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117 reviews
Categories: Plane Tickets, Travel
500 West Madison Street, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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The hotel reservation I placed with them went the way I expect WITH some help of customer service. (in 9 reviews)

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1 review
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After stupidly booking a reservation on orbitz and paying extra so it could be cancelled, I found that the dates were wrong. So I called orbitz and spent 40min on hold only to be told they couldn't do the cancellation on half the ticket. They other half they claimed to be able to cancel and put me on hold while doing that ... for 30min before the line was cut! Now I'm going to call the credit card company. I'll never use orbitz again!

Ask Alexandra about Orbitz
6 reviews
0 helpful votes

very helpful

Ask Thea about Orbitz
15 reviews
37 helpful votes

I have bought many tickets from this site and have always been pleased. I have never had any problems with them and have found their prices to be slightly less than Expedia several times, especially when buying one-way tickets. No complaints here, will use again and recommend.

Ask Smiley about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

I scheduled a trip to Asia and was using Orbitz as a travel resource between destinations on my trip. I started in Hong Kong then planned to travel to Beijing by train and then fly from Beijing to Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, despite every effort I made, extenuating circumstances prevented me from catching my train to Beijing and thus I missed my flight from Beijing to Bangkok, which I booked through Orbitz. I had to adjust my itinerary for the trip and contacted a customer service representative in the US from where I was staying in Hong Kong. The gentleman was very kind and patient and spent nearly half an hour helping me reconstruct my itinerary. This representative informed me that the money I had spent initially ($553) for my flight from Beijing to Bangkok could not be diverted to my new itinerary when I canceled the flight, but a credit of that amount would be placed on my account with Orbitz to use toward any domestic flights within the United States provided I use the credit within a year after my flight cancellation (expiration date of credit: April 1, 2016).

February 18, 2016 I contacted Orbitz about claiming my refund and was told by the representative I spoke with - again, a very kind and patient individual - that I received incorrect information. I could only use this credit with the airline I canceled with, which was a Chinese airline. Not American. Furthermore, to use this credit I would be subject to penalty fees of up to $200. I expressed to this representative that this policy is ludicrous and incredibly misleading, and he agreed with me and apologized saying there wasn't anything he could do.

I contacted the BBB with the details of my complaint and was contacted by a customer relations representative. She reviewed every aspect of my complaint thoroughly, but ultimately said that there was nothing they could do to remedy the situation. I decided not to continue pushing my complaint with the BBB in any interest of financial retribution, and see greater worth in sharing my experience with fellow travelers to advise them to seek other resources besides Orbitz. Please, learn from my experiences and do not make the same mistake I did by trusting Orbitz. Hopefully you find this review helpful!

Ask Rebecca about Orbitz
10 reviews
182 helpful votes

I booked a reservation, subsequently cancelled it for a different ticket, was told I could get a complete refund, booked another reservation for the same destination, sent it to my client, checked on it 2 hours later and someone at Orbitz cancelled the new ticket instead of the first reservation. I am now scrambling for another flight and am now being told that there isn't any refund. I have spent HOURS on this.

Ask Stuart about Orbitz
6 reviews
4 helpful votes

Be careful what you're signing up for!

Ask Glorian about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

My Visa card was used fraudulently to book a two-night stay in a hotel using Orbitz Worldwide as the booking agent. Orbitz have a system (quite common place in online travel agencies apparently) whereby online customers pay for travel services using credit details that do not have to match the person who books into the hotel. Orbitz take payment from customers, charge commission and then pay the hotels. Guests can book into hotels without being asked for ID to prove that they have used their own credit cards to make the bookings. Orbitz have so far not taken responsibility for their lack of security and have accused me of making a fraudulent claim. My advice is be very careful when using their services.

Ask Michaela about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

I usually always book threw, but this time Orbiz had the room cheaper so I decided to give them a try. My plans did change so I couldn't make it to the hotel on the scheduled date. I tried to call to inform Orbiz but couldn't get an answer so I had to wait until the start of the business day. Only to have gone threw 3 reps that wouldn't even consider calling the hotel to try and rearrange the dates. I was even willing to pay for for the extra night. Basically, they wouldn't negotiate just stated since I didn't make it they cancelled it and I couldn't get my money back. They also kept stating that the hotel was responsible for keeping my booking fees. I contacted the hotel and they stated that they do charge a one night cancellation fee. So if they charge one night, where is the other two nights I paid for go? I asked Orbiz. Yeah, they keep it. Although they could refund it but they choose not to because it's a company that had its own best interest in mind. Which is not the mentality at They always no matter what try to get you a refund or reschedule or whatever to make sure YOU the consumer are on top at the end. I can't be upset with Orbiz for their policy you have some companies/ corporations that take and every now and then you have companies/ corporations that really cares about you the consumer and I promise you this is not one of those caring companies/corporations. If you are absolutely sure you will make your planned trip go with them, I guess. But if you understand that sometimes life happens. Go to

Ask Jessica about Orbitz
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

They straight theive from your credit card. I had my phone giving me text alerts from my credit card in the middle of the night after I had checked out of the hotel I used it at 2days ago. Still haven't received my money back yet. 5day wait still nothing.

Ask Amber about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

I used the Orbitz automated system to book an early morning flight with United Airlines. When I recieved my confirmation it was not the flight I had chosen and take off was 12 hours later than I needed. I called customer service and they were very nice about cancelling the first flight and booking the flight I originally desired. Was given discounts and credits in consolation for my troubles. Was very pleased with the experience...
Upon checking my bank account I find three separate transactions for the same amount, two from United and one from Orbitz! I accepted the second charge would be for the cancelled flight and would be refunded shortly... The third charge is a mystery to me and is now causing NSF charges to my account because I'm just a working man supporting a disabled vet wife, and a young pregnant daughter on a budget.
After calling customer service twice on this matter I have come to the conclusion that I have to eat the NSF charge myself and quit whining
Thank you Orbitz for my good and bad experience

Ask Kendrick about Orbitz
4 reviews
12 helpful votes

I had booked a flight from Madison, Wi to Seattle, Wa in September. Plan was to leave Madison on Dec. 22nd and be with my daughter and grandchildren in Seattle for Christmas. I received a confirmation email from Orbitz on Sunday Dec. 20, 2015, confirming the flight. So, I showed up at the airport on Dec. 22, 2015, and was told I no longer had a flight. American Airlines told me that Orbitz had switched me to United. The United flight had left sometime around 8 AM and there were no more flights. United told me that Orbitz had canceled me on the flight. Subsequently, I spent about 3.5 hours on the phone with Orbitz, crouched in a bent position because there was no where to sit, trying to find a way to get to Seattle. Orbitz just continued to blame ME for my not having a flight, saying they had emailed me in October telling me my flight had been changed. Wrong. Orbitz emailed me in October telling me my flight on American had been moved from 1:30 PM to 12;30 PM on Dec. 22nd. Nothing else. And I have all the emails to prove this. I was devastated that I couldn't get to Seattle for this long-planned-for Christmas celebration. Ultimately, I left the airport with no resolution, just blame of me, went home, and spent the next 2 days attempting to get resolution from Orbitz. Nothing. My sister then joined in attempting to get something from Orbitz. Orbitz just continued to blame me. And, then, they blamed United. Suffice it to say, there has been no resolution. Christmas with my family was ruined. I will NEVER use Orbitz again and I highly recommend no one else use Orbitz again.

Ask kristen about Orbitz
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have spent a total of 6 hours today on the phone to America from Australia trying to resolve a booking issue for our upcoming Xmas holiday.
Still not with a satisfactory result....ORBTIZ solution was "we are sorry but we cant do anything about this matter"!! The issue was one of our accom booking requests being cancelled, for no reason and no explanation given. Although the last night was confirmed and money taken from our bank account, the first 3 nights accom in this place were cancelled. So ridiculous to only stay in the accom for night when we needed 4 nights!!
ORBITZ will not honour the first 3 nights. ORBTIZ will not refund us the last one night. An agent for them on their phone number told me they were updating their systems this is probably what the problem was. Still they will not help, not at all!! Instead I was told to check with my bank etc etc....I did go to my bank, who informed me (as I already knew) that my card and bank account are totally fine and there is no problem my end. They confirmed the one night accom money was successfully taken by ORBITZ.
I rang ORBITZ back again and thier agent said he could book it for me (after the first cancellation occurred). I gave him my card details. My bank informed me later (when I had to check again) that no-one from ORBITZ had even attempted to put that booking through - strange and concerning since i gave my card info out!
After being on hold for 2 hours - yes, thats right, on hold for 2 hours today - to speak to a supervisor.... the solution was "sorry and we cant do anything. Can't refund the one night and cant process and confirm your first three nights" . Very frustrating, as I pointed out to them, while all this cancellation of our 3 nights was occurring, the ORBITZ website was still showing the villa we requested had availability for those nights !!
I have since booked through the first 3 nights through the villa themselves....and it cost me an additional $450.00 to what the original ORBITZ quote was.

Ask melissa about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

I will Never recommend using Orbitz. In June of 2015, I purchased 2 round trip tickets from Alaska to Florida using Orbitz for a December 2015 holiday trip. Great price, definitely not worth it. I chose to use one airline (Delta Air all the legs of this round trip air.) I got confirmation for 2 round trip tickets, dates and times all good. Over the next 5 months, we got approximately 6 notices of scheduling changes. I understand this, flight schedules change constantly. Happens - when you book far in advance. We travel often.

Upon preparing for this upcoming trip, I printed out the latest updated ‘confirmation’ and noticed it said, One Way for each of us and I could not get the return portion to show up. I telephoned the airlines directly asking what was going on, was told "Orbitz cancelled my return portion". I then asked for a supervisor and Delta supervisor was courteous and did not have a reason for me, but told me not to worry as they were 'contractually obligated" to get us on that return . . . This is in December, just 2 weeks before we are to leave and during the holiday season - I was not hopeful. Sure enough, I was not able to get return flights during the dates we had originally paid and booked for.

Final answer, we got out 2 days later than planned. Obviously this caused me a great deal of stress, a great deal more money as I was scrambling to find a hotel for 2 added days, our work schedules had to change, costing us substantial more - financially - as well as our car rental now was more than double the cost to add 2 single days on. I tried every car rental and the answer was the same. More than double the cost as had been booked in advance. The advantage to booking cars early.

I have attempted several times to contact Orbitz directly, asking for a supervisor. The first time, was connected to a ‘supervisor’. But his accent was so thick, I could not have a conversation with him. I asked him where he was located and was told, the Philippines. I apologized to him, informed him that I could not understand him and would call back. I have not yet been able to speak to anyone in the U.S. I have even asked for customer service for Chicago, since Orbitz shows an address for Illinois. I have gotten no where with Orbitz directly and no answer for why they would have cancelled our return flight. I feel like an idiot for using them and now reading dreadful reviews that duplicate my complaint.

Ask Andre about Orbitz
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

I have had several average experiences in the past where I have booked flights at reasonable prices using Orbitz. Lately, the price on all the flights I have tried to book has increased by hundreds of dollars at the last step after I've already spent 3-5 minutes selecting my seats and entering in my billing information. I understand that Orbitz uses cached prices to expedite searches, but the prices it quotes in the early stages of a reservation are always lower than the cost of the ticket when the reservation is booked. By design, this site manipulates its users to pay more for flights by withholding "actual" ticket costs. This site should only be used as a supplementary tool to research flights. It's sad to think that Orbitz takes advantage of travelers trying to visit their families and go on vacation.

Tip for consumers: Use Orbitz for general research so you can understand what a good price is for the flight you are looking for, but book flights with caution.

Ask Reg about Orbitz
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Flight prices shown are never available, so why display them ??

Ask Enrique about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

We booked a hotel in Raleigh NC. The hotel should have been condemned! It was nasty! The rooms floors were dirtier than the parking lot, it only had one stained towel, the walls had holes and names carved into it. Wires were strung across the room for power and cable. The toilet had not been cleaned and was disgusting and this is just a small amount of things we found and photo'd. I addressed the hotel manager and he did not even try to defend it, just offered a refund and Orbitz phone number to help get the refund.
I called Orbitz and the agent put me on hold for around 10 minutes. When she returned she said the they would only refund for 2 of the 3 days and that would take 10 business days. I asked her to help us book another room and allocate the funds to it and she said no and asked if she could help with anything else. YES! Please help me find another hotel, she refused! This is not the way to treat customers and this was my first and last time using Orbitz!
The following Monday, Orbitz did agree to a voucher for another hotel stay later for the day that was not refunded. Why could this not have been done while you abandoned me to start with? Needless to say it was not what I expected from someone as popular. Today it has been 14 days since they told me that my refund would take 10 days. Just more proof that they really don't care about us!

Ask Bobby about Orbitz
15 reviews
10 helpful votes

I was planning a short trip and needed to make reservations for my hotel for three days. Today, I got an email for a 15% discount. I also had a small amount of Orbucks - for a previous flight. And I had a $50 voucher for a bad experience during that trip.

I talked to five different people over a period of two hours and was told all kinds of conflicting information - the hotel I wanted to book wasn't on the 15% discount program - even though the website said it was -- I couldn't use the 15% plus my Orbucks, and I was told by three people I couldn't use the $50 voucher, even though the voucher didn't have any restrictions on it. And two people said I could use it, but gave me two different conflicting ways to use it.

I finally got so frustrated, I told them I would never use Orbitz again or recommend it to anyone. I also had an Orbitz credit card which I called and cancelled.

I told them it was worth losing the $50 voucher and the Orbucks just to not have to deal with their ineptness.

The only reason I gave them one star was because I couldn't give them ZERO!

Ask Gizer about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had the worst expereince booking with Orbitz. i had booked a return trip on Etihad airlines from Chicago to Bangalore and back, for some reason I could not complete the return journey so I had to cancel the return trip.Inspite of cancellong well within the time limit, I was offered hardly any thing, believe me it was peanuts. i tried contacting the customer serivce on the numbers mentioned but it never went through. Finally i checked by googling the email, there was a response to the email, but it was very slow and took a long time. I was offered taxes as a refund which was hardly 100$ as compared to the 1000$ that i booked thr tickets with. They blamed the airlines for taking the money. I wrote a post on facebook as well, on their wall but they deleted the same and i never got to see my hard earned money back.

Never book with this website again, this was my last time booking with them. I will book using the airlines website next time not these third party booking websites. Please read the reviews before wasting your hard earned money with these websites.

Ask Yatindra about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

I got tickets for a friend on Orbitz. There was a connecting flight but the details of changing planes was not disclosed. The two flights were so close together there was no time to claim baggage and go back through customs.

Orbitz failed to disclose that the two airlines had no baggage transfer agreement. The only way to make the connecting flights was to have carry on luggage only (good luck for a month long international trip) and to RUN. Orbitz change fee was twice what the airline charged on the spot.

The overcharge for a change aside, Orbitz irresponsibly linked two flights that could not be connected and refused to compensate for their error.

Ask Don about Orbitz
11 reviews
6 helpful votes

easy to use, good deals...

Ask Saleem about Orbitz
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

The prices are not the lowest. Make sure you check other sites before buying on orbitz.

Ask Sa about Orbitz
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

If you are going away definitely check their website first

Ask Lauren about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

My husband and I drove 2 hours to key largo to be turned away by the front desk. The front desk told me that orbitz over booked by 5 rooms. I sat in hotel parking lot on phone for 54 minutes on hold with orbitz while my husband searched for rooms on his phone. There were no rooms because of lobster season. So we drive back home. Wasted our night, ruined our weekend. Will never book with orbitz again

Ask Marcella about Orbitz
12 reviews
1 helpful vote

a chocking hassord for kides and not fun

Ask caitlin about Orbitz
1 review
3 helpful votes

I learned that to cancel ANY component of a $4,000 flight/hotel/car package,my refund would amount to $100. Terms and conditions call for a prepayment penalty--I was fully prepared to have to pay a reasonable amount (even up to 50%!), but this was highway robbery. I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER USE ORBITZ AGAIN...and I write this in the hope that others will learn from my very expensive mistake.

Ask Pamela about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

My wife and I booked a weekend out of town (110 miles away) through Orbitz. We got a confirmation and booking number. Upon arriving at our destination, we were turned away by the hotel clerk - apparently, Orbitz overbooked the hotel by about 6 rooms. Understandably upset, I called the 800 "customer service" line and was promptly put on hold. My wife and I sat on hold, in the parking lot of this hotel for 2 hours. Orbitz was not only unable to relocate us for the night, but we were forced to drive back home (2 3/4 hours) in the middle of the night. I requested a call from a manager and was assured a call would be received within 24 to 48 hours. Three (3) days later no call was received. Furious at the lack of consideration, I took it upon myself to call them. After being on hold for another 20 minutes, the agent informed me that no manager was available to speak with me, but insisted I would be contacted by the first available manager within 1 to 2 hours. Three (3) hours later, I received no such call. Becoming more and more furious with this terrible customer service, I called again - only to be informed that Orbitz was undergoing a system update and I would have to call back 2 to 3 hours later. BTW, has anyone noticed that not a single agent speaks fluid English? So, to recap; my wife and I drove approximately 6 hours round trip for absolutely nothing; spent roughly 3 hours on hold only to accomplish zero; and have received no absolutely no compensation (other than a refund of the original booking) for a ruined get-a-way weekend. Word of advise: NEVER, under any circumstances use Orbitz to book ANYTHING - EVER! Unless you want to be like me - wasting even more of your time by typing this review that may or may not be read. NEVER USE Orbitz. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!!

Ask Charlie about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

We spent a whole day booking our flights. We had saved for six years so we could visit my long lost sister in England. When booking the flight we were told we would be flying with Virgin Air however this was not the case. They posted an icon with Virgin Atlantic to mislead us but then in the fine print we were actually flying with Delta. When I tried to call and discuss this I was told I could pay $1200 to change airplanes when booking the flight I was told I was flying with Virgin. Don't be mislead by these con artists. Very sad and disappointed.

Ask Taralyn about Orbitz
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

I needed to get orbitz to arrange. They only mentioned " we cannot do that " whereas they should inform the carrier. Only after a twitterfest and tweets to every party I could think of, I was helped by Delta customer service. Thanks, orbitz! (Not).

However they had the best price for the ticket, hence the 2 stars

Ask Annemieke about Orbitz
8 reviews
7 helpful votes

The room I needed didn't book for the right date. I found myself stranded hundreds of miles from home, but Orbitz called the hotel and fixed the problem in less than thirty minutes.

Ask Alex about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

We've used Orbitz for many of our international flights until 2013. Never had major problems with our tickets except for seat selections. What we thought were confirmed seat selections made online with for our family of 4 traveling together were not at all confirmed with the airlines. We've started using since and have been more satisfied. They may be a little more expensive and does not always offer seat selections but at least it is not false advertising.

Ask Stephen about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am a travel agent. I used orbitz to book my client a honeymoon to Hawaii. I booked 2 airline tickets and a resort hotel. My client wanted to leave next day. I blooked the package at 12:20 and the flight left at 8:55 the next morning. I received confirmation of my booking and eticket numbers. I received a call from my client at 5:00 am from the airport. He was trying to check in for his flight and it told him that the flight had been canceled. I contacted orbitz and was told there was a problem with my credit card so everything was canceled. I never received an email regarding the cancellation. In fact, I received an email from orbitz at 4:55 am, the morning of the flight, saying my flight was confirmed and departing on time. Orbitz charged my credit card for the package and still cancelled the package. I have confirmation from the credit card company that they paid orbitz. I told orbitz this and they said I would receive a refund in 5-7 business days. They took my money and still cancelled my flight. I had to rebook my client at the airport for the next departing flight.
I book tens of thousands of dollars on travel and orbitz will NEVER get another penny from me!

Ask Amanda about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

Booked a room 2 hours later received an email saying it was cancelled but my card will still be charged the amount called after sitting on hold for 20 minutes they refused to say why it was cancelled but still would be collecting the money scam artists will be going to my bank and seeking legal advise they need to be stopped

Ask Sonya about Orbitz
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had an issue with a hotel reservation I made with orbitz. I initially encountered a long hold time and an operator who couldn't really help me. Howe eat after having my issued escalated to a manager she was extremely helpful in resolving our issues.

Ask Karen about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

When searching for FLIGHT ONLY they'll display reasonably priced flights and when you click on it it forces you to get a hotel room in order to get that price. I would let you know if I wanted a hotel in the search--get that option off of the screen if I am unable to just get a flight as requested.

Site is garbage.

Ask Nelle about Orbitz
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I now use Orbitz for most of my reservations. I've compare their prices over the years with other sites and found them competitive. And now I get Orbitz bucks, credit for my reservations. Every little bit helps. I like their free 1day cancellation policy, and used it several times! Saves money and headache!!

Ask Sue about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

We tried to change our flight schedule 72 days before departure. They wanted $250 per ticket (family of 4) on top of the fees that the airline would charge. I am currently disputing the original charge for the tickets with my bank in hopes that I can get my cash back from Orbitz. I am willing to pay a fee to reschedule my flights. It's only fair. But, $300+ per ticket (Orbitz plus United's fees) is insanity for what amounts to a few clicks on a computer screen. For a family who gets but one vacation every 1-2 years, this is upsetting. I can say with 100% certainty, that I will NEVER use Orbitz again. I learned an expensive lesson.

Ask Ivy about Orbitz
23 reviews
119 helpful votes

Always good to check around at a lot of different websites before clicking the pay button. Orbitz has some good deals sometimes, but I usually can find better prices on PRICELINE. If you can't find what you need on PRICELINE, then I definitely say you should try Orbitz next -- but just make sure you check at least 3 or 4 different websites before you just buy something --- you never know when somebody will have an amazing special running that can save you a lot of money

Ask Niel about Orbitz
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

The prices on the hotels tend to be low-balled, and several times I have checked into my hotel that i booked on orbitz and there have been problems with my reservation, even with confirmation.

Ask Mariah about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't bother contacting Orbitz customer relations by email. Why? Because they do not have the courtesy to respond. You spend thousands of dollars booking your All-Inclusive vacation with them and they can't even reply to an email enquiry? All-Inclusive to Orbitz does not include ground transportation to and from your resort, thus making it not an all-inclusive package. They won't be getting any more of my money.

Ask Sue about Orbitz
11 reviews
22 helpful votes

Had bad experience once and have never used the site more. Description of the room was not complete and I ve stayed in 5*hotel but in former cleaning ladies or night porter room. They do not check what they offer.

Ask Margo about Orbitz
9 reviews
17 helpful votes

Have good experience with Orbitz. No problem at all. Definitely a go-to site for me when shopping for airline tickets.

Ask Ben about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

These people are scam. They will take all your money and won't help you if you are in problem. They think we got all the money now, you go to hell. I booked my flight for 2 people worth 2600$ but airline cancelled my reservation when I arrived at airport (pissed me off totally). Then I called them so they told me, "we are sorry, you can use this money in future". Since I had no other option I said OK. Now they are saying NO to everything and telling me there is an investigation going on. This investigation went for about 1 month and now they are saying we have nothing for you. They took all my hard earned money and gave me tears in my eyes. I am sure this company will fall soon. Fraud.. dont waste your time and money with them.

Ask Sanjeev about Orbitz
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

i like using orbitz, but they should really do something about all those ads (and add-ons). can be confusing to use. but i usually go with them since they offer good prices.

Ask Tori about Orbitz
13 reviews
29 helpful votes

My family all lives out of state and i fly a lot, when I can get rock bottom prices, and Orbitz has consistently had the best prices anywhere on the net. Flat out will not go anywhere else, why bother, they always win!

Ask Karen about Orbitz
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

After spending some time researching hotels for a Las Vegas Trip I entered all my credit card information to book a hotel and the website After a couple of days with no email I had checked my orbitz's account and nothing was there under my file.They had never sent me a confimation number or sent me an email. I login on back onto my account after I refreashed my account as they said to do and NOTHING was in my profile account regarding my reservation!! I called the customer service number and they had nothing listed!! It was a total waste of my time!!! I will NEVER use ORBITZ.COM again!!!

Ask Diana about Orbitz
5 reviews
69 helpful votes

The hotel reservation I placed with them went the way I expect WITH some help of customer service. The price wasn't cheap as I hoped to be but availability of the rooms is in wider range

Ask leslie about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been booking several hotels using orbitz
1. I came to Midway UT to Zermatt 5* hotel they gave me cheaper room then I ordered from orbitz. they did not even had a room I ordered replying that room was not assigned correctly
2. My wife and 3 kids went to California next day and got into Best Western Oceanside INN hotel and manager kicked them out to a street not even letting them to check in

orbitz never offered to solve an issue
my first call to a customer service -> "agent does not know even where she works" figuratively she does not understand an issue even after repeating it 5 times to her , have to talk to superviser

it looks like orbitz does not have any good relations with hotels and do not want any business to be repeatable

Ask George about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

Orbitz - The Perfect Bait and Switch

I know that who ever is reading this is either trying to research whether to book through Orbitz or they already have been scammed. If you have been scammed, read this so that you don't feel alone. If you are researching, you are fortunate, as you still have a chance to not get robbed. Here is my story:

I purchased through Orbitz 4 airline tickets from LAX to the east coast (and back). I did so one month prior to the flights. During the reservations portion of the online application, I was shown the available seating and selected seats for the whole trip. However, two days prior to the departure, I tried to confirm the flights and seating and was shocked to learn that my seats weren't reserved. When I called Orbitz, they forced me to pay an additional $400 to "upgrade to available seating". This is a bait and switch to the T.

Since I was already committed to hotels to the tune of over $3000, I had no choice but to pay the extortion amount of $400.

Ask Nadeem about Orbitz
10 reviews
26 helpful votes

I have used this site to buy plane tickets. Never had an issue and I can now earn some type of rewards for booking through them.

Ask Tim about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

make sure you review your itinerary before AND after!!!
Advertised fares for flights with stopovers were $685 - the stopover happened to be appx 3.5hrs, so I opted for the $785 fare with a 2 hour layover as I had flown this leg before & chose not to put my daughter travelling alone on such an arduous journey. SOMEHOW - we were given the 3.5hr layover at the the higher price. Orbitz refused to stand behind the advertised prices and explicitly said there was NO GLITCH in the system... well, the glitch is there - and I am being charged for flights I am now being told never existed - so why would I spend the extra $100??? This was my 2nd and LAST negative experience with Orbitz. There are plenty of other travel sites and apps or engines that can do a much better job...

Ask Jack about Orbitz
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