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115 reviews
Categories: Dating
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115 Reviews for

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Not good site, charges, and costly to not meet good people.

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New Reviewer

Worst dating site ever! They screw you with subscriptions and do not return your money! They are a rip off!! No one is real on there and they tell you your subscription is about to run out and then they take more money from you and there is no way of closing or changing the subscription online! What a crock of $#*!! DO NOT USE!!!

New Reviewer

So if you sign up for the 6 month guarentee make sure you send at least 5 emails a month so that you can get your money back, even if there are not people on there worthy to send emails to. Horrible experience!! Don't waste your money!!!

New Reviewer

Hated it! Tons of scammers (always GIS the pics, if they are too good looking to be true...they are fake profiles!) and even after reporting them, the profiles are still up. The people I wrote to didn't respond, don't think they are even still members, as I am attractive. The ones I did meet LIED about everything...height, weight, age, marital status, # of ex-wives/kids, employment name it, and their pics were all completely outdated. Had 66 horrible dates in a year and have sworn off dating at all at this point. Complete waste of time and money.

New Reviewer

I already subscribed for there bundle price of $129 for 6 months and i can't still read and send emails. what should i do ?

New Reviewer

I have been on the site for 3 months at a time for about every 9 months. The matches they send are based on the most ridiculous criteria. Seriously things like, you both recently updated your profile, or neither smoke and they give only 3 criteria at a time! Also they ignore age and ethnicity preferences when they send the daily matches. Finally, they send the same "matches" every few days to weekly. They are interspersed in the ones they send. I have had 3 relationships lasting about 3 months each since 2010. It gets tiring. ALso, make sure you mark your calendars because it auto renews and they refuse to reimburse for months not used.

New Reviewer

I've had such great success on that I wrote a book about how to succeed with online dating. It's true, some people lie, but that's not Match.coms fault. I met several fantastic, wonderful and beautiful women on Match. I'm with a sweetheart I met over 2 years ago and never would have met her without
Have fun, be safe and be honest in your profile and with your photos.
Neil Wood

New Reviewer

This site is a complete fraud. Most of the profiles do not even exist. None of the messages get through to the subscriber. DO NOT JOIN! absolute garbage. I intend to contact a lawyer to start a class action against them to expose their fraudulant scheme!

New Reviewer

DUMB AS HELL WEBSITE. Use at your own RISK an waste of money. Get a life and get more results in REAL life vs this site that hands women all the power. Waste of time

New Reviewer

I met one person who was a good match dated for about 10 months. The site is tempting us to go back on once we meet someone and cancel. I know it is a business but come on!. It is very tempting I think for many men to go back and keep looking to see if something better is on the site. Not good. Leave us alone if we cancel and have met someone-we have the option of explaining that when we cancel .Also what is up with people leaving profiles up after they cancel and no longer subscribe?! I find many men do even when meeting someone they like. Some women too but more men.

New Reviewer

This is a terrible site. The men lie and say they are looking for a someone to spend their time with. When in reality they just want a one night stand I have had men stand me up, and the only ones that I liked and tell I dont want to sleep with them I want to get to know them- ing big surprise I don't hear from them!!!

New Reviewer

The worst in unethical internet business practices and customer service I have experienced from a US business in years --- Horrendous Internet robbery. I signed up expecting the I knew from years ago, and boy have things changed. Essential features that used to be included in the original subscription are now available only as additional expense. And when it wasn't the old Match I knew and respected, they refused to refund any portion of the steep fee I had paid. Though I was polite, professional, direct and clear in my requests, customer service actually hung up on me. They don't aim to keep customers or to let them leave still respecting the business. practices BAD BREAKUP habits.

New Reviewer

Half the women' profiles are fake, another 25% are scammers and it gets really frustrating very quickly when nobody seems interested in you. The six month guarantee is not a money back guarantee, but a guarantee for six more months of pounding sand. Be careful! If you do not follow their guarantee guidelines, it will be void and you will be automatically billed again.

They have a very good marketing campaign, but don't be fooled. Chances are you will just be another victim.

A friend did take me to one of their "Stir" events. Interesting to actually see the real people of in person. Nobody says a word until people get drunk, then they act like fools, the women leave and so does everyone else.

New Reviewer

I have been on match for years. I am very well educated, pretty and caring. First of all I get more date at the gas stations and grocery stores than match. They send you daily matches that make you feel miserable. what the guys are looking for at this site is sex or money to get support. I am very picky and very seldom select a guy to go on date with. To be honest if you are looking for a match and serious man this is a wrong site. In a month my contract is over and will not renew my contract. Wasting time and money. I am just being honest.

New Reviewer

I took out a few months subscription as felt it offered good privacy (pay to view) and was interested in the whole online dating. I had a few chats (good/bad as expect) but ultimately felt I wanted to take the more natural approach and find someone when I do. There are high number of member with a real variety of people so always a chance of finding a 'match' (sorry). The profile seems to be well laid out and you receive 6 profiles a day which are usually within 50 miles radius or so. I have found that since I decided not to renew my profile I had recieved more views and winks, making me feel my profile is in likelier place of view to maybe tempt me into taking another subscription out? Anyways, if your happy to pay quite steep prices (£30p/m - £70-90 for 6mnth, also few deals..) and feel could gain from it positively then it's an experience and you may find a person on there who is real suited to yourself! Guess my best tip if a straight male, usually it will be you sending the first message, try and be creative and ask a nice question or two as it should increase chance of reply. First review done! :)

New Reviewer

was sure my account expired on 5/19, but did not get a discontinued notice but that something was wrong and my account had to be fixed. This is May 16. I clicked a button to send a reply and Presto, Pay Pal was charged, I called PayPal within in 5 minutes and they said No, it couldn't be undone. I called Match, 800 926-2824 and they do not do any refunds. AT ALL!!!. What a rip off. And the men they send? Awful!!!
Do NOT use tis will do better on the free site: Plenty of Fish. I am writing Their Corporate office at PO Box 25472, Dallas TX 75225
No wonder they only have 1 star for Customer Satisfaction. Don't do business with this site.

New Reviewer

Man, this whole only dating this is b/s. Honestly, just go out to bars, get some drinks and meet girls. It's not that hard.

New Reviewer

I am very unhappy with I spend more time deleting inappropirate emails and winks or favorites from out of state members

New Reviewer

I signed up for the 3-month subscription. Hate that to do basically anything you have to pay but I was serious to get into the dating game again after many years of being single. I chose to communicate with singles in my home state of Oklahoma. I did receive many views, winks, and likes but most of the men I wasn't that attracted to or I wasn't drawn to what they said in their profile. Some even emailed for the first time with their full name and wanting to meet, or using lame pick up lines. I managed to weed out the undesirables, communicating regularly with two guys for about a month and a half. One was a very sweet musician. I was totally into his brain, as he was a very smart guy. His profile pic wasn't bad either. Then I met him. Hardly looked anything like his photo. I think it may have been photoshopped. I was not physically attracted to him at all but we had good conversation, and I still love his "brain." We will just stay in the friend zone. Now the other guy who I didn't think I would like as much until we met was a guy who works for a large petroleum company. He was very funny, down-to-earth person who basically said what was on his mind. I found myself more attracted to him than I had thought I would be. On our first date we talked for hours over dinner. We then had a second date in which I met at his house sort of reluctantly but all went well. We saw each other one more time, but his work schedule and the fact that he was a single dad started to interfere with us getting together. He had said he wanted a serious relationship and considered us dating(couple) early on, so we decided to give it a try, and then again that is when the phone calls dried, up, basically mostly texts, then they became less but still pretty frequent. I discussed with him that really he did not have time for a relationship and I felt he was just playing me because he never cancelled his membership, said it was about to expire (but he did not cancel). That was disheartening and I told him that, so we decided to just be friends and date when we could casually until things changed. To make this long story short, beware of what people post, which I know could happen on any site. This person put that they were family oriented, looking for a longterm relationship, and listed all the fun things they like to do, but in reality he rarely got out, was into some sick sexual stuff, and he certainly wasn't looking for a long-term partner except long-term sex buddy, until he could find the next thing better to come along. Don't be fooled by what people post on these sites. Some use it only as a tool to try to hookup and post whatever bio they can to bait in those who are serious about a relationship. I wish I could list the screen name of this person, but I will just leave it at ladies beware of a guy who says "you must love kiddos", looking for a crazy fun girl who can rock a baseball cap, and if you drive a stick that's even better." Also saying leave the baggage at home, and they are family oriented, seeking a long-term relationship, not looking for a texting or Facebook buddy." It's all a lie. For this reason I did not give Match as good as a rating. I wish there was some way to screen members better to weed out some of these bad characters. Also there are a bunch of fake profiles who try to scam you that I ran into also. So beware of the pitfalls of online dating, but I would do it again, just probably not with Match.

New Reviewer

my experience after 5 days says total sham/scam. One of two email contacts eventually started leading to "you know i am in Kenya". Attempts to contact locals with email warning of fraud led to exactly one answer, and suddenly unavailable profiles of all faves/likes/winks, and fairly sure the one reply was a fraud as well, and fairly sure the only thing maybe authentic to site are photos sent in by morons such as myself.

New Reviewer

After about three weeks of moderately using this site I quickly realized it is a scam. The free site barely allows you do to anything with emailing persons in hopes this will entice you to fork over some money. After three weeks of use I've already clearly realized this site is jank. Match.coms’ website stops working by not allowing me to retrieve any of my emails. Every time I click on the email tab the system completely logs me out entirely and I have to log back in again. Same thing happens every time I attempt to check emails therefore leaving this site unusable to me and I've already paid my money to, a years’ worth. I had thought it would go to good use since this site seems to have such good reviews advertised. So I call with my unhappy experience with their site, how it is not for me and now not only is it a lame site but I can't even check my emails therefore I am no longer able to use the site even if I wanted to. The foreigner on the other end of the phone says there is nothing he can do to correct their malfunctioning website, that he cannot refund me "any" of my money not even for the time I have not been able to use the site and after he cancels my subscription (thanks) from reoccurring after the year is up I ask him to put a manager on the phone. He stalls me for a good duration of time then takes my phone number and says that a manager will call me back, he promised actually that one would. After another few weeks go by and I never received a call from a manager, I call again with the same complaints and I am told exactly the same thing, there is nothing the foreigner on the other end of the phone can do to correct their malfunctioning website, they cannot refund me any of my money not even for the time I was unable to use their website due to their technical issues and I am again PROMISED that a manager will call me with my concerns. So I called for third time just minutes ago before deciding to write this very poor review and I actually, after about an hour, got a manager on the phone. Not surprisingly the manager in which I spoke to confirms my horribly poor experience by saying that there is nothing she can do with honoring their malfunctioning website during the weeks I was not able to retrieve my emails nor is there anything she will do to cancel my subscription and refund me any of my money, NOT EVEN FOR THE TIME I WAS NOT ABLE TO USE THEIR MALFUNCTIONING WEBSITE.

New Reviewer

I paid for a 6 month subscription but they locked me out after 3 months and NEVER RESPONDED to any of my emails. Then they took $103.00 out of my account without permission, warning, or notification. They are liars and thieves and should be sued out of existence. I've done a domain address search and there are several names beginning with "match" followed by words such as "robbed us". Since I already have a paypal account I'm thinking about building a site where for one dollar people could post their stories, that way it wouldn't be a financial burden for me to maintain. I wish I knew how to start a class action suit. They've grown beyond blatant about ripping people off. I truly think they think they are above the law.

New Reviewer

I am a physically fit male, seeking a long term relationship with a women. I am successful in my career, and financially independent. is not the place to find a quality relationship. Would not recommend.

I signed up for 3 months, and decided on this dating system due to my busy schedule. Clearly, the site attracts many undesirables. Have noticed a litany of so called match profiles, with middle aged women (40 or so) and are seeking men or boys starting from 18 to twenty something, " for long term relationship". Many subscribers state they have children, as well, contain a major shopping list of their expectations of the partner they seek. I can't help but question the intelectual capacity of these individuals, as well the legitimacy of such profiles, and the necessity of a reality check.

Furthermore, have recieved many sarcastic first time responses from women, criticizing my income expectation of the partner I seek, and my photos demonstrating my upper body physique. Many of these rude emails come from women who may have a variety of barriers in obtaining their fantasy relationship.

Women on this site dramatically reduce their estimated real life age. As was the case in a few occasions when I met of women who stated in their profile were 40, and we're obviously much older, perhaps early 50's. What a turn off, and may have to seek counselling for this later.

Furthermore, beware of profiles with out pictures. Many are scams, and you will be communicating with a website or machine, prompting you to down load certain APPs to communicate.

The site requires better screaming of their clientel as a start. However, will never waiste my money again on such a program.

New Reviewer

WASTE OF MONEY, TIME, INBOX SPACE ETC!!!!! i have NEVER been a fan of online dating because, let's face it, if online dating was SO relevant and needed, NONE of us would even be alive!!!! our parents and grandparents obviously didn't need crap like this sooooo......anywho.......moving on.....i wanted to see what all they hype was about so i joined (on a special discounted rate) for 3 months and trust me; EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN POSTED ON THIS SITE IS TRUE TO FORM!!!! they sent me a bunch of 'matches' that were NOTHING close to what i preferred, and they wanted to know my whole life story (creepy at best!!), and who has time to email and wink and text until the cows come home when they work a full-time job??? NOT ME!!! and the ONE person i did make contact with told me they had a "long hair fetish"!!! uh.....TMI!!! after that experience, i backed away from trying to make contact with anyone else!! i cancelled my card, got a new card, and just skipped over their constant barrage of 'daily matches' and whatever else!!! THE WORLD OF ONLINE DATING CAN KICK ROCKS!!! i'm sticking to the old-school methods; GET CUTE, GET OUTTA THE HOUSE AND MEET REAL LIVE PEOPLE FACE-TO-FACE!!! to everyone who reads this i suggest you try doing the same!!! there is just NO way a computer can tell me who is or is NOT a douchebag!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS FELLOW CONSUMERS!!!! this online dating crap is for the birds!!! and is the absolute WORST!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Like many others who have been "swindled" out of their money and posted on this site, I too was a victim of's unfair and deceptive business practices. They "refresh" the website and don't retain user settings, including auto-pay settings. I chose to not auto-renew and there was a convenient refresh the week of subscription running out, and my card was charged anyways.

When I called the same day they took my money anyways they refused to refund my money. It's like getting sucked into a creepy cult that siphons your money and won't let go. I feel harassed and victimized.

I've filed a complaint with the Texas BBB, and also challenged this charge with my bank.

New Reviewer

Found little on this to make me believe that there are many genuine people on here. Signed up and was bombarded by what looked like fake profiles. I have had a few friends who say they've managed to get a few hook ups from it, however not convinced.

New Reviewer

Atrocious site. Scam artists and married men galore. There is a "Report a Concern" link that I have used to report the married men and was told by several customer service representatives that the men would be removed from the site within 24 hours for violating Match's policies. Guess what? Been over a week and the married men are still there and active!!! Seriously? Match helps married men cheat on their wives as long as they are making a buck, what do they care? Watch out people and stay off of this site!!!

New Reviewer

my email was infiltrated by someone who was not a member... and then the con artists began...was asked to mail very expensive things to foreign countries always an excuse... they are good... really good!!! Be very careful as match checks nothing about anyone and when i complained they said it's too bad. I was scared for my life and still am because they are criminals and don't know how much info they have access to. my email has been hacked 3 times.. JUST DON"T DO IT!!!!

New Reviewer

I was only on this site for 6 weeks. I had 3 scammers during this time. What at waste of time. They should call it I requested a refund and the more or less said "sorry about your luck". The actually said " they are aware of this and do the best they can to block scammers". But seriously 3 in 6 weeks. That was my whole time on here. Stay away.

New Reviewer

I signed up in mid Jan and up to now have had over 1000 views but not one email. Doesn't do a lot for ones self esteem! Lol I also get winks on my phone and show their profile yet they don't show on my ipad???
I sometimes wonder if my profile is even on there and the views are just a scam. I don't be renewing when the subscription runs out :(

New Reviewer

I signed up for the 3 month subscription, then met someone in the real world and realized that 4 months after I signed up I was still being charged. I am being charged until June, 6 months, for my 3 month subscription. Such BS. Why do I need to keep paying when I do not use the site at all. Extremely deceitful.

New Reviewer

Yet the biggest reason why you shouldn't ever pay is 'THEY WON'T SHOW YOUR PROFILE ONCE YOU START SUBSCRIBING'. And I come to this conclusion from my personal experience.

I created an account and got so many ladies viewing my profile within 2 days, so I subscribed, then I got just 1 or 2 views a day on average after my payment. When my 6 months subscription expired, they offered me discounts to renew and I didn't take it. I removed my pictures, edited my account with wrong details, like aged 90, etc as I wasn't going to go through the hassles of asking them to remove my account. Even without any picture on my page and basically nothing intelligent written, I started getting many profile views again. Several months later, I decided to give it another go as I didn't suspect anything then and I thought it was reasonable to pay for the service and have the chance to meet responsible ladies who are seriously looking and not just go to on sites like Badoo where all sorts happen. This second time I made a clean start, created a new profile, new pictures, well written about me page, etc. Again I started getting hundreds of views. I wasn't rushing to pay this time around, just wanted to take my time, and in 1 week my profile generated almost 500 page views. Then I paid and since after paying 2 weeks ago, I've got only 9 page views.

Now I know my strongest selling point isn't my looks, but at least I've had girlfriends in the past and have been married once. My question is, why would women on take more interest in me when I haven't paid, then suddenly don't take notice as soon as has my money? My answer? increases impression of your profile to generate interest from members until you pay and they then hide it, to reduce your chances of meeting someone. The paying members are their cash-cows. No wonder you see the same members on the site all year round. MATCH.COM IS A SCAM. I've done the equation:

Where Group A = paying members, and Group B = non paying members

1) Hide Group A from searches (they become proactively desperate, and search more themselves)
2) Show Group B in search results (they get more views, winks and emails - but can't read or make contact until they start paying)
3) Move members to opposing group once subscription status changes. (Result member never succeed = gets richer)
4) Create new Group A+ (where a Group A member pays for Group B member to read messages and still respond), but completely hide a Group A+ subscribers ( smiles even more tot he bank

New Reviewer

While this review is about Match, it could easily apply to really any pay dating site. There's a wealth of profiles, but many of them appear to be inactive. I presume this is to inflate membership numbers. I feel like it's deceptive to call people who can't actively communicate via the site "members", since the ultimate purpose of the site is communication. As a paying member, there's still ads on the site, which I take issue with.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of since even before they started keeping membership records in 2001. I believe I first enrolled in late 1997. They have always been a difficult company to contact and deal with. Recently I discovered that I was being charged $101.94 every 6 months while I believed I was still under what had been represented to me verbally on the phone by a supervisor on 2/3/2010 as a 6 month guarantee that would continue to cycle as long as my profile was visible. Thus I never watched for any charges on a very busy credit card. Additionally, when I discovered the charge of 2/1/2014 on 2/11/2014 I noted that my credit card data had expired on 8/11/2010 on's website. I have a picture of this data on's own site.. When I contacted the company on 2/11/2014 I was credited for only the 2/1/2013 $ 101.94 charge. At this time I had not done a review of my account to see if I had other charges and it was on the evening of 2/11/2014 that I noted 7 other charges that were wrong. They have consistently refused to credit me with previous charges that according to the supervisor I spoke with on February 3rd 2010, should never have been there according to how she verbally represented the " Guarantee". However, the interesting thing is that my credit card data expired with them on 8/11/2010 but they continued billing me every 6 months. It is important to note that not only was I billed with a credit card that had expired on 8/11/2010, but that the company had clearly changed my "opt out" selection at some point after my conversation with the supervisor on 2/3/2010. I had done the Auto Renewal Opt out procedure on the web as well as requesting the supervisor (on 2/3/2010) to make sure it was done. At that time it was easier to do as the Opt out button was located with your credit card data but now they clearly make it harder as it is buried in the help section so you have to go looking for it. This sure suggests deception to me but you can form your own thoughts on that point. However, it is clear from the thousands of other complaints on the web about billing issues with this company that I am not alone. My credit union calls the billing of my credit card when the dates had expired "fraud" but because of their agreement with Visa, if it is past 60 days they will not do anything. My problem is I trusted what the supervisor said to me on 2/2/2010 and I also knew I had not updated my credit card data with Match so I presumed that they would not be charging me. However they apparently changed my preferences and than billed me multiple times with expired credit card data. From my perspective this is clearly not an honest company as they have no problem billing with expired credit card data.

New Reviewer

10/02/2014 - Cancelled 1 month subscription today. shocking how terrible the website is. I would put postcode into search engine and get no reults for the whole city, I would recive requests from one girl, who I had pay fornher to contact me which she never did. Its really sad as after trying free dating, I thought what with all the advertsm that this would be the one decent place I.e. all paid up members, The reality is all the profiles are just the ones they entice people to create beforentelling them they cannot view, contact or read any message untill they pay. At least 1/4 of people viewing me had no photo. Will never use again.

New Reviewer

I have used on and off for 3 years. I like the features offered, but the last few times, had trouble accessing my email. When I called the company and said that if I couldn't read or send emails, I would want a refund as I had spent time with a customer service rep trying to fix it to no avail. I spoke to another rep and he was nice enough, but he said he couldn't refund my money eventhough I couldn't use my email at Match. He referred me to a supervisor, who wasn't nice or patient and was told by him that they would not do a refund even if I couldn't access my mail. I am done with!

New Reviewer

It's expensive! at the end of the day. And for the gay community, it's really not all that great. Slim pickins, leave it to the straight people ;)

New Reviewer

I have been on for 2 days (I know not very long) but when I first got on, I had email notifications and winks etc. It would not allow me to look unless I subscribed, so my being the marshmello I am I did. I have gotten over 100 profile views in less than 48 hrs, 6 winks, 8 they are intersted, and 12 photo likes. So I'm thinking pretty good stuff, let's send some personalized emails. I have sent 18 emails, all with personal messages about each person, and I'll be damned. Not a single response. I will admit not all have opened the email yet, but the best looking ones did and didn'r even respond. What gets me, is two of them liked my photo's, and one was interested. I am not Patrick Swazye or Ryan Gosling, but I am a solid 7-8. Tall, athletic build. Why am I not getting any responses, and why are the girls that email me and wink at me totally what I'm not looking for. I am holding out hope, but as of now I think it has been a complete waste of money and time. It also sent me an email stating I had 24 new matches, yet I cant see them in my daily matches...

New Reviewer

The site utilizes every tool at their disposal to maximize income. Including: keeping old profiles active after members' profiles expire. Keeping old profiles visible after the members cancel their membership (you must check a box to tell them to keep the profile hidden). Match does not actually remove a profile until 12 months after the current subscription run outs. So, having found somebody special and cancelling my membership, the profile sits there, waiting, and will not completely disappear for 16 months. People you have emailed or otherwise contacted still see your profile - even after you've cancelled your subscription, so they can contact you. When you meet someone really special and decide to cancel your subscription, be sure to tell them 'Oh by the way, my Match profile will still be visible to you for the next 1.5 years (or whatever). Kind of like telling them "Sure, I'll be exclusive, it will only LOOK like I'm still trolling" Not unlike contracting herpes, really, now I think on it. Oh, and if someone sends you a message and you are having Match messages forwarded to your email account, then clicking on them in your personal email account (mine is a gmail account) then there is a message that is relayed back to Match telling whoever sent the message to you that you have, in fact, read their message. So, good luck telling your one-and-only that you really have closed your account. From the perspective of Match, these sort of shenanigans are an excellent business strategy. Think about it - after your new girlfriend / boyfriend starts to mistrust, then they have two returning customers. Ta-Da! This site is frankly antithetical to responsible and ethical dating. They also throw people at you willy-nilly, even in the absence of you doing searches. I mean... why? right? Do they think that everybody is totally incompetent to run their own searches? But... It churns the database and, in a very real way, makes it more difficult to focus on quality dating vs. quantity. I don't like being churned. Oh, there is no way (or phone number) to actually get them to simply take the profile off the site. It's hard to do on Facebook, it appears to be impossible to do here

New Reviewer

I was sent a special email from them with men who have "showed interest in you." Just so happens, io know one of the men so I sent him a funny email. When I asked why he never responded he told me he hadn't been a member for 3 months! How can they say he was interested when he isn't even a subscriber! When I called to cancel, I was told that they don't provide info as to whether a member is active -- well then what's the point? I was also told that if he were interested he could pay his money to re-activate. I explained that it isn't about him, it's about me and the fact that they are shady and FALSELY sending info about non-members. Who knows how many other emails I sent went to inactive people. it is a SHADY SCAM!
They refuse to refund any $$. I put in a claim to American Express and refuse to pay the 137.94.

New Reviewer

I joined in November time and, at first, it all seemed reasonably fun and decent for the money paid. I was getting a decent amount of 'views' and made contact with a couple of women who replied back. This suited me as I didn't want or expect women to be messaging me all over the place.

I arranged a date with one girl I spoke to and it went well but I don't think anything will be happening again. I got a couple of mobile numbers but nothing ever came of those either. This doesn't sound altogether negative; however, all of this happened within a month or so of first joining. Since then, it's been dead. Now, I don't bombard women with messages but I've not had ONE response for around two months. I know not everybody has full registration and can only view and respond to certain things but honestly, for the amount it costs not to have ANY communication back is just a bit of a joke.

As other people have said of themselves, I'm not a 64 year old bloke with no teeth and sever asthma. I'm mid-20's and fairly good looking and I'm on there as I work up to 60 hours a week so struggle to meet women,

It was good for the first month or so but the novelty soon wears off. Now I just go on there and it's pretty demoralising. Another thing that annoys me is that the only way I do get views is if I view them first! Where am I coming up on the searches? I'm pretty sure that people in their mid to late twenties must take up a higher percentage of the users than other age groups.


New Reviewer

This is an open letter I wrote to Match. Enough said. Steer far, far away. Complete waste of hard-earned $$. The 1st paragraph is their statement on the FAQ section.

" does not send members misleading communications, including notifications, emails, or winks. However, sometimes you'll receive a message from a member, only to receive a "Profile Not Found" error when you try to look at their profile. Or you'll be notified that you've received a wink, only to find that it's disappeared once you sign in. In both of these cases, the member who contacted you has, for whatever reason, hidden their profile or may no longer have a valid account with us."

The above is a statement made by in the FAQ section. It is absolutely an outright lie! You MUST be well aware of this! The above is the reason why I cancelled. You cannot be trusted. Why is it that ONLY when I was NOT a member (before and after) I suddenly was the most popular guy in the world, getting winks, flirts, hugs, messages, etc. etc. beyond belief. Only to finally sign up and nothing was really there. I received email after email from YOU telling me about all these people who wrote me messages and were checking me out and were interested in me and so forth. From to blame your elusive members who allegedly spend their lives doing the "wink and run" ludicrous. You really need to stop misleading and scamming people. Truly, for a site as popular and well-known as yours, you should be ashamed of yourselves. And for the record, I have spoken to several other people who have not pursued memberships for the exact same reasons. Extremely disappointed with your business practices.

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I am a woman over 40, okay looking, 3 reasonably nice pictures, professional - horrified that don't IP ban some of the most dishonest profiles of all time - I am too scared to even try the site again. Guys saying they want a friend, partner, someone they can relate to etc - lots of nice emails then bam - come over to my home or I can come to yours I don't waste my time dating. It's just very upsetting when using a dating site.

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It was easy to set up my profile and I got messages pretty quickly. Seems like there's a large and diverse user base, which to me is the most important aspect of a dating site. If I become single again, I would definitely use the site again.

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The site is ok, but loads of fake beauties contacting you right out of the gate are disturbing. What's up with their quality control?

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SCAM AND RIPOFF SO DO NOT SIGN UP OR CANCEL IMMEDIATELY. This is my 2nd time around trying match out and I did it to see if I didn't get any dates the first time due to a poor write up or not the best of pictures. Well I'm a very attractive male 40 years old and in the top ranks and have a great physique. Let's just say this, whenever I go out to the clubs, I get the hottest woman. I've been on on and off and have got some action way more than this fake ass site match. I did the most amazing write up and have the best pics. Let's say I look like cody from Baywatch and I still have 0 luck there so what's that saying. Means this site is full of fake profiles and woman who have no intention of meeting and just want to see how much random attention they can get. I've been on there for 2 months now and 1 month left thank god. I read some of the other reviews on here and I experience the same thing. So for you guys who aren't so attractive, don't feel so bad, it's not you, it's just that 90 percent of the profiles on there aren't real. I get a woman who adds me as a favorite once every few days, then I respond back with a short and sweet reply, then never hear from her again. Some times, they unfavorite me which makes no sense. I get winks and woman who like my pics then same thing, I send them a email and no response. Then I'll message them and ask why you on a dating site when you show interest in a guy and he messages back and you don't reply. That makes no sense. Then they still don't reply. This site is rigged with so many fake profiles. I also think, they leave up the 3 days profiles they give non members so members think these people are active. I always will send an email to the online members just so I have a better chance of someone responding and nothing. I also find it hard to believe that all the most attractive woman are online during the middle of the night like it shows. I have done a search of the men that are in a 50 mile radius to see what's my competition because I'm wondering if there's guys much hotter than me which I doubt. Not to be conceited but I'm probably in the top 5 of best looking guys. So that pretty much told me that these woman that aren't responding are talking with so many other hot guys. Means that they don't exist. POF. com has many fake profiles also but at least you will get woman contacting you many times a day. Most of them aren't that hot but shows the site has many more legitimate profiles. I also found that even as a very attractive male that woman on usually won't respond when you email them. For some reason they like to do the chasing and lose interest when you initiate contact. Online dating is such a game and it's pretty pathetic. Most of these woman that are real and attractive think they are going to find a millionaire to sweep them off their feet. Most of these woman have kids and dogs which means baggage and still think they are all that. Another thing I can't stand about match is where the woman list the salary they prefer the man to make which is usually 150k plus year and expect them to have a bachelors degree. Now this is pretty hilarious since they usually are the ones who only make 35k year and have no degree. Get real you fake ass gold digging whores. NO wonder any legitimate profiles on match with these unrealistic expectations stay single forever. I have done searches of females for the last 10 years on match when I've been a non member and I still see most of the same shallow gold digging whores on there lol.. I also am a business owner and make 150k plus a year and still no luck. Cmon match, you gig is up and everyone is catching on by all the negative reviews. My forecast on this site is that it's not going to stick around for long. There will be others that are full of real profiles and quality woman. Just mad as hell at that site and had to come vent here real quick.

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I've been meeting friends online for several years, using two of the best-known free sites, Plenty of Fish and OKCupid. When I moved across the country, I decided to give a try. A few years ago I set up a profile on but never used it, because I could not only not send messages without a subscription, I could not even read messages sent to me, etc. Well I decided to give it a real shot this time, and paid a subscription fee.

There are a few things I truly, truly hate about this site. It's like being a kid, with an annoying, unreasonable schoolteacher watching your every move, and I can't stand it. What I mean is stuff like my profile pictures, where everything has to be approved for specific uses. I posted several photos, and only 1 of them is approved to be used as the "primary" picture, whereas the others are specified as "secondary" pictures only. So I look into their criteria, and a criteria for a primary picture includes nothing obstructing the face, while it also focuses on a clear view of the face. So of all the pictures I posted, there is one of me enjoying a steak, where I'm holding a steak on a fork in front of my face. The steak is at an end-on angle, meaning you see almost exactly the edge of the steak, and this covers a minimal part of the border of my face. This is also the picture with the most close-up, clearest view of my face, which is why I wanted to select it as my primary picture. But I can't, because it's not approved. The only picture they DID approve to be a primary picture is one of me with a beanie, scarf, huge jacket, and sunglasses, pretty much covering my whole face except the nose, cheeks, and mouth. Seriously? Plenty Of Fish does similar frustrating restrictions on photos, but this is not a review about POF. OKCupid seems to be the most lenient, which I love about that site; it's the site I use the absolute most.

Another really annoying thing about is that I've paid a huge amount of money for a subscription (huge amount for what I'm purchasing), and they delete messages older than 30 days old. That's crap! There is a feature on the site that lets you see any history you have with someone, so I looked up a profile what I had messaged over 30 days ago, and even though the message in my email tab (my inbox and outbox, for all intents and purposes) show the message had been deleted there, even the "history" tab on someone's profile now shows that I have NO HISTORY with that person, whereas before the message was deleted it would have listed that I emailed her on such and such date. That is unacceptable to me. If I email someone and they don't show interest, or don't reply, I'm not going to email them or pester them again and again. But the way deletes the messages, and even in the history tab, I won't know that I'm emailing them again after they already did not have interest in me (yes, I'll remember a couple of them, but I won't remember all of them).

I signed up for a year-long subscription for the cost savings. I spend enough time on OKCupid to suggest I would on as well, as I have been meeting new friends for years since I used to travel a lot. But I'm really upset that I signed up for the year-long subscription now, and wish I hadn't. I spend more time on OKCupid, which is free, than I do on Match, which I paid a large amount for.

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Having used paid and free dating sites, is the worst. For lots of reasons.firstly the high number of False profiles, many profiles are cancelled by member but continue to use it unless you opt to permanently delete your profile. There has been a number of law suits about fake profiles n con artists. The customer service is appalling with many people continuing to charge subscription fees, poor sign posting to delete. I cancelled my profile in 7 days and still waiting for a refund. DO NOT USE.

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I quit this site months ago but my profile is still up and match keeps sending me emails about winks,favorites and emails sent to me,etc.but to answer any of these I would have to sign up again. Now I understand why some of the listings I responded to when I was a member were never read. The people were no longer members and were really phantoms.
On the plus side and hence the 2 stars I did meet a wonder mate, 6 months and going

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I decided to give online dating a go and this site has put me off for life.

Firstly, I thought I was paying the three month subscription over three months, but on checking my bank account they took the whole amount of £76.00 which is not clear when signing up.

I have been on the site for nearly a week and had two messages, that doesn't include all the messages that Match have bombarded me with.

I have cancelled the automatic renewal but will cancel my card as well to safe-guard myself.

All-in-all a waste of money and my time.

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This site is a scam. They trick you into signing up with the promise of 6 months free if you don't me anyone. Then they automatically bill you even tho you never met anyone. I called to get a refund and no1 answered spoke English and did not refund my money. Stay AWAY from MATCH.COM. Free sites are better. I don't even think the profiles on match are real. I give it one star only because you can't give them negative.

Angry and confused

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