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New Reviewer

These people are rip offs. Took time to download show, then it asked me to set up an account, then it asked for my credit card information, promising over and over again it wouldn't charge it. Then it declines me, because guess what, they sent a charge through. And then when I call I'm told it is only a five day free trial, which it never states anywhere on the screen, only endless promises of not charging! These guys should be shut down.

New Reviewer

This is a disgusting act of cruelty to people . Biggest scam stay away. I didn't even go through with it and cancelled the page but they still got my card number and have been charging me.

New Reviewer

Wow . I'm glad i checked on this site before giving them my info . Sorry for the losses to others .

New Reviewer

Great scam! Don't know how gullible I could be; must have been drunk to give them my details. $700 lost and no movies. The reviews below are spot on.

New Reviewer

unlike the site info states, you can not watch anything without being charged. There is, however a continuous stream of smut goes on every page you try to get to.
Disgusting and dishonest!

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site at all costs!!! They're sleazy, unscrupulous liars. It's all BS that your credit card won't be charged. That's a total lie. They even charge you to cancel the "free" membership. These scumbags should be shut down and put out of business. I hope everyone involved in this scam gets ripped off in the same way they rip others off.

New Reviewer

Absolute ripoff site stay away. Google should remove from it's search database

New Reviewer

I went to the site to watch what was offered as a free movie and fell for the ploy htat they needed my card info to verify age...I know, dumb. I don't even think I watched the movie because the site was so user unfriendly. I didn't notice the charge of 50.45 until the second month so I got scammed for $101 and zero movies.

New Reviewer

They promise a free membership and then hit you for $50 a month. Stay away!!!

New Reviewer

there was no warning of membership fee until you see it on your credit card bill. (may be somewhere in the middle of small print).

When you visit the site: guess what! the first FAQ and its answer is as pasted below:

We don't have long-term contracts or signup fees, however, all charges are non-refundable. Simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged in the future.

New Reviewer

They offer a free 5 day membership to watch movies immediately. First they do not have every movie that comes up on their search. Secondly, they automatically set you up for a $50 a month renewal after the 5 days and if you want to cancel before that $50 charge kicks in they charge $.95. They say they need the credit card number to set up the free account in case you rent a movie beyond the free time. What a crock.

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