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285 reviews
Categories: Dating
P.O. Box 12305
Dallas, TX 75225, USA
Tel: +1.2145769352
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285 Reviews From Our Community

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They are a very poor company and their customer service sucks. (in 45 reviews)


Unfortunately for more than 6 months only two real dates appeared. (in 22 reviews)


I have been on the site for 3 months at a time for about every 9 months. (in 17 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I stupidly signed up for a year. I have met someone off line and haven't even been on the site a month. I have to pay for the entire year. Stay away from this site. Way to many glitches on the mobile site and took forever to approve photos.

Horrible, horrible service!!!!!!!

Ask Tammy about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I wish I would have read more reviews before agreeing to try The site is ok, I suppose it did what they said it would. I personally did not find any members who I would be interested in meeting in person, but I guess some have had success. I met someone offline, so I called to cancel my subscription. The customer service representative told me the date I needed to cancel by to not be charged another fee, and I did cancel it before that date, just as he had advised. Low and behold, I was charged $69 on this month's credit card statement, and the representative I spoke to today responded with, "There is nothing we can do. I'm sorry." He would not discuss the fact that I am paying for a service I NEVER used, not once, after my first subscription expired (because it had been canceled... or so I thought). He said that I did everything correctly in canceling my membership and he guaranteed that, going forward, they would not charge my account. Great... but what about this $69 charge that I should not be paying?! I give their site 2 stars, because I suppose it might work for some. I give their customer service and hidden fees 0 stars! Extremely disappointed that a company can charge a previous customer's credit card and NOT be obligated to refund the money. Something is not right about that. :-(

Ask Hillary about
1 review
0 helpful votes
7/27/15 is is trying to rip me off. Just like many people are saying on this and many different sites, even when you deactivate your account, Match will still charge your card. The customer service staff clearly does not give a damn about logic or obvious mistakes. "Sorry, nothing we can do." This is the only thing they will say.

I do have to say that despite the hassle of using the site for dating, I did find some nice women. But, navigating the site and working with "customer service" staff is a nightmare! Never again!!!

Ask Ocalagator about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Unreliable and unethical. Their customer service is horrible, the site itself is not user friendly (unless you have 7 hours a day to go through emails and sort through their terrible messaging platform.... then again, if you're inside for 7 hours it's probably how they keep you single and paying).

My card was charged again after having my account deactivated and their excuse was "there is not record of you requesting this".

But is there an email address or other way to notate this request? Nope.


Ask Virginia about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Be careful!!! Once you inactivate your account you will continue to get charged. will refund only one of these charges as a "courtesy". They are ripping people off to make money! Customer service is completely non-existent. My account shows it is completely inactive... I haven't logged in for at least 6 months. Why charge an inactive account???

Ask Steph about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hackers and scanners have hit this site, needs ti tighten up their security. On top of my discontent with the site asking for more money to even match you with someone after you have already paid..I found no customer svc support phone nimbers anywhwre on the site page

Ask Beach about
3 reviews
22 helpful votes

My profile was up a little over two months, from June 14, 2014 to August 21, 2014. I just received the automatic renewal for $204.54 which is very sneakily employed, I might add. I called to request a credit as my profile had been taken down and I thought I had terminated my account on the site. Stupid me, I thought they would deal fairly with me.

They recognize I did not use the site, their policy is they do not issue credits. So, I have paid over $400 to use a site for less than three months with no hope of recompense.

Ask Cindy about
1 review
3 helpful votes

the auto renewal is a scam. I removed auto renewal from my account immediately after I signed up for one month. I was recharged and there is no refund to be had. This is illegal.

Ask Rebecca about
1 review
8 helpful votes

I signed up for 6 month guarantee where if you don't find a Match in that time, you get an additional 6 months for free. I noticed after the 6 months that I was charged full price again. When I finally got a hold of the representative, she said you must notify Match a week before expiration of your intention to take advantage of the free 6 months.

In other words, you have to affirmatively tell them you want the free subscription that you already signed up for and earned! I asked why anyone decide to pay full price for something they're already entitled to for free?! No answer. No refund. Complete scam

Ask Gregory about
1 review
7 helpful votes

I initially created a free profile last Thursday 7-9-15 and soon realized that you could not interact with others without a paid subscription. Since it said there were women interested in my profile I wanted to find out who they were. So I signed up to be a member on 7-10-15. All of their packages seemed expensive but I found a 20% coupon and was just going to get a 1 month ($32 dollars with the discount) but for $20 more I could get 3 months so I thought it was a good deal. I regret this so much now. It turned out that all of the women who winked at me and the 1 who wanted to chat were not real. Within moments a lot of the women who liked any of my pictures or winked could not be found anymore or there profiles would be listed as hidden. The one that actually chatted with me started to feel fake really fast and I could really tell something was fishy when they tried to quickly connect with me outside of the site. I wanted to cancel and get a refund that very first day I signed up 7-10-15 but their office hours were over. I sent an email but decided to chat with someone to close the account and get a refund online today Monday 7-13-15. This did not go well. Even though I explained what happened and that I did not feel secure using their service and that I immediately tried to cancel they said they could not refund 1 dollar of what I paid. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said the same thing. This is unethical and wrong in my opinion. After reading all the other reviews this seems abusive and illegal and a government agency needs to get involved. I will keep writing to other organizations like the Better Business Bureu and alert as many people as I can to not use this fraudulent service. Stay away!!

Ask Miguel about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had not been on the service for weeks because I meet someone at my gym, so canceled my subscription, then I found out a couple days after match auto-billed me and would not refund me for 3 month subscription I will never use, so for a 3 day period "I never used" I am being charged $71.97?? I specifically did NOT want to be auto-billed but apparently match just over rides the customers request. I called and spoke to someone NOT in the USA that spoke VERY poor English! ridiculous!! I am Very Dissatisfied!!

Ask jim about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have used on and off for a few years. It was above the boards in the beginning, but as time went by, greed took over and it became a "Bait and Switch". I understand of course that profit is the motivating factor behind any business venture, and I fully endorse it. However, there is a point when greed surpasses morality and the venture becomes passed that line miles ago!!!
Q: Are the profiles real?
A: Yes, for the most part.
They do however have false profiles (Bots) in the system designed to deceive the potential user. When a potential customer posts a "FREE" profile, he/she will be inundated with winks, likes, and email from other users. (Some are from real paying users) You can't read them unless you pay to join. As soon as you do, and try to reply to these goddesses from all around your area, "Surprise!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly 90% of them don't exist. This is what's known as a "bait and switch" It is in fact illegal, but to pursue any legal course simply isn't worth the individual's effort. When you cancel your subscription, the BOTS are again activated and you are hit again with false replies. Never mind you didn't hear from a soul the entire time you were a paying member.
Q: Can you communicate with other members?
A: Yes...Sorta'.
You paid right? You should be able to email anyone you like right? WRONG!!! You can send an email to anyone you like...and they will receive it if their profile was not intentionally deactivated (hidden or deleted) by the user. However, unless the recipient is a paying member, they can't open it nor respond. (BUT YOU PAID WITH THE EXPECTATION OF BEING ABLE TO SEND EMAILS AND RECEIVE A RESPONSE) Also, unless the user deletes or hides their profile upon quitting the site, it remains visible. That means that about 90% of the profiles you are viewing belong to users who no longer visit the site...and of the ones that do, only paying members can be contacted and respond (I don't know, but that's probably only a couple percent of the profiles you are viewing)
Q: Can anybody browse my profile?
A: Yes. HOWEVER.........
This is the part that pissed me off the most. Now you can pay for "Top Spot". That means that you can pay extra (it ain't cheap) to show up in the searches during peak traffic times. Essentially, what that means is that unless you pay extra, almost no one will see your profile when browsing (especially in urban and metropolitan areas) It's exactly the same a paying to skip the line at an amusement park.

I get it...Really!! It's truly brilliant and creates an unbelievable revenue stream for I do applaud them for that, but in reality it's a "gorilla warfare business tactic"...and it preys on the emotions of the public. From a consumer standpoint, you're getting hosed. As long as you know the aforementioned information going into it...Go for it. It is what it does work (as well as shopping for love in a false reality can...everyone's lying).

Ask tom about
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

Maybe thats a clever play on words and maybe its all too real.

Consider, a year ago I tried the free version just to look around and get a feel for the site. I uploaded an image of myself that in all honesty broke records. I have the site notify emails to prove it.

It was the MOST LIKED image for: 1) an hour, 2) a day, 3) a week, & 4) a month for my category.

So with all those hundreds and hundreds of LIKES, that certainly brought me a mailbox FULL OF MESSAGES RIGHT?

I mean then I would HAVE to buy a membership to read them. Thats not exactly what happened. In fact what did happen still creeps me out.

You can see my icon image here so I am not some weirdo looking guy. Although this is not the image I used at match its a good picture and should at least get positive responses. That other one should have overflowed my inbox.

However what did happen was on a SCHEDULE, and I mean AN EXACT SCHEDULE, of every so many hours + a day timed one as well .....

I would get a site notification that SOME ONE WANTED TO MEET ME.

Well I would look up that person by name on the site and would ALWAYS GET A NOTICE: THIS PERSONS ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST.

On time I tried this only seconds after the notification came. OH MY.

So I began researching the ownership group behind this mega match conglomerate. And what I found was not so good. In fact there is a literal CARTEL behind all these online sites and they COOPERATE among themselves via SHARING DATA AND USER INFO DATA BASES.

Careful examination of match revealed that upwards of 60% OF ALL PROFILES THERE ARE LAB CREATED aka BOTS.

And there is a highly sohisticated software package that based on a timer and also certain real user account actions....

will AUTO NOTIFY YOU IN ORDER TO MOTIVATE YOU TO A PAYING STATUS. This includes staff created messages and system created ones.

Its sad to me because there are probably 30 MILLION professional and/or educated people in the US alone that are legitimately trying to find a mate.


Please do not confuse NET NEUTRALITY WITH LAWLESSNESS. Billions of dollars anually are spent towards online dating, meeting, matching, and sex hookup sites.


So watch yourself. This is not a woman or man thing. ITS A PEOPLE THING and it will get you.


Ask kevin about
1 review
6 helpful votes

They send you people that are interested but they havent been on the site since their free trial is over. I complained and they sent me ssupposed proof of notes sent to me from the last ten years. I did a free trial then. So i actually paid and its same guy that are on free plenty of fish and 99 percent of the profiles are even real or active members they send matches from that pool. They say that shouldnt happen all lies 3 months havent for one real live person. Huge waste of money.

Ask shari about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I recently modified my profile adding some verbiage to the 'my words' section. This is the section where you are free to write what you like. What I added was simple non-offensive and not against any rules. To my astonishment I found that during their review the match reviewer REMOVED WHOLE SECTIONS of text which I HAD NOT EVEN TOUCHED even touched in my editing. The removed text was not even close to where I had added text.

I would, as most would, have expected that the match review process concentrates solely
on words and added text. I was dumbfounded and upset when I found that they(match) had removed pre-existing text in my profile that had been there for many versions.

To all be aware of this!!!. Backup ALL of your verbiage/text as the match hacks may indeed hack text you took time and consideration in writing and not simply on what your most recent changes were.

Adding frustration is the fact that the editors or match provides no indication of what text they chose, for god knows what reasons, to remove. Also adding to my frustration is there is no challenging what was removed.

I find match very unfriendly, uncaring, and reckless in what it does. I am looking at POF as I am tired of match looking out for its best interests without any regard to the members who pay the bills.

Ask JOHN about
10 reviews
12 helpful votes

They say you can join for free, so they can claim more members, but you can't do NOTHING. You can wink, but if you get a reply back, break out your visa, because it's the only way you can read it. Another one is this girl just made you her favorite, and you click on it to see who, and it brings you to the join now page. If you do join, allot of the members you want to say hi to or chat are those free members that can't get back to you. They want you to join for free, which you can't do nothing but make them look great for having the most members. I would like to know what percentage is real members, 30%?

Ask brian about
1 review
9 helpful votes

I was one of the better profiles on and they kept my status as online. Even when I logged out, turned off my phone and computer, disconnected my internet, my friend said I was still online. When I mentioned this in my profile, removed the entire comment about keeping the better profiles online. Sounds like proof enough that is doing this to entice more users to pay and not because there are legitimate people actually online.

Ask snowballer about
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

why do the women do not respond to me when I match what they are looking for? I sent over 400 E-mails and only got 14 responses (10 were SCAMMERS)

Ask mark about
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS DATING SITE. I joined and paid by $77 plus, however after realizing that I was being asked constantly to update to read email responses, I realized I had been taken. I am a senior on a fixed income and the enrollment too ALL OF MY SAVINGS. After several requests for a refund, a 'manager' called me back. He was totally unsympathetic and had no compassion or understanding of my situation. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM my friends. Try a free site like PLENTY OF FISH. Namaste.

Ask Louise about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I would have been better off taking the money I spent on my Match subscription and handing it out to random girls on the street in exchange for their number.

Ask Robert about
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

Don't waste your money. It's a gimmick. The site is full of scammers and Match puts their members at risk for being hacked and having their financial accounts compromised by these scammers. Match does nothing about it, yet it is easy to recognize a scammer's profile if you have been on for a bit.

There should be a law suit against them. They own OK Cupid and Our Time and situation on those sites is the same. Match should hang it's corporate head in shame.

Ask abbe about
4 reviews
13 helpful votes

Don't bother. You're paying to have women ignore you.

Ask Arnold about
1 review
6 helpful votes

At first I thought I was accepting a discounted membership for a subscription. I quickly learned my membership which I had every intention of cancelling was extended. ($96 total) I called customer service and was told "Subscription fees are NON refundable!!!" WHAT? VERY SHADY!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor... no surprise ...non available! It seems Marlene, Eralis and Sharalyn were all on break together??? I'm then told to call back within 45 minutes??? Play phone tag...or whatever because Match.Com doesn't return calls. Then after waiting on hold ...I'm told I'll get a partial refund. So, in other words my elevated BP could probably been avoided? All the rep had to do was provide GOOD customer service. Gee that so hard? Now I have to spend more of my valuable time trying to get my hard earned money back ...that was so underhandedly stolen from me. Not to mention the time it will take on social media to make other innocent customer aware of the shady tactics MATCH.COM uses. THANKS A LOT MATCH.COM for the trickery and horrible customer service.

Ask Robert about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Most matches are not current members and cannot read our reply to you without paying for a new membership. Plenty of shady billing practices too.

Ask bill about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

It took a few tries but ended up finding my husband on Very Happy!

Ask Donna about
1 review
3 helpful votes
6/8/15 takes your money in the trail. You can't then reach them and ask them to give it back there's a lot of scams non real people on here helping further the cyber theft problem

Ask Rod about
1 review
5 helpful votes

The site is full of scammers. How can you tell? Well, usually, the scammer will have only one photo posted (sometimes with a child) and he (or she) will be widowed. Their essays are canned as sound really flowery, like they should be on a Hallmark getting card. And, if you do strike up a correspondence, their emails will be loaded with spelling and grammatical errors which is indicative that English is not their first language. And they will always tell you that their account is about to expire and could you email them at joeblowatyahoodotcom. I swear all of there idiot scammers use Yahoo and they ALWAYS spell out their email addresses verbatim. Morons. Also Match does use "dead" profiles to entice people to join. I know someone em who once worked there and was told that this was common practice at Match.

Ask claire about
1 review
8 helpful votes

If I could rate them a zero I would.
I recently signed up for after my friends had convinced me to do it. I did the 7 day free trial then saw something for a 6 month subscription. It said $19.99 for 6 months. Then it had $119 (and some change) for the subscription. So I thought I'd be charged $19.99 each month for 6 months. Boy was I wrong they charge you the full price up front. I've called and spoke to at least four people and they said it's a black and white matter, I sent one email, and it's in the terms and conditions they can't refund me. Let's be honest no one reads the terms and conditions (now I will) afterwards I read them and it says nothing about what the representatives are saying unless I'm missing the section. I said I'd take half the money it's not like I used the site for three weeks and decided I didn't want to be charged, I sent one email noticed it was all charged at once and immediately cancelled the subscription, it wasn't even a day be being subscribed and they won't do anything about it. The supervisors are very unprofessional, have no type of compassion, and cut you off when you're talking. I've told them I feel like it's false advertisement that they have $19.99 for 6 months when in reality they don't mean that. The man said it says $119 and I'm entitled to my opinion. It doesn't specify enough if you're being charged the full amount or what. I think that they shouldn't be allowed to say that on their website if that's not what you're truly being charged and specify which amount you're being charged. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought I'd be charged over a 6 month period. I've contacted my bank and they said once their charges clear my account they'll try to help me dispute it and I hope something can be done.

Ask Brittany about
12 reviews
72 helpful votes

Hi! This is Andreas from Germany!

Match is one of the better sites you will find when it comes to dating. Maybe even the second best dating site I know after Mingle2day, followed by only a few of other general dating sites.

There are 100s and 1000s of general dating sites but most of them are not legit and reliable. Match is also not perfect and might have some issues but trust me that the "competitors" are hardly any better, with exception for mentioned Mingle2day and maybe

I see that many singles are complaining about Match because for several reasons. But once you learn how to use online dating you will be fine. There might be only mingle2day as an alternative to match becasue this site is really huge and reliable!

Regards - Andreas

Ask Andreas about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not attend any of the Match Mixers. They are a scam, over priced and never give refunds once they get your money.

I am so angry at the misrepresentation and have written to Match three times only to be told they never give refunds.

Also, I am not impressed with the contact. The pictures are of handsome men that look younger than their years but all either live long distance or to not follow through with a meeting.

This site truly is a rip off!!!

Ask Marsha about
7 reviews
18 helpful votes

When I cancelled, there WAS a 'hidden' "do not automatically renew" which I selected. After about 2 years, I wound up SCREAMING at a representative to cancel my subscription.
They bold-faced (though I couldn't see the face) LIED to me. If my husband drops dead tomorrow, (didn't meet on match), I'm going to eHarmony.
Never again. NEVER (something I can say with complete confidence)

Ask DLaijne about
1 review
7 helpful votes

In short, took someone out from their site and did not even kiss them good night because I knew I was not interested. However, she got mad at me because I did not want to go out again and after multiple hateful texts from her, I also get informed by that they are blocking my account with no refund. They won't provide me with a reason and even when they try to send links to their policies, they won't open. I find it humorous that Match claims to have some more concerns for their customers welfare and yet, they allow a scorned person to have so much control.

Ask Jacky about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I would strongly advise anyone joining this site to wAtch this Auto Renewal subscription. Even when cancelling I wS stunned to see £60 taken with a claim that I clicked a pop up asking for £9 upgrade which there is no proof. To prove I'm not slamming the company I won't say don't join so it does not effect there money making/business. However I would say do not do a monthly instalment payment scheme as its a rip off. Be Warned.

Ask Scott about
1 review
4 helpful votes

My account has been hacked and i can't get ahold of anyone at There goes the money.

Ask Robert about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Think again before you pay a penny on this site. There is no one to help you with any problems you may have and there is no expert matching either. Worse yet most registered users are not really members so they can't respond to your emails unless they pay. Horrible idea, totally useless for dating. I have better luck at church meeting people.

Ask Iran about
1 review
5 helpful votes

The idea is that you are paying money for top notch service right? Okcupid is free and operates with a better format. I imagine any other dating site has a better format because is horribly laid out. On top of that, they are more set on getting your money than actually being a dating site. Figure this out after you bought a membership? Hope you figured it out before sending a message, or NOPE, NO REFUND. So basically, they sell you a $#*! service and then when you quickly realize they have done so they won't refund your money because you used their $#*! service which you wouldn't have known was $#*! till you used it. Then you are stuck with how ever many months you paid for. They are nice enough to cancel your auto renewal though. Let that sink in. "Hey, we are keeping your money even though you are clearly dissatisfied with us on an operations level and what we provide, but I tell you what, we won't automatically take more of your money like we were going to". Shady as $#*!.

Ask Nicholas about
26 reviews
179 helpful votes
5/3/15 is most likely the biggest online dating site available. It is really a legit and reliable dating site but once you are as popular as you have many low quality profiles as well. Regarding quality (and price) I found much, much better.

Still, is one of the few legit places to go.

Ask Robert about
1 review
8 helpful votes

I reported illegitimate matches and scammers almost immediately after signing up for the service. I requested to cancel my subscription and refund my money and Match refused. I continue to be sent "matches" but very few actually 'match' my requested demographics.

Ask Terri about
1 review
7 helpful votes

Match: Do not use this service. The matches are not legitimate. Impossible to contact customer service. Difficult to unsubscribe. Run don't walk away from this site.

Ask Richard about
1 review
5 helpful votes

Joined this site 6 months ago. Got the distinct impression most of the members that contacted me were not "real" people. Was contacted by scammers 3 times & when I hit the "do not renew" it renewed me anyway! Evidently u have to do something else to cancel your membership besides WHAT their site tells u to do, as it was explained to me by their inept customer service. I was so angry that I didn't here what that second statement was. When I argued and demanded a refund (2 days later since the last day was on a weekend and their customer service is closed over weekends) Their only explanation for no refund is "it is our policy". This site should be SHUT down!

Ask Donna about
1 review
7 helpful votes

Continue to be charged for a cancelled subscription. Try and find a contact number, good luck. When you sign up they hold your credit card number and will continue to auto renew even after you cancell.

Ask Tracy about
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I find it ethical to charge someone £30 when only six people are available in my search criteria and believe me when I say that I do NOT HAVE endless boxes ticked? This is absolutely disgraceful!

Ask Desiree about
7 reviews
13 helpful votes

I had high hopes with this site and I gave it plenty of time - over a year. But I just had no success with it. And maybe it's more of my options in my location. Either way, I only went on a couple dates. Every person they matched me with I was just not attracted to. Or 4 of the 10 daily matches had 0 pictures. It was time consuming and disappointing for me.

Ask Jason about
1 review
9 helpful votes

My email to them..................................................
You don't want me on but you want my money on

Please refund my money back to me, was it a crime sending multiple messages such as 'how are you doing? Or "hello" or "hi "to those who looked at my profile, I am not on to flirt... Has anyone said I threaten them? or harass them, has anyone reported me that I did sometime wrong to them or do silly stuff nude pictures etc.,

I am not pleading to come back to all I need is my 42.99 give me my money back... You have forged me with your website alert sending me a fake notification that I had 300 people looking for me... Please refund my money to my PayPal account because I work hard to get my money,

You cannot hold my money for service you don't offer me, if you don't want me in on your website then kindly refund me payment.

Ask james about
1 review
12 helpful votes

I wish I had read all the terrible reviews on this site and others, before I had signed up for 3 months. Gone is 76.00 and nothing whatsoever to show for it. lures you into looking at profiles and sending an email which forces the other person to reply (if that person is even real, most are not), so to read a reply you have to sign up. It is a classic bait ans switch con. So then, having paid, you do a search and such and most profiles are fake or are people who put up a profile but had not subscribed yet so can't even get back to you anyway. I have heard back from about 4 real people and got sent messages from all kinds of scammers, saying they are men when they weren't and asking me to text them, which I didn't. It pisses me off to no end that this business is allowed to exist at all! Taking your money and allowing all the con artists and god knows what they are on there. Fraudulent! Stay Away! And in addition to that, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau - find them online, it will ask you which location/chapter, go to Dallas, TX as this is where corporate headquarters are at. Go there and file a complaint. If everyone does this maybe they will finally investigate and shut them down!

Ask firstname about
1 review
11 helpful votes

I joined on April 9th and got no responses from anyone that met my criteria. Instead, I got contacted and matched with men who were outside of my age, distance and race preferences. I was even contacted by people with fake profiles. My experience was horrible.

I tried for a week, to see if there would be any improvement, but there wasn't so I contacted their lousy customer service to cancel. I was also charged $77 for three months of service. When I called to see about a refund, even for two of the three months, they refused. I even spoke with a supervisor. Still no success.

DO NOT USE THIS SITE! It is horrible and they will not refund your money.

Ask Nicole about
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I convinced my friend to sign up with 3 weeks ago. I paid for her subscription in an effort to get her started. Over the past 3 weeks we've sat down together to look through profiles etc. They are all fake profiles. They use the same language in the text, some are insulting and some just plain make your skin crawl. I helped her respond to the couple that seemed real, much to our surprise, once she responded, their profiles disappeared. I called and asked for a refund (I had paid for a 6-month subscription). I spoke to a supervisor, Kevin F. (who refused to provide his last name), who apparently was only capable of repeating that does not provide refunds. He didn't try to defend the site or apologize for our negative experience. He also claimed there was no one above him to speak to. I asked him why they don't stand behind their product or care about their customers and guess what he said...yes, he said "we do not offer refunds". There you go, save your money and do not join this site.

Ask mahy about
1 review
11 helpful votes

Biggest mistake of my life. Fake profiles and full of scammers. Stay as far away from Match as you can.

Ask Anne about
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I see all the people complaining about match. Trust me: There are worse sites for sure! Match might not be as good as sites like mingle2day etc, but it is worth more than 1 star rating for sure!!!!

Ask Charles about
7 reviews
25 helpful votes

fake profiles with beautiful profile pics that just so happen to live next door to you. rofl! gtfo! another scam.. do not respond to those messages. It may look like a hot model but it's a computer that generates spam and collects info.

Ask Jay about

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Q: I am very disappointed with having joined a week ago. The matches are not in line with what I have requested on my profile. I have received very little responses from what appears as active prospects. I would like to cancel my membership. I was a member back in 2004 and found it very successful and nothing to compare with my experience this time. I would like my questions answered… Thank you for your time. Terri179
A: You will have a hard time getting your money back Terri. The first time I was with them years ago, I forgot the auto renewal and tried to get my money back and they fought me tooth and nail. This time I tried both Ourtime and Match and both experiences were not good though Ourtime was a bit better. I agree with some of the answers here that Match baits you toward the end of your subscription with possible contacts, but since I cannot proof that I have to add that disclaimer. Everything you have run into with your experience I have had with mine.
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Q: I was a member of for 12 years, YES 12 YEARS. About a week ago, I tried to log onto their site, and got a message that my account had been blocked. I called and asked why. I was told that I violated some terms of their agreements with their members, but they're not allowed to disclose the reason. If I wanted to know, I would have to get a subpoena. I know what I did NOT do. I did NOT do any of the following on their site:

Threaten anyone
Use profanity
Attempt to scam anyone out of money
Send naked pictures
Use other people's pictures and claim them to be mine.
Use old pictures
Lie about details on my profile.

Several times I asked if they could reconsider their issue with me since I have been a member in good standing for 12 years, and reinstate my membership. I was always told no.
So does anyone have any suggestions?
A: It's a pity that we can't just direct our banks to not release the money to these companies!!
4 days ago
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