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319 reviews
785 Castro St #C
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Tel: (347) 254-7842

319 Reviews From Our Community

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The amount of credits you earn does NOT cover your shipping cost. (in 181 reviews)


I have sold and "bought" many items on it and overall, I've been very happy with it. (in 114 reviews)


I've been warned DOZENS of times about various rules I've broken----still have an active account. (in 100 reviews)

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1 review
3 helpful votes

I don't like that they let people sell Nazi memorabilia and smoking supplies (which often get bought by people underage, which is a MAJOR problem!!!)

Ask K about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

Listia is the worst site ever, i have support tickets with no replies till 2 weeks and later my account gets banned containing 500000 credits for no damn reason!! Its a total scam. Listia is just sucking your investments for their own profits. When you list an auction, and it ends with lets say 100k credits, by the time you receive them they are valued at 90k, what i mean by that is the credits are devalued and LISTIA IS THE ONLY ONE BENEFITING FROM IT. A complete fraud which should be reported!

Ask Chickenz about Listia
1 review
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I have been a list I an for a while I l love it and think it's a great experience. I offer free shipping on all my items because it just makes less trouble for me. I have given away great stuff and have received great stuff so yeah I love it and recommend them to all my friends

Ask Amanda about Listia
1 review
16 helpful votes

On October 9, Listia credits were sold at 4000 per $1. As of this review, credits are now 4650 for $1. That's a destruction of your credit value of 16.25% in only TWO WEEKS.

Listia better find a way to stop this credit value demolishment, or their site will be come even more irrelevant than it is now.


The problem with Listia starts and ends with the value of credits. As of this review, Listia credits are worth roughly 10,000 per dollar value. Listia will argue otherwise, but I'll deal with that in a moment.

First, let's look at how I value the credits: Listia sells Amazon gift cards, and other goods which have a set dollar amount. The number of credits it takes to buy them has skyrocketed in the last few years. And, this is true for all items on Listia where there is a SET and STANDARD dollar amount attached.

The prices in credits continue to move higher.

At the moment, if you want to trade your credits for something with real value you are looking at spending 8,000 - 10,000 credits for every dollar of value you receive.

The reason Listia credits continue to spiral downward in value is mainly twofold:

1) Listia continues to offer credits to people for doing nothing. You can "earn" EASILY 5000 credits in the first hour after you join. This is because Listia will give you credits for things that are virtual tasks, and that add nothing of value to the marketplace (watching a video, filling out your profile, etc). Listia will give you credits for referring others to the site. They will give you credits simply for listing items, and sometimes with special deals where the more you list, the more credits you get.

2) You can earn credits for doing outside tasks for Listia "partners." These "partners" no-doubt pay Listia for the privilege to advertise to you and capture your information for marketing purposes. Now, this would be fine IF the money Listia made came back to Listia users. One way Listia could do that is to BUY CREDITS BACK from users. Another would be to stop offering all the other free credits for doing stuff that adds no product to the Listia marketplace. There are other ways, but it really comes down to Listia's greed VS the strength of the ecosystem. At the moment, it seems Listias greed is more important than the marketplace.

Now, Listia would claim that the value of their credits is more. For example, they sell credits at the rate of 200,000 for $50. This would assign a value to the credits of 4000 per $1. And, although that is a disasterously-inflated number compared to just a few months ago, it does, at face-value, seem to be a better deal than the 8,000 to 10,000 I wrote about at the top.

So, what's the difference in the two numbers?

The difference is known as "the spread." As in, the "spread" between what Listia will give for credits (ie what they sell Amazon gift cards for), and what they want YOU to pay when you buy credits.

Look at this real-world example: Let's say you buy 200,000 credits for $50 from Listia. Then, you decide you want to buy an Amazon gift card. Well, as of this review, a $35 Amazon gift card is bid up to 245,000 credits. That's 45,000 MORE credits you will need to get something you could have bought in the real world for $15 less in dollars, but in credits, you need to come up with at least 45000 MORE.

In REAL dollars, listia sells credits at the rate of 4000 per $1, or $0.00025 each. But, they will buy them back from you (in the sale of gift cards and hard goods in the "rewards store") if you pay them roughly 10,000 in credits for every $1 of gift card or hard goods* (see below for "hard goods" commentary). When Listia takes the credits back, they are doing so at $0.0001 each.

The bottom line on the valuation of credits is this: It's like you bought a house for $250,000 and when you went to sell it, you were offered only $100,000.

That is ridiculous. No excuse. Totally unacceptable.

Listia must literally be LAUGHING at you.

Listia's founders are Gee Chuang, James Fong. They received nearly TWELVE MILLION in funding on top of whatever else they are scraping out of Listia. You can find out more about them and their investors at:

If you use Listia, you better be good with a calculator, spreadsheet, and willing to lose money in transaction after transaction. Until Listia changes the mathematic-certainty that your credits are worth less each day, the site will be used less and less by people willing to do real trading.

*As for the other "hard goods" that Listia sells in their "rewards store," there is no way to know what Listia's cost is - if any - on those goods. Thus, it may be that Listia makes an infinite percent market up on those items. Those items may be part of marketing efforts by Listia partners where they give the items to Listia, Listia sells them for credits, and the partners get a new name added to their list of potential customers to market to. There's just no telling how much Listia makes on those deals.

Ask Rick about Listia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I loved Listia, still have 240,000 credits but I think the idea the if a bid goes higher than a seller's GIN asking credit amount, the GIN option is then removed & if you haven't been watching that item from the beginning, you can get screwed bad, as I just did, spending almost 15,000 credits more on a video game and asked the user, dereksdoll, for a refund because my child was hospitalized & I didn't know about the ridiculous GIN rule. I never used that option with my auctions. It is also wrong because users like dereksdoll can list an item with a GIN of 59,999, with a starting bid of 39,999, which is obviously over the 50% mark of credits needed to GIN, you can get scammed to spend more credits every time. I also will be contacting the BBB as well as the FTC regarding this "issue". The GIN, if posted by the seller should remain until the END of the listing. One dollar is now worth almost 4,000 credits as well, which disgusts me! When I first joined a year and a half ago, a dollar was worth maybe 1,500 credits which seemed MUCH more fair. I am starting to HATE Listia. Not necessarily the mods, but they are becoming WAY LESS helpful to users who have extenuating circumstances and just generally. Losing my credits to an item I could have got if not for Listia's RIDICULOUS GIN rule makes me sick. They need to re-think that ASAP or unhappy users such as myself and obviously many others, will simply bow out after blowing my credits on stupid stuff I could care less for! I know derekssoll, the user I won mistakenly a PC game from is rude, harasses you and will likely send me junk and I can guarantee I won't be refunded my credits. I would only ask for a refund if the item is defective or just plain wrong but I don't see them backing me up as a buyer . Why? Because dereksdoll has been a user since 2011 and has sold over 1,000 items and me only 90 in a year and a half. The GIN rule in the TOU is simply NOT FAIR! Listia moderators can try to explain why it is in place but the reality's UNFAIR!!!

Ask Joel about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I Would Say Do Not Use This Site All They Care About Is There Selfs And Taking Your Credits When Do Not Need Them And As Long As They Get What They Want They Are Happy I Listed A Auction On There Site And It Got Deleted For There Know It All Moderators That Do Not Know Nothing About Shipping They Only Favor Certain People On There Site Too Which Is Not Right They Also Can Not Ever Take Responsibility For There F ups Moderators Working For Them

Tip for consumers: Do Not Use There Site Shut Them Down

Ask Stephanie about Listia
1 review
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Listia is okay you can earn credits to get free stuff, I normally just watch videos. I just look at free shipping items. I wish it was easier to get more credits for people who can't buy or sell also I think people should get more items on how much they bid.

Ask Shannon about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Listia is great, however it needs some improvements. To start off, it is very risky to send a package without tracking number, making it unnecessarily expensive for Listians who want to offer free shipping within the marketplace. To counteract this, there should be a different way in which we can prove we sent out our packages, for example allowing us to record a video of us dropping the package at a USPS drop off point etc, this would encourage more "sellers" to add free shipping to their listings as it will reduce their overall expenses, after all this is a "free stuff" website, not eBay....Now to the infrastructure, in our listings, we should be able to offer FREE SHIPPING/PAID SHIPPING but with an extra cost, credits being the currency for which the buyer/bidder will pay for shipping, but instead of paying in dollars shipping should be paid in credits! Why hasn't this already been put into place? Also some buyers within Listia are just looking to rip sellers off , claiming the item arrived broken/not as described/empty package costing us Listian "sellers" more than we bargained for, also when users need credits they can buy right off of Listia with paypal/credit card, this is useful but after a while the price of credits keeps inflating, if you Listia is reading this please consider changing your credit prices from cheap to expensive every 3-6 months to stimulate a healthy economical value. Trust me I studied economics.... Thanks!

Ask Listian about Listia
1 review
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I've never left a review before in my life, but I just happened to Google Listia and saw the overwhelming number of negative reviews. My experience has been nothing like these and I've had dozens if not 100 or more transactions on the site.

Aside from a handful of disappointing experiences, which I think should be expected on any site like this, I've continually enjoyed the experience. Admins have been very helpful in the rare instances that I've needed them.

This is a unique concept that I feel is being managed quite effectively. Assuming these users pay attention to exchange rates to get a good idea of what to expect and only interact trusted users, I'm surprised to see so many one-star reviews.

I don't doubt the validity of anybody else's account, but I just wanted to provide my perspective as a consistently satisfied user.

Ask B about Listia
3 reviews
25 helpful votes

Please do not use Listia. I sent out so many items and did not get anything for them. When a few customers claimed they did not get their order before I could even get it to them, Listia took away my points for all of the items I was able to send out which was in the 100s. I ended up complaining to the BBB about them and still did not get any compensation for all of the products I sent out for free and spent tons of shipping costs on. In retaliation for me complaining about them they suspended my account. I lost at least 15000 points that I had earned. They encourage their customers to rip you off by allowing them to make untrue accusations against you. They are crooks and I would advise you to proceed with caution before you sign up with them.

Ask Cynthia about Listia
1 review
8 helpful votes

I loved listia when I first started over a year ago. In the beginning you got nice things for a fraction of the cost. IT IS NOT FEE however. If you want credits to "buy" something you have to buy them OR sell something YOU PAID for or HANDMADE (time is money, the supplies cost money) Then you offer it and if you select the amount you think it is worth called a GIN price they soak you for a HUGE amount. If you take the chance and start low you could lose out your hiney. Then for people to bid you MUST offer FREE shipping which YOU PAY FOR. Most times YOU NEVER recoup the price of the item or the shipping money back in credits. NOW .... Listia does not do a reasonable GIN for their rewards store items instead they make you compete to get the item. No more saving for that nice item for a present or that you really wanted. You have to compete against those that use listia as a business. You will find businesses on there selling their items. Those that require you to pay for shipping do NOT make any credits if any on the items. It is a HUGE ripoff. I have 140,000 credits but it might as well be 1 because the inflation over the last several months in credits is OFF THE CHARTS that 140,000 credits cost me roughly 50 bucks in shipping. It is all a big joke.

Ask Kimberly about Listia
1 review
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Ask BILLY about Listia
1 review
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I was recommended through fb by many friends I do like the app because you can earn credits through surveys and buying I use PeanutLabs Surveys and im being really honest but I cannot afford to use 5$ on the app only because I am verry poor but I do love how the surveys you can do it and get credits especially right now because they are 1.5x more credits I earned 6.6k credits in a survey and now im bidding on a present for my mom I really like this app/website even though I use the app you guys should try it

Ask Evelyn about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Out of all my winnings i never received more than half.ppl will say they never got your auction when they did them tell admin that way they would get your auction and keep the credits
Yes its happen to me..its all bull$#*!

Ask chas about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm a huge fan of Listia, I'm not living in LA LA land, I know some people/auctions are scams!! Read everything, ask questions and if you don't feel comfortable don't bid(simple)!! I've been on Listia for about 6 months, I have a 100% track record, and plan to keep it!! I only list NEW or slightly used items, and only bid on the same, I have had a couple of issues with buyers, but at the end of the day it's not worth it to argue with them, Listia is fun for me and I intended to keep it that way. :)

Ask Rikki about Listia
12 reviews
7 helpful votes

Many of their own rules they break and if you get nailed for paying for something you did not get, your loss, they will not help you at all.

Ask Dennis about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

Lets see if this even gets posted!

I had joined Listia in Jan 2010 by Dec 2010 I had completed over 250 auctions with 75 buys.

I had well over 150,000 credits. Out of the 250 sells there were 3 bad reviews, only because the winners claimed they never received their items. Which I know not to be true, I had tracking invoices..

I had put up an auction for some high end jewelry, the starting bid was 5,000 credits well under a retail value on the items. The winning bidder won with a bid of 16,000 credits.

The items were shipped at my cost along w/insurance.

The next day after this winner received her items, she decided that she didn't want them and claimed one of the earrings was broken, and wanted her credits refunded. She filed a claim stating she received damaged items.

I never saw any photos from her showing the broken earring.

I was notified by Lisita's customer service staff informing me that her credits would be refunded, they weren't going to give me the opportunity to argue the matter.

I refused to allow that to happen so I disputed her claim with photos used on that very auction. Which took well over a week of harassment emails and post from the lying winner before Listia returned their decision on the matter.

*Note: Within that time, I had won several other auctions and spent 90% of my credits

So to make a long story short, I had to pay for return shipping, I was in the minus on any future credits earned and the witch who won the auction, never shipped back the jewelry.

Two weeks later I quit Listia, then I found that the winning witch of my auction had listed a auction of her own with my undamaged jewelry!

Ask Lori about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

I love it, but I get bummed when I waste my time on an offer and never get my credits. For instance, I spent 3 days trying to get 500 Swagbucks just so I could get some credits on Listia, and I never got them. Other than that happening, Listia is great and it is worth it.

Ask Jennifer about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

You are buying/selling on there. Its not free and flag all the auctions you want. They wont be taken down even if what there selling is illegat(I have proof). The free thing always makes me laugh. Id love to see them say that in court. Ebay is cheaper and they dont steal from you. Most if not all the people that said they went back after there account being shut down and credits stolen work for listia. The surveys are a scam and youll never see the credits but the videos used to work(as of a few months ago). There is a class action thats in the works I read about but who know if that will ever get off the ground. I was pretty luck only 30k was stolen from me

Ask joe about Listia
1 review
2 helpful votes

Well, let me start by saying this. I had an account with listia that had almost 4000 positive reviews, close to 15 neutrals (cant please everyone), 0 negatives. I was a good seller, helping make listia a trusted website. They blocked my account with nearly 400,000 credits and no telling how many pending. I probably had 700,000 credits in all. This was back when 800 to 1200 credits were equal to a dollar. Now its like 6000-8000 per dollar. Everything was going great. I sold uv movie codes with an occasional electronic here and there. I was redeeming credits for gift cards, games, etc from fellow users. Then one day I noticed they had a rewards store. Then you could use gin to buy items, now it is all normal auctions. I used some of my credits to get a 40 inch tv. Or so I thought, 2 days after redeeming credits on this listia rewards store item they blocked my account. I was pissed. When I purchased items from other sellers everything was ok. Now since I bought from their rewards store my account got blocked. Numerous emails and phone calls but they would not unblock nor give an adequate reason why.I was pissed. Basically I lost around $700 worth of credits with no explanation. This includes the codes I sent as well as the items I sent. At that time I would have left them a -10 feedback. This review would be full of choice words, ranting, grumbles, negativety, etc. !!!!!!!!!HOWEVER!!!!!!!, 2 months later I decided to give it one more shot. I had opened a tictail store that was not doing well. Actually, only one sale was made and they immediately after purchase disputed the purchase and got a refund. So, I went back to listia remembering the good sales their and the great users they had. Now, 2 years later, everything is going great again. Great users, a better listia team, nearly everything. The inflation went wild a few months back but has calmed down. This is around the time listia changed the rewards store to no gin (get it now), gave more credits per $1 in the buy credits store, start new users with more credits, etc. So again, now it is more like 6000 credits equals $1. The store lists at best 324,000 for $100. But that's not the perceived value. And, later I decided to give the rewards store another shot. This was when gin was still available. All I can say is WOW!!! I redeemed for a few tvs, game systems, a touchscreen radio for both my car and truck, games, touchscreen acer computer for the house, a very nice surround system for the man cave. I could go on and on. Yes, you will run into an occasional butthole, or a child who just signed up, etc. But here is the key. Listia moderators will always look into every dispute and decide a winner/loser. sometimes both are winners. At that time both keep the credits. If the buyer does not send you a verified address, do not send your item. Listia is very on point with this. Either the buyer verifies their address or you keep the credits without sending the item. Basically free credits for you. With 99% of what I list, no shipping is required. I send the code through listia messaging. So it does not matter to me about address verification. Do your research. Find some top sellers, I recommend those with 3000 or more positive reviews and ask questions. Most will help. The fasted way to earn credits is to first get verified. That's easy to do. Then list a few small items that are cheap to ship. Build your feedback to I would say at least a positive 10. List a few small gift cards. They earn the most credits and code nothing to send the info out. Then search around, there are a lot of great deals to be had!! Now, am I upset about my first listia experience? YES!! due to the fact they blocked my account for I feel no reason. But I also remember all the good as well. BUT!!!!!, you know for me to leave listia a 5star review after that, this site has to be really great. IT IS!!! But it is very important to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Find out as much as you can. Listia considers itself to be a free version of ebay in so many ways. I assume this is for tax purposes. For us, once you learn the ropes, it is more like a trade site. Only you are using your items to trade for credits which can then be traded for other items. Im a sports fan so I relate it to this.... the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees want to make a trade. Most of the trade pieces are right. But the Braves need a quality pitcher and the Yankees want to keep all theirs. All other pieces are good. The Braves have a good backup shortstop they are willing to include. The Yankees are set at shortstop. So, here comes the Detroit Tigers who have a stockpile of pitching but needs a shortstop. So now its a 3 team trade with all 3 teams getting what they want/need. Baseball fans understand this. Listia is like the Detroit Tigers in this situation. The trade would not have gotten done without Detroit. Listia is the same way. Would you give me gift cards for movie codes if you are not into movie codes? NO. But if I had credits received from others for my movie codes, would you now give me the gift cards for these credits? YES. Because you can now use those credits for purchases you are into. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Nothing on this site is free, but you can trade whatnots around the house for credits which can be used to purchase different and bigger items or many smaller items. Hope this review helps.

Ask larry about Listia
1 review
5 helpful votes

This is the quote Tom gave "We do not have an actual credit-to-cash or cash-to-credit ratio as it is determined by the ever-changing dynamic marketplace and it will vary from category to category, and from listing to listing. As the marketplace credits fluctuate, so will the credits available for purchase. "
And this was copied and pasted off the Listia site
Current rate:
3,400 Credits / US$1
(as of Sep 2, 2015 at 5:02am)

That sure looks like a credit to cash ratio Tom. An you said " We do not have an actual credit-to-cash or cash-to-credit ratio" Looks like someone got caught in a lie. I even have a screen shot, and printed the page.

I also want to let everyone know the user auctiontech sells fake/counterfeit items. Listia was warned of the issue with some of his auctions and they did nothing! He is auctioning slabbed coins from bogus grading companies. BEWARE this user and BEWARE LISTIA! I will be adding more reviews with more users names. Someone needs to protect the users, and we sure know that Listia won't!

Ask Eric about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been with Listia now for nearly 5 yrs!! I consider myself somewhat of a "Listia Vet". With Over 3200 Positive Feedback(s), I can say truthfully, I absolutely LOVE Listia. I think the concept is fantastic and have thoroughly enjoyed being a Seller and a Buyer on this site. The site itself is Brilliant!!! I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Listia for making many holidays & birthdays splendid for myself , family members, children & friends! For the last several yrs my Christmas(s) alone for my children have been far beyond anything I could of done on my own. My husband & I both work, however, thanks to Listia I have been able to give my kids gift(s) & items we normally could not afford at the time or would have been put on delay. (Example) Mountain Bikes, Pools, Rafts, TV's, ect. I could go on & on about the numerous items we now have in our home Thanks to offerings on Listia, Reward store ,also to the AMAZING Sellers!

No, I do NOT work for Listia, I am not a moderator nor did I get coaxed or paid for writing this review. I am just a Mother of 3 who has been a loyal and confident Seller/Buyer via Listia! I have a handicap child who has also benefited from the items I have won of here and I cannot express what that has meant to myself and to my son!

Yes. Listia has it down falls just like any other auction site. This is very evident & true. There are indeed some "bad apples" which could make Listia unenjoyable or unpleasant to newbies especially or currents users. However, being aware, alert and basic common sense definitely helps out in bidding/winning items. I myself after nearly 5 yrs have been scammed and let down by some of the "bad apples", its very discouraging, if not completely irritating - but again, with ANY Auction site these unfortunate mishaps do occur & happen! This should NOT be the deciding factor in which one would leave or call out Listia as a "whole". Just because some user abused their auction or lied, scammed or cheated you does not make it fair to cast Listia as a "Bad site", that simply in unfair and inaccurate!

When Listia works, it WORKS! The benefits certainly outweigh the negatives. This is a FACT! I would agree with other users on this review that SOME of the Moderators need a bit more training as a few Mods are very bias and walk that fine line of Bullying & doing their required job and being very unprofessional! There are unfortunately some who are down right questionable or even rude and very unprofessional and in all honesty unfair. Ex: I won a DVD- it was broke upon arrival, I took it upon myself to make a Return Label (paid for the label out of my pocket) and sent it back to Seller as it was broke. However the Moderator felt it necessary to side with the user who sent the Broken item, stating it was just an "accident". Yes, those things could easily deter anyone from wanting to continue with Listia- but again, in the Long run, NOT all Mods are so unpleasant. Listia is AWESOME! Its actually very amazing and offers so many opportunities in receiving items many of us could not afford on our own! Please, do not take the words of others, give it a try and see for yourself , and see how terrific it can be!!! I am now going on 5 yrs- I have had my troubles, yes, but 99.9% of the time, I have come out ahead and am over all HAPPY & Extremely pleased to be there! Its somewhat of an 'addiction' for me! LOL. Its an A+ site! Thank You Listia for all your hard work and making it a wonderful community! I am thrilled to be a member and continue to strive to be a Top Seller on your site and I just am so grateful to be there with such wonderful Users/Staff! God Bless!

Ask Sara about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I first discovered Listia a year ago, and quickly grew to love it.
I am disabled (legally blind) so I would have my children help me set up auctions, write reviews, bid, etc.
Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that in some cases, my children were writing the reviews from their personal viewpoints- meaning, if I got my daughter a shirt, she would write what I told her, but replace 'my daughter' with 'I'.
One day, my ex wife checked up on the account (knowing it was mine) but made claims that it was our daughter alone using it, out of spite.
After over 40 successful transactions, with 100% positive feedback, I awoke one morning to find that my account had been banned... with over 100,000 credits on it. I attempted multiple times to contact Listia, but my support tickets were closed within a day of being filed by Mods..without reason or response.
I then contacted one of the main Listia 'workers'; "Listia (insert name here)", but instead received incredibly nasty and condescending responses, as the Listia member was convinced that I was a child (talk about mistaken age- at 60 years old, you think my vocabulary would be enough evidence of my age.)
Eventually, I gave up entirely on Listia.

Now, a year later, I have found myself with plenty of useless junk. Listia immediately came to mind in terms of ridding myself of it...
I decided to give Listia another try.
I contacted Listia with a support ticket, explaining the situation in full. I only asked if I would be allowed to start a new account, and to verify my age and identity I offered to verify my account via credit card as well.
I didn't expect to get anywhere, but...
For the first time a Mod actually responded- and sent the support ticket up to the 'higher-ups' in Listia Customer Service.
Within the next day, a Customer Service Representative had contacted me- asking about my original account (usernames, details, etc.) And rather than have me start all over again, they gave me access to my ORIGINAL account- credits, feedback and all still remaining from a year ago.
I immediately reverified all of my information, and have begun using Listia again without issue. It has allowed me to provide splendidly for my children, where I couldnt before.

I am definitely a satisfied customer.

There are a few flaws to Listia, however...

1. As many have said over and over again, nothing is truly free- you either have to buy credits, sell items of your own (and usually pay shipping fees yourself) or do Surveys, offers, and free downloads. (Go to #2 to see why I advise AGAINST surveys and downloads.)
All of these little issues can be easy to get around, hence why I continue to use Listia.
For me, shipping fees are easy to get around. I always ship first class mail, in the smallest boxes/envelopes available, wrapped in paper, with tracking via OfficeDepot. The most I have ever paid for a package was $3.25 .. and believe me, it was a heavy item.
2. 99% of the surveys, offers, and downloads are MALICIOUS. BEWARE. As an old member of Listia, my experience with them is truly the best you will find anywhere.
A very select few of these offers are valid.. and either way, scam or not, I have always received my credits.. but.. It doesnt matter who these offers are from- Trialpay, Peanutlabs, etc. Most are scams, some mild, and some very dangerous.
I have had over 250 Trojans installed on my computer with the offers and downloads.
I have had a keylogger installed on my computer before.
I have had offers presented to me that appear to be from legitimate companies, but in fact they are not- meaning, if ANYTHING, even if what appears to be a genuine offer from someone like GameFly or Netflix pops up with the requirements of credit card info/addresses, do NOT enter that information. Avoid at all costs- the credits are not worth possible identity theft and fraud.
I have done a lot of research, and unfortunately, Listia isn't entirely at fault for this. I do believe they are unaware of what these third party scammers are actually doing through their website... all they know is that the dangerous ads they promote are the ads supporting the website financially.
3. There are many scammers on Listia. It is impossible to scroll through a page of items for auction without at least one of the items being a scam of some variety or another.
There are very easy ways to get around this, however...
If you are unsure of whether or not the seller is a scammer, look for :
Feedback. If it is at 0%, don't bid.
The description of the item for auction: If there is little to no information, likely a scam.
Pictures: If there are only a few pictures, and the pictures look a bit too professional- probably a scam. If you use Chrome, you can easily find out if the auction is a scam by left clicking on the images, and then clicking "Search with Google". Google will show you all results for the exact image, in different sizes, and will show you exactly where the images are from. This will tell you if the seller stole the images off of another website, making it a RED FLAG.
4. My fourth and final issue with Listia is the fact that, although the layout of the website is incredibly simple.. it is simple to the point where many people do not take business on there seriously. Meaning, often unlike websites such as Ebay, potential buyers are much more open about..everything.
They will make rude comments, they will ask invasive questions, and they WILL be demanding. It can be hard to deal with, and occasionally you come across people that are more than rude- they are scary. I have met many other users whose lives, personal information, and family were threatened on Listia before by "bad" users. Listia does make an effort to remove those people from the site, but unfortunately there are just too many to do so without making some huge changes.

Ask Glenn about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Used Listia for a few years and have had no problems. Just be careful to read descriptions and rules of the sellers. Read with your eyes wide-open and look over the sellors reviews. The best way to protect yourself.

I wonder if Listia can be used for making a true profit. Like the guy (not on listia) who traded up from a red paperclip to some crazy substantial profits.

Ask Sharon about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

Well it has been a while on Listia. The customer service reps are good people. The listings are very easy. But the shipping has forced me to list very few items at this time. I have spent too much money shipping my items to other people. This site advertises as FREE. Yes it is free to sign up. It is free to list, but it is costly to ship out items to buyers for the sake of points and get very little in return. Most LIstia sellers online advertise their items for well over what they are worth. The items you see can be purchased on Ebay for 2, 3 $ and free shipping to boot. Then too, you run the risk of giving away rare antiques, or good items for the sake of points, and may not get your points. It hasn't happen to me yet, and hope it does not, but some say it has happened to them. I think LIstia workers are focused on keeping things positive so I am sure they will work out something for anyone who has this experience. There is nice people on Listia for the most part. Few rude, obnoxious people here and again but mostly nice. I like Listia for the most part, but the cost to ship is enormous and buying something for yourself cost way too much. NOt worth it!

But I am adamant of keeping my acc live. I do enjoy it overall, just won'g be listing lots of items as I did in the past.

Ask Maggie about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ok this site is so horrible! To the bottom of my heart I really wish I can give it a big fat 0! But any way. I saved $200 to get credits ! Right ! As soon as I got the credits it said u had been ban ? For having to much credits ? There's no way in hell u should be banned becuz u had to much credits ! AT ALLL ! This one lady got jelly becuz a women's that won my auction that she wanted ! She messaged me cursing Me out saying I should of did a GIN a dad soon as I told her I will let listia handle this she reported me ! I got banned I fight my a$$ of to get my account back well got it..than they kicked me off for having to many credits (what I said above this message) I will never ever go on's just to much wasting ur money on here like I did is just not worth it ! I hate this app I wish I can get my $200 back and I can still get them to court court About this ! I got everything thing screen shores so if they even say a lie I got it with this time and date people if u want to use this site go on...good luck

Ask Shelley about Listia
8 reviews
32 helpful votes

I thought this was a great idea for children. Clothes and toys are barely used. But when I saw the items posted, I thought they should be burned for lice n chiggers. Very sorry

Ask Sharon about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

First of all, I don't understand all the negative reviews. The only reason that the people who voted one star is that they violated the rules, one way or another. Listia is a great site. I haven't had any problems with any of my transactions since I signed up in May 2015. (Over 30 transactions) I've gotten countless items that I wouldn't be able to have bought in real life, which is another great thing about this site. If you haven't signed up yet, please use this link- You will get 1000 free credits for joining :)

Ask Jeff about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I saw a person selling fake coupons, reported them and that person continued selling the coupons.Their reply to me showed no consideration and seemed they did not care to investigate at all. That person continued listing the coupons. However, I list a video game and the listing is deleted, does not seem fair to me. I admit I don't know all the rules but that is because listia's rules are hard to find. I sell on ebay. Their rules are easy to find short plain and simple and don''t have a problem finding their rules.

Ask christine about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I can't believe all the nasty comments about Listia. As I read through them I can't believe how stupid some users are. If you simply learn to read above the 4th grade level you will understand why you were banned. Selling items to your roommate? Please, just give it to them. If you simply read what is allowed and what is not allowed, you will not be banned.

I have had communications with Listia workers on a few occasions and it was speedy, informative and fair.

Listia credit values is simple "economics 101" - supply and demand. If you don't understand that concept, do a Google search and READ! Have you ever heard the idiom "One man's trash is another man's treasure" - look it up and READ again, then you will understand Listia.

Happy Listian

Ask Angela about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

awesome place to meet people around the world n get great stuff

Ask Kelly about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

i tried to log into listia today,my name on the account is littlekaratedaisy. and it says my account is " no longer active " then i tried to log in again later, and it said " your account is suspended " what does this mean,why did it happen, and i need to log on, i have lots of credits on their,and i have an auction going on right now that ends in 1 or 2 days....i will end up getting negative feedback just cause listia " suspended my account " for how long? i dont know. thats why im ticked off. please unsuspend my account. thanks.

Ask Daisy about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

A huge inflation in listia. Used to be 1,000 credits = $1 all the way to 5,000 credits = $1

Lol no thank you :)

Ask Robert about Listia
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Listia is absolutely pitiful!

Not only the fact that you are free to get scammed on there, but their customer service is $*!%.

It was 11 PM last night when I was trying to get into my normal Listia account. I had not been on in a few days. I forgot the password and was locked out of my email. I decided to create a new account . Shortly thereafter, I started bidding, won several new items and tried to verify my address for shipping.

I waited nearly a whole hour for my address to be verified. I finally got an email that my address was declined. I was pissed off so I decided to submit a request. I detailed my situation and after another hour of waiting, I received another email thatmy account was suspended.

Listia is a joke. They actually track your IP Address so that you can't create another account. Isn't that illegal? LISTIA SHOULD BE SUED!

To hell with Listia! Their customer service center is probably full of high school drop outs who are inept at responding to people's emails. Listia is a joke. Don't use it.

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE IT!

Ask Mike about Listia
1 review
5 helpful votes

For all the people listia had scam, discretieded, wasted their time, money, and effort, ; they need to be sued. Listia doesn't abide by their own terms of service so I don't know why they would expect any one else to.

Ask Melanie about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

J.M.'s story is so typical. Listia freely suspends members under the pretense of violating their TOS but they steal from those members, retaining the credits those members have earned.

Having earned those credits for "selling" items, Listia is, in effect withholding wages from its suspended members. (Perhaps the DOL - Department of Labor - might be interested in hearing about that!)

Their TOS are so loose that good members can be suspended if other not-so-good members report them, yet scamming members use inappropriate language, sell items they don't own, items that are illegal (counterfeit, etc.) or otherwise verbally attack members.

Scammers are free to hide comments and block members from contacting or flagging their listings, ultimately resulting in other buyers not getting what is expected.

At least sites like iOffer don't pretend to be "honest." People who shop on iOffer know they're buying from scammers!

Listia pretends to have rules but they don't enforce them.


ETA: Since Listia hasn't yet responded, I'd like to ask another question of Tom since he's so diligent in explaining and defending Listia.

Please explain why Listia would be allowed to keep credits either earned or purchased by members after those members' accounts are suspended? Those members own those credits!

Ask B about Listia
1 review
10 helpful votes

Been an active Listia user for over a year. Even applied to be a mod believe it or not! Used to love the site, now I am starting to believe its a scam! Not only have I followed the rules, but I would actually go out of my way to make sure all my auctions got mailed out a day within their closing. I had 100% positive feedback, lots of badges, etc. I earned 98,000 credits by listing my artwork and other odds and ends. Got scammed out of my auction winnings several times but eventually gave up on trying to get it back. Even had tracking numbers. Listia just didn't care. I spend hundreds of dollars a month sending out my items - and yes, do so willingly as the credits I earn I bid on things for my first baby (like diaper codes, etc), or coins for my hubby's coin collection. Well today, I went to login as I do every day and saw a popup that my account was "suspended." For what? I submitted a support ticket. They replied with a generic response of following the terms of service. I triple checked with a fine tooth comb - did nothing against them. Kept submitting support tickets. Listia still hasn't given me an answer why my account is banned! Got tired of their customer service giving me the run around and files a BBB (Better Business Bureau) report. I totally feel ripped off as I have put so much time into surveys and listing items. The amount of money I have spent shipping items (or paying for items! - that I will NEVER get now) is outrageous. While I used to LOVE Listia....they are now on my crapper list. What a SCAM!

Ask J about Listia
1 review
16 helpful votes

JJ is very correct. People sell counterfeits all the time. If you DARE question the seller about authenticity, you are cussed at, the seller attempts to humiliate you, you are blocked AND Listia does nothing to remove the listing.

Instead of reporting listings, I file reports with Homeland Security/FBI who is responsible for counterfeit trafficking (which yes, that's what Listia is)

"Tom" is full of crap. Listia is very unresponsive and bans the 'troublemakers', errrrr I mean those that dare report the counterfeits. In short, they don't care.

Listia is a joke.

Current fakes (found in a quick 5 minute search) (which even states they don't know if it's authentic)

Addendum: all the above listings, which are painfully obviously COUNTERFEIT, are still up despite reporting. See how pro-active Listia is?

Ask Karma about Listia
1 review
15 helpful votes

Not sure what happened to my original review. Seems it has poofed.

As to this: "Despite what you think, Listia does not allow counterfeit bags."

It is not what I think. It is what I KNOW to be true. I used to report every fake LV on the site. Listia used to remove them. Not anymore. They haven't removed them for well over a year.

According to Listia, I was a trouble maker who pointed out the fakes. I and others were booted for trying to prevent people from using their credits on the fake crap. Many users would email me for opinions on bags, because they knew if there was a fake, that it would remain no matter what.

"Listia does not authenticate items on the site, however, we also do not allow the listing of items that aren't 100% authentic."

That is utter BS! The fact that you had at least 2 known bag authenticators on the site that are no longer on the site due to being banned, proves you allow fakes.

Tom, I looked at the LV listings last night. Every item was a blatant Counterfeit.

"We simply ask users to flag the auction and it will be looked over carefully by our mods."

Every fake LV I ever saw was flagged. Every fake stayed.

If you think your mods know about handbags, you are sadly mistaken.

One of your mods used to email me regularly about LV's. When I would point out why it was fake, she would then tell me "Thanks, but we mods can't remove anything unless we can get the member to admit it's fake."

So yes, Tom, you indeed condone Counterfeits.

"We do our best to ensure only authentic items are listed on our site and we are sorry if you are unhappy with our system."

You do absolutely NOTHING to protect your members from fakes.

I'm not unhappy with your system. I'm DISGUSTED by it!

Ask J about Listia
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Ok, first of all Listia is a love/hate relationship for me. I love the variety of "free" items and a lot of the community is fun to talk to. Auctions are simple to list, the only thing I would change about that format is that you can only upload one photo at a time, instead of several. I wish ebay would use their listing format!!

Now the bad, Listia is poorly monitored for fraudulent items and unfortunately if they don't do something about it soon, I have a feeling they will be out of business. I have purchased counterfeit coupons off of Listia, provided documentation from the company that they were fake coupons and Listia did nothing to the seller. She went on selling these coupons for months, with no reprimand. What Listia isn't thinking about is that by allowing these on their site, these companies can sue them. So, unless they can start listening to their bidders and allow for a process that allows us to report a seller without bidding on their items, they will be in trouble soon themselves.

I don't spend a ton of time on Listia, maybe a few hours a week, and generally find about 5 scammers a week without trying. Listia needs to monitor their auctions better and educate their buyers and sellers better.

So, if you decide to use Listia, review feedback like crazy! If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If a seller has several auctions with blocked comments, that is also another warning sign.

Please fix your system Listia..

Ask May about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

Listia is good in concept, but they are money hungry. When I joined only months ago, you could get 40k credits for $40, about 1000 per dollar. Then they made it where you could get 70k for $40. Then it was 85k for $40. And now its 105k for $40. If you're brand new to the site, this doesn't make a difference. But if you've been selling your stuff for a while and accumulating credits, it's huge.

Every time they raise the per dollar credits, sellers have to raise their prices to compensate, so they're getting the same value for their stuff. And that means any credits I have in savings will buy that much less. For example, I sold a bunch of my DVDs on Listia a while ago and got 30k credits for them (about $30 back then), and I could expect to get about 6-8 new UV codes for that amount. Now those same points are worth less that $12, and I can only buy about 2-3 UV codes, depending on the movie. Why? Sellers have raised their prices on the codes in direct response to Listia's pricing changes.

The more points you have saved, the bigger a loser you will be. All of those savings, are being shaved off a little more day by day as they continue to increase the points-to-price ratio. It strains credibility to think that Listia is not aware of what they are doing here. But hey, it's good for getting more people in the door and making them more money, so who cares about their sellers, right?

So if you plan on making a business out of Listia, forget it. They've made it all but impossible. Listia cannot be trusted to provide a stable economy for business. If you want to use them to make a few sales here and there in the short term and plan to immediately spend your points, it's no big deal. But DO NOT ACCUMULATE POINTS! The more you save, the more you will lose as Listia continues to mess with their prices.

UPDATE 7/23/2015
As of a few days ago, the points to dollar ratio was $40 for 110k points. I checked today, and that same $40 now buys 128k. That's a 16% increase within just a few weeks. Again, great for buyers and great for lining Listia's pockets, but sellers get shafted. The points I have spent so much time accumulating continue to be devalued on the whim of those running the site. Sellers beware!

UPDATE 8/27/2015
It's now been about a months since my last update. Back in the old days (i.e. about 4 weeks ago), $40 bought 128k points. As of today, $40 will buy you 160k points. That's an increase of 25%. Translation: any sellers who have saved their points for future purchases now have 25% less purchasing power than a few days ago. As long as they keep this up, prices will continue to rise, and sellers will continue to lose. Thanks Listia!

UPDATE 10/09/2015
Just checked the exchange rate. Just to be sure we are comparing apples to apples, let's ask how much $40 will buy in points today. Well, it's now 81k for $20. So $40 will now get you 162k points. So we we are pretty much holding steady for now. I hope that Listia has finally gotten the message and plans to stop these ridiculous increases.

UPDATE 11/21/2015
The exchange rate continues to climb. We are now at 5800 credits per $1. So $40 will get you 232k points. Apparently they have not gotten the message and continue to rampantly devalue their currency. Amazing.

UPDATE 1/15/2016
And we are at yet another new high, 7500 credits per dollar. For comparison, $40 will not get you 300,000 credits. Keep it going Listia! Let's see how fast you can make my earning worthless!

Ask Chalmers about Listia
1 review
12 helpful votes

I was sold a counterfiet game that was broken. I was told in order to get my credits back (55,050) I have to pay for return shipping which is $12 which is ridiculous!!! I already provide free shipping on my items and pay out of pocket for credits now they're asking me to pay even more money out of my pocket to get my credits back!! I will gladly return the counterfeit game that is broken I have no problem with that but its ridiculous to ask the customer to pay to get their credits back!! They told me its because a "customer might lie to get their credits back" I sent pictures to prove its broken and they agreed it is broken but I still have to pay to get my credits back!!! I sold a $100 item and now I have to pay even more money to get what is rightfully mine back! If I don't get my credits back I'm contacting the better business bureau!

Ask Shayla about Listia
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

listia staff, stop condemn suspended listia members and write fake untrue reviews.

even I am able to find out which reviews are from a real member and which reviews are staff writing. those who blame suspended people "you are bad and evil and misuse listia so got banned" are staff.

those they love that site are also staff writing.

I just dont get it why listia keeps doing such cheap thing when so many ppl condemn them. they even make fake people answering others who write listia reviews.

if you look clearly, that representative and those good reviews writers are working together to bully people who write bad review to listia.

real people are people who write listia is ripoff. they got suspended. they are unfairly banned.



dont know why listia staff not improve their rude remarks but just keep staying on all scam sites and give rude and impolite and unfriendly replies to people who write bad reviews to listia

why people write bad reviews must have their own reasons.

listia never learn, they only condemn people who bad review listia. this is not being wanted. this act from listia staff is highly unwanted.

listia staff, be a man, stop condemn suspended listia members and write fake untrue reviews.

Ask Mohak about Listia
1 review
7 helpful votes

it's not difficult nor hard to find out which reviews are really from a real listia user and which review are from listia paid staff.
listia never learn, they never learn. they just keep pay money to staff writing so many unheartful (fake,betraying) reviews to make it look like banned members are stupid or telling lies which actually listia staff are liars.
liars like listia staff needs to write fake reviews to mix with people's negative feedback and make it look like suspended are the real stupid people that actually and finally, people are able to recognize which reviews are really from an ordinary person and which reviews are from LISTIA STAFF.
listia staff tom F (representative) , your fake work is being condemned by whole world
people should understand how quality listia is. what quality is only a very bad reputation site needs doing something so fake
real good site no need a fake delegate and fake staff review pretending they are listia users love that site. people should understand which are fake reviews.
those they love this site are listia staff doing.
look how fake they write. look how much they swear or blame other people who are real users that only got suspended unluckily. they have no crime, they have no sin. they are even innocent
they heard listia good they go use, but got suspended by saying with multiple fake accounts or funneling credits in listia, or scam other listia users' items.
the people are not criminals, listia, dont be so harsh to the people. they just got suspended by your site. they have their rights to write bad things on your site,
if your site is good, u dont have to have a fake TOM F and fake review by asking listia staff write to save your site pride
people, use your brain to find out which are staff's reviews and dont really believe the reviews the staff writes, they mislead you.
Chris M (28 May 2015 review, in red) is clearly a listia staff writing.
dont believe the staff review and regret yourself

Ask Anais about Listia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used for over 3 years and I am addicted. I love it. I win Blu ray movies and Baseball Cards among many other things. Sorry to see some people really don't know how to use Listia correctly by their complaints on here. I give them 5/5 Stars from me and GO LISTIA!!!! Also people having doubts or issues check out their Facebook for lots of help.

Ask Chris about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

First off Customer Service is horrible.. If you have issue your own your own.. Secondly, I have been scammed twice since I've been on their site since April 2015 all because of their horrible system.. Even after you send documentation of proof the other party is wrong.. I would not recommend to anyone

Ask Donita about Listia
1 review
10 helpful votes

Why is it Listia uses mods that are horrid at doing their job? I had an auction sell for an authentic item. Lady claimed it wasn't authentic. She had buyers remorse and asked for a refund thru Listia, but, as suspected... she did not read the description of the bag and when she received it, the bag had some faint blue spots on it, that were disclosed in my listing and pics, and went on a tirade that the bag wasn't authentic. She disputed saying it wasn't real. I disputed back. The mod said since they couldn't see the bag to verify it was real or not, they would refund her and bring us back to "the state" we were both at before the sale. They never asked if I could prove the bag was real or not, and I can, as I have the receipt. But, they allowed her to leave me negative feedback that wasn't part of my "state" before the sale and even tho my rating is still 100% because of percentage system they use, I still have a negative rating and u can see by my numerous listings that I always give more than buyer wins auction for, all my merchandise is in excellent working or authentic order and not ONE person beside this woman has ever complained about my stuff. I don't sell junk....most of my stuff has been quality vintage, Crystal, or antiques. Even my 75 handmade rosaries were perfection to the buyers. This woman had a history of buyers remorse with false disputed claims and disputed anyone that shipped to her without tracking. My record was impeccable, but the ruling left me with a negative rating. I have left Listia because of it.

Now I don't, for the first time since I joined have any listings up.....and the negative feedback was the icing on the cake. The real reason I can't stand to use Listia is that they won't do anything about letting people run rabid with the gift cards, which has quadrupled or more since just Jan.2015, with Listia stating it was because of the rewards store items, but Listias credits also sell for that much more since then as well. There seems to be no end in sight on gift card pricing, and Listia has allowed these gift card prices to make a farce of Listia and trashed people's thinking about their site in just 4 months!

Ask Liz about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Hello listia block me reason multiple account, I write but listia say nothing do!!! I have more than 800 feedbacks and more than 300000 points. becouse block me? my nickname snuriks1 why I need multiple accounts? and now I dont trust listia system

Ask Martins about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I enjoy the idea of listia. And I really loved listia when I first joined, all the way up until about 1/2015. Something happened where they changed the credit value, and all the sudden items that were once 20,000 credits were now 85,000 credits. I wish I'd have held on to some of my stuff a bit longer since the credits have quadrupled in value in just a few short months. Then they changed the format of the rewards store where you could go and redeem awesome items immediately for the credits you accumulated. Well now the rewards store is an auction where you cannot get anything immediately, and the amount of credits these rewards store auctions end for is absolutely ridiculous compared to what they were listing as get it now offers just 6 months ago. But I've never had a problem with my account being suspended, I have however had to deal with not so pleasant moderators... :(

Ask Stephanie about Listia
1 review
8 helpful votes

I just opened an account sold a huge variety of cosmetics, mailed it out with tracking, seller recvd items and I would have had 80,000 points but then they banned it saying multiple accounts. I had a sister in law that had one but she doesn't not live with me!!!!!!!!!!!! So now im out 80,000 and my cosmetics plus shipping charges. Follow the riles and you get screwed. Its not fair and I wish I could complain. Maybe the BBB. Any suggestions because what they did is stealing. Ive never had an account before a month ago!!!!!!!

Ask Luise about Listia

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