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176 reviews
785 Castro St #C
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Tel: (347) 254-7842

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I mainly sell beads and jewelry making supplies and I turn around my credits and buy all sorts of things for my family! (in 99 reviews)


i like listia, have used it almost a year, but the nasty people are just ruining it. (in 79 reviews)


I have sold and "bought" many items on it and overall, I've been very happy with it. (in 59 reviews)

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New Reviewer

i absolutely love listia! Yes you have to watch out for some scammers but thats the listias fault (right now im waiting for a dispute to be settled and i hope get my credits back since its so much over 200,000 cause i item was never sent) but listia it self is great ive gotten some amazing things on this site ive meet a lot of awesome people and have regular buyers its just really cool this dispute is the biggest problem ive had and like i said its not the sites fault and its being handled ...the only thing is i wish it didnt take so long ive missed out on a lot of awesome auctions because of this (but thats my fault i shouldnt have even bid with this person they are new and its there first auction i just reallly wanted what they had and i thought he was for real i guess i was wrong i know to always only bid with trusted sellers)....even with things like this happening sometimes this site is awesome and i love it!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I have to say some pros and cons about Listia. It first started when a friend of mine on Facebook introduced Listia to me. At first I was stumped and my curosity made me gasp with wonder. I couldn't even want to believe this thing. You get FREE STUFF? WOW! Amazing. I eventually started my "first account." I fairly started listing auctions through Digital Delivery, winning other auctions, and earned credits through surveys mostly. It's been going on for about 2 years until my account got suspended because of listing an ice cream recipe from a video game. Really!? I didn't do anything wrong in the first place!? I then started to realize my mistakes. I was actually violating thier auction rules by listing programmed "dot exe" files through digital delivery. It was then that I just STOPPED using Listia.
After about a few months, it was a hit to me again. With my first account suspended, I secretly re opened a second account, this time using my Gmail account. Yes, it still continues today and I never got suspended. Funny thing is, the administrators never found out that it's the same person trying to open another account. Plus, I had to change my name to "Isabella" (won't tell you last name- even though it's fake)
Overall, the site is okay. I have won many things from many trusted and friendly sellers and have received many positive feedbacks from them. Something that bugged me very much today was when ListiaJamie told me that my credits couldn't be refunded from the emergency dispute I had placed for the seller.
Ah, well. Another thing is that I always (fair and square) earn credits through surveys, but...
Are surveys even safe?
And, this is how I ended up writing a review about using Listia on SiteJabber. XD

New Reviewer

Firstly listia seemed fun and exciting but then it got horrible. My auction clearly said digital delivery and in the description it said its a digital delivery but I had to refund it .

Secondly after working hard and putting up auctions I managed to get myself some credits and a very great buyer who would bid on almost all my auctions and give me great feedback, listia suspended my account for funneling ? What ? NO PROOF !!!

A year ago a friend of mine said her listia account was suspended for no reason after she had 7,000 credits.

I had asked a lot of my friends and family to try this but now I will TELL THEM ABOUT THIS SCAM

New Reviewer

I been enjoying Listia a lot since I found it so far ive been happy with the items sent to me and Ive also hade good luck with folks buying from me! I am happy with listia it is a fun place you should join me here! NurseVicky

New Reviewer

Yet another suspended account. My, husband and I share address (no $#*!?) and we have the same IP address (shocking, no?). I used his device and logged in...they banned his account but left mine...why his? My account had 5000 points...his had over 200,000...

Listia is a bunch of crooks being watched over by a small group of crooks...

Listia NOT stockpile points--they WILL steal them from you somehow!

New Reviewer

At first I thought listia was fun and a great idea. A handful of transactions in and I run into the flakey side of listia. Lonely guys in dire need of affirmation, bored middle aged women on a power trip. Don't get me wrong most of my transactions were flawless. 20% have been absolute nightmares. I'm done with the site and the creepy little games these supposed adults are playing. I'll stick with eBay where the fees filter out almost all of this behavior.
Listia user name:fb_100001397839624
I won't be on listia much longer, attempting to wrap a few nightmares and I'm gone.

New Reviewer

listia is a scam, I got banned just after I win a $1 amazone GC auction, after that I can't get into this website, luckly I just played one day ,it wastes my time ,luckly I didn't put money on this stupid wensite.

New Reviewer

I stumbled on to this website a couple months ago and I am SO hooked.

I've bought/sold on eBay for over 10 years (I'll review them another time) and the rising fees have slowly taken the fun out of it. Listia is the same idea but everything (except the occasional shipping charge) is FREE. For real free. Not "we'll suck you in then sneak in the charges later" free. It's FREE free.

The general idea is that you earn credits by trading your own junk, or you can do surveys or watch videos to build them up but see my review about Trialplay before you do that. The quickest way is to clear out your closet and get rid of stuff you don't want.

Then, you use the credits you've earned, to bid on the junk you want! GOOD junk. Most of what I have gotten so far has been brand new.

A majority of the "sellers" will offer free shipping so it really is costing you absolutely $0. But some, (like me) would prefer that you pay at least some of the shipping costs.

I have given away and gotten more stuff in the last 2 months on Listia than I ever did in 6 months on eBay and I've had a lot more fun doing it.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of Listia for only a few days and I love it! I mainly collect Antique, Gold, Silver and Bronze British and Irish Coins, Gold British Banknotes and Bars no matter what size and shape they are. I have already managed to buy a couple of new additions for my beautiful growing collection and will continue collecting these beautiful items located on Listia. All the purchases I have made were prompt, fast and easy for both me as a buyer and the sellers. Listia is a very awesome site and I hope it stays up for a very long time :). Listia and the Listia Team you guys rock!

New Reviewer

Ok. I'll say 3 stars, cuz a lot of the rules are bogus. Like if someone else has my address on their profile i get banned?! I mean c'mon dude! I live in a 4 bedroom apartment. 4 different ppl with no familial affiliations! It's a room for rent situation. So if one of my roommates make an account then im $#*!ed?! Other than the bullcrap rules, i love this site. I've won over 40 books. More than a dozen necklaces. Several rings. Collectible items. And much more. I'm totally addicted! But i shouldn't have to be afraid that one of my roomies might make an amount and will both be banned! -_-

New Reviewer

wow the site seemed great but this is stupid it does not send and the keep the credits that is bull crap

New Reviewer

Stay away! There is no real Listia Assurance. I lost over $50 worth of credits when a seller didn't sell me what was advertised (she actually sent me trash in the mail). Listia still let the seller keep the credits and never responded to my dispute. They also removed my ability to leave feedback for the transaction. It doesn't get any worse that this!

New Reviewer

No help from support, always seems they don't even read emails, I know they must be busy, But I would rather wait weeks for a reply than just get a response that has nothing to do with my case, 2x now on 2 different problems they were of no help nor do they seem to care. If you have a problem with a buyer or seller you are on your own.
Use with Caution!

New Reviewer

If you use this site, just know that if there's ever a dispute over credits listia will always believe the buyer over the seller in a dispute. I sent not one but two packages to a man claiming he didn't get it the first time, wanting to do the HONEST thing i sent out another one, I couldn't afford tracking and if you don't want to spend the money to track the items you send then DONT SIGN UP on listia. Because people will scam you and listia will allow them to. I understand that without tracking there's no proof that he got it, but what about the fact that they can't prove if he DID get it and scammed me for twice what he paid for and also wanted his credits back. In was basically called a liar by the staff and they refunded his credits so I lose out on my items sent and the credits aswell. This is a complete scam and waste of time. Its much cheaper and far less stressful and dramatic to just go buy the things you want. People sit there and bid tons of credits on items you can buy at your local DOLLAR store and they dont seem to mind wasting credits on such things as pictures of an overweight ginger girl in lingerie, to me, that seems as though it violates they're supposed "rules" but in reality there isn't any. Because then staff couldn't care less about any of it. I'm not joking when I tell you i seen used anal beads go for thousands of credits. So basically stay away from this trailer park of a website because its not legitimate.

New Reviewer

Listia was great for the first 3 years. Then I asked a legit question on an auction & got blocked after I bid a whole lot if credits! Then unknowingly, I bid on gold earrings posted by her daughter, I bid a bunch if credits then asked if they were real because of allergies, blocked & nasty comments made about me! Now, almost every time I bid, I get blocked without even saying anything! These two are out to get me & I'm sick of it! I'm an honest person & I'm one of those fools that bought & earned credits! I had over 150,000. I've been using them up & I'm gone! I won't waste anymore time & money being bullied by 2 strangers that know nothing about me! I was nice & respectful when I asked questions & now they can say anything about me & I can't defend myself! This random blocking is great for bullies! Me, my stuff & my credit card are out!! I'm sure I'll be banned after this anyway but I don't care!
I had made a lot of friends on Listia & things were great until I ran into these two people!

New Reviewer

Just tried using this site for the first time. It's pretty cool that you essentially get stuff totally free for just checking in, filling out your profile, tweeting about the site, listing items, etc. However, I wasn't knocked out by the selection of items available for purchase. Hopefully, the more people hear about the site and how easy it is to use, the more it will gain popularity and the better the selection will become.

New Reviewer

**********i received a message from SiteJabber that I should have Listia open my case again and to let them know that I heard from SiteJabber and to ask if there was something that could. I did this and told Leslie at Listia that I wanted my money back for shipping but since I figure that is not going to happen then I would like to be able to leave negative feedback. I was told that although they couldn't MAKE the seller send my money back that could, and would strongly urge her to do that. She also offered me 20,000 credits for my trouble. I decided to take the credits and to see how things go by giving them another chance. I will just need to be more careful with the shipping charges.*********** I went on this site and won my first auction on February 27, 2014. I never received my item, even though I paid the shipping charges of 4.99. I emailed the seller and she asked that I be patient because it was coming from China and could take 20 - 25 days. Then in late March my father-in-law passed away so my mind was elsewhere dealing with estate stuff and all and I finally thought to check with her as to why I had not received it, on May 7. Then on May 13 I finally hear back from her and she stated that it should take from 28-40 days and to please be patient. On 5/15 I emailed her back that I was tired of waiting and that I would expect my refund on or before may 19. On May 27 I emailed Listia about this and after several emails they gave me back my credits. But her account would only let me give positive or neutral feedback. I am unable to give any negative feedback. Listia told me that was because I waited until after 60 days to ask for a refund. But that they would deal with the seller. To which I asked how they were going to deal with her. She told me she could not tell me that due to privacy. But she was snippy and I'm sure that she could have told me how they were going to deal with her. I wasn't asking her name or where she lived. Because all emails go through Listia I don't even know her email. Anyway. I was waiting until I heard from Listia to get my friends in on it. My advice STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

I have really been enjoying Listia and have had mostly great experiences with people. I only bid on items that list "Free Shipping" and I only post items I will offer free shipping on so I haven't had any big problems. Most everyone has been really friendly in emails. I've bid on and won some pretty cool (to me) items. I got a whole season of a tv show on dvd and some really nice clothes. And when a couple charms broke in shipping to me, the seller was super friendly about it and immediately sent replacements, plus some extras. I'm keeping things as simple as I can as a bidder and as a seller. I'm not trying to win anything really big yet. Plus, it's just like eBay - you need to check the feedback on a seller before you bid. It's not a guarantee, but if you research a little before bidding, you can avoid a lot of scammers. It's not a perfect system but what is? I've been enjoying it so far.

New Reviewer

Listia was great.... The first 3 months I used it. I won great items and sold a few items that were useless to me. I was incredibly happy with the site. I checked it daily, five times a day. Until yesterday. A friend/neighbor I recruited to Listia came over and used their app at my house. We both get our accounts permanently suspended. Mine for "Referral fraud" and his because they thought he was my other account. I have always followed their rules and was going to quit soon anyway. After I spent the 20k credits I had. Now I can't do that and all those credits are from the items I just got done sending out. I emailed them to try to get my account back, but they won't get to me until "2 business days" after the request is sent. That's a problem since the auctions I wanted to win are this weekend. They are emails anyway so I don't see the point in waiting so long to fix a problem. Though with all these negative reviews on Listia, I doubt I'll be able to get my account back long enough to spend my credits and be on my way... Thanks Listia. What a great site....

New Reviewer

I have been a seller & buyer on listia for since the beginning of the site. After being on this site since the beginning, I'm just tired of the BULL$#*!!

Something about me. I have over 900+ positive feedback's and have been on listia since the beginning, for about 4 years now. NOW I HAVE TO LET YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SITE!

1.) Despite rules & policies, there is still people who commit a large amount of fraud. This is due the fact that listia doesn't make anyone verify their account thru credit card. Whenever I join a major site, they always have me verify a credit card. On listia, you will see alot of fraud due to underage sellers, people just trying to attain quick credits, newbie sellers, etc... And the site continues to run the site knowing that this happens. Weird!

2.) Your credits are guaranteed by the site. Not everyone, is trying to commit fraud on this site(I would never do such things). However, out of 10 auctions that I recently bided on 5 of them turned out to be fraudulent. Of course, I had my credits refunded back to my account by the site. But, for the most part I put my time & effort into bidding on the auction, then it turns out to be fraud. Sure, I get my credits back but its a BIG disappointment to win something, then find out I can't get the item.

3.) As a seller, vice versa... I've had buyers who have purchased from me, and I have a excellent feedback record track. But, there are those buyers who put in falsified claims and win. I sometimes sell digital goods & there is no safe guard against people who change there minds due to buyer remorse. Because of this, buyers can run rabid & state that the delivery of digital goods was never delivered or didn't work. Though, I do not argue with the buyer but it just doesn't seem fair since I did my job as a seller.

cont. 3.) Also, sellers....there is no safe guard against breakage of items in shipping. Accidents happen, and as a seller I'm willing to refund the buyers credits at any given time. However, what upsets me is the site without question, will automatically refund the buyer credits, without returning or proving the items were damaged in the mail. This is a HUGE problem on this site. I've had this happen a couple of times. I've even talked to other sellers, who have had a big problem, of supposedly fraudulence due to breakage.

4.) As a seller or buyer, its most difficult to attain a large amount of credits to get the really good stuff. What do I mean by really good stuff? Stuff like ipods, video game systems, gift cards, cell phones, etc... Its literally impossible to accumulate a large amount of credits in the short run. And by the time you attain a large amount of credits in the long run, the item is gone or no longer available anymore, or some other seller is asking for double the credits of what an original item sold for in the first auction.

cont 4.) Credits are the currency on this site. However, sellers do ask for you to pay for shipping. Now, this is what really upsets me. The slogan of the site is "GIVE & GET FREE STUFF". But, you have to read between the lines. In order to accumulate credits you have to list a bunch of items. What the site doesn't tell you, 'as a seller' (not me), they might ask for you to pay shipping charges before having the item shipped. As a seller, I would never ask for shipping charges simply because the site was based on a FREE concept. But, its not really FREE! As a seller, I would list items, pay for the shipment of items, then receive credits. So, in the end, whether you are the buyer or seller, someone always pay for shipping charges. Nothing about this site is really and truly FREE.

5.) Well, if you attain enough credits to get some of the really good stuff, then whats next. Well, you have to bid... And I tell you I got tired of bidding on items and its not easy. You are always getting outbid-ed in the last seconds of the auction. Its just no fun, when you have all of the credits necessary to win and you strive to win auctions, someone in the last seconds of the auction can outbid you.

6.) There are other options to bidding....but its going to cost you more credits.... Recently listia introduced a rewards store & 'get it now' option. The rewards store is where you can shop and listia has various items for a limited time for purchase. Sounds easy right? WRONG! Yeah, you can buy the stuff easily listed in the rewards store, but all of the items are OVERPRICED in credits. I recently was surfing their rewards store, and they had kitchen utensil set such as spoons, knifes, etc... something you can purchase in target or walmart for less than $20. This set went for 50,000 credits. That is just CRAZY! and if you are familiar with listia's credit scale, that's overpriced.

cont. 6) There is also the GET IT NOW option. Basally, they call it a GIN. Means you can buy the item now, without waiting for the auction to end. Well, you can get whatever you want. But again, its going to cost you more in credits. The whole point of auction is to get the item cheap and for very low credits. Well, there is no limits on GIN, and I see sellers taking advantage of this all the time. And buyers will fall for it.... For example, a seller posts a $5 gift card. Now, if you have been on the site for awhile (like me), you know not to spend more than 5000 credits for a $5 gift card. But, sometimes I'll go up to 8000 credits depending how desperate I need a gift card. But, I refuse to go any higher. So, if you figure $5 gift card that's about $1 for every 1000 credits, which is typically normal for this site. However, what some sellers seem to do is post $5 items, and turn around and ask for 10,000 credits or even double 20,000 credits to attain more credits for themselves. TERRIBLE! There is just no limits to the amount of credits. And people actually fall for this type of hyped excitement thinking they are getting a good deal, in which, they are not....

7.) Leaving negative feedback(from a buyer).... It seems the only way a negative feedback occurs is when you agree to give the buyer a refund or if an auction wasn't completed due to seller or buyer fault. Well, thats fine and dandy. But, let me tell you its not right. I've had only a few negatives in my feedback, and I agreed to give the buyer a full refund without question, just to be nice. Even though, I was honest and fair, and the buyer seemed nice - I ended up receiving a negative feedback in the end. Now as a seller, the only way I can leave negative is IF buyer backs out of an auction. However, I guarantee you if you are a seller, then expect retaliation from the buyer. Since, the auction wasn't completed then the buyer can also leave you a negative feedback, even though it wasn't the sellers fault. That's a HUGE flaw in the system.

8.) THE STAFF or owners of this site...... Terrible customer support and service. I understand they must remain neutral or cannot give direct answer due to liability. However, my GOODNESS.... What terrible service. Based on their policies and rules, I have to report certain buyers, as well as sellers, to the site of customer support agents. They are absolutely no help. I've never seen such an illiterate & uneducated bunch of misfits in all of my life. Sounds like a bunch of kids on the other end, with no respect to their more experienced sellers and buyers on the site. They really don't care what happens, and in return, you will receive nothing but robot responses. Some responses, don't even correlate to the complaint. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

9.) Rules & policies. Well, there is rules & policies, but seems people will still list items that are against the rules. Such as potions and items related to drug paraphernalia, Adult items (meanwhile people are willing to sell nude images of themselves), copyrighted materials (I've seen people sell off copies of dvds & cds), and so on. I've reported a few of these items, but the listia site or support don't care and they will continue to let the seller list these items. But, they turn around and take my auction down for something simple like a coupon because its a buy 1, get 1, stating that my coupon has too many restrictions. WHATEVER!!!

10.) IN FINAL, I leave you with these words "BUYER BEWARE". Since joining this site, I've had my ups and downs. More downs, than ups. Its still in the infancy stage, but I don't see it changing anytime soon. Will I continue to sell off my items for credits. Probably not anymore. I just recently emptied out my last of the credits for gift cards. I don't plan on listing anymore FREE items anymore. Its just not worth my time & effort. I just don't see how you can really accumulate a good amount of credits to attain (as I stated above), the really good stuff!

11.) LASTLY, this site was a great concept but lost my business. Its seems to be getting more expensive in terms of credits & its not letting up. With the economy still be on the downside, I just don't see why I should have to spend my hard earned money on this site. I can simply get better quality items by going to my local target or walmart for less. If you do decide to try this site out, my only suggestion is to be alert, pay attention to details when listing, always check someones feedback (stay away from people with 0 feedback, if asking for $$ or big ticket items), and you have my SYMPATHY!

New Reviewer

On this site for almost a year. After I accumulated 900,000 points my account was suspended for no valid reason PLUS I got scammed for a $50 Walmart card.
I paid the credits only to find no money on card. Listia ignored my emails. I reported them to Better Business Bureau (they keep changing their address) and police discovered they don't have a legitimate address or phone number. Could be operating from China , Police said!
This is just about the worst site on the internet so B E W A R E !!!

New Reviewer

Listia scammed me after 3 years of use.
I signed up on Listia around August 2011. Amassing over 465 logins (465 days).
Today I wake up to the news of my account being suspended. Without any reasoning as to why.
I have 151 Feedback, most of them being positive, excluding the few that were noobs and were trying to scam me and get their credits back even though they got their prize.
Before being banned, I had about 71,000 credits built up from selling my old PS3 games. I planned on saving those credits in order to get a $75 or $100 amazon card.
Upon reading their email indicating I was suspended, they did not cite the reasoning behind their suspension. This leads me to believe they are full of $#*!. I have been legitimately using their website since signing up in 2011.
I only ran into a few issues with Admins/Moderators because of mistakenly categorizing some listings or just putting up an auction I didn't know wasn't permitted. Outside of that, I did nothing to further the suspension of my account.
This leads me to believe that Listia is using the Ban hammer just for the $#*! of it.
I have contacted them via support ticket with no answer.
I advise everyone to stay away from this website. It has been nothing but problems for me. All they do is try to limit their website, making it as $#*!ty as possible. Then they do stuff like this which leads me to to conclude that their 'support team' are underpaid morons who make a living off of scamming those who don't know better.
Stay away from these people.

New Reviewer

There are sellers in listia who claim that people got banned and they relist or people keep giving unverified address and so they not send to them, is that the truth or something is behind?

Sellers should send their item in their auctions if auctions ended with winners (names shown) and those members should be able to get listia items from the auctions' sellers

if sellers use lots of reasons, "your address is not being verified I can not send to you" "you dont pay shipping fee I can not ship for free" "you are banned now I can not deliver my listia item to you because you can no longer feedback" , right? Familiar? because many of us must always face that, but why sellers speak that right?






if sellers do that, yes the banned buyers / buyers can find listia staff for assistance.

Dishonest sellers list items they dont even have, but claim buyers banned, address unverified, and not send their items they auction in prepare to meet very bad sellers in listia everybody
dishonest sellers who dont even have relevent items would claim buyers are banned, address unverified and not send your items. you get far less than what you won.
that is (i.e.) in listia, if you won 25 items in 25 auctions, right? you may only get 5 items in your hand or mail. yes scam.

I won over 100 auctions, I now only get 5 items. think how horrible.

New Reviewer

Listia people please note one thing, listia staff can steal read people's mail and email in


To enjoy freebies in listia, you have to get ready to write in mail things that does not even violate listia rules. if your mail writes listia bad things yes you are suspended next.

bidding, too many people bid, when you put a bid that is highest that someone would bid over you at the last. I dont like it.

Privacy Risks - listia staff can read your mail messages. be very careful when you message listia people. try ask them to write in facebook or email address if you want to write bad things on listia

unwanted programs - ask peopel to paypal to get extra listia credits is enough to speak this

adult content - lingerie, bra, under, panties, sexy thong, condoms, pregnant items.

misleading claims - if someone have same shipping address we listia would see if the receiver are different person,
truth - 2 listia member with same shipping address even if different receivers, both listia account are suspended.

this is from my freinds and my real life experience in listia

listia a lot of people dislike must have reasons. nobody would want to hate something without reasons.

but listia misled people that if 2 account in listia use same shipping address they would check, but truth is they would suspend 2+ accounts with same house number already.

if you and other listia member have same shipping address, they would not give you any chance.

New Reviewer

I hate people who cheat and tell lies, listia staff, stop being so fake hearted by saying your page is nice, I have a friend who got suspended on 3rd march 2014, he today cried that he was innocent when being banned.

listia dare to say that my friend have mistake so being banned.

We ordinary people who never work anytime for listia (even if work for listia, SORRY NO, work in listia must tell lies, why bother working there.) are the one who is telling the truth on listia

those who said listia is a great site, if you guys look carefully you will know what happen and what is wrong

yes all posts are listia employee doing

we dont need such decoration or circus act. we dont need to do any circus act.

being a banned listia member, let me tell people my banned reason

Same shipping address with listia (at least one member) member.

listia would not allow/tolerate 2 people or more people with same ship add even if your receiver are not the same person. they only judge by shipping address

I dont wanna work in listia. if working in listia must have to write fake words that LISTIA A NICE PAGE, I AM TOUCHED

my freind cried today. I think I wish to let people know listia would never care how long your membership is, they ban people as they wished.

so I would just tell people about how I think alright.

Listia has no heart, this page is a damn page. a damned page that must be banned from internet to avoid ruin people and give people mental loss

9 out of 10 people dislike this page.

do you know why

do you know that, when you sending mails in listia,com listia staff can read your messages. some banned people got hunted when they write LISTIA IS BAD PAGE on messages. or if you write things that speaks listia is bad page, you will be banned.

shipping address is a big reason why many were banned. 2 people or more with one address when you win items, you are banned.

the worst moments are, some moments, you won sellers items, listia ban you without let you write the shipping address. seller really guess that you left listia and forgo the item

yes listia is very harsh.

sometimes if you were banned, you even got no opportunity to check back the items you bidded, especially if you win great gorgeous items, but listia does not give you anymore chance to write shipping address but just perm ban you without any reasons.

even if a person is banned, let them write their final address before listia ban them I think it's not a harsh request. but listia, especially if you got banned, you can never have this chance.

I hate listia. I hate it.

listia, those who write listia good site, are all listia hired people or listia employee.

thank you very much for let me write this note.

New Reviewer

Everyone in this page ,look those who write good feedback to listia. they are all listia employee

let's say hi to them and let's condemn how *** they are doing

the more unnecessary stuff they do on this page pretending that listia is good, the more we people must really underlook listia

listia can only do this kind of poor thing, SO DESPERATE SO CHEAP SO *** SO *** DAMNED site. listia is a serious damned site that being its employee must have to go around to pretend that listia is a good site that we are all laughing out loud towards listia staff

if listia staff is hired to write untrue fake *** on listia against majority's feelings, I would rather not work for listia

a person must live to write the truest feeling and the truest words from true heart, from real from inside, the truest

a person must be honest and speaking truth.

if hired in listia means that, if people so hate your page you have to write so many fake lies to "laugh towards people"

this kind of mission impossible, you do. I dont want

I prefer spread that listia is a damned site that its staff must have to do so fake to try to maintain its weak pride.

I prefer tell people listia is a bad damned site that must force staff to tell fake lies.



I would not pollute myself with listia

go around scambook and many page which say listia is bad, u may get into some people (FEW) saying that "I think listia is nice page only peopel wrong so they got banned"

...they (who said that we got banned due to our mistakes) are actually listia staff

people go around, talking/spoken about BEING SO FAKE

we ordinary people can never win listia staff who post so fake words.

when they post once, people would trust them and got spooked inside. that they are good page (listia is good site)

but when same speech, same post show in so many pages, what kind and what quality of rubbish site is, I think I dont have to speak so many words.

the more we speak the more fake we will become. look how listia staff cover their real hearts and speak such fake words fake lies, I dont wanna be the same standard with staff

New Reviewer

Listia does not tell people something hidden. I am a banned member. Reason was because my shipping address was same with at least one person in listia.

listia spoke that if you share same shipping they would at least pending to go check with pervious people to see who has same address with you, to see if you are all sending the same dude or not.

You may ask one thing, if a family has 2 people, same address would listia ban. right?


TWO LISTIA MEMBER SAME SHIPPING ADDRESS no matter USA or not USA. just need one person with same shipping address with YOU. or someone else used your address to ship item to you, when they won item. if you not know then you use. yes all people suspended.

Two listia members use identical street name identical house number, flat number, even if same receiver name or different name same surname, or even different surname. 2 people use same address are suspended immediately.

look at me, I am a live example.

others who stay in listia kept saying it must be people's mistake so they got banned. but I think, at least, when you at school, you not just only got one classmate or in your home, you dont live alone.

first , basically, at least, if without your mother, you won't exist in this world. right?

this is already 2 people. your mom and you. then your biological father who use sperm to born you out. this is already 3 people.

if they register with you in listia. listia would ban all people account this I think many people would try to avoid this. but that if these 3 people won item. write same shipping address YES listia would suspend all people without hearing your explanations.

but you know, you can't murder your parents due to this site only allow one shipping address on one listia member account

father and mother, are important than this fokker page. listia is a fokker site which we must try to fight off

you can't try to stay on page and kill your family members,

you can't try to stay on page (listia) and ignore / isolate your classmate and friends

you can't hate your people just because listia only allow one person one IP one account, only allow one address one person use.

if you ask me, yes it's truth and true and real that.....

2 people same shipping address, listia would ban both account

the more people have same shipping address yes the same problem in listia.

listia does not allow 2+ people have identical shipping address

many people , like me, died on SHIPPING ADDRESS VERIFICATION on listia

but we would not kill our family and freinds just because listia only allow one person use listia. or two people use listia. or only one person can put your shipping address.

each and every individual address (shippin/home/mail home address/residential address) can only be verified by one time, once, and if two plus people use.

even if receiver are 2 different people ,yes listia would suspend everyone

listia does not allow same shipping address on 2 listia people accounts

but I dont support people kill their family and friends just because listia only permit one person use one address.

listia should be killed off quickly to avoid ruining people by giving serious mental loss by suspending people quickly and suddenly

the sudden account suspension. gives people serious mental loss.

I would not give any paypal money on

New Reviewer

I have 2 freinds to send items in real life, my freinds and I use this site. firstly, the credits are very few (only 3100 marks even when you have facebook linked) twitter usually no 100credits.

this is also why many people would want to have more marks by making accounts. listia marks if you play legally is actually very few.

and same IP can not use 2 account. library computers are all same IP. same online area, all online compu already all same IP, but different people use, does not mean that all are ONE DUDE together.

then. address verify $#*!.

address verify. listia set a rule that you can only ship to people that can give you a verified address in listia

but had you guys found out that.

same address/identical address can not be used on 2 listia accounts.

or else, listia would ban 2 acounts immediate wihtout verify your address!!!!!

yes this is what most listia people got banned for,

first, IP $#*!, then Address verify thing

which person does not have 2 or more freinds

if 2 freinds want to send item, no money, go listia, buy item to same person.

to get thru the addrress verify, most people have to write wrong numbers. then must mail seller.....oh correct one should be what waht what what what, not my given verified number.

how complex.

Listia is a serious RIP OFF and a SCAM

New Reviewer

Most of the people who bid are scammers. I sent an item to someone who won the bid, watched as it was delivered by tracking, and they had the gall to try and say they did not get it.

Not only that, but "Everything is free!" is a crock. 98% of the items you have to pay shipping and handling, and most of the people charge an arm and leg. A five dollar necklace was free, yes, but the shipping and handling was $14.95. They lived one state over. I mean c'mon!? That's more than the necklace itself was worth on Amazon! Not only that, but you have to pay for more credits if you are one of the people that has nothing to list. You get 700 credits for listing an auction, but if you don't have anything extra to give, say bye bye to those credits unless you want to pay.

Honestly, you'd be better off just avoiding this site. The items with no shipping and handling are crap anyway, and that's if you even win the bid. I've seen bids get up pretty high. Listia....totally not worth it.

New Reviewer

I was really enjoying this site for a couple of months, really liked sending and receiving things from all over the world. Very user friendly. Unfortunately, my account was suspended for reasons that were not true. They said that I was bidding on my own auctions to "funnel" credits. This came about because my son bid on one of my auctions to win something for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. He has his own account, that he was logged into from his own phone. They said that we had the same IP address. There is no way in the world that this is true. There is something seriously wrong with their system that would allow them to think that.
It is not a scam or a rip off site, but they have problems that still need to be worked out. So do not get too involved, sending your goodies all over the world because if they shut off your account, you lose everything.

New Reviewer

Great so far. I did notice some of the negative feedback. In fairness if someone does not read the description or the shipping terms and ends up with something THEY misunderstood, that is not Listia's fault. If shipping says "digital" than it is a email not an actual item. Also, selling certain gift cards and getting suspended is also the users fault for not reading the terms and conditions. If a bidder does not receive what was stated credits will be returned. Important to READ and not get angry at a site for a personal mistake.

New Reviewer

First of all, the stupid website suspended my account for no reason. I had nothing but good feedback from buyers and sellers and I have never made a rude comment or done anything to get my account suspended. They did this right after I had spent $20 buying Listia credits which leads me to believe that Listia scammed me for my money. Also, they tell you that you can get good stuff for free, but trust me, its not free. You have to pay shipping and handling at least 80% of the time and the people charge you an arm and a leg for it! I will not be returning to Listia because I would not be at all surprised if they suspended me again for no apparent reason.

New Reviewer

OMGosh-How can anyone whose intelligence quotia is at least part of the overall bell curve pass up an EASY WAY to turn junk into $$$$??
I have honestly flipped hundreds of designer items (most New w tags) that I have won on the site, for serious cash!! There is no Thrift store/consignment shop in the universe that carries the amount of items and variety that Listia does...or that gives you the opportunity to swap your stuff right out of your house for credits to get gift cards (just like cash as they can also be flipped and sold).
Im here to tell you...if you haven't figured out yet how to make Listia work for you, and pay your rent.....well then you don't deserve to get the goodies!! LOL Not that hard to figure out!!
Hands down, easiest way to make money and w/No taxation whew hoo!

New Reviewer

I have been with Listia since December of 2013 ,I don't agree with all the rules that listia has like auctioning off digital items such as a picture of a ps3 .Who wants a picture of a ps3 when they are selling things to get credits to buy stuff and then find out its a only a picture....Ya that made me angry although I never fell for that a lot of people did.I have gotten a lot of cool items on here like eos chapstick and a new wallet and purse and all sorts of awesome things but I have also auctioned off a lot of items and have spent nearly$ 300.00 on shipping my items out to winners,so overall im not sure if I am winning or losing.I have expressed my concerns to listia and never really received a response only a listia administrator saying my issue was solved!!! Although I have always been granted my credits back when someone did not wanna send the item I won!!

New Reviewer

This stupid website suspended my account right after i had just spent 50 real american currency dollars to get credit and they wont give me a refund

New Reviewer

In addition to all the feedback here i went a bit further and typed in Listia Better business bureau and you can see the complaints here

And more complaints

I have just sent in a request for them to cancel my account!

New Reviewer

I have tried to contact them several times, always get "generic email" which is no help. Purchased credits at another site and filled their requirements to get more credits with Listia but never got credits. Back and forth and back and forth. This site is a bunch of crap, never get any help just run around. Don't join this site, it's more nightmares than anything. They don't care about their members at all!!!!!!

New Reviewer

After almost 1 year selling stuff (steam games and others) for almost 357.000 credits (stuff what i bought myself with cheap deals from amazon and resell on listia for credits) so one day i tried to bid on a xbox 360 fulfiled by bestbuy everything was fine,i bided order placed,next day when i loged in "your account has been suspended" i send e-mail i got replayh in 36 day's with a copy paste from rules like my refferals bided on me to increae my auction and i bid on them to get bonus credits,belive me,i reffered like 752 people because im part of a HUGE steam group and like i sell steam keys for sure someone of my refferals bided on me,most of them got 2000 bonus credits and bid them all on my cheap auiction,but i never bid on refferals because i was afraid of this supension,now my points and work for a year is gone,my xbox order have been canceled



New Reviewer

I've done eBay, tried Yardsellr and finally discovered Listia one day about 3 years ago.. I've been getting rid of stuff (and getting AWESOME things in return) ever since!! Love that there are no fees like ebay.. and since they've grown there is now a LOT more traffic. I'm finding Auctions just do better here than other sites and this year I got ALL my Christmas gifts from Listia! I've never had any major issues and if I ever run across a problem, there's always the Listia Assurance policy. Great site!

New Reviewer

the best site ever i make a living from listia yes the sit need more work but in the end better than ebay and listia and you sell more

New Reviewer

I have sold many of used toys, cds, books on Listia. It amazes me that everything I listed was sold, including even a Chinese movie, an artist graphics biography, a kid poetry book. The site is definitely easy and rewarding to use. I was able to buy new race car toy, some used puzzles and books for my kids before the Christmas.
I trust Listia, as if I don't get item auctioned, I would get my credits back through Listia moderators. Overall, I love this site.

New Reviewer

Well i see a lot of people complaining about how bad listia is and about the junk being sold well guys its an auction site if you want you can auction off broken glass thats your choice and in the junk there are LOADS of good stuff i got myself about 100$ worth of games from listia sold some stuff and never had a problem most of the guys or girls (dont want to offend anyone xD) were very nice and considerate and for the lolife scumbag scammers you can spot them a mile away so just stay away from them and you will be fine i'v been using listia for 9 months now only 1 time a seller didnt send the item but even that is not problem cus if you dont get your item you just get a full refund o love the site the comunity is good 5 stars(more if i could)

New Reviewer

Too many ppl dispute for every little thing. I have used listia for 3 months now and I always ship my items free. It's supposed to be a free website. Then why would someone want to charge 6 dollars for shipping a wallet?? I tried refunding it and didn't get my credits back, didn't get the wallet and brittneyshott gave me a negative rating. This website's a joke....

New Reviewer

stole 44,000 credits after i tried to list a 100 dollar amazon gift card and was to mail it to the winner so he could open it for christmas and then he started demanding i send right away via email and when i told him no i was mailing via snailmail so he could get it like a christmas present and pysicaly open it a moderator sent me a abrubt message saying he gets his creds which is compleatly wrong and not to their policy. they break their own rules why should they be trusted to not break yours?

New Reviewer

Lots of junk. People list their used items and free samples with hopes of trading them into something better! I've been a member for about 4 months now and found a few good items but you need to search diligently through the listings and figure out if your actually paying more for the item with your credits than you would be paying with actual money. Had great hopes for this sight but all in all really disappointed.

New Reviewer

I really enjoy Listia. It reminds me of the way ebay used to be, which means dealing with individual sellers. Most of the complaints here seem to be solved by "buyer beware" - if you buy from a seller with a low rating, well, you know what you are getting into. I've won brand new Urban Decay makeup (on Listia) and a ton of new unique and vintage jewelry. I love it! Things I didn't want and would have thrown out have been transformed into Jewelry and I didn't pay anything to make it happen. I only bid on things with free shipping. I spend a lot of time on there and always have fun searching for ending soonest

New Reviewer

I love listia, because I can get rid of the stuff that has been laying around the house - things like cd's and my old stamp collection. In return, I can get gift cards or items my kids want for Christmas. Just like any other auction site, you do have to be careful who you do business with, but the choices are endless, and "free" is always good! I also like the sense of community that comes from doing business with the same people, as listia is still small enough to be personal, but big enough to have choices.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for almost 2 years . I have won some great items and given away many great items. There are always bad apples that spoil things , but you have to be smart and read the listings and comments . I have had a couple of bad sellers not follow through , but you get that on any auction site. Ebay has scammers and fraudulent sellers as well. Most often the ones who complain are the ones who were suspended for violation the rules, *They are sent an email with the reason for suspension . I love Listia and will continue to be on there offering my items and winning more great things.

New Reviewer

Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch!Sure there are some fraudulent or down right rude sellers, but that's ANY site you go on!

With their policy, it's easy to win back credits if they were lost because of seller not following through. Likewise if you have a problem with a winner, they hear your side of the story. The Moderators and Administrators are very knowledgeable of the policies and their customer service is GREAT!!! There are people on here complaining about suspeneded accounts and credits being revoked---it's simple READ THE RULES and FOLLOW THEM.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They are super fast and helpful when you need them! If you would just utilize them you would not have suspended accounts.

Also, people need to realize that with the amount of auctions to staff ratio, there are some that slip through the cracks that shouldn't that happens.Read the rules, play nice, make friends, ask questions when you need to, and if you want to be negative don't blame a company for someone's elses deeds!

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