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Meritline reviews

23 reviews
18961 E Arenth Avenue
City Of Industry, California, USA
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23 Reviews From Our Community

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Usually you can find a coupon code to get really great deals on small stuff. (in 3 reviews)


I have never had to contact customer service for this site so I can't comment on how they treat customers. (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

The seller claims to have shipped two packages from China, once on 10/17/2013, and again on 12/24/2013.

Neither package ever arrived. Meanwhile, dozens of other parcels arrived at my residence in Phoenix during the same period, from multiple carriers, without any issues whatsoever.

The probability of two independent shipments going missing due to "shipper error" is remote. What's more, the seller's refusal to refund my $12.99 leads me to believe this to be a case of fraud.

I have escalated this incident to the following authorities:

(1) my bank
(2) the Paypal fraud & claims department
(3) the Google Trusted Stores Program

New Reviewer

Ordered a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. the keyboard was wobbly, they kept asking for a picture of the wobbly keyboard to show the issue, even though wobling would not show in a picture, which i explained to them over and over via email.
Each time i emailed back a response it took 24 hours for them to reply.
Emailed there RMA dept with no response at all.
Tried calling there customer support line, every option loops back to the main menu.
Still trying to return this defective item to them.

New Reviewer

The scams have taken over. I have been ordering form for several years and been very happy with them. But the scam artists have made their move. I placed an order on Monday, 12-23-2013 and paid for it and received an email confirmation. Then a few hours later I received a Notice of Cancellation. No reason just cancelled. The item was still listed as for sale at the same price on the website. Guess I should have ordered more stuff or I need to find another source for things I order. Beware of this now scam site

New Reviewer

I ordered what was specified as 'printable' CDs from meritline and when I received them they were not printable....when I contacted them I was told that they were only printable on 'thermal' printers and not on ink jet printers (which is what 91% of people use including myself). After that I was told I ordered the 'wrong' CDs...of course I would not have ordered the 'wrong' CDs if meritline simply marked 'thermal printable' in the item description for the CDs in the first place....not good business. Oh plus I had to contact them initially over 3 times just to verify my shipping address.

New Reviewer

Great customer service! I ordered a (refurbished) wireless keyboard/mouse combo. The keyboard was defective upon receipt, but Meritline quickly replaced it with another set. Quick to respond and resolved the issue. A+

New Reviewer

Don't even waste your time buying from this seller. Waited two days after they took my payment for shipping update just to learn that something was "In Stock" when I ordered it was not available at all. Paid Extra for rush processing. Complete waste of time.

New Reviewer


I recently placed an order (#1002****7), but because the billing address didn't match the card, I got an email asking me to reply with the correct billing address. I did so immediately, but then got another email a couple days later saying NO EMAIL had been received and meritline was cancelling my order. I went to use the contact submission form to inform them of this and received this message upon hitting the "SUBMIT" button:

We're sorry, but the page you're looking for no longer exists.
Go to's Home Page

By this point, it was obvious they cannot be contacted via email OR web, so I called customer service to inform them of meritline's email problems AND the dead link on their webpage and that I wouldn't be following through with my order. Instead of thanking me for taking time out of my day to bring these issues to their attention, the lady I spoke to HUNG UP ON ME!!! So now I get to waste MORE time out of my day doing my due diligence as a consumer by informing everyone else that this is a HORRIBLE merchant and POSSIBLY A SCAM SITE!! If ANYTHING AT ALL goes wrong with your order, good luck getting them to give half a damn!are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

Got my iphone case with Eiffel Tower on the back of it. Looks great and costs less than $4. They have so much gadgets for iphone. I want them all:) I'm happy

New Reviewer

Poor customer service. I had ordered a Harmony Remote and upon delivery found the product inoperable. Despite their published return and refund policy the company failed to offer a refund and send I would only receive a replacement. Further they told me that I had to leave it to chance that they would replace the remote with a working unit.

New Reviewer

It took OVER 2 weeks to receive my order of printer ink, which I called about several times to try to figure out what was taking so long. No one answers the phone at the number listed on their website. I tried to track the pkg via the shipping confirmation # they gave me, but that was useless b/c they sent the pkg via 2 different shipping companies, so the one shipping number I had was only 1/2 the story and kept saying the package was sitting in Compton CA for a week and a half. AND WHEN IT DID ARRIVE, IT WAS THE WRONG INK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have to go out and buy ink for over $70 b/c I have long run out, have been waiting for this illusive package at my own expense, and am desperate now. Thanks a lot!

New Reviewer

Long story short... this is the best online seller I have ever seen with regards to customer satisfaction.

I found an issue with the item purchased from They sent me a replacement as soon as I reported this issue to them. They didn't even ask me to send the original item back first. Later on we decide not to keep it. They issue a full refund immediately after we told them we want to return.

I would recommend this online seller as they try hard to satisfy customers.

New Reviewer

1/5 posted Nov-08-2012
"Purchased a RC Helicopter. Upon arrival it didn't work. Eventually obtained a RMA# (this took a week of emails back and forth with customer service) sent it back and waited another week to obtain another helicopter that doesn't work. Wrote back to customer service who have not responded for past week. This place sucks!"

New Reviewer

Know what you're getting into. If you know, then you'll have a good time.
Some of this stuff is poorly packaged from China. It is likely a knockoff product in that case, and will probably not be the best quality. So keep that in mind.
Memory, blank media, cables, even helicopters? All great experiences so far.
iphone cases? sort of cheap, but the cost is so low on some of them, who cares?
I've Never had anything odd come from california. So if it's coming from the states, then don't worry. If it's shipping international, just beware it May or may not be such a great deal.
Oh, I got some questionable toner from them for crazy cheap too and it turned out great.

Also great for funny stocking stuffers. Expect half of them to be iffy though.

New Reviewer

Have had great success with this company. I have only bought little cheap odds and ends through them. Usually you can find a coupon code to get really great deals on small stuff. Takes 2-3 weeks sometimes to receive products. Last thing I purchased was a toothpaste squeezer roller with coupon code $.89 cents with free shipping!

New Reviewer

I have always gotten good value for what I have paid. I read product reviews, and that helps. I think if you skip them, you can order something that isn't up to the quality you want. It's really a case of using common sense. If you are paying less than $1 shipped for something others charge $10 or more +shipping there will likely be a difference in quality. Sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. You have to make the determination about how much quality you need on your own. (That can be difficult for some, so be realistic about it.)
I have ordered many, many times. I have always gotten not just an order confirmation but also an email when the item shipped, where it shipped from and approximately how long it could take. As much of it is from the East, two weeks is not unusual.
I have never ordered their wedding gowns, stuffed animals or other incongruous items... How did they get that combination, anyway? But I have had luck with everything else. Just read thoroughly and don't expect diamonds for CZ prices. For me, CZ will do most of the time, so I save a lot of money.

New Reviewer

I've always received the merchandise that I ordered from this site. Keep in mind that this place sells a lot of cheap stuff (you get what you paid for) so I don't order anything that is pricey or on the techie side. All of the stuff I order from them are fun little gifts that I save for Christmas, kids coming by the office, etc.

New Reviewer

very good deals , good variety of stuff and good prices
(plus a lot of free shipping )

New Reviewer

Purchased printer Ink , quite a bit of Ink at that. Then they sent me a postage paid envelope for the empty's and sent them back about 7 cartidges at $3 a piece. I had to contact them 3X to see that they recieved the cartridges then they finally responed by saying that they can not give credit for the cartridges I sent back. Yet I told them what I was sending and yet they sent me a postage paid envelope to send back to them and now there loosing my business because they refuse to negotiaite any kind of prices for my 7 cart returns. The ripped me off $21 of credit and now lost my business because of there greed. Dont buy from these rip offs, $21 times every customer can amount to be a small fortune when reselling it over and over again.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 sets of printer cartridges for my Canon MG 5220. It takes PGI-225/CLI-226 ink cartridges. Meritline sent me packages marked PGI-220/CLI221. Even the packaging did not claim to be compatible with my printer but customer service insisted that the cartridges that they sent were printer thought otherwise despite trying all their suggestions. The return policy basically requires the customer to pay for everything in the hope of getting a partial refund.


If you are looking to buy cheap blank media like DVDs/CDs or toner/ink, etc definitely check out this store first. Fast, reliable and cheap...I highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

Meritline is a great site for ordering a variety of items. I get a daily email from them with specials and even greater discounts for their merchandise. Often, on the daily specials, a coupon code is listed with an item that either reduces the price even more (usually for a limited number of orders; ie.the first 500 orders) or it reduces the shipping cost to zero. I have ordered about a dozen items from them and have never been disappointed. Many of the products ship from overseas as they often have U.S. Customs labels on them, but the wait time is never extensive. As long as you aren't in a big hurry to get what you ordered, the shipping time and costs are reasonable. You do get verification emails when the order is completed and when the item ships. I have never had to contact customer service for this site so I can't comment on how they treat customers.

New Reviewer

Great website...product quality is not excellent but excellent deals especially when you have a coupon code and shipping is free on most items

New Reviewer

i have ordered quiet a few times from this site. Orders are usually hipped from Bankok or some other country, but items do reach you in good shape. The prices are pretty cheap and the products are of fair quality. I am happy with it.

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