standards if they didn't get in touch by tommorow,well hey presto i got an email back within hours !!
The address is,

Ask philip about Reelzhot
1 review
2 helpful votes

Thanks Guys, your reviews saved me

Ask Ali about Reelzhot
1 review
3 helpful votes

fukin scams .....seen that i didnt have enough money in the bank so came up sayin an error has accured

Ask jamie about Reelzhot
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am happy that I checked these reviews before seriously considering an offer that seemed too good to be true (this should always set alarm bells ringing).
This is a case of misleading advertising. Refer it to your local ombudsman or other government authority that is supposed to protect its constituents.
While the scammer can argue that everything is revealed up front in the terms and conditions we have long been desensitised to T&C by internet providers (Microsoft, financial institutions, etc) forcing us to tick a box that we have read and understood the (sometimes thousands of words) T&C before we can proceed. I believe that virtually 0% of subscribers read before checking the box.

Ask Gerrie about Reelzhot
1 review
7 helpful votes

Sorry but if you felt you were ripped off it's because you simply refuse to read the Terms and Conditions. Why on earth would you give a credit card number and not expect to be charged? If you would have read the fine print which is actually in capitalized bold letters it clearly states:
If YOU CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR TRIAL, THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD so stop whining and pay your dues. handing over your credit card on the internet and then crying you got charged is like yelling at a hooker for having sex with you after you have paid her/him!

as taken from the Terms and Conditions below:

Your Media Reel ltd membership may start with a trial(Regular 5 day trial or a 5 day premium download trial). The trial period of your membership lasts for 5 days, or as otherwise specified during sign-up. Your 5 day trial offer, will begin when you click on "Start Membership" during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your 5 day membership, and you will not be charged. To cancel, click on "Your Account" and follow the simple cancellation instructions. If you are enjoying, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate. If YOU CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR TRIAL, THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD

We will begin billing your Payment Method for monthly membership fees at the end of the trial period of your membership unless you cancel prior to the end of the trial period. To view the specific details of your membership, including price and end date of your trial period, visit and click the on the "Your Account" page. Your Payment Method will be authorized for up to approximately one month of service as soon as you register. In some instances, your available balance or credit limit may be reduced to reflect the authorization; however, no charges will be made against the Payment Method unless you do not cancel prior to the end of your trial period. Pending charges, while pending, will, however, reduce the available amount of credit or debit capacity on your Payment Card in the amount of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) per pending charge. You will not receive a notice from us that your trial period has ended or that the paying portion of your membership has begun. If YOU CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR TRIAL, THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. CLICK THE "CANCEL MEMBERSHIP" LINK AT THE TOP OF THE SUPPORT PAGE FOR CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS. We will continue to bill your Payment Method on a monthly basis at the one (1) month membership rate for your membership plan until you cancel. You may cancel your membership at anytime.

We may offer a number of membership plans, including special promotional plans or memberships with different limitations. We are not responsible for the products and services provided by third parties. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered membership plans. Unless otherwise stated differently, month or monthly refers to your billing cycle (See "Billing" below). Membership may be cancelled or modified at any time prior to the end of your trial period by calling toll-free at 1-800-851-2403 for the U.S.A. and Canada or +00 1-925-854-6843 for international members, 24 hrs, 7 days a week , Eastern Standard Time.


reelzhot may Preauthorize your credit card $1.03 to validate your card upon completion of a 5 Day Trial registration, which will than be released within 72 hrs.

Unlimited Download Option may offer you the opportunity to have unlimited downloads for $1.03 during the 5 day trial period. If you choose this option, will capture a $1.03 from the $1.03 pre-authorization as a fee for this option. If you decide to cancel your membership within the 5 day trial period, you will not be charged for the membership.

Tip for consumers: read the terms

Ask My about Reelzhot
30 reviews
162 helpful votes

These people are rip offs. Took time to download show, then it asked me to set up an account, then it asked for my credit card information, promising over and over again it wouldn't charge it. Then it declines me, because guess what, they sent a charge through. And then when I call I'm told it is only a five day free trial, which it never states anywhere on the screen, only endless promises of not charging! These guys should be shut down.

Ask Smith about Reelzhot
1 review
12 helpful votes

This is a disgusting act of cruelty to people . Biggest scam stay away. I didn't even go through with it and cancelled the page but they still got my card number and have been charging me.

Ask Louise about Reelzhot
1 review
10 helpful votes

Wow . I'm glad i checked on this site before giving them my info . Sorry for the losses to others .

Ask j about Reelzhot
1 review
14 helpful votes

Great scam! Don't know how gullible I could be; must have been drunk to give them my details. $700 lost and no movies. The reviews below are spot on.

Ask Kim about Reelzhot
1 review
12 helpful votes

Stay away from this site at all costs!!! They're sleazy, unscrupulous liars. It's all BS that your credit card won't be charged. That's a total lie. They even charge you to cancel the "free" membership. These scumbags should be shut down and put out of business. I hope everyone involved in this scam gets ripped off in the same way they rip others off.

Ask Mike about Reelzhot
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

Absolute ripoff site stay away. Google should remove from it's search database

Ask Tim about Reelzhot
1 review
8 helpful votes

I went to the site to watch what was offered as a free movie and fell for the ploy htat they needed my card info to verify age...I know, dumb. I don't even think I watched the movie because the site was so user unfriendly. I didn't notice the charge of 50.45 until the second month so I got scammed for $101 and zero movies.

Ask mallory about Reelzhot
1 review
6 helpful votes

They promise a free membership and then hit you for $50 a month. Stay away!!!

Ask Ron about Reelzhot
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

there was no warning of membership fee until you see it on your credit card bill. (may be somewhere in the middle of small print).

When you visit the site: guess what! the first FAQ and its answer is as pasted below:

We don't have long-term contracts or signup fees, however, all charges are non-refundable. Simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged in the future.

Ask bar about Reelzhot
1 review
9 helpful votes

They offer a free 5 day membership to watch movies immediately. First they do not have every movie that comes up on their search. Secondly, they automatically set you up for a $50 a month renewal after the 5 days and if you want to cancel before that $50 charge kicks in they charge $.95. They say they need the credit card number to set up the free account in case you rent a movie beyond the free time. What a crock.

Ask Roi-Lynn about Reelzhot

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