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Review of Orbitz

Orbitz reviews

33 reviews
Categories: Plane Tickets, Travel
500 West Madison Street, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

We spent a whole day booking our flights. We had saved for six years so we could visit my long lost sister in England. When booking the flight we were told we would be flying with Virgin Air however this was not the case. They posted an icon with Virgin Atlantic to mislead us but then in the fine print we were actually flying with Delta. When I tried to call and discuss this I was told I could pay $1200 to change airplanes when booking the flight I was told I was flying with Virgin. Don't be mislead by these con artists. Very sad and disappointed.

Ask Taralyn about Orbitz
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

I needed to get orbitz to arrange. They only mentioned " we cannot do that " whereas they should inform the carrier. Only after a twitterfest and tweets to every party I could think of, I was helped by Delta customer service. Thanks, orbitz! (Not).

However they had the best price for the ticket, hence the 2 stars

Ask Annemieke about Orbitz
8 reviews
2 helpful votes

The room I needed didn't book for the right date. I found myself stranded hundreds of miles from home, but Orbitz called the hotel and fixed the problem in less than thirty minutes.

Ask Alex about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

We've used Orbitz for many of our international flights until 2013. Never had major problems with our tickets except for seat selections. What we thought were confirmed seat selections made online with for our family of 4 traveling together were not at all confirmed with the airlines. We've started using since and have been more satisfied. They may be a little more expensive and does not always offer seat selections but at least it is not false advertising.

Ask Stephen about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am a travel agent. I used orbitz to book my client a honeymoon to Hawaii. I booked 2 airline tickets and a resort hotel. My client wanted to leave next day. I blooked the package at 12:20 and the flight left at 8:55 the next morning. I received confirmation of my booking and eticket numbers. I received a call from my client at 5:00 am from the airport. He was trying to check in for his flight and it told him that the flight had been canceled. I contacted orbitz and was told there was a problem with my credit card so everything was canceled. I never received an email regarding the cancellation. In fact, I received an email from orbitz at 4:55 am, the morning of the flight, saying my flight was confirmed and departing on time. Orbitz charged my credit card for the package and still cancelled the package. I have confirmation from the credit card company that they paid orbitz. I told orbitz this and they said I would receive a refund in 5-7 business days. They took my money and still cancelled my flight. I had to rebook my client at the airport for the next departing flight.
I book tens of thousands of dollars on travel and orbitz will NEVER get another penny from me!

Ask Amanda about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a room 2 hours later received an email saying it was cancelled but my card will still be charged the amount called after sitting on hold for 20 minutes they refused to say why it was cancelled but still would be collecting the money scam artists will be going to my bank and seeking legal advise they need to be stopped

Ask Sonya about Orbitz
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I had an issue with a hotel reservation I made with orbitz. I initially encountered a long hold time and an operator who couldn't really help me. Howe eat after having my issued escalated to a manager she was extremely helpful in resolving our issues.

Ask Karen about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

When searching for FLIGHT ONLY they'll display reasonably priced flights and when you click on it it forces you to get a hotel room in order to get that price. I would let you know if I wanted a hotel in the search--get that option off of the screen if I am unable to just get a flight as requested.

Site is garbage.

Ask Nelle about Orbitz
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I now use Orbitz for most of my reservations. I've compare their prices over the years with other sites and found them competitive. And now I get Orbitz bucks, credit for my reservations. Every little bit helps. I like their free 1day cancellation policy, and used it several times! Saves money and headache!!

Ask Sue about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

We tried to change our flight schedule 72 days before departure. They wanted $250 per ticket (family of 4) on top of the fees that the airline would charge. I am currently disputing the original charge for the tickets with my bank in hopes that I can get my cash back from Orbitz. I am willing to pay a fee to reschedule my flights. It's only fair. But, $300+ per ticket (Orbitz plus United's fees) is insanity for what amounts to a few clicks on a computer screen. For a family who gets but one vacation every 1-2 years, this is upsetting. I can say with 100% certainty, that I will NEVER use Orbitz again. I learned an expensive lesson.

Ask Ivy about Orbitz
23 reviews
97 helpful votes

Always good to check around at a lot of different websites before clicking the pay button. Orbitz has some good deals sometimes, but I usually can find better prices on PRICELINE. If you can't find what you need on PRICELINE, then I definitely say you should try Orbitz next -- but just make sure you check at least 3 or 4 different websites before you just buy something --- you never know when somebody will have an amazing special running that can save you a lot of money

Ask Niel about Orbitz
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

The prices on the hotels tend to be low-balled, and several times I have checked into my hotel that i booked on orbitz and there have been problems with my reservation, even with confirmation.

Ask Mariah about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

Don't bother contacting Orbitz customer relations by email. Why? Because they do not have the courtesy to respond. You spend thousands of dollars booking your All-Inclusive vacation with them and they can't even reply to an email enquiry? All-Inclusive to Orbitz does not include ground transportation to and from your resort, thus making it not an all-inclusive package. They won't be getting any more of my money.

Ask Sue about Orbitz
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Had bad experience once and have never used the site more. Description of the room was not complete and I ve stayed in 5*hotel but in former cleaning ladies or night porter room. They do not check what they offer.

Ask Margo about Orbitz
9 reviews
16 helpful votes

Have good experience with Orbitz. No problem at all. Definitely a go-to site for me when shopping for airline tickets.

Ask Ben about Orbitz
1 review
0 helpful votes

These people are scam. They will take all your money and won't help you if you are in problem. They think we got all the money now, you go to hell. I booked my flight for 2 people worth 2600$ but airline cancelled my reservation when I arrived at airport (pissed me off totally). Then I called them so they told me, "we are sorry, you can use this money in future". Since I had no other option I said OK. Now they are saying NO to everything and telling me there is an investigation going on. This investigation went for about 1 month and now they are saying we have nothing for you. They took all my hard earned money and gave me tears in my eyes. I am sure this company will fall soon. Fraud.. dont waste your time and money with them.

Ask Sanjeev about Orbitz
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

i like using orbitz, but they should really do something about all those ads (and add-ons). can be confusing to use. but i usually go with them since they offer good prices.

Ask Tori about Orbitz
13 reviews
26 helpful votes

My family all lives out of state and i fly a lot, when I can get rock bottom prices, and Orbitz has consistently had the best prices anywhere on the net. Flat out will not go anywhere else, why bother, they always win!

Ask Karen about Orbitz
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

After spending some time researching hotels for a Las Vegas Trip I entered all my credit card information to book a hotel and the website After a couple of days with no email I had checked my orbitz's account and nothing was there under my file.They had never sent me a confimation number or sent me an email. I login on back onto my account after I refreashed my account as they said to do and NOTHING was in my profile account regarding my reservation!! I called the customer service number and they had nothing listed!! It was a total waste of my time!!! I will NEVER use ORBITZ.COM again!!!

Ask Diana about Orbitz
5 reviews
69 helpful votes

The hotel reservation I placed with them went the way I expect WITH some help of customer service. The price wasn't cheap as I hoped to be but availability of the rooms is in wider range

Ask leslie about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been booking several hotels using orbitz
1. I came to Midway UT to Zermatt 5* hotel they gave me cheaper room then I ordered from orbitz. they did not even had a room I ordered replying that room was not assigned correctly
2. My wife and 3 kids went to California next day and got into Best Western Oceanside INN hotel and manager kicked them out to a street not even letting them to check in

orbitz never offered to solve an issue
my first call to a customer service -> "agent does not know even where she works" figuratively she does not understand an issue even after repeating it 5 times to her , have to talk to superviser

it looks like orbitz does not have any good relations with hotels and do not want any business to be repeatable

Ask George about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

Orbitz - The Perfect Bait and Switch

I know that who ever is reading this is either trying to research whether to book through Orbitz or they already have been scammed. If you have been scammed, read this so that you don't feel alone. If you are researching, you are fortunate, as you still have a chance to not get robbed. Here is my story:

I purchased through Orbitz 4 airline tickets from LAX to the east coast (and back). I did so one month prior to the flights. During the reservations portion of the online application, I was shown the available seating and selected seats for the whole trip. However, two days prior to the departure, I tried to confirm the flights and seating and was shocked to learn that my seats weren't reserved. When I called Orbitz, they forced me to pay an additional $400 to "upgrade to available seating". This is a bait and switch to the T.

Since I was already committed to hotels to the tune of over $3000, I had no choice but to pay the extortion amount of $400.

Ask Nadeem about Orbitz
10 reviews
19 helpful votes

I have used this site to buy plane tickets. Never had an issue and I can now earn some type of rewards for booking through them.

Ask Tim about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

make sure you review your itinerary before AND after!!!
Advertised fares for flights with stopovers were $685 - the stopover happened to be appx 3.5hrs, so I opted for the $785 fare with a 2 hour layover as I had flown this leg before & chose not to put my daughter travelling alone on such an arduous journey. SOMEHOW - we were given the 3.5hr layover at the the higher price. Orbitz refused to stand behind the advertised prices and explicitly said there was NO GLITCH in the system... well, the glitch is there - and I am being charged for flights I am now being told never existed - so why would I spend the extra $100??? This was my 2nd and LAST negative experience with Orbitz. There are plenty of other travel sites and apps or engines that can do a much better job...

Ask Jack about Orbitz
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I was just booking a flight from Portland to Manila. Two months out so it is not a flight leaving soon. I selected that cheap flight and had entered my credit card and personal info but when it went to charge my card, it said the flight was no longer available. Really!!!!! I think the site posts flights that are not available so they can get your information. Be carefull.

Ask Tim about Orbitz
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

The site is easy to use but the hotel booking was not that great. Cheaper prices can be found elsewhere. However the air fare is very good

Ask Regina about Orbitz
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Don't use orbitz. We made a mistake and now regret it. It is very hard to get money back even if you didn't get the service you were promised. If you need to cancel or change something be prepared to pay orbitz service fees not related to flight or hotel related change fees. It is much better to book directly.

Ask JOHNNY about Orbitz
1 review
1 helpful vote

We purchased flight tickets through Orbitz for our Christmas family visits three months ahead of time. Shortly after the reservation was made, the airlines changed the flight schedule to a day prior to our original flight schedule. Orbitz did not notify us of the change and we missed our flights.

Orbitz refused to replace our tickets to send us with another flights on the day of our scheduled flight. As much as we brought evidence that we did not receive notification, the customer service refused to believe us. We purchased four additional flight tickets with high price on the short notice to go on our trip, our young children were able to get together with their grand parents. We did go through a lot of trouble to make this trip happen.

Since then our numerous calls to Orbitz was answered with lies that someone from legal department will be in touch with us shortly. No one from Orbitz has contacted thus far. I sued Orbitz in a small claims court. Orbitz shamelessly ignored the court; even more four months after the court ruling and the judgments against Orbitz, the judgement hasn't been paid.

It is quite frustrating to see how customer service at Orbitz having the training to lie to the customers with polite, calm voices, who are from somewhere outside the united States. It is also sad that the laws do not go far enough to help average citizens like me to help to collect the damage from large corporate.

Ask Fari about Orbitz
15 reviews
50 helpful votes

This site is my last resort when I can't find a good price when booking a hotel. usually I think their prices are okay. I had overpaid a hotel that I booked on Orbitz.. thinking I got a really good deal which I did not.

Ask Aiya about Orbitz
31 reviews
93 helpful votes

This is the best darn air fare page ever! It allows you to search for airfare with flexibility around your dates. Been using this page for years now and it still comes back cheeper than all the other sites.

In case the review only links to the main page be sure to go to the "Flexible Dates" link which is in tiny blue lettering in the blue box at the top left or try this link:

Ask Daniel about Orbitz
87 reviews
322 helpful votes

I have used for flight look up and booking two times this year comparing to other similar sites and found out that for my flight destinations it worked out very well to me considering, price, travel start and end time, travel time length, number of transfers (if any), length of layover, so I do not always look for the cheapest, but usually I get very close to the lowest prices out there, considering all other parameters I am interested as well..

I do not have any experience for other than flight arrangements with

Ask Armen about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

They charge $500 more for a travel package and refuse to price match. I called within 24 hours and they wouldn't do anything about it.
Another website has the SAME deal for $500 less... they are rip offs!

Ask Angela about Orbitz
1 review
2 helpful votes

They do not tell you that you will be charged a commission for booking through their service. I was charged 24.95 per room above the hotels normal rate. This is an outrage! I am trying to get them to remove the charge and I am going to put it into dispute on my credit card. I just wanted everyone to know that you can look at the hotels on their website and get alot if information from them, then look the hotel up directly and make your reservation without orbitz. I will never use them again!

Ask Beth about Orbitz

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