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45 main suite 524
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

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I don't know why people are complaining about the customer service. (in 24 reviews)

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1 review
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I CAN'T believe people take out their frustration of salons or massage/nail parlors on Lifebooker! The saying "Don't shoot the messenger"? Well, in case you haven't noticed..... It is NOT the website's fault if a business it's not doing their job. So, in this case. PLEASE, for all the hard work that gets fueled into an operation like LifeBooker, DO NOT shoot the middleman. Thank you.

Ask Jade about LifeBooker
1 review
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I am not sure why there are so many negative comments, I found their customer service to be very helpful! The service could not be performed so I got my money back!
Thanks Jenn!

Ask Leslie about LifeBooker
1 review
3 helpful votes

The worst company we ever worked with!! Advice for all businesses DO NOT SIGN any contracts with this company, they are promising one thing, after all you are getting nothing. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!

Ask Sasha about LifeBooker
1 review
2 helpful votes

Whenever I use lifebooker deals I get bad hair. I guess you get what you pay for.

Ask Amelia about LifeBooker
1 review
5 helpful votes

Worst Experience. Not only is the site/app loaded with bugs but the company basically stole from me. When a business overcharged me for a service lifebooker basically said tough luck there's nothing we are going to do. It was technology assisted theft! No customer service or rights.

Ask kate about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

Folks, do not give up on trying to get a credit for services you do not use even if your loot or certificate has expired. Under the CARD act lifebooker must issue a credit for services being rendered. (Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act) This is why Groupon had to change their policies a few years back. Do your research and know your rights.

Ask me about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

LifeBooker SUCKS!! They are f*$%ing SHADY LIARS. Like SO MANY OTHERS..I bought a LifeBooker coupon for a business that DOESN'T EXIST! I contacted LifeBooker, they said no refunds, only credit. Then the freaking credit expired! So I'm just out that money. Scumbags!

Ask Jay about LifeBooker
1 review
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Went to FIFI salon for a classic mani and pedi my experience was great.. The place was very clean and cozy! Josephine was simply great..dint rush me at all..she did a great job..The owner was pretty warm and courteous too.. Will definitely go back!

Ask Sanjana about LifeBooker
1 review
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If I could give them less stars, I would. I bought a voucher for laser hair removal and had a horrible experience with the company... tried to get a prorated refund for the unused sessions, and was furious with their customer service rep by the time I hung up the phone. Tried email (see below) and they offered me a credit on my account. After the sub-par services provided by the practice and the horrible customer service at lifebooker, why would I want a credit to buy more vouchers from them? Here's my last email to them...

Hi Jenna,

Per our conversation on Monday, the bottom line is you're selling vouchers for a practice that is providing sub-par care/services and I would like a refund. It's not that I HAVE to see Kathy, I want a refund because everyone left at that practice is providing sub-standard services. The only person who seems to have had any expertise, Kathy... is no longer there.


I've been in the sales/customer service/marketing industry throughout my career and anyone with a basic understanding of this, knows that customers aren't expecting companies to operate without problems... what they want is companies that excel at resolving them. THAT is the definition of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, and THAT is what brings a company success. You should take a look at how a company providing similar services is operating... LivingSocial is hugely successful. If I had experienced this problem with a voucher I purchase from them, they would have offered the refund and probably even apologized for the terrible experience I'd had.

The only recourse I have at this point is to share my experience on social networking sites and hope someone will read it and avoid wasting their money on your vouchers. My posts will be up before the day is done on Yelp and Facebook. It's too bad really... I think your company is founded on a great idea, but your execution of the idea is lousy.


Ask Maria about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a 3 day cleanse through Lifebooker today and changed my mind after printing out the voucher. I called customer service and got a refund right away. There customer service was great and I will be ordering from them again :)

Ask Skye about LifeBooker
1 review
3 helpful votes

Complete scam site. Bought loot that only said tip was not included but when I showed up at the salon, they made me pay "tax" The tax was 15% of what I paid for the lifebooker and it was a $200 deal!! Stay away. Deals are too good to be true and they are false.

Ask JACKLYN about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

This website is such a hassle. If you realize how it works in the first place, the whole system makes no sense. As well as the fact that if their app malfunctions, which it does a lot, and you are at your appointment getting ready to read the vin code and it doesn't work, then you have to awkwardly sit with the merchant... Another bad thing about this website is that they don't refund your lifebooker money? I think it's a well put scam in my opinion. Too much control from their behalf...

Ask ALEX about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought Id try LIFEBOOKER since I always have good experiences with GROUPON.. I had a TERRIBLE experience. I dont see an entry for the service I bought coupons (or 'Loot') as they call it... for IN THE ZONE DELIVERY - STAY AWAY FROM IN THE ZONE DELIVERY!!! I cannot stress this enough.

First you pay for these coupons and they give you a discount on the Food service.. but you have to register for trhe IN THE ZONE DELIVERY online and use one of the coupons to do so... WELL - 1) It tried to get online to them for a full day to no avail - their site wasnt functioning properly. I SHOULD have stopped there. I called them.. Not able to get a human... tried a few times, even left a voice message. nothing.

The next day I figure Ill try again, maybe they were having tech troubles... I get on. I have to make out the menu that I want for the week - so I do this. It takes time.
I get a reply on my email confirming each meal I ordered for the weeks worth... each day. so i think - Great! Im in business...

SO then I try calling them to let them know - again - nobody gives a damn - I contact LIFEBOOKER and tell them I want a full refund.. I'm not using this business... Im not going to get their food - I SEE they are not together, am I going to trust them with food I put in my nouth ?? NO WAY.

SO LIFEBOOKER says they'll look into it for me...

what happens... LIFEBOOKER tells me they'll only refunf me HALF of my money - since I USED THE COUPON NUMBER to log into the system for IN THE ZONE DELIVERY... OF COURSE I DID!!! How was I to register to get my food??? that never came??

And then THEY finally give me a contact at ITZD .... and THAT guy tells me its my own fault the food didnt come because I put a hold on my deliveries WTF???

So I explain to him - no... I didnt.. and moreover I have had nothing but trouble communicating w this company and I no longer want their food - No service has been provided, therefore I want my refund whoever is giving it - them or Lifebooker... I want a FULL refund.

They are insisting they arent going to reimburse me even though Im not using them??? NOT SO SMART. I plan on letting EVERYONE know to STAY AWAY FROM IN THE ZONE DELIVERY and frankly - LIFEBOOKER should pay me back my full amount knowing I am not using that service and discontinue working with that company.

I called my credit card company and opened a dispute claim.
Save yourself any problem and dont go with these people

Ask wendy about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't advertise with this company. waste of money. employees horrible.

Ask Lorraine about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible Horrible Horrible!!! Do NOT use this company I bought a voucher and the company never answered their phone or emails I called Lifebooker for a refund they refused I explained I did not want a credit and they told me too bad disgusting company

Ask Ayana about LifeBooker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I don't know why people are complaining about the customer service. I've called twice i the past week with ridiculous tasks for them to help me with (year old loot that I never used, not being satisfied with a hair dye) and they have completely helped me out with a positive attitude and absolutely no rudeness. Maybe everyone is calling the wrong line?

Ask J about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could, I would give this place 0 stars. Their customer service is absolutely TERRIBLE and the companies they vouch for on their website are just as terrible. I've purchased 3 loots from them and not one has left me happy. I wish I saved that money and spent it on full priced services. I'm not the type to write reviews but I honestly want to save everyone from wasting their money here.

Ask Carol about LifeBooker
1 review
2 helpful votes

The businesses this site works with frequently won't honor the discounted prices. Sometimes they don't even acknowledge appointments made at full price through the site. I have had nothing but bad experiences using this site.

Ask Anne about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

WORST SITE, CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND TECHNOLOGY EVER! I have been trying to access my account for 3 days now and have contacted their customer service team. They told me that three shouldn't be any problems now, which was a lie because they never fixed the problem!!!!!! I want a refund but the customer service team wont help. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ITS A SCAM.

Ask natalie about LifeBooker
1 review
2 helpful votes

Steer clear of Lifebooker and go with more reputable experience flash sites. Lifebooker has much to learn from Groupon and Gilt. They need to screen the businesses that they work with.

I bought a coupon for a new business in NYC, Wanna Glow. It was a new business so the yelp reviews were fine.

Lifebooker must have been the first site that they offered their coupons through because the bad reviews rolled in. It was impossible to get an appointment with them. Then they would schedule an appointment after the "loot" expired and tell you that you had to pay $200 in addition to your loot. What a joke.

Ask Christine about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I did have a positive experience initially. I booked a few haircuts at a discount with an excellent hairstylist. Unfortunately, after a few months, the price of the haircuts went up significantly and I couldn't afford to get cuts from this stylist any more.
Let's move on to my most recent, horrible experience with Lifebooker. I purchased a deal for 2 facial treatments. The company began racking up terrible reviews after offering the deal and it made me hesitant to go there considering they would be stimulating my face with electrical currents. I asked for a refund, or in the least, a credit, because I didn't feel comfortable going there. The company had also marked my voucher as redeemed and I had only realized this after I got a email reminding me to use my voucher. That seemed pretty shady. Lifebooker refused to even give me a credit for the deal which was 85 dollars! This is not just chump change for me. I was very disappointed and told the rep for Lifebooker that I would never use their services again. Research the company very carefully before you buy a deal because you won't see your money again if the deal goes sour.

Ask Carol about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

The site processes two promo codes, so when you check out and submit payment you think it's one price. When you receive the confirmation and email, it charges you for the amount of only one promo code working. I call customer service and tell them the issue, and they do NOTHING about it. Like a normal respectable company, they should HONOR what the site does. They have HORRENDOUS customer service and suck.

Ask jessica about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Beware...Total scam...should be put out of business..This company supports and enables fraud....DONT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE ME...STAY AWAY

Ask Mark about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I haven't used Lifehooker and yet I get daily emails from these scumbags and unsubscribed 4 times and still get their junkmail. I've resorted to nasty emails which got an apology with a promise to rectify the situation and am still getting their junkmail flooding up my inbox. I wish someone like Anonymous would flood their servers and crash their service once and for all. Whatever happened to making an honest living?
Whatever happened to integrity?

Ask Tim about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

This company does nothing to protect the consumer.
It's hard to reach them via email or phone and when you do, you receive poor customer service and short responses. I just had someone cut me short to say have a good day and hang up while I was only explaining the issue. I could see if I was heated that might make sense but not at all. They have done nothing to alleviate my issue and only point me toward the business. I guess good for them that they got my money, but I got nothing in return.

Ask Kat about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hideous! Hard to get on the phone, hard to get them to return a call or get results.
Not pro-consumer.
I will never buy any service from them again!

Sometimes buy cheap, buy twice!

Ask lisa about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a teeth whitening on Lifebooker for $129 and in the process of making my appointment, I had a horrible customer service experience with the dental office (wrong time, no call backs, rude man on the phone.) After three unsuccessful attempts at making the appointment, I asked Lifebooker for a refund. They refused to refund me but gave me $129 "reward dollars," which is essentially lifebooker store credit. I decided I would purchase a birthday gift of a massage for my boyfriend with $60 of the reward dollars. The appointment making interface is so horrible that I had trouble with it. I checked the box that said "use reward dollars," and stopped what I was doing to email Lifebooker to let them know exactly which massage I was trying to purchase with my reward dollars to verify that it would process correctly. I got an email response that said it would be "no problem to use my reward dollars" for the massage. When I arrived at La Nee Thai massage with my boyfriend a couple weeks later, to my embarrassment, the owner had NO IDEA what Lifebooker was. Lifebooker is supposed to offer these services at a disounted rate, but La Nee charges the same exact amount ($60) per massage. Needless to say, I had to pay for the massage again. I called and spoke with a countless people at Lifebooker, emailed and spoke to the manager twice (after she failed to return my promised call back) all she could say was "we're sorry." She refused to refund me saying it's against policy. No one there has any idea what customer service is or how to run a business. So now I still have the same original $129 "reward dollars" sitting in my lifebooker account that I will never use because I don't want to go through any more BS with this awful company. They are absolute crooks. I'm taking them to small claims court.

Ask Olana about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have used Groupon, Living Social, Gilt and numerous other similar daily deal sites in the past. So, I have decided to give Lifebooker a chance and purchased a deal for 2 separate sessions of partial highlights, a cut and a blow out. I went to the first appt and absolutely hated it. I felt like I was not treated as a regular customer because I had bought this deal. I called Lifebooker and spoke to Andrea who said that she will contact the salon and email me with the results. A couple of days later, Andrea had emailed me to say that the salon had refused to refund the money for the unused portion of my deal since "the services have been already rendered" WRONG! The services have been rendered for the first appt, not for the second! Andrea had "thoughtfully" suggested that I resell the voucher (which is in my name! DUH) or give it as a gift to a friend, now why would I want to subject anyone else to poor service? I have emailed Andrea and Lifebooker and NOTHING! No response. Now, what kind of a customer service is this? What kind of a company is this that does not care about having return customers? I get better customer service at a bodega down the block, than at Lifebooker. IF YOU EVER HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A VENDOR, DON'T THINK THAT LIFEBOOKER WILL ADVOCATE ON YOUR BEHALF OR ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY.

Ask Victoria about LifeBooker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I strongly feel that Lifebooker attracts the worst salons who are trying whatever they can to get business. I have had three experiences all bad. First was with Hollywood Tans in Brooklyn doing the Brazilian Blowout. They refused to give me an appointment after I bought a Lifebooker from them. I would call and say I wanted to book an appointment they would ask when I wanted to come in then they asked if I had any vouchers then all of a sudden they didnt have anything available and they would get back to me (never did so I got a refund). Second was Confidence Salon they rushed through the Keratin and did not properly flat iron my hair to seal the Keratin in. Then they they tried to charge me an extra $20 because I have alot of hair. I waited several days to wash my hair and when I did my hair looked exactly as it did before. I complained they did nothing and neither did Lifebooker. Third and last time at Val El Salon another rush job in and out in a little over an hour. Sorry but that is too fast they did not take the time again to flat iron my hair and were very stingy with the product. When you complain to Lifebooker they do nothing they also blocked me from leaving reviews after I complained. If you want to find out the truth look on review websites because Lifebooker reviews always favor these sketchy places. Stay away. Use Groupon much better businesses on there.

Ask N about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

They have horrible customer service! Go to bloomspot or groupon they are much more helpful if an issue with the service comes up.

Ask Hazel about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Customer Service? Nonexistent. Total joke.

Ask Triccia about LifeBooker
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought two massage at "SPA MYSTYK" in Villa Park and the spa will not answer the phone nor respond to my emails. Now Lifebooker will not even acknowledge my emails. NO ONE WILL ANSWER ME!

Ask julie about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Such a scam. I have booked several appointments and clicked to have my Lifebooker rewards used for the services and that message never gets to the spa/salon so I end up paying full price versus saving $10. I booked a blowout last week for $40 and when I got to the salon, their regular price was actually $25. Because I booked with Lifebooker, I was charged the $40 versus the amount I would have paid by just working with the salon directly. What a joke site.

Ask Christine about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Just had a fantastic encounter with their online services. I accidentally purchased 2 of the same exact same lifebooker deals (at least i'm consistent?) and it was only for first time customers. I wrote to their online customer service email asking if it was possible for a refund and received an email a few days later saying it would be refunded back to my card without any hassle.
Thank you Janet!!!

Ask Serena about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Horrendous customer service. After two hours of trying to get them on the phone, the operator (whom I'd unfortunately dealt with already) sneered at me with the most insincere "we really apologize" I've ever heard. I have generally enjoyed and had positive experiences with the actual services one can buy from businesses linked to lifebooker but their own customer service is appalling. The department should be sacked.

Ask Elvie about LifeBooker
1 review
2 helpful votes

LIfebooker is a terrible, terrible company. If you get your loot and use it and have no need to contact the company, you are probably okay, but if you have a problem, watch out! Arienne (the person who handles problems or refunds) is a horrible excuse for someone in customer service. She will tell you she will refund you, and never do it. When you call back and get her (after 40 or 50 tries) she will start talking to you, then hang up on you (she hung up on me 6 times, just when I was in mid conversation, as in "Oh, yeah, sorry I didn't get back to you, I was just about to...Click" she never calls back. Sends emails saying she will resolve your issue, and never, ever, do anything. She is not a nice person, and I am so sorry I ever had the pleasure of speaking to her or doing business with Lifebooker. I have spent thousands on their site, and had hoped for a little courtesy. Not with Lifebooker. not with Arienne. If you look around online, you will find many reviews of how horrible she is.

Ask K about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

If I could give it a zero star, or even a negative star I would. Please all- avoid this site like the plague. I wished I had read sitejabber before I actually purchased something from They are crooks of the lowest kind and have very to no customer service at all!

I have purchased a deal from them. Noticed that my credit card was charged for the deal, I went on the site to use the “loot”. Turns out it was there. I emailed them, and provided them with the information. They immediately emailed back asking for my name and the deal information, I did so. Then after a week, I decided to email them again since I haven't heard from them. Nothing, nada, zip. Finally, three weeks later, I decided to give them a call. Their automated system puts you on hold for a period of six minutes then rings, and you're back to square one, "for customer service, press 1" URGH!

Since there was a name attached to the first email, I went ahead and select #3 to get to that particular person, the phone rang once and went straight to a very vague voicemail that said, "Please leave a message after the tone". WTF?!

Needless to say, aside from putting this on sitejabber to "AVOID AT ALL COST" to the whole world, I regrettably will be filing a distribute with my credit card company to see if I could get a credit on my account.


Ask Sanang about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased haircut & blowout with Styles by Leah. No restricting conditions for appointment given on certificate or LB website. When I called her for an appointment, she said it the service only available three particular days a week, which are days that because of my work sched I cannot get there between her available hours. After failing to negotiate a time good for both of us, I called LB and requested a refund. The rep said she'd have to ask Leah, would get back to me in three days. That was ten days ago, they haven't responded to that call, to two emails, or to a message left on their support line, which they do not answer. I have asked Visa to reverse the charges, and will report this as fraud to the consumer protection agency.

Ask Suzaan about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Horrible customer service. My facial appointment via lifebooker was cancelled 20 hrs prior and the merchant says she asked lifebooker t inform me. This was never done. I wrote a complaint to lifebooker regarding this and even sent a reminder for a response. It has been 3 weeks now and I have not heard from them at all!!
Argh!! Unsubscribing from this one immediately.

Ask T about LifeBooker
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I asked for a credit - just a credit NOT a refund - for a recently expired deal I had purchased. My 95 yr old mother was very ill and I was the caretaker, she lives in another state. They would not respond to email sent to customer service and forget trying to get someone on the telephone. You'd have a better chance of winning a multi-million dollar state lottery! After sending an email every day for nearly a month and threatening to contact the state attorney general I get a reply saying they don't give refunds. I distinctly did not ask for a refund. I started the email campaign again to no avail. The owner pretends to be the "customer service" supervisor. This ramshackle rip off company actually operates out of an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. and the owner uses the name Brittany. Most of the "deals" are at substandard businesses. Do Not Use Them!

Ask S about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I used to be an avid client of Lifebooker until earlier this year, when I purchased two Lifebooker vouchers for Soca Motion classes and after calling and writing the merchant repeatedly to schedule the classes and receiving no response, I contacted Lifebooker for a refund and was told, basically, that it was not Lifebooker’s problem.

I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, and I intended to blog and write on review sites about Lifebooker’s policy of “screw you—you buy from us and you’re on your own”, but I decided to just take the $14 loss and never patron the site again.

Ask Nichole about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I pre-paid a massage from a place called Tranquil Touch in Valley Village, CA. Two months later after repeatedly not getting return calls and having my appointment cancelled on me TWICE at the last minute I finally decided I wanted my money back. I have both emailed and called Lifebooker to complain and attempt to get a refund. To date neither the massage place nor Lifebooker have responded or returned my money! Don't take the risk!! Other sites with the same good deals have a better reputation for customer service in instances like this.

Ask Rowan about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have gotten a couple good deals through this website, but I was scammed when I bought a home cleaning deal from First Choice Cleaning. No one ever came to the appt, and forget about a return phone call. Lost $80 and Lifebooker refused to refund it, even though they were endorsing a faulty product.
I would consider buying thru the site again if they remedied the situation, but so far no one has returned my phone calls or emails.
despite the good deals I've gotten on hair cuts and a couple other services, I have a bitter taste in my mouth from this site; it only takes one bad apple...

Ask Amanda about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been scammed. I purchased a Loot that merchant didn't fulfill. I've been emailing and calling Lifebooker but no response for over a month now! I want my money back!

Ask Jai about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

the worst customer service ever! they work with crappy business owners without looking into the business. once i bought a deal for a massage and when i arrived to the location, i realized the massage was performed at his own house (in getto Korea Town area). he had birds flying inside his home... i am not lying.
the other time, i bought a facial deal and this lady was rude, lying B. she made me wait 20 min outside of the building (she had the door locked from inside and did not pick up for phone for 20 min). i was mad... when she finally called me back, she didn't apologize at all but told me that i have to wait 15 more min! i left the business and called lifebooker customer service. i made 3 phone calls and sent maybe 20 e mails. still waiting to hear back from them. do not ever use this website!! groupon and living social seem like they def do more research before they work with any of these small business. they also have 10 times better customer service. i have been waiting close to 2 months to resolve this with lifebooker. no need to say i am done with them forever. Last time when i heard from Lifebooker, they told me that NoHo facial told them that i showed up late to the business and they were still trying to honor the deal with me but i refused to do it and went home, which is obviously a complete lie! I still have the voice mail she left me after i left, telling me to come back because now she’s done with the previous customer who showed up late for her app. Of course i told this to lifebooker and they said they will look into it. It’s been a month since then. No word from them and they do not respond to my e mails or phone calls.

Ask lolz about LifeBooker
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I always use services such as groupons, living social, giltcity, bloomspot and a whole bunch of other site to find good deals. When I came across Lifebooker, I was hesitant when they ask from my CC info but then I felt comfortable after the site states that my CC will only be charge once I receive services...guess what, one month after my cancelled appointment, the company used my card without my knowledge and debit my account for a cancelled appointment. Even though I cancelled the appointment with the salon, the entire amount - 100% was debited from my account because I did not cancel with this site. When I emailed them for a refund they told me that the salon debited my account, I called the salon and the salon said that Lifebooker debited my account. I called back lifebooker when the rep come on the phone and said since my account was already debited, they could not refund me. I hope the $24.75 was worth a potential long term customer. GOOD RIDDANCE...WILL NEVER, EVER USE THIS SITE...I wanted to file a small claims, but why give them free publicity...

Ask Maria about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a coupon from lifebooker for a semi-private meeting with a matchmaker. ($100.00) The matchmaker lost my application and left me out of the meting. Lifebooker would not give me a refund or credit. ONLY use lifebooker if you LIKE throwing your money away and screwed royally!

Ask Tracy about LifeBooker
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Customer service is absolutely deplorable. I think this site may just be a scam. They're phone hangs up on you with no warning. Their reps tell you they will get back to you and never do and they obviously don't keep a thread of customer complaints because every time you call in you'd better know the last reps's name because you have to start over every time!! Lifebooker also shares your phone number with the business without asking you and has you deal with them when they're done doing their job.

Ask Milan about LifeBooker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'd give them zero stars if i could. I purchased Laser hair removal (LHR) from them . It was a $229 for 4 areas at European Skin Care Center in NYC. First I couldn't get the company to pick up the phone to place the appointment . When I finally did I went it to find a filty dirty office. 1. They didn't use a paper liner in between customers , just a dirty blanket. 2. They didn't offer we protective eyewear. 3. I googled the treatment when I got home and saw that I recieved IPL instead of LHR. I called the company and told them about it. They promised to get back to me. Noone did. I emailed someone named Ariane and she started to speak to the company on my behalf. After constant calls and emails Lifebooker decided to refund there portion of the loot about $80. Doesn't that mean that the admit that this was a less then perfect transaction? I was still out about $150. They won't do anything. I was told to dispute it on my credit card. Visa won't refund me because I paid lifebooker but European skin care center didn't service me properly. In other words I'm stuck. Unless I bring them to small claims court. Its been a disaster and I recommend sticking with groupon no matter how big the savings seem.

Ask hindel about LifeBooker
1 review
0 helpful votes

Lifebooker is nothing but a scam. They stole my money, after I canceled my massage, and after the Salon had told me I would not be charged. I would very much recommend against this website for booking appointments. Go to GroupOn or BloomSpot instead. They are much more reliable companies, plus they are actually registered with the BBB.

Ask rachel about LifeBooker

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