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Lyft sucks! They will terminate you as a driver for no reason and no notice in advance. When you ask "Why", they will send you an email full of lies. Stay away from Lyft. They are very shady, dishonest, and unprofessional. They steal earnings from their drivers and they cheat their customers as well. Use or apply at Uber, Sidecar or even a taxi instead. I've had awful experience with them.

New Reviewer

I mostly enjoy taking Lyfts. They don't gauge you like Uber does when demand goes up. The bad part is that it can be really hard to get a driver sometimes. I like Lyft drivers better than Uber drivers and taxi drivers by a mile.

New Reviewer

Lytf is a new kind of taxi service where a regular person in their car (usually adorned with a giant pink mustache on the grill) picks you up and gives you a ride somewhere and then you give a "donation". It works through an app on your phone. The app is only so-so designed; as of the writing of this review it requires Facebook to sign in. And the map thing is a bit finicky. In my experience it is a little bit cheaper than a regular taxi, but there aren't always drivers available. But the idea is good and hopefully will bring down taxi fares. It also seems like a reasonable way to make some extra money driving people around if you have some free time and don't mind driving around strangers. I should also mention there is a review system for drivers AND passengers so it puts some pressure on people to be nice.

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