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LeatherUp reviews

30 reviews
Categories: Leather, Motorcycle Gear
2620 S. Maryland Suite 846
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: 1-800-846-6010
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30 Reviews From Our Community

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I am happy with their customer service and selection. (in 13 reviews)

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New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!! When you buy something from these guys online they won't provide you with a tracking number unless you register an account. In order to register an account, you have to provide them with a credit card. At first I thought that was strange, until I found out why! If you send anything back to them they will charge you a 15% restocking. Plus the shipping was extremely slow and when I sent a helmet back that was too big for my wife, it took them almost two weeks to process the exchange. When they finally notified me that the exchange had been processed, that is when I found out about the restocking fee. I do a lot of online shopping and this is the worst company I have ever shopped with. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of time and heartache, shop somewhere else. If I could give them no stars I would. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU CROOKS AND THANKS FOR RUINING MY WIFE'S CHRISTMAS BECAUSE THAT HELMET WAS THE ONE THING SHE WANTED. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY AND CHOKE ON YOUR 15% RESTOCKING FEE!!!!!!!!

Ask Seth about LeatherUp
New Reviewer

I wish I e wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered my jacket. I ordered a leather jacket for $119.00. I ordered it according to their size chart.(XL) What a joke! I sent the jacket back and ordered two sizes too big for me. So I have a 38 chest and ended up getting 4XL and it's still snug. I don't know where they get their clothing, but I'll never order from this place again.

New Reviewer

they SUCK!!! bought jacket and the liner zipper is F*@&ED up.. I asked to return it and they said " did you wear it? " uhhh how do you think I found that the zipper was bad? well since you wore it you cant return it.. WHAT KIND OF F*#KING FLY BY NIGHT OUTFIT PULLS CRAP LIKE THIS??


New Reviewer

This company has a wide variety of Biker items, chaps, patches, helmets, boots, and so on and the QUALITY is very good. I had my chaps break at a seem and they took them back and repaired them and made the seems stronger - it was great !
Their customer service people are nice to work with and willing to help with a problem or guide you to the right product you are looking for !

Ask Myron about LeatherUp
New Reviewer

Buyer beware, if you use your earned store credits on an item and then have to return it you will not get your rewards back... Cancel my account, never again will I shop, they stole $35 dollars from me...

New Reviewer

the site is $#*!, the people MAGDA is awful to deal with . have purchased 5 time from them every time I get the wrong item damaged, defective, or something, last straw was a set of driving lights for my road glide kuryakyn 5007 got them with only half of the parts there was on sale at 50% off according to their advertisements, goggle search kuryakyn driving lights 5007. and this is what ya get

50% Off Kuryakyn - Leather‎‎
4.7 rating for leather
Over 50,000 Parts and Accessories Free Shipping and Lowest Prices
Motorcycle Boots
- Motorcycle Saddlebags
- Motorcycle Jackets
- Motorcycle Vests

NOW they refuse to honor their ad of sales . asked about it they responded with can you prove it I sent links page prints everything I could find to show them , and all I get is Magda saying I'm a liar, made a complaint to BBB, lo and behold their NOT a member of the BBB.

finally got parts from kuryakyn and got them installed cs at kuryakyn stated they are NOT authorized dealer they buy out bankrupt companies and so forth and sell here and on FLEABAY!!!!

never never Will deal with them again !

New Reviewer

I ordered, payed, it all came real small fitting so I sent it back 2 day express. 2 weeks later I phoned, hasn't shown up here I'm told. Looked up my shipping tracking number. It's gotten there but leatherup can't find it. Still waiting for my jacket and shirts a month later. Spent 180 and got one shirt. Hell of a deal here!!
Just go to a local store and support an actual local business!!!

New Reviewer

The reviews here are absolutely nuts! I'm a huge fan of amazon but they have NOTHING on Leatherup when it comes to sales and products. I now own TWO leather jackets and two leather vests that are absolutely perfect. You MUST be careful with your sizing. EVERYTHING runs small but with that in mind…NEVER hesitate. LeatherUp is amazing. And take this for what it is worth…I am a stickler for the details.

New Reviewer

Never again! Ordered a women's rain suit, size medium. More like an XXL! Returned it for a small size. They were "backordered" on every size S, in every color. So they refunded my money. Only the money for the suit. So I'm out the initial shipping cost plus the $17 it cost to ship back. I offered to buy something else if they would wave the shipping cost. Nope, nothing they can do. What a rip off. I will never advise anyone to order from this place.

New Reviewer

Awful experience. Ordered a helmet for my husband for Father's Day, paid expedited shipping to get it in time. Ordered a size L (which, according to their sizing chart is what he needed) and it was WAY too small when it arrived. Ok, it happens. I made an exchange (which, mind you, I had to pay for the return shipping, to the tune of $18) for an XL thinking the brand ran small. Surprise, the XL is also too small. I contacted customer service and was first told that I was measuring wrong. I know I wasn't, so I asked them to walk me through it and I was right. Was then told "I don't know why, our size charts are correct". WRONG.

I asked for a refund of the return shipping for both times and was only told they "don't refund shipping". So here I am with no helmet, and $50 worth of shipping down the drain. Stay far, far away.

New Reviewer

Wish I had found this site earlier. Awful experience received a partial order that was not the size I requested then they claim I ordered that size I have to pay return shipping and insurance on the item customer service ess rude. I told then when I called I opened the box twenty minutes before calling and didn't even open the jeans since I could see the size.

New Reviewer

I ordered and returned a pair of leather pants. They were sized wrong and the description did not matc the item. I returned them and asked to be reimbursed for retrun shipping since the pants were not even close to the size I rodered and they were not classic fit. Customer service will not respond to e-mail. When I call them they say they will look into it and then they do nothing.

New Reviewer

Wish I had found these reviews earlier. I dealt with, not .com but all the same problems. I order a size up like they said. When it arrived I was swimming in it, so shipped it back (at my expense obviously). A month goes by and I received nothing so we called. Told it's on back order and we will receive in 2 weeks. 6 more weeks go by (jacket is now listed on site as discontinued) and still had not heard anything. So another phone call and told it's still on back order (somehow you can have a discontinued item on backorder??!!). It's now been 4 months since the initial purchase, no jacket, no apologies, nothing.

Really like the prices and the style, but it's really not worth the hassle. Have requested a refund.....hopefully that's not on backorder for 4 months.

Update: they issued a partial refund. the email stated they were refunding 3 dollars less than paid. When questioned they informed us that they do not refund VAT. Funny, I live in Canada and not the UK: we don't have VAT nor was it listed as an itemized amount on the bill. Furthermore, all HST paid is fully refundable.

Fast forward to when we actually received the credit and it is a further 17 dollars less then the stated email amount and they are no longer responding to emails. Going to go the credit card chargeback route.

What a scummy piece of $#*! company. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

New Reviewer

I orderd a pair of leather racing pants one size larger as advised by them.
They were at least 2 sizes too small & when I returned them they made me pay shipping & offered no apology for sending out gear that is not anywhere near to the stated size!
Then when I phoned the "Customer Service" in Las Vegas I was just met by rude & surly people with huge attitude problems.
Steer clear of these people, they DO NOT have your best interests as a priority!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a helmet. When i got it, it was too tight. So I sent it back. Asked for a larger size. Weeks later after no response, I called only to find out they deny ever receiving the helmet. They are crooks! Good prices, but buyer beware>

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I am happy with their customer service and selection. I got my product fast. I only give them 4 out of 5 because the item I got was little smaller than what their size chart shows. But overall it is a good company to buy from, and yes I would recommend them

New Reviewer

I ordered a bluetooth motorcycle helmet from this site. When i arrived I was clearly a cheap knock off that did not even work as promised. The volume knob was inop and the wind noise was so loud that it made my ears ring. I sent it back at my own expensive and they refused to refund my money because I wore it.?????
What was I supposed to do with it keep it as a paper weight? They claim EASY RETURNS but don't believe them. The only thing easy with them is how the rob you of your money! Stay away.

New Reviewer

I ordered a xelement helmet from leatherup and ordered the wrong size (Large) I opened my package and as any normal person removed plastic but left the tag on and tried it on to see if it was snug. It wasn't. Saw that I could exchange for a Medium and had to pay the shipping back to the warehouse. 2 weeks go by no word, not even an email saying F*#%% you. I had to call to ask what happened and they were like, "yeah since you took the cover off we cant re-sell it so your on your own!" I was shocked! No other company treats customers this way! I was not even looking for money back just same helmet, different size! Then also had the balls to say I used it and it had scuffs on it! WTF?! Thats biggest lie ever! I never even rode with it! Repacked it as soon as I realized it didnt fit! Also to wear a helmet too large would be a hazard to ride with not to mention they never got back to me about my return until I had to do it, so was helmetless for 2 weeks! They have good products but if they can make money back from their returns your screwed. Now I have a useless helmet and they don't care! So if you do order from this crappy company make sure to know your size and that you won't get anything for returns, god only know what they would say if I asked for $ back! They lost a reordering customer and referrals since they can't make money off "used" equipment!! smh

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service....when you advertise something as "leather", it ought to be leather when it arrives. Not "manmade leather"- whatever that is. Then, when caught at your false advertising game, you should refund the shipping and pay for the shipping on the return. It's probably not a coincidence that the only way to contact them is thru a chat room. Don't waste your time or money at this site.

New Reviewer

horrible customer service - kind of like the walmart of the leather world - great prices but customers are not treated well :( took two months to finally resolve an issue - ordered a size 32 pair of chaps - they arrived and were mis marked - called to ask them to send the right size -- customer service rep had an attitude - "measure them and call back" i measaured them took pictures with the measuring tape - size 38 i called back and they still did not believe me!! They send me a return label but stated if i was wrong they would charge me for the return shipping ... it took them weeks to get an process, ultimately they called and said you are right they are mis marked .. David the Customer service manage said he would promptly send me a new pair .. two days later i got a call that they are all mis marked and what did i want to do? I asked them for a recommendation of what products they have that are similar and run true to size - another customer service manager Frank said - we cant be responsible for that -- go on our website and look it up and call back... i told him to cancel the order and give me the credit...

New Reviewer

*CAUTION* REVIEW CENSORSHIP! I've ordered a few times from and the sizing can be finicky. They have some good deals, BUT DO NOT TRUST THEIR REVIEWS! If you notice, almost all their products are 4 or 5 stars. Seem fishy? It is! I bought a jacket that was very poorly designed and made yet it was flawless according to reviews. So I did my homework and found that others had left negative reviews that never got posted. I tried to post and gave it 2 weeks, same story - never posted. DO NOT TRUST! Return shipping is a pain too, charged restocking fees.

New Reviewer

Some time ago I ordered a pair of motorcycle boots from leatherup. When I received the boots I noticed that the workmanship on the heels was sub-par. Apparently they use some type of grinding equipment to shape the heels and it wasn't nearly as well done as I expected it to be. (they were fairly rough)

I decided to go ahead and keep the boots to save the hassle of returning them. After wearing the boots for a period of time I noted that they were causing heel pain. I checked them over to find that the nails used to attach the heels were not properly set and were actually poking through the leather heel rest.

As the boots were not returnable as I had worn them for a short period at this point, I fixed the protuding nails myself. A short time later I noted that the material used to stiffen the portion that surrounds my heel began to deteriorate causing the heel portion to break down and lose shape.

I am not hard on my footwear and was, at this point, VERY dissatisfied with my purchase. I decided to do a factual review of my experience with those boots via Leatherup's website.

Leatherup rejected my review and when questioned about the rejection - advised that they have a merchandise return policy if customers aren't satisfied. Of course the merchandise has to be in "new" , resellable condition to use the return process.

DO NOT go by the reviews of products posted on their website. They obviously only post positive reviews and reject any that are negative.

New Reviewer

I called about why my tracking # showed now activity for 3 days. Customer service rep was rude and gave me bad info. She stated it was sitll on a plane, for 3 days? Ask to speack to a supervisor. Dave was even more rude then the first rep. Gave me the infor needed to know why no activity for 3days but was very rude to me. State he could careless if I purchased anything else from Leather Up. I too left a bad review at their website that was censored and not post. I also sent them an email thru their website and they sent me a issue # about my complaint but it states that if leather up has any interest they will contact me. That was 9 day ago. Very poor busniess practices.

New Reviewer

Ordered a jacket early spring. After light use, I pulled out the zip-in insulation and found a hole in the liner and 2 more starting. At that time, a snap also came off.
The jacket only had a 1 month warranty, I found this out 6 weeks after I bought it.

Customer service did not care at all what happened and didn't bother to help with anything. Sure, after warranty but really, by 2 weeks. Something really should have been in order but they would not even offer a discount on another jacket.

As other reviewers have noted, leatherup will not post negative reviews on their site. that is misleading at best, I would say it is dishonest.

I might "leatherup" but it will never be with this seller.

New Reviewer

Zero customer support, unfair and dishonest business practices. It doesn't matter what price they promise you as they simply steal the money.

New Reviewer

Although I have never been a customer of nor will I ever be, I believe my review of the ethics portray by this merchant is relevant here.

Around the year 2002, I had a business relationship with this merchant. They were supposed to pay me a percentage of every sale I send to their site. Everything was tracked using their in-house tracking system. From day one their tracking system wasn't even working. Knowing this, they continue to make promises and confirm that I have made several sales. They reassured me that they were tracking and will be updating their website interface to show it. As a newbie, I continued to promote based on these promises and naive hope. I contacted them a few more times and each time they reassured me that the site will be updated soon and that the sales are still coming in. As time goes on, they stopped replying to my email and I was out thousands of dollars as I spent it on paid advertising to send them tons of targeted traffic. I had no choice but to cut my loss and give up hope that this merchant will ever deliver on their promises. Couple of years afterward I logged back into my account with them to see if they ever updated their system but they never did.

I don't know if it made any difference had they known I barely make $250/wk back then and later was dislocated by hurricane Katrina.

The way this merchant treats its affiliates isn't any different to the way they treat their customers. The bottom-line for them is the money. If they can steal it, they probably will.

New Reviewer

This site is getting a huge reputation for asking you to order a size up or down from usual. I believe that is so they can float your money for as long as possible while they ignore every request you make to their so called "customer Service" department.
I have had to dispute 2 returns with my credit card company in order to get anything resolved with them. They do not communicate with you and will sit on your returned merchandise forever without letting you know the status.
If, somehow, they end up getting your order correct and sendong out a size that actually fits you are probably going to fair ok but is it worth the risk>? It has been nothing short of the biggest hassle I have ever endured with a company and has cost me enough in return shipping and time disputing that I could have purchased the stuff locally and been better off - RUN - do not WALK away from this scam artist Company...

New Reviewer

They don't care about sales. I wanted a pair of gloves in XL and there site said they were out of stock and if I leave my E-mail address with them they would notify me when thay come in. it's been 5 months and they still don't have them nor did they ever contact me. Do your self a favor and stay far away from this web company, They seem not to want your bussiness.

New Reviewer

I ordered a motorcycle jacket from this site. After reviewing the size charts, I ordered a jacket one size larger than I usually wear. When it arrived, it was incredibly small. It was clear when I tried it on that the jacket was mis-labeled. I called their customer service to get return instructions and the person I talked to could not have been more rude. I returned it immediately via UPS so I could track it. One week after they recieved it, my account online still showed no return information.

I also posted a negative review of the product, which Leatherup did not post on their site. When I noticed that, I began reading reviews of other items on their site. It became abundantly clear that they only post highly favourable product reviews. So, their reviews may not represent at all, what customers really feel about their products.

I cannot recommend this site.

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Q: I agree with everyone please stay away from leather up, they do not care about the customer at all. The attitude, respect and care should not be allowed. Too many people who care about people, and products are having money lost when people use a company like leather up. They believe that they are too large of a company to care about one customer and they dont care about their jobs enough. So everyone needs to send a CLEAR and LOUD message that the customer is what keep them in business and is what gives them a paycheck. And until you understand that, then NO ONE should do business with Leather UP AT ALL. I would rather give my money to someone who cares and cares about their job. Please spred the word.
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